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10 Funny Commercials from China

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Text Comments (2276)
Ganda Gandara (4 months ago)
You can see the greatness of a nation by way of its advertisements. - readers digest
2200zy (20 days ago)
+Duy D. Dao house ownership certificate
Dumb Bear (1 month ago)
+Philippe Constant which China are you talking about?
Shark Wkwk (1 month ago)
Cek my chanel
zirr chen (1 month ago)
Philippe Constant what I know is that 30-40percents of range rover and half of mercedes s-class were sold in China every year
Happy Michie Worriah (19 hours ago)
Nopornnnn sinnn
Happy Michie Worriah (19 hours ago)
Ha i like the first lo show baba n card
Akbar Bisul (20 hours ago)
plot twist, this youtube video is made by DiDi
sumiji888 (1 day ago)
I believe the first ad is from Thailand
Norm La Marche (1 day ago)
Meng Wanzhou want to do tv ads things but she got ankle bracelet and so punishment. 😨 Stay at home many years.👵 Good By HUAWEI phones company.😢
sruthy sadu (2 days ago)
First is copy from india
DJ RJ (2 days ago)
lay thonga
Krisztian5HUN (2 days ago)
damn my adblocker cant block this video :(
F. Morello (3 days ago)
hahaha the first one works anywhere, not only in China....
mega widodo (3 days ago)
Ryan Rodrigues (4 days ago)
1 st one relatable.
Ryan Rodrigues (4 days ago)
The third one was really crazy 😅
Meijimack (4 days ago)
Well, Volkswagen may not know much about vehicle emission standards, but they've certainly cracked the Chinese market.
fuentenipona (4 days ago)
Merkel se resigna y sale de su oficina pero Volkswagen ya no puede salir de China jamás
G D (4 days ago)
We see you now what, 😧
Mama movie X (6 days ago)
Nice flem
Sting Lp (6 days ago)
First ad, i can relate to it. Suresh, india.
Zhong Zhang (7 days ago)
HitBox MCPE (7 days ago)
い kのw ベッテル!
sagun khadka (8 days ago)
First one i saw it 3times...hahahu
Bryn K (9 days ago)
Haha@first one
S. K. Zuidema (10 days ago)
6:03 When you see a THOT
Super JayMarc (10 days ago)
I like the first ad😄
Regular Clasher (10 days ago)
this was just funny. we need more memes from China. someone make it happen!!!!!
Regular Clasher (10 days ago)
4:11 disgusting but effective
chanyeol park (10 days ago)
I recently found this chanel. I love it ♡ Im new sub
Zhenqing Hu (10 days ago)
弟弟连广告都拍的这么恶心 了吗?
Abhishek Gawade (11 days ago)
TheRadzman (12 days ago)
Dog at buttocks
Raymond Hool (12 days ago)
not funny at all, WTF
Florian Wehde (12 days ago)
This is not funny and not a compilation. You just looked up ads by 2 companies: Volkswagen and Didi – lazy!
TheYoutubaki (13 days ago)
Anyone knows the song at 0:52?
ting zhang (14 days ago)
Soooooo China
racquel trinidad (14 days ago)
Ayano Nakamura (14 days ago)
This video is sponsored by DiDi.
zhou lanvi (14 days ago)
Second Thailand style?
Mina R (14 days ago)
The first one gets me every time. XD
auura (14 days ago)
boring...japan and south korea, vietnam, thailand, philiphines have better fun commercials
Andrew Ekleberry (15 days ago)
that last one..... with the dog... oh my goodness......
Meltem Aytan (15 days ago)
Aaalll these are stupid and silly not funny even one of them 😷
Mohlala Leah (15 days ago)
Watching from south Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦❤❤❤
Janna Lorette (16 days ago)
Puppy butt
方建文 (16 days ago)
make me feel sad,anything in China is “套路”,means “trick”。
Sophia Zaynor (17 days ago)
damn I want that Didi app so bad
Batman (17 days ago)
Bellicose27 (17 days ago)
China needs more diversity, China looks too Chinese for todays modern progressive society!
Lulu (17 days ago)
Ainsley Illium (17 days ago)
The last one cracked me up.😂😂😂😂😂
Ghada Abdelsater (18 days ago)
The chewing gum ad! 😆😆😆 Love the boss, specially when he switches to happy expression!! HAHAHAHAA
Asian Mohammed (18 days ago)
a9udn9u (18 days ago)
not funny at all
Usman Tariq (18 days ago)
The last one 😂
jo son (18 days ago)
Surprisingly , no MAOIST theme ad's
DR. oxygen TeXseng (18 days ago)
Why chinese people eat dogs and unborn child of theres🙄so weird
梅菜扣肉 (18 days ago)
as a Chinese,i have never seen these ads...
amar naik (18 days ago)
Sting Jia (18 days ago)
Peter Leung (19 days ago)
dumbbirdvip (19 days ago)
these are not funny but embarrassing... after all the DiDi scandals.
JO H (19 days ago)
The way he handed over the real estate property certificates 😂 LMFAO
Haifa Ynque (19 days ago)
Kaiba amp.
jay park has the biggest boobs in korea (19 days ago)
The first one had me in tears 😂
James Lee (19 days ago)
Fucking your DiDi ad! Reject DiDi, naver take DiDi!
797475712 790 (20 days ago)
the last one got me dead
Russell (20 days ago)
Thailand style
Wurui Li (20 days ago)
The second VW ad is kinda racist.
斯皮尔伯格 (20 days ago)
Karrar Sahr.khr (20 days ago)
6:58 هاااي قوية ههههه
Anna Berlin (20 days ago)
These ads only show how these companies objectify and disrespect women. Not funny at all.
Jian Shen (21 days ago)
As a Chinese, this is the first time I see those commercials...
surabhi chakraborty (21 days ago)
Now I feel, I will seriously have to download "didi" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
belldest (21 days ago)
Japanese commercials are funnier
Boonchuay Siyapat (21 days ago)
the first is from Thailand not China
LY L. (21 days ago)
It is so funny to see so many DiDi safety feature commercials... (if you understand what I meant)
dumbbirdvip (19 days ago)
its ironic.
cai jacki (22 days ago)
the DiDi comercials are funny, however,they are created and filmed by one of TV comercial agency in thailand
hellofrajola (22 days ago)
A do cachorro foi a "pior" 😂😂😂😂😂
Hemanshu Rao (22 days ago)
sulochanisgreat (22 days ago)
3:59 I cracked lmfao
Pax Humana (22 days ago)
Parents like the ones that are in the first commercial should be ashamed of themselves.
Rylee Comeaux (22 days ago)
The first one killed me
natha jyoti (23 days ago)
the last one lmao
Juntao 3000 (22 days ago)
Not that funny but the last clip with the little dog stuck up her ass got me laugh.
Lyndon Tan (22 days ago)
ChaikaFace (24 days ago)
The last one tho.
ChaikaFace (24 days ago)
The last one tho.
beebo is my baby (24 days ago)
isn't "Fu Wu Yuan" waiter?
Big Animated mator (25 days ago)
Hardrdadi (26 days ago)
The one with the fish for anyone who didn’t understand, was that he tried to smell like fish to get seat without anyone near
Hardrdadi (26 days ago)
The one with the man eating the bug spray then talked to the phone was trying to make himself sound sick to skip work. He said “Boss I’m sick today”
Adeesh Diwan (26 days ago)
Thanks didi
LoodyGawra PTG (27 days ago)
6:20 - 6:50 Chinese Snikers i guess 😂
Noah Norel (27 days ago)
I need that candy tho XD
Merthalophor (28 days ago)
didi seems like it can do a thing or two
Izabella Szabó (29 days ago)
DiDi is god.
Randi Behrends (29 days ago)
Thanks heaps. 👌
Heaven許慧茵 (29 days ago)
fck 滴滴
Terry Turner (29 days ago)
the last one
lucina dong (29 days ago)
Dr. Saqib (1 month ago)
8 /10 were ads by didi (Uber China)
Joe Li (1 month ago)
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Esteban Herrera (14 days ago)