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Top 10 Celebrity Commercials from Before They Were Stars

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At one point in time, they were just struggling actors looking for their big breaks. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 celebrity commercials from before they were stars. Special thanks to our users WatchDogsFan47, Janelle Saucedo and Kim Holgado for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Celebrity%20Commercials%20from%20Before%20They%20Were%20Stars If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Check us out at Twitter.com/WatchMojo and Facebook.com/WatchMojo We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info.
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Text Comments (4837)
Jonathan Legassie (18 hours ago)
@0:53 That's Paul Rudd!? WHAT!?
BIZARRO WXRLD (1 day ago)
That was me with the hi top fade, Pause at 0:55
Nathan (1 day ago)
They called Paul Rudd a versatile actor 😂😂😂😂
Robert Murphy (1 day ago)
Ohhh Cosby @ tha end there LMfAO ...
Cooter Glasscock (1 day ago)
Bill Cosby took the line "Have your fun and eat it too" just a little too far
Ryan Chillingworth (1 day ago)
It’s hilarious that I’m watching this in 2018 😂😂😂😂
Ashley Cnossen (2 days ago)
From skipping down the lane to Die Hard
Tyson Moore (2 days ago)
Micheal j fox for tilex
Mordicai (2 days ago)
Why did Bryan Cranston look like Christopher Reeve?
cdizzle99z (2 days ago)
Knowing what we know now, the jello one with bill Cosby seems just wrong
agentssith (3 days ago)
Pretty sure Willis did those Seagram's during his Moonlighting years. Don't think it counts.
Andrew Kieswetter (4 days ago)
Actually, Morgan Freeman was well known as Easy Reader in the Electric Company before he made that tv commercial.
- (4 days ago)
Man, watching Brian Cranston advertising Prepartion H while currently suffering from piles is a humbling experience.
Joe Murray (5 days ago)
Worst commentary ever! Just show the commercials and we will figure it out. It’s not funny.
Bill Schipper (5 days ago)
Michael j Fox did a MacDonald ad before TV.
Mallory Knox (5 days ago)
What's the "D" stand for in the D.L.T.?
Ashley Von (6 days ago)
I want Matt Leblanc to put that ketchup on my titties
greger johnson (6 days ago)
Anyone else think Bruce Willis in that commercial looks like slim Homer Simpson
Mike Mansfield (6 days ago)
Vinny Chase-Mentos
Got some Quaaludes inside of that purple Jell-O LOL
bad goy13 (8 days ago)
Jews control Hollywood
Mike Kruk (8 days ago)
The Matt LeBlanc Heinz commercial always bugged me, since the first time I saw it, because although it was a neat trick to get his hot dog covered in ketchup like that...once he's gotten it on the hot dog, that whole bottle of ketchup will continue to pour out all over the sidewalk, hot dog cart, and anyone walking under it. And it's obvious that is a busy sidewalk. Enjoy your hot dog jerk, i have to get to the cleaners!
zomgseriosuly (8 days ago)
Paul Rudd is so fucking hot
t1mb0t (9 days ago)
What about Jim Varney? I know he wasn't a HUGE star, but he was in almost 3,000 commercials before he created the Ernest character.
Nicole T (12 days ago)
Brad Pitt and Pringles..Look at him now though right. He has always been gorgeous
bredbrain (12 days ago)
Ben Affleck Uber Eats-ed the fuck out of that BK order.
LT Rainbow (12 days ago)
"I know a perfect way to show McDonald's how I feel. I go to Burger King!" SAVAGE!!!!!
Speed Racer (12 days ago)
Morgan Freeman on a telephone pole with listerine?? Who ever thought of that comercial was defnly high as hell !
skippymagrue (13 days ago)
I remember a bunch of these.
keithjohnson839 (13 days ago)
I kinda want a seagram's wine cooler now..
Jam ZettyTV (14 days ago)
michael cera?
TONY SOPRANO (14 days ago)
General Grievous Jr. (14 days ago)
the pretentiousness is thick
Continued Wisdom (14 days ago)
This is so cringe I could actually kill myself. I do not want to live in this shit society is nothing sacred?
Phantom of the Menace (14 days ago)
why tf is there a picture of a chicken on the cornflakes box anyway? it's not chicken flakes?
Phantom of the Menace (8 days ago)
but what about the other cereals?, there must be another farm out there with snap, crackle and pop waking everyone up
Mike Kruk (8 days ago)
It's a rooster. Because you eat cereal for breakfast, in the morning, when the rooster crows as the sun comes up on a farm.
Big E (15 days ago)
8:00 " Dad, Something came up and I NEED to take care of it, I'm going to be late "
Albert Douglas (15 days ago)
Im from Chicago and browns chicken sucked my dad took us there in the 80's one time and we all got sicker than a dog
Renee Russell (15 days ago)
The McDLT was my favorite 🍔
Doug Tunnels (15 days ago)
Where's tosh doing the taco bell commercials
Capybara Crip (15 days ago)
Keanu Reeves was a big star before Matrix.
zny (15 days ago)
Keanu was famous before the Matrix for playing some dumbass teen in a stupid movie I never saw.
Daehawk (15 days ago)
I thought Brian Cranston was Christopher Reeve.
sportsygirl8 (16 days ago)
The Drew Barrymore commercial must have been a year before she was in ET.
Songs Mirth (16 days ago)
I live in Montana and years ago I went to deliver a lunch to a friend of ours who was cutting hay on they ranch. His wife asked me to do it. And the mosquitoes were horrible! I said to him, "C, how can you stand it?" He was really pouring sweat. And he brought up a gallon of that amber Listerine. "I use this!" "Mouthwash??" "Have you ever read the label?" "No." I did use it but I never had. Sure enough. It said to also use it for keeping mosquitoes off you." No kidding. Something like. And I'm in my sixties now and I always bring it everywhere in the summer. You will be shocked how effective it is. By the way, this kind has alcohol in it. I learned from some people that when they got desperate and didn't have very much money, they'd drink this to get drunk. So, be careful. Maybe that's what keeps the bugs off. I don't know. I switched to their non-alcoholic brand which is better tasting.
Grant Kastel (16 days ago)
that ketchup commercial was so dumb
Uthman Baksh (16 days ago)
Now I’m craving some Browns fried chicken!
steve lawrence (16 days ago)
LeBlanc looked quite natural with that wiener in his mouth
Mike Patton (16 days ago)
I always stare creepily at chicks when taking a bite of a hot dog. Who doesn't?
Wrathborn 666 (16 days ago)
"Grape, it rhymes with fun." (Bill Cosby)
Nathan Gibson (16 days ago)
3:57 #5 Did they fail to mention it's a sidekick to Grease Hold up 7:23 is that Matt Damon
Sylvester Hurt (17 days ago)
"I want the best in my bowl" sounds like a weed commercial lol good job cornflakes
Vincent Antonio Moorman (17 days ago)
Kill. How could we forget these?
Jim Foxx (17 days ago)
Not many people know it but the DLT later went on to become the big and tasty
Ugo Ibe (17 days ago)
Damn I miss the 80s and 90s
DR. Sensei (17 days ago)
funny to see Matt leblanc here since thats the kind of stuff he did in Friends
Qazzie 237 (18 days ago)
Just show funking commercials! Now I’m actually gonna waste my time looking up each individual commercial bc I wanna see them in full. 😤
Heven Rest (18 days ago)
George Costanza was not only in a McDonald's ad but also in a KFC ad before the video started....weird 😑
Craig Wright (18 days ago)
Put John Goodman's Mennen Skin Bracer spot in Volume 2!
never back down (18 days ago)
Make commercials great again!
J V (18 days ago)
Tim whatley
J V (18 days ago)
Strict Curl Boogie (18 days ago)
Prior to Blame it on Rio she was chasing diet coke...
Strict Curl Boogie (18 days ago)
FUCK YES!!! McDLT!!!! So good!
Strict Curl Boogie (18 days ago)
Omg I always remembered that commercial! Of course then it was just a bad ass ketchup commercial then...
Strict Curl Boogie (18 days ago)
Sorry had to hate this tard ass video, Paul Rudd is known for Clueless, or Halloween Curse of Michael Myers, and the commercial isn't cheesy, it's bad ass AF
Bienveillance Blaze (18 days ago)
Why couldn’t you just have shown us the commercials without that stupid watch mojo narration voice
Ally Marie (19 days ago)
Don't eat the jello!!😂
x per·i·ment (19 days ago)
Walter White sold his 1/3rd share of preparation H for just $5,000...
SRT- Mustang Killer (19 days ago)
Adding Bill Cosby at the end was the icing on the cake for me 😂 “You can have your fun and eat it too”
Shawn White (19 days ago)
Exposing Matt LeBlanc's ketchup heresy. The frankfurter will be avenged. The heretic will be purged.
jen hanlon (19 days ago)
10. Paul Rudd - Nintendo 9. Keanu Reeves - Cornflakes 8. Matt LeBlanc - Heinz Ketchup 7. Bruce Willis - Seagrams 6. Bryan Cranston - Preparation H Haemorrhoid Cream 5. Jason Alexander - McDonalds 4. Demi Moore - Diet Coke 3. Brad Pitt - Pringles 2. Steve Carell - Brown's Chicken Drew Barrymore - Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buger King Leonardo DiCaprio - Bubble Yum Bubble Gum Lindsay Lohan - Jell-O-Grape (Featuring Bill Cosby rapping) Morgan Freeman - Listerine 1. Ben Affleck - Burger King
jerry thesockmonkey JTSM (19 days ago)
That wasnt morgan freeman thats eddie murphy
altolove98 (20 days ago)
I'm convinced Paul Rudd is a vampire
mcfortner911 (20 days ago)
Bruce Willis was already starring in Moonlighting when he did the Seagram's commercial.
Koehli _ (20 days ago)
2:36 the ketchup is just pooling on the ground behind him, some getting on their backs as he looks into her eyes biting the hotdog.
My Name (20 days ago)
I think Cosby raped Lindsey Lohan
Xperiment X (21 days ago)
😱Man I remember some of these commercials when I was a kid. Those were the days. They sure don't make commercials like these anymore☺
West Kagle (21 days ago)
. If we're talking Matt LeBlanc in 80s commercials, I'd rather they had picked the Cherry 7up one.
Davey Givens (21 days ago)
Looks like Eli Manning in the Burger King commercial.
wthee ray (21 days ago)
stfu and let me watch the entire ad ffs
V (22 days ago)
Didn't know getting a nice, paying gig and something for the ol' reel was embarrassing. Who needs experience.
Mario Vergel (22 days ago)
Great video
Ashley Millican (22 days ago)
I'm a fan of Jared Leto's rollerblading 90's Coca-Cola commercial 😂 It's actually pretty cute.
angelthman (22 days ago)
They should do a top ten of actors in commercials that didn't become stars.
matosubemúsica (23 days ago)
My name is Morgan freeman and i had talked like this since i was born
William Gottlieb (23 days ago)
No, no, Bryan Cranston does not look anything like Christopher Reeve. At the most, he looks like some guy who made a half-assed attempt at a Clark Kent costume for a Halloween party, which is throwing you off.
Jason Gallman (23 days ago)
Is that Micheal Scott?
magnumtrooper17 (23 days ago)
3:13 holy shit that's Albert Collins
EzErNzK (23 days ago)
8:11 Imagine waking up from some quaaludes and having Cosby looking at you like that..
Special Ed (24 days ago)
*Who carries a bottle of Listerine up a telephone pole?*
BIZARRO WXRLD (1 day ago)
A jive turkey does that! 😂
Pete Sampras (1 day ago)
Special Ed Alcoholic at&t worker
Garbage the feral barn cat (1 day ago)
+Special Ed Especially if your job has nothing to do with telephone poles.
Special Ed (1 day ago)
+OgGarcioVega I could see that. If your co-worker follows you up a telephone pole and offers you mouth wash, you might have a problem.
OgGarcioVega (2 days ago)
The co-worker's breath must have been shity, literaly. 😂😂😂
MsKiTTy1138 (24 days ago)
I have to mention that Morgan Freeman was already well known before this commercial as a personality educator on "The Electric Company" a children's educational TV Show, along with Pat Morita who was in "The Karate Kid" Films & was also in the last few Season(s) of "Happy Days". And lastly Rita Moreno anyone who has watched "The Electric Company" as a child will remember the bellowing " HEY YOU GUY'S." Well that's none other then Rita Moreno herself. I think there where also other celebrities on that show that may have got there start or where already somewhat known but by far "The Electric Company" is the record holder for starting the careers of the big names of Hollywood we all know today. More the "Sesame Street".
MegaPodTastic (25 days ago)
I cry foul on Bruce Willis...he was already starring on Moonlighting when he did those commercials.
EmAndCece In Korea (25 days ago)
Sarah Michelle gellar 😆
whutzat (25 days ago)
Demi Moore was already famous at the time.
Levi Thomas (26 days ago)
YeAh I'm cRaBy
MisterBill_ (26 days ago)
Even watching Leonardo DiCaprio as a kid makes me want to buy whatever he's selling.
Reefdevil (26 days ago)
@ 2:24 "You want more shit on there, or what?"
Kimmy Jimmel (26 days ago)
I don't know number 10 and 5 but the rest is pretty interesting
2014 2ss (26 days ago)
Now only celebrities do commercials.
Trish Brunk (27 days ago)
Should have showed John Goodman in the Skin Bracer commercial. He's hard to recognize.