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Best F1 commercials EVER!

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Zechen Wang (15 days ago)
I wish someone call me as that woman almost in labor call Nico in that sound like she came. 0:42
ted smith (1 month ago)
ya ever hear her in a real dream
Rebecca Stanley (1 month ago)
#1:07 After exclusive replays i have come to the conclusion that Michael had his hand up first Nico said me first
Robert Thurnburg (1 month ago)
You have know idea about Formula one...Vettel on 9 and Schumacher on 3...ilmao
SimbaYoyo12 Vlogs, Gaming and formula 1 (1 month ago)
Murrey walker is the voice of f1. A very old voice. he is 95
SimbaYoyo12 Vlogs, Gaming and formula 1 (1 month ago)
And hill finnishes 2nd again.. HA HA
The Main Man28 (1 month ago)
Ludwig Beresford (1 month ago)
The Pizza advert with Murray Walker and Damon Hill is the stuff of legend
OwenLovesRacing (1 month ago)
Oh Mika....
Dorian Dorian (2 months ago)
how can you compare nico with schumacher dear lady...
Gabini (2 months ago)
3:17 Literally the FIA with hybrid engines
Mx 64 (2 months ago)
Murray Walker's commercial is the best one
syu (2 months ago)
3:10 Me on monday.
Krishna Datwani (2 months ago)
3:00 who that
OwenLovesRacing (1 month ago)
Krishna Datwani Mika Häkkinen
Lamster66 (2 months ago)
AnAnd Hill finished second again! Hes lost it He lost it LOL Murry Walker Legend!
Ronnie Biggs Inform (2 months ago)
The Damon Hill and Murray Walker commercial makes me laugh every time😂😂
Kevin Murphy (3 months ago)
And canberra milk.kid
The JSU’s Gaming (3 months ago)
0:54 I think the baby choose Alonso?
Corne Van Gulik (3 months ago)
some of the commercials were so good just because the track record of the drivers showed the same competitive mindset
Sandra Kruithof (3 months ago)
Too Lazy to make a normal name (4 months ago)
3:10 best v10 Engine I’ve heard in my entire life
lol (4 months ago)
idk i would go with michael but he would probably cheat on with the girl
Aaron Jonathan (4 months ago)
They aren't freakin F1 commercial. Not all of them, mate
J paradiis (5 months ago)
In the last Ad the boy isnt speaking German but his Dad does wierd
3,14159265358979238462643383279502884197169399375 1 (5 months ago)
0:19 he’s eating that pizza in such a WRONG way.
Ángel Valera (5 months ago)
me he partidoel pexo conelultimo
M H (6 months ago)
Foolish Swami (6 months ago)
Guy deadass bust a nut in his pants when he saw Schumacher
YaBoiPickle [Some Car Nerd] (6 months ago)
Lewis and Alonso: Giggling the whole time Lewis and Nico: probably wanting to punch each other for sitting remotely near the other
Grey Wind (6 months ago)
4:23 such an intelligent and funny commercial 😆
Paige Williams (6 months ago)
0:47 love Michael's little 'hello' :D I would pick him any day!
kingbuckyduck (6 months ago)
2:07 best commercial since the world began
I like Trains (6 months ago)
First one was hilarious
Happy Noob (7 months ago)
this is legit funny😂😂😂
Neville (7 months ago)
"I am a good fairy" *Takes Lewis's car and put both of them in a bike*
TechBlaze Games (7 months ago)
2:14 Anything you can do i can do it better
Alex Chalov (7 months ago)
А у нас Горбачёв рекламировал пиццу)0)
shaitarn (7 months ago)
That second ad (with Rosberg and Schumi) made me laugh out loud; and I would've picked Schumacher.
Dokya (7 months ago)
I like first commercials, lol
Hugo Diaz (8 months ago)
kids are smarter then parents or what?
I StM I Graphics (8 months ago)
In those times brands used F1 as an advert. Nowadays F1 would need advertising... What happened ?
Greer Thompson (8 months ago)
Ollie Barker (9 months ago)
That bit in the sauna with Mika 👌
_Rahmano _ (9 months ago)
The kids though 🤣🤣🤣🤣, and the kid who spoke malay was awesome
Joghan Gaming en vlogs (9 months ago)
Kastike (9 months ago)
3:01 finnish people and im from finland
moi heh (3 months ago)
Juu minä myös
Jonathan Kevin (9 months ago)
Mika Hakkinen allways him.......
Crosby MGO (9 months ago)
2:10 2007 Season in a Nutshell
pSyk (10 months ago)
Young Hamilton and Alonso are just bad too look at 😂
Riki Newton (10 months ago)
Yuk !! Wot a bunch of exceptionally unfunny and insipid ads. No thanx.
FabLoveGA (4 months ago)
Ok no one cares.
Daniel Razali (10 months ago)
wow malaysian language
tugatomsk (10 months ago)
Best F1 commercials and you don't include the one from 1998 when Hakkinen and Coulthard are so far into the lead that they stop for a haircut at the barber who was watching that very same race, then rejoining the race still in the lead?! (I have that recording somewhere)
Fransiskus Winaris (10 months ago)
that kid was speaking german and the dad malay interesting family u got there also the second kid was probably forced to speak malay by petronas, it sounds so weird
skibba5000 (11 months ago)
first one is hilarious xD
INTENSA EMOZIONE (11 months ago)
4:04 that was not german...
Wiryan Tirtarahardja (11 months ago)
2:40 this sums up their relationship
Ardo Yiu (11 months ago)
conguration Mercedes Benz 2012 you drivers Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Anirudh Shirsat (11 months ago)
Get well soon Michael❤️
glenniz1 (11 months ago)
I have been a fan of Grand Prix racing since 1966, and I sure hope we get to see more commercials like this in the U.S.!!!!
Forty Four (1 year ago)
0:45 - 1:10 We miss you Michael!
Kanan Al (1 year ago)
get well Michael
Osman E. (1 year ago)
2:56 WTF?
Joonas Uustulnd (1 year ago)
Yeah, MB ads kicked ass, Petronas commercials kind of sucked and blowed at the same time :/
Takoda (1 year ago)
lol hakkinen and the sauber commercials where the best and the pizza hut
Ethian Guillen (1 year ago)
When i grow up i want to be a f1 driver
Twintwix123456789 (1 year ago)
Haha the commentator is epic.
Deia658 Santos (1 year ago)
Deia658 Santos (1 year ago)
Sauber BMW 2009
Deia658 Santos (1 year ago)
Mercedes Benz 2012 commercial Schumacher and Rosbeg
Deia658 Santos (1 year ago)
Damon Hill and Murray walker pizza hunt commercial
Racin' Bacon (1 year ago)
0:18 Hill belongs in the 8th circle of hell for eating pizza like that
Quoverlord (26 days ago)
Racin' Bacon you try eating Pizza Hut’s all new delicious stuffed crust pizza with cheese stuffed in the crust the right way ‘round. #IAmNotAPizzaHutSalesmanISwear
LM Fernando F1 WC (1 year ago)
The ferrari commercial il better
Anway Pramanik (1 year ago)
Dude the last kid's language sounds like its from the Avatar universe
normeme (1 year ago)
Anway Pramanik he was speaking in malay language(Malaysia). which is a South East Asian country. and hes clearly European. thats why it sound hella weird
Angel (1 year ago)
Alonso and Hamilton 2007 commercial sums up the 2007 season PERFECT!
Benjamin Puljak (1 year ago)
rip Michael 😭
Ryan Villopoto (1 year ago)
Hahaha funny part is when the Malaysian boy speak German,And the German boy speaks Malay..😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jinesh Jk (1 year ago)
3:10 boy no more V10s
12loleng (1 year ago)
Anyone knw what language is spoken on the last commercial?
Daniel G. (1 year ago)
Pizza hut having dine in?
Knight King (1 year ago)
I'd go with Schumacher
Miia Kristiina Siimestö (1 year ago)
Suomi - Sauna and Sisu ..
SeaBass Gorka (1 year ago)
Lewis was driving nico into the woods to murder him.
Thatrandomguyinthecorner (1 year ago)
when I saw the car smoking in the second one I thought it was a Honda :)
Fastmiey 7 (1 year ago)
the bmw sauber petronas f1 it's the best use 2 languages between malaysia and germany
Gabby S (1 year ago)
Haha nice!
Àdam Elias (1 year ago)
Bad < Good < Excelent < Legend < Hakkinen
patchedupdemon (1 year ago)
i find this advert comparing michael and rosbeg a bit insulting,rosberg i a mere flea compared to the titan michael is
Hazrudin Burmic (1 year ago)
2007 the best kimi raikonen from behind to win the championship but this commercial was the best and mika was awesome
W Shady98 (1 year ago)
The dad and son are speaking two diff languages right?
jeannoel43 (1 year ago)
the first one with murray and damon is cool
JJ4824 (1 year ago)
Where is soda cookies
Daniel0889 (1 year ago)
2:07 If it's Kimi in the commercial instead of Mika, then we would get the 2007 season in one commercial :D
SGG (2 months ago)
+Zrob8 _ alo ham kimi championship rivials
SGG (2 months ago)
+Jan Veldhuizen holy shit ur dumb
SGG (2 months ago)
Zrob8 _ (2 months ago)
Guys, it's Alonso and hamilton
Niko Mäkinen (2 months ago)
+Jan Veldhuizen holy shit are u retard
Nx Doyle (1 year ago)
It's been about ten years since I stopped watching telly and I don't miss it. The only thing I watch on TV is F1. In Australia, which means the quality of coverage is crap. I remember the Murray/Damon Pizza Hut ad and thought back then that Murray was just soo-perb.
Muhammad Khalique Mohamad Zulkipli (1 year ago)
Malaysian here
Christian Kidzspeed (1 year ago)
1:55 pranked
Jean .valjean (1 year ago)
bitches no shit as usual , any dude that knows his shit would had picked schumacher witouth even thinking ; simply the best
Javi Torres (1 year ago)
El anuncio de Alonso y hamilton definen perfectamente su temporada
Manel Pelayo (1 year ago)
All Mercedes and BMW ads
WormDK (1 year ago)
Mika is always in the background
Bora Çetin (1 year ago)
Ohh man that Mercedes ads!!