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Text Comments (1063)
Mona Fondren (30 minutes ago)
Some people should not be allowed to reproduce if you're that stupid
Trust But Verify (3 hours ago)
it appears these people dont think the laws of physics apply to them.
sammy bubba (5 hours ago)
excuse me while i make/take this very important call. it's more important than my child. i only had child to make man take care of me. i'm on this phone call, so please leave me alone...it's more important than you or this child who i am teaching to be totally self-centered. now, you go. i am needing to be alone with my phone.
Shirley Senkler (10 hours ago)
I hope these children survive their mothers!!!
Phoenix Pike (1 day ago)
They look so entitled
vtxrudy (1 day ago)
and they want equal rights?
solatiumz (1 day ago)
I blame the stupid men who are marrying and fucking them. Do yourself a favour find a woman with more sense and brain cells. Nice tits and a cute arse only go so far.
Linda Svalesen (1 day ago)
Is there many child deaths in traffic in this place? It seems like it..
james larson (1 day ago)
Hey notice how most of these are in Russia?
c carroll (1 day ago)
I have NEVER seen so many people be so careless regarding the safety of their child.
ToddtheExploder (2 days ago)
Russians are the stupidest people on Earth.
marelicainavokado (2 days ago)
That's what happens when the women's moms and dads push for babies when they don't really want them ... I wish they just openly said that they don't like kids instead of having kids because it's expected of them.
Johnnyapple seed (2 days ago)
That's why every car in Russia has cameras, all these women have a death wish, too bad they have kids with them.
Terri Romero (2 days ago)
Some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce!!!
anna etters (2 days ago)
Yep, I've had to be around these idiots all my life, and have people around me think I'm the same, so welcome to my world. It's why I just stay alone.
Julia Gomez (3 days ago)
Dumass bitches they cant take care their babies but they should can take care their men holdi g hands crossing..
Julia Gomez (3 days ago)
Pinche butas
1valg (4 days ago)
I had to stop watching it. Clearly, not everyone should be allowed to reproduce...!
HybridFlu (4 days ago)
That's why father kick my ass. Mom's act too nice sometimes.
Meghan Kirkland (4 days ago)
At least the one at 3:46 at least had a shrivel of emotion. Unlike all the others that where like “oh well”
Vivacah Fleming (4 days ago)
The brakes in Russia have to be A1.
XIV (5 days ago)
I'm a woman but these people are complete idiots
killer_g82599 (5 days ago)
Women are truly the lesser sex
Joshua (5 days ago)
have any of these retards seen a road before or are they from the moon?
Diane Jay (5 days ago)
You know it's bad when my cussing at this video started sounding like the language the drivers are speaking. Stupidity on all levels.😠
Carol B (5 days ago)
They must not care very much about their children.
DeepNtuSer (5 days ago)
And feminists want WOMEN to RULE the WORLD! HA... 😂😂😂
Brandy Webb (6 days ago)
Am I wrong for laughing, because I feel wrong for laughing.
Brandy Webb (6 days ago)
This video shows, not all women are born with a motherly instinct... Or common sense for that matter. God wrap your mighty wings around those children because at this rate some of them may not make it to see their next birthday. And they say kids are in danger on Dad's watch. Go figure.
Adrian Buchan (6 days ago)
Offspring of retard = double retard!
Steve swakei (6 days ago)
nop! could not continue to watch
J. Jnz (6 days ago)
Do they have crosswalks in Russia?
Shartinaiya Alizaiya (6 days ago)
*📞Hello, CPS I have some videos Im sending over, you should look into them and take immediate action*
Dialgavspalkia (6 days ago)
113 salty women disliked the video
Gladys Colon (7 days ago)
OMG!!! And the scary part is these children might grow up to be just as stupid as their "parents" . Take those kids away from those human turds before is too late!!!
Msminnie (7 days ago)
This part of the world has the worst mothers on the planet.
Mar Linares (7 days ago)
I can't anymore. I have a 2 year old brother. And. My mom will never do that. So sad.
World of Technology (7 days ago)
I had heart in my mouth for 10 minutes.
Anthony A (7 days ago)
That's a lot of j walking
First Tsar (8 days ago)
what's wrong with russian women?
Blessedone333AZ (8 days ago)
Now I understand why there are so many bad drivers in Russia! Bad parents!
Mihai Ionica (8 days ago)
I just want to slap the shit out of these women.
Dead body (8 days ago)
These are stupid idiots people in this video. They thought of heaps of spare life at home when they let themselves killed.
Tejas Shinde (8 days ago)
Their husbands should have taken things out on time. (If u know what i mean)
Tejas Shinde (8 days ago)
Franta H (8 days ago)
Takto se projevuje ženská inteligence. Prodám kočárek asi nepomůže ale co kdyby.
papillon (8 days ago)
First I watched all the dashcam videos with everyone thinking Russians were the worst drivers and I thought “come on, there are bad drivers in every country” Next I saw all the drunken idiots videos with everyone saying Russians were the worst drunks in the world and I thought “come on, there are drunk people in every country” Then I saw all the videos of Russian people being rude, violent, and uncivilized, with everyone saying they were the worst in the world and I thought “come on, there are rude, violent, uncivilized people in every country.” Now I see this video of impossibly irresponsible Russian mothers and I realize “you know what, I know now why Russians are the worst drivers, worst drunks, and most rude, violent, and uncivilized people in the world!!”
Nick Lindridge (9 days ago)
Shocking. These people should be locked up and the kids in care.
Connor (9 days ago)
Where r the toddler leashes. I wore one.
D. Patrick Askew (9 days ago)
The drivers are just as stupid...Lord help them if they have to slow down!
just me (9 days ago)
This is the reason the life expectancy in Russia is so low
KingJKickz Haley (9 days ago)
dumb ass women
Matthieu Aoun (9 days ago)
3:43 the thing which shocks me the most is that if the baby was somhow injured, the car driver would have been taken to justice, not the mother
alex jervis (9 days ago)
When I was small, my mother kept me on reins. You can still get them but they seem to be completely out of fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the UK, little Jamie Bulger would still be alive!
David Lerosh (9 days ago)
Hey, your the one who had sex and loss, don't be mad at those kids be mad at your self, cunt
Lisa Lisa Willi (10 days ago)
These women are beyond stupid and shouldn't have kids.
ya00007 (10 days ago)
The arrogance of these women is unbelievable. It's as if it's their right of way when crossing the road. All Russians need to be taught the Green Cross Code. Taught in the UK
Amos Musyoki (10 days ago)
Its Just women being Women
Chris (10 days ago)
Special kind of dumb
S Justice (10 days ago)
they're hot but dumb..which is OK to a point
S Justice (10 days ago)
we better leave Russia alone...they dont give a damn do they....
n/a (10 days ago)
show this to feminist who argue women are perfect
WowITriedHard OnThis (11 days ago)
Wow a lot of these are Russian...
1969Vanessa G (11 days ago)
I'm afraid to watch this, that baby crossing with that scooter really scared me as if I was there! This video will surely send me to the hospital. Women are this irresponsible like this all around the world?
Mephisto1991 (11 days ago)
not one person in this video was using a crosswalk. Do they not have any in Russia? How on earth does anyone make it to adulthood there??
Mephisto1991 (11 days ago)
And i was wrong. there ARE crosswalks - but no one pays attention to them.
Mephisto1991 (11 days ago)
Wait. i figured it out. They all thing they are invincible.
Jenny R (11 days ago)
Someone should tell these parents that children's lives matter.
Stephanie Huerta (11 days ago)
Geez, these clips give me so much anxiety! Were these people never taught to look BOTH ways before driving?! Poor car that crashed into those parked cars. That idiot mother should have to pay for the damages.
Aravind Vm (11 days ago)
Some of them you can see every day in Delhi
Action Jackson (11 days ago)
Definitely need a dash cam!
Action Jackson (11 days ago)
Question: if you avoid hitting someone walking in traffic but end up hitting a car instead are u or the person you avoided responsible for the damage?
Bond James Bond (11 days ago)
Folks in Russia are CRAZY ASF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
antwinettec (11 days ago)
What is WRONG with these heifers?!
Georgia Smith (11 days ago)
Ute Ziemes (12 days ago)
At 2:47 there is nothing wrong with the woman, but with the man behind her. He, not her, pushes the stroller ... into the traffic.
Christiane Montazer (12 days ago)
Irresponsible and dumb bitches🤬🤬
Rob (12 days ago)
0:29 Russian impatience and irrational thinking at work.
All things Beautiful (12 days ago)
Wt f is wrong with them
All things Beautiful (12 days ago)
Jasmine White (12 days ago)
I thought they just came to NYC and got dumb but they were dumb before they came. They do the same thing in America. Smh
Kisra David (12 days ago)
If you can't takecare of your children then whytf would you have children, just use fu**ing condoms.
Kisra David (12 days ago)
Lol most of them are Russians 🤣
Sara Hewson (13 days ago)
Not a single one of these is excusable! There’s not even one where you could say “it could happen to anyone”! But the carriage just sitting alone in the middle of the road all alone- she was intentionally trying to kill that child.
uuuniiin (13 days ago)
I'm losing my shit. This seems to be a REAL fucking problem in Russia. Are they even trying to stop this from happening???
Megan Williams (13 days ago)
This was arse clenchingly bad. Dumb bitches all of them..
J. S. (13 days ago)
Some people should NOT be parents.
LilMeAY 6 (13 days ago)
I don't ever wanna drive a car in russia.. crazy ppl..
Brenda Bautista (14 days ago)
And the woman on the motorcycle or the scooter whatever Karen that baby on her side she's got to be really really slow? Oh my goodness they do that here in America they go to jail
Brenda Bautista (14 days ago)
What is this country wow whatever country that is it looks like I don't give a darn about their children wow
Brenda Bautista (14 days ago)
I just don't understand and I don't think I ever will either these are not mothers these are just walking zombies they don't care about their children or anything and when they walk on the road like this in a busy highway and their child gets ran over it's their fault not the person in the car and oh my goodness they want to prosecute the person in the car but it's not the person in the car's fault it's the one that don't have no brains that's walking on the street
Brenda Bautista (14 days ago)
I'm laughing my head off right now oh my goodness I have never seen in my lifetime women like this. They are so careless. And they got screws loose upstairs I think. Wow this really takes the cake LOL LOL they're acting like they don't have no brain wow
W W (14 days ago)
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that probably not all these people are still with us today.
Brinstar Media (14 days ago)
i actually had to stop watching it. as a father, this was making me too angry.
Ava Brida (14 days ago)
Russians must have a high incidence of brain damage. Fetal alcohol syndrome maybe.
TheVictorb69 (15 days ago)
Why are Russian people soooo in a hurry and drive soooo damn fast?! And why do these “pedestrians” (women) crossing with babies & children have NO BRAINS or NO CONCEPT OF WHAT A HIGH SPEEDING VEHICLE CAN AND WILL DO TO THEM??!!!!! ☠️☠️ It’s painful to watch their stupidity & then some look at the driver like it’s their fault for not stopping on time or not seeing them sooner!!! I know there are more fatalities vs near misses because of stupidity!!!! Who in the hell crosses a street with babies not paying attention to the drivers who are going 60 to 80 mph AND THERE’S F*CKIN’ ICE ON THE DAMN ROAD??!!!!!!!!! Expecting a car or a van/truck to stop for your stupid ass in seconds?!!!!!! Keep doing it... 7.5 billion people in the world we need to start bringing down that number why not get rid of stupid people first?!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Sarah Watson (15 days ago)
This is scary. All of them could use some serious time with a shrink.
The FBI & DOJ colluded to cover up hillary's crimes (16 days ago)
You see the same shit when you going to the black community. Low IQ idiot black people don't take care of their children because most of them don't have a father because black men don't raise their children
Sultan Malik (16 days ago)
One thing common in these clips is that all these incidents occurred in Russia. In many places in Russia, the protocol is that priority is given to pedestrians. The cars have to stop if any pedestrian is on the road or on the side of the road. But seems like this is causing a major issue for people, maybe this protocol is abused by pedestrians. Secondly, parents so crazy who are falling kids on road, seems like they have either so tough life that not able to manage things properly or they are not habitual to handle kids, because in Russia, it's considered men duty to handle kids outside home, because women are physically weaker than men. Or maybe women are so busy in make up and looking beautiful, that they don't even look on kids properly.
Intangir'sDispatch (16 days ago)
Some ppl should just not reproduce
8 year old (16 days ago)
Nothing wrong here it's just that time of the month
Nicol Zubiaurre (17 days ago)
It's sad those things already laid eggs. I hope their kids are a lot smarter than them, which is not that hard tbh...