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UPS SCAM EXPOSED! - Don't get tricked by this!

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This is a trick that lazy delivery drivers do to customers all the time! Don't get taken advantage of by this trick!
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Videobob Moseley (11 months ago)
I just added another video, this time of a FedEx package that was just dumped in my driveway, you won't believe this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJS6C9zqKjc
Mascotal (15 days ago)
@Mark Creech I live in Canada and we can ship through Canada Post anywhere in Canada. Americans don't make the rules.
Dan Knows (15 days ago)
@Mascotal not sure what state you but it's against the law to order a weapon through the mail and has been for years , no doubt probably not in the correct packaging for the USPS Service delivery guy to know what was inside it ! He could have complained to the inspector general Post office and heads would have rolled
Dan Knows (15 days ago)
@savecityofheroes savecityofheroes WTH Does you playing a game , have to do with delivery service ? Everything arrives over a month later when you order from China , wish shopping app is all special China stuff and it takes up to 2 months and sometimes longer to get stuff sent to NY State ? Your comment doesn't have anything to do with what he is talking about ! Just saying ? Enjoy your week
Dan Knows (15 days ago)
@Grimm Reaper right on target ! I've never had a problem with FedEx or UPS in upstate NY
THEKING SILVERADO (2 months ago)
First video of yours I watched Bob... Very very disappointed in ya okay... U have the same fucking problems with the same jack asses I have... Coincidence? Would love to make a Back Future Parady with ya... We could have some real fun wit dat shit Bob... You grabbed my imagination.. Stay tuned 4 my motor oil ad on my channel
Tim Barnett (18 hours ago)
This has happened too me! An attempt to deliver but not! Then I get message to pick up at delivery point! I can relate!
Stephanie Davis (2 days ago)
I drove for Fedex for 23 years I am sorry but I thank you for choosing Fedex
Spike (3 days ago)
I can assure you, when UPS management saw this, they gave the driver some serious hell if not terminated. That would be considered dishonesty, UPS can fire employees for being dishonest.
Bubba Sawyer (3 days ago)
I've had this happen many times
Steve O (4 days ago)
Here is a scenario for you armchair quarterbacks. My wife recently signed up with Hello Fresh. She comes home one day when I am already home and asks where her Hello Fresh was. She said that as she was getting out of the car, she had gotten notification that it was delivered. I tell her I have no idea. We have a video doorbell, a motion sensing camera on our driveway and I was home all day. No one had been there. She mentions that a UPS truck was in the middle of the street, blocking our driveway when she came home. He had to back up for her to turn in. He didnt make any attempt to flag her down or otherwise stop her. We live in a rural area on four acres. Our house sets about 200 ft. Off the street. There is not currently any fence or gate on the property. Easy access, no one else has trouble if any sort. There are only a few trees and the house is clearly visible. The street number is on the mailbox AND house. I opened the front door to see if the ups truck was still there and saw the bright green hello fresh box along with another package next to the mailbox. His lazy ass did not want to drive down the driveway get out of the truck. When i went to get them there was a delivery attempt sticker on the mailbox. It had no info on it, completely blank except for the incident number or whatever it is called. I have no idea why he left it, as he left the packages. I called ups to complain, as these packages would have disappeared shortly had we not been home (happened several times with USPS packages) the automated system said there was no info related to that incident #. I was able to speak to an agent who apologized and said that the drivers werent supposed to do that (duh). The supervisor for the terminal (I think that is who he said he was) called later and said it was a fill in driver and he would speak to him. I mentioned to him to NOT mention specifics, (my wife in a blue car seeing him in the street, etc) as that generally creates animosity and future issues). My usual ups guy does a great job. I mentioned this to the supervisor. What gets me is the audacity of this fill in guy. If youre too lazy to get out, honk at the lady who is turning in the drive and give it to her. For all you good ups guys out there, you know that this is no game for lazy people. I guess its the lure of big money. I would advise you to self police these lazy asses. One POS makes you all look bad to most people.
notafraid06 (4 days ago)
You're an Amazon bitch. Get bezos nuts of your chin
Katie Lo (12 hours ago)
STFU pussy
shinukiba (18 hours ago)
Amazon is much better than UPS or Fedex. I hope they put them out of business. Fuck those idiots.
Mark Vallas (4 days ago)
I don't understand how it's a scam if you still got the package?
Mark Vallas (4 days ago)
@Steve O lol drip
Steve O (4 days ago)
Mark Vallas uhhh... because UPS was paid to deliver it to his house, not some drip off point.
Tiffany Ann Gimler (5 days ago)
I’ve never had to pick my packages up somewhere else catcher this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a UPS drop off spot
boyboy1234100 (5 days ago)
This dude is making shit up as he goes lol. Video bob
Peter Zappe (5 days ago)
I've driven for UPS for a long time. Your video makes no sense to me.
CALIFGUY 53 (5 days ago)
Something similar happened to me, but I believe the UPS guy was attempting to steal the items. I had ordered a pair of computer tablets from an online shop for my sister and niece. I got a notification saying they were to be delivered that day, so we were watching for them. My sister came into my room and said she saw a UPS truck out front, and as she opened the door he drove away. I then went online and it said my package had been delivered. I immediately called UPS telling them what happened and said I KNOW it was not delivered and stolen because my sister went out just as the truck was pulling away. They stated they would check with the driver and notify the shipper of a possible mis delivery. This was in the morning. I had several calls from UPS stating the driver remembered the house, and as there is a fence between the house and garage, could i check perhaps he put it there. I said no we already had checked that. Several hours later a UPS truck pulled up and the driver looked around in the bushes and said he knew he left it here and I asked if he had checked his truck to make sure he didn't scan it and forget to leave it.. He assured me, the truck was empty and there was no way because he has to scan them as he brings them to the door. Anyway, then he said let me check something, I'll be back. He drove around the corner and was back in no time at all, barely time for him to have stopped at a stop sign or two. He then brought the package and said, oh thats right i had a delivery the block behind you and it was in the bushes exactly where I had left it. This was around 5 hours AFTER the originall supposed delivery and it was still where he left it? I called UPS and told them what happened and that I was positive this driver was attempting to steal these tablets for hmself. The box was clearly marked what they were and I guess it was too tempting. I don't know if they did anything to the driver or not, but at least I got the tablets I had ordered. I had another bad experience with UPS many years ago where I had ordered a computer off of ebay for a friend at work. They delivered it, however he lived on a cul de sac and his yard had a block wall around it and the entire area inside the wall was a concrete area for parking. The driver had thrown the package over (clearly it was a computer) and it got pretty banged up from hitting the concrete. I had him send the computer back and have it rebuilt and re delivered.
Scott May (6 days ago)
I’m a UPS driver. Why do you have to wait 3 days? Delivery is attempted next day, if not made on day of original delivery. And you can get your money back. Just call 1800PICKUPS. Yeah that driver is probably lazy don’t mean we all are. That’s like saying your whole family is fat because you’re fat; but saying that without knowing them. You’re an idiot. You wanted attention you got it. Keep in mind also, if a UPS driver doesn’t like you or if you fuck with them they can put it in the system not to deliver to you anymore. Just fyi
Cory Rogers (14 hours ago)
This guy is a absolute bitch. Saying the dudes lazy for not taking his stupid shitty car gas tank to his door when he probably didn’t even order it just wants to get a job at Amazon. I also work at ups and dudes like this are so annoying blaming everything but the company you ordered the product from. Smh
justaburgscousin (1 day ago)
I'm a diesel mechanic for UPS. I never heard him say "All Drivers Were Lazy" he actually talked about how much he likes his normal driver. I know for a fact there are A LOT of Lazy drivers for UPS. Maybe the guy doesn't need to be fired, but it's his job to get the package to its intended location.
Stillness Within (6 days ago)
Yeah you guys work your butts off...too busy. I've had 2 items go to the person in the house in front of me...the first one she stole. Amazon gave me my $ back bc it was kind of their fault...PLUS the ups man took the time to note pkg was delivered to the resident directly. So...I basically had proof. Most all ups men sure are not lazy. I'm sorry he said that. We APPRECIATE the Men in Brown! 💖
Air Force Logistics (6 days ago)
aleon1018 (6 days ago)
I refused a package the day before because this is what Amazon said to do because it was too late to cancel it. The UPS driver gives me a new tracking number. The same driver brings me a package from Xfinity the next day with a modem and claims the package is in the truck again and I didn't think about it enough at that point because he laughed it off? ( But I didn't see the box) I check the status for the return and my old tracking says it's out for delivery again. The new tracking number isn't in the Amazon system and said it's up to me to make a claim with UPS. The last tracking of the new tracking was in Ohio earlier before it supposedly showed up at my door again. I'm going to guess it's some scam with lost packages workers and the drivers.. ( possibly all from Ohio?) I always use packaging tape OVER the labels. GD UPS. Never refusing a package again. Amazon is also playing games with not giving return labels and just codes so I have to go to a UPS store? that's 30 miles away. UPS charge was like $18.00 SCAMS !!??
aleon1018 (6 days ago)
After looking at my order, I now realize the possible scam here is because of the lightening deal was NOT from Amazon. It seems that these lightening deals are source of the lost shipping/return scams. It all comes back to REFUSING the delivery email Amazon sent because of it's cancellation failure. " Unfortunately, we weren’t able to cancel the items you requested and these items will soon be shipped. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can track your package at any time. If you no longer want these items, you may refuse delivery or return them after they arrive. You can visit Your Orders to start a return." okay, the last part is the loophole they all use. NEVER REFUSE a delivery if you really want your money back.
2010mistersoftee (7 days ago)
Just happened to me!
Misty Williams (7 days ago)
I call BS. Okay I happen to be a UPS driver and you do not know what you are talking about. 1st Not only do they have GPS on the trucks but they also have GPS on the DIAD (scanner). And the DIAD will first off beep annoyingly at you if you are not at the correct house. 2nd your supervisor will know if you actually went up to the door to attempt the delivery and if you deliberately delay packages getting to the customer it's an automatic firing offense and the union cannot help you get your job back on that one. 3rd in order to notify you that your package was attempted and you need to go pick it up somewhere we have to leave a tag that also needs to be scanned along with the package so they are linked and we have to leave that at your door for you to see and know where to go to pick it up, so he still has to walk up to your door. 4th he would still be picking up the package to deliver it to the 3rd party location. 5th drivers make between $22 to $38 an hour not to mention the amazing health benefits, free massages and chiropractors, and free gym membership and with all the over time we get a lot of drivers make over $100k a yr. That being said why would any driver risk losing their job over delivering the package to a 3rd party store vs. Your house? So either you're a drama queen that likes attention or you're trying to get more subscribers at the reputation of UPS. Amazon dropped FedEx and USPS and is now trying to get out of delivering themselves because they realized they couldn't handle the load. So now we are delivering a majority of their packages. We are #1 for a reason. The only scam here is your story.😝🤭💪
Peter Lujan (8 minutes ago)
I have been at ups 23 years! Never had free gym dues or free chiropractor! I'm putting in for a transfer! Lol
CALIFGUY 53 (5 days ago)
Misty Williams, I call you on B/S. It happened to me and the driver if he is devious can simply scan the item while in the truck and say it was delivered. As I posted on my response, the driver appeared to be trying to steal my items as we opened the door just as he was pulling away, and after I made a huge fuss over it, came back, appeared to be looking for the item, the left and came right back within minutes and said he had mis delivered it one block over and it was still where he left it (5 hours later).
RVNG Abyss (6 days ago)
Misty Williams how do some ups drivers say they have great benefits and make 20$ an hour and the others say the pay isn’t enough to survive and no benefits and no vacation time
Katie R (6 days ago)
Lmao ... I'm a FedEx ground driver and your being dramatic just because this guy is bitching about ups, and u got the nerve to say we can't handle shit😂😂 I delivered 2 hugh tubes things that weighed 145 pounds today bitch! And they needed a signature... guess what, they weren't home my first attempt, so after I was done with my 105 stops i attempted to deliver them again before I started my pickups😲 they were home!! I don't get paid hourly, I don't get any benefits, i LOVE delivering chewy😁 I'm NOT scared to work ok, I do what I do because, there are people out there that NEED things ok, and RELIABLE people to deliver them! I'm not saying shit about ups, or FedEx express, because I like all the drivers I've met on my routes,😊 NOW this guys has video of a UPS driver being a lazy ass, and you can't stick up for your ups buddy.... because all delivery drivers that don't haveto take a pic of the package, HAVE WAYS AROUND EVERYTHING. So go somewhere with that shit! Anyways, I feel bad for this gu, he's got lazy delivery drivers, I give you props for standing up for yourself man👍👍
Kristen (7 days ago)
Misty Williams waaaiiittt a minute... can you please expand on the “free massages/chiropractic and free gym memberships”.... because I haven’t heard of this before. Any info would be greatly appreciated:)
MeloVlogs (7 days ago)
I ALMOST ALWAYS have problems with UPS(sometimes you can’t change who delivers your packages), senders has to always send another one with either FedEx/USPS and no problem would occur. I contacted UPS and they told me to initiate an investigation myself 😅 They gave me a proof of delivery and it says “Delivered at Other” .. and so when I spoke to a UPS rep they said it was “Delivered at Locker at above address” which was MY address Note that I told them that my apartment complex always sends me a unique code to open a locker. And the rep insisted that it was delivered at a locker(at my address)..... even my sender’s website says “On its way to be delivered” when I check my order status 😅😅
MeloVlogs (5 days ago)
CALIFGUY 53 that’s the thing, when I find out its UPS delivering it... I go in my living room to wait so I can hear the door. BUT no, no knock and they never use my doorbell either 😅 so I got my package, it was NOT delivered at MY address. UPS is lazy, they gave it to the USPS people.... and my package was delivered by them instead. Note that the UPS representative LIED to me, she said it was delivered to my address......see that. Lies and lies. My physical and shipping address is the same
CALIFGUY 53 (5 days ago)
I recall one time when an item was never delivered, their proof of delivery said 'delivered at front desk', Yet the delivery address was my home, not an office where t here would be a 'front desk'. UPS never, EVER rings a doorbell or knocks, they simply leave a package on the stoop. The only way we know they are there is when the dogs start barking.
Randy Miller (8 days ago)
Scam the little girls is not working for ups they got your ass and that was the power of them being smarter than you turtle!!!
Randy Miller (8 days ago)
Guy told me he ordered a fuck doll and it was already freshly used the UPS man left his calling card in it. Told her he wanted to take it out one more time!!!!!
Patrick Alpert (8 days ago)
So let's divulge a little more info. UPS drivers top out at around $37/hr + time and a half over eight hours, which they get every day. Oh, crazy awesome benefits too. Very few in that position would do as you describe in your video. Fed Ex ground drivers, on the other hand, make about 1/4 of that without benefits. I assume about the same for Amazon drivers. If a UPS driver did as you describe they would be busted and terminated in short order, and they know it. Be fair dude.
Kristen (8 days ago)
Most of the commentators here dont know what they are talking about. You can’t fake a delivery. Unless the delivery is required to obtain a signature, it has to be delivered. Packages sent to an access point are sent there if a signature can’t be obtained. Lol idk what the UPS guy you claim is "a fucking lazy ass" is actually doing. Also, if a package seems to be damaged its scanned as missed and taken back to the building for inspection. There is no "scam" going on lol. No faking deliveries to go "see their side piece" ... it doesnt work that way.
CALIFGUY 53 (5 days ago)
BULLSHIT. I proved to UPS that you CAN fake a delivery. We saw the driver drive off, and when called on it, he came back acted as if he was looking around, then left and came right back within minutes with the item and claimed it had been delivered a block over. WHERE the fuck was the GPS at that point? WHERE the hell was his claim that he COULD NOT msdeliver because he had to scan it at the door? BULLSHIT he scanned it in his truck and left.
Vyserus (9 days ago)
The usps guy did it to me
Katie R (6 days ago)
I'm a FedEx ground driver and I ordered something and it said attempted delivery (online) and they didn't want to leave package in unsafe area. ( I live on a nice backroad, in a small cottage hidden away!!) Then I checked the status a couple days later, it said the package was to heavy! (IT WEIGHED 6 POUNDS) So it ended up at my local post office, and I met the usps girl that (tried) to deliver it..... I was wearing my purple, so u didn't smack her stupid 👍 i was nice and offered her to get into shape and she could be my jumper lol, she was like nooo way, you guys deliver up to 150 pounds! I was like no, we are bumping that up to 175 pounds as of 2020. She actually apologized to me!!!!!
Anthony Butterfield (10 days ago)
This guy.... Your just looking for problems.
señor pepper (10 days ago)
my mailman does the same thing. i ordered a weightlifting bar. they say they attempted the delivery. i had to pick it up at the post office
dehallmo's Thunderhaus (6 days ago)
Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again to save us from eternal judgement and give us eternal life if we believe Him. Only God can save us and freely give us new life inside forever.
Misty Williams (7 days ago)
Now that I believe because I used to work there and I seen that crap happen.
Steven Morton (10 days ago)
You hit the nail on the head. They get behind on delivery's or want to go home early and this is the result. I have a boxlock on my porch it's never been used. They're too ignorant to know about it. And a doorbell they don't know how to use.
notafraid06 (4 days ago)
I don't use doorbells anymore unless it's perishable, medicine etc. I've been bitten by dogs for ringing bells, I've been yelled at for it and 9 times out of ten the person doesn't even say thank you. There's more than one side of the story
Joyce Stanley (12 days ago)
Hi , I found out that the kids were sent by their parents.
Videobob Moseley (12 days ago)
Yeah? What do you know?
TT007 PT (14 days ago)
Anything for viewers...
Stu (14 days ago)
Lol Oak Cliff
leanard flow (14 days ago)
The parents use there children to steal and when caught they say they didn't know the kid's we're stealing .
Danielle Shumaker (14 days ago)
I just had usps do this to me. Sunday. I also have cameras on watch him just drive right by.
MotorScotti (15 days ago)
Well done Bob, thanks for sharing your experience and hopefully normal program has resumed since this episode.
ray mack (16 days ago)
Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh (16 days ago)
I would like to know other people’ opinions about his colorful home.
dehallmo's Thunderhaus (6 days ago)
Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again to save us from eternal judgement and give us eternal life if we believe Him. Only God can save us and freely give us new life inside forever.
Misty Williams (7 days ago)
@Randy Miller 🤣🤣🤣
Randy Miller (8 days ago)
Looks like a horder
Julie Serafin (14 days ago)
its cute!
Booty Judge (17 days ago)
Doubtful hes lazy. Most people would drop by noon if they tried to deliver for UPS especially in the summer with no AC, probably unfamiliar with the route and panicking trying to get it all done
smarika jena (19 days ago)
Believe me same thing happened with me im tired of these stupid people
mark Sharpe (20 days ago)
The only scam here is you bob........
Julie Serafin (14 days ago)
oh wow!
johnny Macon (21 days ago)
UPS still needs to find my damn 1994 Lexus ECU computer they lost and I never compensated or received recovery for or my Samsung curved computer monitor like the one the FedX guy got caught on video slinging over the fence a few years back 🤔🤣
Sean Peacock (22 days ago)
did you have the right address on your package? If one number was off then he could have been looking for an address that doesn't exist. The GPS pinged the location and sent an automated message for you to pick it up at a local pickup location. The driver still needs to carry the package to that location so you complaint about him not wanting to carry is has no basis in reality, what did it weigh 30 lbs? That is nothing. The average package weighs 40 lbs and the heaviest that UPS or FedEx will carry is 150 lbs and the driver probably has 150 -200 packages to deliver before starting on the pickups, and he was already there. He probably checked to see if he could leave it at your door and because of your prior complaints about theft from your door step he couldn't leave it, or it required a signature so he couldn't leave it. Your whiny behavior is why no one likes working customer service, you make assumptions that put other people at fault without considering that you might be the one at fault. Full disclosure: I worked as a manager at UPS for 7 years and Quality assurance with FedEx for 3 years. I can tell you stories about lazy drivers, but by far the most stories come from recipients who think that they are entitled to special treatment because they are loud. Your complaint is almost identical to that of a recipient who had a typo in the street number of his house.
ayyykenny (18 days ago)
Sean Peacock do you work for UPS?
X Z (22 days ago)
OR- the actual reason is that the package wasnt loaded. Meaning the loaders misrouted it. I drive to the stop- usually out of the way- and find the package is not on board. What a dumba$$ this guy is. this happens once a week at minimum. What a fool.
Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh (16 days ago)
So, try to redeliver instead of leaving saying nothing. Today, my tracking saying that I didn’t accept the package when I was waiting for it.
Golden chkild (20 days ago)
X Z facts I work at ups🤟🏽
William Wallace (22 days ago)
Video Bob sounds like a porn addict to me
John Walker (23 days ago)
Thanks Fu Man Chu.
hugo horta (24 days ago)
This Guy has no clue. Package was either not found in his truck even though in the system it says it’s in the truck or in route. ( every day there’s missing packages) Drivers are not allowed to scan packages while truck is on , it will alert the managers and that’s a big NO NO and from that video he wasn’t there long enough to turn off the truck and open door and walk to the back to look for the package just to scan it as not in. Drivers wanna get rid of packages especially big ones that be in the way. Stop assuming. If the truck in front of the house and leaves most likely package wasn’t found.
Frontline Patriot (24 days ago)
Delivery people are lazy????!!! Look at your fat fucking ass. Piece of shit. Your channel is garbage because all you do is cry. Pussy
Angel Luis Espada (1 day ago)
😆😆😆 😂😂😂😂
Misty Williams (7 days ago)
Al-Mourice Jenkins (18 days ago)
Well damn.... That was harsh and direct
Matthew DAgostino (24 days ago)
Nah man, package delivery drivers are the furthest thing from lazy. Trust me, we want your shit off our truck as quickly as possible
Jay (25 days ago)
A few years ago I ordered a radiator for my apartment, a little thing on wheels I could pull out on particularly cold days. Even though the post office is a few blocks from my house, I was interested in carrying it all the way home in the winter, so I paid extra for home delivery. The thing sat days at the post office waiting to get delivered, until I had to catch a bus home for the holidays. The next day (after 5 days of it arriving to the post office) the delivery guy calls me and tells me they're delivering it that day. I tell them I'm not in town and just take it back to the store for all I care. Luckily got a full refund from the store.
ThePeoplesChamp (25 days ago)
I'm actually having an issue with UPS myself, In the last two weeks I've received 3 alerts saying my package was "damaged in transit". It's weird because I can take an educated guess on when it will happen. It seems to happen when my package isn't delivered by noon, like they usually are. I know that when the clock hits 5pm or 6pm, I'll receive the message about the item being damaged. I then go to Amazon, alert them, and after they check the UPS tracking, they send out a replacement. Never happens with USPS. What's that all about?
Cory90 (26 days ago)
lol is this asian appropriation?
Babee Mac Net (28 days ago)
That's not a fkn scam your just mad because your dildos didn't come to you fast enuf
Sean Cunningham (28 days ago)
Pui Lau (28 days ago)
They r a headache
Sewer Tapes (28 days ago)
@Videobob Moseley Dude! Back to the Future is one of my top favorite films, and I live in Arlington. Is there any way I can see your replica DeLorean?
Kacper Szawarejko (28 days ago)
I had the same problem
CheshireKJ (29 days ago)
this just happened to me and i'm pissed and dunno what to do.. -.-
Nrod 740 (30 days ago)
This makes so much sense
Zach Wachs (30 days ago)
Have you ever been a driver ? I'd be happy to wake you up at 4 a.m. every morning and have you do my route.
Zach Wachs (25 days ago)
@DLRtuning this video isn't accurate at all my friend. Everybody knows how hard UPS and FedEx drivers work. You'd be the guy to drop your truck off after 4 hours and say "i quit" 😂 Don't pretend you can do our job.
Zach Wachs (25 days ago)
@Sewer Tapes get some driving experience and apply to be a seasonal driver. i have a CDL with all my endorsements and UPS didn't give a fuck. UPS only hires people who proved they can get the job done. If want this UPS money and benefits come get it. I didn't even graduate high school and i can make 100k take home every year ! You wanna smile and sing my friend ? I just told you how.
Zach Wachs (25 days ago)
@j borrego what ?
j borrego (27 days ago)
That’s the job u picked in a nurse I can’t hey my job hard I’m sleepy so not going to give meds
Sean Cunningham (28 days ago)
I applied for a job I hate.....😢😢😢😢😢 really bruh
Jonathan & Ashley Vasquez (30 days ago)
This is bs this doesn't happen like that
Jonathan & Ashley Vasquez (30 days ago)
Get to the fucking point
Randy Miller (8 days ago)
He !like like a turtle in the face
Ryan Miller (1 month ago)
Your an idiot with ur power of media dude hahaha this kind of attitude ain’t good for u
Julie Serafin (14 days ago)
YOUR the dumbass Ryan Miller lmao
It's Okay (28 days ago)
Ryan Miller - * you’re
Shannon Pollard (1 month ago)
Shit they don't like to deliver the small packages neither, I've had messages sent from Amazon stating delivery of package was attempted, but the driver didn't have access code to the gated apartment complex or they would say attempted deliver but you weren't home to answer the door even though it was my day off And no one knocked at my door. Why the he'll would they need an gated code when my, apartment complex is not a gated community it's an open area where anyone can anyone can leave and go as they please.
Robert Russo (1 month ago)
There's a new company that's out. It's like FedEx and UPS and it belongs to the people because we're FedUp! haha
Zach Wachs (30 days ago)
Believe us drivers are fed up with customers like yourself. You couldn't do my job for an hour !
tasha myles (1 month ago)
Dan Knows (24 days ago)
@Frontline Patriot 😅🤭🤫😅😂🤣😆🤭
Frontline Patriot (24 days ago)
Probably because you live in the hood. But blame delivery people. You’re a shit of shit
Dan Knows (1 month ago)
Probably a good idea to not use the UPS or FedEx for your drug deliveries anyway
tasha myles (1 month ago)
tasha myles (1 month ago)
Gone withthesummer (1 month ago)
I bet you always pay the lowest shipping cost. People in the USPS throw your s*** look it up
miscellaneous michelle (1 month ago)
Steve Ellis (1 month ago)
What a stupid beard !
Angel Luis Espada (1 day ago)
😄😄😄 😂😂😂 🤣🤣
tasha myles (1 month ago)
Robert Erhardt (1 month ago)
Steve Ellis speak for yourself!
AliBomaye RITJ (1 month ago)
I just had an extremely valuable UPS package stolen. In broad daylight. Within 35 min of it being “delivered”. The instructions said go to Apt 2 in the back of the building. Driver signed off on it and left it at the front door right by the sidewalk. Even though it clearly says Apt 1/ Apt 3 on the front two doors. The item cost me $264 but is now sold out and holds a value of over $1000. To replace it is over $1000, so that’s it’s value now. I’m actually sick over losing this package and it all happened because some idiot took all day to deliver it and just decided to sign for it himself and leave it where it was not authorized to be left. What a total fuckn scam
Steve Ellis (1 month ago)
Corporal punishment for thieves is the answer !
BreakneckWorld (1 month ago)
Same thing happened to me (was a major delivery co.). I was home all day and was waiting for a knock on the door with my delivery. The knock never came yet the delivery drive claimed to have tried to deliver. I called their office and called them out. They delivered my package the next day.
Jesus Saves (1 month ago)
UPS IS THE WORST CARRIER... the only shipping company that regularly delivers my package to the wrong house! I hate UPS!!!!!! Great video Moseley!
johnny Macon (21 days ago)
Jesus Saves naw with me it’s fedX that’s who always fucking my packages !!!🤔
j borrego (27 days ago)
No dhl is the worst always say they tried or it’s delivered an it’s not
Gone withthesummer (1 month ago)
You just have her bad driver. It's too bad that you're too feeble-minded to see that.
scott32714keiser (1 month ago)
My success rate with buying things online to my house is close to 25% that's why I only buy small things that can fit in my key lock mail box and only spend small amount of money I can afford to loose and only buy things I can't buy at a local store I'll rather spend a extra $50 to buy a hard drive from the local store than spend $20 for the same drive for it to not show up anyway
Gus Lulu (1 month ago)
You need to get rid of that ugly ass chin mullet bro. It’s not cool.
David Allen (1 month ago)
I drive for UPS and these type of drivers anger me. It's a shame that we make the money we do and drivers give poor service like this.
Brian Brown (29 days ago)
Probably a rookie trying to impress the supes or a burned out veteran driver. I don't like hearing this either because it makes us all look bad.
Texan Grammy (1 month ago)
It’s happened to me. Ugh
Jo-Lynn HODGSON (1 month ago)
Canada Post has done this to me several times.
Randy Young Ban (1 month ago)
Thanks for cleaning out that it wasn’t your regular ups driver. I’m a ups driver and take my route very seriously, as all the packages are my own. I cover with plastic bags when the weather isn’t cooperating, I never throw nor toss packages, and etc. I do realized that some of the ups drivers are so lazy, not trying hard enough to do the job the right way... it is shame that our customers have to deal with some of the idiots... yesterday, I’ve dropped off a package at a wrong address, of course not knowing... sometimes the gps isn’t accurate enough ( could missed the house or the place by building or two) we do make mistakes sometimes. And custoemer called my center for looking for the package since it was recorded that it was delivered. I drove back 5 miles to pickup the package and delivered to the right customer. Of course it was my fault... I’ve explained the situation to my customer about me being a new driver to his area and apologized. He was happy that I owned the mistake. Make a long matter short, many of us UPS drivers are hard working people. too bad some of the idiots are making us look bad.
Yolanda Salone (1 month ago)
This just happened to me a UPS man said he was unable to deliver my package but what he did was wrote out a tag back in his truck and said I had to go to a pickup way on the other side of town now he said he did the second attempt and nobody was home at 6 a.m. I was up getting ready to walk my dog I went in the back of my house came back about 6 45 almost 7 a.m. I did not hear a doorbell and my dog was not barking what he did was had the tag already wrote out stuck it on my door and drove off and told me to pick up my package at the fur heel office which I do not even know where that is and I live around the corner from UPS not even 10 minutes how can you say you made an attempt and I'm sitting here getting ready to walk my dog that was a bold face lie my 3 days later around the corner from where I live and what I see I have no problem getting my packages from Amazon and they do take a picture like you said my Postal Service leave packages at my door his excuse was oh this look like a dangerous neighborhood which is a lie nobody bothers anything over here not saying that they won't but everybody looks out for everybody over here call UPS the lady told me my package will be around the corner from my house where it should have been in the first place thanks for the video
glasslinger (1 month ago)
This is fake video. This is total crap that doesn't happen.
barry mcdougal (1 month ago)
Scott Brittain (1 month ago)
Im a delivery driver. Nobody goes to a stop and doesn’t deliver because they’re lazy. That would mean they have to come back, at least once, and it adds to the next days workload. Something else must have been going on with him
Lawrence Of Canadia (1 month ago)
Gloating about getting people fired eh
Eric (1 month ago)
Calm down. Have a beer. It’s gonna be okay.
WALKAWAY (1 month ago)
@dsruddell These dumbazz kids cant function on there own. I just had one of these dumbshit's start work this week. Ask'd it can you count to 100?(attitude from it) I need to make sure I have 100 nut's bolts and 200 washers. It looks like a deer in the headlight's. I could see it was in way over it's head.(GOD help America) OK, try this... Make me 10 piles of 10 nuts and bolts. And 20 piles of washers. That's 100. (it now thinks it can do the job) It FAILed miserably!!! It has a high school diploma. and one year of collage. America is DOOMed!!!
Lawrence Of Canadia (1 month ago)
@WALKAWAY are you okay
WALKAWAY (1 month ago)
@Lawrence Of Canadia yep! Driver did NOT do his job. Driver at fault. Let me clear things up for you. You cant do things 1/2 ASS and think thats OK. Life dose not give out "participation" awards. Man - up and do the job your pay'd for. Or quit and keep living with mommy. He was pay'd to do a job. He (much like you) failed! He stole that days pay. What he did is NOT acceptable and he deserves to be fired. Its a simple concept. And for you not to get it speaks volumes about you.
Napoleon Blownapart (1 month ago)
This is the same as ordering a pizza, paying extra for them to deliver at your home, and then ,hours later, they call you saying that you will have to pick it up at the store. Without a refund and the pizza cold. This is a scam/fraud, you paid for a service and did not get what you paid for. Drivers doing it repeatedly should definitely get fired imo.
John Beer (1 month ago)
Good channel kool Japanese guy 🤔👏👏
John Beer (1 month ago)
😂little rascals took yo
John Deszcz (1 month ago)
There are GPS trackers in the hand held device and the truck, they are accurate to with in 10'. You have the video ask for a refund you paid for delivery to your front door and they didn't do it. Utility, cover and 22.4 drivers don't know whats going on at your back door so the odds of getting back door delivery from anyone but your regular driver is slim. Need any more info you have my info
Tristan Hobart (1 month ago)
2:35 what do you mean he "sat there for a little while"? He never even did a full stop.
mike johns (1 month ago)
At least you got your package. I bought an expensive drum kit and arranged the pick up with the seller. The UPS guy picked it up and I only got 3 of the 4 drums delivered. The 4th being the main bass drum, so now the kit is fucking useless. How the fuck this company gets away with wrecking people’s lives is beyond me. Im based in the UK and this is still on going. The whole company is a shower of shit....
happy gal (1 month ago)
3:18 i fucking died “ side chick “ lmao
Dale Thelander (1 month ago)
Or a cheeseburger.
OVO Shipmen (1 month ago)
happy gal 3:17
Teresa Vogt (1 month ago)
Got tired of marked fragile packages were just tossed at my porch. So ups store around the corner now has a small box owner and has to dolly out my packages...
Sean Peacock (22 days ago)
If you look up the word 'fragile' the proper definition is: I couldn't be bothered to pack this well so I will just wright something on it so other people have to do the work for me.
maurice melville (1 month ago)
Great video, thanks for the info, thats why I have two cameras at the front and one at the back looking out for Delivery Scammers.
A Zambrano (1 month ago)
I don't think he did it just to say "no one was home" no, they claim they delivered it while keeping the item
A Zambrano (1 month ago)
You may think, if that was the case they would say the item was delivered but its policy not to say the item was delivered as they will mark you down as dishonest and requiring a signature in the future or they will refuse customers who want to deliver to you,
lazyevo (1 month ago)
Laughable. This guy acting like he knows anything about the delivery game. #Scam hahahaha Don't talk about things you know nothing about. You don't even understand how scanning a package works. I'm sure your "regular driver" loves you having his number... This video is hilarious. I'll definitely share this.
Sean Peacock (22 days ago)
this guy is probably why the driver took the day off.
Jason Wright (1 month ago)
Not you pressed you getting people fired though lol mf be so petty
dsruddell (1 month ago)
do your fucking job and youll have nothing to worry about.
Rosemarie Plant (1 month ago)
How about the dreaded “incomplete address” when the address is correct!
jeremy beverly (1 month ago)
I literally just had a ups guy pull up not get out then pulls off. Never got the fuck out. I'm super pissed right now. I was standing outside waiting for him to get out the truck.
Jennifer Garner (1 month ago)
This has happened to me every single time I've had to use ups. Their drivers are absolutely some of the laziest people I've ever seen! It's a constant battle.
CaLiBoYsince1999 (1 month ago)
Brian Stoner (1 month ago)
That has happen to me a time or two. I live in Camden,TN the hub is 21 miles away in Paris,TN
frank b (1 month ago)
You spent all that money on cameras. And you send the shittiest video through a screen door footage to the news?
Mariah Makinen (1 month ago)
I've had this happen with Canada Post. I have a camera trained to looking out over the front walk so if someone comes walking up I can see them. I get a notice when there's movement as so I can see who's coming and what they've got. Not a ring system but good enough. At least 4x I've had the notice slapped on my mail box, attached next to door, saying that they knocked and no one answered and now i gotta go pick up the package at the...location. Thing is, I went over the video feeds and saw them lazily get out of the van, no package in hand, they don't knock, just slap the stupid you gotta come pick up your package thing and leave. Like WTF? I paid you assholes to drop it off AT my door. Don't give me no bull shit you knocked and no one answered.
Michele Walburn (1 month ago)
OMG this happened to me recently. It was UPS. I had no idea how I had missed them
SULEMAN Syed Muhammad (1 month ago)
that driver picked the package from his store, and came to your house and then went back to one of his stores and unloaded the package, doing all this he could have just dropped at your door step. this just doesn't make any sense!
Sean Peacock (22 days ago)
@4thIDvet Astor : they are paid by the hour, so realistically they would want to take as much time as possible to make the deliveries. Also if he made all his deliveries early they would just give him more on the next day to fill out his time better.
4thIDvet Astor (1 month ago)
The package was really secondary Syed from what I can tell? Their timed for each delivery and stop on GPS. He could care less about the package he wanted to buy time from not getting out of the truck. 10 minutes here 10 their and he has an hour of down time each day he can go do whatever. 30 minute lunch break just became an hour and a half. See how easy that is. LOL>