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The Bike That Made Tom Quit His Car | Riese & Müller E-Cargo Bike

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Here's the bike that changed Tom Marvin's cycling life forever, the Riese & Müller Multicharger Vario E-Cargo Bike. A long time proponent of driving his van/car just about everywhere, Tom Wanted to try something different, and that came in the form of an E-Cargo bike that he modified to carry his regular mountain bikes to and from the trails. This bike Impressed Tom so much, he's even thinking about trying to buy one, which is rare for a cycling journalist, as they have access to virtually any fancy bike they want in their day-to-day work. What do you think to the idea of an E-Cargo bike? Is it a viable solution, or tech gone too far? Let us know in the comments! Follow Tom on Instagram: Follow BikeRadar on our social media channels:
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BikeRadar (4 months ago)
So.... an E-Cargo bike. What do you think to Tom's solution to his transport woes? Should he have tried something different, or did he get it spot on? As always, let us know in the comments!
Arjun Adamson (22 hours ago)
Karl Bartelt Karl Bartelt he means that the motor can go faster, but due to regulations they are limited to go slower. I think the UK us a limit of 25Kmh whereas in the US you can get a class 2 motor that allows up to 45kmh. I believe there are mechanical differences, but you can also delimit the governor & get more out of the motor.
Karl Bartelt (3 months ago)
@Michael Evans Can you explain a little bit more about what you mean by "needs a delimiter"
Michael Evans (3 months ago)
Just needs a delimiter
Karl Bartelt (4 months ago)
Keep your batteries between 20%-80% charged to have greater longevity. Running in all the way down and back to 100% puts the batteries in their extreme conditions, so don't store at 100% or near 0% (20-80% is the best). If you have to charge to 100% do it just before riding it :) I've found I use my van much less now that I have a 'serious' E-bike, I reccon I'll use my van 5000kms less per year.
Alan Robertson (4 months ago)
Lovely machine. Ebikes are a definite gamechanger for active travel imo. Would be good if someone let retailers know to push to get decent racks installed in convenient positions for their shops, many are at best an afterthought. Uncovered 'wheelbender' type wall mounted schizzle is seen far too often.
Sebastien vttiste (9 days ago)
I was never convinced by ebikes, until your video, where in that particular case, it really makes sense. Town, cargo, easy to park, fast to go. Definitively more sense than downhill ebike :D
Christian Kaiser (2 months ago)
I am considering getting a Multicharger and I do not like the standard one-legged stand it comes with. What model is this two-legged version?
Paul Moore (3 months ago)
Would love to see an 'best e-cargo bike' in the annual awards. One less car!
naoyuki sasanami (3 months ago)
What about foldable solar cells and charge controller built in? even if it"s not enough, the concept will be presented
Coffee Jack (3 months ago)
"I always have it on turbo mode", that explains the beer gut !.
Thomas Marvin (3 months ago)
nah, it's the beer that explains that...
Andreas Becker (3 months ago)
my cargo trailler and my bike cost me less than 1000 lol, this is way to exspensive
Dan M. (3 months ago)
Seems pretty decent, but the price is a bit much. I ended up getting a Radrover from radpower bikes and it fills a very similar role as a heavy duty long range commuter bike and light cargo carrier, but for 2000 CAD or about 1200 L
Thomas Marvin (3 months ago)
Much like the car market, there are pricier options and cheaper ones too. As it happens, I now have a Radwagon in to test!
Joshua Mack (3 months ago)
i mean. some weak 2 stroke motorcycles, Mopeds, did have pedals.. basically it is that but Electric. for Sports..well. if i can not padle, i will not... but for Transport yeah. what i dont like About the trend is that there are many cheap vehicles that go fast but manufacturers stilll put in weak Brakes n so on
Tyg Rahof (3 months ago)
Awesome BUT at $6,500 I just had to physically lift my fallen jaw. I bought my 3 bedroom 2 bath HOUSE for $7,000 down. This is half the price of a new truck. Holy hand grenade that is pricey...
Chris B (3 months ago)
If you really must be precocious and murder a foreign language then learn to pronounce the word correctly..even in English..oh feck it just say pen-chant!
Russian Bot (3 months ago)
Duuude just read about this bike getting stolen Gutted for you
Paul McNabb (3 months ago)
I'm in Los Angeles. I'd be afraid of that bike being stolen. I need a bike no one wants. Nice bike though.
Stick-girl — (3 months ago)
Paul McNabb you could just tie a chain trust me nobody can open the chain other than you the ones that are hard with a lock and only you have the key
Steven Booth (3 months ago)
You really aren't doing much mileage if you only need to charge your batteries every two weeks using Turbo. Quite frankly you are wasting your money using it so little.
Kola Ajibade (3 months ago)
You can charge both batteries on the bike, with just one charger input. The Bosch dual battery system takes care of that.
Mububban23 (3 months ago)
This brand's range costs between $6k and $16k here in Australia. The cargo bikes cost $7k to $10k. I'm sure they're brilliant bikes, but damn.....
Nick Seamus (3 months ago)
I just want to know how you fit a weeks worth of shopping in your rear panniers...???
Thomas Marvin (3 months ago)
They're pretty massive!
Jarlaxle Baenre (3 months ago)
that is so funny
Traveling Kaspers World (3 months ago)
It's a motorbike. Cool. The modern day Vespa! The future is going to really be interesting. Stay healthy
Steven Booth (3 months ago)
Travelling Kasper's World. You obviously have sooooo little knowledge about e-bikes or motorbikes for that matter. There is an old saying that goes 'better to keep your mouth shut and let people THINK your a dickhead than topen your mouth and remove all doubt'!
Russell Middleton (3 months ago)
£4.5k and it cuts out at 15mph? Come on. Just paid half that for a 28mph Bosch-powered Cannondale bike in the US.
Pug Young (3 months ago)
Russell, it's an artificial limit, not a technological one. The bicycle complies with local regulations. It can do much more if 'tampered' with.
Michael Evans (3 months ago)
Needs a delimiter 😈
the mountain man (3 months ago)
I know portishead rather well
Stephen Morton (3 months ago)
69 petroleum droplets downvoted this video.
Bogdan Isari (3 months ago)
WTF you can buy a Dacia Sandero 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Parks (3 months ago)
This ebike seems like a dream come true, however, it is out of my price range.
ds4081 (3 months ago)
Nice Bike, way over priced.
udmbfck x (4 months ago)
Here in the States is $6,000 +.....add the additional stuff (extra battery, passenger, etc). Priced out of range for most people at closer to $8,000 when a Zero Electric Motorcycle starts at $8,500 (FX or FXS model) and you can ride the damn thing on the Highway too on your way to work if needed. If you are going to tell me that the Zero doesn't have pedals (because you are dumb enough to run out of range without charging it), well the intended purpose of this e-bike on this video was for City use.....You would be parking to charge it more often than not at least once a day at home or additionally at work, no?
fotheringay-smythe (4 months ago)
looks great
Sean Fitzgerald (4 months ago)
Have we neglected the irony of carrying a bike with a bike? Why not spend the money on a motorcycle or scooter that can carry more, go faster/farther, and cost the same?
Buick Mackane (4 months ago)
Love this idea of a cargo/work bike.
Pedro Hack (4 months ago)
Costs as much as a car but does less
The Wuxi Wheeler (4 months ago)
Again, rip off Britain..... 4K for this??? Absolute BS!!
Thomas Marvin (3 months ago)
Cheaper options exist. Much like the car market, there are expensive models/brands and cheaper ones too.
1wuz gray (4 months ago)
I can't speak to this particular bike, but I bought a Benno Boost a few months ago and use it daily round trip commute of 40km. I also use it to do all my errands around town and to ride for fun. e-cargos are brilliant.
mvh808 (4 months ago)
Overpriced times 4. Now regarding the reporting, saying that bikes are so expensive because of the battery needs a bit more explanation. Maybe some data to back this up? In fact 800 GBP for an extra 500Wh battery is truly taking the piss unless the manufacturer adds on a special warranty, extended or guaranteed swap when performance drops, etc. It does not take a genius to look up what a ready made 500Wh camel pack with decent BMS and charger costs. But credit where credit is due, the switching of gears under load is well thought out.
Thomas Marvin (3 months ago)
From what I've found, across a range of brands, batteries from Bosch, Shimano and Brose all cost around that much for 500Wh.
nastythomashobbs (4 months ago)
I have no idea why, if you can afford it, everybody is not riding an Ebike that likes to ride. Ebikes are a blast. The 15 mph limit in the UK is a joke. Ebikes should be able to ride to 60 KPH, My Stromer only goes to 48 KPH which is too slow but far better than comp. I would feel safer in traffic at 55 to 60 KPH TBO.
mick2d2 (4 months ago)
Erikes batteries aren’t that expensive. Prices have been coming down every year. I paid a similar amount for my latest battery which is 14S9P ( 126 18650 cells) as my previous battery which I bought four years ago (13S5P, 65 18650 cells).
mick2d2 (4 months ago)
I think you might get more recharge cycles out of the batteries if you charge them up after every use. Running them down is a bad idea.
Black Tea One Sugar (4 months ago)
I don't think there is anywhere in Bristol I'd want to leave that locked up. 😳
Geoffroy Claisse (4 months ago)
Love it ! I want to see more cargo bike and less cars. I am fed up with all these smelly exhaust gas. Buying a cargo is in my first things to do once I get some money ! :)
james goodwin (4 months ago)
£4000 for a bicycle
Adam Pyper (4 months ago)
i love it. i used to hard core ride. now i can't . so i ride e bikes.
capowacko (4 months ago)
Nice bike but that saddle, ouch !!! Seems like a lot of money? I have a Vego e bike which has a 750 watt motor and 13.5 amp battery goes 28 mph easy and range is up to 40-50 miles. Also has bright led headlight and welded rear cargo rack, has amazing cloud 9 seat. I love the geometry of the easy step thru frame and 20" x 4" tires. Total cost apx £1,200. True I suppose yours has some better quality kit but I've had a variety of e bikes in various styles but this is my daily rider. Still £4k ?
deavman (4 months ago)
Batteries don't cost that much...You paid too much for the Bosch name.
Tom Masi (4 months ago)
Workman bike New York manufacturers fantastic bicycles
Anthony Steele (4 months ago)
a steel bike with a beefy pannier rack = a cargo bike? £4000??
Ric Aldrich (4 months ago)
Sondors X $1400
Ric Aldrich (4 months ago)
LMFAO 6k for this monstrosity
Brian Murphy (4 months ago)
yes i get it comfort and ease and practicality if your of to the shops . but for for health benefits the hills are your friend as its them that work your legs heart and lungs as soon as the lotto pays out im getting one
Dave Morse (4 months ago)
Fantastic, love your style.😃👍
Radagast Brown (4 months ago)
I will buy a "Nearly New " GenZe by Mahidra for $700, free shipping. Thanks anyway.
Radagast Brown (4 months ago)
Sorry, way way way too expensive. In two years these will be 50% less expensive.
Alex Morgan (4 months ago)
Would have been a far better decision had he changed to a conventional bike and not been lazy and gone for an E-bike.
Alex Morgan (3 months ago)
@Don Garnier E-bikes are either for just plain lazy people or people who just want to give the impression they are cycling using all their own effort when they are not. Cheats. And then there is the environment. Lazy E-bike people do not give a fuck about the environment. They have a choice to either buy a conventional traditional pedal all your own effort bicycle or a bicycle with a filthy great motor and battery attached to it. Do you not realise how environmentally damaging producing the electric motors and batteries are? The devastation that mining for the precious metals causes? Then the batteries need to be constantly recharged from the power grid. A traditional all your own effort does not need this. Well I say E-bikers are not only lazy but fucking selfish people who don't give a shit about the environment.
Don Garnier (3 months ago)
E-bikes are not for lazy people. It has been shown riders of E-Bikes get on them more often and ride further. Have you tried riding a fully laden regular cargo bike up a hill? Repeatedly? I have and it sucks, making me not want to continue. I would never be strong enough to do so day after day. With an E-Bike it makes you want to keep riding day after day and go further each time. Watch the video again and listen to what he is actually saying in it, then go out and try an might even change your mind and become a beliEver, instead of a skeptic, much like I did. ;^)
Michael Mara (4 months ago)
The more electric transport the better.
ds4081 (3 months ago)
Walking or traditional biking, definitely better. A Lot of cO2 emissions creating the batteries.
Александр Демьяненко (4 months ago)
Электро-вело-эвакуатор? )))
David Storton (4 months ago)
As soon as I start printing my own money I WON'T BE GETTING ONE OF THESE overpriced peices of kit
Doom Slayer (4 months ago)
In thinking about converting my 18" Trek 3 3500 26er. To an electric or pedal assisted bike. Once I've obtained knowledge and funds...
Loe (4 months ago)
how are the Ebikes work on snow or winter?
Coralbit (4 months ago)
@bikeradar What is the brand of the thru axle fork mount ? its exactly what I am looking for with the "plastic spacers"
Psyrecx (4 months ago)
If you're buying an ebike 800BP for a 500WH battery is ridiculous, and unless you're charging your bike via solar panels, you're not helping the environment at all. You're just fooling yourself, because you're probably dumb.
Daniele Mulazzi (4 months ago)
Molto bella !!!...
Nileist 666 (4 months ago)
Im jealous.
thomas mcculloh (4 months ago)
I use an e bike in Atlanta georgia. Alternate transport game changer. I love it!!
Prometheus (4 months ago)
Car free since 1962. Never seen the need to waste money learning to drive so I can waste even more money on a car.
Jack 1 (4 months ago)
How do they justify 4k for that? It's a bike with a motor.
Tony Ofarrell (4 months ago)
Spot on ,expensive,but top quality.definitely the future
Henri J (4 months ago)
this is so expensive ! ebike are great but bosch needs to lower their price...
Micro Fishe (4 months ago)
I've just bought my first ebike and Tom's right, it's almost life changing. I always had trouble with hills( I live in gorgeous North Yorkshire. UK) but not any more. My car stays at home when I go to work whatever the weather and as a semi retired 70 year old with arthritis in the knees this has just made life more fun again. Should have had one years ago. Mine is a Kalkhoff Agattu B7 with a 500w battery. It's just making so much sense in these "Green" times.
David Moore (4 months ago)
crazy expensive
Carol Oakes (4 months ago)
Bolton is also hilly but my ebike is great for those terrible hills i love them
Marcos Hernandez (4 months ago)
Good idea
Tony Stark (4 months ago)
This is genious !
Official Yadaven (4 months ago)
Better a quad or a motocross
Official Yadaven (4 months ago)
Why u would carry a bike on a bike
laa vie (4 months ago)
I think the biggest BULLSHIT in the e-bike category are these Bosch-motored "e-bikes" with this strange motor in the centre. It costs much more than a hub motor an essentially all it does is it replaces a throttle button with pedals. You don't really have to use much force to pedal on these things, so you could just be using a rear motor instead.
laa vie (4 months ago)
so he does weekly shopping on the daily.. what an absolute mad lad
laa vie (4 months ago)
Garry Farmer (4 months ago)
By the way excellent commentary today on cargo bikes electric cargo bikes,,,I think a good application for this cargo bike would be Amazon flex deliveries definitely a Time saver and a money saver especially on petrol or gas or diesel and maneuverability!!
Jeremy JS (4 months ago)
It is a bike, it's an ugly bike, but it is a bike. Not getting my week's shopping in the panniers tho. Basically the bicycle equivalent of a Berlingo. Function over form taken to comedic levels
sacgreg (4 months ago)
Too expensive to be a "solution" it's a wealthy person's toy.
Thomas Marvin (4 months ago)
The R&M is a 'pricey' version for sure - but there are cheaper options - i'm looking at getting a £1800 bike in to test shortly.
Adrian King (4 months ago)
Across the board Ebikes should be 28mph capable machines as standard, as per the present Speed Pedelec category. It would not only enable them to readily keep with the flow of traffic but also to be truly viable alternatives to using a car. Reisse and Muller have also at least addressed the need for dedicated, quality full suspension on road-going Ebikes, unlike so many others who only seem to have this on endless variants of mountain bikes! Don't they realise that there are thousands of miles out there with pot holes and bumps that such an aspect would help iron out and indeed further tempt vehicle users to take to 2 wheels? These cargo Ebikes make the most sense of all though and I'm surprised that more aren't used to transport light goods across moderate distances for commercial reasons, but this of course may come about, especially as congestion charges/clean air zones come into effect in ever more cities..
Bill Rimmer (4 months ago)
I have a 1100 dollar fat tire e bike with a geared hub motor. Goes 18 mph. I have a little pack on the back. I go up a dirt road 2300 ft elevation gain. 5 miles. Fun cheap. Battery is pretty empty at the top. No pedaling. Unless I want to. I suppose it’s a Bentley compared to a Yugo on two cylinders
Superior No1 (4 months ago)
Over £4k 😂😭 £140 for panniers mine were £15 and Holding up after a year of Heavy use
Tom the Cyclist (4 months ago)
I've got a Burley Nomad. I don't have a car. There's only one hill in the town I'm in so it suits me fine. Compared to cargo bikes and e-bikes (and indeed cargo e-bikes) it's dirt cheap, and also nice and adaptable because I can use whatever bike I like to tow it :)
Thierry Kamette (4 months ago)
Lazy fuck !!!
Willy Gates (4 months ago)
5 grand fuck me
sat avtar singh (4 months ago)
Why are you 'trying'? Just buy it. It is a viable solution. I love mine.
I'm Simon (4 months ago)
This is like $6,000 American. Yeah, perfect, 60 mile range 25 mph $6K quick let me sell my truck... Not.
Jakob W (4 months ago)
It's more a MOTORbike than a bicycle. In case of electric failure, you have a HEAVY DUD on your hands! Not practical. Better to STRENGTHEN yourself and ride a NORMAL bicycle instead. :-)
The Communist (4 months ago)
4 thousand for a ebike. Crazy
Superior No1 (4 months ago)
@Xay Vang Motorbikes are international combustion old Technology move on the Time is now Remember E Bikes maintenance free almost
Xay Vang (4 months ago)
The whole concept of ebike is wrong. These ebike is marketed for people with money and could afford cars and gas for their commute. The ebike need to be marketed for people who can’t afford cars. 4K can get a nice used car. I would rather spend that money on a motor bike or mopeds.
Thomas Marvin (4 months ago)
Plenty of ebikes cost a lot more than that..!
Superior No1 (4 months ago)
Over £4k 😂😭 £140 for panniers mine were £15 and Holding up after a year of Heavy use
The Communist (4 months ago)
A charge every couple of weeks using it on turbo mode? What do u ride? 15 minutes a day?
Thomas Marvin (4 months ago)
my commute is a couple of miles each way (so 20 mins/day) - often end up carrying test bikes or even suitcases for mid-afternoon flights when i go home -> work -> airport. If i'm working on my old car, it's a couple miles in the other direction, with 4 steep hills - often carrying car and DIY parts. there's a 1000wh battery, which helps with the range.
David Miracle (4 months ago)
The 2019 RadRover is sold for $1499 with shipping to the lower 48 states included in that price. I bought that electric bike 6 weeks ago and love it.
Thomas Marvin (4 months ago)
@Martin Podevyn great stuff, thanks for letting me know!
Martin Podevyn (4 months ago)
@Thomas Marvin There are a couple of very active Facebook groups (a Rad Power bikes owners group and a Rad upgrades group) with tons of useful stuff on there too and you can get a bit more feedback from owners before you take the plunge!
Thomas Marvin (4 months ago)
@Martin Podevyn Just pinged them an email after seeing recommendations in these comments - they were very amenable to us getting one to test. good to hear your thoughts on it!
Martin Podevyn (4 months ago)
@Thomas Marvin mint! How did you manage that? Pretty decent value for money if you ask me, excellent frame. A few cheap parts on it but understandable for keeping the cost down. The motor itself was a very pleasant surprise- very smooth, quiet and plenty of oomph.
Thomas Marvin (4 months ago)
@Martin Podevyn I'm currently in the process of getting hold of a radwagon to test!
Freerider (4 months ago)
Electric bicycles is blasphemy.
Walt G (4 months ago)
Just Wayyyy too expensive!
Kromm E. (4 months ago)
4000$ electronics + 1500$ bike = worth it? And don’t tell me that the production of ebikes is environment friendly. Aluminium extrusion requires a lot of energy and the recycling of batteries is still non-possible
sweetsilage (4 months ago)
Must of lost your driving license,,
Roxlimn (4 months ago)
Here's the thing. I bought a Giant Trance E+` pro. It's an ebike that I use for commuting everywhere. No sweat. I can even carry groceries in my backpack and it's still doable. Few cyclists can boast bike-commuting literally everywhere in a city, and ebikes can make that happen. And when I go on trails in the weekend, I turn down the power to minimum or even completely off for that workout. Can do that going home from work, as well. If you're a cyclist in a car and feel like you want to pedal around more, then ebikes could be the solution you're looking for. The initial cost is high, but you could save enough on gas and parking to make it all back in two years.
Submarine Attack (4 months ago)
Seemed good until I realized it was going to cost 8000 CAD Yikes.
laa vie (4 months ago)
being environmentally friendly is expensive these days
Mountainbike Geklungel (4 months ago)
Now we know where your belly comes from :-)
Brian Michael (4 months ago)
$5000 is a lot to protect the environment. Do I like it? Yea it's gorgeous.. functional.. my kind of bike.. $5k though.. urggh.. hard to swallow. Ebikes really need to hit much cheaper to become a viable option for me especially if that means replacing my petrol car. Until then.. my human only powered bike for recreation it is
Xay Vang (4 months ago)
Need to get to sub $1k for me to consider.
Latin Dance Videos (4 months ago)
That's a high end spec. Can get cheaper bikes approx $2-3k
TheArmchairracer (4 months ago)
Great bike. Too expensive..there's no need for that price..