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Vehicle Parked in Front of the Fire Department

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (8)
joe Schlotthauer (3 months ago)
I thought he was going to back into it.
Richard Huntington (5 months ago)
Parking is hard.
Michael Perez (5 months ago)
Break the window wtf r these idiots doing
Zero Cool (5 months ago)
What kind of an idiot park their car in front of a fire station?
LaBelleDame DuManor (5 months ago)
Zero Cool. Exactly. The only time I would accept a situation like this is that the car broke down.
COIN COLLECTING FUN (5 months ago)
like #5! Definitely the worst place to park!!
braveheartbob (5 months ago)
faster and more of a punishment to ram it out of the way
LaBelleDame DuManor (5 months ago)
braveheartbob. I would prefer it got shoved into a Crusher.