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PAINT SHOP // Painting Time-lapse // Air India Manila Folder 777-300ER

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This video documents the process that went into applying the Air India livery/gloss to the model 777 I'm constructing. The actual painting process took over a month, and there's a lot that isn't shown in this video, simply because there wasn't enough time (in the song). You might ask why I even bothered to "paint" on the livery, given how subtle it is—I didn't want to ruin the manila folder look with actual paint, so clear gloss seemed like a better option. It's hard to see under normal light, but at the right angles it's definitely visible. MUSIC: Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation) Rob Dougan Furious Angels Filmed with a Sony Nex-7 (Kit 18-55mm lens)
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Text Comments (2159)
Kim Noah (10 hours ago)
what use your paper papername is...
Ram Bow (1 day ago)
Good job on your hard work,...really appreciate artists, but the colors are missing.
UZAIR KHALID (4 days ago)
Smash' Em (18 days ago)
7:50 wasted :(
Ismail Fun (19 days ago)
iqbal singh (19 days ago)
Bro its so nice i like your painting
M.L.A_mobile _legends (22 days ago)
Good job
ben daroaz (24 days ago)
Cher j'j
sanjeeb mahana (26 days ago)
Barty Loomy (27 days ago)
very accurate plans for something like that I found on the Stodoys website.
Sam Khan (28 days ago)
Koi bataega ye chutiya kr kiya raha hy 😒
شيماء hh (29 days ago)
احلى لايكككككككك
Maitreyee Kelkar (30 days ago)
Dai Jeffery (30 days ago)
HeyMell (1 month ago)
Where you find the plans?
#AYON'S CREATIVITY (1 month ago)
go india make our country's name popular
กิจจา โพธิ์หอมศิริ (1 month ago)
كمال ديدي (1 month ago)
rainey06au (1 month ago)
Well this is an intriguing video. On the one hand it is disappointing to see all of that masking and meticulous fiddly painting not result in a beautiful vibrant and colourful rendition of the actual livery. However I can see the stylistic approach to this piece of art, and it is indeed cool. By 2/3rds of the video I was convinced it was 'glo in the dark' paint though, so I had a brief moment of AHA! when the reveal was in the dark... but then... no glowing paint... haha.
경사GSBC (1 month ago)
Sam Aluka (1 month ago)
Wow! Stunning 👏🏻
Malik Ali (1 month ago)
fahima akter jami (1 month ago)
Nice job Like if agree
lucas poul (1 month ago)
Saurlin Siagian (1 month ago)
Daniel Uribe Zúñiga (1 month ago)
Me gusta la música de tu vídeo
Angel Caban (1 month ago)
Awsome channel
sushobhan maitra (1 month ago)
Super super.
KomadaVlog-PL (1 month ago)
goood job !!!!
seung ho kang (1 month ago)
wow fantastic
Thomas Michael Bevington (1 month ago)
Am I blind or did he not even paint the thing?
Peckchamp (1 month ago)
It's really good work I'm Indian so thanks for choosing an Indian aircraft
Ramar Subbiah (1 month ago)
Luca can you give tutorials that how beginners can make models of aeroplanes. Some tips will be useful. A request from your subscriber
Luca Iaconi-Stewart (1 month ago)
I'm looking to do this sometime down the road but don't have an ETA at this point... sorry!
sumon zon (1 month ago)
baal bainoco.....hala......light lagaia ki dekhmo ki baal lekhso....rong krte parla nah
Dennis Marzan (1 month ago)
wasted nearly 8mins of my life watching a paint job with no actual visible work
Luna’s Life (1 month ago)
Why has it got such dramatic music when he’s just painting?!?!
Pedro Manero (2 months ago)
Que m****
alrestauro (2 months ago)
That's amazing work there my friend! You don't see that type of dedication on model building now a day's! Very cool and thank you for sharing!
N TV (2 months ago)
John Gomes (2 months ago)
All I can say is I would have never thought that office supplies could become such works of art I have so many paper model plans but no printer (yet), and man I wish I had the money to purchase one of those built. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.
AHANAF ISLAM (2 months ago)
India is not NICE
larry mondello (2 months ago)
Habil Arasyid (2 months ago)
Delivery to indonesian
Túlio Amorim (2 months ago)
Should use normal and color paint
Muhammad Faraz Khalid (2 months ago)
Amazing work with so much passion...love to see this #ColourlessPainting
urian Sanchez (2 months ago)
Data chido
AxelStorm - Roblox (2 months ago)
y de que esta hecho el avion, de madera, o de plastico??????????????
Luca Iaconi-Stewart (1 month ago)
Ritchy Philippe (2 months ago)
Бизон Зумеркко (2 months ago)
Mesut Yıldırım (2 months ago)
Super elinize saglıklı cok guzel
Martzen900 (2 months ago)
That intro was TOO long
JS N (2 months ago)
전범기를 그려놨네
ชวนพิศ จันทร์พุ่ม (2 months ago)
Niko942 (2 months ago)
The colorless paint must be for some movie computer multi-layer special effect kind of thing. I'm betting the model body is just there to hold up the special paint which is all people will see in the end.
VT Zdorovetskiy (2 months ago)
ORIGINAL CONTENT! FINALLY! You got a subscriber (:(:(: also I do this too but not as detailed.
oceanofmorality (2 months ago)
I would like your airplane. JD (age 4) x x
Jim Beekman (2 months ago)
I'd bet anyone..... $5 that he's a single guy...... LOL
GOD (2 months ago)
Waste of time seriously.
Giovanni Toews (2 months ago)
You are truly Amazing.
Brent Nicol (2 months ago)
Going to have my eyes tested tomorrow. I see nothing. Oh sorry. I lost my color sight for seven minutes.
1043 bwv (2 months ago)
7:07 저거 욱일승천기? 골때리네
Rapheal Francis (2 months ago)
Keith Doran (2 months ago)
This god damn song
k3omart1n (2 months ago)
2:31 looks like a missile...
Saikomal Gudipati (2 months ago)
Cool making airplane
Emmanuel Winston (2 months ago)
Through the video I was like paint, where's paint but then suddenly out of the blue(quite an irony!) he blew me away!
Ning3n (2 months ago)
Your attention to detail is astounding. I am in utter awe of your ability.
kingmike40 (2 months ago)
Be cool if you could put lights on it.
OneGroovyPickle (2 months ago)
what's with the dislikes..? jeez.. can't we just appreciate the amazing work this man has done?
ABASIXA 16 (2 months ago)
молодец сколько надо на это терпения...
Mike B (3 months ago)
Booo- i thought you were gonna paint it! So you basically just used the 777 that you had already been working on for years, and just used that? But you wanted to keep it and continue working on it after the commercial, so you didn't even use real paint- just a clear coat so it wouldn't look any different..
Shivaraj Umadi (3 months ago)
what a wonderful art!
sup1r cake (3 months ago)
I love 😍😍🤔🎁 It’s beautiful. Black and white is wow
RUPANJALI SONOWAL (3 months ago)
Nothing to say you a vvvvvvvvvvvv good video
Lil' Moo (3 months ago)
Fuck ur lack of color
Cool Cycles (3 months ago)
Wowow! Great decision to go monochrome.
Lukkas (3 months ago)
He destroy the lower part of the plane. Sad...
Case White (3 months ago)
have you met wendover productions?
Case White (3 months ago)
someone buy him a cnc machine
Case White (3 months ago)
TheeYellowDart (3 months ago)
Unreal. Your patience is staggering. Also, what an unprecedented amount of complaining in here. People had time to type a negative comment but didn't bother to read the description. No one forced you to watch the whole thing and you could have skipped to the end. Great video, lovely choice in music. I only wish some could appreciate this level of skill and craftsmanship. Well done.
Luca Iaconi-Stewart (2 months ago)
Why thank you!
Adil Muneer (3 months ago)
Where is the paint?
omepeet2006 (2 months ago)
On the plane.
Hydro Gaming (3 months ago)
Dudes why hate????
TheCentaury (3 months ago)
where is the painting ?
Darth Nobbin (3 months ago)
Lol I thought you were trolling us the whole time, but I think the way you did it lends more to the fact that it is made out of paper, painting over it would have covered that up and hidden the beauty of the model.
Zod of Heaven (3 months ago)
Came home last night drunk after fight with girlfriend. Ruined life in 10 seconds by stomping cardboard. Never do that :D
Greg Mounts (3 months ago)
Fuck a paint job ! That was "amazing" !
maxim25o2 (3 months ago)
Do You try use Blender for projecting Your model? There is nice add on called Export Paper Model. There You can model things in 3D, set thickness of paper to check if parts will fit, especially rings, and export it on A4. I did test with caliper, And I make there simple model of two rings. One was smaller and higher. Diameter is 9.87mm and second bigger but shorter 1mm. I measure thickens of my printable paper, and is around 0.1mm. I want to see if measurements in blender will fit with real paper model. I printed them, cut with this same tool what You use, glue them together, and shorter ring gowns around that higher. And i check if shorter ring going around bigger, will connect exactly in that same place. I am happy, because shorter ring meet exactly in that place and looks like is connected. Higher ring in program have 3.9mm but my paper have 3.7mm. I think for first testing time I cut it not so carefully as I should. High of smaller ring have designed 1mm and catted part have 0.9mm. Ass testing show, You could try use Blender for 3D modeling, and see how model will look before You use time to cut. Also when You learn use bones, then You can simulated moving parts and correct them before You print and cut. I also love modeling on paper, In the past I was using only models from shop, but they was not so accurate, most of times drawn by hand (Eah, very old projects from 1980) Now I am able to redesigned all air plain in blender and get very accurate measurements, to cut rounded shapes. GRATINGS, You Are My Hero!
Elisha Ellis (3 months ago)
I always draw things and never color them because it absolutely ruins it so I get what you did there.
manystar (3 months ago)
This is just brilliant, congratulations, beautiful work
omkr 01 (3 months ago)
This is awesome. Air India needs to give you an award for your efforts.
Adhiti (3 months ago)
This was the best video I have seen so far in YouTube
Naglis sul (3 months ago)
Congrats 50K
Naglis sul (3 months ago)
Nice intro
NEZ IO (3 months ago)
wow such paint, very skill, much anger, so critique.
Berkay Boroğlu (3 months ago)
amk adam cımbızla yapıyo
Hdxer (3 months ago)
I just unpacked an empty box. Not that I do not appreciate this work, but it's like white paint on a white background.
COOKIE MONSTER (3 months ago)
My Paper Planes are the best! Two years later... Sees this... 👀 Me= JEALOUS!
Joe Biden (3 months ago)
Pls paint it in the Boeing standard red/white worldliner colours ;)
ArduinoMakes (3 months ago)
i'm speechless