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Top 7 Most Amazing Real Flying Cars Coming Before 2020 .

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Do you want to see that the top 7 most amazing future real flying cars that are really coming before 2020 ? You will be surprised to see that flying cars are not more science fiction ,but a reality. This future is coming. Some of these amazing real cars will even hit the market between 2018 and 2020. The transportation will change forever and in near future.These are the future cars we will drive and you don t need to wait until 2050 or 2100. Here are 6 flying cars that can actually fly and there is a bonus at the end of the video.These are real flying cars. 6-Velocopter flying drone: This amazing car was created by Intel and Velocopter a German start-up. This drone,operates like a helicopter. It was sucessfully tested in Dubai in 2017.The car is coming in 2020, It will make the transportation more easier in the future. 5-Lilium flying car :Another german firm developed a flying drone with a large capacity.This drone will hit the market in 2020 too.You will need a pilot license to fly it. 4-PAL-V Flying Car The launch of the PAL-V ONE marks a truly historic event: the birth of a new class of vehicles offering unprecedented freedom, adventure, flexibility and pleasure – all in one product! 3-AeroMobil 3.0 AeroMobil is a flying car that perfectly makes use of existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes, and opens doors to real door-to-door travel. As a car it fits into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline, and can be used in road traffic just like any other car. 2-Ehang 184 flying car:this chinese maker build a self driving car that perform very well.This amazing car will carry one passenger and can be used as a taxi too.It was tested with sucess in Dubai in 2017.The car will arrive in 2020. 1-Terrafugia TF-X™ The TF-X flying car won’t require an airport for takeoff and landing, and it will drive on all roads and highways - providing the convenience of true door-to-door transportation. Credit: Credit: Terrafugia.com.com Here are 2 more future cars bonus; 1-Airbus Popup:Airbus unveiled this concept in 2017. This drone car,will have more technology that the actual cars.The face recognition technology and many more technlogy will be included.Airbus and Italdesign world-premiered Pop.Up, the first modular, fully electric, zero emission concept vehicle system designed to relieve traffic congestion in crowded megacities. Pop.Up envisages a modular system for multi-modal transportation that makes full use of both ground and airspace. The feasible concept is the result of Ital design and Airbus joint reflection on how to address the mobility challenges of megacities achievable for a majority, which has become one of the most pressing issues for commuters in megacities worldwide. With traffic congestion projected to hugely increase by 2030, the companies decided to combine their engineering expertise to tackle how to best achieve a sustainable, modular and multimodal urban mobility system - giving rise to the Pop.Up concept. Audi shark concept car:This is the most amazing future concept cars of all time that could become a reality in 2030. This was imagined in 2009.Since then,Audi works hard to make it a reality, Please enjoy the video! Please like and share it!
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Text Comments (550)
蔡明 (8 hours ago)
第五種安全 看起來比較可靠 又可垂直起降
Raw Tee (15 hours ago)
That EHANG @ $300k is easy over priced! @ 14:55 this car is 100% CG,WHAT A RIP! VIDEO! You messed up with the rearview mirror that vanishes from sight Endless this was in another place in time
No One (1 day ago)
Will AAA be available? All fun and games till the car stalls mid flight.
Jeroen Van den bogaert (2 days ago)
Why not invent a self driving flying bus would better for congestion
Rick Rodgers (2 days ago)
the Pal-V is not a traditional aircraft. Its an AutoGyro, for which you DO NOT have to have a pilots license. maybe in Europe, but not here.
kraco-457 (4 days ago)
That Chinese one looks dangerous and only for little people I wouldn't get on that
Perich29 (6 days ago)
You miss back to the future 2.
het hutje met kutje (10 days ago)
more easy to go from mexico to colombia|good for trump
Lipton Icetea (10 days ago)
General Dynamics copied the Jetsons bubble canopy design for the f16
joe hannigan (14 days ago)
James Metalarc (17 days ago)
the are all just repackaged helicopters and planes
Clark Dauphin (21 days ago)
I hate most of these vehicles. They prioritize luxury and comfort over practicality
Clark Dauphin (21 days ago)
If flying cars become a thing, imagine a police chase in sky
bob jones (23 days ago)
As always wings & propellers render them impractical. Imagine trying to land and then park them in a multi storey car park.
Sebastian Herrmann (23 days ago)
2022 is before 2020? apart from that, nice collection!
shinpaku 123 (23 days ago)
The first is just a electric powered helicopter witch abunch of propellers so a giant drone
GCLane (24 days ago)
Flying cars have been out to the public since the '40's and sadly America's claim the Wright brothers were the first to fly but, they Weren't.
Jose Pastrana (24 days ago)
Can you imagine you bump someone in the sky and they forget that they are in the air, and get out the car all pissed off. Naahhh, call me old fashion but as long as im alive i wiil leave flying to true pilots.
Phillip zane (25 days ago)
sorry but the wright brothers were NOT the first current humans to get a plane in the air.
David Craig (26 days ago)
Ah, to have the money to build the toys!!!
x31omega (29 days ago)
Who wrote the subtitles? Learn English. Try again.
Douglas Lowe (30 days ago)
Dave Firethunder (1 month ago)
Fact Check: The Wright bros were not the first to fly.  Hint it was done in San Diego, US but not by them.  Though this may be the Wright bros were brilliant.
jm arod (1 month ago)
Tu es sur l autoroute a 200 , les flics te pourchassent , tu déploies les ailes , salut. Tu arrives près des péages tu survolé le péages , tu te remets sur l autoroute, bref t encules tout le monde.
MICHAEL FRIEL (1 month ago)
My drivable aircraft design will be safer than driving. In the air its safer. A ballistic or pneumatic parachute and automated guidance means safer flying than driving. Again, not even my own fake family supports me.
MICHAEL FRIEL (1 month ago)
My design would work if I could get some backup to build one. To date, not one person has backed me. Fake, made up, bullshit reality.
Paulo Eduardo (1 month ago)
I stay with THE QUEEN: "I want to ride my bycile, I want to ride my bike. Bicycle races are coming your way So forget all your duties oh yeah! Fat bottomed girls they'll be riding today. So look out for those beauties oh yeah
The Bastard King (1 month ago)
do not compute?
MrChaes (1 month ago)
forget the car aspect and just set me down where i want to be. why touch the surface in between?
Robert Lopez (1 month ago)
Let's all look @ maintenance/insurance/air traffic laws/weight limits for families 1st. That was not mentioned in the notes. Will I buy 1 ? Yes, but the above mentioned & other issues/questions need the research 1st B 4 purchasings R @ go.
Jhon Mark (1 month ago)
Do they come in black
tata temyong (1 month ago)
Crottedenez1000 (1 month ago)
... « zero emission « (which means electrically powered)... the all magic solution for an ultimate attempt to stop climate change... But, HOW is all this electricity gonna be produced ??? Powerplants running on coal, fracked oil, or uranium ? Don’t tell me by pv panels which absorb half the energy they produce in lifetime only to be manufacturated !...
Εύη Λαμπρέα (1 month ago)
The volocopter is not roadable. You don't even understand what a flying car means.
John Vasconcellos (1 month ago)
Like most of your viewer's comments. These aren't flying cars. They're straight up aircraft. You can't drive them on the road. The sad part about it is that there are a lot of YouTube postings with real flying cars that you could have researched and posted.
John Smith (1 month ago)
Ehang184 is cool and has been around a while.
black chicken (1 month ago)
Theres already in the philippines
Migz18 Robles (1 month ago)
Is that a remote control or drivablr i cant see person driving in volocopter
Tomcat Tomcat (1 month ago)
These are boring machines
Boz Phil (1 month ago)
Philippines has successfully invented one of the best flying cars. Go search and check for it.
transneural (1 month ago)
These are planes not cars, we are so far away from Blade Runner's Spinners...
Albera Cid (1 month ago)
that number one is so smooth✈🚁✈
froilan anthony (1 month ago)
They should make cars that has no wheels , levitates only on five feet not fly so wel not be using roads anymore, no need concretes
froilan anthony (1 month ago)
Helicopters are drones. Drones are not cars
Sweepberry (1 month ago)
Why not Boeing apply these vertical lift technologies on commercial planes?? This will leave to past about airport runway tragedies and easy emergency landings. hmmm.... (especially the Terrafugia version)
Rod Wood (1 month ago)
There will be a lot of money to inherit once all those rich folk start buying these!
Venkatesh babu (1 month ago)
In India it is free to get not in other countries.
Milo Barbin (1 month ago)
I think it's hilarious how some people think that we are going to implement flying cars into are system of transportation (Like George Jetson LOL). Maybe we will at some point but not the way most people think it's going to be. You're definitely not going to be able to pull out your driveway and just takeoff. That would be extremely dangerous and stupid. The State/FAA is going to be all over this with license/permit/registration and more than likely you will need to drive your vehicle to a facility such as a local airport and file a flight plan to use it (so much for convenience). Above and beyond the cost of the vehicle, this all cost the kind of money most people cannot afford. And even if they could afford it, imagine the skies full of these things flitting around here and there. Really? We have trouble enough staying organized here on the ground. A fender bender at 1500ft? Need I say more?
Robert Dean (1 month ago)
this is not flying car this is mini plane or drone
scrumb (1 month ago)
Most of these look bulky and ridiculous, devoid of style. And they’re expensive. Not tome for mainstream yet.
Nelson Vencedor (1 month ago)
Quem inventou o avião foi o Brasileiro Santos Dumont, fazendo seu primeiro voo na França. Tá dito e ponto final.
Fire X Flame (1 month ago)
Sorry to say but these are just nuts and bolts there is anti gravity
Andrew Napolitano (1 month ago)
Literally excited for none of those except the Audi anti gravity car. That's the real flying car, everything else is just a plane or helicopter. The Airbus thing at the end was kinda cool but I was not impressed with all the other cumbersome models
alton Davis (1 month ago)
America needs to go on a HUGE DIET....... FAST!!!! Lol
Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad (2 months ago)
Concept stuff been around since the 1930’s. Never will be mass transit. Too much can go wrong, and the “Gods Of Safety” must be appeased at the “Alter Of 100% Safety”. First autonomous vehicle that kills a good looking babe like in this video, will be banned from the air by the F.A.A. No George Jetson yet:((
Light test (2 months ago)
This is real, they are
Dominick Scalise (2 months ago)
What about the Switchblade from Samson?
Mortimer Snurd (2 months ago)
I don't see flying cars(a vehicle that can be driven on the street as well as flown in the air) happening in the United States for a long time because of the infrastructure and government red tape. Cities and the U.S. government can't afford to keep highways, bridges and other infrastructure repaired, replaced, or keep up with technology now. What will happen if within a few years there are hundreds if not thousands of more vehicles in the air. Who will be responsible for keeping those skies safe and inspecting the craft? The FAA? The cities? How will the government afford more ATC?? There may be vehicles that can fly a few feet off the ground, although I don't know what places they will be able to fly. But ones that can be driven as easily as a car and flown hundreds to thousands of feet in the air. I'm sorry but I don't see this happening in the US anytime soon.
Walter Taylor (2 months ago)
could do without the music
GlassDeviant (2 months ago)
When placing text over a varying background, it's good to use drop shadowed or outlined text to prevent any light or white parts of the background from washing out our text, making it unreadable.
Darren Munsell (2 months ago)
Airbus is a Registered name world wide, nice try graphic artist.
Darren Munsell (2 months ago)
10:40 - LMAO = That won't fly
Ole' TRex (2 months ago)
Wow, those are some really pricey caskets...
UsualSuspect072 (2 months ago)
the last one was great 200 mph 500mile rang with no run way,,,, I want one
elinael (2 months ago)
While flying cars would be better whil you can fly in the air avoiding traffic these are useless, you can just get a helicopter.
Tony Price (2 months ago)
None up to scratch. Sorry!
Richard Deese (2 months ago)
Some of these have been in the works for quite a while now. I keep waiting for 'flying cars' to become a reality, but I keep being disappointed. Besides, the U.S. government will have a lot of catching up to do regarding regulation of consumer air traffic! Additionally, small airports will have to be created by the thousands all over America to avoid severe overcrowding; not to mention air traffic control issues. I doubt today's terribly outdated air traffic computers could handle tens of thousands of new flight plans. It'd also be inconvenient to have to file a flight plan just to go see a friend! All of these issues (and more, I'm sure) will have to be addressed before flying cars can become common. As for autonomy, we can't even do that on the ground, yet! Finally, I don't mean to seem rude, but whoever does the captions could use a little help with their English grammar. Rikki Tikki.
Joe V (2 months ago)
man, almost anything can be made to fly....( duck....rock...etc)….ya need something that if, need be, CAN GLIDE as well !
Wayne Bynoe (3 months ago)
Frank M (3 months ago)
Why is no one talking about the samson switchblade?
Graziano Soccio (3 months ago)
look more like driving helicopters then flying cars...
Robert The Doll (3 months ago)
Solution: Don't decide to be be a rich guy who never worked day in his life
letsjet (3 months ago)
The V-22 Osprey built by the professionals at Boeing was designed over a period of many years. Several of them crashed before the bugs were worked out of the design. I don't have much faith in the more exotic machines, especially the ones who only exist as a computer graphic.
ronald waterhouse (3 months ago)
we are at the dawn of a new form of transport. i cant wait to fly, if i cant buy one, i will make one.
can tho (3 months ago)
How about BlackFly Ultralight for under $45,000....with vertical take off and so easy to fly it takes only 5 minutes guide to learn..... production now.
Chocolate Chip (3 months ago)
I got my eyes on the aeromobil 3.0 and the E-Hang
Vinny B. (3 months ago)
I think it's hilarious how some people think that we are going to implement flying cars into are system of transportation (Like George Jetson LOL). Maybe we will at some point but not the way most people think it's going to be. You're definitely not going to be able to pull out your driveway and just takeoff. That would be extremely dangerous and stupid. The State/FAA is going to be all over this with license/permit/registration and more than likely you will need to drive your vehicle to a facility such as a local airport and file a flight plan to use it (so much for convenience). Above and beyond the cost of the vehicle, this all cost the kind of money most people cannot afford. And even if they could afford it, imagine the skies full of these things flitting around here and there. Really? We have trouble enough staying organized here on the ground. A fender bender at 1500ft? Need I say more?
just me (3 months ago)
At school in the 60's, we were told that by the year 2000, we'd have robots doing all the work and that we'd all have flying cars. 2000 was 18 years ago, WHERE'S MY FLYING CAR? I'm retired, so couldn't care less about the robots.
John Lindberg (3 months ago)
Whre is the redundancy in the TF-X? What if a motor fails or bird strike? There appears to be no backup.
Dee Dubya (3 months ago)
None of this has happened yet. Not real. Only concept and nothing actually happening.
Parkys Place (3 months ago)
More like planes with wheels a flying car is first a car none of these make the Grade as cars
chemical mike (3 months ago)
tf-x; the jetsons want their car back
chemical mike (3 months ago)
ehang134; why the cgi? looks claustrophobically tiny FAIL!!
chemical mike (3 months ago)
aeromobil; its pretty darn fugly!
chemical mike (3 months ago)
Pal-V looks promising, but I bet the MOT costs will be priced somewhere in the ridiculous range? .., Then again maybe not.., especially when the demo video doesn't use the same vehicle. Reliability issues come to mind. ;p
chemical mike (3 months ago)
Lilium looks pretty cool, but does it come with missiles? :D
chemical mike (3 months ago)
the velocopter looks like an over designed helicopter.
Dwaipayan Datta Roy (3 months ago)
None is good and apt 😑
somicha2000 (3 months ago)
Du setzt den Volocopter auf Platz 6 und den Ehang auf Platz 2 ??? Soll das ein Scherz sein... Der Volocopter war der ERSTE manntragende E-Copter der Welt und steht jetzt als 2-Sitzer für normale Menschen zur Verfügung. (wieder Deutsche) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OazFiIhwAEs Der Ehang ist nicht einmal eine billige Kopie davon. Da passt NUR EIN KLEINER CHINESE rein. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCbGwxYiWug bei 3min. Und der Terrafugia auf Platz 1 ??? Das ist nur eine dumme Computeranimation.... Das ist Alles was die zustande gebracht haben: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs8oqYU0YT0 . . . You put the Volocopter in 6th place and the Ehang in 2nd place ??? Are you kidding me... The Volocopter was the FIRST manned e-copter in the world and is now available as a 2-seater for normal people. (again Germans) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OazFiIhwAEs The Ehang is not even a cheap copy of it. There ONLY ONE LITTLE CHINESE fits in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCbGwxYiWug at 3min. And the Terrafugia at number 1 ??? That's just a silly computer animation .... That's all they've achieved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs8oqYU0YT0 .
quistin becconsall (3 months ago)
your English is fucking terrible!!!!!
Trevs Travel Tales (3 months ago)
Some guy flew in N.Z. before the wright brothers.
susan towey (3 months ago)
Was a chicken but now a fish!
David Roberts (3 months ago)
Nice music 🎧 but not flying cars 🚙 more like a plane ✈️ and a helicopter ❤️✈️david
Halo James (3 months ago)
TF-X starts from the garage and ends at the top of building. OHHHHHH.
Bryan Cooper (3 months ago)
So has Audi joint ventured with Lockheed Martin Skunk works for the anti gravity car????
docthebiker (3 months ago)
The Pal-V is about the only *practical* flying car available as it is a VSTOL gyrocopter. The VTOL "drone" craft are noisy and create a massive downwash, greater then the equivalent sized helicopter as they use direct thrust rather than a lifting wing. To takeoff/land they would need a clear area like a helipad. The folding wing cars are massive and would create more city congestion, which in turn congests the highways coming into the city. Since they have to use runways they too will be a large (low occupancy) car taking up highway space on the ground. It would be more practical (and cost efficient) to drive your (electric?) car (or Uber) to a local airfield, fly your (electric?) plane to one close to your destination and swap to another (electric?) car/Uber. And forget "antigravity". That hasn't even been demonstrated mathematically, nevermind on a laboratory scale or as a production model. The Pal-V only needs 350 yards of field to take off and get over 50ft tall trees(less into wind), can fly. Fly over 250 miles, cruise at 85mph and is about 3ft shorter than a Mustang on the road. It should be capable of flying in more adverse weather conditions then the drone types too. What's more if the single engine fails it will have the hight and ability to auto rotate (as it IS an autogyro) to a safe landing. A four rotor drone will flip if one motor fails. Even the 18 motor volocopter would get dangerously unstable in event of a motor failure (and that's a lot of motor maintenance too). Plus, where is the joy in something that doesn't have the freedom to take control away from the computer and have a little fun? I think you can guess where my money (if I had it) would go.
koy lei ang (4 months ago)
Flying cars for everybody! Just 400k$! Who needs a house anyway?
David Stoney (4 months ago)
DashCam recordings are about to become a lot more entertaining. The TF-X is just so much pie in the sky that they can’t show anything more than a simulation, though the silliness of the other designs isn’t much better. Humans don’t always make logical decisions eg you drive down the road and someone cuts you off or swerves into your lane. Do you retaliate or just accept these things happen? Whilst deciding your answer care to think about other car related behaviour that is dangerous like road rage or brake checking. Now put all that type of behaviour into the sky then sit back and watch the carnage commence. There’s nothing I’d enjoy more than to have my own personal jet pack but I wouldn’t trust 99.99% of the remaining population with one!
John Frazer (4 months ago)
Look up the Arup ("Air+Up") planes from the 1930s. Entirely successful working planes, they were totally ignored by buyers and developers. Simple to fly, difficult to stall, impossible to spin, zippy-fast little all-wings, with silly slow landing speeds. Everything validated and verified by the Hatfield "Little Bird" planes of the '80s. Nothing more is needed to be developed, for a simple safe "plane for everyone".
John B Fishback (4 months ago)
Enrique, you really need someone to proof your English as your article is filled with mistakes. Here is just one such correction - Your sentence after the 'Jetson' piece should read "But, you will be surpriseD to learn that finally these cars are coming sooner than you thoughT" not "But, you will be surprise to learn that finally these cars are coming sooner than you though." Otherwise interesting.