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Bangkok vendor knife skills.

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If you dont like the food off streets, rely on fruits in Bangkok. vendor was doing a sour face the day before so we tried to catch that face again on camera, didnt happen :(
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Konstantinos Papakonstantinou (2 days ago)
What is that spicy he put in the mango?
Mojacho Mojacho (16 days ago)
Same in the Philippines
TIME 2 EAT (16 days ago)
Good video please check mine have good thing like this too
Funny Shotss (17 days ago)
Sweet person.. With great efficiency..😊😉😋😉🤗🤗
Mad Drivers (18 days ago)
Fuck hygene i like this guy. He choose the best mango for customers.
Maggy Makigo (23 days ago)
Its clean  enough this OK.
Tram Maingoc (24 days ago)
Vitor Da silva teixeira (1 month ago)
Deepa Jiju (1 month ago)
We are poor but rich remember that
林楓喆 (1 month ago)
剛和老婆從泰國蜜月回來 深刻感受到泰國其實跟我想得不太一樣 我有點愛上泰國了 真想住在那 一段時間
Glen Aban (1 month ago)
RosalindaF V. (1 month ago)
He is a Filipino? 😍
Jureerat Kithen (1 month ago)
ฉันเข้ามาดูอะไร? Hahaha
koyok wingi (1 month ago)
Keren subback ya
Cào Cào TiVi (1 month ago)
Super big super fruit fruit cuisine
six Erin (1 month ago)
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KOKO CHANNEL Fans marquez 93 (1 month ago)
Wow amazing..
Nate Thomson (1 month ago)
What skills?
白米 (1 month ago)
Random Videos (1 month ago)
Sarang P (1 month ago)
I'm Thai and I'm proud to see a great customer service!
AA88 AA (1 month ago)
"Which one is this one? Which one is this one?" Were you trying to confuse the seller? You made yourself look idiot.
Malsawmkima Ms Wralte (1 month ago)
Don't try to use English becuase you don't know how to speak
jay jay (2 months ago)
Gordon ramsey would be that's the worse fucking chopping I have ever seen
Holy Human (2 months ago)
He could win a war if a katana was given to him
ᄏᄏ (2 months ago)
그리다숲 (2 months ago)
Wow 맛있어 보여요🤤
Wariya Promjairan (2 months ago)
I think that mango is sour
Huy Đang (2 months ago)
thedognextdoor (2 months ago)
“ Which one is this one “ Even Stephen Hawking would stand up and face palm at that stupid question.
wateves wateves (2 months ago)
which one is this one? what a stupid question. No wonder the vendor dun understand. Just ask sweet or spicy u damn ass.
Abie Channel (2 months ago)
Sukses selalu yaa jgn lupa mampir okey
lorna urlanda (2 months ago)
Aadi _38824 (2 months ago)
piya sakulnee (2 months ago)
ไวมากๆครับ สุดยอด
Jr K (2 months ago)
Hungry lol
raman Kumar kumar (2 months ago)
Johnny Crack (2 months ago)
They eat fruit like mexicans with tajin
Arnisa Syed Saiful (2 months ago)
Rojak buah campuran.. mmg sedap.. 😋
Nye (2 months ago)
The Caucasian guy was rude, demanding right away which one was which. Geesh, he will eventually tell you.
blizzaroxxx (2 months ago)
He looks like a fucking Turk to me.
stang ko (2 months ago)
Aadi _38824 (2 months ago)
Das Partha (3 months ago)
I can cut like that
Danish rashid video (3 months ago)
Aminath Yasfa (3 months ago)
Thailand street food is the best so clean and neat
TVT Vlog (3 months ago)
What type of your camera ?
Brave Gaming (3 months ago)
Cleanest I’ve seen yet
Victoria Lsaint (3 months ago)
Complaining about hygienic? OH come on. Your body need to work for better immune system!
Samet UNCU (2 months ago)
Which part is non-hygenic for u? I think much better than a lot of food places.
Pabu wp12 (3 months ago)
ผลไม้ไทยบนรถเข็นนี่คือดีมากอะค่ะ 55555 เจ้าของคลิปหล่อไปอีก 😂❤️
Abu Ahmad (3 months ago)
Jerk Of All Trades (3 months ago)
If you don’t like the food in bangcock, don’t go
Jerk Of All Trades (3 months ago)
Stupid ass dude asking him like he understands English dumb fuck. Fucking Arabs
MS TV Fish Cutting (4 months ago)
Wow wonderful
roda kehidupan (5 months ago)
Which one is this one??? LOL
sari putrirahmiazahri (5 months ago)
Ricca Mae (5 months ago)
Marlen Saudi (5 months ago)
I love sour mango.. With sauce 👌👌😋
Rahmani Husain (5 months ago)
Buah potong sedap
faye pateña (5 months ago)
DOA IBU (5 months ago)
It is in INDONEsiA. Why telling US thailand.
SMLT Lizama (6 months ago)
Se te olvidaron los guantes??
Wise Fool (6 months ago)
That knife must be reallly sharp, one wrong move and boom a finger gone
Ms. Soulmate (6 months ago)
In Philippines, vendors use plastic before peeling so it will not touched.
md kislu (6 months ago)
Oh very good
a.p _5_ (7 months ago)
Im from Thailand. And fruit vendors often come from rural areas of Thailand where there's a lot of farming, countryside and not much money so fruit vendors move into the city to make more money as much as possible and return home. If you see a fruit vendor, he/she is very hardworking so respect is the best way to go, unlike these guys in the video
AlisaGamer Silerent (7 months ago)
I didnt know my "ASEAN" country has vendor knife skills.
Thanjuti Mu (7 months ago)
Thanjuti Mu (7 months ago)
อัชรา พันเกตุราช (7 months ago)
i Kukkukku (7 months ago)
They are complaining about the hygiene.Dudes, even if you're germ free,we're all gonna die anyway
Lộc Trần (7 months ago)
Ước Nhữ (8 months ago)
Nhận cháu làm đồ đệ đi..
Farjina Ahmed (8 months ago)
Very clean 🙏🙏
I am Tuktuk (8 months ago)
RoBies tv (8 months ago)
roza aa (8 months ago)
I don't understand these two gentlemen, they don't even know how to communicate people! They knew that he can't even understand english language but still they kept on asking. What kind of people are they? Shame on this kind of people!
Citra Lestari (8 months ago)
pokiju wjat jfsi
cô út bến tre (9 months ago)
เฮียจืด ไงจะใครล่ะ (9 months ago)
Momshi Lyn (9 months ago)
Oh..mango my favoret fruits 👍👍👍
I•C•E (9 months ago)
Ria Tamsi (9 months ago)
The vendor and the buyer's they don't understand to each other so crazy simple Englisch meine gut te 🙄😂🤣
Marga Chris (9 months ago)
why the vendor doesn't have gloves?
Pinkkan Mhr (9 months ago)
Vanessa Brave Bison (9 months ago)
Hello! I work for a social video company called Brave Bison, we'd like to share your video on our huge Facebook network - is there an email I can use to connect with you?
Fhia Anarfia (9 months ago)
Ngecit ngupasnyah 😂kalo gw mah udah kmana tau kali tu
supattra wangthapan (9 months ago)
Thailand 💓💓💓
BASED POPPA PUMP (10 months ago)
Skills to pay the bills.
Super but that boy is tensioning
Neil Mohammed (10 months ago)
Nathalia Aguirre Vargas (10 months ago)
Un colombiano simplemente le diría que le quite el pedacito malo y le ponga el resto en la bolsita! Que bueno
Aldi 2609 (10 months ago)
In indonesia this is Rujak
psumiz (10 months ago)
This is actually super clean when compared to fruit stalls in jakarta
Mubeen Patrakodi (10 months ago)
Awis Muziono (11 months ago)
Ini kalo di negara saya rujak
l91k (1 year ago)
I Know He Have Skilled For Do It And This Is Amzing
Danilo Jones (1 year ago)
Melethically! (1 year ago)
That is not fair!
PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz (1 year ago)
What the hell is DAVID VILLA doing in Bangkok ordering mango
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d34dj0k3r (1 year ago)
Rude tourist. Don't expect a street vendor to know perfect English.