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UPS delivery dog costume

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UPS delivery dog costume I have a special delivery for you💕🐶🎁 #upsdog #UPSDELIVERY #ups
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Text Comments (8)
Tony Montresor (1 month ago)
I hate it when my UPS driver stops to sniff the ground for something tasty rather than to just bring me the package I've been waiting for.
Low - Key (1 month ago)
krzysiek leński (1 month ago)
What breed of dog is it?
Renew Crew (3 months ago)
Ace Ventura
kev (6 months ago)
I would buy this
Jordan Asselin (6 months ago)
HOW could someone give this a thumbs down??!!
Alex Silcock (1 month ago)
because their package did not arrive on time
Alaskanhigh (2 months ago)
Because people suck and have no sense of humor. LOL