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How Target Is Challenging Amazon

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As it redesigns its stores, Target is getting back to offering fashion-forward merchandise at decent prices. If it can keep that momentum going, it will help set the company apart from its peers including Walmart, Amazon and Kroger. Nestled inside Target's Minneapolis headquarters, racks of unfinished clothes line the walls. In another area, sketches and splotches of color are hung up for inspiration. Walk down the hallway, and it looks like you've arrived at an HGTV set with bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens on display. This is the creative hub of Target's in-house brands — a key part of the retailer's turnaround. Scattered throughout, there are chemical mixing labs and an alcove with a handful of 3-D printers. About 550 employees work together to bring roughly 40 private labels, such as Goodfellow & Co. for men's clothing and Up & Up for cleaning supplies, to life. Meetings take place around a dining table in Target's Made By Design room, which is decked out with kitchen appliances and other utensils from that label. And "Targeters," as they're sometimes referred to, arrive back from fashion shows or visits to overseas shops, toting items they've collected on their journeys. Each week, so-called kid influencers are ushered in and out of the Cat & Jack room to offer feedback on clothing styles being developed for the coming year. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #Target #Amazon How Target Is Challenging Amazon And Walmart | CNBC
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Text Comments (2857)
B24 Liberator (3 hours ago)
Don’t forget...Target ALLOWED unisex Bathrooms!!! Boycotts were a big factor in their well deserved loses!
Verona From Sicily (4 hours ago)
The reason I like target is because it’s atmosphere is so much more uplifting than a Walmart or Sam’s Club. As a 20s female shopper I think women my age see target as a clean, well designed store that sells products with good quality. Target’s spending on remodeling their stores is a good investment
Emily Desoto (12 hours ago)
I love target but in AZ it’s just dismal. I had a manager take away clothing I “wasn’t suppose to have” even after I tried on several sizes they had put out on display. After tracking target online for months the clothes never resurfaced and I’ve given up. Seems dumb that they didn’t want my money???
Janet Albert (1 day ago)
Here is a challenge to Target and it is: 1. Zero empty spaces on the shelves in the stores. 2. 20 people in clothing area because Target is going after the boutique feel. Target wants to help customer find the perfect outfit. The people will keep area clean and full of product. 3. 20 people in hardlines to help the customer, keep area clean and full. 4. Managers no longer just walk around and tell employees to hurry up and get job done. Managers will be backing up cashiering, filling salesfloor and organizing shelves.
Janet Albert (1 day ago)
I wish Target had a place on cartwheel where a customer could take a picture of an item they want and ask Target to bring it in stores.
Janet Albert (1 day ago)
I wish Target had more associates on the salesfloor. I wish that Target was full. They have so many empty spaces on the shelf.
T!.!.!T (1 day ago)
When the target was in Canada and you went into the stores it looked like you were shopping in the 3rd world because the shelves were so bare.
Sue Wilkins (1 day ago)
British retailers could learn a lot from Target - it’s the first place a lot of us head for when visiting the US!
Angel Rios (1 day ago)
This, my friends, is what's called Native Advertising. This, as such, was a seven minute commercial.
Patrick Cutrone (1 day ago)
There's a Target about 1.4 miles from my house and I shop there frequently. In fact, the people at guest services know me by name due to how often I pick things up from them. I use online ordering frequently and pick up from them because it's easy, and convenient. And honestly, I'm rooting for them over Amazon and Walmart, not only because they are a good company, but they treat their employees a lot better than the latter two do. That alone makes them good in my book. I wish nothing but the best for them.
Karie Hollingsworth (1 day ago)
Reads like really cheap to me !!
Karie Hollingsworth (1 day ago)
Mossimo Brands comeback!!
Ray S (1 day ago)
Good ol' Target, the rich man's Wal-Mart
aime papadakis (2 days ago)
For some reason around this video, I figured that I do not shop from target at all. Idk but doesn’t really catch my attention. Not going to lie I have in the pass probably like 1 one or two items and pick them up in store. But always gravitate more for Walmart. I shop there all the time. Amazon god knows how much money I have spent but I shop from Amazon every other day. Love amazon prime and it is addicting.
Rajae (2 days ago)
This pleases me. I LOVE Target. Love love love.
Isaac Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Just how really competetive is Target? Theres only walmart in PR.
Platoze (3 days ago)
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FadhiliTheOne (3 days ago)
Hey, Canadian here! When Target arrived in Canada, the main complaint I heard from pretty much everyone was not only the prices like the video mentioned but its in-store image: the look was too familiar to now-gone Zellers and not enough like the US version of Target. I was also told employee stories about how they didn’t have working theft alarms at the doors or working cameras but that’s more of a case-per-case story.
Brendaliz Guzman (3 days ago)
I work in target the wharehouse 10 hours a day and i hate it.
Tara W (4 days ago)
Target is way more expensive than alot of stores like $30 for a sweater ill go to a name brand store for that price
Nathasakorn somchit (4 days ago)
Target and Amazon should partner up.
Jeff P (4 days ago)
I worked at Target as a 3rd shift shelf stocker for about four months, I bought my uniform at Walmart because Target didn't sell any red t shirts or sweat shirts.
Nic Walsh (4 days ago)
I'm glad their doing remodeling among other things.
sandy lane (4 days ago)
Target will lose. Our Target sucks now.
Rosa F (4 days ago)
I wouldn’t do my grocery shopping at Target because is more expensive than Walmart or Kroger. But it’s great for decor and home items.
naomi hollywood (4 days ago)
Spoiler alert 🚨 ITS AN ADD
Fadhil (4 days ago)
I think the title is misleading should've been 'How Target is targeting Amazon' :3
sokra (4 days ago)
They hire big creamies
princessaz79 (4 days ago)
They ship faster than Amazon.
Okay Sav (4 days ago)
they say sales were dropping tf? Every target in my city is packed aha (especially on Saturdays)
Joanna Montano (5 days ago)
cassie earle (5 days ago)
i wish they would open another store in vermont, rutland really needs more.
Sofea Desu (5 days ago)
That means more reshop
DamuEmran (5 days ago)
I have to say target is company I don't shop at that much. But now working at the store as seasonal person on the sales floor. The layout for target is really good compared to Wal-Mart.
Psychotic Bob (6 days ago)
3:53 Robot?
The Inquisitor (6 days ago)
I work at the Target in my area and it is terrible, lack of good management not enough workers to get done what is needed to get done. Employees are always pulled from what they are supposed to be doing to do other things and can never get their job done. No matter what any of the workers do it's never good enough, I'm a Cart Attendant, Cashier, Electronics Member, Service Desk assistant, Drive Up Delivery assistant, Janitor, and help stock products. I can never get anything done because when I start one thing I'm expected to do everything. I'm always being taken away from things before they are done to do something else that won't get done before I'm moved somewhere else. I'm expected to do all those different things while receiving little pay. Long Story short from an employee point of view it's a terrible place.
John Cervantes (6 days ago)
vanilla cream (2 days ago)
Lol ikr
Scott M (6 days ago)
Wild how the CEO doesn't blink that much. Wonder if he's trained for that.
Manuel Ortiz (6 days ago)
At 0:20 I thought the plug walk song was about to start
juanita (7 days ago)
It worked! I love the new target!
j e n n a m a r k u s (7 days ago)
they remodeled the target by me and it is beautiful
Jinx YingYang (7 days ago)
Why am I here?
D Storm (7 days ago)
Target has those PC ads featuring mixed race couples to virtue signal...
Sebastian Hurtado (7 days ago)
I honestly hate buying stuff from Amazon because you always receive cheap knocks offs of what you actually ordered, and I’m not just saying this because I work at Target 😏
Lao Vang (7 days ago)
Target has better cleaning aisle and more neat organize shelf. But they just need more stock up food and meat.
Domo Domo (8 days ago)
Love love LOVE TARGET!
Thomas Woolum (8 days ago)
So, now Target should come back to Richmond, Indiana
Terra Nova (8 days ago)
Target is to America like Kmart is to Australia.
Briana Strelko (8 days ago)
Take a hard look at payroll! So many stores have too many employees just standing around not being able to take a register and open up a checkout lane because their managers also do not do it and just stand around observing how the lines grow with only 2-3 cashiers available. Even Walmart has now removed many of the otherwise useless registers and replaced them with more self checkout lines.
SoldierMedicDaniel97 (8 days ago)
He practiced that little speech of his so many times lmao
Joe Campo (9 days ago)
Good job target! I support all your changes, but don’t forget to pay your workers a living wage..
Brittney Horn (6 days ago)
Joe Campo Targets minimum wage is 12.50 & growing to 15 in 2020, definitely a living wage, it’s the hours the team members are given that are the problem
Watermermaid1 (9 days ago)
They don’t sell Christian Christmas Cards so forget them!
Brittney Horn (6 days ago)
Watermermaid1 we have a whole 3 foot section of religious Christmas cards 😊
Wendy Brooks (9 days ago)
Target is a different animal than Walmart. as my father who manufactured garments for many large stores, each store has a set of standards requiring clothing,(and I assume for everything else) to have a certain kind of fabrics, the amount of stitching ( 4 every inch to 10 every inch etc. ) target was the most stringent.
oh Joy (9 days ago)
Target does well on Maui. But then again we don't have much here. It's not really cheap chic though. Everything here I expensive but the price for clothes at Maui Target are up and up with named brands at the mall. And the home stuff is much cheaper for the exact stuff at tj Max or Ross. I love Target because it's not hectic like Walmart & the product you purchase is better made. Some people want to save the extra dollar & hit up wall Mart (across the street) I also love Target because it has a Starbucks & they have excellent customer service here 🌺
adamshattuck1985 (9 days ago)
target gave us raises to 12 and then gonna be 15/ hr but our hours were slashed. good pr bad for employess. then when they raised me from 11.60 or so to 12 i nearly doubled my workload and speed required to do tasks. on the outside their streamlining, but on the inside its a crap show at times.
kevin vasquez (10 days ago)
I like it how a month after the video was dropped targets stocks dropped to it lowest in the entire year
Latina Tx (10 days ago)
I love TARGET!!!!!!!
Dawn Faialaga (10 days ago)
Get rid of the plastic bags !
Simply Impish (10 days ago)
I love their new store layout, products and style, leaving Walmart in the dust!!!
Redayvn Hughley (10 days ago)
I work for Target, and real talk.....there's really only a 5-15 cent difference between Target & Walmart's prices, so why not pay the extra for top notch quality, at what is still an affordable price? Ijs. #ShamelessPlug I used to be a Wally World worshiper, until I started working for Target. My family and I still go to Walmart for certain things, because Targer might not carry certain brands, however, Targer does carry a vast majority. The pay is awesome (no for real, it is), and anyone who wants to apply, simply go to target.com/careers. It's perfect for college students and those who just want seasonal, they're flexible, and who couldn't use some extra cash, right? Ijs, don't 😴 on Tarjé, baby! 😉👍🏽
Kia Yang (11 days ago)
I LOOOOVE TARGET! Take all my money!
Nocturnal182gisselle (11 days ago)
Target really upped their game. Their clothes is cute, they have good carts and the places are nice and clean. They are doing a great job at customer service, wayyy better than Walmart.
Brian (11 days ago)
Give it time, target will also close
Ann Sorensen (11 days ago)
I was in Walmart yesterday it was a dark dungeon I do not know why they have the lights down so low you can barely see anything... Then I am in a rush to get out of there cuz I have my three small kids... Go to the 20 or less Speedy checkout got behind this Indian couple who I guess thought they could split their transactions and literally did like over 20 pieces each transaction it was absolutely ridiculous they had a full cart and probably a hundred things and went through the Speedy checkout while splitting their transaction and the cashier just allowed it...
Ima fan (11 days ago)
Walmart doesn't maintain the exterior of their stores, but the blame really lies with the low class shoppers who contribute to the mess. Every single one near me always has carts strewn throughout the parking lots, the piles of cigarette butts and trash, wads of gum on the sidewalks in front of the store and dead landscaping accented by a scant amount of sun bleached bark mulch. It doesn't get better when you go inside.
3oF / Tpelaaja (11 days ago)
Wait this isn't Vox?
Kristyn Dobson (12 days ago)
Thank God. I get 99.9999999999% of my clothing from Target. So...I'm all about them targeting clothing. lol. targeting.
CJ Brewen (12 days ago)
Yeah 77 I got can from cropit Boss😎🏆
Melody Conroy (12 days ago)
They have a tiny store in Denver that has made my life sooo much easier.
cuzuvmcvoy (12 days ago)
We love shopping at TARGET! 5% off on Total purchase each time you pay using your Target Credit Card.
Physics Queen (12 days ago)
Sorry, but they are overpriced and make extremely cheap clothes that shrink after a few washes. Their clothes are garbage
Shelbie (12 days ago)
Target’s employees are much nicer and more efficient. I went to the Black Friday event at Walmart and Target, the Walmart people had no idea where anything was and Target’s system was very efficient and every employee I asked or heard be asked knew exactly where an item was located in the store. They were also very friendly disputes the craziness.
Kafei - (13 days ago)
They didn't even mention Target Mobile. Maybe they're planning to off MarketSource, too.
Tori Hickman (13 days ago)
Target makes me feel safe
D.E. Sarcarean (13 days ago)
Target is going to fall victim to the same thing that brought down Sears and JC Penny: importing all China made goods. The race to the bottom eventually gets there.
Linda Cundiff (13 days ago)
It lost customers because of transgender bathroom rules and going gender neutral on toys sorry but stop
Nobody Knows (11 days ago)
Only lost a pathetically small number of small minded people, so who cares. Y'all more than welcome to shop at Walmart with the upper class.
Jon Sm (13 days ago)
the guy doesnt blink
laury Rodriguez (13 days ago)
They’re smart opening stores in college towns. Students love target back to school items. (I may be guilty of this)
laury Rodriguez (13 days ago)
Wait... Tarjay is actually a thing? I thought we were just being boujee
Brittany Ivey (13 days ago)
I just need them to remodel my store and make it a super target like the old one I used to live near. Then I’d be ecstatic 😁😁 more options to choose from when it comes to groceries and cleaning supplies. Other things too, but those are my main concerns right now. This one i live near now is so small.
scotty10211 (13 days ago)
I love tarjay I'ma start saying that now before I watch Madea
Jessica Evans (13 days ago)
I definitely see this plan working. Also, this is why you play the long game with stocks. Sometimes companies have to regroup. Cat and Jack is really disability friendly and that crosses over to all kids well.
hoo--ligan (13 days ago)
target is life
Elan (14 days ago)
LOL I always thought Target was crap in Canada. It was more of a Walmart clone here. Apparently most of the cool things Target sold in the states they didn't have the rights to sell here. There was definitely no reason to go to Target if you had a Walmart that was closer.
s_xoxo (14 days ago)
I prefer Target over Walmart. The Walmart’s are always sketchy
Datruth Hurts (14 days ago)
I personally think I’d rather buy clothes from JcPenny rather than target. Although I will admit after browsing a few of their clothes they aren’t bad just can’t complete with JCPenney history of decent brands imo
Sarai Kashani (14 days ago)
Still capitalist America. Trash. (I’m still gonna go tho)
MJ GarCar (14 days ago)
This is how I compare Target and Walmart...Walmart is like visiting an unknown country where no one is willing to help you, most of the time not even their own employees know where their own store items are located, maybe just a lazy response by employees...While Target reminds me of being around loving family members always willing to help you and wanting to destress your frustration in regards to your needs, we don’t have the item we will call another store, you can’t find the item let me walk you to the aisle, are you unable to carry all these items to your car here let me help you ☺️ I will always cheer for and shop at Target 🎯
winterbreeze32 (14 days ago)
I need them to focus on grocery. I find it that walmart has more options. Where I live, Meijer’s has the freshest greens.
This Aunt Builds Stuff (14 days ago)
I like walmart better, walmart has everything I need, i am finding target no longer carries 1/2 the stuff i used to buy. Target has tried to go too upscale, when I like basic best.
Buff The Stuff (14 days ago)
Maybe you should try talking to the employees! When the change happened .the employee turn over got bigger then ever. NEW AGE SLAVERY!! Only at target ! It takes employees to make a company work. Without them you get nothing!
Latonya Hewitt (14 days ago)
Target still needs to work on paying their associates more so customer service can improve.
Rene Morales (14 days ago)
The checkout lanes are CRAZY long!!!
Duy Lai (14 days ago)
Target consumes Walmart.
Darlene P (14 days ago)
The men were in the women’s bathroom
Imani Rochelle (14 days ago)
I love target
cfreemful (14 days ago)
Great fresh groceries!😊
Book Pal (14 days ago)
The men's Goodfellow line sucks. There are no men's clothes it's all geared for 15-year-olds.
Ryan Flores (14 days ago)
One thing I really like about target is there own brand on food items. For example, targets cheese it crackers taste identical to the real thing. Targets "knock offs" are actually really good. They also have inventive takes on traditional snacks. That's just one out of many reasons why I like target.
Anthony V (14 days ago)
Target is the devil I was go to get what I need but always come out getting more then I needed..