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10 Insane Engines Of All Time

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10 Insane Engines Of All Time ► Subscribe: https://goo.gl/vHN6qB For copyright matters please contact us at: miniminter1992.29@gmail.com When it comes to engines, we all know that bigger is better. And throughout history, the need for bigger and more powerful engines created some of the world’s most awe-inspiring designs ever seen, some of which evolved into incredibly powerful engines that have numbers that boggle the imagination. Ever wondered what powers the biggest plans, trains, and automobiles? From huge jet engines, rockets, and even the biggest ship engine you’ll ever see, check out and enjoy these 10 biggest engines of all time. #engine #hp #horsepower #engines #engineering
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Torben Møller (16 days ago)
Yes I have seen the B&W motor here in Copenhagen. Seversl times... 👌
PowerOf One (22 days ago)
9:15 Not brave enough to say it put man on the moon because IT DIDN'T. Man on the moon is a total hoax.
Megan Thai (1 month ago)
0:34 thats not a GE90
REI TETEUS (1 month ago)
if anyone is wondering it takes 1,008,000,00$ for that cargo ship to cross the atlantic
saldoczaidi (2 months ago)
400,000 hours is more than 46 years ...
ma ta (3 months ago)
11;24? Is that Istanbul? That Ship Engine was the most impressive
pinche gringo (3 months ago)
And people think we're moving away from oil. HA!
mallarapu madhu Shekhar (3 months ago)
127000 pounds means how many kilonewtons? 🤔
09F430_19Grndsprt_09s/cViper_17stg3ecobst_imbroke (3 months ago)
Legendary rocketdyne F-1
Cpt_Kodai (3 months ago)
It always amazing to me that ships move. I know how that sounds, but when you realize there are ships big enough to be skyscrapers and they can move 50 miles an hour? Huh.
Old Man (3 months ago)
The Saturn 5 is the most insane by far. It's service thrust was about 7,500,000 Lbs and it's full up thrust was 9,200,000 Lbs. It's takeoff weight was 3,250 Tons. It went from zero to mach 6.5 in 4 minutes. It's payload was 140 tons to orbit. There were 13 of them built. It retired with a perfect launch record. There was one malfunction in a second stage where one of 5 engines failed to start. The control wiring was plugged in wrong and the flight computer shut off the wrong engine. So it shut off the opposite engine to keep it flying straight. On only 3 engines, the rocket performed a 1/4 roll to put the 3 good engines in the flat plane and throttled up to 112% then gimbaled full up and still made orbit, just a little late. (and it did that all by it's self with no ground commands) Insane!
Ian McGreevy (3 months ago)
Yes Krantz is a great man.
Old Man (3 months ago)
@Ian McGreevy All these years later, No one in the general public even guessed at how "Experimental" most of the early space hardware really was. Until I read Gene Krantz book, "Failure Is Not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond" where he details all of the day to day struggles and problems the flight directors went through on every launch. A required read for anyone that has space in their blood.
Ian McGreevy (3 months ago)
Don Ogoobo you have to be careful with Saturn 5 because it had cluster of engines working together.
Jim Roberts (3 months ago)
Actually, UP's "Big Boy" steam locomotive was *not* the most powerful in regular rail service. The N&W Y6a class, 2-8-8-2, articulated Mallet engines, built in their Roanoke, VA Shops in the 1940's, were much more powerful. Built to haul heavy loads (e.g , coal) up steep grades, they were the Clydesdales of rail and normally ran 35-45 MPH.
Victor Holmberg Hougaard Sejersen 4B Ebeltoft Skole (3 months ago)
I live in Denmark
Philip Boug (3 months ago)
Did they just call the Convair B36 a "European Bomber"...???!!!
Jimmy Dell (3 months ago)
Words have meaning. INSANE-Characteristic of or associated with persons who are mentally deranged. Not a word that should be associated with engines!
gas pumper (1 month ago)
They can also have multiple definitions and be used in different contexts. Don’t be overly sensitive and assume disrespectful intent automatically.
milimo mpande (3 months ago)
Good move
Rodolfo Ortega (3 months ago)
G9x turbine
Ali Bozorgmagham (3 months ago)
Which company makes best engines?
Derek V (3 months ago)
Well it's time for bed....ok one more vid
Mike G. (3 months ago)
Looks like the engine in my folks wagon Jetta without a blower. 😂😂😂😂
Matthew Statham (3 months ago)
I am sure the Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket in the world made by spacex and I'm pretty sure its like 4x more powerful or something
hoghogwild (3 months ago)
@Matthew Statham With the single most powerful rocket engine ever used operationally being the 4 segment space shuttle Solid Rocket Motor. When used in the shuttle SRBs they made 3.05 million pounds/thrust. The newer 5 segment SRB will make approx. 3.8 million pounds thrust.
Matthew Statham (3 months ago)
and its been in operational status since April however the most powerful rocket engine In the world would be the F-1 rocket engine which gave out 8 million newtons
cimunkpure (3 months ago)
i'm lost in measurement unit..:D
Seb (4 months ago)
pounds force not pounds feet, lbf. Using Newtons is just simpler because it doesn't confuse with mass of kg.
Johnny Spousta (4 months ago)
Damn all those lame imperial measurements. Can know horse s*** from this video without constantly transferring it. So, even though the vid is quite enjoyable, thumbs down for that.
Raymun Chieftain (4 months ago)
Daaaaaaaaaaammmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!
ge45ge Called (4 months ago)
most likely going to the Moon
STohme (4 months ago)
Very nice and interesting video. Many thanks.
dwayne fien (4 months ago)
my grandfather helped construct the Saturn V rockets. I forget the company that he worked for, but I have the commemorative coins..
Bull Durham (4 months ago)
It is impossible for a machine to be insane: insanity a legal term, not a psychological term. Once the dotard Trump is indicted for high crimes, I'm sure that he will be judged in a court of law as being insane; thus, he will be institutionalized for the rest of his life in a maximum secure mental institution for the criminally insane.
xirsamoht x (4 months ago)
...in the u.s. ...in the u.s. ...in the u.s.
redX111t (4 months ago)
Yeah... why not just use only SI units in a video like this? I mean most people who are interested in technical stuff like this will probably appreciate.
Michael Dillard (4 months ago)
The music makes watching this unbearable
richard (4 months ago)
Then go away and bitch about something else!
Michael Hawthorne (4 months ago)
Wow, some numbers to conjour with there...
alfred ackah (4 months ago)
Thisispowerful engineer.Thanks
Vladpryde (4 months ago)
When your 1997 Cadillac makes as much horsepower as a 27 liter engine.
spoonikle (4 months ago)
LaMalediction666 (4 months ago)
Interesting Facts: most people use the metric system, and don't mix every units. So confusing, didn't understand the video.
Kolin Stallman (4 months ago)
most people use both but there are others.
Hello Kitty Lover Man! (4 months ago)
"That's about _______ ..." and then goes on to name a really exact number, LOL!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! (4 months ago)
"PoundS-feet"? Didn't ya mean "pound-feet"?
Hello Kitty Lover Man! (4 months ago)
The turbines don't actually turn steam into electricity, duh.
Hello Kitty Lover Man! (4 months ago)
"Two thousand eighteen"? There's an easier way to say most years (less syllables) that works for years from this century too: Try saying "TWENTY-eighteen" today!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! (4 months ago)
"There's a reason"? Yeah, but so what? Even accidents have their reasons. How about saying something that makes sense, like, "There's a _purpose_ "?
Dwight Magnuson (4 months ago)
"Thrust" is measured in pounds, not pounds-feet (which is a measure of torque). Whom ever wrote the dialogue was not an engineer or anyone with a technical background. Which makes everything described suspect. Thrust and torque are very basic measurement units...
Archie Redman (4 months ago)
Dwight,you are 100% correct about all this info being suspect,just more web drama.
Dale Hemme (4 months ago)
Imagine that, dat big ass rocket motor got us into LOW EARTH ORBIT. Still think we went to the moon using that bubble gum and baling wire in 1969. Ok, and I suppose your wife loves you too. We all are entitled to have our fantasies.
KEVIN JOHNSTON (4 months ago)
KEVIN JOHNSTON (4 months ago)
0Avok0 (4 months ago)
pls include conversion to metric
Platinum (4 months ago)
Frequently Cynical (4 months ago)
That was fun, thanks. A tiny quibble, car engines over 3 liters are not rare at all. I remember living in the San Fernando Valley in the early 1980's near the eastern end. Rockwell had a rocket engine test facility in the Santa Susana Mountains on the west end. It was there partly so that the surrounding hills would deflect the sound of the engines, at least to some degree. Nevertheless, when they set that thing off, miles away, up and over the hills, it was a roar!
Adamska Ocelot (4 months ago)
Arabelle has been created by French Framatome/alstom company and not GE. GE just stolen it.
pdmitri44 (4 months ago)
Все разработки провалились. И по сей день используют Российские разработки двигателей для ракет!
MarbleDemo (4 months ago)
8:41 Co2 free energy? have any idea how much diesel is burned to mine Uranium or Plutonium for a single reactor? Let me guess you drive a Prius and enjoy L.A. traffic.
MarbleDemo (4 months ago)
@Frequently Cynical I'd like to know more about harnessing wind energy, cylindrical turbines are starting to spin up
Frequently Cynical (4 months ago)
Plutonium is not mined, fool. It is a byproduct of U-235 fission. All forms of energy production require some level of energy to produce. Even windmills (my all electric home is 100% wind powered) require massive amounts of energy consumption and pollution for the concrete bases. No energy production is "free." Nuclear power has one of the best input/output ratios. And why do you project what he drives and where he lives?
Invalid (4 months ago)
that soundtrack is so obnoxious
Steve Landess (4 months ago)
We have one of the welders which was used to assemble the Saturn V rocket tanks. My dad bought it in a GSA auction. It was mounted on a jig which had railroad wheels which ran on tracks alongside the tank.
Jeff Murphy (4 months ago)
Why are these engines insane, and can they be cured? Inquiring minds want to know.
Sean Harris (4 months ago)
Ben Sr. Estanislao (5 months ago)
FDS (5 months ago)
waay to usa focused. Arabelle is from Alsthom France.
Matt Mattelig (5 months ago)
way too many ads - thumbs down on this one!
jackson Mongar (5 months ago)
rocket engine is awesome
James Benedict (5 months ago)
I am not impressed by the size of these engines!! I think we are looking at premitive engines compared to some of the future engines that will be powered by a totally new energy source!! We might see those in our life time soon!
Dennis Nomer (5 months ago)
Narrator is not an engineer. Rocket thrust is not given in 'pounds-feet'; rather the units 'lbf' translate as 'pounds force' to distinguish from 'pounds mass'. Also, torque is given in 'foot-pounds', not 'pounds-feet' for the ship engine.
Rens G T (5 months ago)
The legendary "Rocketdyne's F1 engine " that has propelled Man to Moon. 5 x F1 engine on SATURN 5 Rocket produced around 7.5 million pounds of thrust( as per common man's term's that's about "32 million Horse power").
Victor Burton (5 months ago)
That weird repetitive thumping clicking clashing noise is very distracting. I gave this video a THUMBS DOWN
iank muin (5 months ago)
keren mesin pesawatnya
bandagefreak (5 months ago)
The old radial engines still blow my mind - utterly complex and mind bogglingly awesome! That Sulzer crankshaft falls into the same category alright!
Elizabeth Nash (5 months ago)
I used to live less than a mile away from the main Boeing plant, in Everett, WA...... O M F G!!! They'd test some of those monster engines at like.... 3am!!! LOUD isn't doing it justice!
xseqer (5 months ago)
It's a little surreal being among the parts in a 'large engine' assembly facility. If you're used to, say, VW Bug sized valves and you're walking by tables of GIANT valves and GIANT pistons...they look just the same. Just WAY bigger. And the crank is just a thing to stare at and expand one's appreciation of machining. And YOU feel small. It's a little eerie. Scale. I wonder what the efficiency is for those 40 barrels of bunker oil (a minute?!?). Man, one container ship on one trip must be climate change all by itself. Why is the primitive internal combustion engine with its abysmal efficiency all we seem to have? Particularly for these muscular jobs moving i-phones and sweat shop garments and cocaine and more cars with more ICEs. sigh
Bright Sky (5 months ago)
Nice video
Richard Morin (5 months ago)
B 36 an european bomber????
David Kent (5 months ago)
As for all videos on YouTube, I wish the date of production of the video was avaiable.
Dave Dobson (5 months ago)
b36 was not european
kens32052 (5 months ago)
Wouldn't electric motors be more efficient in ships.
FS2K4Pilot (3 months ago)
charles woods Well, it's the combination of steerable Azi-pods and bow and stern thrusters.
charles woods (3 months ago)
Most modern cruise ships are powered by electric motors usually three.Electricicity is generated by Diesel powered generators/alternators.That ,and the shape of the hull is what gives cruise ships their ability to move sideways and back up.
Martindyna (5 months ago)
Ships often have electric final drive. The electricity is generated by either Diesel engine(s) or Gas turbine(s) driving alternator(s).
FS2K4Pilot (5 months ago)
And power them how?
Randall Gill (5 months ago)
Just for the record. The B-36 was not a European bomber.
gas pumper (1 month ago)
It was made to be used in Europe.
Bob Jacobson (5 months ago)
Great video. One minor correction: Lycoming is pronounced "Ly COMing" not "LY coming" (I have relatives in Williamsport, PA so I've heard this pronounced many times.)
Yankee Inventions (5 months ago)
stupid music is obnoxious
John Burns (5 months ago)
The Yanks are unbelievable. This vid is full of _"the largest in the United States"._ The rest of the world does not exist then.
What Not To Do At a Stoplight (4 months ago)
Richard Harvey 5%? You’re an idiot lmao
Richard Harvey (4 months ago)
John Burns Hi John they live in a closed world only 5% have passports, Rolls Royce Trent does not get a mention far more fuel economic, Finland has the biggest Diesel engine so a bit behind the times R
What Not To Do At a Stoplight (5 months ago)
So build it
Sasan Dabirian (5 months ago)
Who else is watching this in 1930?
Hein Hermans (5 months ago)
Nobody cares about airplane engines. Good thing this video has real engines that are so heavy it equals a few airplanes
JOHN L OPPERMAN (5 months ago)
Starts w/ most stupid statement: "WE all know" bigger is better. Except those of us who DO know & understand both logic & engines, often smaller is more useful, thus "better."
Frequently Cynical (4 months ago)
Oh, jeez, do you know what pedantic is? You are. "You can't beat cubic inches." Sure, one can, but it's quibbling.
Common Sense (5 months ago)
Thank you exactly I cringed when I heard him saying it.!
Danny Danny (5 months ago)
Holy Ship!
Godfrey Poon (5 months ago)
Why do you use music with that stupid annoying ticking noise in it? Not watching this video.
ed (5 months ago)
Too much technical data grammed into a short time span. I had to cut off the sound and just watch the pix.
DumbSkippy (5 months ago)
The Wartsila ship engine does NOT produce 107 to 390 horsepower !!! Saying that's about 5 million foot-pounds of torque is silly as horsepower is totally different to torque. Clearly either the author or narrator have no idea of the topic. Best stick to topics you understand.
indyrat500 (5 months ago)
Yeah, the computer text-to-voice program didn't execute 107,390 hp properly. But the torque figure for turning the propeller of a ship is actually as important as horsepower. One of the design features of the Wartsila-Sulzer is that it produces max torque at a high point in the RPM range.
indyrat500 (5 months ago)
Perhaps you do not understand that it is a text-to-voice computer program that is providing the narration. If the text is not properly written, the results are not what you might have intended. And the video producer doesn't seem to care to double-check it.
Samsng Device (5 months ago)
AVLRECORDS (5 months ago)
Still 1800's shiet
Stepan Bandera (5 months ago)
You forgot the Chrysler HEMI.
TRLWNC1 (5 months ago)
The Beast of Turin has been restored and run at Goodwood. It's scary to watch, even on video!
Derek V (3 months ago)
I just watched that recently lol just chugs along bang bang bang bang
514BMXJay (5 months ago)
Am I just high or is this voice a robot and really annoying??
indyrat500 (5 months ago)
Computer text-to-voice program using pre-recorded words spoken by a human, but put together by the program. Yes, annoying after awhile.
Egghead (5 months ago)
Man; i've got to put that ship motor in my mini moke, imagine that!!!!!
JOHN L OPPERMAN (5 months ago)
Egghead You're a yoke.
Sam Steele (5 months ago)
Great video!
Cognitive dissidence (5 months ago)
I'm still searching for the engines from 911
richard (4 months ago)
@kyto o you were talking about a VW with a flat 6 man. Not a 912. STFU.
kyto o (4 months ago)
@richard wrong buddy they also made a 912 which had a flat four...
richard (4 months ago)
@kyto o VW only made a flat 4. Porsche made the flat 6: 911 and the 916
kyto o (4 months ago)
vw flat 6 lol....
TheEnderWarrior- Gaming (5 months ago)
Did they just call the boeing 777 a... british airways seven-seventy-seven passenger plane
FS2K4Pilot (5 months ago)
Yes. British Airways IIRC was the first airline to operate a 777 powered by the GE90.
Christian Benn (5 months ago)
Love the innovations of the engines
Matchless AJS BSA (5 months ago)
Saturn V rocket thrust was measured in pounds-feet in this video. Everywhere else it's just pounds of thrust...
Ian McGreevy (3 months ago)
Pound-feet is inappropriate because it is not a measure of thrust nor power.
hoghogwild (5 months ago)
@FS2K4Pilot The most efficient altitude is determined by the nozzle design. The F-1 was a booster engine designed to do most of 8ts work in the atmosphere. They burned from sea level upwards for 159 seconds before the more efficient second stage J-2 engines took over. Those engines were 100% optimized for use in vacuum.
FS2K4Pilot (5 months ago)
hoghogwild The F-1 made 1.5 million pounds of thrust on the test stand at sea level, but at its most efficient operating altitude, the F-1 made over 2 million pounds of thrust.
hoghogwild (5 months ago)
It's actually measured in lbf but everyone just says "pounds", I think the video makers saw the units "lbf" and mistook it for a value used for torque, "pound feet" when rockets are measured using units of lbf or "pounds force". The F-1 produced 1,500,00 pounds force or 6,700,000 newtons or 680 tf (tons force). To make that much thrust each F-1 used 5,683 pounds (2,578 kg) of propellants every second.
kalzonenu (5 months ago)
Diesel compressor at my job costs roughtly 1 dollar /min (42 liters/hour), so i dont feel that its very expensive considering i pay a dollar for 300 HP. Then again Swediztans INSANE OIL TAX really makes it an uneven comparssion.
Ferguson 20 diesel (5 months ago)
Our farm tractor burns over a litre a kilometer pulling over 22 ton. Over €1,50 a kilometer to run. And it will probably do a kilometer at around a minute
Red49chevy p/u REVELATION19:13 (5 months ago)
Frequently Cynical (4 months ago)
WTF are you saying????
rob the elder (5 months ago)
UP Steam has returned a Big Boy to service. Look at their videos
Matej Bukovec (5 months ago)
Most of the world DOESN'T use pounds!
David N (5 months ago)
Rest of the world doesnt count.
Kyle Bieth (5 months ago)
Did you ever stop to think that the standard is implemented by the government? Im a mechanic on import vehicles. I would fucking love for everything to be metric...but it can't. So don't blame a population on govt regulations. Just saying
JazlDazl (5 months ago)
TheEnderWarrior- Gaming (5 months ago)
@Luke Cague you know people walk... lol my jokes suck
Luke Cague (5 months ago)
Or feet
More Money (5 months ago)
When you were talking about the diesel engine, you said “base” horsepower.. BHP actually stands for “BRAKE horsepower” .. : )
wholeNwon (6 months ago)
Bad use of the word "insane".
Rick Riede (6 months ago)
Engines cant be insane.Only insane people can be insane.Engines can however be cool.That is until they warm up.