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Fareed's take: How the US should leave Afghanistan

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As the US prepares to conclude a deal with the Taliban, CNN's Fareed Zakaria urges Washington to not just end the war, but also win the peace. #CNN #News
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Text Comments (1015)
LEO (11 days ago)
I can't believe I'm actually taking a liking to Fareed.
MOIN KAMAL (12 days ago)
Fareed, please speak about Kashmir as you need to be fair anchor.
Pat Moynahan (13 days ago)
Lets figure out who to get this moron off tv
American Johnny (23 days ago)
At least we know that if things get too tough, Trump can claim 'bone spurs' and resign, then hopefully, we could get on the right track.
Andrew Vajda (27 days ago)
Fareed part of Fake News CNN. NO VIEWERS. All Trump haters. Soon it will be off the air
Jan Afghan (27 days ago)
Yesterday two Americans died in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 where is w.bush today ask him what was the result invade in Afghanistan 🇦🇫?
Max Johnson (28 days ago)
The US should just hand the power to the Hazara ethnic group and relinquish power from the Pashtuns. Hazaras are the most intelligent and educated afghans and the most secular. Out of the top 3 most educated provinces in Afghanistan, 2 of them are Hazara dominated areas: 1) Daikundi & 2) Bamyan. The Hazaras already have an enlightenment movement growing and are the only ones capable to carry it out to fruition. Low IQ Pashtun morons are no match for High IQ East Asian master race Hazaras.
P Atway (29 days ago)
The only way out of Afghanistan is to get out and stay out. Re-entering on the Taliban breaking a deal is tantamount to never getting out.
Kobulione (30 days ago)
USA lost the war in Afghanistan. USA don't have ⚽ s to fight terrorism inside the pakistan.
India have to Free Kashmir (30 days ago)
Afghans are in danger because India keeps chanting terrorism against Pakistan. But infact India is funding terrorists like ISIS and Alqaida in Afghanistan and TTP in Pakistan . For regional peace India have to stop it immediately.
Not Quite Right (1 month ago)
We should pull out of the Middle East completely. Fuck the Middle East. Bring our troops home and close our borders. Take care of our own people for a change.
Leigh Oats (1 month ago)
The primadonald is again talking of “the Harvard University of terrorism” (no, not the USA—never the USA), but instead of Iraq . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVSONJiNG2M&pbjreload=10 . . . he now means Afghanistan . . . https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/20/politics/trump-afghanistan-harvard-terrorism/index.html The badly brought up son of Queens will never suggest publicly that his weak-minded gun-cuddling flock of boy sheeple includes either would-be domestic terrorists or future domestic terrorists or actual been-there-done-that-murdered-and-maimed-umpteen-innocent-people terrorists.
big leroy brown (1 month ago)
send fredo,,
rolback (1 month ago)
Leave a sign on the door: Next time you harbor a terrorist that attacks the USA, we will not be back for nation building.
twinturbom20 (1 month ago)
If the Taliban keep their promise of establishing a "unity government". Who's going to make sure the United States keeps its promise of withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Haat Praat (1 month ago)
The West should just leave. Let the Afghans sort out their own problems. When we leave we should make it clear that if the Islamic nut jobs do a 9/11 on us or anyone else again, we will nuke one of their major population centers. What is the point of spending trillions on nukes if we do not use them? The fear of being nuked kept the Soviets at bay for decades, I'm pretty sure the Jihadis realize whatever they worship is not powerful enough to stop a B-52 armed with a 10 kiloton nuke.
squeento (1 month ago)
Racist. Dude is one of those house "en-words"😁. Just kidding
Jacqueline Wernett (1 month ago)
And yes...3 weeks ago when we tried to delay Russian Proto 4L rocket again...We also confirmed Thursday and Friday that the next rocket would be the March 3...The Chinasat 18 communications satellite is also part Winnie the Poohs internet...With you Hong Kong and Taiwan...I am laying Easter Eggs...
Jacqueline Wernett (1 month ago)
David S. ...I don't hang out in church reading the Bible...I have never even read the whole Bible...I was not raised religious...I read the Bible when God tells me where to read...about once or twice a week....I have temple in my heart on the go whichever Sabbath a person observes.
Jacqueline Wernett (1 month ago)
Afghanistan is because if Russia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia
Max Johnson (28 days ago)
Jacqueline Wernett exactly I’m afghan and I agree, fuck Russia Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
Jacqueline Wernett (1 month ago)
Congratulations...Sorry to be obtuse...How is the March 3..Chinasat 18 satellite..A communications satellite.....Sincerely Jacova 3.11...
Ricardo carter (1 month ago)
18 yrs and you talk of schools!!! Taliban would have built schools without destructions and deaths. Vetnam is one country because force. Taliban should take it by force. A unified country is better than allowing US to continue to cause instability for years to come
f581474x (1 month ago)
Just because Fareed is brown does not me he knows what he is talking about when it comes to Afghanistan.
I'm Still Alive (1 month ago)
USA is never leaving Afghanistan. Hegemony must be maintained in that region otherwise China or Russia will dominate Eurasia
Vinay Kumar (1 month ago)
If the Taliban takes over, Afghanistan will plunge back to the 7th century.
utubetruthteller utubetruthteller (1 month ago)
Fareed Zakaria is a sophisticated jihadi that people cannot detect.
Thomas Tamir (1 month ago)
How would you know? you've never been in uniform, have you?
Sheikh Raouf (1 month ago)
Fared is talking about political power sharing in Afghanistan, that is a misnomer. Corrupt political structure is mainly responsible for the chaos in the country. War lords run politics in Afghanistan. US should exit and let the people of Afghanistan decide what they want to do with their country.
canadian national (1 month ago)
Make it one big nuclear hole.
Jonathan Goodwin (1 month ago)
DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government Hardcover – June 11, 2012 by Jesse Ventura (Author), Dick Russell (Author)
Lynn Lamont (1 month ago)
How Fareed should leave the U.S....
Ejenio Luth (1 month ago)
CNN = Communist News Network
Sami Inaimi (1 month ago)
It's not a trade war it's a Cluster Fuck.
Sami Inaimi (1 month ago)
One has to be Nuts and out of his mind to mess with Afghanistan...let it be.
Blud Clot (1 month ago)
Veronica Letch (1 month ago)
What does it tell you that no matter how long the Americans stay, once they leave, the Taliban will take over.
Haha MissMiss (1 month ago)
There will be no peace until the other side feels america has paid the price.
Haha MissMiss (1 month ago)
No. It will not matter what the US does. You will have to return and collect bodies of your sons and daughter once again and again.
John Smith (1 month ago)
Nobody gives a shit what you think dumbass.
hamparsoum agop torossian denkejian (1 month ago)
if the USA has sunk so low is because of this type of Zionist shill "lecturing" the public.
Yo-yos Tenbucks (1 month ago)
kris jausz (1 month ago)
As long as there is OPIUM, the US aint going anywhere!
Konrad Heumann (1 month ago)
The US "withdrew from Iraq too quickly"? Hell, the US had no business invading Iraq in the first place. It's like setting a fire to a house and then blaming the arsonist for not having saved the office furniture.
Voice Of Reality (1 month ago)
With this being used as a tool to defend Israel, Nuclear Winter comes to mind....
Rogue JediKnights (1 month ago)
Us westerners have been there for a hundred years, just recently has it been our turn with them. But i fear that war, is undeniably unwinnable. I support the free people of afghanistan, but am shamed the taliban will ruin their freedoms once we leave.
Rogue JediKnights (1 month ago)
Also, i believe we are there for their opium. Practice makes perfect.
capital punishment (1 month ago)
Where is Fredo?
Rye Scott (1 month ago)
What’s fredos opinion
dwayne n (1 month ago)
REAl REAction (1 month ago)
CNN is fake news
BEASTLY IDIOTS (1 month ago)
You tell'em Fareed!
cujoe Mblakka (1 month ago)
Send you there, to walk point, or a scotch earth policy, kill everything that moves. Stabilize and keep gains, not only for US, but for the people of Afghanistan itself. These dumb yahoos / Taliban, has nothing but madness and arabism / Islam to offer, 18 century feudalism.
shup you (1 month ago)
Assho news
thiskidkatits (1 month ago)
We left iraq too early? What a blatant lie, straight up.
Bill Tierney (1 month ago)
Mr. Fareed, Mr. Sophisticate, Mr. Erudite, Mr. Front-Man for the CFR. Now that Trump is cracking down on the Opioides, time to move to another scam? Afghanistan has run its course, time to move on to the next prey. Which economic hit man is up to bat? How many lives have been ruined by the opium sourced from Afghanistan? Who has been making the money flooding West Virgina, New Hampshire, etc with opioids? A true investigative journalism organization would find out and inform the public. Is that you CNN?
Crusty Cobs (1 month ago)
We followed the French into Vietnam. We followed the Russians into Afghanistan. Both the French, and the Russians, had had their azzes kicked. Is that stupid or what?
Crusty Cobs (1 month ago)
Just get out of the Middle East, be energy independent, build the wall, and leave them alone
__ (1 month ago)
c russell (1 month ago)
Why is this dude lying so much ? How about how me and my brothers in arm's were guarding opium harvest? Scumbag!!!
Riki tiki Tavi (1 month ago)
What would fredo do?
snowflake melter (1 month ago)
snowflake melter (1 month ago)
Junior Gomez (1 month ago)
Why can’t we just make and farm our own poppy fields we have Perfect climates
John Travelina (1 month ago)
Fake News CNN Trump 2020
Bill Tierney (1 month ago)
Still no mention by CNN that Hillary was an espionage agent for the Chinese government and that the FBI were willing accomplices. The facts are out if you expand your news sources beyond CNN, MSNBC, etc. Not theory, fact.
Bill Tierney (1 month ago)
Still no mention by CNN that Hillary was an espionage agent for the Chinese government and that the FBI were willing accomplices. The facts are out if you expand your news sources beyond CNN, MSNBC, etc. Not theory, fact.
Bill Tierney (1 month ago)
Still no mention by CNN that Hillary was an espionage agent for the Chinese government and that the FBI were willing accomplices. The facts are out if you expand your news sources beyond CNN, MSNBC, etc. Not theory, fact.
elmosmidlap (1 month ago)
Fuck you Fareed....Vietnam 14 years USA 52k dead, Vietnamese 2 million, Vietnam was not where the USA belonged. Afghanistan 18 years. USA does and should be there.....Afghanistan is where a super power goes to lose it's super power status. Read history.
0tube0user (1 month ago)
Fareed is not a person to consider, he's a paid puppet, talking head and political operative to many self-interest groups.... any information or opinion is slanted.... please avoid this person and his data.
RUMPLE_F0RESKIN x (1 month ago)
What happened 2 Russian Collusion Fakkeed???
Elvoray Bane of the Darkness (1 month ago)
How about , "How CNN should leave the Airwaves"? Where's Fredo?
Don Trump (1 month ago)
Your Welcome, Obama, Clinton or Bush couldn't do this. TRUMP 2020!
Whisperingpine1 (1 month ago)
Trump will do the right thing, he’s smarter than Fareed.
mahbin (1 month ago)
Fareeds you the one taking the place of "Fredo" and little Donny "Stinky finger"?
Darryl Bakerカツオ (1 month ago)
If Obama would have aloud this...
Hands On (1 month ago)
sam M (1 month ago)
America has spent 7 trillion $ in Iraq and Afghanistan wars and many of our soldiers been killed, we are not police of the world. I trust president Trump on this issue. Let them be a multi national discussion between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Taliban and America.
Chris 3.1416 (1 month ago)
Has this guy ever said anything positive about the US? I think his home town of India needs his expertise. CNN ratings again tank in July.
Peter Schulte (1 month ago)
Ist this CNN Fakenews guy also a Fredo? Criminal DemonRATS like Obummer and Clinon likes war.
卢鲁 (1 month ago)
Taliban will never abide by any peace agreement, Looking forward to Iran’s guarantee of a peace agreement, just as the Europeans expected Mussolini to guarantee Hitler’s peace before World War II, we all know what happened in the end.
vrnc M (1 month ago)
“Sesame Street word of the day—“Recession”. 😂😂😂
E. B. C. (1 month ago)
Fareed key Assumptions 1 Taliban can be trusted if constrained by multilateralism. 2. The Afghan government can survive without its own army swallowing it whole 3. The American military presence is containing the Taliban All false. The main reasons to withdraw quickly are 1. The US presence is increasing the violence 2. The fate of Afghanistan should be left to its people.
Arnold Ziffle (1 month ago)
...yeah yeah, but what about Fredo?
T Losal (1 month ago)
Such anti national rhetoric.... Who needs enemies wen u have CNN...
edward cunha (1 month ago)
Fareed, it will be option 2.
Jake MacHine (1 month ago)
Obama inherited 2 wars . By the end of his 2nd term , Obama was bombing at least 7 countries. Trump, on the other hand, refused to kill 150 people in Iran. Trump has done great things for America despite all of the resistance . The msm won't give the actual facts.
Kathymac1542 Mac (1 month ago)
To be interested in how to leave we d have to believe we should leave
Trofski (1 month ago)
Nazi Hate News CNN. Unite in hate and together we can destroy the US economy. MAPA. Make America Poor Again 😀
Southern Fried Cynic (1 month ago)
Funny. MSM wants to end war in Afghanistan, but criticized Trump for not going to war in Iran
pat mourassa (1 month ago)
Tim Moynahan (1 month ago)
Deport Fareed he's a terrorist
pat mourassa (1 month ago)
DUDE,you are just a PAID PROSTITUTE,so AMERICA is in Afghanistan in order to HELP,AVERAGE CITIZEN,YOU FKING m0r0n,is that right?The same help that LIBYA,IRAK is now enjoying right, IMBECILE.
Louis Solano (1 month ago)
Logical Conservative (1 month ago)
Where's stinky finger at?
Ernesto Ybarra (1 month ago)
Creepy Fareed it would be better to discuss how you could leave the country. I'm sure your ex-wife would concur. ✡Long Live Zion 🕎 😲
Melissa Hudson (1 month ago)
Enough, just stop it. TV personalities are not qualified to make important decisions. Hasn't Trump taught people anything?
Your Mother (1 month ago)
They should leave in body bags never to return.
Gauss Bogsveigir (1 month ago)
By blasting out "Leaving on a Jet Plane" while doing the truffle-shuffle? Seriously. Let's just express some intestinal fortitude, make a plan, and leave. The Russians learned long ago to get out and cut their losses, but with our "American Exceptionalism", we have to show that we can waste more lives and more money than them.
The Ancient WUN: ADEPTUS TROLLARIUM (1 month ago)
agikus (1 month ago)
get out now! there is no reason to be there! save the 1.5 trillion dollars just gifted to the pentagon war-machine. warmonger! get out now.
john teague (1 month ago)
No one gives a fuck about your opinion you stupid wanna be American