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UPS SCAM EXPOSED! - Don't get tricked by this!

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This is a trick that lazy delivery drivers do to customers all the time! Don't get taken advantage of by this trick!
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Robert Videobob Moseley (29 days ago)
I just added another video, this time of a FedEx package that was just dumped in my driveway, you won't believe this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJS6C9zqKjc
thomas locatelli (4 days ago)
+savecityofheroes savecityofheroes your post is a huge mess of words but I got one thing out of it, your items purchased through eBay arrived to late for you to be able to return them when you found out they were broke. All you have to do is prove to eBay that you didn't receive them on time, as soon as your package is beyond it's expected arrival date you have to let eBay know, they will then talk to the seller and ask for an explanation, if the seller says the item got held up and is on its way (and they show eBay proof of that) then eBay will let you know and adjust there records, if the seller doesn't respond at all then eBay will refund all of your money and then if the products shows up late you will get to keep the item and your money. I can see by your post that you have trouble reading and writing (no offense), this does not mean that everyone around you is screwing you around, I have been buying and selling on eBay for well over 5 years and NEVER had an issue that was not easily resolved or clearly proposed by eBay on how to deal with different scenarios and what there policies are on them. To avoid anything like this in the future, look at the expected arrival date after you purchase an item, if that date comes and you never received the item then you have to let ebay know immediately, if you wait to long past that date then eBay will assume you received the item because why would someone pay for something and then not say anything when they don't receive it for weeks past the expected date. There are some responsibilities the buyer must take on when purchasing anywhere including knowing the policies of the store or site you purchased from.
Jose Luis Cintron (4 days ago)
Even if the driver stops and then continues without attempting to deliver the package he can get in trouble for not leaving a notice to let you know what is being done with your package. I hope you followed up and reported what happened to UPS.
Danielle Thompson (6 days ago)
Robert Videobob Moseley I Work for ups and its a shithole. Its one of the most un organized un professional worst places ever they fuck peoples pay up all the time.
Sherry Payne Mcpaul (12 days ago)
UPS has done this 2 times
Stephen Parratt (12 days ago)
this guy is a moron, I work for ups and none of what he says is true.
Tom Bradburn (8 hours ago)
Don’t order from Amazon. Bezos is already the richest person in the world.
Rick Kube (10 hours ago)
Hmmm.... can't really understand the dislikes on this vid?? You pay for an item to be delivered to your home, therfore it should have been. For God's sake those guys make like 30 bucks a Fricking hr.... for that I might even gift wrap the thing! But if a person don't like there job,they should QUIT, I'm sure someone would be happy to do that job!
Bobby Getzan (12 hours ago)
I work for ups and typically drivers know the route pretty well and if they see no cars or dont see any evidence that you're there they will attempt another day not a scam lol better than leaving high value packages at your house for them to be stolen. After doing 200 stops in a day I understand why the driver doesnt wanna walk up to your door
sunzoutgunzout 88 (20 hours ago)
Possibly he didnt know the house number.guy is completely wrong what an ass.this driver like many drive 6am to 10pm. He dont have time.
Treehitz Gonzaga (2 minutes ago)
Isn't that is the job to do?
Butterfly_ Kisses (1 hour ago)
He don't have time to do his job?
crelodious (20 hours ago)
Quite a few people are commenting that it's not a scam. It is a scam on multiple levels! 1st the UPS driver is scamming their employers out of their paycheck. 2cd the UPS driver is scamming the customer out of the home delivery they paid for! That's two separate parties getting scammed out of their money
Donald baker (4 minutes ago)
Bobby no it isn't. Every stop should have an attempt at the door, if no one is home a delivery notice should be scanned properly filled out and left. If you aren't home, and an attempt was made then it's not a scam. It's an additional service. I know this because I'm a driver. Theres a lot of other technology involved and if that driver did what was shown they'll be fired, if for nothing else for being unethical. I know this because I'm a driver, and on my route those stops are same day drops.
Bobby Getzan (12 hours ago)
It's not a scam. I'm sure it wasn't a next day air as these require info notices and pictures of info notices on tbe wall its perfect ally acceptable for a package to not be delivered or delayed a day due to someone not being home or appearing not to be home.
Jim Reynolds (21 hours ago)
They do it because it looks real good that they are quick, get raises
Dwayne Davis (12 hours ago)
Drivers are each paid the same.
Jared Johnson (21 hours ago)
Anytime I have problems with UPS that do not get resolved in a timely manner I simply go make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. That way the BBB will get in contact with them and try to work out a resolution with UPS alongside with you. There is also a rating system with the BBB so if enough unhappy customers complain on the BBB website it will make their rating go down thus holding them more accountable because the BBB is the only place where your comments/reviews will be seen by someone who can actually do something about it.
Tom Faragalli (21 hours ago)
It depends on the size of the package and how many deliveries in the area. About 1/8th of my packages get dumped at the post office, mostly every Amazon. I get emails when Amazon has been dumped at the post office. As you said. You paid for delivery to your door.
Brandon L (22 hours ago)
It's amazing how much better this world would be without ignorant people like this. Sad how the world has turned into a bunch of know-it-alls
Jon Korn (23 hours ago)
The reality is this isn't a UPS or FEDEX issue. Every sizeable company has good and bad employees. Labeling this is a scam is far from accurate. It is a bad employee and a good person would complain to the company and not use the event to earn money or gain fame. My take is you're happy this happened so you can benefit from YouTube hits.
bugfresh1 (19 hours ago)
I agree Jon! I work with FedEx and there are good and bad employees. This guys just wants to make a video and hope to get views/ benefit off something as simple as this!!
Vertex51 (23 hours ago)
You can buy uranium on amazon...
MaViC (23 hours ago)
I have had this happen a few times actually. They mark it as undeliverable... I have a the equivalent to a doorman... There should never be an issue with delivery... the dude was just to lazy or too in a hurry to even bother. Really grinds my gears.
Jeremy Moy (1 day ago)
Your face looks like a hairy pussy
J F (1 day ago)
Donny Vu (1 day ago)
Agreed with other post. America at it's finest. Crying cause you can't wait another day. Looks like you never work in a service industry before. Or if you were in his position, you would do it too.
Robert Videobob Moseley (23 hours ago)
Another know it all who thinks he is a bad ass..... The package was never delivered or attempted to be delivered. If you ordered a pizza and instead of delivering it to you they left it somewhere across town and then told you to go get it you would lose your fucking mind over it. You paid for something and didn't get it. The reason I care about this is because I AM in the service industry. I used to own and operate a restaurant. 14 hours a day I cooked, cleaned and took care of customers. I sold it for a PROFIT because it had a stellar reputation! I then opened up my car shop where we build custom cars. I am a mechanic and I work for a living, with my hands, doing metal and plastic fabrication. Probably more than you could handle. Pull your head out of your ass.
G_Crimeboss (1 day ago)
i dont know about shopping company but i sure know thats scam is a trick to make the victim tricked an the scammer gain more. what the driver scamming here? nothing obviously.... please stop used the wrong word to discribe your situation, the write thing to said is; ups lazy worker or ups worker giving you more work to
Tristin DeHart (1 day ago)
Honestly... Not a scam, just a customer getting butt hurt over one incident from that ONE lazy driver (yes they exist everywhere) and wants to tell everybody that theres a huge scam going on... again, WTF. Rename video "I had a lazy UPS driver one day" Instead.
The Feline Bard (1 day ago)
Why didn’t your regular driver send you a quick text to inform you that another driver will be on your route? That would’ve been helpful.
RABIDFORDFAN (1 day ago)
I busted a number of UPS & FEDEX guys doing this "not able to deliver" or "later delivery requested by customer" crap.... more than a few got canned
Shiv J (1 day ago)
Same thing happened to me man
Butch Kline (1 day ago)
We're lazy??? You make videos... Dick
Hung Lo (1 day ago)
is this guy an extra in a kung fu movie........
Phyllis Stein (1 day ago)
ironically these delivery drivers practically compete for these jobs as part of the application process. once they get the job they suddenly find the conditions to much and become lazy asses. it's a shame because there are lots of great delivery drivers but the focus is on the horrible ones and they all get painted with the same a broad stroke.
Mohammed Muzaib (1 day ago)
Thank u for this info it will helpe me understand the FedEx and ups scam, it will help me to resolve the issues, in my work, I have seen many cases were in ups updates delivery attempted, now I understand what exactly happens.
Chip Friday (1 day ago)
Why not show their faces?
Kristopher Rusch (2 days ago)
At 2:42 you can clearly see there is no package in his cab. Definitely not a gas tank sized package. This is very dishonest and rude to delivery people
Kathleen Freeman (2 days ago)
Just subscribed 💕
Kathleen Freeman (2 days ago)
Thank you..appreciate the info.💕
Bacon Persuasion (2 days ago)
You know these people work hard for very little money and once in a while for whatever reason their day might not be going well. Then you experience some minor inconvenience go out of your way to have them fired for it. I think your vindictiveness comes off a little trashy in my book.
Zach Gooding (1 day ago)
Full time drivers make nearly $40 an hour. Hardly "very little money". My guess is that this was a seasonal driver given it was during peak season, and not the regular driver.
T7emonic (1 day ago)
Bringing a package to the door is far less of an inconvenience then having to drive somewere to get it
studmuffin1074 (1 day ago)
No they don't they get pay good money i know someone that works for ups i think he makes about $23.20/hour it's just most of them or very lazy.
Roy Min (2 days ago)
+Bacon Persuasion Ok, well if you feel like paying for a good and or service and not recieve it then that's all you. It is stupid to allow things to happen that way and I dont have to think. If I have a job I fuckin do it. Maybe you dont because you lack that thing people call integrity.
Bacon Persuasion (2 days ago)
+Roy Min Not going to argue with you. I would expect someone who wants to be in the public eye to carry themselves with some semblance of class and character. Maybe you will give it some more thought next time you throw a fit and run off after someones lively hood over something so minor.
chris winters (2 days ago)
I’m starting to notice this too. The delivery services will leave packages without proper notification or I’ll get a note saying to pick it up somewhere. I guess our shipment payment doesn’t matter to these companies anymore. I understand breaks are neeed or schedules are tight but that’s their job. Once job is completed, go on breaks then.
Matola Brown (2 days ago)
There the same UPS and FedEx or thieves
Zombie Wizowski (2 days ago)
You look like a 17th century Chinese warlord
Robert Videobob Moseley (2 days ago)
I'll take that as a compliment.
Mike - you know the one (2 days ago)
USPS fails to deliver certified mail. The packages come no problem but certified letters get held. I need to call my post master general
Let's Rodeo! (2 days ago)
USPS does the same thing. I’ve gotten “delivered” messages at 6 AM on a Sunday. What BS.
B Laws (1 day ago)
Thanks to a contract with Amazon the USPS does now make deliveries nights and weekends under some circumstances. That said they are failing in daily performance
Burt Macalin (2 days ago)
Should have definitely shown their faces you might have caught them it's not like they would have done serious time
Darian Blaine (2 days ago)
Some of them are pretty worthless. Ive had good and super bad deliver drivers.
Selah _ (2 days ago)
U r kinda a dumbass my dads been working at UPS for 14 years and you don’t know shit
badsheep 1994 (10 hours ago)
So they can’t report that it wasn’t on the truck? They instead have to say no one was available for pickup.
B Laws (1 day ago)
Hey selah, it happens. More often these days too
Zilla_Epics (1 day ago)
shes legit right tho i worked at ups and they overload the loading crew very heavily and they often make mistakes with placing packages on trucks, its very possible he didnt even have the package at all, but the thing is even if this driver had nothing to do with the problem hell prolly still get fired because thats just how ups is
Azur Kiek (1 day ago)
+Selah _ Just sit on their faces to shut them up.
Selah _ (2 days ago)
Edwin Vega oh no I’m fine just saying that he doesn’t know shit and the UPS loaders might have put the package in the wrong truck and that’s why he left 😂
Jordan Dickinson (2 days ago)
You're the worst kind of customer. You have no idea what the job is even tho you like to think you do. Customers like you who are the house that are the worst stops
badsheep 1994 (10 hours ago)
How would he know what kind of customer he is? He didn’t even attempt to drop off the package he couldn’t possibly get to know this guy. I’m pretty sure the delivery guy was just lazy and doesn’t deserve the job.
hunsbergermatt (2 days ago)
the world is not out to get you...it is clear you have little understanding of how it actually works..instead trying to point fingers at everyone but yourself
Corey Blow (2 days ago)
You obviously have no idea how any of their operations work. They MUST make 3 attempts, not one and you have to go pick it up. The secure drop off point area is an area you CAN go pick it up from, not where you MUST. You also obviously cant read what they describe because of your delusion of thinking you have to pick it up from anywhere that isnt a UPS customer center or processing building. "They know not to mess with my house" lol ok mr tough guy. You caught someone stealing and it was a wild story so it was reported on, not because youre so tough on packages. Stfu and learn how those operations work before you start saying stupid shit.
Maurice Boyd (2 days ago)
Hold this L yall shady fucks
Corey Blow (2 days ago)
+Robert Videobob Moseley Also, i HIGHLY doubt it went from first attempt not in or NSN to the third party drop off. Those require the customer to call and set it up there or you to put the drop off point upon ordering the package. Drivers cant choose to send it to a drop off point unless the customer specifcally states to send it there. So either you fucked up and arent admitting to it, or this is a bit bullshit. There are legal and interal processes that MUST be followed and cant be circumvented unless the customer directly states that they want it elsewhere
Corey Blow (2 days ago)
+Robert Videobob Moseley you did say he wasnt your usual driver correct? If the driver is delivering an expensive part that doesnt require a signature (which packages that require a signature require a notice to be left) and doesnt feel confident that he/she is at the right address, they could sheet it as a No Such Number. This requires a followup call from a clerk at the processing center to help get further instructions/details about your house so the driver that wasnt your "normal driver" could deliver a heavy and potentially expensive package to the right house.
Robert Videobob Moseley (2 days ago)
I don't think you watched or paid any attention, there were ZERO attempts to deliver, no attempts, no notices, no notifications, nothing. It went directly to the third part drop off.
Zachary Riggs (2 days ago)
He was a seasonal driver after november 20th all ups facilities go into what I know as peak season and we get a overhaul of new employees and all the employees that tried to be a driver but passed everything but didn’t make it through their 30 day trial they get to drive as seasonal drivers and that’s honestly probably what happened too you
Zachary Riggs (2 days ago)
In St. Louis at the one work at peak starts nov 20th they start hiring oct 30th
Corey Blow (2 days ago)
October 15th is the technical start of peak season for UPS. That early start of peak allows them to hire the right amount of employees to deal with the increase in volume from christmas shopping
James DeGraffenreid (2 days ago)
My UPS guy is awesome. If he catches me outside he generally talks for 10 minutes.
todd mcgill (3 days ago)
Report their ass.
Robert Auld (3 days ago)
I knew you looked familiar .You were on pawn stars...
Robert Auld (1 day ago)
+Mike Obrien I heard that but it's OT that its fake the people are pre screened. Just the negotiations acted out. But then he do the people who don't make a deal still go through the motions for the 5 minutes of fame?
Mike Obrien (1 day ago)
Fake pawn stars lol
me (2 days ago)
I knew he was familiar...lol
Alfredo Gonzalez (3 days ago)
they tried pulling this off with me they stated they made the attempt no one home BS .. i was home sitting by the damn window all day these lazy bastards need to be exposed loosers. i pay extra money for this service i guess its time for a new delivery option.. the hell with this corrupt union...!!!!!! BS
Chris MARQUEZ (3 days ago)
Lmao you haven't got anyone fired ups is union
Let's Rodeo! (2 days ago)
Being union doesn’t keep you from getting fired dipshit. I was a union steward. Clearly you know nothing about the protections unions offer. ANYONE can get fired for breaking certain rules.
Corey Blow (2 days ago)
+William Medaris Every single non-management employee at UPS is union. You obviously know absolutely nothing about the UPS IBT members and how they operate, so stop talking.
William Medaris (3 days ago)
Chris MARQUEZ .. not true.. we’ve had several UPS workers fired around here, for trashing packages, kicking vehicles, stealing packages and for not delivering just like in this video. All of them caught on video doing it. They are hired help. Not union. Even if they were union, the unions can’t protect people simple doing the wrong thing.
Visuals Via Venom (3 days ago)
Man this shit happens often to me.
Roger Fulling (3 days ago)
No need to be rude bro. Stuff happens and I'm sure there was a very good reason for what happened
PeteKu100 (3 days ago)
UPS ??? never again , I have learn my lessen long time ago. Pay for delivery end pick up my self ???. On the top of it brokerage fees are outrageous.
Henry Keller (3 days ago)
Ups gets paid good to and so many lazy bastards.
Henry Keller (3 days ago)
Fedex did this too me! I paid for overnight so they just had to beunf back later.
brian (3 days ago)
You know one of the parents were around the corner, telling the kids what to do.(taking the packages)
G. Adamson (3 days ago)
UPS has not delivered several packages in the past. I paid $30 for shipping so I can get a small package that fits in your had. UPS said they tried to deliver but didnt
Christian Tab (3 days ago)
Obviously you have a micro penis
Redheaded Step Pedal (3 days ago)
The other driver was clearly at the wrong address in the GPS has to show them 3 feet from the Destiination. My suggestion is you stop being a fat ass American and get your ass in the car and walk around a store till you lose one or 2 pounds. Just saying. In 20 years the average weight of a 40-year-old woman has gone up 12 pounds. Looks like you took on 30. Get the fuck off the Internet America. Shop like the rest of the world.
Redheaded Step Pedal (3 days ago)
First world problems
NYChick101 (3 days ago)
Yes!!!! It’s so annoying what UPS is doing.
Erick Pacheco (3 days ago)
I wish I could be there to see this retards face when ups tells him to go fuck himself 😂
Luke Kendrick (3 days ago)
I'm a ups driver and I would like to say, just cause the driver didn't deliver your gas tank doesn't mean he's lazy. Do u have a well visible house number? If not then the new driver could not in good conscience deliver your package cause he couldn't know for sure if it was the right address. And the GPS doesn't show he made a stop unless the truck is turned off. And suppose the guy was lazy, were not all like that. I deal with disgruntled customers like you every day who expect us to be perfect 100% of the time. let me remind you we are humans to. u don't do your job perfect 100% of the time, so quit flying off the handle at every little mistake we make and be thankful for the other 99% we do correctly. I'm sick of people who are just waiting for us to make a mistake so they can broadcast it all over YouTube. sick of it. get a life!
David Magallon (3 days ago)
Clearly this man has a micro penis.
Robert Videobob Moseley (3 days ago)
I have seen hundreds of UPS employees comment with all sorts of excuses... they are all lame. My house is wide open, well lit, with reflective numbers painted on each side of my driveway and on the house above the door with a lamp post in the yard, no obstructions, no gates, no dogs, enough room to park 10 cars in the front. There is a lighted RING doorbell as well as a sign next to it that says "Please leave all packages at rear door and ring doorbell". I have 3 separate camera systems, one wired on a battery backup, the RING system and another wireless system that goes to my phone. They are all on motion detection and alert me if someone comes up to the door. I never received a notice, a knock, a ring, there was NO attempted delivery of any kind. If the package was accidentally left off the truck why wouldn't they simply attempt to re-deliver it when found? Why would it go directly to the 3rd party drop off point? Why did that happen on the first day of delivery? All of these excuses are bullshit. I get deliveries every single day and I know how it works. Plain and simple, this was a fill in guy who took shortcuts.
Juan Rivera (4 days ago)
I had this happen to me they said they dropped off my package but no one was home but my mom was lol
legal pitbull (4 days ago)
I had a bad expierance with Fed Ex also. I had a package worth almost 600 that they claimed was delivered when we were home , The front door was open and the pourch where they claimed to have left in plain site from inside. We have dogs that bark like crazy at any strange vehicle they comes into our drive. This package was over 100 lbs and 24 " x24" x 3ft. No ups truck ever stoped at our house. Harbor frieght had only insured it for 100 dollars , 100% there mistake. Fed Ex and Harbor frieght even went as far as accusing us of having lied about never getting it. They use contract companies alot in this area . It took over three months to recieve a refund from Harbor Frieght as they and Fed Ex were trying like hell to keep from accepting the loss from the insurance mistake by Harbor Frieght. I believe the contracted driver keep the package because its contents were clearly marked . The google maps for the location of our home has been almost 2 blocks off since Google maped this area but our address is clearly marked on both the mail box and on the front of the house. Sad that two companies as large as Fed Ex and Harbor Frieght would try those tactics over 500 mistake by Harbor freight in insuring the package and treat a customer that way.
G.E. Kindred III (4 days ago)
Good Video Right now I am at war with our postal person she will skip days delivering mail and I have actually caught her out shopping when she is supposed to be working I have reported her several times and it does not do any good in Hendersonville North carolina I am going to get some security Cameras today
Savannah Leigh (4 days ago)
I can’t speak for all UPS drivers but as a driver’s daughter I can tell you the system they have in place isn’t the greatest. My dad busts his ass every single day and he has to take most of his lunch break going through his truck trying to get it in order for his next stops. There are lazy people in this world. There are also people who are trying their hardest to their job to the best of their ability, but when a failing system is in place, that’s not their fault. There are times where it gets misloaded onto another car and they stop and look for the package. It’s not all ups drivers.
Brandon Carrasco (4 days ago)
Yeah bro I leave in oak cliff singing hills and it showed the same thing for me last time and showed me the same exact location of boostmobile
Tech 9
Just Us Now (4 days ago)
I cant have Amazon deliver anything to my small house which is on a large estate on north Shore of Nassau County NY. I have had Amazon emails sent to me saying 'delivered" or 'delivered to residence" and one time photo posted on tracking page showing the package outside someone's home noting 'delivered to Oyster Bay". No where near any neighbor. I could tell from the entrance door in background. I bitched. Lost time. Finally the package mysteriously arrived 2 days later. Amazon had already refunded me $23 for wheel coveres I ordered and gave me $5 gift card fro my aggravation. This driver was terrible though they do deliver 'someplace' even on Sundays. One package [my favorite episode] was a large AGM 12 Volt generator battery which was in a box in a plastic bag and left on snow covered ground next to road behind the post to rural mailbox.....350 yards from my door and that was called DELIVERED! Now packages are sent to my friend's house which they seem to know the location of for now. No issues with UPS or Fedex. They know me,
Elissa White (4 days ago)
Same stuff happened to us! Wasn’t even a big package either! Why drive to my house and not just deliver it!
Logan Forbis (4 days ago)
Also if you want guaranteed service which I mean come on what is flawless don’t complain bout 3 day select 2nd day or next day it’s or your money back you think a company so successful is awful due to a bad driver usps has no promise time but hey they work their asses off but have a lot of lazy drivers from experience not saying all just like this video but man the world wants so much so fast on demand when it cost they get so mad and bitchy and like your paying a discounted rate on main or sellers for shipping it’s exspensive but conveniences and you can ask for access points if you’re scared and getting robbed btw they will make sure it’s safe like idk I feel all ya parcel workers factory drivers shippers management cooperate the higher up the more money and snobs come but whatever we mail around the globe and that’s amazing people need to remember how when amazon didn’t run the world shit go to Walmart then lol I admit amazon is genius too! They get robbed hints the unmarked cars... dangerous for them way more than your package like they ride with millions of packages almost worth millions if you added some or knew the things and price people pay to have something shipped tossed through conveyor belts and driven flown from a to b in a day if you wanna pay for good service at least 5 6 days cry about it I have waited on usps packages for months! We are UPS not USPS
Logan Forbis (4 days ago)
Don’t blame a company there’s awful fucking people in the world you got a bad driver there new and quit I mean most those drivers are hard working mother fuckers who’ve driven for the people don’t understand how hard and much hard ass work goes into shipping and packing and it under looked and the bad people get the fucking limelight like slot of the times packages get sent to access points are to protect the customers and all they do is complain we ain’t USPS all I gotta say lol
Michael Parker (4 days ago)
Make you a ash jager main
Shawn William (3 days ago)
get a trim ,u look like a ass clown
DL MANOLO (4 days ago)
man they all do this shit...it’s ridiculous and muthafuckaz need to start getting fired...
Kha'lil Smith (4 days ago)
You’re kinda an ass but I like it so ima subscribe
Keeton Barron (4 days ago)
Maybe you're the problem.
Mikheil Ghvinianidze (4 days ago)
It happened to me a few times.
CSyo (4 days ago)
Mutha Funcka. This explains why im there, but seem to miss my delivery. I will pay more attention now. Thanks boss.
Eric Coombs (4 days ago)
Yeah man, I order something online maybe once a month and during the holidays a few more things. I'm sorry this has happened to you. We have been lucky in my area.
Brandon Coleman (4 days ago)
Stfu and just go get ur shit who the lazy mfc bitch
Edo Flo (4 days ago)
If you can't do your job, or if you just don't like it, then QUIT...!
Josh Howard (4 days ago)
When I see you at McDonald's I'll be sure to tell you that too!
Rebecca Cook (5 days ago)
I’m sorry but I don’t touch those doorbells if I can leave the boxes. No need you can see me. Unless I need a Signature then I’ll ring it. One thing I’ll NEVER do is give out my number. Do not think we will give it out like it’s no big deal. Don’t be telling people to ask for it. it’s my phone and I’m not going to have people call me at 10 pm or later asking dumb questions. Sorry work is work there a line that can not be cross. I have been in to many situations where my life could’ve been in danger. Also if you have a fenced backyard that I cannot see behind I will not go back there until I feel it safe to do so. There are some sick peoples out there. like when I was 5 months pregnant man tried forcing me to in to his house because he wanted to have sex with me and the starting to offer me money like I’m some kind of hooker and I was in his backyard. Sorry my safety come frist so no you will not have my number and will not go in the back of anyone’s unless it safe to do so. I had a guy who was crazy when I was trying to deliver to his he smashed his window and said if I don’t put down the packages he will shoot me. Also cannot for get about being attacked by dogs. There’s are things that have happened to me. so make sure that gates are open so I know there’s no dog an I can easily see behind. may not like it but this all just stuff. mylife is more important. My boys need their mom to get hope safe at night. Sorry 😐
Rebecca Cook (4 days ago)
Great idea!
Edo Flo (4 days ago)
Get a different job !
Francisco Alcantar (5 days ago)
The same thing happen to me i order sum products for my car tru fedex. Long story short i took a day off work so i would be home to receive the package. I live in a apartment I went downstairs to check my mail i see a paper saying they had a package but i wasnt home. And im like how they didnt even ring the bell and i was home thats the whole reason i took a day off of work so i could receive the package. But like you said that mf was lazy and didnt even bother ring the bell
Tool In Hand (5 days ago)
Years ago, I had USPS do this to me. We were home and got that card in the mail. They went to the freakin mail box! Why would they not just put it in the mail box?!
Matthew Galter (5 days ago)
I used to work for UPS and, I'm not making excuses for the driver, but it's really- in my case- the fault of the manager utterly overloading me w 800 stops a day (way more in packages) and 40 deliveries. You'll lose your job and they straight up chew and curse u out if your over your time... Yes, they have a time calculated to the second of how long UPS thinks it should take u to deliver everything. For what I described above, they would figure it to take around 7.5 hrs total trip. They pressure the shit out of their drivers and treat them like dirt, so, having been 1, I can sympathize w the driver.... it's also possible he was just a lazy fuck too lol but just sayin, there may be a bit more at play causing this driver to behave like this than just his bad work ethic. He's probably panicking like I used too lol
Elizabeth Mahon (4 days ago)
They pay good ups is hard especially when they don’t put stuff in the correct area in the truck I don’t know how long it’s taken me to find a package it’s ridiculous we’re not lazy we’re just busy figuring out if the package is even in the truck
Edo Flo (4 days ago)
Get a different job..
Alvaro Renteria (5 days ago)
I've been a upser for 5 years. So that's why I laugh when thay call us lazy.
Mark C (5 days ago)
+Alvaro Renteria ...no ...not lazy ...they literally work the fk out of you ....if ur lazy at UPS ...you won't be there long ....I too was a driver"
Alvaro Renteria (5 days ago)
Lol lazy right
evoTimer (5 days ago)
Are delivery guys (USPS, for example) not allowed to enter the front yard if there’s a dog?
Holey Hits (5 days ago)
U look like a Chinese clown who has no work to do as all the circuses hv shutdown. Go clean your toilet jackass, do something useful slacker.
Jeremy newman (5 days ago)
Find something better to do with your time.
Sylvia Wilson (5 days ago)
Yeah. I finally had to go to the post office that I was going to City Hall. Numerous packages were posted Delivered and I was home each time.
J Burnett (5 days ago)
Thanks 💜
Comic Guy (5 days ago)
thx and sorry this is happening to you, I've had my own problems but they just redeliver with my normal ups guy that I know and he's a great guy. Peace.
3DPDK (5 days ago)
Interesting and timely for me. I live on a boat in a marina. It's a commercial business with an office that's open and manned 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. The marina is surrounded by several retail shops, restaurants, and about two dozen condos, all of which have roadside mailboxes located in one place at the corner of the parking lot that serves the entire collection of buildings. Just before the end of the year (2018) I was tracking a product I ordered -an upgrade to the bicycle I keep on my boat and a fairly large package, but only weighing about 35 lbs. The Fedex tracking showed "attempted delivery - no recipient at location". ... ?!? ... Understand that UPS, Fedex, and the U.S.P.S. all know the street address for this marina and they all, on a regular basis deliver to the marina office - standard practice, only the U.S.P.S. actually use the mailbox. I called the 800 number listed on the Fedex tracking page and explained the delivery situation here at the marina and that it is ALWAYS MANNED during normal business hours. The package was delivered the next day in the usual manner. I couldn't say that this mix-up was caused by a lazy delivery man or just a new delivery guy that couldn't figure out what address applied to what location, but if I hadn't called the 800 number, my package would be sitting in a FedEx hub in a city abut 40 miles away, waiting for me to come pick it up on my bicycle! *Lesson 1 Learned* : Always track the progress of your mail orders/deliveries, and call the 800 number at the first sign of any glitch in the process. *Lesson 2 Learned* : I now include the marina name in the delivery address second line normally used for apt no, or "in care of ... " or delivery specific information. *Lesson 3 Learned* : Don't be alarmed if tracking shows your package is on a fast and furious tour of the lower 48 states. My bicycle upgrade visited more U.S. states and cities than I could ever hope to see in a life time.
Shane Rowland (5 days ago)
First of all you just showed yourself being a complete lazy ass who got taking by 3 elementary school girls, second I would like to say is the hand scanners have GPS in them they can tell if drivers are at the right location and as well which house they stop at, no need for a picture, now I'm not taking up for the Jackwagon for not doing his job yet do you actually know if that driver in your video actually had your package on the truck, I work for a delivery service and we are handed what's called a manifest a list of customers name addresses and number, weight of packages. and believe me I've showed up back into the driveway got out and searched and searched for the packaged to only realized it wasn't loaded onto my truck, as well as that person could have just gone down that street and needed to pull over to redo the GPS mapping system, or a supervisor calls them up on the phone so they needed to pull over to talk or have the driver check to see if they have the package on the truck, or if that driver even had you address to deliver to, there are more than just one truck. Is your address clearly visible, I'm not saying that's what happened yet for you to sit and make a video saying UPS Fed Ex and other companies are running a scam, maybe it was the final delivery attempt and you were not home, for the previous delivery attempts, and maybe the new driver couldn't find your address and was instructed to drop it off at a drop off /pick up store. these are not excuses, just some of the things that do happen, yet for you to say 100% that it's a scam what did they scam you out of, but your package didn't arrive and you wanted to try to get someone fired, Fired No unless they stole the package or was rude with a customer, more in likely they were wrote up, Just the fact that you did not get up off your lazy butt after the mailman delivered your package and rang the doorbell, 3 little girls came and took your stuff. you can have all the video in the world, yet videos don't always show clearly of whats is going on. I think that you've been down this road before and UPS Fed Ex needed you to sign and you never answered yet called and complained about not getting your package. Yet there are probably some coworker of mine that probably does this, yet I don't know, but I do make an attempt to deliver all my packages, and sometimes special instructions do not come through for certain customers until afterwards, even after I had delivered the package. But to put all these delivery companies under scam artist is ridiculous, at the end of my shift and every driver has to report all packages that are brought back and give an explanation on why, not home, closed, bad address, incorrect street number, etc. the hand scanners we have shoes us at the front door, again you know these packages are coming and you've paid alot of money for them yet you still got robbed it must have not been that important or expensive
Newtire (5 days ago)
I've had them try to tell me that they tried to deliver the package to the FFL dealer but they weren't open-twice! There's a sign posting their hours on the door. I got the manager to deliver the package personally. FedEx is even worse. The USPS has been the best!
Paul Johnson (5 days ago)
UPS, FedEx, USPS, Walmart, Microsoft, Google and even smaller businesses have bad employees. When someone is servicing nearly a billion packages a day and just 1% is not right, that's about 10 million packages. You're going to have complaints. No one or company is 100% perfect. Problem is the bad employees at these businesses make the good ones look bad too. That goes for any organization.
Nayabinghi93 (5 days ago)
I had the same experience with UPS a few days ago, I live in italy and my UPS driver never delayed a delivery, best service ever, during the week after 1st of the year I ordered a package had to be delivered Thursday, I was looking out of my window and saw the van not stopping, and I already felt something was not right, because they usually arrive to me before 11 am, it was nearly 1 pm. I watched the package status and on the end of the day I got a notification stating: delivery delayed, reason - package will be held for a future delivery... I was like wtf???? The next day I got the same issue, saw him late from the window and didn't stop, got another notification stating the same, and had to wait over the weekend to get the package, delivered by my usual ups driver around 10am of Monday.
Lou Lopez (5 days ago)
Good job Robert, please keep up the good work.
Peyton Hicks (5 days ago)
UPS likes to say that there is 'no valid address' when delivering amazon packages to my daughter's house.... to lazy to drive down the private road! One even said she 'saw bushes' by the road and was afraid she couldn't get out! Total BS! My daughter called amazon... they got the driver on the phone.... made him go back and deliver the package that day!!!😖😡
Kamikaze Uchiha (6 days ago)
Bro ups fuckin lies everytime i hate ups soooooo much i swear
jose Penate (6 days ago)
good job rob.😎
Oliver Queen (6 days ago)
Oh man you're awesome, you get people fired because you get inconvenienced, so cool
The Forc3 no limits Force (5 days ago)
You probably a lazy driver too
Lou Lopez (5 days ago)
People got fired because they didn't do the job they were hired to do, deceived customers and wasted their time.
thomas locatelli (6 days ago)
People get fired because they take there jobs for granted, there is always someone eager to replace you at a decent job like ups. I know I wouldn't throw away my career to save a few minutes here and there, just not worth it to me but not all of our priorities are the same.
Brett Dawson (6 days ago)
You can tell by the nappy hair that they're negroes.
Boe'nealTV (4 days ago)
+Brett Dawson 😆😆😆😆😆😆 now 3 for u
Brett Dawson (4 days ago)
+Boe'nealTV Strike two.
Boe'nealTV (4 days ago)
+Brett Dawson exactly😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣
Brett Dawson (4 days ago)
+Boe'nealTV A swing and a miss...
Boe'nealTV (4 days ago)
His daughter likes dark meat thats what this is all about😆😆😆😆😆😆
Davantae Herron (6 days ago)
Lol have you tried working as a driver at ups ? 🤔
_U DUN NO DE WEY_ (5 days ago)
Davantae Herron failed argument attempt
Robert Videobob Moseley (6 days ago)
Davantae Herron What does that have tondo with the person who is doing their job?