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Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading

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Teenagers are spending thousands to buy and then re-sell limited-edition basketball shoes.
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Text Comments (2646)
Lil Shawn (12 hours ago)
i would robbed him if u flex too much u loose to much u know
Male Tem (13 hours ago)
Where do these kids get their money holy shit
Alex sprowles channel (15 hours ago)
Aidos Videos (1 day ago)
Um... thats jay-z
ilyes dehina (2 days ago)
Murder?? For a fuckin shoe??
Landon Koubandonh (3 days ago)
Jesus I got 1 pair of Nike shoes and there my only pair of shoes
Jame Y. (3 days ago)
this Alex kid, he spoiled, just buy like 3 pairs of shoes, wear and enjoy them
Adriana Montoya (4 days ago)
Smart kids
Misfit 636 (7 days ago)
Endothermic Madness (7 days ago)
I love how people are saying that these people are living off of their parents money. Doesn’t everyone live off of their parent’s money for the first 10-15 years of their life? I bet most people complaining used the money that they saved up as a kid on stuff that are probably compacted in a landfill right now.
ItsMini (7 days ago)
Wow... All rich kids
Armando Sturzenegger (9 days ago)
Jordan Groleau (10 days ago)
i respect him. it's clear that he is making solid money because he's genuinely passionate and knowledgeable. this dude is so young. people will hate but i love it.
XxGaurdMe xX (11 days ago)
Dry ass Nikes
DeanBohannon700 (13 days ago)
Jayden Reddy (14 days ago)
Previously worn by Jay z not who knows
rodrigo san roman (14 days ago)
thy're own money??? Yeah right. They live in a huge house. He probably got all the money from his dad. A small loan of a million dollars type of kid right there
cLoUt______ aNgEL_____ (14 days ago)
Fuck this kid makes more money than I do in 1 year or 1 month
NathanGameZ (15 days ago)
"They don't waste any time." *kid starts looking at the shoes*
ctraz (15 days ago)
i remember seeing box logos sit in stock, most sizes. now u gotta pay a grand. fudashit
Nick Jensen (15 days ago)
“Adam is ready to splurge”
Norma Gale (16 days ago)
sneakerheads are mad ugly
Plank (17 days ago)
i like shoes
Lennon Henderson (18 days ago)
All those shoes look fucking shit and people are paying over 500 dollars for them. Retards 😂😂
DLStudios (18 days ago)
My little bro has jordan 11 lows
AaronRarely (18 days ago)
Spoiled bitches
jellyTYJ (19 days ago)
But da ting is it starts from.there parent paying thousens
MPK (19 days ago)
I don't get this at all, yes it can be a profit but all you are doing is reselling.
Matthew Mouawad (20 days ago)
I play basketball and that's the only reason I buy Jordans or nikes
Jeff (20 days ago)
Seeing they fits with the shoes made my heart ache
Bougati 334 (21 days ago)
I’m just trying to not get my Jordan’s stepped on
Will Garston (22 days ago)
He still looks like a twat wearing high tops😂
Randy TV (23 days ago)
I started with some adidas yeezys about 1 year ago and i have made more than 10,000 dollars in total
KadenPlayz - Games (25 days ago)
$180 on three Paris kobes,Jordan's, and kds
Tahoe Jones (26 days ago)
I couldn't watch the whole thing. It was all just too perverted for a normal mind.
lookatmydab1 (27 days ago)
you need to stop
Lil fire (29 days ago)
bro they just want money why in the 1000s it retarted in the usa would not buy that much price
Uglymel ! (30 days ago)
My most expensive shoes are 200 dollar there are black Jordan’s and has jump man everywhere
joseph domoni (30 days ago)
I love sneakers but......I have no money.......I'm to poor😅
中国万事 (30 days ago)
What’s the point of making a bit of profit from shoe during young , can you just study and next time be doctor that’s how to make big money.
god (30 days ago)
6:19 "Custums" LMAOOO
The cars (1 month ago)
some of the shoes aren't. even hype
lilacisity (1 month ago)
and i’m over here wearing 3 year old white beaten up converse
Ashlie B (1 month ago)
Kids should really focus on school and all of that; but not even schools teach you how to negotiate and earn money, etc.
Ashley Sorto (1 month ago)
this is my brother😜👦
Clover (1 month ago)
8:25 what shoes? I don’t see anything
ana contreras (1 month ago)
8pm in not late
JUGG JUAN (1 month ago)
2013; Nike rules the shoe game 2018; in between Nike & Adidas
セックスb0ss (1 month ago)
All for the kicks
Anonymous Person (1 month ago)
I mean I only resell my shoes when they too small for me, I usually try to keep them them clean then try to make make them as clean as possible when they become too small
Juan Zuniga (1 month ago)
Wow people can be that stupid, overpriced shoes that Asians made
Lord Cades (1 month ago)
Where the hell do they get all that money??
Fuck Off (1 month ago)
All these white people lol
carrera2320 (1 month ago)
Keith Glaze (1 month ago)
lmao I'm so confused why ppl still don't understand that the school system isn't teaching you how to be an entrepreneur or how the world actually work...nah yall want him to be an employee...he is gaining experience...he can buy the same school books on amazon with going to school...education does not equal school smh
Keith Glaze (1 month ago)
so many haters on here.....mad that kids have work ethic and ambition...get off YT before you are late to your 9-5
Ricky McClain (1 month ago)
Nike sucks
Ashley Sanchez casiano (1 month ago)
Crowned (1 month ago)
That jeans didnt fit with the nikes...
Malloy Jackson (1 month ago)
Pink foams tho 😍
Eric Emmerich (1 month ago)
These kids are just a bunch of faggot spoiled kids
OG Mike (1 month ago)
Kids at my school be like that but with drugs
Thereal Baller1109 (1 month ago)
That kid that said 'six ninety ' said it as Asian as he could
Thereal Baller1109 (1 month ago)
WAYY Under 30 bucks stop it
_too_fresh (1 month ago)
These kids aren’t doing it for the “love of the game” your cancer to people who actually like sneakers for what they are and not what they are worth
fat skate kid (1 month ago)
They just wanna flex then swap or sell flex the money then flex the next pair they get
HEXCY 432 (1 month ago)
Max Romines (1 month ago)
When was there ever a time u could buy shoes under 30$
Brian Rus (1 month ago)
God her voice is annoying
Starbucks slurrp! (1 month ago)
There called sneakerheads witch is me
Julian Losekoot (1 month ago)
Who has YEEZYS here?
Kyle Stonehill (1 month ago)
Nike mag
billy kobilca (1 month ago)
Heston Gardner (1 month ago)
Has everyone in america forgotten about Adidas? Nike didn't start the hype. Adidas had one of the first high resell kicks
why not Gaming (1 month ago)
I spent 5k on supreme and shoes when I was in California which was yesterday
Kraken Kraken (1 month ago)
Weres that convention at
XxXArkhamGodXx & More! (1 month ago)
Kyle Conde (1 month ago)
Those Kanye west shoes are ugly
edwin rivera (1 month ago)
its all about adidas now
Ralph Flores (1 month ago)
They look ugly af
Anthony Dunn (1 month ago)
I want those Gucci nikes
πuff (1 month ago)
UNI ROLL (1 month ago)
But this was in 2013
Alex Mac (1 month ago)
Gosh $1600??? Man kids are crazy these days.Im really just good with my "All star Converse"
Asvp x Angel (1 month ago)
4:04 no idea who he is and I’m pretty sure a lot of ppl don’t know either
bae (1 month ago)
ima do this (0)(0)
Mouse The Great (1 month ago)
So basically the kids they covered already had money so it’s like they’re having any trouble wasting money, and I’m a sneaker head but this is not what ya about
Rex Craig IV (1 month ago)
Lol who else only has 1-5 pairs of shoes
Alejandro Alvarez (1 month ago)
So what the difference between 100dollar pair and 1000 dollar even if their rare they are not material valuable
ᴅᴇᴇʀsᴋüʟʟ (1 month ago)
I never understood this hype for shoes... I've been wearing the same pair of converse since 7th grade and buy new sneakers like twice a year.
Speed kings Kid (1 month ago)
Of corse the kids are rich.
youku cx (1 month ago)
Shoe fetish
Daily_Dose Daily_Dose (1 month ago)
I still rock socks and sandals!
Daily_Dose Daily_Dose (1 month ago)
Where do the kids get the money to buy the shoes ? Are they funded by the parents ? One could only assume, which means they had to work none, their parents just gave them the money and the kid just made even more money off money they didn’t even earn, so thus the get no work ethic which is crucial but something we see less and less in this generation.
billybassman21 (1 month ago)
Birthday money, Christmas, selling other items they have and trading. Most "spoiled" kids are expected to make good grades and do chores, when they don't they lose what they are given. One could say the constantly deprived "poor kid" gets so used to having nothing that they grow up expecting very little and don't strive for more. While they get help from their parents, they usually end up making more money and having nice things. The poor kid like I was may strive to do better than his parents, but more often they just end up being stuck in poverty just like them.
v Dewine (1 month ago)
Shoes should not be this important, this is RETARDED
Not Awesome T.V (2 months ago)
just sold my sketchers for 110 they were originally 60
matthew lush (2 months ago)
How were the self tying Nikes out if it was only 2013
RayzYT Tran (2 months ago)
The sneakers that I like are Jordan’s yeezeys Nike that’s alls
XD Shasha Banks and Alexa BlissXD (2 months ago)
What happend to Pokémon cards???
Donut Pug Gaming (2 months ago)
I would of just kept those limited addition shoes