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Top 10 Celebrity Commercials from Before They Were Stars

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At one point in time, they were just struggling actors looking for their big breaks. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 celebrity commercials from before they were stars. Special thanks to our users WatchDogsFan47, Janelle Saucedo and Kim Holgado for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Celebrity%20Commercials%20from%20Before%20They%20Were%20Stars If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Check us out at Twitter.com/WatchMojo and Facebook.com/WatchMojo We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info.
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Text Comments (5009)
ThatWhiteGuy (9 hours ago)
I know Pull Rudd best as known as Bobby Newport from Parks and Recreations.
palmsquad (2 days ago)
And Daniel Stern with the narration on the Ben Affleck commercial.
Gm Visuals (3 days ago)
Ben Affleck came through with the Doordash before the app even came out 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Lee Cox (3 days ago)
The Seagrams ad was released after Willis was already established due to his hit series Moonlighting.
Joseph Catto (4 days ago)
Grant Gustin was in a NASA commercial
tony king (4 days ago)
I love the Sarah Michelle Gellar one screw McDonald's
Douglas DaSilva (5 days ago)
Paul Rudd is a vampire
Joel Hicks (5 days ago)
is that Joey Lauren Adam's voice in Ben's commercial?
Marcus Kihn (5 days ago)
Yeah, they’re all stupid. They should have made top 10 YouTube videos instead.
1FokkerAce (5 days ago)
MAN_ON_WHEELZ (5 days ago)
Browns Chicken is only in Chicago? I didn't know that... and I also don't know a single Chicagoan that like Browns Chicken
Ryan S (5 days ago)
Winking while shoving a hotdog in your mouth won’t ever make a girl impressed
Brian420687 (5 days ago)
Wine coolers have more alcohol than a beer
jamoes98T/A (5 days ago)
Bill Cosby was also on The Electric Company and was doing stand up comedy as well as movies and the Fat Albert Show before the Jello commercial
jamoes98T/A (5 days ago)
Morgan Freeman was already a celeb from doing The Electric Company and was waaaay younger than he was in the Listerine commercial.
john trahan (6 days ago)
why they keep labeling things in the 90s as being cheesy as if now days is even better its annoying asf
dylan stone (7 days ago)
The last video is a prototype of DoorDash
That Guy (7 days ago)
Cheesy Nintendo commercial? Bitch, are you stupid?
Talon Diwisch (7 days ago)
These commercials are 1000 times better than nowadays.
Marc G (7 days ago)
I remember them all except the Brown's Fried Chicken commercial. I particularly remember the diet coke commercial with Demi Moore climbing out on the window ledge it's just as stupid today as it was then
Moo Moo Puppy (7 days ago)
Prep H: Fulminated Suppositories
Moo Moo Puppy (7 days ago)
I think they use Elmers glue to stand in for milk in cereal ads
Joe Almaraz (8 days ago)
Annette D. (8 days ago)
It's looks like Christopher Reeve in that commercial. To they're all dumb commercials and all those are dumb sellouts for doing those commercials.boo!
Vance Refrigeration (8 days ago)
I just came to see young Michael Scott
Scott Cameron (8 days ago)
Why am I even watching this 😂
Sharpy (9 days ago)
Yeah, we know who these actors are. You don't need to pad out the length of the video by giving us their screen resume. Just play the damn ads.
Colin MacVicar (9 days ago)
Should’ve had Drew Barrymore’s Coppertone commercials
Cameron Calhoun (9 days ago)
Ben Affleck's Burger King commercial is the plot for Chasing Amy without all the filler
Riveriux Phenom (9 days ago)
CmPunk made the best diet Coke commercial as far as I'm concerned.
Brandon Escalon (9 days ago)
Keanu Reeves was in a commercial before that for a soft drink
Niko Fay (9 days ago)
If you ain’t from Illinois you got no clue how good Browns chicken is haha
Mikey Lauvao Grimshaw (10 days ago)
Centaurii 325 (10 days ago)
My man Micheal selling fried chicken
รєภtเєภt (10 days ago)
I hate the commentary
JTheTeach (10 days ago)
before the matrix trilogy Reeves starred in huge movies! Point Break, Speed, Bill and Ted 1 and 2...fuck sakes.
Thud Thud (11 days ago)
Bruce Willis was already famous for his role on the TV series "Moonlighting".
Uncle Mayhem (11 days ago)
Cosby is sucking on a JELL-O Chocolate Pudding POP-Fudge Sickle right now.
Mike S (11 days ago)
6:00 for the thumbnail
Blake Las (12 days ago)
The synchronicity is real today and ironically had BROWNS for dinner 45min ago.
Steve Hunt (12 days ago)
Affleck is/was a TERRIBLE ACTOR!!!
Carlos Reyes (13 days ago)
So Ben Affleck inventes Uber Eats and Grub Hub?
Dr Grimfist (13 days ago)
Ben Affleck has been one step ahead of uber eats for decades
Sax Blues (13 days ago)
Sell me that Bubble Gum!
Soy Based Jeremy (13 days ago)
Paul Rudd looks like he never ages.
Faith The Unknown Being (13 days ago)
Bruce Willis was in a Japanese commercial
devinkees (14 days ago)
Omg SHUT UP with your honourable mentions !
ricco march (14 days ago)
Ahh Bruce Willis was a star in moonlighting and was very popular and how he got die hard
Kurt Simmons (14 days ago)
What about John Travolta - Stuck on Band-Aid?
Jimblue (15 days ago)
Why would they be embarrassed by these? Everyone starts somewhere
Get B.I.G little homie (15 days ago)
80s was the shit
Billy Sargent (15 days ago)
The first one with Paul Rudd for the super Nintendo is narrated by Tony Jay. & To get the point of the Heinz advert you have to remember the “anticipation” adverts from the 70s. Their big selling point was how thick it was and how slow it poured. That’s why Matt Leblanc had time to run downstairs and order the hotdog. I’m pretty sure Bruce did the singing in the Seagrams advert... I have both his albums: the return of Bruno & if I don’t kill you it just makes you stronger. Gotat love the Brown’s chicken in the recycle the Pizza Hut building at 8:32!
Daniel Gow (15 days ago)
I down vote every watch mojo video. Boring narrator, terrible writing and awful music. you guys suck.
lemmingscanfly5 (16 days ago)
Jell-o purple RAPE 👀
Rick Malone (16 days ago)
Keanu Reeves was big before The Matrix...
W Clark (16 days ago)
Bruce Willis was already starring in Moonlighting when he got those commercials, so not a nobody.
David Driedger (16 days ago)
What, no Arnold Schwarzenegger for Wendy's?
Bruce Armacost (16 days ago)
Is Daniel Stern doing the voiceover in that Affleck Burger King commercial ?
Kuku Patel (17 days ago)
Fuck u for calling Nintendo’s ad cheesy
Charles Dubé (17 days ago)
Before he was in the matrix Keanu fucking Reeves was already a STUD ...
Ralph Griswold (18 days ago)
Mcdlt only worked because of jason
d e a t h d r e a m (19 days ago)
I bet you anything sarah michelle gellar hates that commercial
J. Schoenborn (19 days ago)
Definitely has to be Adam Savage, long before Mythbusters fame and in the Charmin toilet paper commercials as a stockboy
Texas Traveler (20 days ago)
Matt LeBlanc did a Cherry 7-Up commercial WAY before the Heinz commercial. He was about 20 or so, but he looked a LOT younger. In fact, he was actually playing a teenager.
Roscoe Patterson (20 days ago)
Everyone knows Matt let loves weiners in his mouth
aamburgey69 (20 days ago)
why didnt you include the toys r us commercial of steven urkel when he was known as jaleel white
aamburgey69 (20 days ago)
is his name steve urkel or steven urkel
bishal baruah (21 days ago)
Keanu my boy!
networkguy (22 days ago)
Why come they not have no black folks....they racist
tvegeler (23 days ago)
They completely missed the fact that the BK commercial was narrated by Daniel Stern...
notafeminist lady (23 days ago)
I remember the ketchup and diet coke and corn flakes commercials
notafeminist lady (23 days ago)
I remember the diet coke and corn flakes commercials
Eamon Ahern (24 days ago)
Bryan Cranston as Clarke Kent
Glenn McCormick (24 days ago)
Demi Moore was in Blame it on Rio before this. If acting along side Michael Caine isn't making it, I don't know what is.
dinein1970 (25 days ago)
Demi Moore had already made St Elmo's Fire and was an established "soap star" before the Diet Coke spot. Some of this list sucks
dinein1970 (25 days ago)
With the Segrams Wine Cooler spot... Bruce Willis was on Moonlighting and... He was singing the spot. That was HIS "band" doing the music. He was already a "star" and this was equivalent to Joe Montana doing a Miller Lite commercial.
Bradley Monroe (25 days ago)
Ben Affleck was acting in his childhood including the days of Voyage of the Mimi.
Melissa Kidd (25 days ago)
Who puts ketchup on a hotdog!!!
Fragrantguy12 (26 days ago)
Demi Moore was already a working actress before the Diet Coke commercial. She was starring in teen films in the early 80’s.
Native Flutterby Nails (27 days ago)
Patrick swayze for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
Some Guy (29 days ago)
When you’re old enough to remember all these commercials
Yedaman54 (29 days ago)
I bet each one of those kids in the grape jam ad got molested by Bill Cosby
Tim Sparks (29 days ago)
Were they all raping kids then too??
Falcon Thundercloud (29 days ago)
Why does everyone think they are so god damn important that they need to post selfies everywhere? The biggest downfall of humans so far is the fucking cameraphone. There are no snowflakes. There are no unicorns. Wake the fuck up everyone.
CapAnson12345 (1 month ago)
They should all redo them now.
The Dude (1 month ago)
I was on the Seagrams yacht in San Fran when I was in Radio, and went into a cabin and Bruce was there with a few friends and he offered me some COKE - no not diet Coke.
Brandon Norg (1 month ago)
Is that Jennifer tilly on #1?
Amelie Huet (1 month ago)
audience advance sustain grike subsequent whenever turn comprehensive identical teen senior follow.
Archy Dolder (1 month ago)
Do you think you could put some more text overlays on the screen and leave them there? It's still not distracting enough.
John Smith (1 month ago)
recently saw Elizabeth Shue in a Chewels gum ad where she was actually introduced with the name Jenny Barr. also said she was a gymnast.
mattcintosh2 (1 month ago)
Was Leno famous when he was doing Doritos ads?
Ugh Fake Name (1 month ago)
Hemorrhoids are no joke !!
Troy Evitt (1 month ago)
The sad thing about the McDLT was...it was AN ACTUAL DECENT IDEA. Zaxby's, Applebee's and other mid-priced place's hamburgers come to your table with the tomato and lettuce half of the bun off to the side.
Troy Evitt (1 month ago)
Was Preparation H a Grey Matter product?
Troy Evitt (1 month ago)
Never see Adam Saddler's Visa ad. He plays a young up-and-coming businessman redecorating his flat and picking up the check for dinner with friends.
Randy Hughes (1 month ago)
Ben Affleck was a horrible actor then, and he’s a horrible actor now.
TheCMLion (1 month ago)
Bruce Willis signed the Seagram's deal after Moonlighting. They paid him $7 million for the series of spots.
MechaMaster20 (1 month ago)
The ketchup one makes sense I hate waiting for it to pour out of a glass bottle
BadWebDiver (1 month ago)
Does Wil Wheaton endorsing Pudding Pops (with Bill Crosby no less) count?
Actheman1978 (1 month ago)
How in heck can fried chicken ever be cholesterol free.
John Schilling (1 month ago)
just show the damn commercials and stop with the (practically) non-stop voiceover. ugh.