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Frankie and Johnnie's Free Chicken w/ Furniture 80's Commercial

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Need credit? Crave Fried Chicken? Come see Franky and Johnnie, the easiest credit men in town, at the corner of St. Claude and Franklin, where we'll let you have it with no problem. mikeNgary have found this classic lost commercial in our vault for Frankie and Johnny's Furniture in New Orleans, featuring the original commercial king the "Special Man." TAGS: "Frankie and Johnnies" Furniture Appliance Chicken Fried Credit 80s Commercial "Chicken Commercial" chicken box store special RhettandLink rhett & link commercial kings ifc local commercials let 'em have it with no problem montgomery's flea market Sammy Stephens johnny johnnie winnebago man jack rebney outtakes bloopers new orleans local television low-budget advertising It's Just Like Mini-Mall! big bill hell song comedy parody worst ever 10 funniest . Check out these links for more: ► SUBSCRIBE Today! http://bit.ly/1PAYX5D ► LIKE us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikeNgary/ ► FOLLOW us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/themikengary ► FOLLOW us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikengary/
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Text Comments (67)
Gary York (6 months ago)
seafood city is mighty pretty! I was born and raised in Gulfport. we got all of the new Orleans stations. daddy lived by Nash Roberts weather forecast!
Cupavi Kurcic (8 months ago)
You had me at Chicken Box!
marcoo2242 (9 months ago)
That was some greasy chicken but good though. Lol
Tony Brown (9 months ago)
Not the 80s. This was like late 90s, maybe even 2000s - The “real” Special Man was dead by the time this commercial aired.
C- Maine (11 months ago)
Shit they not lying at all. That chicken box is thee truuuuuth. Lol
Sim ? (1 year ago)
Lmao chicken box! I remember they had a chicken box in Algiers point and my mama would get a 20 piece with fries. Used to be so good! But yea I remember this commercial in the early 2000s. "YEA YA RITE!!!!"
Eichro (1 year ago)
What happened to OG Special Man? You know, the "laharaharat" person
iam123 (1 month ago)
Probably died
David Hunt (1 year ago)
Not racist they didn't serve watermelon and grape drink
Guy Person (1 year ago)
Kairu Hakubi (1 year ago)
Eichro (1 year ago)
YEAH you're right
mikeNgary (1 year ago)
I want free chicken.
Jeff A. (1 year ago)
Wait, a furniture store that also sold fried chicken?? Was there also a JC Penny's that sold hamburgers??
goodkarma82 (1 year ago)
And popeyes that sold beer.
mikeNgary (1 year ago)
Weird right?
Melancthon7332 (1 year ago)
Man, I miss Chicken Box. They had some damn fine two in the morning chicken.
Lauren Bedell (2 years ago)
This was a running joke/source of shame in my family for years. This and Seafood City. #yatproblems
mikeNgary (2 years ago)
Really? That's interesting.
kien spicer (2 years ago)
Guy Person (1 year ago)
He's stupid, that's how
anonUK (2 years ago)
kien spicer how so?
ROGER2095 (2 years ago)
A free box of chicken and all I have to spend is $1000!? What a bargain! That's even better than when I spent $10,000 on a used car and got a coupon for 5 gallons of gas absolutely free! How can they do it?
TheGirl (3 years ago)
I say isay isay...😂😂😂😂
TheGirl (3 years ago)
+mikeNgary Thank you for this!!! These local commercials are gold😄
mikeNgary (3 years ago)
LOL I know right?!
Kunta kintay (3 years ago)
Hahahahahhahahahahahahah lol wtf
mikeNgary (3 years ago)
Haha! Glad you liked it!
DISCO-INFERNO-70 (3 years ago)
LMFAO at :23 to :29. All he needed was blackface.
the chip show #CHIP (7 months ago)
DISCO-INFERNO-70 0:23/0:29
Delvin Walton (3 years ago)
i call no one answer the phone  but  looks like a dump  area  phone number is  504 943  9400 in new dump orleans does not look like he still in business
JafarlewiS (2 years ago)
Delvin Walton they are all probably dead
tbwilco (3 years ago)
RIP my ears @ 0:06
rav (4 years ago)
special man... what happens if i'm late on a payment?
Mario Martinez (2 months ago)
He whacks your next of kin, with noooo problems
Bob Papadopoulos (3 years ago)
He comes over and lets you have it... with nooooo problems.
Grant Coristine (4 years ago)
Wait, Do they sell chicken?
Patrick Bateman (5 years ago)
let em have it! with noooooo problem
melissa leon (5 years ago)
right this was the last commercial they did before the storm hit
RedFoxRevelations (6 years ago)
Wtf did I just watch... ._. ...
Hello Howudoing (6 years ago)
I lived near New Orleans at the time they had these commercials.. it was in the late 90's and early 2000's. i know some of u think its the 80's , thats cuz the styling of the commerecial and the people in them seemed outdated and the drab lighting.... but in many respects back in the late 90's and after the millenium,, new orleans has many things about it that were old fashioned and...
Adrian Cooper (6 years ago)
I want a job there
nolamints (6 years ago)
This is not from the 80s, Chicken Box didn't open until the early 2000s
mikeNgary (6 years ago)
I hear it tastes like chicken.
albee1000 (6 years ago)
Man - suddenly I'm hungry for some furniture!
PissOnAHat (6 years ago)
If I spend $1000 bucks they'll throw in a whole $7.99 chicken box? What a deal! I'll be right on over...
coopdavyl (6 years ago)
chicken box? no biscuits and drink? no thank you...I will take my business elsewhere. the store on the east side of town has pizza AND BEER! 10 piece chicken box...;(
Buntography (6 years ago)
Hahahah, tastes like momma
Roger Carroll (6 years ago)
Were is the special man
OuterSpace90 (7 years ago)
This wasnt in the 80s i remember this and i was born 1990. I remember they got that chicken and brought it to school
Tony C (8 months ago)
OuterSpace90 this is early 2000s. That's when chicken in the box came around. Same family as Wagner's meat. Nobody beats it.
MrMoBidnizz (7 years ago)
So I spend 1000.00 and get 10 free pieces of chicken?...
anonUK (2 years ago)
j8dakiss (7 years ago)
did he say it taste like his momma.......and they lost they swag after they lost special man
Kerry (7 years ago)
@MinddKidzag true indeed!!!!
Mindd Kidzag (7 years ago)
@SaintHakim504 Not the original...the ONLY Special man!
Kerry (7 years ago)
@anonUK Nah he died R.I.P Lester Love Sr. aka the Original Special man!!!!!!!
anonUK (7 years ago)
Did they ditch the old "special man" when they moved premises? Was he living in the building anyway?
Ernesto Miguel Sanrico (7 years ago)
Maury's wigs.
Y0UTUBEFACULTY (7 years ago)
Uhm, did he just say "Taste just like momma"....?
stevenpcc (7 years ago)
The best value deal is to make 5 purchases at $200, then you get 25 pieces of chicken.
mikeNgary (7 years ago)
@coystrill He died.
coystrill (7 years ago)
At least three of the people were in the other Frankie and Johnnys commercial, but not the real Special Man.
acrovader (7 years ago)
FREE chicken?! Sheeeit..
Jean-Paul DuQuette (7 years ago)
Sergie Kamazekov (7 years ago)
lol, a free chicken box* -tiny text- with every $1000 dollar purchase -tiny text- thats how they get ya...
Szymat (7 years ago)
Looks retro :P