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Ancient Egypt 101 | National Geographic

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The Ancient Egyptian civilization, famous for its pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and tombs, flourished for thousands of years. But what was its lasting impact? Learn how Ancient Egypt contributed to society with its many cultural developments, particularly in language and mathematics. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Ancient Egypt 101 | National Geographic https://youtu.be/hO1tzmi1V5g National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (1652)
Darth Dovahkiin (5 hours ago)
How sad is it that I learned more about Ancient Egypt here than I ever will from the history channel?
m jl (14 hours ago)
We are the Egyptians 🇪🇬❤️
Mahmoud S.shine (18 hours ago)
Totally mistaken when you are talking about the religion of ancient Egypt ...you can read "jibtana" book of their religion ...enough ignorance
Chesang Nathan (1 day ago)
The Ancient Egyptians were very wise. And they used their wisdom to propel their civilization. There is a book called "MIND'S EYE VISION" that can be found on Amazon ebooks. The wisdom that is found within this book is mind blowing, and unmatched by anything that I have ever read.
Erza Predator (3 days ago)
History TV be like: oh! That's an alien story
Lawrence Herndon (4 days ago)
They were power plants 🌱, a source of energy....but shhhh we are not suppose to know that lol
Binish Babu (5 days ago)
Paula Deen is Queen (5 days ago)
Why can't people just enjoy the documentary. Anytime something is about anywhere in Africa it becomes war in the comments😒😒😒
Jeff Banner (8 days ago)
None of that was built by Egyptians it predates the Egyptian culture by many millennia
vj BAGO (8 days ago)
Anubis and ra first high five
The Wolf (9 days ago)
We r Egyptians ethnically just speak dialect belong to Arabic . And we love Arab people because our religion .
Pablo Ernesto (11 days ago)
"Ancient Egypt" was called Kemet and ruled by Blacks for more than 3000 years until it was conquered by Arabs and Whites. Pyramids were designed and built by Blacks. Astronomy, Geometry, Mathematics....were created in Kemet by Blacks....Current India was called "East Ethiopia" by Kemites (inhabitant of Kemet). Please study the hieroglyphs, the writing of "ancient Egyptians" and you will learn a lot.
bzy bee (12 days ago)
You can blame those who invaded Egypt to destroy its history.. Maybe there were inscribed but they were destroyed by those who overtook it.. So that nobody knows who ruled egypt before them
Jadoo 789 (12 days ago)
they discovered it is actually more than 25 to 30 thousands year old
Dara Samudra (12 days ago)
i love this awesome channel
Vhlax (12 days ago)
i went to egypt to save my mom from a desease by killing a vampire that has my grandfather's grandfather's body
Juan Loco (15 days ago)
Jesus is king of kings and lord of lords.
Darul Al-Rasyid Saleh (9 days ago)
Can i ask you before jesus was born people pray to what???
Supreme King (15 days ago)
Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, ancient Egyptian kings played games of great and terrible power. But these Shadow Games caused a war which threatened to destroy the entire world, until a brave young Pharaoh sealed the magic away within the seven mystical Millennium Items. Now, 5000 years later, a boy named Yugi unlocks the secret of the Millennium Puzzle. He is infused with ancient magical energies, for destiny has chosen him to defend the world from the return of the Shadow Games, just as the brave Pharaoh did, 5000 years ago...
Sara Jo (13 days ago)
😂😂😂 not what I was expecting in the comments hahaha
native indian (16 days ago)
Ancient Egyptians are now in India as Varna People. Their building style, mining, farming proves this. All their so called knowledge is because of Necessity in Deserts and River Valleys. Now they are India by oppressing Native Indians or Dalits.
Afghan Lion (16 days ago)
Egypt has so much great amazing history, it reminds me of my country's (Afghanistan) history. Love to all my Egyptian brothers from an Afghan, i'd like to visit one day!
The Wolf (9 days ago)
I love Afghan people , they r real brothers more than Arabs .
Dream Chaser (16 days ago)
# Can You Answer It? Some Indians claim that Indian Civilization is the only civilization in the world which has managed to continue till date. IS IT TRUE ???
Aaron E (17 days ago)
Back in the 80s I walked like an Egyptian.
Chase da dolla 247 (18 days ago)
Ancient Kemet the land of BLACK FACES
swnerd -23 (19 days ago)
I'm Egyptian and proud of my heritage and cultural legacy but Afrocentrism seriously needs to die out.
Leila Zarmie (18 days ago)
That's the purpose on why your people had Conquered Egypt, to die out the original people ( Black Egyptians ) of that land. The more you lied about who you are, the more Black Egyptians will tell the truth. That's why you wants us the die out. The truth will always revealed it's self.
vict0r. m1 (19 days ago)
Gregory Wheeler (20 days ago)
anelani skenjana (21 days ago)
The piramid part is nt creditable, it is claimed tht they were built to generate electricity, plz dnt mislead us any further, we all woke
Tim Greene (23 days ago)
there was never a pharaoh or king buried in the great pyramid . the narration seems misleading in this. even the graph shows the great pyramid. 101
aisha sarwar (24 days ago)
At 1:46 it seems like they also invented hi fives .
shwat2013 (24 days ago)
See "Ancient Egyptian Art They Don't Show" in my uploads (More shocking info in my top pinned comment and replies) Sub-Saharan African history in the description or uploads Also, African and African American acheivements ( recent and modern) in description
donny russell (26 days ago)
Egypt is in Africa! The sons of HAM- the progenitor of the DARK RACES, not the NEGROES but the EGYPTIAN , Ethiopians, CANAANITES , LIBYANS...bible dictionary pager 223....negreos are not African, but originate in North East Africa
JadedSparrow (27 days ago)
what a shame this thing is choc-full of outdated and disputed info. Come on NatGeo, even school-aged kids nowadays know the pyramids weren't tombs for crying out loud. Stop churning out outdated rhetoric.
rent a shill (18 days ago)
The pyramids in Egypt were, in fact, tombs in every meaning of the word.
Alaa Bodiaa (28 days ago)
Death will be slaughtered by its wings. Anyone who disturbed the sleep of the Pharaohs. 𓆱𓂿 𓀾𓃭𓃭 𓃀 𓊃𓃭𓂝𓏲𓎦𓉔𓆳𓂞 𓃀𓏭 𓌾𓊃 𓀾𓂜𓐝.  𓄿𓂜𓏭𓃹 𓏲𓉔𓏲 𓂞𓁐𓏲𓂋𓊺 𓂿 𓊃𓃭𓉐 𓏲𓆑 𓂿 𓉐𓉔𓂝𓁚𓏲𓉔𓊃. Anupis..𓁼𓏲𓄑𓊃 was her
Denvah (29 days ago)
I wanna go to Egypt :( from Philippines
Faheem Waqar (30 days ago)
We not need any other information for Us
lisa agustin (30 days ago)
Praveen Godara (1 month ago)
Liar liar Pants on fire
Faraaz Khan (1 month ago)
Egyptians weren't full black, change my mind
Tammy Ealy (1 month ago)
No family from Black just comes out Black, we come out brown also. Look up Yakub the big head scientist on YouTube.
New Flame (1 month ago)
I never listen to NatGeo,talk about Ancient African Civilisations, they leave the most important things out!!!!!!
alex fernando Huenten (1 month ago)
prety video.
Trey Trey (1 month ago)
Before racists came an took us from our culture and forced slavery for almost 400 yrs
tScrib (1 month ago)
You are the current problem of why racism will never end. Your eye for an eye mentality will perpetuate racism indefinitely. Humans are flawed. Now move on and do something good for someone else.
Trey Trey (1 month ago)
Err body tryna look over the fact that these great people, this great civilization, these PHARAOHS, are BLACK/BROWN
Sshhh U (1 month ago)
Creativity was very blossoming in earlier time at it highest. Love viewing what they thought were. Hope to visit Egypt 🇪🇬 one day.
Chandler Minh (1 month ago)
Egyptians were the first to use Zero in their accounting texts. The Chinese were the first to do decimal calculations but without a symbol for zero. They used a blank to denote zero. Indians used a symbol for zero along with decimal numerals for the first time ever
HlddenTalent (1 month ago)
They were black and some of them are the blacks in America today as well as the Hebrews
Luzioso Adgurl (1 month ago)
Great job. I hope people can start learning about the wonders of Egypt and the rich history rather than make stupid claims about how they looked.
HlddenTalent (1 month ago)
They were blacks and most of them were captured as slaves along with the Hebrews
ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique (1 month ago)
egyptians aren't black
Mudiwa Malcolm Zhanje (1 month ago)
So basically it was black civilization conquered by the Persian and Romans... Because on those drawings i cN see African people structures ... am I the only one?
Chris K (1 month ago)
Luzioso Adgurl yep 👍🏽
Luzioso Adgurl (1 month ago)
African yes. Black? Well not necessarily. There were too many rulers for all of them to be only black. It was also occupied too many times.
Amr Asal (1 month ago)
Excellent civilization.
Thelionking 07 (1 month ago)
One of the most interesting and rich culture
Tyui Ryrrey (1 month ago)
You said that the pyramids, "And", the underground mausoleums in the valley of the Kings, were to prepare the Kings of Egypt for the after life. Then why is it that mummies are only found in the underground mausoleums in the valley of the Kings, and not in the pyramids? I suspect that some of your statements may be more theory than fact. "Rulers filled their tombs with all the items they could need in the after life", you say. But items are found in the underground mausoleums in the valley of the Kings, but not in the pyramids. The pyramids are empty, except for one broken possible sarcophagus in the big pyramid. The reason for sowing doubt about your given reason for the construction of the pyramids is because a reason is given in ancient times for building such a large object. The tower of Babble was constructed for the purpose of supposedly, "getting to heaven". These days many people would think this must be the stupidest idea ever thought of. Like how low of an I.Q. would a person have to have to believe you could build a tower sufficiently high to get to heaven? And what would they do if they could actually get there? Like Jack and the bean stalk or something. Would they, "beat-up" God, and take over the kingdom? But back then people didn't have the knowledge of things like we do today. So they may have believed such things without actually being stupid. So there you have it. A new theory as to why the pyramids were built. So they could build a tower sufficiently high to get to heaven. Again, to our minds this is an extremely stupid idea. But with the knowledge those people had back then, they may have thought of this idea as having some merit. Even enough merit to exert themselves tremendously enough to build the pyramids. Many people believe the tower of Babble was built, or at least they started to build it before their efforts were foiled by confounding their languages. So then why not believe, possibly, that the Egyptian pyramids were built for the same reason?
730 Mŷ (1 month ago)
Egyptians are Africans
Chris K (1 month ago)
730 Mŷ yes they are African... who says they aren’t
RESTDA SOUL (1 month ago)
Neptunes Lagoon (1 month ago)
those Amazing Caucasians... I hear they can Fly now....? and I hear they went to the Moon and Back, and along with Sumeria, and Anatolia and Europe: Shaped the World we live in today.
Neptunes Lagoon (1 month ago)
Amazing Egyptian Caucasians... i hear they can fly now...? and Have the Bible... and lead Mankind.
Chris K (1 month ago)
Neptunes Lagoon lol are we trolling or being sarcastic? I can’t tell
Sharra Gichki (1 month ago)
bad video
Reverse Universe (1 month ago)
So much to learn and most of it we will never know the true history we can only admire what’s left behind
Necro dancer (1 month ago)
I just had a listening test and it was this video.
9Dragon (1 month ago)
And yet when the True God unleashed the 10 plagues on Egypt it embarrassed the hundreds of Egyptian gods because they could not stop the plagues from ravishing Egypt forcing the mightiest Kingdom on Earth to give him his people. And then the True God destroyed the armies of the Egyptians in the Red Sea and Egypt was weakened for years because of it. So as great as Egypt was they were humbled before the True God Yahweh or Jehovah.
Endle 185 (2 months ago)
Sreymom dansreymom (2 months ago)
I hope one day I will go to Egypt
Kochav Shavit (2 months ago)
Well spoken. Enjoyed.
Alejandro Valverde (2 months ago)
Are there people in Egypt who could identify more with the "egyptian" culture like the old ways and language instead of arab culture?? In rural areas perhaps? Is there a culture derived from ancient egypt with no arab influence?
takfreak11 (2 hours ago)
@Alejandro Valverde They are not native Ancient Egyptians, but the descendants of Roman and Greek conquerors who settled in Alexandria.
Alejandro Valverde (15 days ago)
@Leila Zarmie  that's not what i meant, my question had nothing to do with race. The answer of ahmed hossam is right, I researched Coptic People and it's very interesting they are a unique group, I had no idea they existed.
Leila Zarmie (18 days ago)
@ahmed hossam I'm a Nubian from South Egypt and what Alejandro Valverde trying to say "why the modern today Egyptians have no culture of the Ancient Egyptians had back then" Kemet People was very darker people as darker brown. The lighter Kemet people was the Nubians like me but the Ancient Kemet was the Blacks People who was the darker race. People believe that the Nubians was a darker race but no, my people invaded the North and slave them before Greeks had Conquered Egypt.
ahmed hossam (2 months ago)
alot of Christian Egyptians speak Coptic which was spoken in ancient Egypt also Nubians still have their own language
DEVINECLUB (2 months ago)
Black people...
The Dynasty Continues (2 months ago)
There is literally 0 evidence that the pyramid of Giza was a tomb. Stop perpetuating that myth dumbasses
rent a shill (18 days ago)
Putting a sarcophagus inside a structure is pretty good proof that it was meant as a tomb rather than an observatory or power station, wouldn’t you agree?
Mathivanan Pichai (2 months ago)
Ancient Indian Culture and civilization is equally or much better than Egyptian civilization
bee bop (2 months ago)
concise and largely informatively enjoyable, thanks
Oyeh LLC (2 months ago)
Just call it ancient Africans. It’s not that hard.
Neptunes Lagoon (24 days ago)
فڑۓالل فےفي (24 days ago)
You have to precise what kind of Africans , so it's ancient Egyptians
Neptunes Lagoon (1 month ago)
Yes, those Amazing Caucasians... I hear they can Fly now....? and I hear they went to the Moon and Back, and along with Sumeria, and Anatolia and Europe: Shaped the World we live in today.
Mahmoud Abd-Elbadie (2 months ago)
It's a honor from you to respect my country p.s if you want to go there the weather is very good you will see coral reef at Hurghada
Damien Rice (2 months ago)
Anntonette Thompson (2 months ago)
The Black race is amazing why are they hidding us from our self the bible is all about the black race... story over.
Zurrain gaming (2 months ago)
Rubina Jamil (2 months ago)
I am impressed by the way they made the great pyramid of giza
A MG (2 months ago)
wonderful book : Bible came from Arabia
Asahel (2 months ago)
When I was a kid, I really admired ancient egypt, then I became an adult discovered that many slaves died possibly worked to death, just because Pharaohs have too many time and too big ego that they deserved to be entombed in such a monstrosity.
Rick D. George (2 months ago)
Let's not forget that Egyptians are black people.
Rusty Shakleford (2 months ago)
The pyramids were not tombs. Show me one shred of evidence and while we are on topic why is it not brought up that the Sphinx is 12,000 years old or that the great pyramid is built on top of a much older monument?
rent a shill (13 days ago)
@Rusty Shakleford putting dead people inside buildings in a coffin. it was a tomb...
Rusty Shakleford (14 days ago)
rent a shill I wouldn’t agree. Just because the people that settled the area after the destruction 12,000 years ago does not mean they knew the purpose of the original construction of the pyramids
rent a shill (18 days ago)
Putting a sarcophagus inside a structure is pretty good proof that it was meant as a tomb rather than an observatory or power station, wouldn’t you agree?
Rusty Shakleford (2 months ago)
Riandhita I don’t think anything I said refers to ancient aliens at all. So what you’re saying is that there was a GRANITE sarcophagus inside the great pyramid and that new kingdom Egyptians took it? Do you have any idea what that would weigh?? It would be a feat in itself to move a granite sarcophagus 20 feet, never mind through the narrow passageways of the great pyramid. I’d also like to know where you got that information from since there is 0% evidence that there was ever mummified remains in any pyramid. If you want further proof go visit the valley of the kings and look at the walls. Every wall is inscribed, then look at the “Kong’s chamber” in the great pyramid and tell me if you see anything inscribed
I don't think so (2 months ago)
There was granite sarcophagus inside the pyramid, in king chamber I think. But the tomb was breached at the new kingdom era. . Or, yes you are right, pyramid was built by ancient Alien lol
Robert Anastase (2 months ago)
They got so many things wrong about ancient Egypt.....
Robert Anastase (22 days ago)
@Marmartota nobody really knows why they were built, but we know for sure they were't tombs.
Marmartota (22 days ago)
@Robert Anastase Yeah it's true, however it was built as a tomb under it so who knows honestly, at least it was built for the pharaohs.
Robert Anastase (22 days ago)
@Marmartota the great pyramid isn't a tomb ( probably the biggest mistake)
Marmartota (22 days ago)
Like what?care to explain? 😅
David Cruz (2 months ago)
When will it stop. If dig up people from the 1800's you'll be upset about it. So stop digging up Black Africans.
huang Hunter (2 months ago)
Yea, we just got the test about this video :)
Shalva Mindorashvili (2 months ago)
mummy never been found into pyramids !
H S (2 months ago)
Its almost common knowledge now that the pyramids are definitely not tombs. Our most accurate estimation is that they harnessed/transmitted energy i.e they were power plants. The tombs are in another location, this is a lie spread to conceal the truth about human history. Please look this up your self.
Steinar Jakobsen (2 months ago)
H S Almost all of the pyramids ever built have burial chambers, so yes they are tombs.
Doodlescnof (2 months ago)
I mean? Have YOU researched enough? What evidence do you have that proves that they were “power plants” . The pyramids were most likely tombs for kings . The queens and princesses princes etc.
معاذ تركماني (2 months ago)
زيدونا معلوماة حضاراة قضديمه 🌷🌹🌷🌹
معاذ تركماني (2 months ago)
fatma outlook (2 months ago)
Can we build a pyramid today?
Jeffery Beard (2 months ago)
Oyeh LLC (2 months ago)
Jeffery Beard lmao then show some evidence from Sumerian history. Everyone wants to discredit black civilization but it’s ok
Josip Jagodin (2 months ago)
This video is just strait up lies,there was nothing ever found at the Great pyramids that woud sugest that it was a toomb,it was an ancient machine, and that names King and Queens chambers are just ridicules.
Josip Jagodin (1 month ago)
The way it was built?? Please if u know can u tell it to the world ,aperently you are the only one who knows
TheButtSpanker (1 month ago)
There may have been nothing found ; because it was all robbed all the way back but there is much proof outside the pyramid to prove it is a tomb. Inscriptions, the way it was built, farmers being buried, etc.
magoG evoluchannel Davide Cristallo (2 months ago)
Disinformation. No one body was found in the pyramids. Do not show fakes stuff
joe latteri (2 months ago)
Why is Egypt so primitive and dirty today ? The influence of Islam?
micheal asamoah (2 months ago)
Allow the Original black Egyptians to say their own history. Then you will be surprised what lies have been told about this Northeast African State.
Horny Bastard (2 months ago)
The Tombs Arent In The Pyramids.
Cleeon Virlief (17 days ago)
Now at museum
Pakistan (2 months ago)
Where are they?
Usy A (2 months ago)
The true Egyptians were black let’s not go back n forth my gs
loyal gaming (2 months ago)
Do a doc. On illyrians,thracians,and dacians
Nabil (2 months ago)
Heirartic looks like arabic
Nick dominic (2 months ago)
why are the noses knocked off of those statues?
Esoteric (2 months ago)
At 3:48 Reading right to Left and down in columns from the right hand side the Hieroglyphic reads.... (Top Row) His Son, his beloved, Khonsu the Justified. (This one reads left to right and down in columns) His Son, his beloved, Ra-Hotep the Justified. Giving Praise to Ra-Horakhty, kissing the ground for Osiris, foremost of the West, he gives Praise to Ptah, the Lord of Truth, for the Ka of the Servant in the Place of Truth, Sennedjem the Justified. His Wife, the Lady of the House, Iyneferti the Justified. (Middle Row) By the Servant in the Place of Truth, Sennedjem the Justified. His Wife, the Lady of the House, Iyneferti the Justified. (Bottom Row) Same as the Middle Row repeated twice. The title Servant in the Place of Truth is what the Workers who lived in Set Maat (the Place of Truth, what we now call Deir el Medina) were known as, they worked on the Tombs of the Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings for around 500 years. The term Justified (literally True of Voice) is very often written after names and means the Person is judged to be Moral and Just and will pass through to the afterlife to sail with Ra upon his Barque of Ages.
O (2 months ago)
I wonder if national geographic thinks the pyramids were tombs
Oscar Claudio 28 (2 months ago)
Wut i am confuse the piramids are not use for tombs :(
Josip Jagodin (2 months ago)
They are just strait up liying
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III (3 months ago)
Pass snorlax
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III (3 months ago)
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III (3 months ago)
Nobody cares
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III (3 months ago)