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Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading

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Teenagers are spending thousands to buy and then re-sell limited-edition basketball shoes.
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SIGGIBOI AIT (1 day ago)
The hype is not generated by nike?
Tawn73 (2 days ago)
I would just get a pair of yeezys then rest on supreme lol
Amily Rodriguez (2 days ago)
The guy that has been buying for like 35 years looks like Kanye west
me ow (4 days ago)
The most expensive sneaker I very bought, $90, even that’s too much
Skytech Gaming (4 days ago)
me ow (4 days ago)
Glad the kids are benefiting, but this whole industry is disgusting. There fucking SHOES! Sketchers shoes cost $50! Fuck you, Nike
Alex Torres (4 days ago)
That kid lives in a big house his dad obviously rich
Buk Lau (4 days ago)
why are they picking kids lmfao
YUNGSKIBOAT (5 days ago)
“Sixty bucks, sixty bucks. See that’s cheap.” Boi I don’t got a dollar
Drabcrescent 396 (5 days ago)
This shit is so cringy, especially that intro song after the anchor at the start
デッドDamaged (5 days ago)
It’s cringey watching kids do this....
Robtum_Ace (5 days ago)
Dude, these are shoes. Honestly I don't understand why there is such high demand for some camo sneakers. Nobody is going to judge you for what shoes you wear, and if some asshat does, tell them that at least you don't spend over 1,000 dollars on foot covers.
Austin Rodriguez (5 days ago)
His dad died in the military can u cut a deal slatt?? 😭😭 bruh
oofer farts (5 days ago)
A bunch of fuck boys is what i see
Brayan Lector (5 days ago)
Aubrie Rose (5 days ago)
Anyone got the limited edition fukijamas for sale?!
Chuck Taylor (6 days ago)
Not Sneakerheads. Not resellers. Capitalists!
Chuck Taylor (6 days ago)
Socialism is for losers who can't compete.
Chuck Taylor (6 days ago)
No Snowflake Socialists here. 100% Capitalists. God bless America.
Hahayouthought (6 days ago)
What’s The Whole point of getting expensive shoes if you’re going to ruin them
Orange Banana (6 days ago)
Now he spends 8 hours on Fortnite...
Victor P. (5 days ago)
He's probably like 20 now, doubt he plays a kids game
Roaring Lion (7 days ago)
Basketball sneakers haven’t been $30 for over 30 years. Smh.
Joe Kellyyy (7 days ago)
I just sold my ninja turtles crooks to my friend for 4 fredos and a cool hotwheels, am I sneaker head now?
Assassin2117 (8 days ago)
I sold my vapor maxes for 280 and bought them for 190
xOddly (8 days ago)
7:15 no one hear the little kid
G-Man (9 days ago)
I'm pretty sure that the shoe in the thumbnail is 100% fake
the real sonic biggest fan 2 Louissaint (11 days ago)
I have the black Nike shoes and air Jordan 13 and gold chan *dab* ayyyyyyyyyyye I'm cool
Mark McDonald (11 days ago)
2: 27 license plate mistake
My memes are danker than your moms kitchen (11 days ago)
I’d Rather have this be a thing and not FoRtNiTe 🙄
Joseph Basurto (11 days ago)
2013: wasting 1500 dollars 2018: I want the iPhone XR / Note 9 I have the black normal vans with the white stripes
Noodle Gamer (11 days ago)
Kids should get a job SMH
Grand J3t (12 days ago)
Sam Danis (13 days ago)
1.7k for DONS?!
t100base (13 days ago)
so when white people start wearing sneakers it makes the news?
Lil Snail (13 days ago)
What social media account does he follow To get notification on latest/recent shoes
K⃟i⃟n⃟g⃟ K⃟i⃟c⃟k⃟z⃟ (13 days ago)
Being a sneakerhead & watching this is cringy af
will (14 days ago)
Buddy needs a bot
Duncan Gray (15 days ago)
A friend my friend knew the kid who designed and made those DB when he had cancer
Bandz.Busterz (15 days ago)
Imagine getting a pair of shoes from Alex Assbar
Andrew Starkman23 (15 days ago)
6:20 we’ll be watching a movie Don’t you have a test tomorrow THEN WHY R U WATCHING A MOVIE
- Mikeg.lifts - (15 days ago)
Back when I was 15 I watched this so much
Luna chen (15 days ago)
Hello, I am a Chinese shoe wholesaler. I don't know if you need to buy shoes? If you help promote the shoes will be sent as a thank you gift. Whatspp + 8617350113091.
exiii jimboodoof (15 days ago)
what a shit "hobby"
Judy McGaugh (16 days ago)
Your a sneaker head when it hurts to sell your sneakers, and you feel for each pair you let go of no matter how much your making. These kids are going so moving the shoes so fast that they aren't appreciating them. But if your just in it for the money, some of these kids are scramblers, and know supply and demand. But I love my shoes, and its heart break whenever I sell a pair, and I always think ,No I CAN'T LET THOSE GO ,I WILL LET THESE GO INSTEAD
Mr BlueYT_ (16 days ago)
Dang I wish I got some sneakers like that those are nice
Brian Lee (18 days ago)
Reselling is aut
i Loks (18 days ago)
Ugly as shoes
Keshi_Ruins (20 days ago)
the music sucks and the reason the expensive bc they use the highest quality products and some shoes are so rare make the higher the price
x. Yazzy.x (20 days ago)
Ballers Only (21 days ago)
I’m still watching this in 2018
josiexd boi [hoonigan] (21 days ago)
Oh hell no, I'm broke ast I only got one pair of shoes bro, I'm sad now
Roa Mobile (21 days ago)
They are supid af...why people think shoes are so expensive and cool lmao
OfficialYahtzi (22 days ago)
Sounds about white
Destyntobe (22 days ago)
Who does that news woman sound the same as juju Chung
Game guys And pizza pies (22 days ago)
These kids are making up to five grand a week and herd I am making five dollars a week
Don Roy (24 days ago)
The most i will spend on shoes is a cheap $10 pair at Wal-Mart
Don Roy (24 days ago)
How the hell do those kids who arent even old enough to work yet get the money to buy those shoes ?
Fortnite NZ (24 days ago)
Something to put on your feet just buy crocs
William may (25 days ago)
What more disgusting than a stupid little cocksucker with parents money!
Israel Xopa (26 days ago)
Where the hell did they get all that money?
Comment Lord (26 days ago)
I’ve been doing this for like 5 years and I’m only 14 I remember when I got the concord 11 lows and I resold them for 2 times the price because people wanted them and they were sold out that’s when I really started to get into reselling
Kevin Gonzalez (26 days ago)
You see that kids fuckin house that’s papas money
Jake uriah (27 days ago)
Can't diss because my children will be like this one day, but I wish I had a fucking jump start like that... Daddy money
Ajax 1370 (27 days ago)
Does anyone want to start a thing like this but with hot wheels 😂 I got to many and I got some pretty rare ones
DeadRiotgaming (27 days ago)
This dude say people but shoes just for hype?
Erik /PIMP (28 days ago)
It pisses me off when these news stations make Fukin special videos for sneakerheads like fuck off let us be and they make shoes look wack asf
Mitch 81 (28 days ago)
I’m not sure how much of Alex’s money really goes into it after looking at that palace he lives in.
Brock Corb (29 days ago)
So ABC knows who Kanye is then shows a pic of JAY-Z and they call him "who knows" lmfao ignorant ass reporting
nj sherpa (29 days ago)
this is nothing.....u should come where i am from
Gavin Reddig (1 month ago)
7:30 Playing the military card is NOT cool.....My father didn't watch his friends die so you could get a good deal on sneakers
Belphy (1 month ago)
Remember when it was all about girls being obsessed with shoes. How times have changed
Chol Deng (1 month ago)
Viks Tricks (1 month ago)
must be nice to be rich
Z. Mendez Productionz (1 month ago)
*They’re just shoes*
Dank Memez (1 month ago)
I’m going to sneaker con soon I payed 75$ for a pair of js apparently I can sell them for 250$ I’m 14
r1reilly xsw (1 month ago)
you should blur the license plate
Math Solutions (1 month ago)
They're crazy. Sneakers are to worn, not collected
Lil_Angelll 07 (1 month ago)
These are resellers, not sneakerheads, sneakerhead collect and keep their shoes, these guys just sell their least hype shoes to buy new, more hype shoes
ediisonn david (1 month ago)
you can hear the amount of confusion that is in baby’s voice
Shaun Hogwood (1 month ago)
Spoilt rich kids these ain't sneaker heads they are resellers a cancer running up the prices
Sepi838 (1 month ago)
Those were the days.. Long gone now thanks to Nike and JB putting up the rrp's. Thanks dickheads.
Thazetube (1 month ago)
I’m so jealous of of these people SHOES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!
Adam Bonilla (1 month ago)
"Next Saturday comes" chills
Adam Bonilla (1 month ago)
She said you used to be able to buy a "good pair" of basketball sneakers for way under 30, she's gotta be like 70 bruh
Xx Yy (1 month ago)
Of course hes from a rich suburb of NY and driving in an audi smh. Trying to make the kid seem like a hustler lmao yeah right.
Eldon Tan (1 month ago)
nike hater here
Dip Please Upload (1 month ago)
Now its v-bucks....
Trillz Intros (1 month ago)
they buy so much sneakers but can’t even dress with them right
39skit Finland (1 month ago)
Love these smart kids!
FaZe Piggy (1 month ago)
Steve Smith (1 month ago)
but do they actually wear these shoes? like boi
zip snax (1 month ago)
lmao, i don't think they realize how fucken rare freddy's are
Its the king nicko (1 month ago)
*Money Maker*
DMR _363 (1 month ago)
This aint sneaker heads they just care about profit
DMR _363 (1 month ago)
They are kids
Sp00ksy (1 month ago)
And thus, the hypebeast was born.
Chess with Liko and gaming (1 month ago)
Now In 2018 it’s just going to be for fortnite skins
KnighthawkBlitz (1 month ago)
This kid is going to be the richest person in the world one day. Just watch
vClue (1 month ago)
These are resellers and they ruined the sneaker game
Magma Fang (1 month ago)
There just shoes!!!!!!!