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Funny Workers Fail Compilation || Bad Day at Work

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Funny video of construction workers, delivery man, forklift operators failing at their job. When you have bad day at work and you get fired because you fail at your work. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/VSplzb Last video: goo.gl/vQG4wa Like our FB page: goo.gl/J5br7f #funnyworkers #baddayatwork #workerfail
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (853)
Just Funny Videos (9 months ago)
*NEW Video Is Up !!* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdlXeNC-9BI&t=1s Enjoy :D
Grace Mawhinney (16 days ago)
Just Funny Videos iccg
Salah Mohamed (2 months ago)
Just Funny Videos ح/ورأس.
Fragon 4000 (3 months ago)
Just Funny Videos it is mint
Savage Gamer (14 hours ago)
The last one was funny
Silly boo2 (20 hours ago)
That bloke with the wacker!!! fucking funny man
Kerry Weade (1 day ago)
major alcohol ab use in the workplace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denesh Ramlall (1 day ago)
Its not cool to laugh at people because in the future that can be us
Lone Wolf (1 day ago)
What was in those Blue Crates I have to know? Was it Milk, or Beer? Also that guy on the Green Tractor was lucky to walk away let alone survive. Also what was the machine in the last one?
Roberto Flores (2 days ago)
The two stupid laughing at the end.!
JAGAMING 1000 (2 days ago)
In the first one he is soooo getting fired
Murat Serdar OZYASAR (2 days ago)
More funny videos https://goo.gl/BBryK4
Priscilla Maxwell (4 days ago)
2:54 Not an epic fail, more of an epic win.
Arredare e d'intorni by Mobilificio Galli sas (4 days ago)
Sono. Volato giu da una scala cera sotto il perquettes btaccio rotto silenzio assoluto fare finta di nulla che poi se no ti fanno pagare il parquettes graffiato ..
Joseph Cordaro (5 days ago)
JevtA! (5 days ago)
Ajde motajj
Narinder Grewal (5 days ago)
nice man who making this videos
RenzGamerMC (5 days ago)
The Car (7 days ago)
Xxxsorrow (8 days ago)
Floyd Hawk (8 days ago)
We have nothing to fear from feriners.
Justin Reyez (9 days ago)
that last clip was made 10x more funny by that man's sense of humor
Patrick M. (9 days ago)
Have they ever heard of a ramp?
Mohit Gardi (9 days ago)
so funny
Chad R (11 days ago)
0:55 pure gold
ANDRIS TV (11 days ago)
Michael Edwards (11 days ago)
OMG at 53sec the old man with the jackhammer and beer had me rolling
mike jones (12 days ago)
Plank under the truck is a win, seen it on trailers before but not a truck...probably catch fire
Omasa Bil Naden (13 days ago)
09:22 I was laughing my d**k out of my trousers!!!
MiSt 526 (14 days ago)
at 0:22 I was really expecting something a lot worse, considering that there aren't any marks on the ground indicating that they had a utility-locating service check the site prior to digging
Saul Martinez (17 days ago)
Our Fun Toys (17 days ago)
Whoever says mean things in the comment section. Please don't be judge them easily. Theyre just doing their work and there's an accident happened, they dont deserve to get some accident like that. Maybe they've just really tired or uncomfortable in their work. Or maybe they are really disappointed in heavy works. So please, don't judge them by mean things. Allow yourselves to say them be careful!
Falcon Man (16 days ago)
Our Fun Toys I’m pretty sure if I owned that toolbox I’d have some pretty harsh words. Especially since the toolbox itself probably costs a couple thousand dollars.
Our Fun Toys (17 days ago)
These are really insane! :(
Oceanlover (18 days ago)
This ain’t a fail! It’s a freaking genius at work😂😂😂 2:56
King Khan (18 days ago)
Hahah lol very nice
Chanticleer Guitarra (19 days ago)
Chanticleer Guitarra (19 days ago)
1:05 The best part 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Martinez (19 days ago)
Worker at there best 😑👌
7.5 billion views (19 days ago)
0:55 hahahaha
oye funny (20 days ago)
Visit my chanel very funny video
Centaur Lord (20 days ago)
That old grain silo just refuses to fall over
xeedoll B (21 days ago)
Vơ Bơ (21 days ago)
Vơ Bơ (21 days ago)
Good job!
Flores Yazz (22 days ago)
0:47 "i need a straw"
ayy lmao (22 days ago)
2:55 and 3:40 were huge successes though...
mima mima (22 days ago)
Scott N (23 days ago)
They should just rename all of these videos, "Mexican illegals at work". When you're I.Q. is 87..............................
Janet Jane Perico (25 days ago)
HaHaHAha I love the lady vacuume and the man with softdfinks😂😂
Janet Jane Perico (25 days ago)
HaHaHAha I love the lady vacuume and the man with softdfinks😂😂
Janet Jane Perico (25 days ago)
HaHaHAha I love the lady vacuume and the man with softdfinks😂😂
Daniel Selk (26 days ago)
You’re FIRED! 😄
Clickks (26 days ago)
So bad
Maxitsu24 (27 days ago)
0:40 LOL
Manthan Shah (27 days ago)
Was there someone on that spinning thing in the last clip?
tommieee1971 (27 days ago)
haha ...don't like that brand
Sandijs Rībens (27 days ago)
that was funnnnnnny
Abd Abd (29 days ago)
tha tharad clip tha older man
Min Yuk Ahn (1 month ago)
the old man in the jackhammer so funny
Sebastian Jarquin (1 month ago)
3:11 wasn't a fail dat was EPIC!!
Ray Madero (1 month ago)
At 1:40 but the twin towers collapsed to dust 😂😂 sheeple sheeple sheeple...
Insert Redletter Media Meme Here (1 month ago)
3:40, thats how Im going to start commuting to work lol
İngilis və Alman dili Hazırlığı0553925010 (1 month ago)
1.25 is great
Nodak81 (1 month ago)
9:10 -- Typical lazy management, too busy sitting on their fat asses acting like their job is actual work while having zero solutions of their own.
Noa Morin (1 month ago)
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Ron Brisbi (1 month ago)
This is not a bad day at work, its simply fools that walk the earth.
FESTIVE GUROCK (1 month ago)
Worker:it was accident Boss:you fired
Mr Nutz (1 month ago)
All the peals of fake laughter.
LeBum James (1 month ago)
" You had One Job "
Neil M (1 month ago)
6:40. What did they expect to happen?
Kelly Anderson (1 month ago)
How are some of these funny? Some of the scenarios would of seriously Injured the people!
Ash Redding (1 month ago)
Oh how I cried a the guy with the whacker taking a beer! 😂😂 pisser!
trashpakker (1 month ago)
The pallet jack out of the van has to be a new word.....stupid,moron, complete udder idiots. Dumb fuks...no...no these fuks are more fuked up than that.........just no good description for that much mindlessness.There is one walking lobotomy more fuked up than these guys though..........
Joseph Griffin (1 month ago)
None spot drinking gfkxsr AIDS difficult homeless everything load improvement lend.
Aaron Lowe (1 month ago)
5:38 is not a fail. It is a win over adversity.
Mac Kobalt (1 month ago)
5:08 how then hippiesters use a hammer
JC Films (1 month ago)
Galleous Blue (1 month ago)
i thought everyone knew how to use a hammer
Labratoria (1 month ago)
6:37 It's so hard to watch how some are idiots.. what did they really think?? =/
Hot Ketchup (1 month ago)
That's not funny...
Martin West (1 month ago)
The guy with jackhammer.....sorry dude try to be funny elsewhere....your the one spazzing with the beer in hand
Jonathan Ruiz (1 month ago)
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Jeff Cram (1 month ago)
simon nkasayi (1 month ago)
these crazy people makes me laugh hey stupit people agh agh
kamikazeratte (1 month ago)
0:42 Fake...
Michael Beerbados (1 month ago)
you can't fix stupid.
Marlight (1 month ago)
soy gay y me gusta la tula
mark lopez (1 month ago)
What a fucking WORKERS fails
Clarque DesignsTM (1 month ago)
Rule of thumb. Don't fuck with gravity!
Clarque DesignsTM (1 month ago)
0:51 Funniest thing i've seen in months!
Chen Yee Ren (1 month ago)
6:38 what were they trying to do lmao
Richard Taylor (1 month ago)
The last clip just cracks me up everytime. Brilliant
Richard Taylor (1 month ago)
The clip at the end cracks me up everytime "the machine is angry" brilliant.
Sergey (1 month ago)
Сколько же в мире долбоёбов!!!
Twister Ball pool (1 month ago)
Some of these were funny af
GM Game (1 month ago)
7.19 😂😂
Randell Darcky (1 month ago)
Good educational vids. Ways not to do work
Lou275 (1 month ago)
1:30 Red Faction
THIAGO COSTA (1 month ago)
6:04 Brazil hahahah
Adalis Pabon (2 months ago)
The last one though xD
Funny Clips (2 months ago)