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Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading

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Teenagers are spending thousands to buy and then re-sell limited-edition basketball shoes.
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Text Comments (2961)
Kate McAdams (5 hours ago)
why are they showing black friday rampages???
Ben Johnson (22 hours ago)
J’s and white kids don’t go well in my head
Kameron Paulsen (1 day ago)
Teens obsessed with SHOES
Hersh Popley (2 days ago)
AroubixYT (2 days ago)
Bruh one knows dj Clark Ken
Todak (2 days ago)
3:25 why is that kid on the right sniffing him?
Felicia E (2 days ago)
Nicholas Eskandar (3 days ago)
The best starts at 1:21 is from Drakes Nonstop but this is like 5 year old video
SirPandaMan _ (4 days ago)
Does he even play basketball?
hundo bundo (21 hours ago)
Does it matter?
Paul3165 (4 days ago)
Future used cars salesmen.
the galaxy Neptune (5 days ago)
6:12 wow what a stupid dad he rather have his son do homework than getting sneakers and making a business out of it stupid dad
Ayan44 (5 days ago)
very very privileged
🍆 (21 hours ago)
How? Fuckin emo loser
aidan burr (8 days ago)
And also I don’t think they care about the shoes all they prob care about is the money
aidan burr (8 days ago)
This kind of a thing is a ripoff
aidan burr (8 days ago)
Why is that nerd there for trying to buy some sneakers
hundo bundo (21 hours ago)
+🍆 exactly
🍆 (21 hours ago)
Cuz he’s into shoes
hundo bundo (21 hours ago)
Why can't he cop some fire😂
aidan burr (8 days ago)
I bet his dad is pissed at him for doing this
Henry Kelso (8 days ago)
Why is abc promoting fake shoes
Cplus Gravy (9 days ago)
Lil Esack (11 days ago)
Lol ad for fake
Jack Lister (13 days ago)
yeah and of course the kid you showcased, his parents make good money xD
Zenix (13 days ago)
Whats a good website to sell online?
HEAT Ledger (13 days ago)
"Alex Assfart" ?
Allen brown (14 days ago)
I got some year 3030 Jordan’s
Aron Sokolji Kralj (14 days ago)
damn if they had travis scoot af1 i would buy them
Jørgen Karlsen (14 days ago)
lol what a rip off, buying shoes for 640 and then the "friend" wans to buy them for 700 to resell for even higher.
GOTTI THE GG (14 days ago)
Sneaker heads are nerds posers who can't play sports
hundo bundo (21 hours ago)
You realize alot of athletes are sneakerheads?
Panda Gamez (15 days ago)
I've spent like 340$ on three Pairs Of shoes..
Uzi God (15 days ago)
this shit cringe af and 4:07 who the fuck this nigga
hundo bundo (21 hours ago)
Bruh who even are you 😂
dead doggo (16 days ago)
These white kids are so rich that one of them have their own Mac smh
🍆 (21 hours ago)
I have my own Mac. Everybody in my family has their own computer. I’m not white
hundo bundo (21 hours ago)
Gotta respect the hustle 🤷
FattyInAction (16 days ago)
Typical wild Americans, don`t you know how to behave, you monkeys??!!
FattyInAction (14 hours ago)
+hundo bundo You realize people don't basically kill each other while entering the stores outside of US???? And also nope, I've never seen real yeezys in my life
hundo bundo (21 hours ago)
You realize that sneakerheads culture exsist all over the world and right???
Dominick Gonzalez (16 days ago)
They try so hard to be cool still callin them sneakers and sayin bucks😂think 1600 is a lot for one pair of shoes when that's like the normal these days
Oof Henry (17 days ago)
This is just... Stupid. Just go to Nike and get shoes
Isaac Kamau (17 days ago)
Anyone else here who still buys $25 sneakers at Walmart and Payless shoes? 😁
🍆 (21 hours ago)
Why tho
Luke Conner (17 days ago)
Well that one kids family already has money
francisco herrera (17 days ago)
Yeah..... i'm going to stick with my typical vans.
Jayden Lumas (17 days ago)
Is Alex Still Doing This In 2018
DAVID OH (20 days ago)
Why do I keep coming to this
lil junior (20 days ago)
why are they getting arrested for? if they don't even go nun to drug Dealers and there not even doing anything legal
Kingsley Frizzell (21 days ago)
These are future business men
Name change allowed every 30 days (21 days ago)
There not sneaker heads they are cringey kids that want on the news
James W (21 days ago)
I cringe whenever she says "Basketball Sneakers"
James W (20 hours ago)
Moist_Towelette your true
🍆 (21 hours ago)
But that’s what they are
Sammyking 3 (21 days ago)
I’m a sneaker head but I won’t re sell I would keep and enjoy them as much as I could but not everyone has the money for this you know
Terrance Getty (21 days ago)
Expensive Sneakers are so dumb they depreciate at an insane rate
P64 Raceing (22 days ago)
Ian Sweater (22 days ago)
I hate when adults call shoes “sneakers.” It’s just an annoying word
ish lucas (22 days ago)
I'm a sneaker head this is not a sneaker head :\
Tyler Rodriguez (22 days ago)
All I see is rich Italian kids from Long Island and Jersey who use daddy’s credit card, better off selling blow to their class mates then this stupid shit, I’d get my ass beat if my dad saw me doing this instead of working.
YNE BayArea (22 days ago)
Spoiled ass kids👎🏿👎🏿
🍆 (21 hours ago)
Zech TV (22 days ago)
Who the hell is DJ Clark Kent? They act like every hypebeast and sneaker head praises him and knows who he is.
Savage Patch Kidz (22 days ago)
It’s called inflation boi
yee the tree 123 (23 days ago)
Spoiled kids should be the title
yee the tree 123 (19 hours ago)
+🍆 they use there parents money to buy shoes and they dont even like the shoes they care about money
🍆 (21 hours ago)
Rachel Gee (23 days ago)
Why buy kanye sneakers when you can go on Adidas, nike, reebok, puma and order CUSTOM SHOES- wait 4 weeks and have them? sure waiting 4 weeks is long, but you get custom shoes.
I buy a few extra pairs to be able to put it tord a personal pair but I would love to be able to open a limited kicks store ... I love sneakers and have a passion for making videos
Rob Martinez (24 days ago)
Nike is dropping some hyped up dirt rocks from the ground and these morons would pay thousands. Value is only what you have been taught.
Zachary C (24 days ago)
At least it isn't coming from drugs
Paolo T.S (25 days ago)
asymptomatic84 (25 days ago)
It's actually called mental retardation
🍆 (21 hours ago)
Is actually called the resell business retard
Potatoe Master (25 days ago)
Of course they try to make sneaker heads look bad by talking about some random murder that has nothing to do with young sneakerheads
ur mum gay (25 days ago)
Tbh honest I miss the old days where people were buying shoes that they themselves like and enjoy wearing. Nowadays people are buying expensive shoes from hype beast brands just to show off while the shoes aren't even that good. A good example is Gucci. Their shoes look like an Adidas Stan smith but just with Gucci branding, and are 10x more expensive. A true sneaker head buys shoes and enjoys wearing them and enjoys having the luxury of caring about their sneakers.
vicco9 (25 days ago)
What does deceased military have to do with shoes
ItzniNjaxx (26 days ago)
All of them r spoild brats
🍆 (21 hours ago)
How. Ur probably just poor or something
GD Crysisbai (26 days ago)
640 for db3, wtf
Jacob Reinhart (26 days ago)
theyre own money bull shit both kids live in some big house new jersey suburb and drive a audi i bet their parents pay for it all some spoiled rich kid also you could scam these kids so easy
Dusty (27 days ago)
I dont spend more than $200 on shoes
So pro (28 days ago)
"My yeesis"
Jesse Oliver (29 days ago)
U guys are making this sound negative. They're not selling drugs. Geez we all have our hobbies.
Jay_ Hawk (29 days ago)
I bought 350 V2 Yeezy boost and some Gucci casual wear shoes. Let me tell you it’s not worth it. Unless your dedicated. Gucci is cool to have. Yeezys are just lame. Wore them like twice. Just letting you know before you buy.
flossbee (29 days ago)
Dee think he be talking to some damn fools... or maybe he his talking to some damn fools?
TrapSoundsHD Official (30 days ago)
Price= Hype
GamingFor Life (30 days ago)
Could of buy vbucks
DOGGYDOGG (30 days ago)
Retard generationnnnn
Pirate_ flop (30 days ago)
Austin VanHise (1 month ago)
Actually it started with Converse, Adidas and puma
Alex Carbajal (1 month ago)
FUCK SCHOOL this is buisness
Mika Tholsch (1 month ago)
Charlie Sloth has 5000 pairs
Italian_ ice _ 23 (1 month ago)
6:17 stick to your books kid
Andy (1 month ago)
Those sneakers are ugly as hell!
j breezy (1 month ago)
there not just sneakers
Youngcashtalk 69 (1 month ago)
I have 22 pair of Jordan
Snipes X (1 month ago)
Keith Henry (1 month ago)
I will wear nike jordans here and there but i mostly wear vans
AHellReign (1 month ago)
I saw my shoes
Clorox Bleach (1 month ago)
I only have like 30 pairs
No Footy Skater (1 month ago)
The kid they used is a bad example as it seems they are very priviledged doesnt seem like his parents struggle to make a living and with a house like that it seems that his parents surely helped him get started with the sneakers.The real sneaker heads start off with nothimg with the harshest beginnings and hustle their way up to people like that kid who never struggle to get a pair
Ethan Sweet (1 month ago)
I love shoes❤️❤️
JAL (1 month ago)
these the type of kids u can use fake bills to buy their sneakers and they wont even know.
firestarter maxu (1 month ago)
these kids are already rich as fuckkkk
Albert Lee (1 month ago)
he calls himself DJ Clark Kent? He IS DJ Clark Kent muthafucka
Nicholas Leon (1 month ago)
Waste of money no Sensible person with common sense will buy this crap Nike’s are worth it and resell is the scum of the earth their sneakers Nike can reproduce these cheap plastic shoes if they wanted to your all slaves if u buy their crap
Erfgghhh Knvffvcg (1 month ago)
This whole thing is cringy
slak maltigo (1 month ago)
Hope they pay uncle Sam
Charles M Rinehart (1 month ago)
These shoes are nothing but a recipe for tragedy and disaster.
Awesome 136 (1 month ago)
How do these kids get this money
chandler smith (1 month ago)
Dam $600 gets you a ridiculous pair of shoes
David Watkins (1 month ago)
Jordan's are the ugliest trainers known to man.
Mark R. Chandar (1 month ago)
The most expensive shoe I’ve sold was the Louis Vuitton Jaspers Kanye Patchwork Which I sold for $15,000
Ariel Larin (1 month ago)
Consumerism is a disease. I’m all for capitalism of course. But these kids are so focused on the temporal things of life and material goods. I’d be surprised if any of them played sports, and if they do, are any good.
TheCarsNerd (1 month ago)
Magmawolf_ 4464 (1 month ago)
I dont get it shoes are just things you wear on your feet just clothing nothing special those who do this are just idiots
Phoenix Hartley (1 month ago)
It’s all rich white kids who probably don’t even play basketball