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10 Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurs | Qasim Ali Shah

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In this video, Qasim Ali Shah talking about on the topic " Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur". He is also sharing his experience, wisdom and knowledge that will be helpful for all of those who want to know about this topic. ===== ABOUT Qasim Ali Shah ===== Qasim Ali Shah is a well-renowned teacher, an inspirational speaker and leader, a success coach and a practical educationist of Pakistan. He is amongst the top entrepreneurs of the country, a best -selling author of 12 influential books, a famous radio host, chairman of Bestival book fair Lahore, a director of native schools system, Tour ambassador of Uzbekistan government, and intellectual on T. v, He is the founder of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation which is working on the moto that Pakistan will transform if thought transforms. In a very short span of time, his motivational videos got viral on WhatsApp and Facebook with 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.1 million followers on the Facebook page and many other mediums, Shah’s endeavor is around the globe. His lectures are relatable among masses due to his regional language, style, examples, above all his journey of strength and resilience. He has delivered 1000s of inspirational seminars and sessions on various topics of self-help. He has trained thousands (1000s) of the judiciary including civil and session judges, thousands (1000s ) of highest placed private sectors, governmental institutes and departments, armed forces, Social Groups and NGOs, Educational Institutes, International and national tours. His live audience whom he has trained is approximately nine million (900,000) He has written hundreds (100s) of articles for several newspapers. Hundreds of articles, blogs, and podcasts have been written on his works and achievements at national and international level. ===== FOLLOW ME ON THE SOCIALS ===== - Qasim Ali Shah: https://goo.gl/6BKcxu - Google+: https://goo.gl/uPyGvT - Twitter: https://goo.gl/78MVoA - Website : https://goo.gl/Tgjy6u ===== Team Member: Waqas Nasir ===== #Entrepreneurs #Business #QasimAliShah
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Muhammad Rizwan (8 days ago)
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Shah sb jaab main phely app ko sunta tha tou app kaye lectures main potential tha abb nahi raha main app ka faan hoin app ki skills ka laken aaj kaal app Kaye lectures main wooh cheez nahi rahi Jo phely thi Aur kindly apnay students kp yeah bi kah dyen Kaye Kaye jaab hum likhty Hain tou haam sunana chord dty Hain iss Tera app Kaye Kai student likhty waqat aham points bee chord dty hoin Gaye Must reply me if I wrong or right
ikbal hussain (13 days ago)
Mujhe kuch puch na tha sir mai aap ka videos dakta ho
ikbal hussain (13 days ago)
Assalamualaikum sir
Jiya Khan (14 days ago)
abdullah naseem (16 days ago)
Muhammad Abdullah A.J (17 days ago)
i have an idea (good and unique) and i need an investor who able to invest 150 million minimum. Not only investor but a good investor. If you help me then i will be very thankful.
Paswal (16 days ago)
POLITE THINGS (18 days ago)
Sir you are a great speaker...
AZee Records (18 days ago)
Sari kitabi batein
Muhammad Nabeel (19 days ago)
"Jo kisi bande ka shukar ada nahn krta...wo apne Rabb ka b shukr ada nhn krta". This is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hadees. Not wasif sb statement. Qasim sb. Primerily, You need to have command over Hadees and islamic knowledge. NOT JUST WESTERN MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. And Wasif sb or any other all come after our beloved Prophet.
Javaid Chaudhary (20 days ago)
Great lecture. Well said.
Hamza Saqi (20 days ago)
Qasim Ali Shah liked me because he was working for Pakistan and it was a great blessing to solve the problem of the servant 💕 👍
Faizan Ahmad (20 days ago)
Shah G kia baat a twadi
The DarkValue (20 days ago)
Amazing Superb Brilliant Outstanding...
muhammad shafiq (21 days ago)
Respect to sir Q A S
Zahida Jamil (21 days ago)
Sir I want to join your group I host my mother to child who can I join qasim Ali Foundation
Teacher Ali (21 days ago)
My Best Teacher is Qasim Ali Shah .
Sohail Bhutta (18 days ago)
Wrong wrong wrong, write it down, vision,Conscientiousness, persistence, luck luck and luck.
Abdul Haleem (21 days ago)
Sadam Hussain (22 days ago)
UK life Vlogs (22 days ago)
Ibtisam imran (22 days ago)
Nabi Qareem (SALALAHO ALAHI WASALAM) says there is a fitna, who is came? He has no sight , no hear and no talk ,when they rise then they captured arab and arab involved in them because his enemies will fall him in to fitna , then in this fitna talk is more powerful than sword attack and in this fitna who where killed they all go to hell. Reference abu daud hadees no 4264 4265.
Mohd Shameem (9 days ago)
What is purpose to write this Hadees in this
Ibtisam imran (22 days ago)
Modern technology insan ko barbad kardati ha.
Taseer TV (22 days ago)
Thank you sir
Rehan Khan (22 days ago)
Sir InshahAllah ap Pakistan ki taqdeer change zaror krin gy but sir ik shikwa ha k ap k session min koi young bnda nii ha yaa log ko6 nii krsakty sir youngster ko session min lyen
utban abid (22 days ago)
Great knowledge about motivation entrepreneur
Asian Latino (22 days ago)
I think *passion & hardworking* arw keys to success. I did same and have a stable business in *Mexico* Alhamdulilah Regards from *A Pakistani in México*
Black Diamond (21 days ago)
Asian Latino: I am not successful in business, living in America
Warisha Zafar (22 days ago)
Qasim Ali Shah k liye 1 Like to bnta hai Hit Like 😍😘😍👇👇👇👇👇👇
Warisha Zafar (2 days ago)
@sheroz khan Right
sheroz khan (3 days ago)
Warisha Zafar ek naai 2
Hassan saleem (12 days ago)
Bilkul zarror banta ha☝️✌🖖
Warisha Zafar (19 days ago)
@Saeed Khan Afridi yes
Arbaz Madyan Arbaz Madyan (19 days ago)
Rafae Tahir (22 days ago)
Subscribe me then I’ll also:)
Mian Ali (22 days ago)
Agar kisa na socha ha ka ma na ya bana ha
Kaleem Hassan (22 days ago)
BTW thankyou sir Video is Very informative, apart from advertisement
Real Scary Stories (22 days ago)
The Royal Discovery (22 days ago)
Sir please aap tai mat banda karo aapse lakhon log seekhte hain allah ke waste isko chhor dein
best value (22 days ago)
The best thing is Mr Shah delivers it from his heart.
Qari Muhammad naeem Naeem (22 days ago)
ہم غریبوں کو تو کوئ صدقہ زکوة تک نہیں دیتے تو باقی احساس تو دور کی بات ہے
Nadeem mithalak (22 days ago)
Bhai Allah per yakin rakho
Qari Muhammad naeem Naeem (22 days ago)
کاش ہمارا بھی کوئ احساس کرے
Qari Muhammad naeem Naeem (22 days ago)
بس جس کے پاس صحت ہو وہ سب کر جاتا ہے میں بہت محنتی ہوں لیکن میرے پھپھڑے دل ہی ختم ہوگۓ جس وجہ سے بچوں کو روٹی تعلیم تک نہیں دلوا پا رہا میرے لے دعا کریں کہ اللہ میرے بچوں کیلے کوئ غیبی وسیلہ کر دے رزق کا
Muhammad Amir (21 days ago)
غیبی وسیلہ عارضی حل ہے اپنی قابلیت سے اگے بڑہیں اپ سے نیچے اور اور اپکی طرح دنیا میں کروڑوں لوگ ہیں صرف آپ اکیلے نہیں
Kamran Hanif (22 days ago)
Sohaib Alam (22 days ago)
Sir you are a great person
Adnan ALi (22 days ago)
Nice Sir G Allah bless you
Aqeel Khan (22 days ago)
he has a technique to convey lesson
The DarkValue (20 days ago)
He is a hardworker that's why whatever he says is a full of passion and inspiration and he always says from his heart :)
Imran Safdar (22 days ago)
Very good sir
junaid kapraywala cloth business info (22 days ago)
آج کا لیٹیسٹ سبق ۔ ایک دن پارٹنر شپ کی ضرورت پڑتی ہے
UnGraduate (22 days ago)
bilkul wo kehte hain na 1 akela 2 giara (11)
SAMI ULLAH (22 days ago)
Very nice sir
shakoor khan (23 days ago)
I like you
shakoor khan (23 days ago)
Great Sir
Ammara Mirza (23 days ago)
love you sir
Nazir Ahmed (22 days ago)
Sir maray karobar ko barath na koi nuskha batain
Mohamad Ahmed (23 days ago)
Sir, How to deal with narcissistic family it's effect me a lot
Mohsin Sheikh (22 days ago)
Abdulslam Askri (23 days ago)
محترم بھائیو میرے چینل کو سبسکرائب کریں جزاک اللہ تا کے آپ دینی معلومات مل سکیں
Zahida Jamil (21 days ago)
Sir I want to join your group I am housewife mother to child ho I can join qasim Ali Foundation and how to work Foundation
Abdulslam Askri (23 days ago)
Sameer Malik (23 days ago)
PF 4 EVER (23 days ago)
1- *Energy Potential* 2- *Self Discipline* 3- *Practically Potential* 4- *Leadership* 5- *Team Building* 6- *Responsibility* 7- *Character Potential* 8- *Believe on Yourself* 9- *Resource & Time Management* 10- *Partnership Potential*
Haider Ashfaq (12 days ago)
Bc ...phr tune logo ko hadharaami pe laga diya......faida😂😂🖐🏻🖐🏻
Jiya Khan (14 days ago)
YouTube hub (21 days ago)
Great sir
YouTube hub (21 days ago)
PF 4 EVER top!!! Yup
sa2164 (22 days ago)
Believe in yourself not on yourself
Malik Faaique (23 days ago)
Stay blessed
The DarkValue (20 days ago)
Ameen.... Hey bro listen i have made an amazing free course that how you can grow your business through social media marketing from the beginner level. Kindly check it on my channel if you are free now. Thank you!
Ch Asfer (23 days ago)
Great sir👍👍👍👍👍👍
Farhan111 Shahid (23 days ago)
Sir agr pakistan k taleem ka nizam sahi krna ha to apko hi ana hoga as a minister of education.
Farhan111 Shahid (23 days ago)
Sir i suggest apko education minister hona chaye. Friends plz suggest.
The DarkValue (20 days ago)
Very true agree
âmirqureshi qureshi (22 days ago)
Gov. of pakistan main nakamy tareen log ministers be ban jaty hai.... leken aik Clark rakhny kliye be inko Phd toper chahye ...
Farhan111 Shahid (23 days ago)
Luv u sir. Allah apko lambi umer ata farmaey
Tasty Food Fusion (23 days ago)
May God bless you sir I have been watching your videos for years now... And I would say you're great inspiration for many💫
Faisal Veer (23 days ago)
Vid ni dekhi abhi
Zara Saeed (23 days ago)
Great .............👍👍👍👍💕
Hameed Khan (23 days ago)
1st one.
Hameed Khan (23 days ago)
1st one.
FAStyleZoon (23 days ago)
Rana Imran (23 days ago)
Mashallha zabrdast sir g
Aryan Baba (23 days ago)
I am jobless butt I earn money YouTube
Maaz Batt (23 days ago)
Sir muji replay karo boht intresting
The DarkValue (20 days ago)
. Hey bro listen i have made an amazing free course that how you can grow your business through social media marketing from the beginner level. Kindly check it on my channel if you are free now. Thank you!
PHysics Spot (23 days ago)
my teachers are also your viewer i am too
Jamshaid Deacon Official (23 days ago)
Jamshaid Deacon Official (23 days ago)
Great sir
ch fayyaz abbas (23 days ago)
Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza Qureshi (23 days ago)
Syed Azeem (23 days ago)
First viewer
Bilal Umeedwala (23 days ago)
Its really awesome
shami Rajput (23 days ago)