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UPS Whiteboard - Delivery Stop

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Stop a package in transit and have it sent back.
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (15)
Roger Kuntington (8 years ago)
fucking bob ruining shit
Jonny Watts (9 years ago)
0:20 It's not just delivery, it's Digiorno- err... UPS Delivery Intercept.
Fale55 (9 years ago)
"It's not just delivery" it's digiorno
Mindless Scribbles (9 years ago)
Thats a nice ladywig
cvaona321 (9 years ago)
Very unlikely.Haha
allthebeautifulcreatures (9 years ago)
he is a good doodler :)
abenn6 (9 years ago)
a mannnn in a lady wig
lilbonez21 (9 years ago)
son this dude is so nice wit the drawing n shyt.. LOL
PropellerBusted (9 years ago)
chucklesjgao (9 years ago)
UPS ruins my online shopping experiences
stelvis40 (9 years ago)
the UPS guy fucks yo mamma
valedictwhoreian (10 years ago)
FUCK YOU! Because of you I don't have my iPhone 3GS today! lol
GermanSniperBayArea (10 years ago)
that was just cool.
JT Brooks (11 years ago)
fredo69 (12 years ago)
my favorite.