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What did Brown do for me? Jack S%!t! I auditioned for the UPS Whiteboard Campaign. I don't know why they didn't hire me! Brand New 2nd Channel: http://www.youtube.com/aaronmasseytv Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PodunkPictures
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (80)
KTK (1 year ago)
1:00 looks like a replica of Mr. Burns' Spruce Moose plane.
SilentSniper1171 (6 years ago)
I laugh so hard everytime I see this video.
SilenceDoGood777 (6 years ago)
A PEnis..?
theeverendeavor (6 years ago)
pahahahaha isn't that song by The Postal Service? :D
PropellerBusted (6 years ago)
Should have just used a whitboard. Your greenscreen is shit.
Jani Matthew (7 years ago)
@volleyballgirl4919 awsome dude!!!
Drake DK (7 years ago)
"but you can't get it overseas because Chinamen can't drive" LOL LOL LOL
welcome to hell (7 years ago)
LOLOLOL PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
momijitheCUTEbunny (7 years ago)
lol..."china men cant drive" XD
HeartExplosive (7 years ago)
Other the the fact that this was hilarious, the main reason I loved this was because Such Great Heights was in the background. :D
Amelia L (7 years ago)
LOL! that pretty much sums up this video.
Katlyn D. (7 years ago)
well sure he can't draw a 'plane', but he sure as hell can draw a COCKpit ;)
Tahlia (7 years ago)
@prdaca NO WAY! Imagine that! That wasn't in any way a part of the joke at all!
Polymath (7 years ago)
that "plane" looks like a penis
Nibblet (7 years ago)
asian ppl can drive, one drove over my house and flattened it into a penis last year
James Beebe (7 years ago)
Christine Williams (7 years ago)
this was funnier than the SNL ups skit. good job!
Scott McIntyre (7 years ago)
LOL LOL that was funny !
dzsidu (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if you don't know why they didn't hire him either!
Leishmaniasisably (7 years ago)
Where do they sell brown dry erase markers?
Leishmaniasisably (7 years ago)
@jeffbango Ur speling skillz are awsim, mayen.
Hi Im me (7 years ago)
lol still funny after like the 20th time
jeffbango (7 years ago)
LOL a penis? the only problem is chinamen can't drive. what if we fliped that logo upside down and shoved it up your ass what about that what about that. lol this mayed me laught so hard funny shit man funny shit
buffy summers (7 years ago)
Hahaha Amazinggg
Michael Sabay (7 years ago)
haha...good stuff
Th3DevelsLettuce (7 years ago)
LOL! turn it upside down and shove it up your ass hahahahhaha
originaljawz (7 years ago)
they were trying too hard to make this viral ... and it just failed ...
Diamond Justice (7 years ago)
1:00 lmao
theresidentone (7 years ago)
Kate Gardner (7 years ago)
God, this is hilarious, just put it on Facebook. I love all your videos! You're so damn cute and funny...I just want to put you in a snow globe and place you on my mantle! ^Try to overlook the creepy factor. (Marry me).
Tiara Spells (7 years ago)
lol he needs a lady wig!
Ash Babbidge (7 years ago)
hahahahah hilarious ! you are awesome !
Elmer Fudd (7 years ago)
omg thats halarious!!!!!
Dale Sowder (7 years ago)
i think this commerical would be a hit!!!
Cole Johnson (8 years ago)
1:06 LOL
MagnolliaBelmont (8 years ago)
best evaaaaaaaa!!! congrats
EverythingMe15 (8 years ago)
Ricarte Rivera (8 years ago)
My favorite is your Bio Cops video bro. You're awesome.
Aaron Massey (8 years ago)
@MeganOReilly25 You could totally hire me for anything and I'd make any kind of social media campaign you want!
iofjohnpaul (8 years ago)
thats fuckin funny dude!!!!!! haha
Tim Whybrow (8 years ago)
haha, fucking love your failed auditions!
ninjapirate0507 (8 years ago)
I was laughing so hard I was crying. Awesome stuff.
listepikster (8 years ago)
this is so epic fun :-)
Andreas Vera (8 years ago)
ROFLOL srsly
romanticprincess8888 (8 years ago)
gnomaz15 (8 years ago)
hilarious! ;D
Doesn'tVlog (8 years ago)
Yeah go japan!
gwen pelot (8 years ago)
hso0on (8 years ago)
purecpu (8 years ago)
it looks like a dick again.. fuck.. LOL!
IHEARTCLARK (8 years ago)
Is this for real? haha
David James (8 years ago)
The only problem is... China men can't drive.
Vivitale (8 years ago)
Lol xDD
Elemento (8 years ago)
hahahahaahh in not international shipping is international shiping whit ups XDDDDD
ruscris2 (8 years ago)
0:24 just lol !
Jonathan Weiland (8 years ago)
@MasterOuiukiske such great heights
ubedu1234 (8 years ago)
Sara Nikole (8 years ago)
nothis is a d*** c=3
horill123 (8 years ago)
international shitting lol
GNoodle (8 years ago)
pclover (8 years ago)
1:05 omg i died laughing
pclover (8 years ago)
hahah that was awesome!
Ammad Khan (8 years ago)
Haha, nice!
innHD (8 years ago)
truvelocity (8 years ago)
qwerty2700 (8 years ago)
Dan McVey (8 years ago)
LOL "Why don't you take that UPS sign, flip it upside down, and shove up your ASS!" Freaking GREAT
Bailey Duemmel (8 years ago)
Your funny and pretty handsome too! How bout I show you what I can do for you! ;)
DrKaber (8 years ago)
lol china men cant drive
akoaysijoe (8 years ago)
LMFAOO niceee
klosharz (8 years ago)
Tyler Gortakowski (8 years ago)
i believe he will =] im just surprised that not allot of people subscribed to him yet =p, his stuff is like 50k sub's worthy, even more!
bobjenz (8 years ago)
he's just gettin' started - he will!!!
Tyler Gortakowski (8 years ago)
why dont you have more subscribers :P..
SoggyNoodles13 (8 years ago)
lmao "it looks like a dike again"
BlueZheo (8 years ago)
hahahaha damn funny
GinsuMeerkat (8 years ago)
I fuckin' hate that commercial. Big Brown never does shit for me. Awesome video hahaha
kylep8514 (8 years ago)
Very Good!!