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UPS SCAM EXPOSED! - Don't get tricked by this!

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This is a trick that lazy delivery drivers do to customers all the time! Don't get taken advantage of by this trick!
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Videobob Moseley (5 months ago)
I just added another video, this time of a FedEx package that was just dumped in my driveway, you won't believe this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJS6C9zqKjc
Videobob Moseley (5 days ago)
+tygur23 Thanks for proving what we already know, time and time again.
Gilbert Verhoeff (12 days ago)
UPS package driver's are a source for all headaches within the UPS company , I have yet to get one actually attempt a delivery , the notice claims attempt yet the lazy driver's never attempt to even touch the actual package to make the attempt , getting out if the driver's seat with a sticky note has nothing to actually do with the attempt !
seneca (14 days ago)
+Gomidas Semerjian I'd love to know. Am in the same boat.
Gomidas Semerjian (15 days ago)
+seneca you got it. I'm going to start talking to attorneys next week. I'll keep you posted.
seneca (15 days ago)
Gomidas Semerjian I have similar issues. Let me know if you find out any info on lawyer. It’s beyond frustrating.
Cherie Chen (8 hours ago)
You need to place your packages at a more secured area instead of just in front of you door that anyone can take them away. I Order sooooo many times and never got stolen and UPS is awesome and most of time they are delivered on time except it was rainy hard
Octavio Guzman (2 days ago)
This is why I only use my Amazon drop off point, it's on the way home and I know my package isn't sitting there all day
bigtoe1111 (3 days ago)
did you bring this to corporate attention? with the video driver is in some poo. retiree here. even when your bones ache, you still gotta.
Thom Smith! (4 days ago)
Like any Job Bob you have bad employees or they just have a bad day. Please don’t paint all FedEx and UPS Drivers with a broad brush. I’ve worked for both UPS and FedEx and believe it or not Sir there are very good people that work for both Companies and yes as a customer you certainly deserve to have your Packages delivered to a dry secured area of your choice in a timely fashion. I’m sure non of these Companies have any intentions of Scamming anybody Sir. Like I mention earlier I’ve worked for both and the main focus is driving in a safe manner and delivering your packages on time. I’m speaking from over twenty nine years of experience with both Companies. They both may have other issues like working the Hell out of there Drivers and if your lazy you don’t last long with ether Company. You stated your regular Driver wasn’t delivering that day, both Companies dislike there Drivers not completing deliveries and bringing packages back to the Terminals. Those are service failures which go against the Terminal in a negative way. I personally took care of my Customers even if I had to go back later in a day to get a signature to release a package to make service. No company is perfect but they both stress customer Service and safety. I see no Scam here.
BamJAM (10 hours ago)
Yes and yes
Mike Blizzard (5 days ago)
Bob, I too have fallen victim to scam many times, now I have a ring, and hardwired 4k all around the house. After the video evidence and calls to superiors my house is also now untouchable. They lazy delivery guys now know that I'm that one guy that could get them fired really quickly.
eric wilde (5 days ago)
I was waiting outside on my front porch when ups drove by imediately after I got an email saying failed delivery. the driver didn't even slow down!
Spike (5 days ago)
This is the dumbest fucking video I've seen in months. This guy is so fucking paranoid he deserves to be in lock up.
010010000101 010100101 (2 days ago)
i wish i was as sheltered and ignorant as you, lad.
abetts1971s1 (2 days ago)
You're not paranoid if somebody's actually messing with you In this case he was 100% correct. The driver didn't do his job and now it inconvenienced him by having to go pick up the package and waste his time and gas
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Cool story bro. Cameras don’t mean you’re paranoid. It means you’re prepared and want to be safe. Sorry you don’t care about that kind of stuff but some people do.
William Volkmann (8 days ago)
talk bout stupid // make a secure drop box in your place // use all the left over time parts
Bartlomiej Dyszkiewicz (8 days ago)
I worked at UPS for four years. One thing I know is they aren’t lazy...and management is pretty tough and aren’t part of the driver/warehouse worker union. Managers and drivers go out of there way to make sure packages get to where they need to. Unfortunately dealing with thousands of packages a day all sorts of mistakes can happen. The guys loading the trucks load 2 to 5 brown cars at one time picking off the packages off of a conveyor belt and it’s easy to miss it from time to time. Sometimes the driver had it in his log that it was scanned by the loader but it ended up on the wrong truck. This is very common. A lot of times the drivers will rendezvous with other drivers or managers will go out and pick up a package that was on the wrong truck and deliver it to the right driver or just deliver it themselves. Because you have the same driver day in and day out, sometimes another guy fills in or he gets a different route you ought to have a pretty good idea who your driver is especially if you have to sign for stuff. It’s not easy to become a UPS driver by the way. Really think you’re jumping the gun with the prejudgment of a guys character.
Bartlomiej Dyszkiewicz (1 day ago)
Parker Phillips agreed - from my experience UPS drivers can be seriously reprimanded for doing anything out of line but don’t think this is the norm - I’d be upset too.
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Bartlomiej Dyszkiewicz but when the package was actually scanned by hand and marked as “attempt made” when one was not actually made, that’s a dis-service to the customer and to the company. That’s a form of fraud from the company the driver works for because he’s claiming to do his job and actually is not but is getting paid for doing his job.
FMB1 (9 days ago)
@Videobob Moseley UPS drivers are required to leave a door hanger when they attempt a delivery. Then try the next business day M-F to make the delivery again. Like you, I have security cameras and a video doorbell. I don't bother with terrible drivers, I call Amazon CS directly, and let them handle the problem. I do the same with AMZ_Logistics (the ones with the large white box vans), Amazon Flex (driving private vehicles) and FedEx. USPS is pretty reliable even for Sunday deliveries. Old saying: "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Don't hesitate to complain.
Tone MAJESTICS (9 days ago)
They do this with every single package I order that are shipped by UPS, I always get told I need to pick it up at a access point. When I've paid for shipping and I live in a nice neighborhood. And get a bunch of packages. And it always says that I requested it sent to their hub... after previously showing it to be delivered to my house... but miraculously the day of delivery it will change to customer requests redirecting to access point. When I have never paid for shipping with the expectation of going to pick it up. I've inquired numerous times and they have no explanation.
Anthony Stark (9 days ago)
Yes Video Bob, this is exactly what they do. I have witnessed it many times. I put up with it for about 3 months, then several months ago, for 3 days, I camped the end of my road (i took off from work for this), caught the UPS guy red handed, and SCREAMED for him to get my package out of the truck, while my buddy parked his pickup behind his truck to pin him in (upon 2nd thought, this was unwise, however, i have/had been fucked with enough at this point. If it's war they want, it's war they'll get!). Fast forward 2 more weeks, that driver was terminated and I have a new driver now, and let me tell you what, that new driver never misses a delivery.
Michael j (4 hours ago)
Kenny your comment made me laugh
kenny johnson (8 days ago)
lol. total bullshit! but I'm sure that's the way you tell the story to everyone else, and i'm sure you've told it to enough people that you actually are starting to believe your own bullshit...ffs
R J (10 days ago)
I had a fed ex driver.. drop off brake replacement kit for my car- Have one of his bum friends come and pick it off my porch or not even deliver it- not 100% sure but it didn’t make it to my house and driver, which is independent seemed sketchy at all hell. Listen they people don’t get these delivery job because they’re genuinely good citizens- this is there “career” and watching others get items that they can’t makes they feel some type of way and they lower themselves and steal from other- weather he tips brother, cousin or neighbor off to certain delivery or whatever. Best bet is to have it delivered to a post office or a delivery location that has a Satilite office that provides a shipping and receiving service to pick up at a determinant time and date. One bad driver ruins it for them all- just my opinion. Funny video on YouTube where the lady tries to steal from porch and brakes her legs and boyfriend has to peel her off the lawn for the walk of shame back to the car.
eric gallant (10 days ago)
Maybe the package wasn't in the truck.
Michael j (4 hours ago)
Packages can be shown as scanned with out t he package being present. A sup could have told him to sheet it NI... diad boards have all the tacking info so things can manually be punched in if need. Most drivers are not lazy.
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
eric gallant maybe, except the driver physically scanned the package on the truck and sent an undeliverable notification. That only happens if the package was scanned and the person isn’t home showing they actually attempted to make a delivery and couldn’t because you weren’t there.
Dustin Miller (10 days ago)
Oak cliff literally the shadiest part of Dallas wtf lol n that the ups pickup
Gunzee (10 days ago)
I did multi drop and I was addicted to delivering each and every package. I would go back 2,3 then start calling. Hell you're at the address, if you're really that lazy park as close as you can, obviously not in the drive. Ring the bell and tell the customer, 'I'm really sorry I can't carry your heavy box, could you please come to the truck '. I did that myself just a few times due to a really heavy box. No I'm sure there's something else behind this, it's not as simple as being lazy.
Dragon800 (10 days ago)
i was wondering why this happened to me before!! It sucks i had the same UPS driver for many years but he retired and now its a different one every time.
Broscience (10 days ago)
I caught a fedex guy run up to my door with the "attempt to deliver" notice in his hand and no package a few years back. He was going to stick that on my door and run off. I heard his truck pull up and watched through the window the whole time.
Bobbie Bigg (11 days ago)
A Dick Head is a Dick Head does, UPS guys. Now what do ya do with three little girls that steal coffee grinders from your front door? Lay the trap, leave one pound of Kona Gold beans, one pound of Colombian Supremo beans, one pound of St. Helena beans at the door and catch the lil' buggers when they come back for the goods.
Hei Hei (12 days ago)
One thing you forgot to mention or you might not know. When you scan a package using the DIAD (using UPS as an example) it actually shows two scans on the GPS. The first scan is when the driver initially scans the package at the stop and "sheets it." The second scan is only recorded when the driver hits the "stop complete button" on the DIAD, completing the stop and clearing the package out of his manifest. If the driver sheeted it AND stop completed your package in the truck, then technically the GPS would show both scans in the same spot, meaning he never got out of the truck with your package. Most of us are trained to hit the stop complete button only after we deliver the package so if someone calls in and can't find their package, the GPS tracker (which is essentially Google maps by the way) will show exactly where we left it. This whole Access Point thing is being pushed heavily by upper management.
kenny johnson (3 days ago)
​+Parker Phillips there really aren't any lazy drivers out there. if you had any idea what we do every day, you'd understand that. on the other hand, that's not to imply that there aren't any bad UPS drivers. there are. but even the bad ones aren't lazy. my typical day is 230 stops a day with 5oo+ packages. 300 times in and out of my truck a day and usually 40-50 apartments a day. most on the top floor. and if we can't find a package, we call the center, and they tell us to sheet it as an attempt, to make their paperwork look good( that's called working as directed ).most of us would rather just tell you we can't find it.
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
kenny johnson sure, and there are also no bad cops out there, they all follow the law perfectly and never do anything unethical. (I’m a cop and I know my statement isn’t true, just as you know yours isn’t true).
kenny johnson (8 days ago)
well spoken by a UPS driver. and for the record, there are NO lazy UPS drivers. we work as directed.
Hei Hei (12 days ago)
Guess what...his "superiors", the on-road sups, could care less about the video. As long as an attempt was made in the system.
Oscar Dominguez Jr (12 days ago)
big box I figured lazy for sure
Mr. D's Product Review Channel (12 days ago)
I have 2 Ring Cameras as well as hard wired Cameras recording 24/7 in real time that are better than 1080p resolution. I used to have problems and a LOT of Excessive Vehicle traffic on My Dead End Street that's a way away from the main road. Installed the Ring Camera's first. The day after that, I recorded a woman trying to use her keys to enter into my house and when she couldn't, she got into the vehicle in front of My House and the vehicle drove her up to the dead end side of the road. My Deck Railing blocks where the vehicle was. The secondary and way Better Security Camera System has No dead spots 360° around My House and also has Cameras inside My House.
Cmoney860 (13 days ago)
Its all about relationships.....not all workers are the same, and unfortunately, not all people get the same service (or treatment) unfortunately. And I see a Lot of comments about this guy being full of shit. Me myself, I believe Bob. First, I have experienced similar situations, and second, he has no reason to make this shit up. Especially when he HAS PROOF. Like I said, building relationships is key. Not just for transactions, but in life in general. And a little respect goes a loooong way. Anyway, Bob, keep building those bad ass time machines. Doc would be proud.....
dave Mancini (13 days ago)
This guy is full of shit !!!!
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Weird flex, but ok. For what reason is he full of shit? Is it because you don’t believe that the driver came to his house even though it on camera? Or is it that you don’t believe the driver didn’t attempt to deliver the package which is also on camera? Now maybe, just maayybbeee you’re saying his literally physically full of shit and needs to go take a dump. If that’s the reason then that’s a possibility but we’ll never really know.
Toats Magoats (9 days ago)
dave Mancini You, Dave are an idiot.
Jennifer Hill (13 days ago)
Umm okay
Steven J. Daniels (13 days ago)
I had a similar situation with USPS 20 years ago, but... I do surveillance for a living. I had cameras all around my property for custom built DVR manufacturing and testing in my basement. I had a USPS delivery driver pull up in front of my house and throw a notice of delivery attempt out his window onto my lawn and drove away. I called my distribution center and explained what had happened... as I was sitting in my living room at the time and watched the entire event through the window. The manager called me back and stated she had spoken to the delivery agent and he relayed a different story entirely. She exclaimed that she had no reason to disbelieve him. I then called the Post Master General for the State of New Hampshire and explained the situation again. He called me back and stated that he believed his employees and had no reason not to. Big mistake. That's when I revealed that the entire scenario had been recorded on one of my systems and could be viewed on any device over the internet if he so wished. After a moment of silence he replied "What do you expect me to do about it?" to which I stated "Get your fat ass in your car and personally deliver the package within the next hour and I will not proceed to the Attorney General for the State of New Hampshire with a loss of business revenue charge against the United States Parcel Service." - quick note, that's a legitimate legal filing within the State of New Hampshire in this scenario. Approximately 35 minutes later there was a knock at my front door and it was indeed the Post Master General for the State of New Hampshire who politely handed me my package and said "I am sincerely sorry sir". Since that incident, even though I have offices, every house I have owned has been surrounded by video cameras. Sounds like I won, right? No. If it rained, the mailbox door was always left ajar and the mail was ruined. Bills where regularly delivered, but checks would vanish in transit. If it snowed I would not get mail for a week and was told through certified mail from FedEx that the current U.S.P.S. carrier felt unsafe making a delivery attempt as snow may fall off my roof and cause bodily injury. I will not go on, I believe you get the picture of why I eventually moved.
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Steven J. Daniels that’s a great story. Did you make that up for your kids bedtime story or was it to try to impress people at a bar? Idk which of the two it was but I do know that you w probably told this story so many times to so many people that you probably actually now think that it did in fact happen.
Carlos Martinez (13 days ago)
There was a time when UPS drivers were thought of as honest, hard-working people; no more. My brother works feeder at UPS Grande Vista in Los Angeles. 10 years ago when my dad had dementia, my brother and his wife had my dad sign over all of his properties over to themselves (illegal in California but the statute of limitations has run its course). My dad had a will but these two rats didn't care.
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
kenny johnson yeah I agree with kenny. Just because your brother appears to be a shit bag son to his defenseless and unknowing father, that has nothing to do with UPS drivers. Let me guess, had he been a cop then all cops are corrupt and have no morals or if he had been a cook at a restaurant then all cooks are bad people and we should check our food before we eat.
kenny johnson (8 days ago)
because your brother is a dishonest, douche bag, all UPS drivers are the same?? WTF is wrong with you? seriously.
DICK WILCOX (13 days ago)
DK (14 days ago)
im a driver helper for ups and none of this is true. The real scam is this vid !
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Don’t get butthurt over this video because they won’t let you be a real driver but instead you have to ride in the jump seat and do all the actual deliveries while the driver just sits there and gets paid 3x as much as you. The fact that the package was physically scanned in the truck then not delivered and the video shows the driver not even get out of the truck shows that this is true. Also who are people going to believe, some “driver helper” that isn’t even a real delivery driver and posted an 18 word comment on a YouTube video with no actual explanation as to why it couldn’t possibly be true or bob with a video and other proof showing that it happened.
Toats Magoats (9 days ago)
It’s real and it’s done on a regular basis (and you know it). Once you graduate from being a driver “helper” and stop playing your fantasy video games the rest of the time (see profile photo)... you’ll learn what the rest of the adults have been saying. Go to bed.
Jennifer Hill (13 days ago)
Sounds like you're butt hurt. Is it surprising someone may not do their job & leave it to the customer to go to a location to pick up their package?
Brimannn (13 days ago)
You’re a douche canoe
swmp9x19 (14 days ago)
Thats why you fuck them up and order the heaviest shit allowed by the carrier.
Francisco revolucion (14 days ago)
its because ups don't do right turns
William Redfern (14 days ago)
I would NEVER bribe these cowboys with an Xmas tip so they do their job in the proper way,,
Rafael ifshsm (14 days ago)
I ordered pc parts and 2 of the parts went in a good mail company and my proccesor also the most important fragil part Goes to Ups GREAT
Derrick Hensley (15 days ago)
I have either through my dad who had a small bike parts and repair or personal transactions dealing with an excessive electronics hobby. Now the guy that I dealt with from UPS for dad was absolutely awesome. We traded favors back and forth and it might include meeting him some where or like when he had an accident of some manner I would fetch things off the truck because of weight and we were his heaviest delivery. The one that served my residence couldn't have pissed me off worse if he tried, I had a large component that was recalled this thing at a friends discount was six hundred and thirty bucks, and since my name wasn't rockafella I wasn't just swimming in dough. I left a notation at the distribution center because I was having cause to leave unpredictably and plus there were considerable possibilities of rain so I had it noted no answer no sign of occupant return to center with a phone call notice of arrival,I know that not all of them will do this but most will. I bring my smiling self home one day to see this big old cardboard box with lots of pretty day glow high visability invoice tags all over it in the pooring down freaking rain, and so while rain is good for crops it doesn't do one bloody good thing for electronics, and will these day glow invoice tags help the guy find your stuff in the truck it also helps the thieving bastards find it on your porch. The two very things I specifically told them not to do was done plus that morning I had tried to confer with them to see if it was coming that day and of course they could not say yes or no I told them to hold it or recall it couldn't seem to do that either. I seen that box and every thing went red, they dropped fat man and little boy on Japan and they dropped on the UPS depot, being familiar with the place I knew would hear you and who would not, plus I had insurance on the parcel and was under 4he impression that it required a little incriminating slashes of a pen. I think that boy got into some horrible water over that but all I can say at that is you are paid to do something and a few minor instructions is not that big of a hassle, and all he had to keep in mind is that if he didn't feel his wage sufficient that was between him and hid boss and nothing to do with me.
Derrick Hensley (4 days ago)
+Parker Phillips the dynamic was tough to explain with out the detail. He left expensive electronics in the rain in moderately theft risk area after being told not to do that. The fat man, little boy were a reference to two nukes used in WW 2 to describe my anger about going against specific requests for that I made for valid reasons. Sorry for any confusion there I hope this clears the narrative.
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Jennifer Hill I got so lost in that story. All I know is there were electronics left in the rain. Idk what the hell he was talking about with some fat guy and little boy in Japan or how that applies to this story. Apparently the little boy got thrown in some water somewhere I think?
Jennifer Hill (13 days ago)
brevity is a virtue
Top Gun Cars (16 days ago)
3:17 made me cry 😂
nosman069 (16 days ago)
Anyone watch pawn stars
srussert28 (16 days ago)
A friend has indoor dogs. If you breath on front porch they bark. They have a doorbell but the dogs are better. UPS said they tried to deliver package. She called BS because she made arrangements to be home the whole time because the package was for her new job. The driver had several non deliveries because he was just lazy
seneca (15 days ago)
srussert28 Yes, something similar happened to me. If you’re stuck with a bad driver, you’re screwed.
Rodney bigboy (17 days ago)
That crap happens to me I have to pick up my package at a us mail service in a strip mall .thanks for the info.
Raysean3x (17 days ago)
woah thats by my house, kinda
Rappa P (17 days ago)
I hope this guy plays guitar because with a beard like that he should play guitar!!
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Jennifer Hill and it plays in a second rate Creed cover band. No one with that goatee is famous.
Jennifer Hill (13 days ago)
His beard plays guitar
Steven Slouber (18 days ago)
I honestly never had this issue in my area. I prefer UPS because FedEx damages my stuff.
Steven Slouber (15 days ago)
+seneca I can agree with that. I just had enough experience using Fedex as it is Newegg's choice shipper. I can't 💯 trust ordering a PC case without it coming to me with some type of damage. Newegg will make it right on their end as much as possible even though it isn't even their fault once it leaves their facility if you are civil with them about it. I just wouldn't trust getting a tempered glass case if you could imagine how that would look upon arrival. At least the standard steel and acrylic side window cases can be fixed by popping out dents and $6 worth of plexiglass from the hardware store:-)
seneca (15 days ago)
Steven Slouber It totally depends on the driver assigned to your route. If you have a bad driver, you’re stuck with late deliveries or drops at access point. They won’t change the driver since they are in the union and they don’t handle these types of complaints.
Joe Crow (18 days ago)
UPS lost my package and said sorry about you're luck ....hope they lose millions they are the worst company for delivery ....screw UPS
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Don Rogers and every moron has to make a stupid comment even you.
Don Rogers (11 days ago)
Joe Crow --- Every crow has an asshole even you
Jennifer Hill (13 days ago)
Yes screw UPS but love USPS
Dre Wright (19 days ago)
You sir are an idiot you have no idea what goes into tracking your package UPS driver can’t just stop at an intersection and say that your package was attempted the tracking system is so strict they have to follow protocol to the letter first the truck has to be put into park the engine has to be turned off the bulkhead door has to be open your package needs to be found and scanned then the bulkhead door needs to be closed again well the driver is walking from the truck to your front door they have to type in information and if you are not home to receive your delivery a info notice has to be scanned and left on your door now keep in mind that The UPS driver Hass to be done on average anywhere from 160 to 200 times a day and if your UPS driver doesn’t follow procedure to the letter on even one delivery they will be in their bosses office the next day receiving a warning letter your UPS driver is one of the hardest working people you’ve ever met in your life the worst day you ever had in your life at work UPS driver just call that Tuesday
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
Dre Wright with everything you just said I’ve already figured out how he defeated all of these protocols and It took about 14 seconds. He pulled up, turned off his engine, opened the door, got the package, closed the door, scanned the package, marked as attempt made, put package back, started the truck and drove off. But all of that was already stated in the video. He said he got a notification that it was scanned and was tagged as attempt made, and had the driver on video not even getting out of the truck. How do people not believe stuff when it’s literally right there in front of you being showed to you clear as day? Please don’t tell me you think the earth is flat and all the pictures and videos we have aren’t real also.
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
ComputerGuy the package wasn’t broken... what video did you watch and how did you get to this page to comment?
Parker Phillips (4 days ago)
kyussdemon1 well if that’s true then why does every UPS driver I ever see drive with the doors open? Yes bulkhead door included.
Dre Wright (12 days ago)
+ComputerGuy I apologize if I came off rude to you I want to make things clear I am not trying to defend ups at all the company is a heartless Juggernaut monster what I am trying to defend is the drivers they're human beings just like you and me in generally good people if a driver delivered a broken package in all likelihood he pointed out to a supervisor that the package was broken but he was still ordered to deliver it if you work at UPS you are subject to certain rules and one of them is work as directed which means your supervisor has all of the Power and you have none 90% of bad customer service problems that come from UPS originate from the supervisor not the driver
ComputerGuy (14 days ago)
+Dre Wright I think you see this the wrong way my friend. I not agree with anyone. Like I mention, I have never had any problem with delivery company's. I just thought UPS had the same rules over the hole world. But I was wrong. I don`t know this guy but there`s something fishy going on somewhere. The package was broken so bad that the delivery boy should never had deliver it to him, so why did he? Or did the man on the video do it him self just so he could give UPS a bad name? With that said. We all know that UPS have a bad reputation from before. So who`s lying?
John Elst (19 days ago)
Happens to us in Toronto Canada too, even with complaints to UPS about their Driver. Before this new delivery guy the packages always reached us... So I agree the new guy is a lazy fuck.
D G (19 days ago)
Its not too bad of a scam. Atleast you get your product. I hope you atleast didnt pay for shipping and the business got a good deal too. This happened to me but they put a door tag. So... they atleast got out of their car.?
Therapist Flim Flam (19 days ago)
A Pizza Hut delivery guy gave me food in KFC bags
D G (19 days ago)
maybe it was a kfc pizza hut collab
Doyle Holloway (19 days ago)
i have 20 Avacodo trees and when they are ready to be harvest i give ups, fed ex, and my mailman avocodo's... i never have a problem with them.. they bring my pkgs right up to me...
Ms. Rosann (20 days ago)
A lot of these UPS and FedEx drivers are really nasty... some of them have no respect for you or your packages and they should not be delivering packages for a living
Vision Zero (20 days ago)
My dad works at ups 😂
xlxcrossxlx (20 days ago)
Here's my story, I was waiting anxiously for a package to be delivered by USPS, saw the mailman rolling up down my road, went out and took my dog out to wait for him. I saw him pull up sit at my mailbox for a few, then drive away. Immediately I got a text on my phone saying my package has been delivered. I went to the mailbox and it wasn't in there. So as I got the notification I am watching the mailman drive away with my package after scanning it as delivered. I called every post office trying to find out where it is and why it says it was delivered when it wasn't, no one knew anything. They told me they would call me back the next day, but never did. 2 days after this all happened I go to my mailbox and it is in there, had been opened and re-taped with a stamp saying damaged on delivery. My guess is the guy tried to keep it but once he realized that he couldn't blame it on someone else taking it off my porch or out of my mailbox, he had to give it back, but since he had opened it already he had to put the stamp on it and re-tape it. Always be weary of every delivery driver, whether it's food or packages. I don't even have pizza delivered because I've seen so many videos of people helping themselves to the toppings or spitting on it or doing something nasty just because. The less people who handle my stuff before it gets to me the better.
Joe Crow (18 days ago)
Yeah same thing happened to me said it was delivered and it wasn't cost me 150 bucks .... still never got my package they said sorry about you're luck .....hope they lose millions and go under they suck
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III (20 days ago)
For someone how has gotten packages stolen before, you should be glad that UPS safely delivered it elsewhere so you could just pick it up and not worry that it could be stolen. Instead, what do you do? You buy cameras to document your foolishness and then you complain. smfh
Chad Bellbowa (21 days ago)
This is stupid the ups workers are over worked. He just got confused and he’s not lazy they do more Cardio in one day than you do in your whole life smh
Cyber Bot (21 days ago)
Brother inlaw i phone said hand deliver to house hold tenant lol GPS thing used logged it 3 miles away Driver Thief & DUMD same time gives good drivers BAD Name :::: Royal Mail realy bad over xmas time theysy employ any one video out there 2 Post menfighting over credite cards Envolpes same stand out grab cards wait for pin number :::: Post men have been offered $$$$ to keep card and pin any thing SAFE ? try find video link
giovanni tristan (21 days ago)
Dallas tx baby
Chris Rocket (21 days ago)
How is this a scam???? Do you know what a scam is????
theREALnizzle (21 days ago)
Anybody calling UPS drivers lazy has no idea what the job entails. Many factors play into why your package doesn't arrive when or where it should. Also, like others have said, he may have pulled up, tried to find your parcel, couldn't find it so he moved on. On my route a typical day has 160 stops and over 300 packages. Sometimes it's difficult to locate a package in the truck. I'm not saying that's what happened in your situation but what I am saying is Don't be so quick to make assumptions and label a UPS driver as lazy when you don't know all the details.. And this definitely was not a "scam".
dave Mancini (13 days ago)
Hopefully the next time they deliver your package the driver wipes dog shit all over it !!!!
theREALnizzle (18 days ago)
+Joe Crow lol. That will never happen. UPS delivers more packages world wide than any other company. Although I am sorry to hear about your bad experience.
Joe Crow (18 days ago)
+Ron Stevens agree totally they lost my package and did nothing to find out where it went hope they lose millions and go under
theREALnizzle (19 days ago)
+Ron Stevens if your package arrives late due to something other than an act of God, you can get your money back. Amazon delivery is the worst on par with on trac. You are obviously unhappy with your own life to be so angry about this. I hope you fix whatever is bothering you in your life and live your best life in a happier state of mind. Good luck to you
Ron Stevens (21 days ago)
Who gives a f&*k what factors apply! Every time I am supposed to get a package by 10:30, it arrives in the late afternoon or next day. There's no way to do anything about it. You guys suck big time and your company takes money for customers without providing the services paid for. Hope you go out of business. Happy Amazon is trying to replace you. F-off forever, you arrogant pri%$k.
Alexis Cardenas (22 days ago)
its sometimes done becouse the pkg is not found and will get in trouble if delivery is not attempted. if fed up. why dont you stop calling the delivery guy lazy....and get your lazy ass to go and buy it. since you were just hanging out at your house
winterborn 1 (22 days ago)
I work at ups, I load the trucks at like 4am. Honestly the driver probably doesnt even have whatever item is in the truck. He more than likely came in before his shift starts to look at what work he has for the day. The insides of ups trucks are packed unreal, (unless you work at a delivering company you really dont understand) and the bigger packages will get left behind in the warehouse. They will tell the drivers supervisor what they will leave behind for the day(because this happens everyday) and the supervisor will tell them jus go to the stop. Mark it as delivered or attempted to or whatever, jus to make it look good on pen and paper somewhere.
kyussdemon1 (15 days ago)
+Ron Stevens I truly aspire to be as perfect as you. UPS will still be around after we're all gone and dead.
Ron Stevens (21 days ago)
just unbelievable. sorry you work for such a terrible company. who cares about the customer. eventually you will all be out of work
kenspainting1 (22 days ago)
Your normal UPS driver could be a perv and a crook!
kenspainting1 (22 days ago)
kenspainting1 (22 days ago)
You are totally correct I busted a UPS driver screwing a chick in a local park across the street from my house in Morris Illinois
Brett Brow (23 days ago)
I can't track my order anymore what does that mean?
Daryus Alkene (23 days ago)
I shop Amazon and they said they could not find my house, the same house that bought dozens of items and had them delivered before. They are just lazy.
R Hayat (24 days ago)
If you can, boycott Amazon. They're now in the business of censorship.
War Zone (24 days ago)
6:34 UPS drivers aren't suppose to take tips. Company policy.
War Zone (24 days ago)
5:25 Or have gotten up off your lazy ass and went to the front door and grabbed the package??
War Zone (24 days ago)
Your calling the UPS driver lazy and yet you were at home and saw the package delivered to you and you said "I should have gotten up and grabbed it." You sir are the lazy ass. You got what you deserved.
kyussdemon1 (15 days ago)
+william zimmer Did it EVER occur to you that since this guy had been on the NEWS about stolen pkgs from his front door, that MAYBE, UPS has a note in the board that says not to deliver due to high theft incidents? So instead, you take to a contracted lockbox(ups store, kinko's type, etc) to insure safe delivery. It may be a little inconvenient, but your items are safe and secure. Some are very thankful for this option. Just a thought before you judge and insult UPS Drivers. They work their asses off.
william zimmer (24 days ago)
You made the dumbest comment ever, Bob is sitting in his home, probably busy doing something else. He should be able to have something sit on his front porch without someone stealing it. The ups driver on the other hand is at work and not doing his very simple job. For u to say he deserves that makes me think u are prolly a lowlife theif yourself
Chach Smith (24 days ago)
All these deliveries company do the same shit!!! I just moved to Arlington VA and I have had more lost packages from this location than I have in my entire life and these scum bag drivers scan the packages as delivered so I can’t even get a refund or replacement so I keep loosing money and packages I’ve taken multiple videos of these so called drivers sleeping on the back side of my complex and since they been sleeping in there trucks all day there pinned as being here amazon drivers are the fucken worse I pay for prime membership and my orders never get delivered on time or even delivered at times but since there driver scans them as delivered they claim they can’t do anything about it which is bullshit!!!! I have reported it to the BBB multiple times and still nothing is done I’m gonna keep reporting this problem about amazon till there stock price drops or they go bankrupted hopefully sooner than later!!!! Usps isn’t any better either those pre sized boxes you pay 7-25.00 dollars for priority mail is fucken useless they never get delivered in the time you pay for!!!
Mario Oliveira (23 days ago)
Get a job as a delivery driver!!!😎
Al 3000 (24 days ago)
ups fucking sucks in England too man
Patrick Morrow (25 days ago)
Sometimes the package is not on the truck.. the manifest says you have a delivery and the loader put it on the wrong truck! Happens to me every other day. That's probably why you see the guy drive up and leave without getting out.
kenny johnson (8 days ago)
no they don't.
victorienne frey (23 days ago)
Oof 🙄
pdxyyz (24 days ago)
Except he has to have the package to scan it for an attempted delivery.
Malachi Cruz (26 days ago)
Same thing just happened to me when I ordered something ups lady stood on the street and left
peculiar desperado (26 days ago)
great video!
Nathan Stiltner (26 days ago)
FedEx contractor did this exact same thing to me a couple weeks ago. I had been waiting all day for the driver cause the package required a signature and he never even knocked
Tim Mitzlaff (26 days ago)
That’s funny, no it’s just that UPS used to be somewhat of a conservative place to work. They still hadn’t approved of anything but a white wall haircut.
Retro-Matic Gamer (27 days ago)
UPS did something like this to me ten years ago - they'd not bother haul the bigger boxes to the door, just fill out the pink "Missed Delivery" slips and stick those on the door, not even knocking, so as to lazily avoid hauling heavy packages. One day, he arrived when I conveniently already had his supervisor on the phone. I'd been monitoring delivery notifications like a hawk after several of these incidents, and the very moment he tried to stick the note to the door, I opened it and he literally stuck the note to my chest before he realized what had happened! He turned white as a sheet as I said, "Not this time, bro. Your boss Jim says to give me my fucking package and go see him when you finish for the day." I got shipping charges refunded and that driver never delivered again. Easy way to avoid: sign up online for delivery notifications, and add special instructions to leave the package on the porch (or wherever). Now they can't say it was undeliverable!
Joe Dirt (24 days ago)
You didn't realize the "bigger boxes" are required to be handled by safety regulations due to the fact that the employee was a union member. He was following safety regulations most likely. What you did was fucked up because you called a supervisor who pushed his employee to do something he was not supposed to do. These supervisors at ups threaten job security when they perform at Superman level but not at 4x that level. The union protects the hourly employees from the constant harassment. UPS is such a shitty company to work for.
Mahesh Daryanani (27 days ago)
just saw your video, believe it or not this happens in Hong Kong with ups too!!! i got a package from the US with i-Parcel, and got a notification that someone tried to deliver at 8AM. WHO THE FUCK DELIVERS PACKAGES AT 8AM???? anyways wrote to them cause i have no idea whether they're gonna try a second delivery attempt or not, and now i got a call from someone saying they'll deliver tomorrow!. fuqnuts!!!
Bretton Ferguson (27 days ago)
My living room couch is 1 inch from the front door. If it were 1 inch closer, the door wouldn't open. I was sitting there playing video games one day. When I went outside I had a notice for an attempted delivery. If they had knocked I'd have answered. That pissed me off. My roommate was there all day too. Neither of us heard the door.
Tim Mitzlaff (27 days ago)
UPS used to be a company you could trust. I mean not anyone can get a job at UPS. I even tried to get a job there back in the 70s. I could tell by the looks I was getting when I went to fill out the application. I know that was ages ago and like anything else these days criminals have infiltrated everything.
kyussdemon1 (15 days ago)
+War Zone Part timers( warehouse workers), but not drivers. They have to hire 6 inside hire drivers to 1 outside hire drivers. Meaning very very few drivers are hired off the street to be a driver.
War Zone (24 days ago)
Anyone can get a job at UPS. They have such a high turn over rate they're always desperate for new hires. However, not everyone can do the job. You have no idea what your talking about.
l L (27 days ago)
You must of looked like some hippy
noname583 (27 days ago)
It happened to me many times until the driver changed! He never carried the parcel to my room. Every time I watched the driver through the window, I rushed down to the entrance, but he was so quick to put the slip and leave. I always missed him lol So when I shopped online, I was always waiting for him while reading a book at the entrance of the apartment.
Francisco rivera (27 days ago)
Agreed they so lazy, Same thing happened when I ordered an iPhone 8 Plus.
miguel Becerra (28 days ago)
I thought he was fat Joe with beard
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III (20 days ago)
That's not a beard. That's actually a rare sea creature attached to his chin. The rest is just sideburns.
Phebe (28 days ago)
My situation: UPS driver attempted to deliver my package but at a wrong location causing my package to be 'Return to Sender'. Customer service apologized and said nothing could be done. Wtf should I do?
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III (20 days ago)
Nothing. Except contact the seller and let them know your address is correct but UPS is the one who got it wrong.
William Knowles (28 days ago)
So it happened to you one time and the guy got fired but that is a "UPS scam"? Also as others have pointed out you can turn off access point deliveries for your address so the driver can't drop it off at another location but it doesn't sound like you are looking for solutions so hopefully it doesn't happen again.
Tony Bulley (28 days ago)
I love your videos and the funny thing is ups does this to me on a daily basis because the packages are heavy they stop and leave long enough o point he was here happened today and even funnier while watching this I got a email from ups asking me if I was still interested in there position for three days a week ool
Floridajames04 (28 days ago)
Lies, this guy is fishing for likes and views.
Laura Gaviria (28 days ago)
Now everything makes more sense to me thank you for your video
Cee (28 days ago)
Same thing happened to me. But I knew he had to deliver on the next block, so I went and got my package from his lazy ass.
Cee (20 days ago)
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III Wasn’t no luck I had ID. And the fool knew he never came to my door 🚪
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III (20 days ago)
UPS/Fedex, etc are not allowed to just hand over packages to people who just walk up to their truck. You got lucky.
Eduardo Lopez (29 days ago)
Ups and Fedex are sucks
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III (20 days ago)
FedEx Home is the worst because fedex franchises Home deliveries out. This means anyone can start a fedex home delivery business (if they have the money) and the driver's of these franchises don't get paid nearly as much as the real fedex employee drivers do. This makes for a lot of mistakes and undelivered packages.
AngryDriversAttacks (29 days ago)
This is SOOOO typical lol
70% Sociopath (29 days ago)
i applied for a package handler for ups (i would've been making 13.50/hr) and the HR guy told me that there was a few more stuff on my profile i had to fill out, but it was pretty much just another app for a different job. So i go in for my first day and of course I'm not a package handler I'm a preloader and I'm making 11 instead of 13.5, fuck ups
kyussdemon1 (15 days ago)
+Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III Eh, a little extreme, but true. Except the dick sucking part. Well, maybe metiforically, just not literally, lol
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III (20 days ago)
This is an employment scam FedEx and UPS run. They put out ads for delivery drivers but no one actually starts out as a delivery driver. Everyone starts out as a handler and you have to suck dick to eventually be a driver.
Chris Barker (28 days ago)
Lol idk who told you package handlers make 13.50hr but they lied to you. Because they have been at 11 for years now.
Paul Watson (29 days ago)
EXACT same thing happened to me.. UPS is shit
Frank Segai (29 days ago)
send a message to seller: package must be delivered, i will not pick up.
Duhdog Dvg (29 days ago)
I get the situation. (Someone has a job and should do it) But there are far too many commenters b*tching about late packages... Boo the **** hoo. First world problems. If your that distraught over a late package... please re-think the priority’s you should be worrying about in your life... not a late package 😂
ace boogie (28 days ago)
Duhdog spoken like a person with actual real world problems thank you theirs still hope people bitching about a package hahaha
Noah James McD (29 days ago)
It is frustrating when they say it is out for delivery but never shows.
A Bellator (29 days ago)
Duhdog Dvg dude if you pay for a service you should get that service
Furious Ghost (1 month ago)
Never received my packages from UPS
W TF? (1 month ago)
Hi Video Bob! I wish you could really go into the future and look back at your videos. If so, you would probably think to yourself... Man that was a silly goatee and sideburns. 🤔
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III (20 days ago)
It's not a goatee, it's a rare fungus.
Durp Shady (1 month ago)
Holy Shit ?!!? this happened to me like half a week ago. I was home all day and got outside 7 at night to find a note on my door. And now I have to go all the way across town without a ride to pick it up. I'm heated.
AshCFN (1 month ago)
nice beard :)
Robby Schoendienst (1 month ago)
I live in Dallas too
Jarron Ellis (1 month ago)
You’re right brother Ubs does have the GPS on the truck at all times it does show a stamp to where we make our deliveries at any given time I’m actually a UPS driver and I’m very sorry that the driver did that to you is a shame that our new drivers are lazy they want to get paid I want to make a lot of money but they don’t want to do the work my apologies to you and then when UPS for 28 years I’ve been a driver for 18 years and I try my best every day to hold the integrity of my company and the property of the customers that pay my bills once again my apologies to you
kyussdemon1 (15 days ago)
+William Knowles OR, there was a "note" in the board for that address to "not del due to high theft". The guy was on the news for stolen pkgs at his door. Come on man, this didn't occur to you? And you work at UPS? How many stops do you have locked out? No dr's, sig required due to a negative DFU?
Joe Crow (18 days ago)
That's crap they lost my package and told me they don't know where it went that they can't track it it was never delivered and I was home all day .....hope they go under they suck and if I order something and it's gonna come UPS I cancel the order because I know chances are I won't get it ....screw UPS
Bad Cheetah (28 days ago)
+William Knowles I agree 100%
William Knowles (28 days ago)
I agree and cover drivers are notorious for not taking care of other drivers customers because they usually don't hear about the aftermath from their actions. But I do feel some kind of way about this being called a "UPS Scam" as if it is the common occurence when his normal driver even gave him his personal phone number to coordinate with him.
Bad Cheetah (28 days ago)
Second this. This does not accurately represent all of the drivers at ups, sadly we are union and shit drivers do make their way into the workplace. I am glad you can say your usual service provider as we are not titled drivers. Nice clickbait
Morgan Evans (1 month ago)
Don’t they get paid for how fast they deliver all packages ?
Bad Cheetah (28 days ago)
Nope hourly girlie