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approach lights

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Salah (28 days ago)
Thats time pilots job was very scary comparing of today with new fly techniques
Purple Saxboy (1 month ago)
These old school videos are the best. No YouTube fluff or flair. Straight up learning 👍🏿
reverse thrust (1 month ago)
I hope this video will remind people to use their turn signals.
reverse thrust (1 month ago)
So, who is the poor bastard that changes burned out light bulbs?
reverse thrust (1 month ago)
What about PAPI lights? Same as VASI?
griveramx (3 months ago)
¡Padrísimo! What's with the haters that give thumbs down to this video?
Toby McVinn (4 months ago)
What is a meter?
reverse thrust (1 month ago)
No, its metre.
FlyingWithKB (6 months ago)
I'm saying hwite hwat hway? Hwere do you get off?
WPLU572 Trunked Radio (6 months ago)
Interesting did they not have centerline lights on runway back then?
Ethan Lamoureux (8 months ago)
A few details I noticed about this video. First, the announcer is speaking American English, but the lighting systems being described are ICAO-approved systems, which is an international standard and all distances are in meters. Second, this film was made before Category 3 existed, so there is no information on those systems. But the difference is minimal, since the approach lighting is the same as a Cat 2, and the main difference is extra lights on the taxiways. Third, the systems referred to in this film as “Simple approach light systems”, known to the ICAO to be only good enough for non-precision approaches, which use barrettes at 60 meter/200 foot spacing and extend out only 390 meters/1400 feet rather than the 30 meter/100 foot spacing, 900 meters/3000 feet length of a full system are in fact the basis for the typical Cat 1 system in the US. Basically, you take a short, simple approach light system (SSALS), add five sequenced flashers leading up to it (Runway Alignment Indicator Lights), and you have a Medium Intensity Approach Light System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights, thankfully abbreviated to MALSR. For the international standard, this is only good enough for a non-precision approach. But the FAA thinks it’s good enough for a Cat 1. The standard in the US used to be the ALSF-1, which is similar to the barrette-type Cat 1 system shown in this film. The ALSF-1 remains the standard for military fields in the US. But the FAA believes that saving money is more important than safety, so they cut it down to a simple, non-precision approach lighting system. They have since been toying with the idea of cutting it down even more by reducing the barrettes from 5 to 3 lights each. I guess we just don’t need all that light when landing in the soup! Fourth, in the typical FAA system, almost never is the approach lighting system 900 meters (3000 feet) long. Most only extend out to 2400 feet (720 meters), and a few are shorter yet, some only 1400 feet with an abbreviated set of flashers at the end, called a MALSF.
Урош Митровић (8 months ago)
Thank's for usefull info.
syi tiger907 (8 months ago)
Upside down cross 666 satan created airports and airplanes
Cobrahjh (9 months ago)
Must. Watch. At. 2x speed... learning all about airports just for DCS. Really a fun time. Just more research and study than flying so far. ;)
Nammi-namm (1 year ago)
Asides from the "High Speed Exit Taxiways" being officially called Rapid Exit Taxiways today. This is still extremely relevant to modern day Airlaw.
Nazzz W (1 year ago)
Wth.. lol when was this recorded? 😂😂😂 I can’t learn under these lighting conditions there’s no color 💀💀
A K (1 year ago)
meters.... really.....
Nammi-namm (1 year ago)
Runway lengths and definitions are defined in metres globally. Its an ICAO standard and has been since before this video was made.
akshay passi (1 year ago)
very useful
GZA036 (1 year ago)
Still accurate?
John Doe (1 year ago)
Still the most informative runway lights video after 45 years.
M C (2 years ago)
If you're planning to fly in 1964 👍
Nikolaos Peterson (2 years ago)
Need to know when the FOUR VASI light system was introduced (predominately on port (left) side of runway threshold. Anyone know?
John Wiltberger (2 years ago)
One of the best videos i've watched while wanting to tear my eyes out...Great info, would love to see one made after my parents were born!
Randal Wilson (2 years ago)
Meters? lol
Mike Mac (2 years ago)
This film would have saved a lot of lives in "Die Hard 2".
Alisa Tsutsuji (2 years ago)
The video appears to be from the 1950's or so, but, they are measuring the lights in meters ... I would expect them to be using a non metric measuring system back then ...
reverse thrust (1 month ago)
Alisa Tsutsuji Or at least a smug Euro-British accent with a spec of arrogance mixed in.
NYCeyes (2 years ago)
Very nice video. Thank you this. =:)
jimmymac63 (2 years ago)
Good Gracious, when was this filmed? The 50's?
John Doe (1 year ago)
jimmymac63 1966
John Doe (2 years ago)
the FAA *needs* to make a 2010s version of this!!
M SS (9 months ago)
it will be called RACISTS AND HOMOPHOBIC! 🤣🤣🤣
Jesper Nielsen (2 years ago)
He he - or maybe not :-) I simply love the slowness and language used in it.. Makes me listen, he he... But i agree of course.. Just worrying that something like could be replaced with something less educational :-)
flyingbarrel1949 (2 years ago)
Barettes.... I love it! Must be a late sixties or early seventies film. Cat III was not very common then. Nice video. Thank you for the download!
Robert Gift (2 years ago)
What Red?    B&W film?
Robert Ferman (3 years ago)
black and whght is had to make out anything as far as light color goes. RF
Jan de Wit (3 years ago)
I work with airfield lighting systems for the day job, but the soothing tone will help me sleep more soundly at night :-)
MøHşÎŃ Ali (3 years ago)
CAT ||| details not showing on the video,thats all really measure information thank you for upload that kind of video...
apburner1 (3 years ago)
Approach lights are for women and cowards.
reverse thrust (1 month ago)
apburner1 Shut up
rikywwww (3 years ago)
Very helpful!i like it! Simple and clear.other videos like this?thanks a lot
Abishey Dean (3 years ago)
no for modern times. i like this video very educational. But can you recommend me any video for ILS CAT 3 B? thank you
Jenairaslebol27merde (2 years ago)
i'm not a pilot, but as far as i know the approach lighting installation is the same for higher low vis categories up to IIIB. maybe higher light intensity or so, dont know. the main aspect when it comes to the higher categories is special pilot training and special avionics requirements for the airplane like multiple autoland systems etc.
Abishey Dean (3 years ago)
+mitrowsky thank you.
mitrowsky (3 years ago)
+Abishey Dean Only have those oldies...
Abishey Dean (3 years ago)
i mean for lighting. of cat 3 bravo.
Abishey Dean (3 years ago)
lights for cat 3b??
mitrowsky (3 years ago)
CAT IIIB in 1960-ies??
R W Van Dyke (3 years ago)
Good delivery and enunciation. You can tell he wasn't educated in the contemporary ed system!
cornflake73 (3 years ago)
Good information but it was in black and white not color. reminds me of when I was a kid watching the box in black and white only.
syi tiger907 (4 years ago)
Lol 420
Павел Хасиневич (4 years ago)
and where are the last 900m of RW???
Richard James Lengthon (4 years ago)
Ur dumb.
Ignacio de la Puente (4 years ago)
How did I end up here? OMG... Enough internet...
Greg Faris (4 years ago)
Thanks for putting this interesting document up. Anyone know the date on this document? Is it a Pans-Ops standard? It's perplexing to hear an English speaker, with an American accent, giving specifications in metric units. One would assume the TERPS document would be in feet.
CzarWilkins (4 years ago)
I fell being in the lates 60s lol!!!, interesting!!
Mace Williams (4 years ago)
if you had videos like this for every aspect of aviation then really passing ground school would be a cake walk
palonero (4 years ago)
@Mace Williams There are. Oxford Aviation has an amazing CBT for atpl. I used them. Now that the European exams have changed, that CBT is pretty much mandatory.
Victor Maitland (4 years ago)
Can you buy these at an affordable price for your homes driveway? My wife keeps driving over the grass when entering our driveway, These would help.
Grip Gambler (4 years ago)
great video! blast from the past!
DZEyoyo123 (4 years ago)
What's the point in different category approach lighting in reduced visibility when pilots can just follow the ILS?   
palonero (4 years ago)
@DZEyoyo123 The category of the ILS procedure is more or less defined by the height at which you must be able to visually see the runway. If you don't actually see the runway at the defined DH (decision height), you have to go around. The higher the procedure category, the lower the RVR (runway visual range) and DH for that procedure. That's why, the greater the category, the more robust the lighting system has to be. The only hypothetical category in which lighting would be reduntant, would be CATIIIc, which has no decision height or RVR requirement but although there are runways and airplanes capable of fully automatic landing and rollout, I believe no operators, ground equipment, crew, airplanes or runways are currently certified for CATIIIc.
Mohd Ridzuan (4 years ago)
sometime machines fail, and secondly not all countries or states have the financial means to upgrade their small airports to make it ILS friendly.So using simple lighting concept as guide is always a better solution.
Marcos Lasala (4 years ago)
Thanks! great vid
Christian Miller (5 years ago)
How old is this video?
Richard James Lengthon (4 years ago)
Uraäidin mom
Carlos Alvarez (5 years ago)
no PAPI light in this video =( but still great
Richard James Lengthon (4 years ago)
Its so old
max palm (5 years ago)
very nice video! 
Windtee (5 years ago)
Everything you need to know about runway, taxiway, and approach-lights are right here. #Aviation  
Windtee (4 years ago)
Thanks! Have a great week.
palonero (4 years ago)
@skyyguyy Yup. great videos btw
Windtee (4 years ago)
@palonazo Additionally, there are RL pilots who would benefit from this video not just the sim-flyers. In the USA, Private and Commercial applicants who aren't enrolled in an aviation university don't take ALOP exams. It's not required. I get what you're pointing out, but what I'm avoiding is dismissing or minimizing the contained information of this vid as impractical for today's certificated pilots. It still has useful value, albeit not current info. Yes, the radio voice is always a smashing hit.
palonero (4 years ago)
But yeah, of course. For someone who's not a RL pilot, who just wants to make sense of what he sees in flight simulator, this video is perfect. Besides, nothing beats an old school aviation video narrated in amazing radio voice.
palonero (4 years ago)
@skyyguyy Of course, some regulations haven't changed in decades. But when they do, you need to know the most current ones (word by word for the exams). Some years ago, before the change to EASA, you could study for the exams using only books. Today, for the Air Law and Operational Procedures exams, old books just aren't enough. You need to study the actual documents because questions get added to the question banks every week.
mitrowsky (5 years ago)
My pleasure.
Azmir Zulkurnain (5 years ago)
thank you so much
BornToFly (5 years ago)
Wow... Thankyou so much man... I needed the info...