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Cherry picking machine. I've never seen it before.

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Cherry picking machine. I've never seen it before.
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Debra Ressel (1 month ago)
Picking produce off the ground is no good. Deer and other animal feces can make us very sick. The tarp is a much better way. Some companies forbid workers from picking up fruit that has fallen off trees on ground for that reason.
Ivan Ivankovic (1 month ago)
A vi rusi tražite sa peteljkama
Alisher Axunov (1 month ago)
Это черешня а не вишня.
Александр Церфас (1 month ago)
Непривычно лесные ягоды видеть в такой форме. Конечно здорово
Wiese Lothar (1 month ago)
ces fruits sont destinés a l'industrie, chez nous les cerises se cueillent avec la queue (de la cerise !!!) histoire de conservation
로또네life (1 month ago)
와~겁나게 신기하다~기계로 열매를 따다니 ..옛날 어릴적 댜 거의 손으로 햇는데 벼베기 보리베기 모심기 나무하기 등등 겁나거많네요 ㅠ 잘보고 갑니다