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Blooper occurs during Andrew Stockey's Ellen DeGeneres interview

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During Pittsburgh’s Action News 4’s Andrew Stockey’s exclusive interview with Ellen DeGeneres in Hollywood, one of Ellen’s producers had a blooper moment that caused quite a stir in the studio audience and with Elllen Subscribe to WTAE on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1emyOjP Get more Pittsburgh news: http://www.wtae.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wtae4 Follow us: http://twitter.com/WTAE Google+: http://plus.google.com/+wtae
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Text Comments (57)
Susnata Chanda (8 days ago)
Poor Andy
MrNikkimaxine (10 days ago)
Andy am sorry about this in person in this be on you what about now get good I hard. That Andy get sound some times do that for you wow
MrNikkimaxine (17 days ago)
So yeah in the movies because they were yesterday we made it to the cartoon to arrive Eskimo cry that you are happening for the movies as well because I just found out that the Walt Disney put it in a cartoon to arrive and go to the jungle welcome much why animals to talk
Misty Bennett (1 month ago)
Love Andy. He's so funny on accident. Lol.
Jrs T (4 months ago)
Poohs Paws (5 months ago)
In the first several seconds of this clip I thought Ellen was holding hands with her guest.
Serie tv Lover (26 days ago)
Yeah, i though the same😂😂♥️
miele balansag (6 months ago)
Andy so cute😍😍😍
Nakakande Aidah (8 months ago)
I anly thing i want in is to c Ellen
MrNikkimaxine (8 months ago)
To much for me
Michele's Adult Coloring Therapy (9 months ago)
That was hilarious thank you Mary for scaring Andy
Cherie Susek (9 months ago)
More Andy!!
Babs Phillips (11 months ago)
Tig Natarro said Ellen gets to be more real in Relatable [so she's fake on her t.v. show?] instead of how she’s typically perceived, which is “TRAPPED in the world of being asked to dance and EXPECTED TO BE NICE.” So she's a big fraud like the president!? ELLEN NO LONGER WANTS TO BE NICE, YA'LL!!! I am one fan she has lost....will no longer watch her show where she obviously feels TRAPPED INTO BEING NICE!! And Portia CAN'T WAIT TILL SHE LEAVES THE SHOW, SHE SAID! How's that fans???
Victor Osterwalder (11 months ago)
She is right, her cues are easy to find! 😂
Czarina (11 months ago)
Andy is cute sometimes lol
ClaryFlynn98 (11 months ago)
1:00 best moment
Thamali Rajapakshe (1 year ago)
I feel bad for Andy though...
Pari Tripathi (1 year ago)
I thought the same that she would scare him and she did and he even didn't get a clue. 😂
Ben Collins (1 year ago)
Andy dropped his headphones, when Ellen said I'm glad we get to reach so many people by our message. Andy keep your headphones on, that might insinuate a answer to what Ellen said during Ellen's interview.
Sarah Elizabeth Connelly (1 year ago)
with her hands bro
Ben Collins (1 year ago)
Sarah Elizabeth Connelly Care to explain? I don't know how she scared him.
Sarah Elizabeth Connelly (1 year ago)
my mom scared him
Ben Collins (1 year ago)
If I get slammed by any hurtful comments, I will ignore your post.
Chu Chulainn (1 year ago)
Hey Ellen, as much fun as it is to scare Andy, I am a little concerned. Are you sure Andy doesn't have an anxiety problem? You should send him to see someone about that.
choooSweet (1 year ago)
Ben G (1 year ago)
Who doesn't love Andy and his antics. It's pure GOLD!
dusabe olive (1 year ago)
Omy I love the way Ellen plays around on Andy
MrNikkimaxine (8 months ago)
dusabe olive yah tanking her plays
Jenny Harrell (2 years ago)
I love the way Ellen laughs when Andy gets scared.  LOL  It instantly makes me laugh.  :)
John Bridges (2 years ago)
What I would like to know is what makes Andy such a nervous person? Too much coffee?
José Darío (8 months ago)
He is an alcoholic and a drug addict, he's been sober for years now. He suffers from depression too and he is medicated. You should check out his story. He loves Ellen and Ellen loves him.
S Marie (9 months ago)
John Bridges LoL his job
Vzae Urbtre (10 months ago)
Because he's an introvert?
Jimmy rui (11 months ago)
I am also easy to scared, Maybe I was a cat in the last live
JT (11 months ago)
@THỦY TRẦN No prank no gain when you working with Ellen XD
A J (2 years ago)
oh poor Andy
Yuli cochran (2 years ago)
I love andy 😀😀😀😀
karøłina rueda (1 year ago)
Yuli cochran : isnt he just funny
Life is beautiful (2 years ago)
sandhya subba (2 years ago)
he is so cute
Akshara M Ramesh (2 years ago)
poor fella
Rakshitha S (2 years ago)
yugandhar rao (3 months ago)
Amrith (2 years ago)
Andy is the scariest person alive 😂😁😂
Poohs Paws (2 months ago)
Amrith Most easily scared*. Lol your comment reads like he is scary himself, as the other two commenters have mentioned.
Ben Collins (1 year ago)
Amrith Yup. I think Andy is the most skittish person that we know.
AshiesN (2 years ago)
It's Timid, not scariest
Smahane Jamal (3 years ago)
j'adore Andy et Ellen et tout le staff 💞👍
Nikki Luna (1 year ago)
Smahane Jamal moi aussi
MsF (3 years ago)
love andy's antics on Ellen
minnie129 (3 years ago)
So funny, love Ellen and Andy!