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UPS Truck Almost Blows Up! (CRAZY Runaway Diesel Engine)

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This UPS truck was delivering packages then this happened... What would you do to fix this runaway diesel engine UPS truck? This was crazy. This UPS Truck (United Parcel Service) was cruising into my apartment complex and all the sudden we heard a loud noise. We smelled burning, went outside and the whole area was covered in smoke. It kept getting louder and we thought the UPS truck was going to blow up (obviously I am no mechanic). Later I was to find out that it was a "runaway diesel" UPS truck. What is a runaway diesel engine? According to Wikipedia, "Diesel engine runaway is a rare condition affecting diesel engines, in which it overspeeds at higher and higher RPM until it destroys itself either due to mechanical failure or seizure through lack of lubrication" UPS Truck Almost Blows Up! (CRAZY Runaway Diesel Engine)
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Hunter Cox (8 days ago)
This man is so smart. He should be the face and voice of uti 😂
Gordon Barrie (24 days ago)
Great Thunberg has entered the chat*
532231 123 (1 month ago)
Relax and T~shirt in the air pipe.
Mike E (1 month ago)
This guys line of shit 😂😂😂 back up auxiliary power😂😂😂
Cute Seal (1 month ago)
What do u mean by disconnect the battery?
Cris Cerv (2 months ago)
Gray or blue smoke oil on cylinders compressed oil igniting Possible cause Turbo .
Dr Johnson Hungwell (3 months ago)
All you need to do is pull the air filter cover and spray a whole can of either it'll stop running .
Who is Q (4 months ago)
UPS man
Alvin 3004 (6 months ago)
RIP Tires
William Carnero (6 months ago)
Blast the intake with a fire extinguisher
Кайена Арельяно (6 months ago)
Clog the air intake!
Stop drop and roll K (8 months ago)
And this is why ups drivers don't turn right.
Austin Hood (11 months ago)
Stick your dick in the tailpipe
Willy Automotive (11 months ago)
In losangeles, most of these vehicles, including the transit buses, are cng ( compressed natural gas). The tanks have 3,500 pounds of pressured natural gas in them. Disconnecting a battery can cause a spark & explode. Call 911 & take cover.
Terry Tyler (1 year ago)
Gas Vans, LOL
AGBullit235 (1 year ago)
Only way to really stop this is to plug the air intake. Probably had an oil leak in the intake, its just physics at this point and there is no valve to close the air intake.
Melissa Dingle (1 year ago)
Well our UPS truck pistons stopped but no they are fixed finally :D
Kronx (1 year ago)
fucked up the neighborhood real quick
Khmxer (1 year ago)
worn piston rings cause it to shoot oil up and combusts that causes runaway
napalm6969 (1 year ago)
Did he really just day he needs a wrench to disconnect the battery!?!?! You can't fix stupid
Steven Vanheel (1 year ago)
Does this guy seriously think that the battery is what gives the engine power when it is running?
LS1 Corvette Fan (1 year ago)
If that happened to me I'd sit back and watch in melt down no fucks given we are paid by the hour
Ruben Impraim (1 year ago)
This happened to me on the m25 worst experience
Calvin Chan (1 year ago)
You're correct, mostly ignited by the engine oil in this case, which yes, oil can by ignited under compression. The only way to stop a runaway diesel is to cut off the airflow, which means covering the air intake
Ryan Smith (1 year ago)
Carry a CO2 fire extinguisher and spay it into the air intake. It'll shut the motor down right now
Anonymous Jones (1 year ago)
When your diesel is having a seizure
Grayson Reichert (1 year ago)
Turbo seals probably went out which then caused oil to get injected into the engine and subsequently get burned as fuel which then caused the engine to go on a runaway. One way to tell the engine's running off the engine oil, the smoke's white. Disconnecting the battery isn't going to help the engine stop running away, but kudos to the guy trying to help out.
DWYS WYSD (1 year ago)
Call FedEx to bring a co2 fire extinguisher....
Robert H (1 year ago)
Only ways are use a fire extinguisher to clog the air filter. Or cut the air rams from the turbo to stop the high pressure. In essence no air flow high enough to power the engine. Both stop the air flow. Either works if you want to open that hood. When it seizes parts will fly.
Moefugger Beer (1 year ago)
Bunch of morons standing around.
Mason Sterling (1 year ago)
The dude that says unplugging the battery will kill it is a idiot
mark cooper (1 year ago)
We have the best cars to drive in🤣
David Gresham (1 year ago)
Displace the Oxygen. CO2 extinguisher into the intake is a way. Folks who said clogging the intake are absolutely correct. Cut off all Oxygen.
antonio rodriguez (1 year ago)
F*** science lmfao so that's where clouds come from
Deauthorize (1 year ago)
*disconnect the battery how many extra fucking chromosomes do you have to think disconnecting the fucking battery will do any good
Ru55 12345 (1 year ago)
Ok that guy talking about battery needs to stay far away. From any vehicle
dramaface recordings (1 year ago)
A wrench to disconnect the battery. Lmao. This is the guy that will try to change his girlfriends spark plugs and she'll have to end up replacing her engine
Geo76er (1 year ago)
Still waiting on my package...
Plumdum (1 year ago)
All desiel vehicles should have a fuel cut off switch to stop this when it does happen
Ren J (1 year ago)
what can brown do just don't toast my packages
jdisco1 (1 year ago)
Lol disconnect the battery on any running engine and see what happens. It's pretty much only there to start it.
Mike Voss (2 years ago)
Clog the air intake and or carry a co2 extinguisher
webnothing (2 years ago)
Captain Know-It-All knows how to shut off a runaway diesel with a wrench. LOL!
Jake (2 years ago)
Diesel shit
Fo S (2 years ago)
LOL..disconnect the battery then disconnect your own life support...#DumbFuck
NoVaKane (2 years ago)
Disconnect the battery huh?
apgovea1 g (2 years ago)
I would rammed my cock in the air intake choke that diesel like my girlfriend
Snipy (2 years ago)
ARednecksLife (2 years ago)
Pulling the battery will definitely not stop it the alternator will keep the electronics going cutting the fuel supply is really the only way to stop it.
Damian (2 years ago)
Unplug flux Capacitor, reset date and time, then do a restart. :) Two options- Watch the show, or Co2 fire extinguisher in intake.
CountryBoyJoe (2 years ago)
Just cover up the intake or if it has turbos cover them up or spray a fire extinguisher into it and clog up the air filters and it will choke it self out
MrWolfSnack (2 years ago)
a diesel can burn motor oil where a gas engine can't. If the oil supply for the turbo leaks or breaks open and gets into the intake airstream, it produces a fuel source that's independent of the throttle. I.e - the more it leaks, the harder it sucks, which pulls more oil in, etc. This goes on until it throws a rod explosively from over-revving or it uses up all the oil, by which point the engine is often on fire
Cowboy Kody (2 years ago)
Where's Dale Jarret?
Andy Preston (2 years ago)
Shame it wasn't our local UPS driver. He's a fucking bell-end!
PrinceAlbert408 (2 years ago)
UPS In Smoke!
Crazy Trucker (2 years ago)
You can not stop a diesel engine buy disconnecting the battery you have to plug the air intake like droppedjaw23 said once a diesel engine is running away the only way there is nothing else gonna stop it
Fuzball Gaming (2 years ago)
I love how the YouTube category bot thinks this is comedy.
Ayden Knight (2 years ago)
plus they should have ran into the truck and turn the key off. that was scary what was happening to the UPS truck
Ayden Knight (2 years ago)
jeez! that's a lot of smoke puking out of the UPS truck plus the smoke is destroying the ecosystem.
Shawn Barnett (2 years ago)
He probably put gas in it on accident
Joseph Porter (2 years ago)
what can brown do for you ? well brown you can get my shit off you're vehicle before it blows up lol
Hilda Ramos (2 years ago)
i. want. him. to. die
mikeyrabbits (2 years ago)
ya pulling the battery isnt gonna do shit pal
Daniel Libich (2 years ago)
Many top pullers use some form of guilotene in front of the turbo as many diesel mechanics have a few runaways in their career as the real way to stop a runaway is to activate the air operated solenoid snuffing out the air supply to the engine hopefully stopping the engine.  After those were tuning a Detroit 4-T53 while they saved the engine while stuffing a rag into the turbo intake after it was at the brink of a runaway as the only damage was to the turbo.
Najla ben najla (3 years ago)
it work with oil , and if its a auto gear box it will be hard to switch off engine
DustyChevy (3 years ago)
Use a fire extinguisher to clog up the air filter
FOX-POP-YT (3 years ago)
If not cruising, you have to cut air by clogging the intake... if cruisin, high gear, break and good luck!
put a rag in the turbo like this guy did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NRaqgab0_w
car audio solutions (3 years ago)
Drop it into gear and enjoy the ride :)
Pam Alford (3 years ago)
Take it out and shoot it....LOL
Garrett Camper (3 years ago)
Dumb shit it's a Diesel engine running away. Choke off the intake, because it's running on a foreign fuel source (engine oil most likely) and disconnecting the battery won't to jack shit. The engine isn't on spark, it's running on compression.
Henry Fonda (3 years ago)
thats not diesel there all gas.... mecahnic for ups is sooo fired
Karla Gueerero (3 years ago)
wtf is that?
sheldon jarvis (3 years ago)
rag in the intake or handbrake up and foot brake fairly pressed then put it info the hifhest gear and let the clutch out to still the engine
Matthew Meek (3 years ago)
You just gotta clog the neighbors mouth with a rag so you can think for a second and quit your job with UPS
Michael Inclan (3 years ago)
Matthew Meek you're right
Upside down (3 years ago)
the bloke who says about disconnecting the battery, knows nothing about diesel, even the newest diesel engines can run away normally to destruction, its the flaw with a oil based fuel system
Peter Dudas (3 years ago)
love the guy saying ill disconnect the battery to make it stop. co2 fire extinguisher or a rag in the turbo intake
Danny Buaas (3 years ago)
thats the tires
James Weber (3 years ago)
carbon dioxide fire ext in the intake
dasteufelhund (3 years ago)
It's trying to make earth faster. Or, it's being dyno'ed by earth...
Earl Molden (3 years ago)
You can take the battery out, cut the fuel lines, even with no alternator it'll still keep going because it's not only running away on diesel but it's own engine oil so the only way to stop it is clog the intake
Nolan Mitchell (10 months ago)
What if you where to cut off the oil line going to the turbo yes it would get oil everywhere but would it stop the runaway
CrazyFox2 (1 year ago)
@King_fake Adding more diesel would cause the runaway to last even longer.
drkastenbrot (1 year ago)
My solution is to safely flood it with a co2 fire extinguisher. It also extinguishes fires and doesnt require me to do mechanical work on an engine thats about to blow up.
King_fake (3 years ago)
Earl Molden no just add as much of diesel lmao
Earl Molden (3 years ago)
+Grayson Reichert that's why you block the intake....motors already hurt
geirtwo (3 years ago)
Why don't Diesel cars have an emergency air intake shutdown switch?
bergerk20 (3 years ago)
smother the air intake and it cant breath, has no choice to shut down then
Garbage Trucks Of The Napa Valley (3 years ago)
I have never seen a "Run away diesel engine" truck before this is cool but scary at the same time. :)
MasterMWL (3 years ago)
"It's got an electrical backup auxiliary unit in it" Sounds like an APU, generally used on Semitrucks; basically, instead of having diesel truck engines idling all night just for air conditioning and power for a laptop, you can have a tiny diesel generator running off the same fuel tank that just provides power and air conditioning. I can't imagine, though, that a UPS truck would have a very big APU, but it would certainly save cash if only it is running during deliveries vs leaving the engine on all the time.
Cracker Mckinsburg (3 years ago)
Maybe he could just chuck the wrench into the turbo and send some chunks of metal in to stop the engine.. Lmao
corymatthewsno1 (3 years ago)
we get it you vape.
Chris R (11 months ago)
that's what those dudes like to do .. big clouds dude. corns ..
John S (2 years ago)
corymatthewsno1 😂
Chickerino Radio (3 years ago)
UPS I think it blew up (haha get it? UPS instead of oops? no?)
Avery Alexander (3 years ago)
Filuslolol The Epic Troll LOL
Peter Kapica (3 years ago)
Filuslolol The Epic Troll good one
Cristian Ban (3 years ago)
While firmly holding the break pedal 1) Press the clutch 2) Shift in 5th gear 3) Rapidly release the clutch and the engine should just die without any complications Just make sure you press that break pedal like there's no tomorrow :)
Cristian Ban (3 years ago)
+Spaghettios In that case you could still put it in neutral and then slam it in drive while the break is pressed. Not sure if it will work but it's worth a shot.
Spaghettios (3 years ago)
+Cristian Ban Maybe the vans an automatic?
Joshua Ramirez (3 years ago)
so thats why my package never arrived. lol
MotardMoto (3 years ago)
Only way to fix is to put mouth over intake pipe and try to out suck the engine. Make sure there is a good seal around your lips. Out sucking diesels is easy as diesels have no vacuum and can be easily sucked. Disclaimer this is a joke / gene pool cleanser.
Dinesh Dadhra (3 years ago)
You vape bro?
Chris S (3 years ago)
Only way to stop this is eliminating fuel supply.
Chris S (3 years ago)
+Johnny B You are right, color of exhaust. Rag/choke intake.
Cindercase (3 years ago)
+Chris S or oxygen....or heat but good luck with that part lol.
Scott shaver (3 years ago)
You have to cut off the air!
USNVA (3 years ago)
I have the solution. Blow the damn thing up with C4. Problem solved.
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist (3 years ago)
This video was liked by 100,000 FedEx drivers
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist (3 years ago)
DAUM last time I remember runaways were 2 stroke screamin Detroit's pre 1990...
kyle pries (3 years ago)
co2 fire extinguisher in the intake. or totally block the intake. that bad boy is sucking down oil. it will run until it seizes lol. fuel and air ones gotta go to stop it haha
David Watson (3 years ago)
you have to clogg air intake order to stop runaway diesel. cuz they can run off their own oil in the oil pan burning that instead of diesel fuel
David Watson (3 years ago)
removing the battery will do nothing diesels don't use spark plugs which is why the batteries there and to start the truck