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UPS SCAM EXPOSED! - Don't get tricked by this!

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This is a trick that lazy delivery drivers do to customers all the time! Don't get taken advantage of by this trick!
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Videobob Moseley (3 months ago)
I just added another video, this time of a FedEx package that was just dumped in my driveway, you won't believe this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJS6C9zqKjc
Ms Daisy (8 days ago)
+Mascotal liar! Or do you live somewhere besides the USA? No one gets CHARGED for stolen property, you big LIAR!!!
Ms Daisy (8 days ago)
+ted quest omg! Go see a doctor! You need MEDS for that slobbering delirium!
Ms Daisy (8 days ago)
3 hrs later you decide to get the pkgs from the front porch? Are you TRYING to get pirated?
LONEWOLF 72 (8 days ago)
I can believe it. I have had a laptop left by the mail box and a phone left by the fence by FedEx. Oh yeah I live in the country on a busy road that's a short cut to town. I complained to FedEx nothing got done it's a bunch of bull shit.
Timothy Marin (9 days ago)
ted quest 😮
Open borders for Israel (19 minutes ago)
The same happened to me with some customized nike shoes (similar to Marty's)
jmetzger68 (2 hours ago)
UPS used to give bonuses (idk if they still do) to their drivers if they finished X estimated hours of work in less time. Maybe the guy thinks he’s slick by dropping off the bulky and signature required deliveries at a drop off point to save as much time as possible. I bet it wouldn’t take much for the dock manager over at his hub to find a pattern in his deliveries like that either.
marky mark (17 minutes ago)
Video he didn't come to a bullshit either and Orion/the LoJack would out 2 and 2 together within a day.
Thomas maurer (13 hours ago)
what a wining bitch .. you didnt come to the door ..
ORYX X (1 day ago)
This happens a lot with Amazon's selective courier, we have intelcom courier who does exactly this. They even managed to deliver it to a different address unit and send me the photo! That was the first strike. If it happens a second time I'm coming down with a lawsuit. Coz it says right on the parcel the address my address! I had once a parcel delivered to me opened because it was sent to the wrong address had I known who opened it I'd sue them it's a felony offense to open packages that isn't yours. I think it was Canada Post that time that messed up. These lazy mofos can't get bothered to knock, I'm always waiting with the door open when I know these ppl are out for delivery! Called Amazon they issued me a refund and filed a complaint with the courier but no follow up on what happened after. So who knows
Awais Abrar (1 day ago)
Nice one you nailed it bru but my question is why would I take care someone who is already been paid for his work I am saying to the point you said give him tips take care of him etc in most commonly that money is considered as speed money not tips but anyways thanks for sharing this as I was wondering for a very long time
julie xoxo (1 day ago)
Awais Abrar because it’s nice to be appreciated :) I always make sure to tip my garbage pickup & delivery people around the holidays.
Starlite Karaoke (1 day ago)
My second car I ever owned was a 74 Dodge Monaco.... You get a sub for this! The video was informative too.
Patti Hainline (1 day ago)
I've heard many horor story's about this good for you Fed ex delivers my medication which is time sensitive must be kept at a certain temperature cold and they tossed it in my garage which must have been open luckily we found it the next day it was over 100 degrees at the time this medication is nesisary to live without it well I wouldn't b here they also run up to my porch toss it tap on the door and are headed down the road this medication on the open market is about $3000 and to replace it will take 10 days in the meantime well I hate to think the thing is they know it's medical y do they act like yeah what ever
Marcos Duterte (1 day ago)
Russell DoFrane (2 days ago)
Big box. Might be buried in the truck. I was a driver helper at Christmas. That's exactly why they do it. It's about the only way you can cheat the UPS system.
shanique joe (2 days ago)
They do it to me all the time. I just send it to ups and got them fired
Damani Hawkins (2 days ago)
They do that with small packages too. Ups ain’t shit
Damani Hawkins (2 days ago)
This happened to me so many times
Never Rat on Your Friends (2 days ago)
Nice job videobob👍, it's a shame how Mom or pop's sends they little girl's to go and steal packages
MOTwaccoe (2 days ago)
Same in England. I was in the hallway near the front door and heard the letterbox. I went to see and there was a sorry we missed you note from the delivery company. He came to the door with the note not the parcel. I just missed him driving off. His number was on the card, I rang him as he was driving up the street when he answered. I said you had just been to my house and put a card in the box you need to spin around and deliver the parcel. I was told they would try to deliver the following day. I was at work the following day that's why I arranged the delivery today. He then said they will try to deliver the item 3 times if were not in the parcel will be returned to sender. Simple I phoned the company where I placed the order and cancelled it for a full refund and explained why. Just cancel your orders then the company will stop using that delivery firm
Imran Ali (1 day ago)
Was it myHermes? Those guys are ridiculous
Lady J (2 days ago)
Auntie M (3 days ago)
I tried to tell my husband this when his stuff was coming in. New neighborhood and so he tracked the package for gun parts. A bunch of upgrades buy small parts. If you don’t know anything about guns you would have no idea what the parts are for, they look like Allen wrenches, not heavy. Anyway, he was expecting around 12 separate packages. I had to stay in the house for a week to wait for them. No one rang the doorbell I would just open the door because the dog was going crazy and find a package. Always, 10,15 minutes later my husband would call and say a package has been delivered. On one I couldn’t find the package and the dog did not alert but my husband insisted the package was delivered. I go outside look around, nothing, I open my door, go back inside and report. My Husband comes home 4 hours later with a pice of paper he said was on the door, again nothing and my cat has been parked out front in our driveway. They dropped it off at a Dropbox. I had to wait another 3 hours, according to the message on the delivery slip. My husband was mad saying I must have been lying to him. He is not controlling it was just a part he was waiting on that he needed to finish up one gun that he wanted to shoot the next day with his buddies. I had to wait until 8pm before I could pick it up because the Dropbox wouldn’t release it until the time on the slip. Weird rule, they said that’s because it takes a while to process into their computers that it is there. Their main store is a drug store and they do this on the side it’s not a priority. No matter what I say now my husband thinks I have been lying to him about this small thing he can’t help but think I have lied about other stuff. I don’t, I don’t have a poker face and you can see a lie on my face from space. For me there is no point, just tell the truth. This video shows him I wasn’t lying!!!!!!! Maybe the jokes and jabs can stop now.
B Doug (3 days ago)
This video is a waste of YouTube You're the lazy fucking turd and a drama queen
Betsy Marin (6 hours ago)
You're a waste of my air.
First Last (9 hours ago)
lmao those guys get paid to deliver packages and when they dont deliver packages they arent doing their jobs
La Views (3 days ago)
I would use the AR15 on those 'girls'
True Review (3 days ago)
Your chin hair looks like the thin wispy hair on an elderly mans balls
True Review (3 days ago)
You look like a fat samurai good luck with that!
Cody Evans (3 days ago)
If a driver did this, it was probably a supervisor trying to get the numbers up. The actual drivers are Teamsters, and they don't give a flying fuck about time. They get paid a very generous hourly wage. Time is money, and they can't get fired for being too slow. Supervisors are non-union, and are pretty much the fall guy for upper management if numbers aren't good...
Greg Sieracki (3 days ago)
How bout stop bitching about deliveries when you're playing games with the drivers and just go to a store and buy them yourself! But noooo you like the attention you get by making stupid videos! Take the panties out of your vagina and stop bitching and act like a Man!!!! Shave that ugly ass beard too!
Wise Guy (21 hours ago)
Greg Sieracki (3 days ago)
+ShiftX5 Noooo! That's what the comment section is for! Are you the censor police? Keep your comment to yourself!
ShiftX5 (3 days ago)
Greg Sieracki how about keeping your opinions to yourself and stop bitching on a comment section
a bb (3 days ago)
My UPS drivers never try and ring or knock on the door they drop my package and run. Like literally they run.
a bb (2 days ago)
Bradley Barton  I'm saying if you deliver a package you should atleast knock or ring the door bell to let the people know hey your package is outside come get it before someone else does.
Bradley Barton (2 days ago)
If we don't need a signature, we don't wait. I'm out almost 12 hours a day. If we wait 20 seconds at every stop x 150+ stops, that equals... Anyone? Equals me getting home even later.....
a bb (3 days ago)
+Kikaa Pikka No, I would knock for sure wait a sec then haul butt to the van. Lol we have to many package theifs out there now days.
Kikaa Pikka (3 days ago)
a bb you would do the same if you have to deliver a million packages and can’t clock out until they have all been delivered 🤷🏻‍♀️
kiki246810 (3 days ago)
I agree so much. They do that and I'm like I am home, my mom is home 24/7. They need to do their job.
Theodore Freeman (3 days ago)
You are a moron the size have a lot to do with it and they can not safely haul it because of its size. They shelves in the truck it dosen't fit you have to pick it up. And they can not bring it by large truck because of the weigh limit on the street. You are one dumb bastard.
Adam Churvis (3 days ago)
I used to run the user group for the software platform used to create UPS's logistics applications software, and I knew some of the guys who worked at UPS Logistics here in Atlanta, which is UPS's worldwide headquarters. Here's the straight story: UPS can EASILY determine -- without even a complaint being lodged by a delivery customer -- every single time a driver does this, and drivers do this all the time. The GPS transponders in the trucks can be set to stream data at a rate sufficient to calculate a granular vector; in other words, to accurately calculate the combination of position, direction, speed at any given point, and acceleration/deceleration at any given point. It is a simple matter of setting the ping rate high enough so that only a few yards are traveled between pings. And that's just the truck's own data. As for the driver's behavior, that is logged by the handheld device he uses to record pick-ups, drop-offs, and customer signatures. So how is UPS supposed to use these two independent streams of logging data to determine if a driver is gaming the system? Through the one piece of information that is common to them both: the NIST-F1 Atomic Clock Timestamp, which is so accurate it won't be off more than one second every 100 million years. By analyzing the GPS log data stream using a relatively straightforward set of algorithms, they can easily calculate what I mentioned before -- position, direction, speed, and acceleration/deceleration -- at each ping. By then combining this analysis with the driver's activities logged by his handheld device on a common timeline, UPS could determine -- again without any human labor whatsoever -- which activities were valid and which were not. The invalid ones could then become "seeds" for querying both the depot drop-offs (and that driver's history with doing such things, especially in quantity) and Help Desk data regarding customer complaints. Those can be easily connected using the tracking numbers of the suspect packages, which is common to both data streams. A history of each driver's suspected gaming behavior then presents itself as a clearly-communicating Histogram showing how they perform with respect to other drivers and the company's stated standard metric (if they had one, which they obviously don't). And even THIS doesn't require human interaction; anything above a standard level can be flagged for review by actual humans, possibly resulting in a referral to HR. So that's how it COULD work, and they already have all the salient pieces in place to make it happen. But they don't and they won't, because while that is VERY beneficial to the UPS customer, it becomes a liability to UPS itself, and discoverable evidence in a class-action lawsuit against UPS. Another reason could be that UPS drivers are now members of the Teamsters Union, and unions don't like their members being watched, recorded, measured for performance, fired for bad performance, etc. This would be one set of terms that both UPS and the Teamsters would agree upon because UPS would see it as a protection of their own hides. I hope this helps.
Donovan Perdue (3 days ago)
You’re ignorant honestly and don’t know your shit lol
Phil Ossifer (3 days ago)
LOL!! How about you walk out and receive your package instead of playing little games with the drivers. Idk tho, maybe you don't really want your package? Or there's always the option of GOING TO THE STORE AND GETTING OFF YOUR LAZY ASS! No, maybe that's asking too much. It's not like you're an ass that the driver would just rather not deal with, lol. (In general, not just the guy in the video)
Greg Sieracki (4 days ago)
This video is a SCAM! Your name should be Billy! With that fuckn goat beard!
Greg Sieracki (4 days ago)
OMG people are fuckn nuts about stupid shit and will make a video on YouTube about anything to bitch! First he complains about packages not being delivered then he doesn't answer the door when a package is delivered so someone takes it! This dude just likes attention! This is what the world is coming too! You are all attention whores! Then this jerkoff wants to get driver's fired when they might have a family at home to support! Get a life you fuckn attention whore!
Mlle_Mae (4 days ago)
Omg! Ups did something similar to me and my bf but I didn’t have video proof. We get notifications when our packages were attempted on out phones. So me and my bf we’re home the whole time we had a sign at the front that says “Please leave package through the white gate, if you need a signature we are home”. While we were waiting we see the notification that they attempted to deliver so my bf rushes out and sees the truck go by. We didn’t hear a knock, a bell, or even the gate open. My bf was pissed at this point but I was calling immediately too. I told the representative that “Our notification said that there was an attempt on our package but we were home the whole time and didn’t hear anything, we had a sign that we are through the white gates and that we were both home. Can you tell the UPS driver to come back around because we were home” it was an expensive big box and we both called off to make sure that someone was there to get it right away. The UPS came back and just left it in the front even with my sign and I think forged our signature because the package needed a signature for it to be released.
Bill brown (4 days ago)
This has happened to packages that I sent to my sister in Texas. The UPS guy said he attempted delivery on the tracking. But he left them at a drop spot in this case a body shop 10 miles away!! The first package could not b found, the second one she went and got. In both instances she was at home waiting on the delivery.
Katherine Canon (3 days ago)
Wow.. that's messed up.
Andy Andy (4 days ago)
girl thief's
Vega von Hammersmark (4 days ago)
Fuckin drivers XD
Yasiris G (4 days ago)
This happens to me all the time and I never realized this was the problem! No one ever wants to deliver to me because I live in a NYC 5th floor walk up and I know 90% of the time they never attempted the delivery because my bedroom is right next to the doorbell and I would hear it
Laura Mata (2 days ago)
I know the Post office has delivery limits in the NYC area for the high rise buildings. I can't remember what the limits are though.
Chris Hessey (4 days ago)
Thats been done to be a few times before.
Gary Cameron (4 days ago)
Canada Post is notorious for this kind of crap. Regular driver or not.
Boomer (4 days ago)
Then I'll get a notice sometime the next day on my door. I never use Canada Post now if I have a choice
Boomer (4 days ago)
Yeah this has happened to me a few times with Canada Post leaving me wondering "wtf? I was home the whole day!" . No notice of attempted delivery or anything.. The post office is even like "maybe it blew away with the wind".. lol possible, but I doubt it as it's happened numerous fucking times now!
Gary Cameron (4 days ago)
I have a regular UPS driver but I wouldn't exactly call him normal. :)
Katherine Canon (3 days ago)
Lol driving is scary part.
IIIGhostIII (4 days ago)
The one thing i hate about delivery drivers is how they just leave your package on the porch. I remember the good ol days where they would ring the doorbell, knock on the door.....and even hand you your package sometimes. Now they just leave it and go.
IIIGhostIII (3 days ago)
​+Kikaa Pikka And?.......mail men and women have the same amount mail to deliver before they get to go home to their families, yet you don't see them just trowing mail on peoples porches.They take the time to put it in the mailbox. If they can do that, then a delivery driver should be able to at least take the time to ring the door bell or knock on the door ((you know those two things that are right in front of them when they walk onto the porch to put the package down)) instead of just dropping the package on the porch and leaving.
Kikaa Pikka (3 days ago)
IIIGhostIII in the “good ol days” not everyone ordered online. Now EVERYONE and they grandma order online so these drivers literally have 1000000000000 packages to deliver before they get to go home to their families!
Jose Martinez (4 days ago)
I used to deliver packages for Amazon. We would be rushed to deliver up to 300+ packages in a day. When I was new to the job i did just as you said "Ring the doorbell, Knock at the door" even wait a couple of minutes but you'll be surprise at the amount of people who are scared to interact with a delivery guy. In fear that they might get robbed (Mostly old people and woman). So I learned to call the customers as I drove to their house (Amazon's itinerary has customers numbers) to let them know there package would be arriving soon (Many rude people just hung up). When I arrived I rang and knocked. Now I'd wait to hear any noise or sign that someone was coming. And if they didn't I'd Look for a safe place to leave package, leave it, and be on to the next house.
Dale Preischel (4 days ago)
I work for DHL, we are not allowed to deliver packages to drop-off locations. The only exception is if the customer requests it. But that is in our scanner.
Mike Oakes (4 days ago)
Well this vid is a scam! You truly think a huge company like ups would pay drivers to drive around do nothing and drop off all packages at some center??? Plz!!
Andrew Blackamore (4 days ago)
He doesn't do it every time idiot !
Jesusjuice32 (4 days ago)
First of all how is this a scam? Second, have you ever worked as a driver or package handler? Third, how do you know theyre lazy, do you know how their systems work? Fourth, ive worked at ups as a package handler . Never have i seen a driver HAPPY that he didnt deliver something. Shit i wouldnt be happy either, less space i have to properly load the truck. Not only that but the DRIVER HAS TO deliver it the next day. Its not as if that package magically disappears and gets delievered lol
Kikaa Pikka (3 days ago)
Jesusjuice32 thank you!!! 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jose Martinez (4 days ago)
Lmao omg so many memories coming back from working at Amazon. I can relate to this comment. One package undelivered could fuck up the way I organized all my packages in the Van not to mention the end of the day yelling I had to deal with for not delivering it.
captnwinkle (4 days ago)
Looks like a lot of UPS driver commenting here how butt hurt they are
Robert Johnson (4 days ago)
You get a like, just because you got straight to the point
Kazeshini (4 days ago)
Not just UPS that does this, up here in Canada, Canada Post often does the same thing. Tons of examples that were filmed. The most hypocritical thing is, when they attempt a delivery, they put a lil flyer saying an attempt was made and where to pick it up. So instead of actually attempting the delivery, they just sit in their truck, fill up the lil paper and go put it in the mail box. Same amount of time that it takes to bring the box. First time it happened to me, i called Canada Post and they assured me that their employees have the highest regard in doing their job well and blah blah blah. Second time i caught it on camera, called again, got the same BS until i told them i got it on video. Then for some reason they became more reasonable and the next day they delivered it. The third time, same result except the mailwoman was fired. So yeah, idiots that say it doesn't happen can choke and die (not literally of course, just in the nicest way possible).
Gary Cameron (3 days ago)
+Kazeshini Are you aware that Purolator is owned by Canada Post? Sadly unions are prone to stupid crap when striking. Canada Post treat their employees like crap and that attitude is passed along to the customer.
Kazeshini (4 days ago)
+Gary Cameron Had similar situations. There was a strike going on like almost every year in my postal service and a package that was payed for faster shipping (2 to 3 days instead of a full week) and my package was in my hometown on the thursday of the week, so of course i expect it delivered the next day. Next day indeed out for delivery but it never arrived. Weekend passes, Monday happens, still out for delivery but no deliveries. I call them up and they say there is nothing they can do since the package is in the truck. So my package is out for delivery but not getting delivered and i cannot go simply pick it up because it's supposed to be on the truck. Basically they were holding my package as a hostage of sorts. Finally got it delivered on the next Thursday. Like I said, there was a strike going on but it said at the time that express deliveries wouldn't be affected. When i complained and wanted my money back for the delivery, their policy changed and they now claimed they couldn't assure people that deliveries with express post would be delivered as advertised. I'm not a fool, i know it's not just because of me that the policy changed, since when i checked their social media, lots of people had the same complaint as i did. So yeah, not a big fan of shipping companies. The only ones i never had a problem with was Purolator and Canpar.
Gary Cameron (4 days ago)
I could wallpaper my office with stories about Crappy Post. The worst being a carrier holding on to a box over a 4 day Easter weekend because on Thursday she marked delivered and then discovered the package was too big for the compartment in the super box. Another time I had registered mail for someone in the next town over. The postal supervisor admitted they didn't actually go to the door. Another time my wife put $100 insurance on something she sent me while in another city. Package was marked SIGNATURE REQUIRED. When the package was in my super box without a signature we claimed the package wasn't delivered and made them pony up $100. :)
SofaKB (4 days ago)
As a fellow UPS employee (not a driver though) I can say that unfortunately this does happen, and it usually happens with cover drivers, the issue is cover drivers only work 12-15 hours a week, but get paid $30-ish an hour to do it, so anytime they have the ability to slack they will. I'd love to advocate for UPS in this scenario and say there's a reason behind this laziness... but unfortunately there's not.
Mercedes Garza (4 days ago)
That has actually happened many times to me I’m a stay at home mom and I’m usually always home and I’ve got notes on my door or even in my mail box that an attempt was made to drop off a item and no one has ever knocked!
Gh0st Chili (4 days ago)
SAME. I've even had this problem with crappy maintenance at another place I used to live. I'd be waiting around for someone to come fix something or deliver. Take out the trash and find a note on the back of the door, saying they attempted but no one was home. No door bell or knock.
Trent Family (4 days ago)
My 10mo old gets medical supplies sent through USPS every month. A simple cold can put him in the hospital so I am a stay-at-home mom and we're usually here 24/7 unless my son has a doctor's appointment. They always leave the packages at my door but they either don't knock or just barely tap and go because I never hear them. Luckily my son's supplies haven't been stolen.
chris salem (4 days ago)
hey moron nobody is trying to get out of delivering you the package.. try putting a easier to find number out in front of the yard so he knows which house it is.. people have no address on their property and wonder why stuff doesn't get delivered.. and "attempted to deliver" is this what it's called in the system when you can't find an address.. it doesn't mean you literally walked up to your door trying to find your house. The GPS system is only for where we are to make sure we aren't goofing off ECT. You're the "lazy fucking ass" that isn't very good at numbering your house and not doing your real research as to why this phenomenon is happening to you lol
chris salem (1 hour ago)
+Rewil Mendoza you have no idea how ups works
Rewil Mendoza (4 days ago)
+chris salem 1) misprints* on the address on the package and other and endless reasons. - Never said you were to blame for that. 2) Obviously if we are in front of your house we will deliver it if there is no problem. - That's what I was questioning, His normal Drivers found it, why cant this guy? If all systems are the same why cant this other guy? 3) You don't understand how much trouble we get in if we just don't deliver something and the series of questions we get for not delivering something. I can guarantee there are no "scams" to not deliver your package because that means we just have to re deliver it the next day. - Then why wasn't the packaged delivered? Just as much as I don't know the drivers intentions, you don't either. Also if you are in charge of printing the labels isn't that your fault if there is a misprint? because you didn't check? and if you aren't in charge of it why would you get into trouble for someone else's mistake? 4) people always wonder why UPS drivers act like their job is so hard and it's the same reason as why this video was made no one has any idea what we have to go through and how we are treated. - It isn't the consumers fault for you not liking your job :D Get a new one. end of story. Want better clientele? Don't do delivery and work at an actual store, your companies reviews is based on a general consensus not just a few dislikes here and there in totality UPS drivers have a history of not delivering packages and also keep in mind not every location is the same and not every UPS Hub follows the same protocols and regulations it's the same with every single business and chain of retail, one store/company location does something that another location doesn't so just because your location gives you penalties and questions you intensely it doesn't mean every single location is as strict as yours. 5) You're talking out of your ass and I promise you that - And i promise you just as much as I "Am", you are as well. Good day.
chris salem (4 days ago)
+Rewil Mendoza  @Rewil Mendoza  do you deliver for UPS ? I do. Been there 8 years. I pull over on the side of the street all the time and sometimes I might be right in front of the house and still can't tell which house is the right one or the gps on the phone will say "arrived" when you are no where near the actual place because there are miss prints on the address on the package and other and endless reasons. Obviously if we are in front of your house we will deliver it if there is no problem. If we don't we get scolded and disqualified from driving if it continues. You ppl literally have no idea what your talking about. You don't understand how much trouble we get in if we just don't deliver something and the series of questions we get for not delivering something. I can guarantee there are no "scams" to not deliver your package because that means we just have to re deliver it the next day. You honestly don't know what your talking about. people always wonder why UPS drivers act like their job is so hard and it's the same reason as why this video was made no one has any idea what we have to go through and how we are treated. You're talking out of your ass and I promise you that
Rewil Mendoza (4 days ago)
"nobody is trying to get out of delivering you the package" There's literally video..... He didn't even get out of the UPS truck nor stop the truck. "You're the "lazy fucking ass" that isn't very good at numbering your house" GPS also tells you what side of the street the house is on and where the house is roughly located... And since he is a repeat orderer you would think if the house numbering was bad it would have been addressed in the beginning by the delivery company. His normal UPS driver and mailman found the house the first time, why cant this fill in do it?
Richard Farmakis (4 days ago)
I worked seasonal for ups and they are lazy granted there are a few that do their job but they're getting up there so they're doing less but if you send anything fragile through UPS it will be broken because my supervisor would throw plasmas into the truck and watch them bounce I would recommend the United States Postal Service with insurance of course and triple and quadruple check your Packaging
Kill Log (5 days ago)
You’re actually dumb as fuck n this is just huge click bait. Wah wah wah
Zander Xymox (5 days ago)
UPS Drivers do not have GPS for them to see where you live. All they have is a tracking system on the truck (for the center/hub to see where the driver is) and a DIAD board that tells you what the address is but it DOES NOT give a precise location of the house. There's many factors that go through a driver's mind when they decide not to deliver a package, it's not that they are always like "Ehh I don't feel like delivering to this person today." UPS trucks don't even have Air Conditioning (at least where I live), I'm amazed people think UPS Drivers have all sorts of technology, I'd like to see them try to do what the drivers go through everyday.
chris salem (4 days ago)
Cuộc sống Bks USA (5 days ago)
You are exactly right about that UPS is the lazy mother f**** so many time happening to me I’m glad someone post this on YouTube
Anthony Castro (5 days ago)
Just had this exact thing happen. To me two days ago. I flipped out to customer service and they didn't do shit.
Tooshort2__dunk_ PSN (5 days ago)
Honestly usps did this to me! I had some Jordan’s delivered and the niggah didn’t even knock my door!! I was watching him through the peep hole and opened the door and asked where he was going with my box and he said “I knocked the door” I said “ I was watching you through the peep hole the entire time bro” he was so embarrassed I never saw him again. I already live in the fucking ghetto and have to deal with bums taking my shit and now I gotta worry about the mail man taking my shit !!
Andy Freeman (5 days ago)
I had USPS "attempt" to deliver a package twice(so they say), and it never arrived. I was super excited for what I had ordered so I was watching it like a hawk. I got a delivery notification, went up to my complex's office the second I got the text update, and there was nothing. The guy at the office and I were both genuinely confused. At around 10pm that night I got a notification of a failed delivery due to no one being present. This frustrated me because it simply wasn't true. The same thing happened the next day. I immediately went to the Post Office and asked what the issue was. They couldn't find my package in their system other than it not being delivered. I was just thinking, great, this loser fill in guy stole my package so I contacted the seller and we worked things out. A month later it shows up at his house randomly with no notification. My post office wasn't able to track it and the original tracking number said delivered for some reason. That guy raised some hell and overnighted it to me for free. There were three other people in there, both times I went in, having the same issue. I'm thinking someone got fired. I don't use USPS for anything now.
DarkLinkAD (5 days ago)
Yeah.. I know of guys who take these jobs to steal... If you ever need a TV etc etc.
Mixxmee xo (5 days ago)
If amazon makes u pick up a package at a certain location it has to be at a amazon locker location they dont just drop it off at a random location and it has to be approved by you before even purchasing something
Total Newb 123 (5 days ago)
Wait Wait Wait Wait. Dude you make Delores’s time machines. Yo you the man this video gets a instant like.
laquita sills (5 days ago)
If your gonna call out everyone put everyone in the damn title.
RJ Bonifacio (5 days ago)
Video Scam Mosley...! Not fond of this video homie. Apparently you have no idea how UPS operates. Too long to explain but all deliveries must be scanned upon location via GPS tracking. No driver can scan and deliver packages with truck in motion. Drivers are terminated for dishonesty. Trust me, I know. I wear browns proudly for 15 years of service and counting. There are reasons package/s were rerouted at a drop box most likely indoors and secured upon delivery inside a locked box. We can’t just leave it unattended. And if it were a gas tank, it’s too big for the drop box, it would then be taken back to bldg and must be picked up at a UPS P/U window at the HUB. Plus, you have got some nerve to create a plot with minor children for theft then report to the News station. How do you not recognize those kids in your neighborhood. Come on man!!!! I smell BS. And by way, can’t trust a bald headed multi racial fu man chu looking 40 oz sippin fool reeking in fraud and faulty claims. Click baiting trying to get paid on YouTube. Getdafuckattahere! True story!! I don’t have you listed in my contacts. Your Welcome!
Tangerine Tech (5 days ago)
You clearly didnt watch the video and you also seem to need mental help. Get some.
chris hayes (5 days ago)
Stole my skilt so followed him home cut his power and filled his oil with felx seal. Then left a note saying hey fat fuck my skilt cost 200 car 35000 lol.
Izumi ToeZ (5 days ago)
Not only that! This guy is talking about lazy? Fool you got the laziest job in the world! A blogger on YouTube with only 25k subscribers? What a joke? And I'm sure that ladies' furthered her career really fast. Oh yeah! I didn't make national headlines so i guess the report was cr@p just like this guy and his spy cams.
Kazeshini (4 days ago)
+Izumi ToeZ You pinky swear ?
Izumi ToeZ (4 days ago)
+Kazeshini yeah, your mom got hugged up on me last night. Boy, you way too late on this subject. ANYONE ELSE WAN T TO LAY THEIR HATRED ON ME? DO IT NOW! This is the last time I'll respond to Youtubers.
Kazeshini (4 days ago)
+Izumi ToeZ U mad bro ? Someone needs a hug me thinks.
Ross Coe (5 days ago)
+Izumi ToeZ roflmao at how bitter you are because this guy points out how lazy these drives are,
Andy Freeman (5 days ago)
+Izumi ToeZ I take it you don't know how to work on cars.
James daniel (5 days ago)
Not all drivers do this!!! But yes there are sand baggers!
Yohana Maviela Gomez Rosas (5 days ago)
My old usps driver pissed me off multiple times I live in a 5 building 3 floor apartment complex. I live on the opposite side of where the mail gets delivered now I understand what you say and he never got off his truck walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor his fatass was too lazy to get off. Theyre normal times is between 3 and 4pm on the tracking updates they'd say they tried to deliver at 8pm I'm like the fkn mail ain't out at at that time! I unfortunately didn't have a vehicle had to leave work early catch the bus to the mail office to have them say well we need a Texas ID with your address on it 3 different times that I ordered something until I recorded his ass the 2nd time and demanded to speak to the postmaster. The 3rd time the guy got fired and yes unfortunately I too live in Dallas
Jason Gibbs (5 days ago)
Wtf is this guy spos to be? He looks like a cross between Animal Chin and Fat Joe ...
Andy Petrovich (5 days ago)
"I heard the door bell but I didn't feel like getting up.....2 hours later the parcels were gone." Fuck this lazy guy!
donald dlugos (5 days ago)
Badass video brother. Keep it up
Chansamai Ly (5 days ago)
FedEx and UPS are cr@p, good ole USPS is so much better (AND they deliver on weekends/Sundays for no extra cost)
chris salem (5 days ago)
There is no GPS on our scanners or in our trucks. So dumb
Walter Gould (4 days ago)
+chris salem I wasn't trying to tell you your job but you said there was no GPS in your truck which is inaccurate. There is no user accessible navigational gps. Your original statement made it sound like you were refuting OP by saying there is no GPS tracking on the trucks.
chris salem (5 days ago)
+Walter Gould oh wow how dumb. Yeah there are trackers on our trucks and our boards. But WE as DRIVERS don't have a GPS to look at while delivering. That's right, in 2019, no GPS is out trucks still.. not to mention we're not supposed to be on our phones so we have to be pulled over to check the gps on our phones if there is no number on the house... Which yes in 2019 you'd be surprised how many people don't. But many just assume we have gps and we don't. But thanks for telling me what my place of work is like lmao
Walter Gould (5 days ago)
I can literally watch my UPS packages on a live map, while on the truck, on their way to my house with a UPS MyChoice account login. Kinda hard to do without GPS.
Tangerine Tech (5 days ago)
There is 110% a gps in your truck if you work for literally any delivery company. Just cause your too dumb to know it's there doesn't mean it isn't there.
Tony Trilex (5 days ago)
I have a feeling this guy never gets out of his house ahaha
Jesusjuice32 (4 days ago)
Tony Trilex he probably doesnt. Looks like the fat dude from south park World of warcraft episode
Izumi ToeZ (5 days ago)
No shit! All those pubes all over his face.😂😂😂
Jason Gibbs (5 days ago)
Would you go out with a face like that
Patrick Tyrus (5 days ago)
At least Amazon is setting a new standard of taking a pic of the package neatly placed, and if the wrong address, you can look around for a place that looks simelar FedEx and especially ups is about time vs quality. This is a job for the local TV station's "problem solvers" video how long they were there, and the note. Heck that's not even enough time to fill out the note
Tj Guidry (5 days ago)
That's y my packages have to be picked up
Mikael (5 days ago)
Lazy bastard's
Ross Coe (5 days ago)
Happened to me as I was sitting on the sofa looking out the window I see the fed ex guy walk to the door so I get up walk to the door opened it to see the note on the door saying we tried to reach you etc, he did not ring the bell or knock, he walked up to put the note on the door and walked away, I called fed ex and they told me I could pick it up I said no your driver didn't try deliver the package, I saw him walk to the door and when I opened the door he was already getting into the van and drove away, I was on the phone for about an hour speaking to supervisor after supervisor and demanded that the lazy ass do his job and bring the package back, eventually he did hours later, I bet he wished he had just knocked instead of having to drive back across the city hours later
Kazeshini (4 days ago)
I feel ya. Same happened with my local mail delivery service. I was assured that none of their employees would ever do such a thing and all that BS and i had to go pick it up. The second time when i told them i had it on video they didn't think it was funny anymore since i said i'd go to the news with it and surely enough within the hour i got my delivery. Third time tho, the female post worker got fired and i am glad that i was the cause.
Izumi ToeZ (5 days ago)
Anybody know who this FAT ASS is? Anybody know if this guy is Employee of the year? It sure doesn't look like it, hiding those triple chins, behind that pubic hair on his chin.
Ross Coe (5 days ago)
+Izumi ToeZ alpha! lmao! You are nothing more that a whiny little bitch,
Izumi ToeZ (5 days ago)
+Tangerine Tech Thank you!😂😂😂👍👏👏👏
Tangerine Tech (5 days ago)
+Izumi ToeZ wow you are a sad pathetic little man
Izumi ToeZ (5 days ago)
+Ross Coe while his fat ass sat there and watched them? Let me tell you idiots something. If there doesn't look like anybody is home, would you want someone leaving your package to steal? Not me! I didn't see one car in pubes' driveway, plus it looks like a neighborhood i don't want my children growing up in. So if he did/ didn't leave the parcel, I don't blame them.
Izumi ToeZ (5 days ago)
+Tangerine Tech you are soooooo wrong in soooooooo many ways. But i do know hard working parcel deliverers and I don't think they would approve of BS.
Dom sugar (5 days ago)
Do u really have that back to the future car? If so bad ass👍 good vid your smart cool as fuck
BadLarry Gibb (5 days ago)
the way it works is that as soon as he is within 100 yards of your property he can scan the package and not be flagged as being out of range. im a ups driver and this kind of shit pisses me off as much as it does you. I apologize on behalf of the company. The good news is people who are that lazy usually dont last long at the job.
ReppdOut (5 days ago)
Jumping Jehoshaphat
FreemonSandlewould (5 days ago)
Going to guess Mexican
Ross Coe (5 days ago)
Fat lazy white guy
Dom sugar (5 days ago)
Na bro he was white as fuck is what i heard with a white cape to go with it.😎
ReppdOut (5 days ago)
Best guess
Cynthia Farris (5 days ago)
They lie like rugs. I had the same thing happened to me.
Steve Hall (5 days ago)
Good Job. I’ve had the same thing in the past with UPS. Hard to argue with video evidence. We just recently added Ring to our system for redundancy.
Soooby Doooby (5 days ago)
You nailed it man I've had a really crappy UPS guy who on a regular basis never delivers and just parks and has lunch and then drops things off at the Depot and the UPS company makes it impossible to push back and the people you talk to about this treat you like you're a little paranoid perhaps but it's so true and there are very lazy UPS drivers but there are also some very good ones so I hope the bad ones don't ruin everything for everyone.
matthew jolicoeur (6 days ago)
similar from canada post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-1JBKvLO1U&feature=youtu.be
Dragon Knight (6 days ago)
While I am certain there are some drivers that are lazy shits, it also has to do with time. I worked for UPS. Way back in the good old days, drivers were expected to engage with the customers, and talk to them and figure out their concerns and other such things and take that as feed back to the company. Now, the people in charge don't want drivers to do that (which would be good for public relations and sales), they want them to do things as quickly as possible without regard to the customer. So a driver, feeling squeezed for time by his bosses might do this. If you want to complain, then call up the company and tell them you want engagement with the driver, and not have the management yelling at the driver to constantly shave time and hurry up.
JayFight (6 days ago)
I used to live in this one apartment and our usual driver would get out of his truck walk up to the door tap, not knock, but tap the door and leave. My dad happened to be next to the door when he heard a tap and opened it to see the guy already climbing back into his truck
Theodore Bowers (6 days ago)
Great video I would not doubt if someone's using their kids to steal packages it's been done before then you say oh they didn't know better
Bill P (6 days ago)
This has been happening to me a lot with UPS. Just a couple weeks ago in fact. Had to drive 30 minutes to get it.
fatboy19831 (6 days ago)
I feel your pain. I have had this done to me twice after waiting all day for a shipment. I have cameras now also.
S G (6 days ago)
That’s a cool beard
Nephtali Gray (6 days ago)
Happened to me last week... camera caught driver just passing by.
Mafi Ripper gaming (6 days ago)
I think this is what has been happening to me 😂
Daniel Grasser (6 days ago)
When you remember you got free shipping 7:36
Tiger Masters (6 days ago)
Do you have any Chinese in you?
Remington Bradley (6 days ago)
he didn't explain shit about how it works
Bill P (6 days ago)
Um, he was pretty clear how it works. Did you watch the video?
JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior (6 days ago)
💜Beautiful and More!‼️ Yes More!❗️
Mar Vill (6 days ago)
Try using USPS and this wont happen you idiot.
CHICAGORILLA (6 days ago)
I thought it was another fat joe video ....damn
s Buzz (7 days ago)
usps i tip well ---i sell on ebay---- alot of outgoing mail. when they assign floaters to fill in its a mess, no pickups -wrong mail = no mail??