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Eddy Cue on why Apple hasn't bought Netflix

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At the South by Southwest conference, CNNMoney's Dylan Byers talks to Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue about why the company is creating its own original content rather than acquiring a company like Netflix or Disney.
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Text Comments (20)
Sam Felton (2 months ago)
He has a serious problem with eye contact 😂
James Pharris (2 months ago)
The Gretzky metaphor was spot on. Throwing money around just because you can is for lottery winners & celebrities new to the game.
Shahar Rozenbloom (3 months ago)
They need to Focus in Texture on Economy and Stocks and Tech like Bloomberg and on Music. And Time New York
Pilgrim's Progress (3 months ago)
Where can we watch the full interview?
FreeJaffa92 (3 months ago)
Where can we see the full interview?
Bas Saliu (3 months ago)
Excellent Interview. Onward to $1 Trillion Apple!
coldburn909 (3 months ago)
So he didn’t really answer the question
M4st3rm1nd (2 months ago)
coldburn909 exactly he kept circling around every question
Trey Duval (3 months ago)
Does he (Apple) ever? Lol
Danyal A. (3 months ago)
"We dont try to sell the most phones, we try to make the best phones" It is the other way around. You're not fooling anyone
Tech Off (2 months ago)
Sure, the design might be somewhat similar every year, but what’s on the inside and its features aren’t. And if you’re going to base what makes a phone new and different just by how it looks, then you’re going to see that the whole tech industry as a whole is moving slowly. Does Samsung, Google, OnePlus and whoever else make huge (design) changes every year? I think not. They make a huge change to their phones after they’ve perfected them. And those iPhones (the 6, 6s, 7 and 8) are not the same phones. Sure, they look similar because that’s Apple’s brand, and they are working on something new (like the X) in the background. Every new iPhone has new features (and the 6s looking like the 6 is a given. It’s just an S upgrade) although they may look similar to the old phone. Sorry if I’m coming across as rude. I’m not trying to argue, I’m just very passionate about the subject and would like to share my opinions.
Danyal A. (2 months ago)
Selling the same phone for 4 generations is not the "best phone" in my opinion.
Tech Off (2 months ago)
They are a public company. The whole point of a company is to make money (for its shareholders). So yes, Apple does try to sell the most phones they can (because what company wouldn't want to), and they try to make the best phones in order to sell the most phones.
Sam Felton (2 months ago)
Danyal A. The way i see it, you don’t know what apple prioritises. You only have their word and your own experience. All of the interviews I’ve seen have said they want to make the best products, and all of the products I’ve bought from them have reflected this.
Danyal A. (2 months ago)
Apples priorities: 1. Profit 2. Quantity 3. Ecosystem to trap customers 4. Quality
Lex Boa (3 months ago)
Great interviewer
Rock the Vote (3 months ago)
Texture sucks...it's a pain in the ass to navigate and it does not have the full content of magazines. I tried it on a fire kindle which has a pretty large screen. Can't imagine how much more annoying it would be on a phone....