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Getting rid of half my clothes!! Finally decluttered my closet for the first time since moving to Los Angeles. It's a good time. Laugh at me. Support my channel on Patreon! http://youtube.com/lifelikejosie --- f i n d m e o n s o c i a l m e d i a ! --- I N S T A G R A M: http://instagram.com/josefinostevik T W I T T E R: http://twitter.com/josefinostevik F A C E B O O K: http://facebook.com/lifelikejosie --- CREATORS! Need better music? Check out Musicbed. They've got the BEST music for your videos! --- http://share.mscbd.fm/josieostevik
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Text Comments (38)
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Was gonna try out a schedule and post this tomorrow, but everyone on Instagram wanted me to post it now SO HERE WE ARE! love you, friends =)
D Zecant (1 month ago)
Ooh I wish success for your channel, I will recommend it to my friends list
D Zecant (1 month ago)
Hi Josei Hope you're fine, I discovered your channel by chance, but I fell in love with your vlogs, especially the ones you made in Tanzania. Hope you have more time or opportunities to visit Mozambique, we also have beautiful places and parks and people are hospitable. hug Dick Kennedy
Maddie Gómez (17 days ago)
I loved the video is very funny sometimes that happens to me. #josiecleaningyourcloset. You are the best youtuber in the world
Sarah Dane (23 days ago)
Any clothes you dont want i sure could use them
PiStBi (29 days ago)
Har du engelska föräldrar eftersom du är så grym på engelska? PS vi plockar kantareller nu =)
lifelikejosie (29 days ago)
Nej jag är självlärd! Hahhaa ÅH VA MYSIGT! Never reveal your kantarellställe😂
Dewey Watch (29 days ago)
What resource did you use to learn English. I am actually trying to learn Swedish. :)
Sarahkoruya (1 month ago)
this was so fun to watch!
Britney Hammons (1 month ago)
you’re making me want to clean nowwww😭🤣
Britney Hammons (1 month ago)
lifelikejosie I DID!
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Britney Hammons AYYYEEE DO IT
eveslifestyle (1 month ago)
Cleaning/Oragnazation videos are so satisfying!
eveslifestyle (25 days ago)
@lifelikejosie That's understandable!
lifelikejosie (27 days ago)
Haha yeah this felt so good watching back!
khs17 (1 month ago)
Hej Josefin when are you going back to Sverige ❤️🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
khs17 (1 month ago)
That is wonderful Josefin, how much are you missing beautiful Sverige ? And will you do a video while you are back home ?. Have a wonderful day love from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 ❤️🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
in December!
COOLGAMER (1 month ago)
also have a t-shirt from supernatural xD also not to mention the best of all a supernatural hoodie ;) which i like never use anymore
COOLGAMER (1 month ago)
thought u would be a castiel person xD but i was wrong xD
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
COOLGAMER Dean’s my fave too ☺️
COOLGAMER (1 month ago)
@lifelikejosie ahaha mostly Dean xD he's my favorit and after that ehh kinda lucifer xD
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Sam and Dean for evarr
William Whittom (1 month ago)
i did this before and wondered where did i get 63 t-shirts.
William Whittom (1 month ago)
@lifelikejosie sure did and now im sitting all cozy in a 30 foot rv. wish i could learn swedish faster.
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Exactly!! Hopefully you nanaged to get rid of some?
Naj Renchelf (1 month ago)
You're out of breath before even starting? Girl, you in trouble! :-D Also, nice HP reference.
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Starting off JUST GREAT😂
أسطورة العصر أوشا (1 month ago)
do you know what josie..? i love you too much 😚😘😘😍😍
D Zecant (1 month ago)
Ooh...okay! Do you need all this clothes?
sandra crihalmean (1 month ago)
Where did you get that MJ innocent shirt bc I NEED ONE
Mark Vrahotes (1 month ago)
I hate doing that kind of work. Im lazy.
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Mark Vrahotes haha that’s why I put it off for so long! I thought I had to ride the wave when it finally came😂
Michales jackson (1 month ago)
Love u josie and also because u love Michael as I am a great fan of him too, when I just see u I really feel very nice😃
L A (1 month ago)
hur mycket betalade du i hyra för det rummet? :)
L A (1 month ago)
hur mycket betalar du i hyra för det rummet? :)
David De Haas (27 days ago)
@lifelikejosie please pee
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Jag delar rummet med en och vi betalar 830 dollar innan utilities var. Vi har ett lite större rum än de andra och betalar lite mer. Flyttar dock ut om tre veckor och kommer betala lite mindre på nästa ställe :)