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UPS SCAM EXPOSED! - Don't get tricked by this!

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This is a trick that lazy delivery drivers do to customers all the time! Don't get taken advantage of by this trick!
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Videobob Moseley (9 months ago)
I just added another video, this time of a FedEx package that was just dumped in my driveway, you won't believe this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJS6C9zqKjc
First video of yours I watched Bob... Very very disappointed in ya okay... U have the same fucking problems with the same jack asses I have... Coincidence? Would love to make a Back Future Parady with ya... We could have some real fun wit dat shit Bob... You grabbed my imagination.. Stay tuned 4 my motor oil ad on my channel
YaKillz In1three (2 months ago)
That happend to me 32 times
glasslinger (2 months ago)
Same happened to me. Stopped on the street in front of the house. Threw the box out the door of the truck onto the lawn! Package delivered!
Stephanie Hawkins (3 months ago)
Videobob Moseley wowowoweeee! good to know! 💜
Texan Grammy (13 hours ago)
It’s happened to me. Ugh
Jo-Lynn HODGSON (1 day ago)
Canada Post has done this to me several times.
scott lint (1 day ago)
I love that he looks like an old asian man. YOU ARE WHITE. U FUCKING ASSHOLE.
Randy Young Ban (1 day ago)
Thanks for cleaning out that it wasn’t your regular ups driver. I’m a ups driver and take my route very seriously, as all the packages are my own. I cover with plastic bags when the weather isn’t cooperating, I never throw nor toss packages, and etc. I do realized that some of the ups drivers are so lazy, not trying hard enough to do the job the right way... it is shame that our customers have to deal with some of the idiots... yesterday, I’ve dropped off a package at a wrong address, of course not knowing... sometimes the gps isn’t accurate enough ( could missed the house or the place by building or two) we do make mistakes sometimes. And custoemer called my center for looking for the package since it was recorded that it was delivered. I drove back 5 miles to pickup the package and delivered to the right customer. Of course it was my fault... I’ve explained the situation to my customer about me being a new driver to his area and apologized. He was happy that I owned the mistake. Make a long matter short, many of us UPS drivers are hard working people. too bad some of the idiots are making us look bad.
Yolanda Salone (1 day ago)
This just happened to me a UPS man said he was unable to deliver my package but what he did was wrote out a tag back in his truck and said I had to go to a pickup way on the other side of town now he said he did the second attempt and nobody was home at 6 a.m. I was up getting ready to walk my dog I went in the back of my house came back about 6 45 almost 7 a.m. I did not hear a doorbell and my dog was not barking what he did was had the tag already wrote out stuck it on my door and drove off and told me to pick up my package at the fur heel office which I do not even know where that is and I live around the corner from UPS not even 10 minutes how can you say you made an attempt and I'm sitting here getting ready to walk my dog that was a bold face lie my 3 days later around the corner from where I live and what I see I have no problem getting my packages from Amazon and they do take a picture like you said my Postal Service leave packages at my door his excuse was oh this look like a dangerous neighborhood which is a lie nobody bothers anything over here not saying that they won't but everybody looks out for everybody over here call UPS the lady told me my package will be around the corner from my house where it should have been in the first place thanks for the video
glasslinger (1 day ago)
This is fake video. This is total crap that doesn't happen.
barry mcdougal (3 days ago)
Scott Brittain (4 days ago)
Im a delivery driver. Nobody goes to a stop and doesn’t deliver because they’re lazy. That would mean they have to come back, at least once, and it adds to the next days workload. Something else must have been going on with him
Lawrence Of Canadia (5 days ago)
Gloating about getting people fired eh
WALKAWAY (3 days ago)
@dsruddell These dumbazz kids cant function on there own. I just had one of these dumbshit's start work this week. Ask'd it can you count to 100?(attitude from it) I need to make sure I have 100 nut's bolts and 200 washers. It looks like a deer in the headlight's. I could see it was in way over it's head.(GOD help America) OK, try this... Make me 10 piles of 10 nuts and bolts. And 20 piles of washers. That's 100. (it now thinks it can do the job) It FAILed miserably!!! It has a high school diploma. and one year of collage. America is DOOMed!!!
Lawrence Of Canadia (4 days ago)
@WALKAWAY are you okay
WALKAWAY (4 days ago)
@Lawrence Of Canadia yep! Driver did NOT do his job. Driver at fault. Let me clear things up for you. You cant do things 1/2 ASS and think thats OK. Life dose not give out "participation" awards. Man - up and do the job your pay'd for. Or quit and keep living with mommy. He was pay'd to do a job. He (much like you) failed! He stole that days pay. What he did is NOT acceptable and he deserves to be fired. Its a simple concept. And for you not to get it speaks volumes about you.
Lawrence Of Canadia (4 days ago)
@WALKAWAY Im a piece of work for suggesting that getting someone fired is not something to celebrate? Right.
Napoleon Blownapart (5 days ago)
This is the same as ordering a pizza, paying extra for them to deliver at your home, and then ,hours later, they call you saying that you will have to pick it up at the store. Without a refund and the pizza cold. This is a scam/fraud, you paid for a service and did not get what you paid for. Drivers doing it repeatedly should definitely get fired imo.
John Beer (5 days ago)
Good channel kool Japanese guy 🤔👏👏
John Beer (5 days ago)
😂little rascals took yo
John Deszcz (5 days ago)
There are GPS trackers in the hand held device and the truck, they are accurate to with in 10'. You have the video ask for a refund you paid for delivery to your front door and they didn't do it. Utility, cover and 22.4 drivers don't know whats going on at your back door so the odds of getting back door delivery from anyone but your regular driver is slim. Need any more info you have my info
Tristan Hobart (5 days ago)
2:35 what do you mean he "sat there for a little while"? He never even did a full stop.
mike johns (6 days ago)
At least you got your package. I bought an expensive drum kit and arranged the pick up with the seller. The UPS guy picked it up and I only got 3 of the 4 drums delivered. The 4th being the main bass drum, so now the kit is fucking useless. How the fuck this company gets away with wrecking people’s lives is beyond me. Im based in the UK and this is still on going. The whole company is a shower of shit....
happy gal (6 days ago)
3:18 i fucking died “ side chick “ lmao
OVO Shipmen (5 days ago)
happy gal 3:17
Teresa Vogt (7 days ago)
Got tired of marked fragile packages were just tossed at my porch. So ups store around the corner now has a small box owner and has to dolly out my packages...
maurice melville (8 days ago)
Great video, thanks for the info, thats why I have two cameras at the front and one at the back looking out for Delivery Scammers.
A Zambrano (8 days ago)
I don't think he did it just to say "no one was home" no, they claim they delivered it while keeping the item
A Zambrano (8 days ago)
You may think, if that was the case they would say the item was delivered but its policy not to say the item was delivered as they will mark you down as dishonest and requiring a signature in the future or they will refuse customers who want to deliver to you,
lazyevo (9 days ago)
Laughable. This guy acting like he knows anything about the delivery game. #Scam hahahaha Don't talk about things you know nothing about. You don't even understand how scanning a package works. I'm sure your "regular driver" loves you having his number... This video is hilarious. I'll definitely share this.
Jason Wright (10 days ago)
Not you pressed you getting people fired though lol mf be so petty
dsruddell (4 days ago)
do your fucking job and youll have nothing to worry about.
Rosemarie Plant (11 days ago)
How about the dreaded “incomplete address” when the address is correct!
jeremy beverly (12 days ago)
I literally just had a ups guy pull up not get out then pulls off. Never got the fuck out. I'm super pissed right now. I was standing outside waiting for him to get out the truck.
Jennifer Garner (13 days ago)
This has happened to me every single time I've had to use ups. Their drivers are absolutely some of the laziest people I've ever seen! It's a constant battle.
CaLiBoYsince1999 (13 days ago)
Brian Stoner (14 days ago)
That has happen to me a time or two. I live in Camden,TN the hub is 21 miles away in Paris,TN
frank b (15 days ago)
You spent all that money on cameras. And you send the shittiest video through a screen door footage to the news?
Mariah Makinen (16 days ago)
I've had this happen with Canada Post. I have a camera trained to looking out over the front walk so if someone comes walking up I can see them. I get a notice when there's movement as so I can see who's coming and what they've got. Not a ring system but good enough. At least 4x I've had the notice slapped on my mail box, attached next to door, saying that they knocked and no one answered and now i gotta go pick up the package at the...location. Thing is, I went over the video feeds and saw them lazily get out of the van, no package in hand, they don't knock, just slap the stupid you gotta come pick up your package thing and leave. Like WTF? I paid you assholes to drop it off AT my door. Don't give me no bull shit you knocked and no one answered.
Michele Walburn (16 days ago)
OMG this happened to me recently. It was UPS. I had no idea how I had missed them
SULEMAN Syed Muhammad (17 days ago)
that driver picked the package from his store, and came to your house and then went back to one of his stores and unloaded the package, doing all this he could have just dropped at your door step. this just doesn't make any sense!
4thIDvet Astor (14 days ago)
The package was really secondary Syed from what I can tell? Their timed for each delivery and stop on GPS. He could care less about the package he wanted to buy time from not getting out of the truck. 10 minutes here 10 their and he has an hour of down time each day he can go do whatever. 30 minute lunch break just became an hour and a half. See how easy that is. LOL>
The Impaler (17 days ago)
A band of roving glits.
Benjamin Ritchie (17 days ago)
I order amazon all the time in new Orleans east and I get this message almost everytime even tho I have a camera and sit there waiting all day my the door. I have left several complaints and nothing got done. So I saw amazon now offers a pick up spot instead of delivery to your door. So I paid extra had a packages sent there but... same message came in my email.. it's a 24 hour trucker spot for amazon deliveries how is that possible? LAZY Delivery people!!!!!!!!!!
Josue Alvarez (18 days ago)
Bs......... Driver just didn't find the package in his truck... Probably fully loaded
Ivan Leterror (19 days ago)
We live in an apartment complex (small) and use a rental mail box elsewhere for security. One placed closed down so now we rent a box at a UPS store. Mail and packages all go there. They'd really have to have some pretty big stones to give that kind of an excuse to me. For the monthly fee (not bad at all) I like the piece of mind. And unlike the post office, no flak about accepting larger packages, especially if it comes UPS. :-)
TerraTN (16 days ago)
I've read stories of people saying they rent a ups box to receive mail, but several fex-ex drivers refused to deliver it to a ups store. Seems like it is up to the driver to deliver or not to a particular location. Guess it all depends if you get decent drivers in your area or if they are jerks. It is the luck of the draw.
Brian Roberts (19 days ago)
I had that happen to me too. I ordered an item from Amazon and I live on a private road and a short, private circular drive. UPS placed a note in my mailbox that an " attempted " delivery was made. But it wasn't. I have a driveway alarm that alerts us whenever any vehicle pulls in. I get deliveries 2 or 3 times a week. FedEx NEVER does this. Long story short, I had to drive into town 20 miles away to get a $3 part and use $5 in gas to do it. That's UPS folks, not FedEx. Just saying....
ump ire (19 days ago)
UPS, FED EX, USPS - NONE ring the doorbell or knock anymore! Maybe they are afraid a convo will start and delay them getting off on time, who knows?!
Logan Rybak (19 days ago)
This actually happened to me in January of this year, but it was the Postal Service instead of UPS. I ordered something off Amazon, and on the evening it was supposedly delivered, I went out to my mailbox (it was a large package, so it shouldn't have been dropped off there) and saw that there was nothing there. The package didn't arrive at my old house until 2-4 months later. The postal service in the area I was living in lost packages and mail all the time, but ever since I moved a month or two ago, they are a lot better with deliveries at my current residence.
Michelle Hicks (21 days ago)
Sadly, I see more and more of this over the last ten years- not all of us I have been in that truck 32 years and we come from the old school ! We di are jobs ! But sadly UPS wants us old timers out- funny part is ,they have issues with the new GENERATIONS and depend on the old school drivers to take up the slack which is almost impossible..I just retired 32 years because if this very thing or I would have been fired eventually for not doing their job and mine. They are firing driver with 25 years or more to make room for these lazy asstards.you get what you pay for!!
Michelle Hicks (4 days ago)
@E Lo! its who we always worked for ! I thought I could get out but hell no- it's just craziness! But it will work out ,courts have a way of disagreeing with UPS corporate sometimes right is right!! We shall see
E Lo! (4 days ago)
@Michelle Hicks that's awful!..all those yrs dealing with packages let alone shit from driver supes etc!..it's sad..I've been there for 18yrs..trying to hang on..🙏
Michelle Hicks (4 days ago)
@E Lo! I got out but now I lost most of my pension and having to fight for that aghhh- oh well it will be what it will be-
E Lo! (4 days ago)
they always lose the good workers...it has changed for the worst in the last 10 yrs..and its getting worst!
Rehia Anderson (21 days ago)
Came straight to the comments to enjoy seeing the “ Lazy scamming , pathetic ass” Ups or Fedex drivers get salty .
David Brock (21 days ago)
THIS IS NOT A SCAM...Bob don't take this the wrong way, I'm not defending what the ups driver did by not attempting to deliver your pkg but you are way off base by calling these drivers lazy. Express freight drivers are some of the hardest working people in the logistics business. THEY ARE OVERWORKED AND UNDER-PAYED FOR ALL THE GARBAGE THEY HAVE TO PUT UP WITH. You can thank their union for causing problems like you had. They are the ones responsible for causing the unreasonable expectations that customers such as yourself have of these guys. The main reason drivers do what your complaining of is simply to protect their jobs. This is not the time or place to tell you everything that needs to be said. If you're interested I would be more than happy to discuss with you in a proper format. fyi... I have over 10 yrs as a courier from different industries including 8 yrs in the express freight business.
Napoleon Blownapart (5 days ago)
What a load of horse shit. That driver was caught on video driving off! So you fuck the customers who pay for the service just because you are "overworked"? Bitch i dont care if you have to deliver a whole fucking container ship worth of goods around the globe in one day. I paid door delivery and if im forced to stay all day in my house to receive my order, you better get off your damn truck and deliver it. Complain to your employer, quit, or call in sick for a day, but dont fuck the customers life. Its not their fault
Drew Cervantez (18 days ago)
My brother has over 35 years with FedEx and I can tell you my brother is not lazy.. but he can't wait to retire because yes he said it's changed so much and the uppers want numbers but my brother is still the same walk up knock and is very professional n hard worker they r under paid
Rehia Anderson (21 days ago)
Lazy driver identified
Donato Capitella (21 days ago)
disagree with this comment. If it's too late and you can't drive to a place, then don't go there and tell your superiors there's too much work. If you try to cheat the system, then how can your superiors know this is not working? You tell them that you can hit each stop, so you're hiding from them the fact that you are overworked by being unprofessional and cheating, then don't complain!
Anthony Valentino (21 days ago)
Lazy shit bag animals....
Anthony Valentino (20 days ago)
@Michelle Hicks obvisously you did not read my comment correct.. Or you cannot comprehend it.. I did express that message was pertained to the bad apples.. Not the good banannas.. Before you jump out of your skin.. An try to attack me. READ !!!.... An my message was not rude at all.. I spoke the truth an stated facts !!!.. An alot will agree wiith me..... Go back to sipping your tea an cookies... An enjoy your retirement..
Michelle Hicks (20 days ago)
@Anthony Valentino not offended by you AT ALL, I know I do did my job, i took pride in doing my job well, it's this generation that has no honor in themselves ,no pride,no self worth from working for a living - you get what you pay for- but your statement was just rude and not true for all! You
Anthony Valentino (20 days ago)
@Michelle Hicks why you so offended?.. Did anyone speak your name?.. NO..... I am referring to the bad apples of the bunch.. Not the good banannas..... Every driver is not good.. There are bad an good everywhere... I am allowed to speak my words freely.. About the bad ones.... Thank you for your hard dedicated years miss michelle hicks.. Its very appreciated..
Michelle Hicks (21 days ago)
Do you have a job? You can call many things LAZY is not one them asshat!!! I have 32 years in that truck is that lazy?
PATRIOT RIOT PRIDE 91 (22 days ago)
Lovely ladies starting young now! LOL, I would bet a thousand dollars there is a BT 1000 or 1100 or 1200 waiting in the getaway car. No way these kids are doing this of their own agency?? Then again?? Nature gonna be natural!!
Ross Headley (22 days ago)
Or he couldn't find it in his truck?
Ross Headley (1 day ago)
@Randy Young Ban word
Randy Young Ban (1 day ago)
Ross Headley yes but he didn’t put the effort... meaning he only stayed there for 5 seconds... im a ups driver, if I can’t find the package, I’ll move on to the next stop. However, I’ll look in my truck for minimum 5 minutes. Furthermore, when the package turns up, I’ll have to deliver it before the day is over. And i always do.
Kelley Jensen (22 days ago)
You should shave that rats nest on yer face, and maybe spend some time exercising instead of making stupid vids
frank b (15 days ago)
Lol. Butt hurt Kelley Jensen must be the mom of them three kids in the video. Yuuuuppp😃😃😃😄😄☝️☝️ we got us a winner.. Everyone stay tuned now she'll talk some s***👇
Anthony Valentino (21 days ago)
He is realated to monks.. From the old time... You can cleary see it in his face.. His blood line is from monks.. They all have the same facial hair.... Like that.. Leave the man alone.. He isnt bothering anyone.. Be respectful... If you dont like the video. Dont watch..... We dont see you making any useful videos.. Are you one of the people he is talking about ?? Is that why you are so salty.......
Kelley Jensen (22 days ago)
For real, ain't kidding
Debra Thiel (23 days ago)
That are not giving me my mail,thay say I NEED to go and pick it up Ido not have a ID I demand that you you send me my mail
snarbush (23 days ago)
I've had them do the same thing and i just call them and say redeliver as i have no way to get to a pickup point. They never miss a delivery anymore! Those lazy clowns!
snarbush (23 days ago)
You can bet an adult sent the girls to steal the boxes!
Patty Angel (24 days ago)
A Fed Ex worker got caught and fired from stealing a car part for my sons Honda for Christmas. It took all day with supervisors and finding out how many lies the guy told before he confessed. He had his friend bring the package by that evening back to me because he did not want to face me. An entire day waisted! So don’t listen to these bitches getting salty. We buy products and expect some damn honesty from the delivery person. It took me over a year before I ordered anything again. I didn’t trust them.
James Nem (25 days ago)
Snitch bitch
Jack Momma (19 days ago)
Your only a snitch if your a criminal. If you follow the law and are not in the system, then your not a snitch. If your a square then you should be able to use the law when needed, if your a street person then yes your a snitch in their book.
Jose Jonhson (20 days ago)
Stop being a bum
Ricky Cartel (28 days ago)
To my understanding, your porch vidio did not capture the parents waiting outside who deliver's said three(3) little girls to be porch pirates in your neighborhood type of making a daily living in thief today. I Remain, BILLY THE KID 15SEP2019; 18:45 H.H.
snarbush (23 days ago)
Maybe not the porch video but if he has corner cams like me then you get up and down the street both ways.
PASTOR AH YEAH (26 days ago)
I was so glad to see this. How can I contact you ? I hv had so many Ups mishaps with insured pkgs . And no results until I just stop using them .
Ma Fo (28 days ago)
If my life gets so pathetic I make a video about this..... I'll shave my foo-man-choo and cry online
Ma Fo (7 days ago)
@Camilo Gonzales When I read "UPS SCAM EXPOSED!!!!!!!!1111111eleventy!!!" I think well I may look into this. I mean, who wants to get scammed, right? Then after watching, I figured I would leave a comment; isn't that what the OP desires? Also, I have experienced a UPS driver show up at my house at 7:45, in his personal car, saying they missed this earlier in the day, and he was dropping it off on his way home for the night. WHat a scam, huh....
Camilo Gonzales (8 days ago)
But isnt you life so pathetic you looked at a video of this (wich is itself inferior to doing the video) and left a commend all salty and offended about said video?
Scott Gibson (28 days ago)
And you wonder why the whole world hates America, with twats like you it,s no wonder
paulwal1983 (1 month ago)
I'm a supervisor at UPS and hate when people like you say we are lazy. Y don't u come try and do the job. Bet u won't last a day. Oh wait u won't BC u will have to shave that crap on your chin and u can just hide behind a camera and make stupid videos. We have very hard working guys and ladies driving for us.
Jose Jonhson (20 days ago)
Get a different job u whining bitch.
Anthony Valentino (20 days ago)
@Jane Miettinen i totally agree with you... You spoke 100 percent truth an facts... But some will say different...
Jane Miettinen (20 days ago)
Did you really think that you mocking one already wronged client was the smart thing to do here, mr. Supervisor? Now the company you are representing here looks even worse! Im sure there are plenty of UPS drivers who really do their jobs, but obviously in this case it didnt happen. What else it was if not laziness? Its not like its just some nice courtesy if you get your package delivered, its the job you all have signed up for. And get paid for. I bet your boss is really proud now. Unbelievably stupid move, mr. Supervisor.
Anthony Valentino (21 days ago)
Id never work for shit hole companys who exspect you to work like a slave.. For shit money.. While the owner makes millons. An upper management who sits on there lazy ass whiel the worker bees make less. The worker bees are the ones who make your business thrive.. Not the managers.. Do your own fn work.. For your own company.. You lazy shit bag animal... Fuck you an your company.. So glad i dont have to work there...
Jay Moo (24 days ago)
paulwal1983 What’s your defense for drivers saying they attempted delivery when the camera shows them not evening doing up to the house? Has happened to me it’s it costs me money. Why don’t you get a job which requires you do have a package delivered to you by a certain day, pay extra for the option and not even have it attempted to be delivered, which costs you money at your job because now your late. Your not the only one with a hard job
JA S (1 month ago)
The parents probably follow the UPS truck into nice neighborhoods and then send their kids to round up the packages.
symmetricalastic (1 month ago)
I hate ups. They lost my package. How on earth do you lose a package when there’s a tracking number
symmetricalastic (20 days ago)
Michelle Hicks that is really no excuse
Michelle Hicks (21 days ago)
No ,I've been driving 32 years my answer is and has been- we do not loose things ,we just misplace them for a while Haha guys some of these hubs handle 11 to 17 million pieces a night- think about that- people think FedEx and UPS are the same ,NO !!!! UPS is 4 times the size of FedEx ,yes it is frustrating sometimes but the percentage that fail to make it to those which do is lower thrn you think, during peak season (CHRISTMAS) customers need to understand that 11 to 17 million triples!! We are human , bo matter what technology we have, you must realize that the HUMAN driving that truck is only one person who can do only so much in one day -
drippin wet (29 days ago)
It gets stolen
Robert Smith (1 month ago)
Love the videos thanks for the Intel this explains A LOT.
Chris Wells (1 month ago)
Fuck ass whiteboy
WJeff Morgan (1 month ago)
Good thing you had video of truck there....in the first part you said "No way you wouldn't hear the doorbell and get up"......then later, with the girls you said you didn't bother to answer the bell. LOL
Jonathan Provost (1 month ago)
Same thing happened to me last week. 3 times total since 2018. Very bad service from Canada post syndicated employees that get paid big bucks to laugh at us. Dumb customers we are.
Jacob Wellington (1 month ago)
I like how they blurred out the little kids when we ALL know they were black, because, of course they were
frank b (15 days ago)
Your statement made me laugh.. It ain't right but it's funny. Stereotyping like a mother f*****. Every ethnicity has s*** people. I ain't going to lie I thought The same thing..lol
Lukas Tanner (1 month ago)
One day you'll realize u r wrong. Hopefully sooner then later.
Grimmjow Girl (1 month ago)
1. They blurted the kids, cuz they were kids. 2. You're right I've never seen a white person stealing. (I'm sarcastic ofcourse) 3. How does it feel to be stupid and racist Jacob?
OG Groovy (1 month ago)
I would say you're wrong, but im black and I'm guilty of stealing.............. your mother's heart😘 we're going on our second date this Friday. Hopefully I get lucky 😊
Jacob Wellington (1 month ago)
@Lukas Tanner not all, just 99%
Iam Bubbles (1 month ago)
That beard is so disgusting. WTF?
palliboy101 (1 month ago)
You look like Fu Man Chu
Libi Gacha (1 month ago)
my guess is that every delivery company in your area knows that you're an asshole and would rather risk getting yelled at by their bosses than deal with you ..
frank b (15 days ago)
Finn the human is an idiot
Archaean (1 month ago)
@Fin The human I'm sure he called them, but not everyone knows this happens. He was just trying to warn people if it happens to them.
Fin The human (1 month ago)
@Archaean That really happens, you could call the UPS number, complain about that case and ask for the package to be redelivered. They will confront the driver about it to prevent its re occurrence, unless a new driver does it again.
Archaean (1 month ago)
@Fin The human The driver only tried to one time, but never actually attempted to. He just reported to attempt delivery and never even got out of the truck. Then he dropped it off at a pickup location across town, and worse, in a shady area. It was so he didnt have to actually deliver it personally at a later date. He probably drops tons of packages there, and only reports he attempted to deliver them.
Fin The human (1 month ago)
I guess driver thinks no ones home, and desides to redeliver the package next day. I dont see any reason for the driver not to deliver the pkg cause he needs to do it again next day.
This message was posted (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video. I was not aware of this. I'm glad you're blowing the whistle on these people.
Libi Gacha (1 month ago)
didn't realize that ringing your doorbell is some kind of rule/law ... loser.
Richard Coleman (1 month ago)
I have the ring doorbell too and I caught the ups driver not ringing my bell but leaving my package anyway. I called ups and reported the driver, I also told them I had the video of the driver in action. The driver now makes sure he rings my ring doorbell.
Gregg Sinini (1 month ago)
I regularly order merchandise Online (Amazon and others), AND I haven't had a UPS or FEDEX driver knock on my door once for the last few years now!! I've even ordered a few items costing over $300-$600 with a signature required, and with me Home in my small apartment, knowing the delivery was coming on that day and "waiting for the delivery before I leave the house"! Not one single knock on my door! The truck obviously just drives up and dumps the package by my door and drives away! They don't even want to waste one lousy minute to wait for someone to come to the door, even if a signature is required! For damn sakes, at least knock on my door and run off!! At least I would know that the package was delivered and it's not sitting in front of my door waiting to be stolen! I read up on the UPS delivery job requirements, delivered package quotas, coming back to the depot late, etc., etc.! These drivers are on an insane schedule to be efficient, and come back with an empty truck, but the little courtesy to just knock on a damn door at least! They used to always knock on the door years ago, so you went to your door and found the package, but that's all in the past! The pressures of the job have created unfriendly, robotic, zombies, who are basically on an assembly line of package deliveries!! I don't even see those regular friendly drivers of only a few years ago anymore who would even come back around later in the day and make another attempt, if you weren't home! Or I could chase the truck down in the next apartment complex, and the driver would find your package in the truck and give it to you! I used to tip the previous drivers, and now I wouldn't give them spit!!!
john somav (1 month ago)
That is falsification of company documents. This leads to termination.
wargodsix (1 month ago)
Ups always tells me they don’t know where their trucks are
Madeline Garcia (1 month ago)
wargodsix depending on what building it is, a lot of buildings don’t have updated trucks with built in GPS
rick montanaro (1 month ago)
I chased truck down made him stop and gave him this site to watch thanks you saved me a trip to pick up package.
Lejon Leonard (1 month ago)
Has anyone besides me realize that the so called"police"could have sent people like this?
ArtAcrobats (1 month ago)
Little girl gang
Sheyda M (25 days ago)
Taylor Lemoine well if you don’t have anything and trying to ride if someone’s back I. Order to survive, I would be motivated too lol . Great point . Black shark 🦈
Taylor Lemoine (1 month ago)
Who said black youth weren’t motivated? Lol jk.
Robert Tonkinson (1 month ago)
Thanks Bob! Discovered you on Hoovies's channel. Good content so far
gwen grayer (1 month ago)
I had that happen to me, the guy said it was delivered that morning, my package was delivered at 7pm. Lucky my neighbor got my package for me. They ass don’t even leave a note. Yep lazy ass hell. I think I got a person fired. Yep someone took my package. I’m in Dallas. All the time, I call there boss UPS, fedex, postal all know don’t leave my stuff. Guess after I complain to Ups. The day the dumb ass driver leave a tracking note lol. And I didn’t order anything coming from ups. They now leave my packages at my door. New subscriber thanks for sharing.
Atlis MUSIc (1 month ago)
Omg this just happened to me and I had to walk all the way to a shady store where it's a bunch of crack heads
Brian Weir (1 month ago)
If any of those little girls were mine, believe me, I'd have the perfect solution. Obviously those little girls have way too much free time on their hands and way too much physical energy. Fortunately Daddy has a solution - it's called HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Along with the requisite but temporary cut in their allowance. Hopefully such a solution would encourage more constructive use of their disposable time.
Angel Ovalle (1 month ago)
The only lazy person I see is you. Get yo fatass up n hit Walmart for your gas tank. Those ups drivers work hard everyday, n there is no appreciation for them. Ups drivers do not load there own trucks. Other people do. Sometimes your package gets put on a different truck. So wen the driver gets to your house, they can not find a package. They click on package not found n that is wen you get those notification that they attempted, n they really did. It is not there fault your gas tank was put on a different truck. Video bob get a real life, n buy your stuff of the shelf aka store. Much faster than having to wait on delivery.
dragonzone zone (1 month ago)
If the driver doesn't like what they suppose to do which is to do their job then get another job. They get paid to deliver the package. Just like any other job. If you don't like it then get another job. And you talk about lazy. The driver was dam straight-up lazy in the video. He drove away without even getting out of the truck and approaching the house.
Archaean (1 month ago)
You'd be right, except if you watched the video it said "ATTEMPTED DELIVERY NO ONE HOME"
James Keyes (1 month ago)
Gas tanks at Wal-Mart? When have you ever seen them in a W-M store? Moron.
Christina Segundo (1 month ago)
The parents had to have sent them
Lejon Leonard (1 month ago)
Could have been the"police"who sent them...
iron man (1 month ago)
Our postal service in Canada does the same they leave a slip that they tryed to deliver when they did not and force you to go to a post office to pick it up. Even worse I have had alot of my mail misdirected to my address number on the wrong street.
charles clinton (1 month ago)
Same thing happened to me. Only my package was small.
John Jose Silva (1 month ago)
happened to me was waiting for a package and they just drove off they didn't even try to walk up
auntie (1 month ago)
SIR PLANK (1 month ago)
As a amazon delivery driver..we are "supposed" to ring the doorbell ..but for the most part, customers get angry because either the dog goes crazy or their is a baby sleeping and they wake up or they work the night shift... something you should take into account. I only ring the doorbell when people are not lazy enough to actually write it on the notes so yeah ... I don't ring doorbells or knock unless otherwise directed to..moral of the story... delivery drivers do read the notes you write and we follow directions
Mike H. (1 month ago)
Lazy son of a bitchs.
Henry Torres (1 month ago)
Joanne Weed (1 month ago)
I like that you follow up either with the employer or local news, of the people that are scamming you.
Paul Giovannini (1 month ago)
As a Fedex home delivery driver, you are the absolute best for tipping and leaving water bottles out.
q (1 month ago)
I give out water, but tipping? Seems kinda over the top.
Danielle aka Dani D (1 month ago)
Me and my husband had packages delivered to the area and we had to go get the packages at the USPS.
F Scott (1 month ago)
With all due respect, UPS hasn't contrived some scam against it's customers. If you have a lazy driver that's on him and you should report him or her. When my mail lady retired we had a constant problem with the new guy misdelivering the mail for months but it wasn't because the postal service had some scam going.
F Scott (1 month ago)
@q anything's possible when it comes to humans but UPS security would figure that scam out real fast. I know because I retired from there.
q (1 month ago)
The lazy driver may be getting a kickback by the location the packages are dropped off to.
mike John (1 month ago)
It's probably a chunky driver that needs the exercise, chase him with a baseball bat so the left van ban baseball and outlaw sporting goods.
Liam Oboyle (1 month ago)
The Royal Mail here n.ireland (Uk bit) is our main delivery and perhaps our only one. I have got numerous things vanished they will say was definitely delivered I been thinking in the flat and seen them on video but I got a card in letterslot say tried to deliver I quickly opened my door and said hey matey what you playing at? He tried saying he had meant to put the card in earlier after failure to deliver I told him he was talking to bull and reported it to the post office so along with everything evidence ways I should be have made aback up copy and realistic I should be have known big company not do anything for the customer after they get their money and meantime they my tank of fish struggle as I had to get a another new oxygen pump for
Captain Horror (1 month ago)
I had a printer for my phone delivered to someone else and I had to buy a new one. UPS really screwed up on that one.
Captain Horror (1 month ago)
I work for Fedex but I gotta say. Use Amazon. Fedex is WAY too expensive.
shortymackinem (1 month ago)
As a fedex driver I tell people that ordering anything online is a gamble. Especially if its expensive and fragile.
F Scott (1 month ago)
wow, never heard someone promote job security by suggesting people use another company.
Wooded Acres (1 month ago)
I'm a retired FedEx tractor trailer driver, but I am also a frequent customer. Bob has brought up a very important point. Try to get to know your delivery guys. Most drivers have their own routes, so barring him being on vacation or sick he's going to be the one delivering to you. Most of the time just striking up a 15-30 second conversation is all you need. Bob also makes a nice point about leaving the driver a cold bottled water. We obviously, don't expect gifts, but that IS a nice thing to do. Back 50yrs ago I remember my Dad giving the trash guys and the mail man a bottle of Scotch every year at Christmas. I'm telling you, I personally saw the looks on faces of some of those old timers and they were definitely smiling. I do the same thing with pizza/food delivery drivers from a tipping perspective as well. They remember. Trust me.
deanna bell (1 month ago)
Gamalier Rosa (1 month ago)
Yxmper (1 month ago)
Mfs pass by my street at 10:49 am and I was ok cool my package but no mf pass by and later at 7:30 they give me my shit
Yxmper (1 month ago)
Lauren Atad well I did pay extra for 3 day shipping and the time commitments were not withheld in my package... those mfs delivered my package 5 days late so they definitely didn’t do their job
Lauren Atad (1 month ago)
Yxmper those “mfs” have time commitments on other packages. maybe you should spend the extra money to have your package delivered early. Don’t call them “mfs” because they are doing their job.
La Manta's Life (1 month ago)
Omg something similar happened to my sister . The fed ex delivery guy would just leave the package out when she would specifically write a note saying someone had to sign . Her stuff would get stolen often . It sucks I complete agree with being kind to them and leaving snacks for them
shortymackinem (1 month ago)
If its not required by the shipper to get a signature then the driver wont ask for it. Fedex home delivery get paid per every successful deliver they dont get paid for the packages they are bringing back.
martin harris (1 month ago)
I got about 3 ups drivers that delivers to me. one is about a 60 year old lady and probably has delivered 1/2 of my truck that I am building and she kicks ass. one of the fedex ladies drops off about 6 big boxes of dog food a month to me and is awesome as well. about only a handful of the only good things that happen in this hell hole I live in
PUDSTER OF YORK 31444 (1 month ago)
Funny I had similar in uk tracking the parcel was in all day so I was surprised . When I checked to see where it was it said they tried to deliver on the system . I contacted them & told them no ups drivers had been any were near my house as I was working on my car all day they told me the drive told them there was only a partial address on it . If that was so why say delivery was attempted the parcel arrived the following day with no damage to the lab lable. So I let the company know that paid for quick delivery it was delivered on time and they where laughing an investigation .