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Zuckerberg: Average person doesn't read full terms of service

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In his testimony before Congress, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained to Senator Lindsey Graham that most people don’t read Facebook’s entire privacy policy.
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Text Comments (328)
Lucinda Martinez (3 months ago)
That's right I don't think so either.
Northern_ Savage (5 months ago)
"Oh! My name is Mark Zuckerberg! I own a multi billion dollar company so I get to call you average!"
Jay B (6 months ago)
Facebook is already censoring lots of right wing conservative media and infowars which tells the truth most of the time because he's scared of the truth getting out and CNN and other officials pay off mark to protect corrupt globalist it's not opinion it's fact DONT BELIEVE ME ? Then do your research then FACEBOOK U ARE WARNED UNBANN ALEX JONES OR YOU WILL FACE THE PEOPLE AND U WILL BE TAKEN DOWN
Aaron Skidog (6 months ago)
Crookenberg! The Commie Big Brother shill! Thank God he is being crushed. I hope they arrest that crook and freeze all of his assets.
Break Diving, Inc. (8 months ago)
Introducing... the not for profit Terms of Service Fairness Project. Our team of volunteer attorneys read and rate every online terms of service based on our online user bill of rights. Brought to your by the charity Break Diving, Inc. (that's us!) We hope you'll subscribe to our channel and search the web for the terms of service fairness project!
Darya Ionesco (9 months ago)
Terms of Service are hard to read and it's probably deliberate.
Generalen 1 (9 months ago)
Yes, let me lubricate my organs.
Goten Black (9 months ago)
"Am a Lawyer, No idea what that means" If you are a lawyer shouldn't you actually at least know how to speak English?
Luke Bassett (9 months ago)
My terms of service.. Right your signing up to this website you should know about already otherwise you wouldnt be here.. so im not going to tell you anything.. do whatever you want its internet nothing can happen to you.. enjoy Tick the box because you have to :)
LeafPHD (9 months ago)
Jairo Herrera (9 months ago)
How can the "terms and conditions " be clear if it's written in a confusing and time consuming manner than a college textbook?
iResurrectCliipz -XOFF- (9 months ago)
Mark give me the Z U C C
GG Yunis (10 months ago)
What happened to this guy?? He looked so good before now he just looks like the fucking devil🤨
STEELCITY TV (10 months ago)
Yo he is not lying
Christian D'Amico (10 months ago)
anyone see the dancing hand of the person typing in the background
Daniel Guajardo (10 months ago)
Who read the terms and services when att or iPhone get updated
Vacilando Con Belis (10 months ago)
well if you want to use fb read it duhh
Larry Hunt (10 months ago)
I personally don't believe this is the real Zuckerberg it's definitely a Zuckbot.
edwin (10 months ago)
fucking hate this alien looking ass
MP P (10 months ago)
More like only people with OCD reads that stuff
Chris Adamo (10 months ago)
Well if you don't agree to these terms, you can't make a account.
mystery keven (10 months ago)
“I’m a lawer I don’t know what that means” Though I understood it, someone who is not a lawer or has a law degree.
Yo Mama (10 months ago)
I don't think he understands what he's saying. He didn't really answer the question....or maybe he avoided it in a smart way
Clout _boi23 (10 months ago)
He is right
ElDemonioAskur (10 months ago)
The guy who is always behind zuccburger looks like he is always angry, insulted and Offended
Sunny shah (10 months ago)
You know, the average person also doesn't read the law so what is the congress trying to prove here Facebook is doing the same thing Congress has been doing for centuries, making laws incredibly complex so the average person can't understand them
zeeebra90 (10 months ago)
I barely read the "I agree" button.
Kain Nosgoth (10 months ago)
"Average person doesn't read full terms of service" And knowing this, it's an intentional move to create those TOS in the form of an endless manifesto, to get the person bored and antsy and ready to jumpin without understanding their "rights" and\or lack of rights. Upshot: millions join, get fooled later. Just like when they release a new PC game with all the bugs-profit now, repair later.
SantaOMG (10 months ago)
Pretty sure there’s a south park episode about this
CRUSTYDOGTAINT (10 months ago)
Zucc loves that ice juice
Brook Haven2 (10 months ago)
Didn't South Park already do this? Where they updated your iphone and if you agreed to the terms, they were able to turn you into the human centipede hahaha
carlos rodrigo guerra (10 months ago)
Why the guy behind Z u c c looks so familiar?
iMachi (10 months ago)
poor fb got unlucky... lots of big sites collect data.
MrLakersfan1 (10 months ago)
god that senate looks and acts like a douche
Raphaël David (10 months ago)
I work in tech and I just worked on the terms of service of our product. The thing is if you write it with simple sentences, you are not legally protected. You need complex terms to be protected. This is an issue. Mark aknowledge it was an issue in the tech business. But trust us, it is not our will to make that confusing. It is as confusing for those who write it than for those who read it.
Derek Kagen (10 months ago)
Okay Zuckerberg is spitting bullshit but I still don't like the fact that the senator isn't even respecting him when he speaks. He is constantly looking away and half rolling his eyes. Not everyone is gonna agree with you all the time
20,000 Subscribers With No Videos? (10 months ago)
Who here use Facebook just to read drama on Facebook?
YaBoi Rob (10 months ago)
Delete your accounts! This pos is making billions
Ryakashi (10 months ago)
Literally no one reads ToS. Everyone just hits 'agree'.
Andrej Jovanovic (10 months ago)
Well everyone is giving him shit now but everyone steals data so ummmm
OfficialmONEy (10 months ago)
I love how they say its not working. Facebook has been doing this since day one and now that people know. It is all of a sudden a problem.
Pepeov (10 months ago)
*that damn lizard*
alexzracer (10 months ago)
People chose to use facebook, facebook did nothing wrong.
alexzracer (10 months ago)
This hearing is bull shit. What about the credit card companies that get away with things?
cemonex1 (10 months ago)
He should ask the senator that "Sir have you ever read terms and conditions before you sign in to in any social media platform ?"
Bubblegumsh1 (10 months ago)
I with they would at least try to have a tiny bit of realism. As if anyone reads ANY terms of service. Theyre acting like everyone in the world has a tiny and simple T&C, and Facebook is the only detailed one ever written
Poi Poi (10 months ago)
Only rich people read full term service
Paul Tuccillo (10 months ago)
graham a old ass nigga he should shut his old 90 year old fuckin mouth already
Real Fresh (10 months ago)
This is part of the 'all seeing eye' they can see and track everything you do? who is they? its the zionist satanic 'top'. Fear no one but Allah
Diana Taran (10 months ago)
I actually read it. Congratulate me for not being average
Bluedragoncow (10 months ago)
asking for congratulations just made you a normie again
Narajiナラジ (10 months ago)
Yeah right who the hell read the term of service
Mr Void (10 months ago)
Nigga if you want Mark to change the toc then tell that to everyone else who has a fucking toc that’s just as long
Izac LLd (10 months ago)
wow was that the flash typing back there
Xaiiden (10 months ago)
It should be criminal that you can’t delete your facebook
spicy (10 months ago)
You can
Pranav Narvekar (10 months ago)
Make sure you drink the water
Watch MrCuba (10 months ago)
South Park already handled this 👌
Final Hour (10 months ago)
It is true. Nobody reads terms of services anymore because it was way too long to begin with
Uncle Shang (10 months ago)
Mark eyes contact was like not human.
Austin McDaniel (10 months ago)
The average person is easy to take full advantage of; this doesn't alleviate the fact that it's the consumer's responsibility to be wary of the service they are using and the consequences or trade-offs for using said services. If most people knew how much of a scam most commodities are, the economy could suffer, which is why it's important to be a smart consumer. You can't immediately change a system, but you can outsmart a system forcing it to change. It is important to know that when systems are forced to change they often become more restrictive and hurt the average consumer because of the nature of the rat race.
Journey Man (10 months ago)
He’s a lizard!
Gavin Burt (10 months ago)
Bruh we need to get these old people out of congress if they cant start understanding basic internet shit.
Nemesi (10 months ago)
He's a lawyer and doesn't understand what that part meant in the terms of service? Well then... might as well give up my music and programming... a lawyer I shall be then!
TOP VIRAL TV (10 months ago)
and fuckers america buy my fb profile ..u stupid ..doing war ..no peace ..are u human or robot ..btw u are evil
QFRIEND (10 months ago)
Zuckerberg real name is Jacob Michael Greenberg, he is the grandson of one of the Rockefeller family members. And we all know that the Rockefeller family is into the New World Order deal. Learn the truth put into the YouTube search engine. Who is Jacob Michael Greenberg
septa rendra (10 months ago)
delete facebook
PLV 1990 (10 months ago)
I fucking hate this motherfucker, I don't know but there is something weird about that guy.
Duong Tran (10 months ago)
just shut up Zuckerberg !
nacho pacheco (10 months ago)
get rekt
Adnane Azami (10 months ago)
correction : a normal person doesn't read terms of service.
thewiz412 (10 months ago)
Dudes so messed up off prescription pills lol its crazy only in america
MrTalkingCorn (10 months ago)
He looks disgusting.
ba55letmysoulfly (10 months ago)
These politicians have no idea what they’re talking about lol
Nobody But You (10 months ago)
I seriously don't mind if Zuckerberg sold me out to third party - I mean, who tf are you worrying about your privacy. If you are an important person, there is no way in hell you even use Facebook
Nathaniel Carlyon (10 months ago)
Any social media site has the same/similar Terms. It basically says it’s gonna sell you to companies and you can’t sue them for giving your information.
Rafa YouTube (10 months ago)
Casey Owens (10 months ago)
Is he being passive aggressive when he keeps calling them Senator over and over again?
Vladimir Putin (10 months ago)
Social Network 2
Alex K. (10 months ago)
No one is forcing you to use FB. You have no one else to blame but yourself.
Nezar • (10 months ago)
Man y’all acting like zuckerburg is a criminal like he is cooperating and actually trying to express the situation also he is sitting there representing HIMSELF,That’s true dedication to Facebook and the “average joes” privacy,like for real tho he could literally jut sit there and repeat his 5th amendment rights and be a bitch about it
Darren Shaaan (10 months ago)
Zuckerberg is like a chat bot - he doesn't answer the question.
A human Body (10 months ago)
I knew it! I knew it was important to read the terms of service but sometimes I’m just lazy
Chris Darwiche (10 months ago)
is congress disabled? find out next hearing!
PunkTunes (10 months ago)
Dude, just change it.
The Jokester (10 months ago)
easy solution of the terms of services be a video when you signup must watch terms service site thumbs up so's facebook can see
Boris de Best (10 months ago)
How about not making terms and condition an encyclopedia. Wait lawyers need their checks, so thats why we get books when we read terms and conditions.
Aniki (10 months ago)
Nobody reads the terms of services
Josef Janoušek (10 months ago)
Technically, I woud not read terms of service even if it was single sentence. People just want to use it and its preety obvious how everythink with ads works.
lalchung nungabt (10 months ago)
"when someone tries to move too fast, there always somebody who want to drag you down". It shuts down the creative minds of young peoples in fear of going wrong. Peoples who are not intellectually or creatively incapable of building a revolutionary tools like facebook or any other things gets more mad!!!
B Loopy (10 months ago)
Here we go, Congress trying to fix shit that just doesn’t fucking matter... what’s changed? Leave this dude alone, he did a good deed making Facebook
Navjoth Bahadur (10 months ago)
The moment when the government doesn't care about this https://youtu.be/NikuIurQtiM
Richard Taylor (10 months ago)
pretty shitty lawyer if he can't interpret the beginning sentence. I understood it, basically.... these terms govern your use of fb and its products, unless other stated. For example, if a third party is used, IT WILL STATE the use of that service is governed by their terms of service
Archangel Michael (10 months ago)
Throw the Jew down the well !!!
HellFire (10 months ago)
His company will collect more your info to sell it to anyone who brings them profits. This evil will stop at nothing to manipulate the society to put your data at risk. Every tech knows that FB collects user's info every time. #DeleteFacebook
elchucofried (10 months ago)
Why are people mad??
ElectroSalvo (10 months ago)
That's a polite no we can't change it
Mo Ri (10 months ago)
Who cares about agreement..Social media user just have to limit what they are sharing that's it!!! US uses everything for political circus..hate it
Muhammad Saad (10 months ago)
I agree with Senator Graham there needs to be a better way to convey the terms and conditions to the average consumer. On the other side if companies such as facebook dont have a detailed terms and condition like they do now, the average consumer will find loopholes and somehow do something he/she isn’t supposed to do.
Boni Jr Cond (10 months ago)
Michael Paxman (10 months ago)
I waiting for the Social Network 2 to come out.