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On the road with a UPS driver

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CNN's Richard Quest climbs on board a UPS truck with a "man in brown" to learn the rules of delivering packages safely to their final destination.
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Text Comments (171)
Isaiah Streblow (2 hours ago)
5/10 packages aren't liploaded
Matt Butler (7 hours ago)
The truck is never that organized when leaving the building, they just throw that shit in there so you have to dig for it . It’s nice having a helper because you can organize the back while they are delivering the parcel
Raul Rubalcava (9 hours ago)
So fake I've had ups drivers deliver my packages like they been body slammed all over handle with care doesn't apply.
Chill Bro (18 hours ago)
if only people knew what goes on inside the hub
Jace Detweiler (1 day ago)
If you really knew ups you would know that they treat their people like shit you get empty gifts in front of alot of people you have to play it off ya you get payed good but they force over time like crazy
jonathan stoecker (2 days ago)
I drive for ups and yeah they make that look nice for the camera lol these trucks get brick loaded with packages. We get fucked all the time they make it look so nice and smooth smh
rick hanson (6 days ago)
looking for info on 672013 license 292183....Up to no good don't ya know...
Danny Brockman (6 days ago)
The job blows!!!!!!! Shit pay!!!! Hard work bullshit
fsudrummer (15 days ago)
I've been a driver for 11 years and I still don't have any ups socks lol
101001 (13 days ago)
fsudrummer if you don’t mind, but how much does driving pay a year?
CNN Business also fake news.
Arnold Cranium (20 days ago)
CNN your fake news..
Inner City Dispute (24 days ago)
This reporter lollygagging would not be tolerated
Sir Kaos (29 days ago)
Anyone can get the socks from Twinhill. CNN, you really are garbage. More lies. NO ONE from CNN could do a UPS driver's job.
The Hispanic Conservative (1 month ago)
Wow that right there shows you how much fake news CNN puts out no package car at UPS looks like that on the inside and where is the supervisor harassing the driver I didn’t see that anywhere there’s usually a supervisor harassing the driver telling him how much he sucks at his job
mdamron1113 (15 days ago)
The Hispanic Conservative that how fake UPS set it up...... they would never want the public to see reality.
Jose Villarruel (1 month ago)
My route gets a ton of bulk and consists of all apartments with stairs and few elevators. Should've demonstrated something like that in the video.
Tony Gasperson (1 month ago)
Where is the rest of that routes load. Total bullshit.
Jacob Holly (1 month ago)
As a driverhelper you just help deliver the packages right ? You don't drive the car ? I need to know before I apply.
Erika In Indy (15 days ago)
He drives, you run the package to the door.
amaterasu5001 (1 month ago)
yeah u dont drive urself.
ItsNoahScott (1 month ago)
The 33 dislikes are from Fed EX.
Alpha Since '95 (1 month ago)
In my year delivering for FedEx ground, my truck looks messy as fuck, no walking room, no peaceful walk to the door (run!), no setting the package down gently and knocking calmly. Lol this video should've shown what it's really like. Not this fantasy crap
Trey Fisse (1 month ago)
I load those trucks and there is no way in hell when the driver pulls off that truck looks like that. You try very hard to fill the shelves in numerical order. By the end...the only spots for the big ones are shoved in the middle in the egress route.
Sloppy Seconds (1 month ago)
“Handle with care” ha what a load there’s packages that say fragile that way 90 lbs smh lies
vq35dNYC (2 months ago)
The UPS socks suck btw they give you blisters. Always double sock in the summer. They are too thin.
vq35dNYC (2 months ago)
I bet the next they he had 400 pieces with NDA and commercial savers.
Me Too (2 months ago)
Let's bash the competition just for good measure...FEDEX drivers are dangerous, from the semi drivers all the way down to the local delivery vans
Zach Wachs (2 months ago)
I'm FedEx ground right now but I'm definitely going for UPS in about 2 years. Even if it takes me a couple peak seasons I'll keep trying.
Donald baker (2 months ago)
Haha bs, maybe a managers truck during their 29 days "to be a driver"
Mike G. (2 months ago)
Boy this truck is stage ready!!
Texas Patriot (2 months ago)
I wish my truck looked like that.... What is that like 40 stops???? if that.....
john wourden (2 months ago)
I’m 20 how exactly does one usually become a driver. Do you have to work yourself up within the company?
john wourden (2 months ago)
Bobby B thanks man really appreciate it!
Bobby B (2 months ago)
Seniority based gotta work your way up the ladder took me only 3 years to go full time a lot of centers it takes longer then that.
Bobby B (2 months ago)
john wourden I’m 22 been driving since I first turned 21
R odriguez (2 months ago)
3 hour load?
Tony Stark (2 months ago)
zesound (3 months ago)
If my truck looked as good as his cargo. I'd be done in 2 hours. From the bay area here.
zesound (1 month ago)
Michael Vallejos very good.
Michael Vallejos (1 month ago)
zesound I just got hired as a driver helper how’s the pay
marcboss6 (3 months ago)
Looks like they took about 100 stops off him
marcboss6 (2 months ago)
Jason T true story
Jason T (3 months ago)
That's not enough, 100 stops is not enough for a cut car. What you meant to say was they took 120 stops from him and dumped it on a poor driver that drew the short straw that day.
Eric R Ordaz (3 months ago)
That's soooo rigged.
Ra Thesungod (3 months ago)
Helbert doowop (3 months ago)
Why so many people called this is fake news my truck never looks like that
Focal Point Images (3 months ago)
Nobody gets a gravy load like that, it’s all for show. The shit should be stack to the ceiling, and boxes packed right to the bulk head door. That is reality at UPS, not this for show video.
An Equal (3 months ago)
I am a loader, and I take pride in my loading, but this truck is way too neat to be authentic. Lmao
Jason T (3 months ago)
Now see, that is the most truthful statement from a loader I've ever seen. Anyone who has loaded UPS trucks can attest to that.
MrVaughn32 (4 months ago)
MrVaughn32 (4 months ago)
11 seconds in you know this is a promotional video!! First of all no cab of a truck is that clean in the fleet!! The doors open, and what’s this I see? Lip loaded packages with labels out and the shiny thing called a floor??? Haha what a joke. Now show Orion and how unsafe it is, left hand turns, crossing roads of stops you passed earlier to now cross busy streets with full hand carts
becca m cates (2 months ago)
and a fan, who allows that
Andrew Navarro (4 months ago)
Can anyone drop some knowledge on me on what the job is like from clock in to clock out for uos small package what's required to become a driver
Jason T (3 months ago)
From a 5 year UPS driver to you, I'm going to be honest and straight. It's a hard and intense job. Package car don't ever look like the one in the video. It's packed front to back and all the way up top. I average about 250 to 270 stops with about 400 to 420 pieces a day. There are time commitments to make such as NDA and Savers. It's always a race against time. On the positive side, money is good if you make it past your probationary period without crashing anything. 4 years seems like a long time but you'll be there in no time. Currently, salary at the 4 year mark is roughly $36 /hr before this new contract. Do the math, think about your expectancy versus reality. Hope that helps. As I said, it's about as honest as I can put it without taking sides.
Daisy Santos (4 months ago)
IlIFrostyIlI I (4 months ago)
I am alive. (4 months ago)
The man speaks, "You know the area you know the people." Exactly. Why was 2 billion wasted on that ORION garbage then?!
Kevin Smith (6 hours ago)
Haha, yeah, the driver I help complains about it every day! He's constantly telling me how it wants him to make a delivery in one place, go somewhere else miles away, and come back to the first area later in the day, which would waste plenty of time and gas.
Jose Villarruel (1 month ago)
FUCK Orion. Its supposed to make us more efficient but that bullshit slows me the FUCK down big time!
Jason T (3 months ago)
I agree, wasted money on that Orion bullshit. I can run my cut route better than Orion any day. Stupid shit makes you dog from shelf 8 in the beginning of the day, LMAO... if only I can see shelf 8 from the front of car.
Luke M (4 months ago)
These guys got nothing on the USPS.
fatsweatywhale (4 months ago)
Ok I’m a ups driver and I’ve never ever had my truck that empty or loaded so nice 😂 can I get this drivers route? And loader???
Matt Butler (7 hours ago)
The loaders just throw that shit in there. Lol it’s nice having a helper so you can organize while they run the package .
toyoscio (2 days ago)
Lol Maybe he drops off at lot of packages at a few locations.
Larry Streak (4 months ago)
My truck never looks that light
Robert Bowers (4 months ago)
Another example of fake news, no ups truck is that clean or that neat in the back
I like turtles (4 months ago)
I wish my truck looked that organized when I came into work in the morning. I can't even walk through it.
Ty O'Regan (4 months ago)
I’m a ups driver and I don’t have socks. Tf
mdamron1113 (15 days ago)
Ty O'Regan you have to order them and pay ups to deliver them to you. Our center requires us to wear them.
Bork! Says the Doggo. (4 months ago)
Lol Handel with care, 😂😂😂😂 ups trained me to slam it as hard as possible on the belt till you hear the perfect climb, then toss it over to sorting
ThoughtSpark (5 months ago)
That package car looks far too neat, preload must really care or the driver comes in an hour early the day of filming to sort load and make it look camera ready. lol
Dashoost (5 months ago)
ThoughtSpark I got one even better. They left the car in building after driver start and the part time supervisor went in and resorted and organized a perfect load for the news guy. They probably used a safety co chair who was scheduled to "stay in" to do the route which was just a junk route create with some easy cherry picked work off the other drivers in the area who ended up getting another 25 stops off area just to make up the time.
Tom K (5 months ago)
Whoever is loading that Package Car, I want them as my loader
Dashoost (5 months ago)
Tom K it's easy to load a car with 50 stops in it. They probably left that car in the building and had a supervisor go in and "fix" the load after the drivers left
Taylor Mick (5 months ago)
Probably the coolest thing I've ever gotten from a ups driver is a traffic light
MJChamp (5 months ago)
Haha i just finished folding my UPS uniforms and UPS socks. The UPS socks you don't get for free, or at least in Canada. 28 bux for a pack of 6 and i still only wear my ankle cut black socks. The ones the guy got in this video are the long ones, which no way in hell would i ever wear those with shorts LoL
GLIFELA 11 (5 months ago)
wtf he has like 20 stops in there lmao 3 hour request?
Dashoost (5 months ago)
GLIFELA 11 safety co chair who was scheduled to "stay in" that day. They delete his time card afterwards and code him to safety
pellui millen (6 months ago)
y did youtube show me this
Bobby Lang (7 months ago)
"Handle with care" That's the nicest amount of horse shit I seen.
Ceejay_the_stud (2 days ago)
Remember, the person delivering it to your house wasnt the only person to touch your package and it wasnt the only truck it's been in, so if it ever comes damaged it's not always the person delivering's fault. Gotta use your noggin sometimes
kushrant (1 month ago)
Not once do they mention safety or methods. Lmao
Alan Lee (4 months ago)
emconite gamez it's all good man. It's the same on the delivery side only difference is drivers are somehow overpaid to be glorifies cardboard pushers. A damage here and there is expected when you're moving such ridiculous volume. I'm the quickest driver in my division and I'm not gonna lie and say I never had a box of detergent spill in my truck because I was a little too rough with it. I'm more careful with boxes than you would expect but it happens. This is not easy work.
emconite gamez (4 months ago)
well as a loader we do our best but when getting 15k volume to our belts with 400-500 pph expected of us kind of hard no to throw things once in a while especially misorts
Alan Lee (4 months ago)
Bobby Lang heh well I'll do my best but I know that before it got on the truck, it was thrown around a couple times by loaders and unloaded that make a little over minimum wage.
Astr0 Monstr0 (7 months ago)
UPS fucking sucks
Jose Villarruel (1 month ago)
Ups is the best in the industry by far
Larry Streak (4 months ago)
Fuck u
Greg Kovacs (7 months ago)
Damn I wish the inside of my truck looked like that.
Mike Blaydes (2 months ago)
Pretty Boy Japan the older ones are manual, the newer ones (like the one theyre driving) is automatic.
Pretty Boy Japan (2 months ago)
Are the trucks stick shift or manual?
Ricardo Santiago (2 months ago)
My Man (4 months ago)
Right? The ones I load are fucked by the end of the shift. You have to climb over boxes to get to from one end to another.
I am alive. (4 months ago)
Mine looks like that at the end of the day. 😂😂😂
Sergio Mendoza (8 months ago)
They should start paying these and fedex guys more cause they steal my packages!!!!!! They always vanish!!!!!!
Hei Hei (8 months ago)
Look at the back of the truck. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. If you all only knew what your boxes really looked like all jammed in there.
toyoscio (2 days ago)
+thegamerfrominside Did not the day go by faster because you were busy?
thegamerfrominside (8 months ago)
Hei Hei god they would scream.Expecially during peak if you need to stop and open up the back to reorganize. i worked two peaks as a driver helper with my dad and i hate businesses so much. I wonder how hellish it would be delivering at the malls with people everywhere. Never double shifting as a driver helper again. I get in the hub and unload, get in the truck with my dad, and then when we got back i would walk to my section and sleep in those giant empty boxes. I practically lived there.
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (8 months ago)
UPS is a legalized robber.they stole $2000 laptop and offered me $100. if you don't have the ability to sue them they will get away with your money
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (8 months ago)
UPS is a legalized robber.they stole $2000 laptop and offered me $100. if you don't have the ability to sue them they will get away with your money
Breakfast at Tiffany's (21 days ago)
Well you should of insured it!!
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (8 months ago)
UPS is a legalized robber.they stole $2000 laptop and offered me $100. if you don't have the ability to sue them they will get away with your money
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (8 months ago)
UPS is a legalized robber.they stole $2000 laptop and offered me $100. if you don't have the ability to sue them they will get away with your money
O.G 20686 (1 month ago)
Shut your bitch ass up
Francis W (5 months ago)
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu Shut the fuck up you little bitch.
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (8 months ago)
UPS is a legalized robber.they stole $2000 laptop and offered me $100. if you don't have the ability to sue them they will get away with your money
Gadget (4 months ago)
for the love of god stop spamming.
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (8 months ago)
UPS is a legalized robber.they stole $2000 laptop and offered me $100
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (7 months ago)
I have insured it.I have told them the declared value but they have failed to declare it and they offered me $100 reimbursement
Greg Kovacs (7 months ago)
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu should have insured it.
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (8 months ago)
UPS is a legalized robber.they stole $2000 laptop and offered me $100
Larry Streak (4 months ago)
Texas Patriot (4 months ago)
Allso. What would a multi billion dollar company want with your 2000$ lap top
Noziroh (4 months ago)
Fuck your laptop. I wiped my ass with it.
Rehana Abdulber Shemsu (8 months ago)
UPS is a legalized robber.they stole $2000 laptop and offered me $100
TheDay Cometh (9 months ago)
Make it look nice for the camera. Not realistic at all.
H3rBCantKill (1 day ago)
+Booty Gangsta it all depends on the area in my local area they are hiring drivers off the street but the normal bid is required seniority to qualify
H3rBCantKill (1 day ago)
Not at all realistic... in my district we have a massive shortage of drivers because people would rather work in the hub or quit and they DQ about 80% of drivers then wonder why there is no one to work.
Daniel Medina (1 day ago)
+Huevo Duro702 the most I done was 220 stops and you know it's not organize like that
Aaron P (1 day ago)
TheDay Cometh stealing time
toyoscio (2 days ago)
+Brad Boisvert Keep you busy, day goes by faster.
dudelivestrong (9 months ago)
Is guy is more British than Britain itself.
Eng. Ahmed (9 months ago)
Where's Doug Heffernan?
Eng. Ahmed (8 months ago)
Lord Sesshomaru 😁
Lord Sesshomaru (8 months ago)
Eng. Ahmed That's IPS.
Greg Caesar (9 months ago)
This video will become really popular in a few years.
C. Lincoln (9 months ago)
Drag-queen of Queens.
S M (9 months ago)
A good job but a hard job and few make the cut.
Brad Boisvert (1 day ago)
+Steve Smith yes we do
Jose Villarruel (1 month ago)
I average between $115-125k, depending on how many long ass hours I put in
ralph lopez (2 months ago)
+Steve Smith ya I do...
semaj d (3 months ago)
Steve Smith yes we do !
Steve Smith (4 months ago)
vikings844 no they dont
Jemil Christian G. Jolindon (9 months ago)
1st😊 hi!