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Inside Corning's Gorilla Glass Factory

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CNBC traveled to Harrodsburg, Kentucky to get a rare look inside Corning’s oldest glass factory where it makes Gorilla Glass for iPhones and a variety of other devices. The factory runs 24/7 and human hands never touch the glass — only air and robots. Take a look inside to see how it's made. In the middle of bluegrass and bourbon country in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, is Corning's oldest glass factory. It was built in the 1950s to create lenses for glasses and then in the 1980s it transitioned into making LCD glass panels. But about six months before the first iPhone was released in 2007, Steve Jobs made a call to the CEO of Corning and asked the company to create glass that could withstand scratches and breakage for a new Apple product. Before that, phones were typically covered in plastic. Corning quickly developed Gorilla Glass, and this factory went through a complete transformation. The same company that developed the glass for the Edison bulb in 1879, is now making the glass that covers 6 billion smartphones, tablets, screens and wearables worldwide for Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei and a variety of other manufacturers. Watch the video to get a rare look inside the factory to see how Gorilla Glass is made. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC Inside Corning's Gorilla Glass Factory
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CNBC (3 months ago)
Are there any other products or components you'd like to learn more about? Let us know in the comments below:
Indian Scam Association ISA (6 days ago)
do how condoms or tampons are made
In-Short (6 days ago)
I'd like to know how the smart phone cameras are made
The Revealer (8 days ago)
How Touch Screens Are Made?
The Kaiser (6 days ago)
How navigation systems for modern U.S. nuclear missiles are made.
ngorang nikum channel (10 days ago)
Snapdragon are manufactured?
Eastern Diaries (36 minutes ago)
..and the glass never breaks🤣🤣
Wills Rockson (2 hours ago)
It's 2019 and we still have screen cracke phones, what have you guys been researching all the time 🤐🤐🤐
Quazi Ahmmed (2 hours ago)
Corning needs to start looking into tranparent aluminium
Тесты игр и ПК (4 hours ago)
Параша, а не стёкла, на galaxy s7 edge трескается от малейшего падения
Jahidul Islam Shuvo (20 hours ago)
2 number glass
Jahidul Islam Shuvo (20 hours ago)
Gorilla glass no good.glass many many scratch.
Executioner Gaming (20 hours ago)
In Year 2035 next will be T rex Glass In Year 2100 there will be Godzilla glass
Jeff (22 hours ago)
When are we going to switch from gorilla glass to the transparent aluminum from the star trek movie?
amni khalisah (1 day ago)
Who else watch this trough the gorilla glass screen ?
ROV Robotics (1 day ago)
They could have gotten a better company spokesperson other than a man
Jhilz Alba (1 day ago)
Watching this video and my phone suddenly drop and the glass broke. HAHAHA What about, 'My phone suddenly drop and it's glass was broke and this video suddenly plays'?
mrsingh (1 day ago)
But jerry dig everything🤣🤣😎
Hussien Moussa (1 day ago)
Already broken 💔
Salman Al-lami (1 day ago)
Tuhan itu adil (1 day ago)
I know everything how to become civilised nation. It just needs a kick start of everything, an ample time and the minute to prosper. I need interventions in politics system to sustain goverment of good conducts. There is no democracy for idiots.
ΣDM LӨVΣЯ (1 day ago)
nagaraj b (1 day ago)
I think, It's lifespan may be reduced... bcoz of tests...
AJIT SALOPAL (2 days ago)
They make crap. They crack and break easily. We wouldn't be buying screen protector glass had the so called "GORELLA glass" would have saved from cracking.
Tawhid Bhuiyan Fahad (2 days ago)
Hello, I am a victim of fake mi shop. Any suggestion for me. I can even send you the picture of that shop.
harvey ang (2 days ago)
I thought pyrex is the hardest glass out there?
dhefri ardianto (2 days ago)
I want a godzilla glass now :(
it's Dean (2 days ago)
Where's the gorilla ?
DR Chen (2 days ago)
Saying good bye to CGG -Huawei
DR Chen (2 days ago)
Corning waved at Huawei
DR Chen (2 days ago)
Huawei left the group.
Franklin (2 days ago)
Plastic non break
hendri jaya (3 days ago)
Girls are dominating this company 😆
Bayu Hartanto (3 days ago)
I thought it was made from Gorilla
meixyuri citrus (2 days ago)
Ohhh your joking😂😂😂
vivek dohare (3 days ago)
my Nokia 3310 can break human head, but this GG can't.
Reckless& Relentless (3 days ago)
I love the "how it is made" videos.
ALI OSWALDO (3 days ago)
Gorilla Glass 5 user
RoughDIamond (3 days ago)
And then it just scratches in your pocket
文RomyRv (3 days ago)
i thought it was made from gorilla
Chen Leu (4 days ago)
Will the robots be fired if they make some mistakes?
David Robinson (4 days ago)
"glass science behind the glass"
迪亚比Diaby (4 days ago)
comment is colorful than the video itself
ShayPatrickCormac2 (5 days ago)
The one I'm using rn to watch has Corning Gorilla glass 3
SuperKiko112 (5 days ago)
Sorry but your glass aint not that strong
jobless indian (6 days ago)
There were all women workers
Kuroaka Hiniichi (6 days ago)
"A screen protector is recommended"
Jak Nori (6 days ago)
0:00 - 0:07 Tremble in fear Eminem
RAM SATAGOPAM (6 days ago)
The real question is ... Are her glasses made by herself ?
Indian Scam Association ISA (6 days ago)
This is a ripoff how its made video.
In-Short (6 days ago)
I needed to watch this because of the smart phone reviewers
atul pr (6 days ago)
KingOvDeWorld (7 days ago)
This glass is so strong that your screen breaks everytime you drop your phone.
Sonsky Infante (7 days ago)
*"No Gorillas were harmed during the filming of this video."*
Muntazir Imam Zamana AS from Pakistan (7 days ago)
The formula of mixing has been kept secret
J C (7 days ago)
So without Apple, android would not have got the gorilla glass and still be using plastics.
The Pure Guy (2 days ago)
Plastic is better
Agent 33 (7 days ago)
Are these robots getting paid?
Lucy Kaslana (8 days ago)
How Nuclear Bomb made ?
B Nagy (8 days ago)
Safety lol - no, it is cheaper than humans
Jay J (8 days ago)
Wow sounds amazing, so why do most phones that have Gorilla glass break on impact? the Oneplus 7 pro has Gorilla glass 5 , I just saw a drop test the phone broke on impact after only one drop.
iiam CÀŁƏB (8 days ago)
All that for a drop of *crack*
f581474x (8 days ago)
So let me ask you is a trade war good for Corning?
Sai Charan (8 days ago)
Watching it on my broken screen
Hassaan J (8 days ago)
Fun Fact: A broken heart and a Glass can never be repaired !
The Kaiser (8 days ago)
You make glass from gorillas? That is evil!
Rom Solomon (1 day ago)
Tangina hahhaha
Rajat Thakur (2 days ago)
That means it is that powerful as Gorillaz 😂😂😂
Ismail Hamidi (2 days ago)
Gilberto Z (6 days ago)
Or genius
аи бе (8 days ago)
Norglad Mbile (9 days ago)
Hahah.. notice the effort to look pro diversity..
Hector Domino (9 days ago)
Just imagine Corning developed glass by "Prince Rupert's Drop"!! I hope one day they will.
Dxn246 NRP (9 days ago)
Robots are also not perfect Afterall
Jerome Visperas (10 days ago)
I'm watching this And my gorilla glass is broken Iwwww.
Kai Zen (10 days ago)
where's the gorilla?i have been lied
AIG (10 days ago)
4:46 2 millimiters is thicker than I thought
Vimal Singh (11 days ago)
Everything they are making is suger glass.
RAKESH M R (11 days ago)
Glass is glass , glass breaks..☺☺
YOU ARE HERE FOR ? (11 days ago)
Gorilla glass came from wakanda 🤔
Rockstar Mgtow (11 days ago)
Gorilla glass is hype
Aman Raturi (11 days ago)
There should be Jerry around with his scratching tools !!
Techiology 91 (11 days ago)
Her voice is so irritating. More like she's fighting and arguing
Tiago Almeida (9 days ago)
Salty much ?
Ruben Don (11 days ago)
no gorillas were hurt in the making of this glass
Xtreme Level (12 days ago)
I'm watching this with gorella glass 6
Victor Savelle (12 days ago)
This was so vague, that it's basically a 6 minute commercial.
Victor Savelle (9 days ago)
+Tiago Almeida no. I just heard vague information and video of robots. They obviously don't want to give anything away, but any less info and this could have been an episode of Powerpuff Girls.
Tiago Almeida (9 days ago)
Did you not hear and see the process ???
abhijit gojara (12 days ago)
& still they break
pankaj suman (12 days ago)
this is more like how it's transported. not how it's made.
NepliBib BoY (12 days ago)
So,the electrolysis process is carried out to strengthen the gorilla glass🤣🤣🤣
Parajuli Sunil (13 days ago)
Glass is glass and glass breaks
Dueng Design (13 days ago)
Corning glass is a joke. My Samsung phone had Corning glass (front and back) on it, and still cracked like crazy when dropped by accident.
shahbaz khan (13 days ago)
Yes same happened with my s8 plus
vhtriyok (13 days ago)
one drop knee high....crack!
Yusril Bagas (14 days ago)
😒 is there stronger screen than nokia 3310?
HGST (14 days ago)
Gorilla Glass 99 - still breaks when dropped on concrete
Melons pop balloons Crazy (14 days ago)
This is simple take a gorilla and and glass. Mix them. The result is gorilla glass.
Dan Druft (14 days ago)
Every single iPhone gets cracked yet not every single Android phone gets cracked ? I would go as far to say hardly any Android phones get as smashed as any iPhone. I wonder why this is ?
BerZ3rker 360 (14 days ago)
Gorilla glass is getting thinner and weaker every year
darker than black (15 days ago)
Uranggutan glass
Andra Lakshmi Narayana (15 days ago)
Gorilla Glass on mobile breaking very easily.
Deepak Maan (15 days ago)
I am watching this video with broken screen
It's Awais_786 (15 days ago)
apple was not the first phone who had gorilla glass in those times nokia phones are famous for gorilla glass before apple phones
Shyla Sree (17 days ago)
Make a video about flexible gorilla glass
non subscribe (17 days ago)
Made of glass
man ya (17 days ago)
Pls make steel glass
Victor Unbea (17 days ago)
I have a LG G6 with GG3 on the touchscreen, GG4 on the camera and GG5 on the back. I dropped it from about 1.5 ft and there isn't a dent on it but I carry it in a form fitting plastic wrap (I've ordered a proper case and screen protector) and it still got some scratches on the back on the GG5 so scratch resistant my rear. Pristine phone lovers note that it's not the keys/coins in your pocket that scratch your phone but the particles of dust you collect in your pocket/purse. Those particles are made of quartz, sapphire and diamond (synthetic, mostly from angle grinder wheels) and other really hard particles.
Euchris belver (18 days ago)
*scratches at level six with deeper grooves at level seven*
Euchris belver (18 days ago)
My phone has gorilla glass five and tempered glass that the company claims as gorilla glass 5
MAVERICK STUDIO (18 days ago)
Glass is a glass and it breaks ☺️
Jason Chahine (18 days ago)
So U can't film it but U did a 3d animation
ABK BK (18 days ago)
Okay Where Is Gorillas ?
ABK BK (18 days ago)
I'm Thinking Gorilla Makes Glasses