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Text Comments (3848)
Raju Thakur (18 minutes ago)
Women like surprises. They are adventureous. They enjoy every bit of life
Pranshu Sharma (1 hour ago)
new way to birth control
Tiffanytalks100 (2 hours ago)
These people do not need to have kids
Evimary Mendez (3 hours ago)
The drivers suck too
Cindy Lopez (5 hours ago)
Just proves my theory that ALL woman need to take a mandatory test to see if they have enough sense to breed...ugh...most seem to be from Russia, maybe the cold froze their common sense lol
L. Hasenhausen (8 hours ago)
OMG! Mothers of hell! Pure Egoists !!
Bill Collins (9 hours ago)
Some people should be neutered before reaching reproductive age.
Charon Christ (10 hours ago)
Some of these were actually pretty funny, but remind me not to marry a Russian chick lol
Santa Bracero (12 hours ago)
I can't see this wtf is wrong with this cows 😭😭😭
William DatKKid (12 hours ago)
Whats that song called at 7:55 ?
Jo Grinz (13 hours ago)
Nothing wrong with these mum"s, it's the idiot fuckwit dad's behind the wheel going to fast. Who hasn't accidentally had their baby fall off the couch or fall over. And if your a mother going to bitch at me about my comment, then you are lying to yourself. we all make mistakes as parents. sadly some can be fatal.
Vicky Harbison (13 hours ago)
Ok there ARE a few where they were in a crosswalk though
Vicky Harbison (13 hours ago)
I do NOT understand WTF people are thinking.....I see it at any kind of store, people just walking out like they're invincible because they're a "pedestrian" Geezus people! Do you even have the slightest iota of ANY kind of common sense in your brain??????? STOP LOOK GO Isn't that what we teach our kids???????????
Raghavendra Deshpande (14 hours ago)
Just like India..but India has population problem and in Russia??
Ashley Appollonia (16 hours ago)
I can't continue to watch this I'm going to be sick
Val Bob (17 hours ago)
These woman should not be allowed children and should never have had them in the first place
akashtheone (18 hours ago)
Valeria Perez (19 hours ago)
Well i seen worst things than i seen with kids in the cars with no carseats jumping around. And parents smoking weed or cigarettes in the cars while theirs are inside cars some people shouldn’t be parents
Courtney Camping (19 hours ago)
wtf are these woman. theyre not normal
Robert Pierson (20 hours ago)
95% are foreign language. Just sayin'......
Robert Pierson (20 hours ago)
Unbelievable!!!!! All of those FAILURES need to have their kids taken away!!!
Robert Pierson (20 hours ago)
0:34 Obviously a Democrat, because we.knkw how they love to kill babies in the 9TH month and after they're born.
Robert Pierson (20 hours ago)
"Great" parenting....
maki maki maki (22 hours ago)
Mother????monster are the real name!!!!
Ed Neward (23 hours ago)
It’s probly toxic masculinity’s fault
Champ 85 (23 hours ago)
Wheather you keep your eyes on your children or don't have any, assholes!
Saurajit Sinha (23 hours ago)
These mothers do not deserve to be mothers..
Adonis David (23 hours ago)
Adevarate pizde proaste...
Lucy Ocampo (23 hours ago)
A lot of stupid moms in this video my head hurts 🙄😒😒
Angelica Österberg (1 day ago)
Stupid idiots! No one even waved to say fucking thank you for enlightening them that they dropped their child on the fucking street... poor little children!
Anna Frantsuzova (1 day ago)
Bitches! Какие тупые овцы, как им господь дал детей?!
Sheelah (1 day ago)
Thank 🙏💕God.. He protects.. ALL DRUNKS.. FOOLS😳and children.. Cause this is ridiculous parenting
Preety P. (1 day ago)
Some Damn ass people!!! Watch were the hell your going and your surroundings!!! Otherwise, your gonna be in hell!!! Or heaven. Which ever one God chooses for you.
Usha Rani Rani (1 day ago)
Iulian Caldarescu (1 day ago)
They are retarded. Jesus Christ
and westerners look for Russian brides.....GOOD LUCK
Daniell Randolph (1 day ago)
Lord knows I have been trying to stop cursing. I would give my life for my babies...n take a life if anyone messes with them. These females are not mothers.
mr table lamp (1 day ago)
OH MY GOD. how many stupid mothers. oh, I left my pushchair in the middle of the road. ME bad. yes you bloody terrible.
Nina (1 day ago)
How stupid can you be?
Antonio Di Giacinto (1 day ago)
Let’s stop having sex with stupid women’s
d p (1 day ago)
विश्व की सबसे बडी बेवकुफ औरते है ये पाश्चात्य संस्कार थर्डक्लास संस्कार है
Lacky Suman (1 day ago)
Agar yese achanak break na lage to.....
Maikon Washington (1 day ago)
Mulher é idiota e essas crianças só estão no mundo para elas receberem pensão.
Chris Code (1 day ago)
I couldn't finish this. I couldn't
AngelO3mememe #1 (1 day ago)
Some were accidents tho
Annette Johnson (1 day ago)
Did they all forget that they had children or wtf? Are you serious? Smh........ 🤔
Jennifer Cantrell (1 day ago)
Where's the graphic part?
NanaPearl pearl (1 day ago)
These mom's don't want their children obviously damn is motherhood that horrible??? These mom's are suicidal.
Yanni Agrotis (1 day ago)
I couldn't get more than half way through it was too frustrating
Real 1018 (2 days ago)
And......why are all of these stupid c🤬🤬🤬 in Russia ?????? Hmmmmm🤔 Edit:Poland? Whatever
Real 1018 (2 days ago)
Dumbest bitches ever and most look super suspect.....like insurance fraud or just tires of being God awful moms.....smh PO 🤬🤬🤬
Sheriline Bristol (2 days ago)
They should be slapped very hard in their faces
GwynGwyn Gamer (2 days ago)
am jungshook
Lisa Gast (2 days ago)
These people are in Russia who in the hell taught you how to cross the road here's a little white lines you go by and you go to a stop sign don't you have that in Russia
Lisa Gast (2 days ago)
What the hell is wrong with people you keep your child close by and don't run in front of cars are you that damn stupid I raised two children never once ever did stupid s*** like this this makes me so mad
bi ta (2 days ago)
Rossiy women stuped nh 😈
bi ta (2 days ago)
RosySpeaks (2 days ago)
What the hell? Where are their heads?
Pink Love (2 days ago)
If you only have two hands. Don't going out from house with your baby. Put 100% focused on your baby first. Bring friends. Told them you bring them to help you care your baby. Stop this kind careless.
TheMegaGamingWizard (2 days ago)
The cunt @ 7:23 needs a slap!
Myra Soer (2 days ago)
No brainer. Stupid parents
Cipher (2 days ago)
If those children were born in the West, they would have been raised under utmost care. This is why they are so weak and fimble. The children of Mother Russia raise themselves. After all, in Russia, children raise their parents.
The finest CherryBlossom Of Winter Season (2 days ago)
Those idiot mothers need to shots in their head 🔫
Marline Flores (2 days ago)
In what country is this that you have all these crazy parents? Is this in Russia? Seems like they want to practice genocide by doing this craziness.
BklynBabe (2 days ago)
Whatever the lady in the car said at 7:30, I agree!!!👏🏾I hope it was something like stupid bitch...
Stefan Weiss (2 days ago)
This video shocked me! I'm speechless about those mothers in this video! 😨 They were so stupid and brainless, it's unbelieveable! 😤 Please god give those bitches mind! Quick!!!!
Gaurab Roy Choudhury (3 days ago)
Seriously what is wrong with them??
Star Gate (3 days ago)
I D I O T S!
jenny Lynn (3 days ago)
All of these situations cpuld have been avoided if they used the crosswalks! I see this kind of crap all of the time and it drives me nuts. By doing this they are also teaching these kids not to use the crosswalks either. Its just safer to use the crosswalks. But these kids are being taught wrong but then when they gey hit by a car it becomes the drivers fault and not the obvious ones THE PARENTS! If you dont want you and your kids to get hit by a car stop jaywalking and use a crosswalk thats what they are there for.
Xoliswa Kilana (3 days ago)
Condom plz use condom problems solved to
Bubu GeorgiAna (3 days ago)
fukin Moldova and Ukraina, full of stupid bitches!
ngoc Quach (3 days ago)
There are alot brainless parents out there.... they don't care... or they think other people will help or have to give way because they're kid....
Mine (3 days ago)
I will never go to russia....creepy
Jennybelle Conde (3 days ago)
What the hell??? Irresponsible mothers!!! Grrrrrr....
R D (3 days ago)
Every last of these women are stupid bitches. Yes bitches. Not going to candy coat it. Stupid bitches and all need to be kicked in the head and ha e their children Ripken away and given to loving responsible parents.
Sara Porter (3 days ago)
This is so sad and irresponsible
Lucas Glenn (3 days ago)
Insane in the membrain.
Phong tran (3 days ago)
Do they know how to say sorry at least by gesture? they all kept walking like nothing happened.
Lashay Johnson (3 days ago)
These are some of the dumbest people I've ever seen in my life. They need their (beep) beat down. These folks need to get their parenting from an animal. I mean, am I the only one who pays attention to how animals tend to their young? My goodness 😒😕😟😱. Freakin idiots 😧. Got me mad and sweating at the same time😰.
Jediempress (3 days ago)
The terrifying thing is that these moronic, reckless, unsuitable, unworthy mothers have already bred and passed on not only those hideous genetics, but also deplorable parenting skills. I guess forced sterilization isn’t a bad thing. Maybe a better way would be for the entire population to be sterilized and only those that pass rigorous tests can get it undone.
sha b (3 days ago)
I would charge the h... Out these parents with all cost, for letting this happen to these poor children.
Angel Angek (3 days ago)
Most of these places need crosswalks ASAP!!!! Or need more. Wow
PwnishR (3 days ago)
PwnishR (3 days ago)
7:39 I wouldn't be surprised if the Russian dad after seeing this video...gave his kids to their grandparents then getting a butcher's cleaver hacking his wife to pieces. Poor kids.
BEASTERN 180 (3 days ago)
This is just pure insurance fraud And they just act like their kids are garbage bags
Tea Rose (3 days ago)
This is horrendous!!!
Lady-Lynn (1 day ago)
I am so irritated by this, the woman are so nonchalant about what has occurred it's driving me angry, I just want to slap them to wake them up!
Lynne Ziefflie (3 days ago)
Omgosh, i cant watch anymore! So self absorbed they cant get their babies safely across the street.
em mu (3 days ago)
All look evils to me not mothers.. U have good place in hell..wait fr it ******
Amazin Liyah (4 days ago)
These women are bad parents. ..dont even know how to cross a road
Rose Lacambra (4 days ago)
This is scary for the kids they might get run over and the drivers who's get into accident for avoiding them and their useless brainless mother who can't keep their child safe 👊😡😠 gezz If you can't do the responsibility of being a mother don't open your legs or use protection so you can't be pregnant 😡 your not allowed to have a child if you're irresponsible 😡 . . Those angels are gift you should keep,love and protect them.. .
Gamma (4 days ago)
FOOLS ! , my blood is boiling
NCVV2000 (4 days ago)
I cant watch anymore of this....I can't enjoy the rest of my apple, Im that tense it wont go down! The lack of care shown by these women! How do they at their age not know the basic rules when crossing a road? Or knowing where their babies are! 🤯
Gabriela Kwiatkowska (4 days ago)
Kapletny brak wyobrazni nieodpowiedzialnosc pseldo opiekunow a gdy dojdzie do nieszczescia to wine kto ponosi kierowca
Global Watchman (4 days ago)
Shame on those men who sired children with these stupid ass women. These women can't even be responsible for their own welfare, so how the fuck are they going to act responsibly for a child. Proper intellectual as well as psychological assessment should be done of pregnant women to ensure that mothers themselves don't pose any threat to newborn's welfare.
jenny vergara (4 days ago)
Mom: pushing kid on something Kid:falls off Mom:humm the cart suddenly feels light Also mom: keeps walking
Lena Ned (4 days ago)
Rosja i wszystko jasne. Później jak zabijesz w takiej sytuacji, musisz mieć takiego debila i niewinne dziecko na sumieniu. Powinni łapać i zamykać za taki debilizm.
Weronika Ślimak (4 days ago)
Anxiety alert
Kim Paul (4 days ago)
There's no way these children survived til adulthood!! Some people DON'T deserve children!! Pisses me off !!
FuRRy LiVeS MaTTeR MuSiC*MoVieS*PeTs (4 days ago)
Russia and America alike in the sense that they both have dips that just don't give a flyin flip about anything....just walk out there in traffic....pppshhh
Claudia Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Oh no, this women are so so stupid.