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These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

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Text Comments (66242)
A.j.m Miller (56 minutes ago)
2019 anyone
MemeyBoiy (1 hour ago)
well I'll see you in 2050
Pickle Dickle (1 hour ago)
if you come back to this in 2050, my names gigi, its 7:04 pm, february 20th, 2019, im currently 10 :))).
🌬L'HIlluzzion⚔️ (2 hours ago)
let's stop this fkin fiesta before it began too terrible shall we ?
Omar6 (3 hours ago)
if u see these comment in 2050 know that i am omar ur granpa
biffo1960 (4 hours ago)
Might get a game of thrones book
Marc Aurillo (4 hours ago)
1:43.... What the f is cutter??? Lmao😂😂😂
JustKidding (4 hours ago)
"So, where did you go this summer?" "Space"
klaw reh (4 hours ago)
This is all wrong we will still be at earth and in 2050 there was earthquake that had happened on Mars.
Bas Family (5 hours ago)
this was posted on my birth day
Bone Dancer (6 hours ago)
how cute
Brady Pro (6 hours ago)
I know most likely these won’t happen but it’s still entertaining to watch
jabbz (7 hours ago)
3:28 hi
Sergei Samokhin (7 hours ago)
What about the tower in Dubai UAE that will be 3x as tall as the Burj Khalifa? That’s way taller than that tower in Saudi Arabia
Nawal Omar (8 hours ago)
why am i watching this
Zaina BC (9 hours ago)
Things they missed: Pewdiepie will reach 100M subscribers T series will overtake pewdiepie Brexit will happen China will spy on america with new technology
BobTheDuck9999 (10 hours ago)
Hong Kong will go to China in 2047
Koel Animates (13 hours ago)
2038 32bit is gone
Jayde Grundy (13 hours ago)
Probably won’t be a live in 2050, sad but hope my children and future children will be safe / happy and in good health #2019
Art by El (14 hours ago)
I’m gonna watch this in December every year 2017- watched for the first time, added to watch later 2018- forgot to watch lol
poisiion (14 hours ago)
2021 - GTA VI will be released:)
brandon tempest (17 hours ago)
I am in 2019 bro
Jonathan Doe (17 hours ago)
AI needs to be banned
Games TV (17 hours ago)
Basically predicting how humans will destroy planet earth.
TROLL Maestro (18 hours ago)
Nothing exciting about the future ya
iwavedash (18 hours ago)
Ok hopefully this video is still up and I'll check my comment in 2050. Hi you old fuck. Did we land on Mars yet?
Dashiel Emerson (21 hours ago)
Who's watching this in 2050!?
Unkown ElectronicMusic (21 hours ago)
Did this video scare anyone else? AI, less than half the population has clean drinking water, possible alien life who might attack us
Glory Ortiz (22 hours ago)
I love how you narrate.
Marie BCFHS (22 hours ago)
chingchong spess station lol
Reyna Romero (23 hours ago)
When I’m old telling my grandkids back in my day we STILL didn’t have people on Mars 😬🥺🧐
Julian Lau (23 hours ago)
Savannah Clark (23 hours ago)
Ok gosh I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Lord of the rings even though the people show act in it will probably be dead. And I'm watching it in 2019.
oh no no no no (23 hours ago)
Hold up, why do I care because that is in a lot of years and I just gonna wait thinking about that very day
Brandon Le (1 day ago)
sup future Brandon
Dylan Boydston (1 day ago)
Who’s in 3025 and laughing
Owen Benjamin is Mentally ill (1 day ago)
There are already a number of trillionaires.
Jinger plays (1 day ago)
Was I the only one who was scared something Bad would happen?
BOCOBO (1 day ago)
i'm not sure if i can live that long
Frosty Fossil (1 day ago)
2019 anyone?
Martin Ramos (1 day ago)
who’s watching this in 2019.
Shrek Is God (1 day ago)
Bring back Opportunity SpaceX I beg you But hey future memes mean something to look forward to
12sb4813 (1 day ago)
In 2050 Baron Trump becomes president👌
pea pot (1 day ago)
ill be 46 in 2050 bro wtf
Jackson Williams (1 day ago)
It’s only Feb. 2019 and half this shit’s been canceled
NomadApe (1 day ago)
space is incredible. Amazon rainforest disappearing in a way that almost seems inevitable is depressing. Who wants to live on a concrete planet?
Miloš Heide (1 day ago)
I dont think that space x will travel to Mars at 2026. Its not good year for travel. At year 2018 was Mars closest to Earth. Same will be at 2033 and 2048. NASA want fly at 2033, but they know that its still early. So first fly to mars at 2048. Space x is good for take price down for travel to orbit, but flight to Mars is only marketing. Its imposible and at 2026 is not economical.
PancakeAndKlasky (1 day ago)
I’m from 2019. I will come back to my message at 2050.
iAmDestroyer (1 day ago)
In 2042 White people will be oppressed and colored people will still act like they’re the victims, woo another civil rights movement!
Stive Seguin (1 day ago)
Flood , heavy population movement and war.
nukiepie (1 day ago)
I dont wanna see the worlddestroyedlike this
The Friendship Box (1 day ago)
*2019 ???*
dub K (1 day ago)
Self driving cars is already normal.
midnight kitten (1 day ago)
midnight kitten (1 day ago)
Hey if your watching this in 2034 im here in february 19 2019 hiiiiii
Invincible Gamer (1 day ago)
Bruh so ur able to see the future ??
Qaisar videos (1 day ago)
Maybe I’ll in peace
ThePerksOfBeingMe ! (1 day ago)
1:03 oh fucks sake please don't remind me
Bill C. Otwori (1 day ago)
in 2045 i will lead my way to dixton axis 500km near heaven besides abrahams wines and spirit
Larz Aralica (1 day ago)
2019 anyone?
sultanofsick (1 day ago)
After roughly the 5 min mark, the predictions are completely out to lunch.
Steve MC (1 day ago)
you know what is gone happend before 2050 ITS AMAZING nothing everything would be normal lol
Snakai (1 day ago)
Hello me from the future im pretty sure you're gonna watch this vid in a few years I just wanna say im doing amazing rn :DD It's 2/19/2019 8:24PM right now
InfiniteX (1 day ago)
At least most of us will be alive to live the day 4/20/69
yologamernoe (1 day ago)
The Danny (1 day ago)
Who's watching in 2020?
Darin Preston (1 day ago)
Self-Driving cars will be "Normal" well before 2050.
The three cool kids: Finnegan, Leo, Waverly (1 day ago)
Mitchell Martinez (1 day ago)
Railroad is having some problems and less funding
TheFandomTraveler (1 day ago)
My mid-life crisis is gonna be bad...
Madiha ali (1 day ago)
But what about the supernova thats going to happen in 2020?
Johannes Bremer (1 day ago)
I wish I was born in the 1950's or 60's ...
Krishna Kamath (1 day ago)
I will be 70 years old if alive.
Keaton Barney (1 day ago)
BigDaddyZ (1 day ago)
This is for the future It is currently 5:22 AM Tuesday, February 19. I hope my life is lit future me. I hope im not dead in 2050. Death is not what im scared of. Its whats after death. I better be with my family and not in a dark void for all of eternity. Please I really hope thats not it.
Premkumar Nair PYN MUSIC (1 day ago)
Scary as hell
nO-One FunnY (1 day ago)
It’s 2019 and New calendonia And Bougainville haven’t come out
Boosh (1 day ago)
This scares me
Aesthetic (1 day ago)
Imma be 50
Party Skull -34 (1 day ago)
I’ll be 41
LEV1 (1 day ago)
In 2050 your dead
Morgan Snyder (1 day ago)
2050 I’ll be 56
Keron Siewdass (1 day ago)
1985: there will be flying cars by 2019 2019: poop animoji, tik tok, Trump, etc. 2019: there will be super smart AI and electric cars will be normal by 2050 2050: All robots do is drink, smoke, and party and the cars are too busy talking to each other to notice when the light turns green
Ben Lorentz (1 day ago)
"Are all men from the future loud mouth bragerts?" "Nope, just me baby...Just Me!"
James Beason (1 day ago)
Not terribly inverted as I’ll be 101
Lynn Collett (1 day ago)
Everything will change!!!!!
Stick Life Club (2 days ago)
In 2050, meat will be banned and I will kill myself because no F***ING MEAT!
Jaden George (2 days ago)
Man stop being this is scary
UncleLav (2 days ago)
Yo this shit just makes me sad
adri2wavy (2 days ago)
You're an obvious fifa fanatic
YourGamingBuddy (2 days ago)
Oh my god! PS36 will be the best console.
R.I.P X (2 days ago)
From the future it's 2019 and Britan is not yet departured
Legacy YT (2 days ago)
Every time I watch these types of videos I get anxiety
Jim V (2 days ago)
Nobody has ever been to The moon and they are talking about going to Mars... Lmfao... This video is all BS
skydiver 645646 (2 days ago)
2019 anyone
skydiver 645646 (2 days ago)
This lead kids to deppretion
Henrik (2 days ago)
Gg climate btw feelsbadman
Honest Player (2 days ago)
Sebastian Tickleberry (2 days ago)
1:49 - Did you really pronounce that as kuder?😂
Toxic Gorilla (2 days ago)
2050 anyone?