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A tale of two minimum wages

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CNN’s Jon Sarlin takes a look into the widening gulf between the 39% of the U.S. that has a $7.25 minimum wage, and the 61% with a higher one.
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Seth Zweig (5 days ago)
The arguement about wage growth XD. Of course wages are going to increase where they're forced to be increased. I think we should look at the places without the increase in minimum wage, where the lowest wages increased ON THE EMPLOYER'S WILLS, rather than THE GOVERNMENT'S, who mind you is responsible for inflation. ... and he never addressed the argument of less employment... *sigh*
TheRobinMasters Theory (8 days ago)
Here in Virginia the minimum wage is only $7.25 and some people work 2 or 3 jobs to make it.
g4ngst4crizz4b (11 days ago)
If you don't sell, you don't earn.
Chu Kim (15 days ago)
Wow. 2 out of 5 Americans are working at minimum wage. Did not know that. That is really incredible.
Lucid999 456 (16 days ago)
Want a secure future? Learn automation
Epic878787 (20 days ago)
"So lets look into it"[and let me trick you into thinking that correlation is causation, and I'll throw a bunch of graphs at you that seem to prove my point but don't yet will fool the trusting]. If you want higher wages then manage the supply and demand for labor rather than just issuing a ukase. Manage the supply of labor by adjusting immigration policy and manage the demand for labor by adjusting tax and regulatory policy but there is no utopia. "Obama spent his entire term"... what? I thought he served 2 terms, and didn't the democrats control congress for the first half of his first term yet they did nothing to increase in the Federal minimum wage(there was an increase but that was due to the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 which was passed by a democratic house and got through the senate and signed by Bush after they added tax cuts for small business). Why is this guy(and this channel) so tricky? Is it possible that Obama and the Democrats didn't raise the minimum wage because they wanted to use it as an election issue and don't really give two shits about low wage workers?
Carl Spackler (28 days ago)
Your just confirming the bias, CNN you are fake news, take a basic economics course!
Rick Sanchez (28 days ago)
All leftists are selfish retards who don't care about long term consequences of their naive policy pushing. If minimum wage is, for example, $35/hr, ALL goods and services will become MUCH more expensive and more people will lose their jobs due to businesses being unable to cover costs and closing. Wanting $35/hr is incredibly naive. All leftists are naive retards. We actually have a moral and ethical responsibility to remove these people from relevance since they're too stupid to contribute anything well thought out and useful.
Raithier Rains (1 month ago)
Seattle minimum wage increase lost people jobs and hours. Create a need for jobs like what we have going on now there is almost no one working for minimum wage. In my state minimum wage is 8.25 an hour no adult is getting paid that and few high school students. No one here works for less than 10 because job demand is high. Most low wage earners are in the 11 to 13 dollar an hour range the minimum wage does not even matter.
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Groovy (1 month ago)
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Biplav Shrestha (1 month ago)
There is no controversy. Minimum wage is useless. There should be no minimum wage.
S S (1 month ago)
Prof. Guy Standing needs to be listened to.
Серж Шуляченко (1 month ago)
What the World Bank is hiding. Successful investments in Belarus. https://news.tut.by/society/553863.html?crnd=89123
Incomeking (1 month ago)
All boss want to pay less, want to be cheap, cuts benefits. You think without government intervention your boss would really take care of you? Be realistic. I know if I was a boss I want to get rich.
Albert Green (1 month ago)
Incomeking The only person responsible for taking care of you is YOU. The boss is not your parent.
Hayden Shipley (1 month ago)
PA has the federal minimum wage, graph is wrong
Ajinkya Taware (1 month ago)
Dumb video
nothing human (1 month ago)
Omg the national minimum wage is $7.25? Wow...and here we are complaining about our minimum wage of $18.50
Foomanlol (5 days ago)
Cost of living vs wage is what matters in the end.
Andy (1 month ago)
I know right! 😂
Mohammed Suuka (1 month ago)
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coolman9i6 (1 month ago)
I don’t understand just fucking work harder find a job with better pay I’ve been working since I was 16 and I started at minimum wage and now I make 12 an hour at 19 I don’t understand why people don’t try to find different shit to do why does it need to be a hand out
Alex Hamilton (1 month ago)
They really miss on the min wage debate for one reason. Most people who make above the min wage feel a raise is unfair unless you raise it the same percentage for everyone who earns above the min wage also. You can always try to talk State Legislatures to raise the State Min wage as was mentioned in the video. To me I only care about my wages. I listen to this now and wonder if Democrats are so behind the National min wage increase why didn't they do something in 2008 thru 2010 when they had a super majority in the Senate , majority in the House and the President? No they wanted to screw up healthcare :D
Dalika Toy Art (1 month ago)
I like CNN
B B (1 month ago)
figure it out genius.
Dalika Toy Art (1 month ago)
B B (1 month ago)
feel sorry for you
Stacy Krett (1 month ago)
Crux of video at 1:20
terock22 (1 month ago)
Cant wait till automation takes out these minimum wage jobs. Let's see dems have a response to that 😂😂😂
Bon Appetit (1 month ago)
terock22 Artificial intelligence will also replace white collars jobs
Ned Walport (1 month ago)
It would be nice to know the real facts about how higher minimum wage affects local job markets, but there's no way in hell I'll believe anything on bullshit CNN.
puga (1 month ago)
I think the national minimum wage should be raised to $8.00
puga (1 month ago)
+Andrew you obviously don't understand economics and inflation making a water bottle like $200
Andrew (1 month ago)
Why not $10000/hour so were rich (jk)
Gohskull (1 month ago)
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. Hey CNN, I don’t take YOU seriously. I remember 1980. I don’t need morality lectures from the likes of “riding on my daddy coat tails” Chris Coumo, or RACIST Don Lemon. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. You’ll all be in Gitmo soon.
David Gainey (1 month ago)
Why is it your chart of the country all the liberal state have the most homeless and the highest tax? In California people piss and shit and live in the streets
Neptune Rider (1 month ago)
Don’t like your job? Study and get a high paying job. The blessing of capitalism is that it allows you to rise in social ranking
Heil Golwalkar (9 days ago)
+Incomeking he lying capitalism & moving up on social ladder is a myth....just think if everyone will be millionaire, billionaire who will work at cleaning, nursing etc... creating inequality & class is part of capitalism.
Incomeking (1 month ago)
Neptune Rider well the problem is not about liking your job or not. Why are you bringing up bill gate. Becoming those guy are 1 out of billion. It is nearly impossible. Having high iq is pretty hard too. At the end of day we just need government to check and balance the minimum wages. There is like 100 of millions of people doing minimum jobs. We can’t just tell them if you don’t like it go to school.
Neptune Rider (1 month ago)
Incomeking True, we do need minimum wage jobs, but a higher minimum wage would just lead to less real people working and higher prices on top of that. My point was that if you as an individual don’t like your min wage job then study or gain a skill and do a higher paying job. Bill gates went from a middle class income to the 2nd richest man. More interestingly Jeff Bezos who libs like to hate actually lived in a home whose teen mom worked at super low income, and now he’s the richest man in the world. This is not only a testament to how the minimum wage shouldn’t be raised, but also to how amazing capitalism is. All you need is brains to have gains
Incomeking (1 month ago)
Not enough jobs. Stop thinking few individuals. We needs people to do the minimum wages job. Otherwise our world will stop
Neptune Rider (1 month ago)
abc def It’s truth. Capitalism builds societies, it makes revenue while communism spreads money, it does no benefit to the production of society, it gives a motive to be lazy and ends up being abused by governments. Under capitalism Russia became an industrial powerhouse, after the commie rev it fell and became a place of mass genocide.
Jun3 Shiroyuki (1 month ago)
If you want a better wage, better yourself. Learn skills and teach yourself something new every day. Become someone that can’t be replaced easily. A burger flipper can easily be replaced. A burger flipper who can run things like the manager can when he’s out can’t be so easily replaced. Don’t rely on politicians to better things for you with failed strategies.
Jun3 Shiroyuki (1 month ago)
abc def Doesn’t mean anyone should stop trying.
abc def (1 month ago)
no so easy to get recognized. too mant low ballers
Max Alvarez (1 month ago)
Okay but if you want to be paid more, get a education
Captain CJ 97 (13 days ago)
+Michael Exactly
Michael (1 month ago)
Max Alvarez spend 50k at university and make $10/hr instead? Lol you must be forgetting this is America. Debt and interest runs this country
nirvana896 (1 month ago)
vote red
nirvana896 (1 month ago)
What does this idiot think raising minimum wage does to inflation? All these morons fighting for 15 per hour fail to understand is this will cause skilled labor making 15 per hour to raise to 20 per hour, increasing costs of goods and services a crossed the board putting these people exactly where they were at 8 per hour. Now if you think raising minimum wage to a so called living wage is still a good idea you should also consider that at current tax brackets minimum wage earners will now have to pay into federal and state income tax, which is the only reason democrats are pushing for these increases. Keep in mind most democrat controlled states have state income tax, so do they really want living wages or more tax dollars? Then there is a good possibility that employers forced to pay 15 per hour will abolish many minimum wage positions in favor of automation and or require some type of degree or experience which is not good for unskilled workers trying to find experience building entry level employment.
Fun With Trinity (1 month ago)
How do you afford to learn better skill sets when you make minimum wage?
Foomanlol (5 days ago)
Get a student loan and study something useful like engineering or nursing.
PaiN ExoTiC (28 days ago)
+Christin K My point is seeing a job as not an end in itself but a means to an end. You work to get money. You use that money to INVEST in other things. When I was working for someone else, I never made more than minimum wage yet right now I'm 22 with a networth of around $65k-70k. You think I magically became well off for my age bracket? As I said, I grew up poor. My mom was a single mother supporting 3 kids on less than $30k/year. She had alot of debt so most of that money went straight to paying it off, leaving us with barely enough to get by. Thus, I was alone with financing anything I wanted to do in life. I had to work and save up and basically teach myself the necessities of life. Only formal class I took was introduction finance class back in highschool. You can complain all you want but I'm not alone. I've met people in similar situations as me who didn't inherit anything and grew up poor yet still made a name for themselves at such young ages. Recently I met a 19 year old highschool drop out making around $80k a year lol. It's all about utilizing information and understanding how wealth creation works. Income isn't wealth. You build wealth separately by how much money you save up (keeping your expenses down) and what you do with that saved income.
Christin K (28 days ago)
+PaiN ExoTiC what the hell does this have to do with finding a decent job? employers don't care how many books you are capable of reading or what podcasts you've listened to. they want REAL life skills. better yet, they often will never get a chance of learning who you are if you lack connections or some kind of degree or certification that enables you to reach certain people. all in all it's like an elite club with these things. the more people you know, the more credibility you have, the better shot of success you have.
PaiN ExoTiC (29 days ago)
+Albert Green Nailed it. You know what's funny. I went to a bookfair the other day and they were selling thousands of books for as cheap as 20 cents to $2. And these were quality books ranging from college textbooks to classic literature and dozens of other topics they had. I found about 20 up to date books for less than 10 bucks all revolving around economics, business, entrepreneurship, finances, investing, etc. People can spend $200 on new phones and clothing but can't go out and seek information for free online/libraries or find them cheap at sales. I started my first business at 17 and starting investing at 18 with no external help but what I learned from the internet and books I picked up at cheap booksales. I inherited $0 because I grew up poor. I hate all of these excuses people make nowadays because there is so much information out there that is so cheap yet they aren't utilizing it. Entitlement mentality at its finest.
Albert Green (1 month ago)
Fun with Trinity https://www.khanacademy.org/ The average minimum wage worker had 2.5 apple products a few years ago including, iPad, iPhone and all of them have data plans. If you can afford to buy an iPhone, you can afford to go to the library for free and research basic computer skills.
The Strayan (1 month ago)
The more illegals you take in the less jobs and even less pay legal citizens will have
Kevin S (1 month ago)
Wages are depressed due to illegal immigrants working for less. Health care costs are so high due in part to illegals who use the e.r. as the primary dr
Brock Story (9 days ago)
Albert Green (1 month ago)
J DP Tell me what I am missing in history and economics since you know so much more please. Just one paragraph. *Please give me any numbers that don't show a massive imbalance between how much they cost us and how much we spend on them. I DARE YOU AGAIN!* One more thing, if you get to choose what is "right" for other people, do I get to choose what is "right" for you?
Brian Bianco (1 month ago)
+J DP about 90% of McDonalds are owned by franchisees. Ask someone that has a franchise how much they clear and it's not boatloads of money. The franchise owner is going to end up paying the absurd higher wages and not McDonalds the corporation. I've worked in fast food when I was a teenager. All I did was take a customers money and give them their food and change. When it was slow, you didn't get hours, when it was busy, you were expected to come in (like any retail job). It was something to put on my next application as experience and that's it.
J DP (1 month ago)
Albert Green Give it a break. Learn some history and economics and pull your head out of your ass. For a computer programmer, you sure are dumb.
Albert Green (1 month ago)
J DP Finally, you are coming to your senses. *First* Look, I'm not old at all but I've cleaned dishes, I've mowed many lawns and I've done janitorial work. I did all of this before the age of 20. By 21 I was a computer programmer and I have been one ever since. *The Choice of the Restaurant and the Fruit company.* If Americans won't take the job at 5 bucks an hour, they will keep raising the amount until they find someone to bus the tables. There's just no way around that. They will have to raise their prices to account for that but once we get rid of the illegal immigrants in the country, all of the restaurants will have to raise their prices simultaneously. It's like when the price of gas rises and I know you know about that. *Automation* Yes, some of these companies will automate and that's great for them. The automation is the fault of the raising minimum wage. McDonald's would love to pay teenagers a few dollars an hour and give them their first taste at real responsibility but now you have fully grown adults demanding to take care of their family on a McDonald's salary. *Underemployment* Underemployment is superior to unemployment in every way. It also gives these people a chance to move up. I've been underemployed in my life and it sucked but I didn't blame anyone but myself. Finally you say this... *But the people that contribute to our society, should not be lumped in with the cartels and drug dealers. That’s not right.* Who are you to get to choose what's RIGHT for other people? Where the hell did you get that power? THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM. This is self-righteousness. Illegal immigrants are a complete drain on our country, if we ONLY take schools which cost 13,000 to 30,000 a student per year, who is paying for that? Of course they have many children. They don't pay for it. Even if they pay taxes which they don't, they need to more than $120,000 of income to even get close to paying $10,000 in taxes. This doesn't even include us paying for them in prisons, hospital, courts and much more. You are dead wrong. They don't contribute. They are huge drain on our society. They do not work hard. They are desperate. If they were such hard workers, why are their countries in such shit shape? Please give me any numbers that don't show a massive imbalance between how much they cost us and how much we spend on them. I DARE YOU!
Gopnik Vlad (1 month ago)
A minimum wage is.... minimum.. It is not supposed to be a living wage. Minimum wage is good for teens like us or for side/temporary jobs. If you are a grown adult, however, and have no skill sets and after years of searching you can only find a minimum wage job as your main job, then that is completely on you and I feel no empathy. Even if you work at McDonalds, you can easily get promoted and receive a higher wage. When I was a sophomore in High school, I already had a job that paid twice the minimum wage. I also ran a small online business that earns ~$2,000 a month. If you can provide value, you will earn money. The American dream is alive and well. Anyone can earn if they really try. Working minimum wage is your problem that you can chose to solve.
Gopnik Vlad (1 month ago)
​+Fun With Trinity There are plenty of ways to learn, especially with internet nowadays. With an hour a day you can learn programming, graphic design, writing, accounting and almost anything else. Getting certified is another thing, but learning skills can require $0.
Fun With Trinity (1 month ago)
Gopnik Vlad how do you afford to learn skill sets when you make minimum wage?
Jonathan Quiles (1 month ago)
This guy is telling half truths and whole lies!!
Jeffery Howard (1 month ago)
Jonathan Quiles which parts? Or are you just spouting off at the mouth
javier castellon (1 month ago)
I will tell you what is no good.  Abortion.  If one is willing to vacuum out, dismember, or burn alive a little baby for money and politics.  What would prevent them from lying or stealing or cheating?  Democrats are not pro-women.  Abortion is linked with immediate regret, anxiety, depression, addictions, low self worth, infertility, promiscuity and even suicide.  Abortion kills one, hurts another.
JogBird (1 month ago)
stay in skool
Issac 34 (1 month ago)
Hi, uh just came here to say "CNN is fake news." Aight have a good day now !👋
peter lee (1 month ago)
Vote against Trump, his supporters and enablers to save our once Great Nation and the world. Vote against Trump's constant lies, racism, sexism, attack on immigrants, our environment and bullshit. Vote against the current Republican politicians and say, "No more!!" It's time to change and unite against the evil Trump represents and spews from his lying mouth.
ZBop (1 month ago)
handy andy (1 month ago)
Oluwaseun (1 month ago)
A strike is starting tomorrow because of this subject
Slick Rock (1 month ago)
William Boared (1 month ago)
Minimum wage should be for entry level jobs. Gain skill and move somewhere else. IF we are going to require a "living wage" then we have to counter it by dropping all the perks (healthcare, housing, etc.) Ex. Personally know someone, 42, who never worked a whole year (and not an hour since the 1990s), has 7 kids by 4 guys, and lives in a new 5 bedroom two bath house (with two more available in the basement) where she only pays $75/month rent.
Foomanlol (5 days ago)
​+Matthew Baker You take work ethic for granted. You there is nothing to learn but that is not true. I'm an employer and some people cant even show up to work for a full week and follow simple procedures. Some people have to learn discipline and simple things like how to communicating on the job. It sounds trivial but for some people its not. Getting any job is much better than doing nothing.
Seth Zweig (5 days ago)
+Matthew Baker so you're telling me you never learned the value of work in your minimum wage job? Not to show up on time? Not to deal with a boss? Nor to deal with coworkers? If you never learned anything, nor gave your employer any value, then why do you deserve a minimum wage of at least $7.25, when you add less than that per hour to the business? Why did you even bother to show up anyways if it never provided you anything valuable? How'd your first employer keep you if you never learned anything?
Matthew Baker (5 days ago)
Seth Zweig i didn’t learn any work ethic from the minimum wage jobs I worked. My work ethic education started when i was passionate and dedicated to the job i went to college for.
Seth Zweig (5 days ago)
+Matthew Baker work ethic is certainly something you learn from a job, rather than sitting on your ass watching said 10 minute YouTube video.
Foomanlol (7 days ago)
+Incomeking There is huge demand for skilled workers like nurses, plumbers, electricians right NOW. There are enough jobs, not enough skill.
nachos (1 month ago)
if the worker has a better option they will go somewhere that pays more. no one *wants* to work for minimum wage.
Foomanlol (3 days ago)
+John Smith No those are big businesses for sure. I just mean that when a big business like Walmart rolls into town, people stop shopping at the local business with 20 employees which actually existed in the past and go to Walmart instead to save some money. Walmart offers cheap prices partly by importing products made buy people who make a few dollars a day and paying their own workforce as little as possible.Everyone just wants more for themselves without offering to give anything up.
John Smith (3 days ago)
+Foomanlol I wouldn't consider Nordstom, Aunt annes and chick fil a small business lol. Mall are souless and boring to me. But you're right in the fact that many who complain are complicit with the system .
Foomanlol (5 days ago)
+John Smith Yeah and the reason they are able to become monopolies is because the same people complaining about minimum wage are the same people who stopped supporting small business and decided to shop at corporation business to save money for themselves. When walmart rolls into a new town, everyone selfishly goes and shops there and eventually small businesses disappear. The bottom line is everyone is just looking out for their own ass.
Brock Story (9 days ago)
+John Smith hmm so policies allow these corporations to monopolize so you call for more policies to counter the policies?
Brock Story (9 days ago)
+Unknown User not true even when your the only employer your not the only employer if that makes sense
Edward Ornelas (1 month ago)
Minimum wage shouldn't exist to begin with, it should be left with the business owner to decide. If He/she pays too low, the worker will leave anyways
David O'Berry (1 month ago)
+Adam Becerra it actually did work out very very well wages more than doubled during that time.
Matthew Baker (1 month ago)
NutLover360 labor should be free in this country
NutLover360 (1 month ago)
Than the business would group up and set their own min wage which would be way lower lol
Incomeking (1 month ago)
Matthew Baker exactly American really mindset into believing free market and let nature take its course. Thinking by no interventions everything will work out fine. (If government doesn’t help the poor people in this country. Believe me homeless people will be everywhere!! How many governments building are here in nyc. How many people in food stand is just crazy.
Matthew Baker (1 month ago)
Business owners are fine with hiring over and over at a far too low wage than paying a higher wage.
Richard Joseph (1 month ago)
The real question is: Why are we having inflation dramatically increase over the years?
Richard Joseph (1 month ago)
+Blue Wave 2018 this problem far exceeds what Obama has done LOL this started since Andrew Jackson had beef with "The Banks"
Blue Wave 2018 (1 month ago)
Because Obama printed ten trillion dollars and added it to the national debt
Richard Joseph (1 month ago)
+doomtomb3 riiight and yet nations around the globe are ready to dump the American Dollar and soon at that.
Kingarachnis (1 month ago)
Screw this lying cuck bitch
doomtomb3 (1 month ago)
To me, this is bipartisan. Raise minimum wage. Texas doesn't care, they always been at the federal level.
GilbertoTX (1 month ago)
+doomtomb3 you do realize the minimum wage is for high schooler and people just entering the workplace, so they can learn how to learn and teach them how to earn money. Is not for losers who dropped out of high school, or for foreigners who come here illegally and demanding they get a raise. Like idiots right? If you think the minimum wage is so people can live off it, your a big idiot than I thought
doomtomb3 (1 month ago)
Replies are idiotic. Yea let's make minimum wage $0. People are just worthless slaves anyway. I don't work min wage, far from it, but they deserve a raise to a livable wage unless you are some sort of masochist
GilbertoTX (1 month ago)
Is called minimum wage for a reason, -_- learn economics first. Before supporting a stupid idea
Albert Green (1 month ago)
doomtomb3 Yes! Let's raise it to 20,000 an hour. Wait a second, let's raise $1,000,000 an hour. Wait a second. If it can just be whatever I want why are we settling for just 15 dollars an hour?
Leonard Martin (1 month ago)
there are other issues other than the ones mentioned. what about the fact that when we increase minimum wages much needed companies puts up prices of their products to cover these increase costs. so food from grocery stores, restaurants, and retail, not to mention warehousing will increase their costs to cover the increase as well same with low waged production companies all of these products which is mostly what we buy are then much more expensive for everyone making the cost of living much higher. fact is no matter how much you raise wages if companies are just gonna increase costs right after their is no benefit from it.only benefit being is that the government gets more money from taxes of higher wages
Leonard Martin (1 month ago)
+doomtomb3 having worked minimum wage jobs i can assure alot of them do it to the best of their ability. look at production workers or restaurant workers even grocery store workers most are non stop. if they are not productive companies just fire them cause basicly a monkey could do it or a robot.
doomtomb3 (1 month ago)
That does really suck. If the productivity of the average worker went up though, prices could stay at normal inflationary rate.
Leonard Martin (1 month ago)
+doomtomb3 last time i checked most of the jobs that are minimum wages either sell or make products that you need. Food from grocery stores, clothes which is all affected by higher minimum wages. im not saying people dont deserve higher wages. what im saying is that why increase wages when companies will just increase the cost of living.
doomtomb3 (1 month ago)
Higher wages, more money. Use the power of discretion to not spend on those things that you view as overpriced.
MemeyGamer (1 month ago)
Lmao first
TrustJoeyWheeler (1 month ago)
Oh shit I’m first