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Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Can Do Parkour

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In a new YouTube video from robotics company Boston Dynamics, which Alphabet sold to SoftBank last year, a robot is shown hopping over a log and then up a series of blocks, an activity called parkour. This two-legged robot, called Atlas, is the same one that was shown doing a backflip less than a year ago. The video is called "Parkour Atlas," in reference to a popular recreational activity among young people. In a 2007 New Yorker article, parkour is described as "a quasi commando system of leaps, vaults, rolls, and landings designed to help a person avoid or surmount whatever lies in his path." An earlier version of Atlas starred in the Darpa Robotics Challenge in 2015. Teams of researchers added their own technology to the robot, with varying degrees of success. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #BostonDynamics #Parkour Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Can Do Parkour | CNBC
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Text Comments (768)
Roboartist (20 hours ago)
I hope skynet comes to fruition so they can exterminate all of these morons making unoriginal skynet jokes. Except for me of course.
Pier Bianco (1 day ago)
Oh come on, he is just a payed actor, can't you see? After the video he took off his robot costume and went for a coffee to the bar... It's so obvious! Then again... I'm scared of what is coming. TATA TA TATÁ.... TATA TA TATÁ... Hasta la vista, baby!
Evan Perkins (1 day ago)
Has anyone thought about combining this robot with the AI that spoke at Middle East country.
EJubett (1 day ago)
MurderBots Inc
Kenneth See (1 day ago)
This is more scary than people realize...
zen Maverick (1 day ago)
Jay Louis (1 day ago)
*gasp* The institute
Ceribo (1 day ago)
Imagine these nibbas deliver pizza in the future leaping from houses to eventually get through your window to get you your pizza
Tony Suffolk (2 days ago)
Real Steel. Bring it on.....
Thierry Cottin (2 days ago)
Pouvez vous envoyer atlas sur la lune faire des acrobatie.0673883051 thierry cottin
Vitreon Product (3 days ago)
load up the 300 winmag boys
Ariel Guillespi (3 days ago)
fedor ajajjaja
daniels shamroks (3 days ago)
black mirror S04 E05
Cris_Stark (3 days ago)
I am terminator
asgard man (3 days ago)
Skynet is that you?
Edward Kovach (3 days ago)
We are so screwed. Hope they programmed the 3 laws. We might need Will Smith to bust some caps.
Jay Way (4 days ago)
looks fake
koolerpure (4 days ago)
Skynet online
dodekaedius (4 days ago)
I see the future of my EMP grenade business growing fast
Nick F (4 days ago)
I am amazed by the huge progress achieved in a very small period of time. Congratulations to the teams of experts who contributed to these results!
ThatOneYouTubeChannel (5 days ago)
The music sounds like it’s from Regular show lol
Remi Bois (5 days ago)
literally star wars droids in 20 years
Dwezz H (5 days ago)
The future’s bright,the future is chains......for everyone.
Originalbeatsproducer YnZ (5 days ago)
Professional athletes, these things are gonna take ya jobs!!! :/
Vasily Zietsev (5 days ago)
Even though its a robot it looks fake...like gravity is somehow not the same....watch his one leg as its about to plant....the bot kinda floats
Benassin (5 days ago)
Man that backflip is so sick !!!
failed (5 days ago)
we are all going to die and its (((their))) fault.
fairz animations (5 days ago)
To the people that make these your only months years away from watching your fellow humans being destroyed 👏👏👏
Derek Cantwell (5 days ago)
I hope they do take over the world. Humans are bullsh*t
B Tho (6 days ago)
What is the power-to-weight ratio... not going far ever
Ghosty gray (6 days ago)
Robots are slowly taking earth
fuelerr (6 days ago)
Syberdyne T100 - He'll be back.
Conny Komen (6 days ago)
terminator here we come!!
Nicolai f_c (6 days ago)
The parkour it does look just horrible and There is not a single flow in what it does just too mechanic
Modulehead Independent Creative (6 days ago)
If they show you this, imagine what they're hiding... Jesus
Tom A (6 days ago)
Coming to an apocalypse near you
Christa Martin (6 days ago)
Which is cheaper to produce and maintain? People or robots?
Kay Molkenthin (6 days ago)
Dead Alive (6 days ago)
Why don't we send such robots to the other planets in the Solar system? Through 10 or more years we can colonize other planets, and if we could to record our consious on the processor there's no danger for our survivng. But we will get rid of our biological bodies. Sorry for my eng, I'm russian.
Jt Money (7 days ago)
Damm some good video editing.....hats off my friend 😉 very convincing👍 if Boston dynamics had a programmer like that.... those robots would be almost comparable to japans Honda robot.
BenXVariety (7 days ago)
Why does this remind me of the terminator? Oh yeah...
matty gersh (7 days ago)
That to me is not a good thing. People better realize. The rich like cheap labor. And robots that can make decisions and jump over things is the beginning of something bigger. Robocop or robopolice state. Or gangbanger robot. I'm just saying. Robots are not allowed within my freedom and I'll die trying to protect my freedom if need be
Mauricio Micoski (7 days ago)
Its a fantastic body waiting for a fantastic brain to be developed. I got it: it's a teenager!!
whatitdoyee (7 days ago)
does anyone else think this is cgi?
jayknight139 (7 days ago)
Oh god....oh God!! They are getting more agile some body so them!! This is bad news man.
Abstractn (7 days ago)
Incredible as always!
Baykal Sarioglu (7 days ago)
Let's give them 120 years max. life span...
neoflo22 (7 days ago)
I wish I could have been born now because I'm pretty sure the new "iphone craze" will be about having your own personal robot in 20 years. That would have been awesome.
Curt Brooks (7 days ago)
I just found my new Backpacking buddy
Dimitri (7 days ago)
It has detailed files.
Damiano Colussi (7 days ago)
parkur?!? can you build one that can stand my phreaking wife? that's challenging
Russell Keyz (7 days ago)
The biggest limitation for these robots is the battery cell. Commercially we do so who knows what really is going on.
liz park (7 days ago)
next they will take a gun
A P Developments (7 days ago)
Yes but it can’t shout! GET DOWN! GET TO THE CHOPPA!
Павел Дудкин (7 days ago)
ну держитесь, кожаные ублюдки
Jeffrey Tan (7 days ago)
That somersault is so badass
R G (7 days ago)
You should see the first videos I saw of it falling over and stumbling. This is good editing. You would not believe what the government has however. It would blow your mind. It makes this thing look like a flimsy puppet.
ferdi başıbüyük (7 days ago)
Geliştirin geliştirin insan oglu kendi sonunu hazırlıyor farkında degil.
Seeker Wild (7 days ago)
This is not human this is not robot this is 😈
I_AM_JACOB (7 days ago)
joseph Traff (7 days ago)
Fantastic....keep pushing forward. .. just great!
Cowlaur99 - Gaming and tutorials (7 days ago)
Im just waiting for Them to start fighting, so we Can get Real steel irl...
Mark Troddyn (8 days ago)
Looks fake.
TheChico868 (8 days ago)
Gpopp (8 days ago)
My name is Atlas, I'm the Robot sent by Boston Dynamics
SuperSpeedMonkey (8 days ago)
We're all going to die.
Titou Bangalito (8 days ago)
T 1000
316 Projects (8 days ago)
I'm a farmer. I need a team of these on the farm to get some work done.
5PID3R5PINN (8 days ago)
Please name that song :)
LyricV (8 days ago)
Definitely foreshadowing something out of black mirror especially the military robotic dog
macro deth (8 days ago)
Hup, hup, hup, feel the burn. Burn those carbs... electrons I mean.
David Bacon (8 days ago)
kitchen crew at a CHURCH MEAL PROGRAM FOR THE HOMELESS!.......... "I want you to do 100 jumping jacks for a free church meal, today...... What are you waiting for?" (flip.................. flip, flip!)
Slate Ian (8 days ago)
Dolores from Westworld is almost a reality in 10 years!!!!!
Miguel Bernadin (8 days ago)
I'm just waiting for it to start dancing!
Daniel Whyatt (8 days ago)
Look forward to seeing what the next iteration will show us.
Paul Delaunay (8 days ago)
😍, awesome.
David Rosner (8 days ago)
Atlas may be able to do jumps but can he do jumps while carrying the world on his shoulders?
Steven Andrews (8 days ago)
Bet they put guns on it
Chris S (8 days ago)
Oh, dear god. He can move boxes!? Well... there goes my job security...
Indika Herath (8 days ago)
Hasta la vista baby
Robert Joiner (8 days ago)
So great, now put some guns o them and get them to the border and let them loose on anyone that comes across. Imagagtant destroyer....
Luther Blisset (8 days ago)
in reality these robots cost millions of dollars, have a battery that lasts a few hours, and they do not have enough intelligence to make sensible decisions (car accidents with self driving prove it) .Can not defend themselves from external attacks and have the intelligence of an insect. Computer technology is not yet advanced to generate robots that can compete with humans. the time in which we will see intelligent robots for me is still far away
Goncalo Silva (8 days ago)
It is sad the comments i have been reading on this video 🤦‍♂️ Seriously... The only outcome you can see with this technology is an outcome you saw on a Sci-Fi movie? Are we still caveman? Has anyone stopped to look at a future where they will be a major help to human kind? Help us with task impossible or almost impossible to humans? It saddens me that you guys can only see the dark future this technology can bring, but not the bright and amazing future 😬🤷‍♂️ I have been following Boston Dynamics for years and their job has been remarkable, you guys have outdone yourself again... i can't wait until we can actually see those guys helping us out in our daily task :) Keep up the good work 🙋‍♂️
EMHMarkIX (8 days ago)
Awwww crap, this is terryfying
Ali Goç (8 days ago)
Yarrağı yedik amk ya
sav49 (8 days ago)
I can imagine the day when one of these is knocking on my door, sent by the government because of a comment I put up on the internet which they didn't like. Oh crap how do you delete thing?
Oliver Li (8 days ago)
prepare for a martial arts robot running amok that can't be shut down with guns.
Turbine68 (8 days ago)
beautiful can't wait to see these walking the streets.
asdfghjkl (8 days ago)
Great. Hope those robots will soon wearing weapons!
Federico Lanzoni (8 days ago)
Voi inventate queste cose e io devo andare a lavorare lo stesso?
Vinay Nagendra Camala (8 days ago)
Mat (8 days ago)
This is incredible 😲
Marc Rambo (8 days ago)
Beaucoup mieux que les robots sur Mars plus efficace dans les déplacements lol 😁
Fanta (8 days ago)
It's movements are so unrealistic, wait is this Cgi !!? 🤔
bikebudha01 (8 days ago)
we are doomed...
Zzz Ayy (8 days ago)
is this robat made in Turkey
Shawn Travels The World (8 days ago)
One word "semi automatic shot gun".
Admiral Medjay (8 days ago)
Scott Johnson (8 days ago)
I for one can’t wait to serve our new robotic overlords. All hail Atlas!
superoctane (8 days ago)
Sorry Billy but Atlas 3.0 is stocking the shelves from here on out. Please turn in your store I.D and pickup your final check with Sofia our new 24hr customer service android.