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UPS Logistics Commercial Lyrics

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Text Comments (9)
Silent Nightingale (4 years ago)
@fiercedietyfan It's not a rip off they're just borrowing the song. (if that's what its called O_O)
fiercedietyfan (4 years ago)
@Scarlette Darkrose lol k
Silent Nightingale (4 years ago)
@fiercedietyfan Ookay then. To avoid any arguements lets just leave this all behind.
fiercedietyfan (4 years ago)
wow its been a long time since i left that. i really didnt like seeing that ad before i saw every angry video game episode. its a parody if anything.
pare (4 years ago)
About 0:48 picks up the sound of some idiot singing along in the background with a bad voice
Will (4 years ago)
+pare Lol that's part of the commercial.
Israel Garcia (7 years ago)
U guys don't know, ats
Tim Ikin (7 years ago)
i love this song !
fiercedietyfan (8 years ago)
this song is a upright rip off of dean martins thats amore