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Text Comments (2313)
Casey Sawyer (17 hours ago)
Now let's see the American version of this where welfare skanks are shitting out kids to get more welfare then raising them in drug dens
Blitz Krieg (22 hours ago)
Can't complete the whole thing, the blind idiocy is too much.
Fernanda Orozco (22 hours ago)
Y todavía se enojan que horror de madres
MickeyCreole (1 day ago)
There’s many people in this world who can’t have children biologically or even able to adopt because of the 1001 questions to determine if they’re suitable candidates for parenthood, I’m one of them and I was refused rights to adopt because of my ill health. All these safeguards and yet a lot of the time, the most dangerous of parents are sometimes the actual biological ones, as illustrated in this video. We live in a society these days where evil seems to prevail far more then the good and making the right decision
HiGh 0n LiFe (1 day ago)
Corrie Bullock (1 day ago)
None of these women should have been allowed to procreate....smh
nobodyzero (1 day ago)
This is *Horrifying...!!!*
Akua Layla (1 day ago)
Omg what the hell is wrong with these women
FriedAudio (1 day ago)
KJ (1 day ago)
Funny how there’s also ‘idiot’ Men drivers... Wow some people were born without brains 🧠
Yelena Lavrova (1 day ago)
Замажьте цементом пезды эти дурам!
d lakoba (1 day ago)
Very hard to watch all the way to the end!!
Jo smith (2 days ago)
james gilbert (2 days ago)
the gene pool must be awfully shallow in Russia.
Felipe Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I know a woman like this at work everytime you see her with her baby she's on her phone and the kid walks behind her like a little puppy. The woman is totally oblivious and uninterested in the kid or his well being really sad.
Benjamin Danielsen (2 days ago)
I'm not even a father, but by God my parental instincts went off the charts on this one.
Cynthia Rosario (2 days ago)
Im sorry im appalled and couldnt watch anymore. I am such a nervous wreck as it is with kids around cars period. You dont EVER let go of your baby stroller for nothing. These women let the kids control them in the few i could watch and 2 was just abusive. Htf you gunna push a kid outta stroller and leave it there while you cross the street. If any of you bitches see this comment...look me up next time your in az.
ashley crawford (3 days ago)
These women all wanted super late term abortions....
la Chairez (3 days ago)
Stupid as bitches ,how could you be that much dumb and with a lil kid ,,super dumb thanks god im mexican lol and i have comense sence
tudorjason (6 days ago)
Don't they have crosswalks in Russia? It's the pedestrians that seem to cause the most close calls and accidents in these vids.
FlexyMama (6 days ago)
I guess babies are just so easy to pop out that you can risk them like this. Easy come, easy go, I guess. SMDH.
mae (7 days ago)
the fuck
Dulce D. (8 days ago)
It almost seems like they are doing it on purpose
Dulce D. (8 days ago)
7:50 wtfff
The Cowboy Of Oklahoma (8 days ago)
I'm sorry, but I'm almost hoping people start getting hurt for their stupidity.
Kavaja Music (9 days ago)
Use preservative, fucking bitches
DanutGachawhaleOskarYT YT (9 days ago)
Sometimes I feel kids are smarter than their mother Because how can't a woman *"SEE"*
Evan Jones (10 days ago)
Vodka... It'll gets you shit-faced! Recommended for all woman in Russia;)(child not included)
jbt709 (10 days ago)
Women are so fucking stupid. No wonder they need so much empowerment movements and reassurance and acceptance. Painfully obvious they are the lesser, handicapped sex.
Govind R (10 days ago)
May not be lucky the next time...
Melongirl (10 days ago)
Did you just assume my gender
Miss Sophie (10 days ago)
They should do something like a driver's licence for parents. Many people are absolutely unfit to take charge of themselves, let alone a small kid that doesn't know about many dangers yet.
Vickygarcia73 (11 days ago)
That is why the abortion law need to Change so women won’t feel like trying savage shit like this .....😳😳
Bread (11 days ago)
entitled parents I guess
HexagramMan (11 days ago)
The weak die in Russia. Only stupid weak babys die in the road.
Nl World (11 days ago)
Just because you want to die doesn't mean you have to inclue your kids too
biologiaVitanuova (11 days ago)
The Rusian are special
Razgriz (11 days ago)
Oh Mother's Russia! LOL!
Shikay HS (11 days ago)
If that happens and you hit a car is that your fault or the people walkings fault, and who has to pay for that?!
Bink Bonkers (11 days ago)
Anyone else getting pissed off now?
Patricia Hill (11 days ago)
What's wrong with these women? OMG!!! These poor women with one to three kids walking in the snow and these very rude drivers in cars with heat no doubt, yelling at them but won't stop for them. Wow, that's messed up. How disrespectful to women and their children.
Pinco Pallino (12 days ago)
Just unbelievable
brmnplayr (12 days ago)
6:27 stupid A**hole..
sizhigarkov sizhigarkov (12 days ago)
Тупые мамаши.
Tom Tucker (12 days ago)
I guess that the Saudi's ARE right: Women shouldn't be allowed out of the house without a male family escort!
MsterusAMV (13 days ago)
The worst i belive was that stupid women on motorbike with 8-11 month kid in one hand when the other hand was stering who fking doing like that!!!!!
CoffeePugs (13 days ago)
I'm genuinely just Sad
Kavi Ram (13 days ago)
Best mothers😋
Jarvy Mcmunn (13 days ago)
Children most likely in better care if with father's....can't watch this anymore just sickening!
Either (13 days ago)
3:40 толстая задница, тупая задница, ужасная задница сука.
Директор Шко (14 days ago)
По конституции ВСЕ! и мужчины и женщины равны! И с детьми и нет. Почему никто не вышел из машины и не напинал этим шлюхам по еблу? Просто ногами. Ведь эти пляди не себя пытаются убить, а ДЕТЕЙ! Водитель для мусоров ВСЕГДА виноват, а эти пляти НЕТ? Почему этим детоубийцам ВСЁ сходит с рук?
Ákos (14 days ago)
3:42 I would like to beat this idiot mom.
d (14 days ago)
Seems all Russians are just stupid
Lucky BK (14 days ago)
Honestly, they need to recognize they are being stupid and wave in apology at the least. Plus half of them were 3 flipping feet from a crosswalk, go to the cross walking or have you not been taught to go to the cross walk and flipping look both ways. And Flipping teach your kid how to cross correctly, too many children running out in front of cars.
Creeps MaPasta (15 days ago)
These same mothers are the ones I would expect to leave their kids in cars when they're out drinking for the night
Candice Adams (16 days ago)
It's incredible how none of them even noticed when the sleds suddenly got lighter and didn't figure something might be wrong until they hear honking and see their toddler sitting in the street.
Zaide nanang (16 days ago)
Very very stupid mamy in this country...
Doktor Ravik (16 days ago)
OMG.They are so stupid. Crazy women.
Katharyn Cade (16 days ago)
I think half these nitwits are trying to get their kids killed on purpose. Fucktards
Jerry Lifsey (16 days ago)
Take a guess...what % of the world's population should not have children?
Nia (17 days ago)
They are so fucking stupid
Phil Kunz (17 days ago)
Getting aggressive just watching this. Can't imagine how the drivers must have felt
Maximus (17 days ago)
Women clam to be equal to men: I disagree, no way New can be that stupid, women are so brainless it hurts, no imagination or common sense what so ever....
Angel Cordoba (17 days ago)
Me ha provocado mucha molestia ver a estas mujeres imprudentes.
Bruno Schell (17 days ago)
I think their brain freeze every winter causing irreversible damages !
Mimi Wolfie Potato Cookies (17 days ago)
At 3:40 *Yeah mate, you shouldn't of done that* *THATS WHAT HAPPENS*
Robert Scheschuk (17 days ago)
I've seen less trash in an overflowing garbage dump
Master P (17 days ago)
Stupid fucking parents. JFC... 🙄🤨🤬
Crash71ful (18 days ago)
Дети в этих видео - для мамашек не представляют никакой ценности. Типа, попадёт под машину - и хрен с ним. Ещё родят. И продолжат на проезжей части экспериментировать - раздавят ли малыша под колёсами или нет?...
Rachel D. (18 days ago)
5:15 is he listening to MCR? 😂😂
Zach Higgins (18 days ago)
Why are they all in Russia?
usman Natt (19 days ago)
99%woman mindless
Bryan Kostek (19 days ago)
I didn't know women in Russia leave their children on the side of the road.😡 probably saw a man that they wanted to talk and act like they don't have any kids. Then when the guy leaves or isn't interested that's when they go and get there kid. Or there's a shoe sale. Or something. No matter what. Maybe Russians shouldn't have kids.
NYDBLoCK (19 days ago)
This is why these animals are failing at they birth rate , it won't be an ideal society until these cave beast are all eradicated or made endangered.
Magnus Wettermark (20 days ago)
No surprice..see this everyday! Many women are more interested of their bloody phone and their makeup..
Deborah Beam (20 days ago)
This is the hardest video to watch. Such careless mothers.
Amy Coco (20 days ago)
Also "Mother Russia" is a terrible fucking mom.
Amy Coco (20 days ago)
Um did anyone else see those two creepy long fingered ghosts just chilling on the right side in the grass at 6:49? Help.
Miki Vicki (20 days ago)
What is worst is the adults look like they don't care a shit and don't even look both way or stop. So stupid.
Miki Vicki (21 days ago)
Oh they are just bad moms. Period Nothing like that happened to us because my mom was a lioness always watching her cubs. . Truth.
Chinchilla hats (22 days ago)
I’m very open minded and I know people can make mistakes. But the majority of these women are so calm as their kids roll out into the street. Carelessly putting their kids in danger without a care in the world. It’s so scary and frustrating to watch.
Admiral Ackbar (22 days ago)
Tet tet coroka
Devu Nair (22 days ago)
Sammie O. (23 days ago)
Evil demonic creatures! This absolutely disturbed me!
Pandora Music (23 days ago)
Some of the worst mothers I’ve ever seen WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamaal Fulat (23 days ago)
And women say they are the smart ones
Jamaal Fulat (23 days ago)
These women never pay attention and are extremely stupid
Alex Damian (24 days ago)
This people shouldn't be parents if they don't how to take care there kids!
Brian Paquin (24 days ago)
What's worse is that WOMEN CLAIM TO BE SMARTER THAN MEN. I don't fucking think so. Women are the most self centered creatures in all of existence.
Bube Best (24 days ago)
Watta stupid woman!!!
TAVOR XXI (24 days ago)
Lyzzie K. (26 days ago)
I like how they ignore being honked at is if they're in the right and cars dont exist...
Do u know De way (27 days ago)
Заебали хули тут одни пиндосы?? Где русские коменты? Алкаши вы где
Sheriff Darkskin (29 days ago)
The more I watch this video I really wanna slap the living shit out of them!
Sheriff Darkskin (29 days ago)
Fucking bitches They care about getting fucked wide open than they’ll ever care for the kids
giorgos axis (29 days ago)
3:40 i want to punch this bitch so hard!!
giorgos axis (26 days ago)
+Justus Fensune true
Aren't I Adorable (29 days ago)
They can't help it, they're female.
Anonymous 666 (30 days ago)
hoped that they all die like shit
Ak Kingdom (30 days ago)
next time aim the women
ian kleinschmidt (30 days ago)
Let Darwin do his job...