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Meet Amazon’s New Robot Army Shipping Out Your Products

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Dec. 1: Amazon Senior Vice President Worldwide Operations Dave Clark discusses the company’s army of Kiva robots that help box and ship products. --Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg --Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg
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Text Comments (222)
Tarot of Happiness (5 months ago)
Army of Amazon robots???? All I see are two men jabbering at each other. 👎
Roxsapien (6 months ago)
A New Amazon Warehouse is opening near our city, they are hiring 4 people.....;)
GTmaniac (7 months ago)
1:18. Pickers like move the fuck away I need to make rate
eternalhalloween1 (8 months ago)
With 40 orders a second during the busy season, I don't see how they could be so efficient without these robots.
Virginia Carlson (9 months ago)
The picker is like "get the hell out of my way so I can make Rate."
Christopher Trott (10 months ago)
Highly depressing company to work for.
Stuart Little (11 months ago)
With so many jobs going in manufacturing and retail due to technology, who will earn a wage to buy products in the future?
Lisa Dasher (1 year ago)
I love working at Amazon this is the position that I do at Amazon here in Jacksonville Fla
patteel (1 year ago)
I find this some what disgusting. I don't think I will be using Amazon any more.
Neil Furby (1 year ago)
Did not meet any robots ?
mrk107 (1 year ago)
This reminds me of that song 'In the year 2525'
Dino Hauska (1 year ago)
when we all lose our jobs becouse of robots,for what money we will be buying products from amazon ??? how stupid. does anybody think about that???
Matriarch Vixen (1 year ago)
You people complaining about robots taking the jobs ought to try doing the job without them first. You have no idea how hard this job can be even with the robots. I love my job at Amazon. I'm not a slave and have never felt like one.
Reviews To The Point (1 year ago)
Totally amazing!
Jim Blalock (1 year ago)
didn't see a single robot... whats up with that.?
JT (1 year ago)
It doesn't eliminate the walk!  It just translates the 'walk' from muscles to fossil fuel produced electric power; and to a smaller extent, ​renewable energy produced power.  That's what people do - off-load muscle work to machine work - and it's destroying the balance of the natural environment.
JT (1 year ago)
Oh?  Energy to produce plastic, refine metals, power the manufacture of, ship them, and run them for years = a lot less?
UnderRated Comments (1 year ago)
It cost 10 calories of fuel to produce 1 calorie of food, I don't know what the energy cost of those robots are but I'm willing to bet its alot less
Tomasina Covell (1 year ago)
No wonder shit's just getting so sloppy with packaging our orders into shipping boxes.
Great Value Bleach (1 year ago)
I think in 5 years or less there will be a robot that picks the item to be scanned. Just a matter of time.
김민철 (1 year ago)
4차 산업혁명,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
SM (1 year ago)
The interviewer's a Terminator! Thats how good robots have become and R2D2's family tree date back to Kiva.
Michael O'Donnell (1 year ago)
The essential problem in the modern age is that we already own too many things. All these things eventually become a burden, not assets. Amazon only exacerbates the dilemma. Taken to the logical extreme, we actually own nothing, but merely borrow items. Perhaps we should all think of borrowing less and living more.
laundmo (1 year ago)
but do they let an intuitive neural network decide where what is stored and who gets wich orders to complete it woul propably learn way more than this guy. lol ai ftw
Captpicard (2 years ago)
Best and most in demand job in the world now after watching this is Robot repair man.
Roxsapien (6 months ago)
actually, they probably have robots to repair the robots...LOL
Noname (2 years ago)
Amazon...! Where we'd rather employ robots than you!
MrVideoyoulike (2 years ago)
it eliminates the walk=Job killer.
temp_ man (2 years ago)
Did we even get any info on the robots or just an infomercial on same day delivery?
Silent Mercy (2 years ago)
People want to find reasons as to why the middle class is dying, this is why. A lot of the jobs in the middle class sector can be replaced with a machine. From a business perspective, it makes a world of sense. Machines don't complain about wanting more money, longer breaks, a day off, or 5 day work weeks. They work 24/7 non stop. This started a long time ago and will only get worse from here. Fast food chains are starting to roll out automation for their locations to save money from the people who think they deserve $15/hr. Keep fighting corporate america for more money though.
harry west (2 years ago)
nearing the end of the human robot :0
Jiggly Puff (2 years ago)
I shop online all the time and Amazon is the best, The item purchase arrives safely and on time and every items are tracked making the whole experience run smoothly. Now I can see why :) no human error ;)
skutch Blobaum (2 years ago)
Who will you sell all this worthless BS to when no one has a job anymore ?
weibernipple (2 years ago)
What these schmucks fail to mention is that when automation kills everyone's jobs, nobody will have the dough to buy their shitty products anymore. Sucks, don't it?
Guided Hand (2 years ago)
The faster Amazon can get their products to me the happier I am as a customer.
tony carlyon (2 years ago)
this is bad... screw the people says amazon.
Greg S. (2 years ago)
"...all our employees are owners in the company..." but not all the pickers are employees!
Hugo Montfort (2 years ago)
Mexican robots, they took our jobs.
Rising Phoenix (2 years ago)
Basically, efficiency is good, but this is dehumanizing society. Brave new world.
Snicker Doodle (2 years ago)
You keep interrupting the gentleman while he's trying to answer your previous question. Either let the interviewee answer or get another job!
BlueTurbo (2 years ago)
What happens when robot 7933 battery dies and its location is at the far end corner of the warehouse? or someone accidentally puts their car keys on one of those shelf's for a sec and the robot carries it off back into the warehouse?
GTmaniac (7 months ago)
BlueTurbo these things know when it needs to charge and goes to a docking station for 15 minutes
Rabindranath Ramsaroop (2 years ago)
are these robots using battery power? how do they get charged?
GTmaniac (7 months ago)
Rabindranath Ramsaroop the are programmed to go to a docking station when it needs to charge
Ruben Leal (2 years ago)
Too inefficient.
Bob Jimenez (2 years ago)
the only downfall to the customer as the distribution centers become more wide spread is ........State Sales Tax.....Yuck :(
blipco5 (2 years ago)
Fuck you AND your robots.
Ray Davis (2 years ago)
Now, if they could tighten up their product search engine. It used to be amusing to search for something relatively common and get pages of responses with items that weren't even close to what I was looking for, but it's become very irritating. The product descriptions could use some work also.
Eugene Tiffany (2 years ago)
Osowers (2 years ago)
You people that complain and blame the rich and the robots are the same whiners that complained when cars started being made by robots. The rich are the only ones buying on Amazon? Amazon benefits me and my family by providing products fast and by providing them to me at a much better cost. We use it all the time. Socialism has built what better? You guys all complain about capitalism as if its evil, why not go to where socialism is and tell me what is better? Your methods and ideas don't work. Socialism produces dire situations where people cannot even get enough food to eat and yet you complain about capitalism?! Those that work harder and invest should get more. All you know how to do is tear down and find fault but you provide no solutions. All you can do is blame the rich or someone else for your problems but why not do something about it YOURSELF. I find it ironic that people are coming from India, China and other places with pocket change and becoming millionaires in the USA while all some people do is whine about what others have instead of doing something about it themselves. You blame the rich and become jealous of them as if you are poor because they are rich but that is just stupid and eliminates your own responsibilities. Get your own life and stop following the media which tells you to buy the latest and greatest stuff and save your own money and invest to make money. Quit your whining and go do something instead of tearing down what everyone else does as if you are an authority on what is best for society while blaming capitalism.
Roxsapien (6 months ago)
Stop crying snowflake.....all companies and corporations are in business to provide what YOU are demanding, so shut the fuck up and stop acting like a spoiled, crybaby snowflake.....You sound stupid!
Roxsapien (6 months ago)
Most of the people that complain have no clue what they are talking about.....
Sivaram Karanam (1 year ago)
i completely agree...the world is always full of oppurtunities... if u r intelligent, go make use of them
Silent Mercy (2 years ago)
Well said. No one is stopping others from starting their own business and becoming the next millionaire.
bestamerica (2 years ago)
' what country made the kiva robot cart come from
Sarah K (2 years ago)
when amazon coming flint, mi? need job in flint, mi
Sarah K (2 years ago)
Michigan need it. it hurt. it get work.
SORAH WEISS (2 years ago)
Javier Guzman (2 years ago)
absolutely amazing! I'm all about reducing " friction" and this is just amazing👌💪
N Weld (2 years ago)
Wow! Awesome. They bring the shelves to the packers. God I love the people doing all this automation. They deserve our utmost Thanks and appreciation.
Milano Martin (11 months ago)
N Weld pickers* they still seem to go through the process of having a separate person pick the item to put them in a tote to then make its way to another person to separate and rebin the picked items, then to another person to pack, then sent down a conveyor to the packers.
Snake Boy (2 years ago)
Astoundingly, someone made the prediction that this would happen all the way back in 1848. His naem was Karl Marx.
heesil77 (2 years ago)
its a bunch of rumbas instead of a cat riding it shelves ride it
MrWithnailJRjunior (2 years ago)
hes a robot?
lamewarrior (2 years ago)
I just cancelled an order with Amazon. The delivery time was 2 months off so I bought from a small company in a town of 7000 pop. for $33.00 less and 3-5 days delivery. Watch out that Amazon and Wally World don't slime you when you aren't paying attention.
magda1016 (2 years ago)
you need to think this way... if people not working - they're not spending money, who'll shopping online in future if such jobs will be takeover by robots?
magda1016 (2 years ago)
someone will hack them eventually...
Barbara Allen (2 years ago)
And Amazon is hiring thousands of people in the next 18 months?
elireloaded (2 years ago)
I feel like this interview is the reason my order didn't arrive on time.
‍Vaidas ‍ (2 years ago)
Processing order in an hour or more without robots? :D :D We do it in 10 or less minutes :D
Al (2 years ago)
they came out with Amazon go but where the hell are the drones that take thirty minutes now!
Timothy Wilkes (2 years ago)
Rome wasn't built in a day. It'll happen, just takes time.
Rusty Nugget (2 years ago)
with the population going up and jobs going to robots there is going to be a very bad future for most
Roxsapien (6 months ago)
Well, then people need to stop popping out kids then........
Christopher Morreall (7 months ago)
Fries are now being dropped from a machine in to fryers to cook. So robots are also going into fastfood.
Phubar Now (1 year ago)
Then learn how to program the fucking robots for Christ's sake, or go sling some fries...
Mitch King (1 year ago)
What do you want then? Consumers are finding new ways to save a buck and demand lower pricing. Workers scream for better pay and cond no matter what, and the costs of living keeps going up, how the hell is it the businesses fault?! Amazon IS a business, not a fucking humanitarian project.
skibxskatic (1 year ago)
i know everyone's joking about robots taking our jobs. it's partially true. robots are being implemented by senior management. senior management only cares about results and margins. one worker costs them, generously, $35,00 0 - $40,000 + an extra $10,000 for training and benefits (i don't know what salaries fulfillment workers make). 10 robots may cost them the same thing in support costs. robots don't get tired. robots don't need vacations. if you are an unskilled worker, you WILL NOT make it out of lower class in America, not anymore. everyone's mad about robots taking jobs but your anger should be directed at corporations with less ethical employee ideologies. you should be mad at your politicians for taking away public education funding. you should be mad for not going out to vote and staying informed about your election cycles. the biggest enemy in america right now aren't muslims, mexicans, robots or the other. the biggest enemy in america right now, is the lack of priorities in our public education system, the lack of re-training programs for expiring industries, the lack of options afforded to the lower class to move up. and a lot of politicians who are paid by corporate interests, they can be the oil industry, they can be the tech industry, they can be the finance industry. the problem is that they are paid by people with a lot more money and forgetting about the people who aren't giving them as much. as americans, we really need to be focusing on voting in politicians who are focused on these things. public education funding, adult re-training, putting an end to citizens united (which allows specific corporations to fund politicians, obviously of their own choosing).
Jann1502 (3 years ago)
There is my New Phone 😂
Sup (2 years ago)
PyroFans b Bb k. LPiin Y v b. B
mike wilson (2 years ago)
I see it, it's the third shelf left bin.
Akime 1020 (2 years ago)
marian navarrete (3 years ago)
why do companies got to make bullshit videos i hope the lady in the back was labor tracked since the guy was totoally in her way while she was trying to stow it would be unfair if she was on rate since the guy was doing his interview right at her station.
mario figueroa (3 years ago)
my days are numbered as a forklift operator!!
skutch Blobaum (2 years ago)
....so you can be replaced by a robot and be in debt !
Ray Davis (2 years ago)
Get into school and learn to repair the robots or code.
Marcos Fernandez (2 years ago)
Are they already using this robot in your center ?
DANKYfresh (3 years ago)
The employee might not have to think at all! what a treat.
Terrence Bess (3 years ago)
N54Gasm (3 years ago)
King Reef (3 years ago)
answered for mouth bitching employee. hahaha fuck all ya'll poor
computerlearing channel (2 years ago)
King Reef see what happens when people complain about there job this happens lol
bgregg55 (3 years ago)
we don't need no stinkin' jobs here in 'merica. use robot workers & outsource everything. a real recipe for success.
Roxsapien (6 months ago)
And don't forget always want more money, more benefits and work less......
Roxsapien (6 months ago)
That's because Americans are spoiled, whiny and lazy, and always want more money and work less hours......
doomtomb3 (3 years ago)
Well considering robots dont bitch complain moan and call in sick like real people do then yea. Makes sense
PrincessTS01 (3 years ago)
every robot built is ten more employee fired and replaced #theytookourjobs
Phubar Now (1 year ago)
@princess,,,, Then learn how to program the fucking robots for Christ's sake, or go sling some fries.
keonna washington (3 years ago)
+Brandon Sheaffer DJ 1 jjmop8 nazkkzaghjbn9 cm cm vol Bk bxhdjxdj
Jonybalony1 (3 years ago)
They didn't fire any of the employees when these robots came in.
Brandon Sheaffer (3 years ago)
So if more graduate high school more will be more likely to go to college needing more colleges and the need for prisons will go down (again since this is 2016 I know not all high school drop outs get in trouble, and I also know college grads can easly get in just as much trouble I'm just saying highschool dropouts are more likely (again not all of them) to get in trouble then a college graduate Actually for once logic would work but no one has common sense anymore (it's exaggerating chill, some people still do) and everyone has to be like the people they see and be a statistic that 30% that graduate are probably the ones that actually want an education and don't want to be a high school drop out because it's cool (again I need to point out their are probably some in the 70% that want that but struggled and ended up just giving up I know that.) people don't drop out because their are more prisons then colleges, more prisons are built because more people are dropping out then college
Ivan Thomson (3 years ago)
All I see in this video is all the unemployed humans.
Lenz (3 years ago)
Their next robot will be designed to answer any questions from reporters, and this guy will end up jobless and on the street, see how he likes that efficiency!
Admiral Ackbar (1 year ago)
blipco5 (2 years ago)
Len Harms....Look at his shirt for cry-eye, what do you expect?
Leonardo Rossi (2 years ago)
ThundeAppeal My I introduce you to machine learning? Turns out algorithms are getting smarter too. And computers are already poised to take away whit collar jobs aswell. All those people that believed in capitalism are gonna get crushed by it. It's gonna be marvelous.
Matze Mumpitz (2 years ago)
This guy in fact is a robot ;)
Danhatman (2 years ago)
Fuck yeah science
s l (3 years ago)
most of the stock on amazon are cheap b grade products. Poor packaging, poor handling by amazon and slow delivery makes me buy things somewhere else.
Micah 777 (1 year ago)
SnKxTech ZEKE Sent out on time is one thing.... Speed is not everything. As a customer, I have to return at least one or more items to Amazon for a replacement every single order! From cracked CD jewel cases, to books that arrive with bent or torn pages.... Very few items actually arrive in brand new condition. It would take a few extra moments for a picker to see a CD jewel case is cracked.... Instead everytime I send back.... Seems very unprofessional on Amazon's part.
Ezekiel Rodriguez (3 years ago)
that's only from your local amazon fulfillment center, here in dfw7 we hit quota and percentage everything gets sent out in time.
Satsuki Large (3 years ago)
Amazon has been lying to me. My package didn't arrive and it was express shipping 😡😡😡
ilyosjon nishanov (3 years ago)
for all the fuzz amazon does not have technology of the 21st century. its processes are too complex and unsustainable. it'd better watch out for real competitor with the tech of the 21st century.
ilyosjon nishanov (2 years ago)
what seems good turns out bad, what never expected will become obvious. what I said is not an “expert” critique. rather, just a food for thought. for one thing, everything being taken from seller, to the hub, then to the customer is a cumbersome process. no doubt, that amazon is taking over and there is a lot of hype around it. hands down its tech is way way ahead of wal mart and co. but what amazon is pretending to be, the provider of the future, is way way beyond its capability.
Ezekiel Rodriguez (3 years ago)
+ilyosjon nishanov but it works smoothly, it makes it easy on the workers and simple to learn.
ilyosjon nishanov (3 years ago)
it is too complex.
ultort (3 years ago)
+ilyosjon nishanov What do you mean? Amazon seems in advance compared to competitors with really structured, organized process
YES10 (3 years ago)
I don't get it, how is this more efficient, than say customers using their own energy to go and pick their own item. Fucking retarded . I agree WMT needs to convert stocking into robotic function That will save a lot of money. Fire all those lazy stockers.. Say instead of having dead shelves, make em move to the warehouse or beep when they go empty. Automation is key. But as far as picking and shipping, that's stupid. It's always more efficient to make the customer walk and pick his own product.
Eugene Tiffany (2 years ago)
Y10Q . Sure, just let me bill you for my taxi transportation and flight ticket, okay? Round trip, of course.
Baltimore B (3 years ago)
this is amazingly awesome. true ingenuity.
Agent Smith (3 years ago)
no these bots are to elimnate paying a employee hourly wages plus benifits.. no real benifit to the customer
Don Mon (4 years ago)
I hate stowing..Would rather pick or work the dock in a in-direct task.
Caleb Oropeza (2 years ago)
@andygo I was there for 9 and a half hours, it's BORING. You've been warned lol. I don't work there anymore, just moved to Florida
andygo (2 years ago)
yo, do you still work at amazon? I've got the orientation/training scheduled for next week at the DFW7 in Haslet. Anything newbies need to know about orientation day? I heard it's like 7-8hrs of watching videos and taking tests. sheesh
Caleb Oropeza (3 years ago)
NB1 what about you bro?
Ezekiel Rodriguez (3 years ago)
@Caleb Oropeza aye what shift?
Caleb Oropeza (3 years ago)
+SnKxTech ZEKE hear* and I work at the same one as you lol DFW7
Leighton Julye (4 years ago)
Most manual labor jobs will go first
THX 1138 (4 years ago)
The weakness to this system is that people have to unpack the products and stow them in the bins and are rushed to do so. Amazon's inventory has a lot of errors as a result. A way to automate the whole inbound/stow/pick cycle is needed to solve Amazon's massive inventory problems.
marie55 (3 years ago)
+Kanade Tachibana I can vouch for that, I am a stower/scanner..
Joel Elmore (4 years ago)
Very impressive! Moving to a system like this had to be such a learning curve. Glad to see Amazon so nimble to change for innovation.
ronv11 (4 years ago)
sounds like everyone is happy happy,  and that guy talking seems like a real people person.
Joseph Stokes (4 years ago)
Very weak video.   Would expect much, much better from anything dealing with Amazon.  This is actually rather terrible.
MindSET (4 years ago)
The next step is just automating the whole thing. From production to the Item arriving at your door. A small team of engineers/mechanics will be the only thing needed to keep the process running. 
c4p0ne (4 years ago)
Sweet! More money for the billionaires and NO real significant changes in savings for the end consumer! Hooray for diabolical Capitalism! Striking yet another victory against the working-class! Actually, while all this automation is terrible in the short-term due to loss of jobs, it may actually be a very, very good thing in the long term. Hopefully it will cause the sunk enterprise of capitalism to collapse in on itself, since people who don't have jobs, usually don't have money. And people who don't have money, can't buy the 95% of *_shitty_* products peddled by these private tyrannies. So, possibly good news.
Kyrie Eleison (4 years ago)
they can save money and be more efficient by incorporating a mini transit system for the pickers in the warehouse instead of buying and maintaining 15000 robots.
Mana-Ramp-Matoran (4 years ago)
Oh this is funny. Pickers and Stowers HATE this job. We all try to get out of it and go to other positions if we can. But compared to before, yes its a lot better.  Its not a terribly hard job, Its just incredibly boring to stare at those stow pods AAAAAAAAALL...NIGHT! Its also hot up there on the upper floors. It makes me glad I work on the floor in Receive. I should clarify, for like the first two weeks, Walking into that Facility(I work at it) is like walking into the result of a lovechild between a warehouse and Disneyland, It looks like you could ride some of the things moving around there and you have to fight the urge to. LOL After that, it's scenery, paint on the walls basically. You get used to it then the job gets tedious, repetitious and boring. Still cool to watch the Kivas go, or when they spaz out and spin in place. that's always funny to watch. Amazon's not bad though. The Central Valley definitely needs more places offering better jobs to unskilled laborers. You don't need anything special to work here. Hell Its my first job that wasn't a temp job. They treat us pretty well to. Yes they use robots, but the robots aren't really replacing us, they're assisting us. There's a big difference there.
Jonathan Romero (9 months ago)
I work in Amazon eastvale ...north Americas biggest Amazon fullfillmemt center. And stowing isn't hard the only reason ppl want to transfer asap is bc in my case I'm scared I won't make rate one day
Carlnetta Flagg (1 year ago)
Mana-Ramp-Matoran, I helped open the Amazon in New Jersey, with the Kiva.
Dr. Barky Von Schnauzer (4 years ago)
Unfortunately I lost my job to a robot so I'm basically broke and can't afford to buy shit from you Amazon! ; but wouldn't that put the robot out of a job as well? A conundrum.
Mindblitz64 (1 year ago)
No one cares if you lost your job to a robot. Hell, I like that! It reduces costs! Get a new job!
SORAH WEISS (2 years ago)
Jamez (3 years ago)
+Salim B If you think getting an education or a vocation is gonna save you from this then you truly have your head up your ass. There's already robotic meteorologists, pharmacies, accounting software, 3D printed houses, and on and on. Positions like paralegals, lawyers, office workers are all on the chopping block with more being added all the time. So enjoy being saddled with college debt on your road to redundancy.
Dr. Barky Von Schnauzer (3 years ago)
Have you been hiding in a cave? Ever since September the Asian markets have dropped more than 50% and our markets have lost 20% and will lose much more.@blackhawks81H
blackhawks81H (3 years ago)
+Dr. Barky Von Schnauzer why? What incredibly mind blowing world shaking event happened in September that I seem to have missed? Was it widely reported? I may not have been paying attention. On a scale of 1-10 how much gnashing of teeth was there?
Matt Arnold (4 years ago)
Everything after @4:08 was just corporate barf that came out of the Amazon guys mouth.
Adam Wood (4 years ago)
He just had to mention church
hippoownyou (4 years ago)
This why Amazon will never turn into a profit in the short-run
Randall S (4 years ago)
@3Dtimespace How does the consumer benefit when 1 million people are unnecessarily performing the jobs which 1 thousand people could be doing? The cost of goods must necessarily be higher to support those extra 999,000 jobs. Since Amazon can dominate merely by offering lower prices (which they do), what does the consumer do with the extra cash he has in his pocket? He spends it on more stuff, which creates more work. And more tax revenue. So you see, the issue is not quite so simple as you'd like to believe.
hippoownyou (4 years ago)
3Dtimespace (4 years ago)
thats not what they are aiming for either. they are taking over massive parts of the total market consolidating and pushing out nearly all competition shutting down millions of jobs in the procces. the people behind amazon, google, facebook, microsoft etc etc are pretty much the same people who already have trillions and control nationstates and money printing presses.
Patrick Lundström (4 years ago)
Amazing, it pushes down prices, pushing up profits and pushing people out of a job.
I BraveHeart (1 year ago)
I agree I don't understand why people get upset when crap gets automated. Why is eliminating the need for labor a bad thing? I understand the financial side of it with regards to losing your source of income but once hafe this crap is automated people could move on to other more meaningful things to do with their lives. And anyone on the side we could just have an improved social security for the people out of work. Things would just improve greatly overall for everyone.
Admiral Ackbar (1 year ago)
People aren't meant for physical labor. Future is already defined as people managing computers to do work for them. Our biggest asset is brain and creativity, which we should use to full potential.
I BraveHeart (1 year ago)
E S (1 year ago)
They're figuring out ways to replace the 95% of the population that would be killed off during the implementation of Agenda 21/30.
skutch Blobaum (2 years ago)
Technology should benefit everyone not just shareholders and CEO's.
leepakim (4 years ago)
...thats why I love Amazon! 
Cackling Muse (4 years ago)
thats fucking dope ass fucking fuck
Kevin from TreeHouse Realty, LLC. (4 years ago)
Where r the robots?
MegaMoose1989 (3 years ago)
+kevin a the little orange guys under the shelves picking the shelves up and moving them around. Look closely, you will see them.
Nikos V (4 years ago)
one of them is conducting the interview while the other is answering questions