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Text Comments (1212)
Vang Vang (9 hours ago)
Holy shit!!! These dumbasses are nuts!!
Micheal McLaurin (10 hours ago)
My little cousin hates it when I tell him to stop running ahead of me, especially in the woods or on a trail. This is exactly I tell him to stay close because I don't ever want him to get far enough away from me that I can't get a hold of him rapidly when it comes to traffic, being in the woods where's there's a lot of steep hills or when we're on trails. The last thing I need is for him to bolt into traffic and get hit or kidnapped or fall down a hill and bust himself up. He doesn't get it now but hopefully one day he will realize that I'm doing it to protect him.
ugly school girl (17 hours ago)
Kids run off all the time. But if you as parent decide to take a child, who can't even tell the difference between left and right, through a BUSY road and they wander off and get hit by a car. That's on you.
Max Power (1 day ago)
Single mom's?? A good hard slap on the face, could make all the difference, and I've NEVER hit a woman.
Christy Hildebrand (1 day ago)
Amazed I didn't see u on here stephanie! Haha!
Kassu Keimer (1 day ago)
3:42 omg i just almost cried because i thought the babys feet got hit and i have a 3 months old sister and i would never want her to get hurt! 😭😭
Adriana Gray (1 day ago)
SMH !!!!!
Miki Tuxford (1 day ago)
Some of these videos are at pedestrian crossing which means pedestrians have right of way well at least were i come from anyways
elegate87 (1 day ago)
I say Next GTA game should take place in Russian
Event Horizon (2 days ago)
There should be a bounty on the heads of stupid people.
kn (2 days ago)
7:00 almost gave me a fucking heart attack..
Алла Попова (2 days ago)
Они еще и просто на дорогу выбегают,какой там пеш.переход нее не слышали...Ебланки,их не жалко,жалко их детей
Алла Попова (2 days ago)
Блииин...Ну как так!Тут одна дорогу переходишь на пешеходном переходе,по нескольку раз по сторонам посмотришь,а эти ебланки еще с дитём идут и хрен куда смотрят...Безмозглые курицы😐
Philip J. Fry (2 days ago)
Now I know why russians are always so mad. Their childhoods were terrible.
dell x (2 days ago)
These people shouldn't have children they have no respect for their lives and in turn set a dangerous example in how to die when you get older. Pulling a pushchair behind on crossing, talking on a mobile and allowing a child to kick a ball across the road, just crazy and what world are they in
Kled (3 days ago)
8:54 i dont think its the womans fault,the driver stopped on the line meaning he is in the wrong because he could have gone forward a bit
AnythingIrise (4 days ago)
The last one is funny the baby and her on the motorcycle how did she think that was going to end ? 😂😂
Ikram Hakimi Mohd Hassan (4 days ago)
unqualified mother
Godsgirlie J (4 days ago)
The heffa at 1010 had the nerve to get mad and snatch the kid cause she sucks ass as a parent
Godsgirlie J (4 days ago)
I hope all these females got sent to child protection after these and the dog stank heffa that kicked the baby out the stroller in the snow ... may she reap it... and people need to report these things not just posting it... the stupid slant at 343 she stupid and fake because walked the baby into the street like that wasnt possible.. to the ones that get mad cause they irresponsible and need a Hysterectomy and kids in CPS... I wish one would kick my car cause she is a jack ass.. I would kick her and then bang her head on the ground hoping she will get smarter with each hit . I pry for these kids .. and why these dummies know how to lay and make kids but not how to cross a street or how to watch kids
Garrett Ross (5 days ago)
All of these bitches are crazy and need children’s aid called on them all their items are more important then their own children what’s our society coming to
Sloppy (5 days ago)
Why most of these videos are from Russia? blyat!
Enrique Rodriquez (5 days ago)
I’m calling cps 📞
Have a Nice Day (5 days ago)
Get in the kitchen ffs
Space Racer26 (5 days ago)
Oh you dumb ass Russians. No wonder why you lost the cold war
Valencia Ing. (5 days ago)
It’s pissing me off just watching these idiots!
Starvin Marvin (7 days ago)
Women or women have become such pieces of shit
Shayna Kasdan (8 days ago)
I love the polite little double honk like, "honk honk, you dropped your baby in the middle of the street"
Autoparts KnightRider (11 days ago)
As a woman I have to say that these women should have their children taken away and never be allowed to reproduce again.....
EPBPLakers (12 days ago)
These kids need to go to Foster Care!
Michael (15 days ago)
Higher chance of surviving than antivax kids
Melissa Levatino (15 days ago)
Well. At least the majority of these idiots are Russian
Abdullah Ünal (15 days ago)
Like, no like
Jet Echo (16 days ago)
I stopped watching the video after the first clip. I've seen everything
Hardtack Oak (16 days ago)
They used to put the kids first - now its the cellphone and the social media, who the f... cares about the little bastards anymore...
Tommy B. (16 days ago)
Fuck. What's wrong with those woman's? How can I choose the right one to who make some kids? Shall I shop those that are already mom's so I can see them "at work"? Poor kids.
Am Clover (16 days ago)
It’s not just girls, in my where I live everyone even kids do this maybe for lawsuits idk, but i swear this society people don’t give a dam for safety.
afiq aiman (17 days ago)
peoples out there are craving to have a child but you just take your child soo lightly and don't even care about their safety....... sometimes i feel sad when i see human's behavior that's even worse than animal's
Bax 184 (17 days ago)
Compulsory sterilisation, at the very least. Fucktards !!!!!!
Turkey First (17 days ago)
Russian women all so stupid and idiots 😂
Deer Boy (17 days ago)
Oh god the anxiety..
Tasha Richard (17 days ago)
I would have gotten out of the car and slapped these dumb ass.... I'm so 😡
Tasha Richard (17 days ago)
This shit pissed me off... Dumb ass ppl
ᄆ ᄌ ᄆᄆ ᄉ ᄆ (17 days ago)
Thats Called Jay Walking They Havent Heard what's A crossing?
Евгений Майоров (18 days ago)
Какие куры - таким и будущее поколение будет.
Fafa Gamer (18 days ago)
3:39 dis Bitch
90hijacked (19 days ago)
Watch closely feminists, This is How you raise a child as a wife beater.
Herm Ask (19 days ago)
Someone make a list of swearing words used in this video and their translations, please. 🤬🤪
Rusty Clark (19 days ago)
If i was a cop watching that in person i would take away her kids and her ovarys too keep her from ruing lives and childhoods
Just Yuri (19 days ago)
I would gladly hit the women but they are so reckless as to risk their child life!
Ms. Rain (20 days ago)
How could u possible like ur kid just walk in the busy street without holding ur hand these moms are lucky to their kids still
THE PUMPKIN LORD (23 days ago)
Never have i said stupid bitch as much as i did watching this video
Kirsten Foote (24 days ago)
it's a wonder how so many people in Russia make it to adulthood with mother's like these. it certainly does explain that "I don't give a s***" attitude that seems pretty commonplace in the Russian Society.
AnAmericanMan (25 days ago)
Who knew the Russians learned to jump in front of cars at such a young age...
jeff pom (25 days ago)
Cyka Bliat, women probably made these kids selling their pussies on the street, that is legitimate punishment!
Ashlee Correia (25 days ago)
IQ tests need to be done and a required parental certification program to be done you fail you get sterilized.
Adam (26 days ago)
Who the fuck raised these girls, have they not heard of look right and left before crossing the street?
MiddleAgedWhiteBloke (27 days ago)
Most of them don't seem to give a fuck their kids nearly died.
monica malan (28 days ago)
some of these women need a smack
ema93a (29 days ago)
zack green924 (29 days ago)
Its just russia
I SSMDad (29 days ago)
Who told them to leave the kitchen or bedroom??
Apshara Saima (1 month ago)
These so called moms should be arrested for child neglect..i was laterally slamming my foot to pull the brakes in my own room...🤤🤤🤤🤤😲😲😲😲
Natasha Paige (1 month ago)
In a Mom of 3 and this piss me off
Natasha Paige (1 month ago)
Child Protection services ASAP
tom7601 (1 month ago)
Back in the 1950s, one of the first things we learned was, "STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN!"
Stephen Fischer (1 month ago)
How tf do they not notice their kid fall out of the stroller and sleds
Stephen Fischer (1 month ago)
Then they say “pedestrians have the right of way” I bet lol
Ian Lemenach (1 month ago)
And we call it Mother Russia
Anjel G. (1 month ago)
How could these women be so careless and clueless?? Stupid ass bitches.. It's more of them just like that out there too.. PAY ATTENTION! especially when you got kids involved.. This video made me want to slap the shit out of every single last one of these women!! Neglect at it's finest!
Melissa Russell (1 month ago)
Some of those were simple mistakes that can happen to anyone, the rest were fucked up
Ashley egoistic (1 month ago)
They dont deserve kids at all
Eric Mcguire (1 month ago)
I really don't get how people can be so stupid and idiotic
DJ cali (1 month ago)
Russia has the best brakes in the world
scott thompson (1 month ago)
if only ghetto trash and illegal immigrants would be so oblivious in America trump could have his dream
Bozo Me (1 month ago)
Shouldn’t be mothers at all...........shame not watching their children......and teaching them very bad habits .....
Natalie Schwartz (1 month ago)
to this day it amazes me how some people live as long as they do for as stupid as they are
Seyha Vonn (1 month ago)
I guess they just dont care about there kids saftey
Marny Nottenkamper (1 month ago)
As a mom I wanted to beat some ass.... Things DO JUST HAPPEN WITH KIDS...It's normal...HOWEVER... Most of these women where just STUPID AF!!!
Marie Sparks (1 month ago)
just proves you can't fix stupid
Алла Овчарова (1 month ago)
Идиотки безмозглые. Мать, подвергшая ребенка опасности, должна быть отстранена от малыша до полного осознания своей ответственности за его жизнь.
Nyarlathotep (1 month ago)
My blood pressure skyrocketed and I'm not even half way through the video.
D Y (1 month ago)
Feels scary to drive after seeing this. Cannot deal with trauma if I hit a Kid.
Rumple Foreskin (1 month ago)
Women need to stay home where they should just cook and clean.
TooFly Simmons (1 month ago)
Wtf! I just don't understand this.
TooFly Simmons (1 month ago)
Egg donors.😂😂😂
Leighton Lundstrom (1 month ago)
shows how women are dumber than man
Maryam Marjan (1 month ago)
Baby's day out again
René Rockx (1 month ago)
looking at this i can only feel contempt for these women from hell
ㅤ ㅤ (1 month ago)
Even when the mother is so useless that they drop their kid out of the sled, they then turn around and yank on the kids arm like its their fault?!? Women NEVER take responsibility for their own fuck ups, in any country, in any skin colour. They're fucking useless. When will get paid the same as men when women are worth as much as men in the workforce, but they're less than equal, less than half than equal.
James Moore (1 month ago)
I happened upon this video and i have to say first, the misogyny present in this comment section is over the top. With that said, I hope the women who are in THIS video got some type of punishment and rehabilitation when it involved mistreating children
rachel kikoak (1 month ago)
Oh my, those unfortunate children have the misfortune to be in their care, yikes.
J Hearn (1 month ago)
Russian roads look shit
J Hearn (1 month ago)
Scary how thick and stupid these women are. Some too busy on their mobiles to pay attention to the safety of their child.
Angus Blade (1 month ago)
I thought only liberal american women were this fucking dumb.
Tasos Patriwtis (1 month ago)
KILL THEM ALL.........
IAmHellsFallenAngel (1 month ago)
These people are soooo f*ckin lucky it's not possible to jump thro a phone to where their at cause I'd beat their f*ckin asses for being sooo f*ckin stupid 😡 and I'm only 2 mins into the video 😠😠
La Silveira (1 month ago)
Idiots🤬 risking their children's lives isn't worth it. Use a crosswalk and look both ways! WTF
mikesmovingimages (1 month ago)
The inherent danger is in the third-world quality of Russian streets and the clearly aggressive driving culture. Makes for good video, but in defense of many of these mothers, very difficult to get anywhere safely.
Yasir Khan (1 month ago)
I pity the men leaving their kids with such braindead aliens