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V-Guard TVC - Inverter/UPS - Fun!

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From Publicis Ambience, Bangalore. My first TVC shoot experience! :)
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Text Comments (46)
MIKELEW1914 (7 years ago)
Spetsnazovets (7 years ago)
He wanted to jump onto her but at the last moment the lights went out and he misjudged the distance. Power went out thanks to inverter failing lol
Vijay S (7 years ago)
Hot girl and nice reactions from the guy. I don't understand why he should fly though :).. Funny anyway.. haha
Saaga Gurung (7 years ago)
hehaah..same here
Suman Manandhar (7 years ago)
IPL brought me here
Haliya Bhasad (7 years ago)
Who is the Girl in the ad? . Seems like a Bengali Model.
shivamtal (7 years ago)
name of the song : "Guy Sweens - Embodiment Of Good Luck - The Legend Of Ganesha (2009)"
shivamtal (7 years ago)
NAME OF THE SONG : "Nicolas Dri - Energies mystiques"
Hossain Ahmed (7 years ago)
Pritam Kujur (7 years ago)
Ha...Ha...Ha...so funny !
199silverstar (7 years ago)
Anyone please tell me the name of gorgeous actress please.
iamsam87v (7 years ago)
whats the sound track?
Sohail Speaks (7 years ago)
20 ppl are impotent.. :p
raniinarrain (7 years ago)
tragic lol
CountQasim (7 years ago)
luv the background music........is this a track i can find somewhere?
hamimannn (7 years ago)
hahahaha yaar ye kya bakwaas hai
Qausain Ali (7 years ago)
khushiaan :D
MoorheadHawk (7 years ago)
17 people seem to be impotent and they really took it as an offense lol
Ahmed Jawad Khan (7 years ago)
Arslan Ahmad (7 years ago)
Cornish Ice (7 years ago)
Did the bed came in dowry...
iilestdesiny (7 years ago)
shit i feel bad for the girl
Mutee Ur Rahman (7 years ago)
Excellent sound effect! I could feel the pain just by that!
Naveed (7 years ago)
@babavivraj yepp hot girl stays evn after balls are busted... best life ever... well.......
Rasheed Ullah Noor (7 years ago)
Awesome :)
Arsalan Sheikh (7 years ago)
pretty darn funny, saw it in my office and was cracking alot.
modondebb (7 years ago)
the music, the humor is awesome
A (7 years ago)
Saba Khan (7 years ago)
ahhh i felt that :P evven though i am a girl :P
Afzal Azad (7 years ago)
@sierra087 but the ad got a a wide attention and it is passing its target subject.. so it is of course a gud ad
Diesel_Nut84 (7 years ago)
EXCELLENT Ad.....i shared it with my friends..... regards, from Pakistan ;)
Saad Tariq (7 years ago)
@babavivraj Literally i thought the same in the end... =D
Shabab Islam (7 years ago)
Ikram Shimul (7 years ago)
Macros Mine (7 years ago)
Haa Haaa......very....very.... nice ya
Ahmedul Hasan (7 years ago)
ho ho ho :D :D :D
babavivraj (7 years ago)
at least the girl stood by her husband..even after this incident....and thats not very often you will see
jim jubabir (7 years ago)
Like if u guessed something like this wud happen at the begining of the ad!!! :D:D
Ashwath K (7 years ago)
kickass ad!
budakkan (7 years ago)
@guffawer the background track is from the album Nicolas Dri - 100 Instants Bien-Etre and this is a slower version here youtu(dot)be/hdhKcwCTZN8
Prerana Kapoor (7 years ago)
Hahahah... I <3 it ... Way to go Kunal <3
ramesh nataraj (7 years ago)
you need power cut for that to happen
Kunaal Seo (7 years ago)
Trinadh Rakesh (7 years ago)
hhaa good one
Sreevathsav S (7 years ago)
brilliant background music
Siddhartha Unni (7 years ago)
What is the soundtrack.... damn neat!!