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Eddy Cue on why Apple hasn't bought Netflix

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At the South by Southwest conference, CNNMoney's Dylan Byers talks to Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue about why the company is creating its own original content rather than acquiring a company like Netflix or Disney.
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Text Comments (12)
James Pharris (1 minute ago)
The Gretzky metaphor was spot on. Throwing money around just because you can is for lottery winners & celebrities new to the game.
Shahar Rozenbloom (5 days ago)
They need to Focus in Texture on Economy and Stocks and Tech like Bloomberg and on Music. And Time New York
Pilgrim's Progress (8 days ago)
Where can we watch the full interview?
FreeJaffa92 (8 days ago)
Where can we see the full interview?
Bas Saliu (9 days ago)
Excellent Interview. Onward to $1 Trillion Apple!
coldburn909 (10 days ago)
So he didn’t really answer the question
Trey Duval (5 days ago)
Does he (Apple) ever? Lol
Danyal A. (10 days ago)
"We dont try to sell the most phones, we try to make the best phones" It is the other way around. You're not fooling anyone
wildreams (4 hours ago)
Well, if they want to sell MOST phones, they would have dropped the price don't you think?
Danyal A. (10 days ago)
Austin Conlon Quality is not apples objective.
Austin Conlon (10 days ago)
He said right after it that hopefully quantity follows.
Lex Boa (10 days ago)
Great interviewer
Rock the Vote (10 days ago)
Texture sucks...it's a pain in the ass to navigate and it does not have the full content of magazines. I tried it on a fire kindle which has a pretty large screen. Can't imagine how much more annoying it would be on a phone....