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My Top Ten Fav Nascar Commercials

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Nitrospeed H17 (15 days ago)
1:01 I have the same red race jacket
Starzcraft88 (19 days ago)
king daddy lol
Michelle Hoover (3 months ago)
"Bones vid" BONUS VID. GET IT RIGHT!!!!!
James McIntyre (3 months ago)
Damn Jeremy Mayfield must have been high on meth to think his truck can fit there.
Michael Clayton (5 months ago)
good job
dankengine ltd (6 months ago)
King daddy
MICHAEL BAYNE (8 months ago)
Meth. Not even once.
AAA Cup Series (8 months ago)
where's the kyle busch nos energy drink/kyle busch hat one?
Alanna x (8 months ago)
Damn, I miss old school Jr. I can't believe he's retiring. King Daddy 😂
Lycan_Jedi (9 months ago)
2:00 Mayfield's on drugs again.
BrettMKW (9 months ago)
Anyone here remember Matt Kenseth's robot commercial? Also if they remake the Jimmie/Sadler commercial now they'll need 7 trophies.
Chives5150 (9 months ago)
Jean (9 months ago)
I like Waltrip/Capps, and Hamlin FedEx.
Jean (9 months ago)
Chad, can I have the screwdriver, please?
Pew die pie (11 months ago)
anything with jr in it is stupid
david ellison (11 months ago)
Where's the one with the little Wallace kid threatening to put Mike Wallace into the wall. Or the one where The king is back seat driving while Kyle is trying to race.
TheTexan99 (1 year ago)
What is a bones video? Think it's spelled bonus
Jake Toth (1 year ago)
when we hit #1, I was about to say "why haven't I seen any Carl ones?" sure enough, there it is in the 1 spot. that was a good one.
john Baldock (1 year ago)
Budweiser, A Headache In A Bottle/can!!
John Juhasz (1 year ago)
There were a whole series of the Junior and Mikey commercials.
pirate772009 (1 year ago)
The one with Jeremy Mayfield having his truck driver back over Tony Stewart's car should've been number 1. I always thought the Napa Know How ones were stupid and ridiculously annoying.
Ron Mexico (1 year ago)
All NASCAR sucks. It's horrible racing.
Northeast Railfan (4 months ago)
Soo why are you here? You just start arguments and piss people off. You dont like it? Good for you. We all have opinions on things we like and dont like.
Caleb Marinelli (7 months ago)
RMS Titanic so uhh, what's your opinion on icebergs?
Ron Mexico (1 year ago)
Donny2108Slender Gamer she probably does but my father and I don't discuss their sex life. Meanwhile, NASCAR sucks flacid cock.
RMS Titanic (1 year ago)
Ron Mexico More like yo mama sucks
Ron Mexico (1 year ago)
jared tully I stand corrected sir. The Fusion vs the Camry playing follow the draft in a circle. I am on the edge of my seat.
jnunorckln (1 year ago)
I wish commercials were this good now adays
KB18 Fan (1 year ago)
zlinedavid (1 year ago)
3:10 3/4" with an 8" extension
googe miz (1 year ago)
number 8 funny
Aaron D (2 years ago)
#5 and #7 were good, but best was Dale sr., Dale Jr,  and Taz
Alexandru Rotariu (2 years ago)
nr. 8 is just plain epic
Bill Neidhardt (2 years ago)
love when jimmy asked for the championship cup
jeremeymcdude (6 months ago)
Bill Neidhardt he had to hire 6 more guys.
Bill Neidhardt (2 years ago)
no when he tells you he needs it again then have 6 guys going for them
Starblade125 (2 years ago)
+Bill Neidhardt Right. When he tells you he needs it again, run.
jared tully (2 years ago)
Loved the napa know how song
Nathan Wojtkowski (6 months ago)
jared tully - Oh... the Glory Days.
Jennifur Sun (1 year ago)
me too
The Angry Cliff Show (2 years ago)
I Loved When They Used The Song "Fuel".
Quentin Diaz (2 years ago)
Nappa song and gordon/brittney haha. Waltrip and edwards are neck and neck
ASCA League (2 years ago)
so many memories, especially the napa know how commercial
Speed Steve Gaming (2 years ago)
I always loved the diet dew commercial
kjlayton (2 years ago)
KING DADDY!! Love these old commercials
WINCHESTER GIRL (2 years ago)
KING DADDY!!! these commercials made me remember alot of stuff
Cameron Howe (3 years ago)
Dustin Krueger (3 years ago)
2:13 and the mystery of Tony Stewart being pissed is yet unknown to this very day...
Player Gamer (6 months ago)
True true
Sand Sandwich (3 years ago)
I remember most of these. The commercials used to be so much better then :/
JakeTheGr80509 Roblox and more! (15 days ago)
Sand Sandwich yes
Lady Willow Phoenix (3 years ago)
#2 lmfao!
Dave Daniel (3 years ago)
My favorite was always the Dodge commercial with Jeremy Mayfield. "is that Octane 93 you're wearin'?" "yeah, you like it?"
automan224 (8 months ago)
Dave Daniel no it's crystal meth
Paul Loebach Jr. (3 years ago)
Nooooooo! They got the wrong NAPA Know How commercial! What about the one where Truex insults Waltrip as an announcer and the Waltrip dances around in a jumpsuit! Also, what about Jr.'s diet dew commercial?
Evan Williams (3 years ago)
Kasey Kahne and Budweiser the oddest sponsorship pairing in NASCAR History, like a little child trying to sell me cigarettes, it does not look good.
Nascar Fan007 (3 years ago)
RIP Nextel cup series 2004-2007
automan224 (8 months ago)
Nascar Fan007 well Nextel was bought by Sprint so RIP in name only. They truly died after 2016
Brad Rhoades (3 years ago)
3:30 next time put the motor in and see what happens.
Tom & Friends Variety (3 years ago)
I was thinking that Kasey Kahne hopped out of his car to grab a drink, but that's stupid. Drunk racing.
Kevin Corbat (3 years ago)
1:56 Why you dont do meth
iBaconJesus (3 years ago)
This was made 4 yrs ago
Chris Kreager (3 years ago)
This seems incomplete. You're missing too many good ones. Where's Dale Jarrett and UPS "We want to race the Truck!" Where's Kasey Kahne and the Allstate Girls? Where's Dodge and "Hey, Jeremy!"
Tyler Bullock (3 years ago)
Carl Edwards Subway $5FootLong Commercials
Despaired Archangel (3 years ago)
Elliot Sadler's Argument Is Invalid
James Keyser (3 years ago)
#7 s exactly why we don't do meth children
SinikkaL (3 years ago)
King Daddy!
Labtec600 (3 years ago)
Ha, Jimmy looked like a Dbag before he grew his beard.
reachingsumwhere (3 years ago)
I always liked "I'm at the wrong track!!"
Mary THOMAS (3 years ago)
Poor and stupid. 
Thomas Tracy (3 years ago)
i like Carl Edwards commercial myself
Dancingyeti Gamer2003 (3 years ago)
I got so mad who ever crushed tony Stewarts car
AwesomeBill 94 (3 years ago)
I mean to say that he wrecked Tony's car.
Jayshana619 (3 years ago)
Jeremy Methfield was driving the Evernham #19 at the time of that commercial...
AwesomeBill 94 (3 years ago)
That was Jeremy Mayfield. Lol.
Justin Michel (4 years ago)
As much as I don't like Jimmie Johnson I do like #8
CadillacFleetwood75 (4 years ago)
I like Dick Trickle's Napa commercial myself. 
Cherie Barnett (4 years ago)
What about coca cole racing family road trip
mat2000100 (4 years ago)
Theyve been playing too much crazy taxi
Mark Kanzler (4 years ago)
I like the commercial where the diecast collector shows Michael Waltrip replicas of his wrecks.
Pettitjay (4 years ago)
You missed a lot of good ones with Dale Jarrett and UPS. Also Kasey had some good ones with the 3 girls. How about the one when Mark Martin tries to steal Carl's back
KingDaddy (4 years ago)
Reckless4800 (4 years ago)
Dramatisation of car falling on tool chest and Jimmie running scared
ChevyChevelle48 (4 years ago)
The one were Jimmie Johnson brings out the championship trophy was my favorite and then second was the 1 with carl edwards.
X2Lazy2WinX (4 years ago)
The Dale jr and Michael Waltrip commercials are the best
Andrew Vanderlei (4 years ago)
Glitcher2874 (4 years ago)
good video but why didnt u add coca cola "Harmony" commercial?
Eric Duhs (4 years ago)
You created this before the "You're can's old" NAPA commercial. Shame.
Cameron Beever (4 years ago)
6 suks
MRNASCARFAN25 (4 years ago)
I miss these commericals nascar used to do they dont have fun anymore
Silmac (4 years ago)
Don't feed the trolls.
Grace Hyper (4 years ago)
Why do u wont people to know your bday
Nickthestorekeeper (4 years ago)
No race the truck? No ESPN Ride Along Program? Redo your list.
Jeff Boyardee (4 years ago)
You could have had the one where Jr. asks the interviewers where they wanted to do the interview and they said, "Wherever you're most comfortable."
Damian Reviews (4 years ago)
you forgot when mikey went to the wrong track!!
ejc8814 (4 years ago)
"King Daddy"
destiny eaddy (4 years ago)
Rogue Thunder (4 years ago)
The bonus video was inaccurate. At one point they made a right turn. Lol
ErikZarins2 (5 years ago)
List is all wrong Best NASCAR Commericals ever were the How Bad Have You Got It?
Eli Jackson (5 years ago)
well get em out in a way that i can support, i'm sick of all these ads in tennessee done by new jersyites who sound like schoolgirls, promotin some soulless shit, they obviously aint marketin to me, i dont know how many new jersyites what sound like schoolgirls live in tennessee, i dont know how much buyin money they got neither
Kevin Sauce (5 years ago)
How else are you going to get your name or product out to the public? Alright so i guess you hate me well that's not good at all. I bet you were inbred
Eli Jackson (5 years ago)
i hate advertisin type supporters even more, thats some sheeplin' right there i tell you what
Kevin Sauce (5 years ago)
Oh shut up. Clearly you didn't get past the first grade
AMPxITxUP18 (5 years ago)
Is it sad to say I agree with #8? And how could leave out the koi pond vitamin water ad?
Peyton Sayers (5 years ago)
haha jd da fuck
RacingRadio (5 years ago)
Was mayfield doing this before or after ripping off the furniture store......
Edgar Rivera (5 years ago)
Dale Jr. and Michael Waltrip? Mr. NASCAR? Lmao xD
uk285 (5 years ago)
I see Methfield was on a high when guiding the truck
Onenation244888 (5 years ago)
EpicNick24 (5 years ago)
EpicNick24 (5 years ago)
Cody Calton (5 years ago)
# 8 lol
Jonathan Villeneuve (5 years ago)
King Daddy!
Eli Jackson (5 years ago)
wadnt that good i hate advetisin types, slick shyster punks
Levi Bossert (5 years ago)
the thing is Carl really is that strong
SpeedLimitNon (5 years ago)
Is it just me, or did it look like Waltrip was fingering the air on #2 ??? o_O
SpeedLimitNon (5 years ago)
Kahne like a Boss @ 4:28