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1990s Ren & Stimpy Fruit Roll-ups Commercial

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Nice spot featuring R & S and other then-current Nick characters.
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Tommy Laughlin (4 days ago)
I like stimpy
Ren Hoek from Adult Party Cartoon (11 days ago)
When this showed It's A Dog's Life woulds have already been out. The best episode of the original aside from Ren's Retirement Aloha Hoek and A Friend In Your Face
ToastWings (11 days ago)
Now you get to eat your favorite characters
danhaggard1 (1 month ago)
What is a fruit roll up? Is that what you eat for munchies when you are stoned?
Mr S (1 month ago)
Got here from Drudge Android comments.
c0met (1 month ago)
Dylan (1 month ago)
Nathan The Hedgehog (2 months ago)
What a crazy rabbit Is a joke
FroakieTrainer54 (3 months ago)
Ren has his billy west voice I see.... But wth I really like Billy's Ren voice
lanyia burgos bunny (3 months ago)
0:19 you Idiots!
Alpha Flippy 26 (4 months ago)
i buy it everythink now i cant find it anymore
Toy Plush Toons (4 months ago)
ren... if you want stinky socks be in a bean boozled company
Kenneth0 (4 months ago)
Imagine if there was a Rugrats version of this, Angelica would've been in place of Ren.
Marcus Millwood (4 months ago)
Rugrats wasn't in this commercial.
ROJOyNARANJA (29 days ago)
VideoGameFan15 (4 months ago)
You forgot poor Doug and Rocko! Oh, and Ahhh! Real Monsters, too!
popoff21 (4 months ago)
I loved watching this commercial every day always cracked me up Ren always seemed like he was high as a kite and why they didn't have Tommy from Rugrats in here
Maddie Revell (6 months ago)
Iconic, truly iconic.
Brian Sangster (6 months ago)
hang on did kid just eat a Ren hang 😐📞 911 what do you need
Asael Polanco (6 months ago)
Presenting...REN-HOEKASTIEN on 0:03 - 0:12!
dead channel (7 months ago)
You eeediots!
Sega For Life (7 months ago)
Marshall -E (6 months ago)
LOL! 😆😄
Guacimara G.S. (8 months ago)
ren is swedish
Soko (9 months ago)
rocko, aka moore
Kristin B. (10 months ago)
This is seriously the BEST Fruit Roll-Ups commercial I have EVER SEEN!!
Guacimara G.S. (11 months ago)
ren talks Spanish?
Yertoown World Yer-Animation (8 months ago)
+sookeysookey1 ok? Xd
sookeysookey1 (8 months ago)
lets just agree its death of the author.
Yertoown World Yer-Animation (8 months ago)
+sookeysookey1​ no, ren no is of a country in specífic, he change of country depend of the plot, for exemple he sometimes is yugoslav, some times north american, sometimes mexican, sometime scottian , sometimes canadian etc he no is a country specífic, even the wiki official said this
sookeysookey1 (8 months ago)
if you read the wikia, it says ren is european
Guacimara G.S. (1 year ago)
and... is Ren Swedish?
Yertoown World Yer-Animation (11 months ago)
+luis german reyes aguila yeah, ren is mexican
luis german reyes aguila (11 months ago)
+Haohmaru Of The Wind  ren hoek is a chihuhua mexican, jonh k creator of ren and stimpy told this, and he is orange tanned, , stop of trolling xenophobic, ren no is pink whitey pale, he si orange a few dark tanned, and too there mexican (whites/pinks)
Yermantown world animation (11 months ago)
+Haohmaru Of The Wind  no told bullshits ,and you do not be a troll , he is mexican , the creator refered to he , like chihuahua mexican 1ren is a fucking dog orange tanned , 2 toó there mexicans ( whites) and ren no is fucking pale pink white effeminate, he is a dog orange tanned macho xd 3 he is mexican , decendent ,the chihuahuas are of México and the creator refered to he like a chihuahua mexican , even he have acent mexican
Yertoown World Yer-Animation (11 months ago)
+Haohmaru Of The Wind​​ no ,eediot , 1ren is a fucking dog orange tanned , 2 toó there mexicans ( whites) and ren no is fucking pale pink white effeminate, he is a dog orange tanned macho xd 3 he is mexican , decendent ,the chihuahuas are of México and the creator refered to he like a chihuahua mexican , even he have acent mexican
Haohmaru Of The Wind (11 months ago)
ren is white +Yertoown World Yer-Animation
Guacimara G.S. (1 year ago)
is Rocko from Australia?
Mr. Dank (3 months ago)
Sky Neal (4 months ago)
+sookeysookey1 He IS a wallaby, silly.
Polymath Boyd (5 months ago)
no a joey is a baby kangaroo a wallaby is a midget kangaroo
presleyclub 20 (6 months ago)
sookeysookey1 a wallaby is like a baby kangaroo
meta's knight youtube (9 months ago)
you idolt
Guacimara G.S. (1 year ago)
is Stimpy from Norway?
Haohmaru Of The Wind (11 months ago)
stimpy is a lynx. so hes aussie.
Guacimara G.S. (1 year ago)
Doug is American, Ren is Swedish, Rocko is Australian & Stimpy is Norwegian
Yermantown world animation (11 months ago)
+luis german reyes aguila yeah, he is mexican, the creator said this
luis german reyes aguila (11 months ago)
+Haohmaru Of The Wind  +Guacimara G.S.  like told ,ren hoek is a chihuhua mexican, jonh k creator of ren and stimpy told this, and he is orange tanned, , Haohmaru stop of trolling xenophobic, ren no is pink whitey pale, he si orange a few dark tanned, and too there mexican (whites/pinks)
Yertoown World Yer-Animation (11 months ago)
ren is mexican
Yermantown world animation (11 months ago)
no, ren is mexican
Alex (1 year ago)
Trivia: Billy West voiced Stimpy, Doug, Roger Klotz, and eventually voiced Ren.
FroakieTrainer54 (3 months ago)
Alex he voiced Ren in this commercial
Lucas Frasure (1 year ago)
I really like the cheesy looking CGI.
Funko Pop reviews !!! (1 year ago)
I wish I grew up in the 90s I watch Ren and Stimpy on Nick toons,they don't make cartoons like that anymore
Haohmaru Of The Wind (11 months ago)
mtv shows em
Ethan Castro (1 year ago)
Charlie Alford (1 year ago)
They should animate the new nick toons crossover film like this if it happens!
Dorothy Allspice (2 months ago)
Charlie Alford OMG YESS
trystin campbell (3 months ago)
Deranged Sucker It is gonna happen!
Ivy Song (1 year ago)
I agree!
J Double C (1 year ago)
I was born in 1994 I definitely remember this
Erika P Koenigsberg (1 year ago)
Billy West is the voice of Doug, Ren and Stimpy.
Haohmaru Of The Wind (11 months ago)
ren was first voiced by john k sir the kreator
Mike's Animations (1 year ago)
I remember my 34 year old cousin told me about this and how excited he was that he got those when he was 12.
Keldon McFarland (2 months ago)
Mike's Animations The early 90s were some wacky times.
Anthony Dunk (1 year ago)
Ren is crazy
Haohmaru Of The Wind (11 months ago)
like me
Menchi Guevarra (2 years ago)
Hi, Rocko!
Rayman Diane Fazbear (2 years ago)
Sadly, Ren and Stimpys kid cartoon was canceled and now it's a stupid adult cartoon. Why would they do this ;( no fair but good news is that it's still on the nick toons website! :D but the adult on is just bad
Bombshell Angel (3 months ago)
Ren and Stimpys kid cartoon ? NEVER BE A KID SHOW ! YOU IDIOTS (Joke)
Sky Neal (4 months ago)
+Rayman Diane Fazbear Don't worry, Because Hey, at least they are still doing the reruns of Nickelodeon's Ren & Stimpy on The Splat (Used to be known as the 90's Are All That) on Teen Nick. That's good news, too.
Haohmaru Of The Wind (11 months ago)
ren and stimpy are bach on mtv
Jacob Felger (1 year ago)
+Rayman Diane Fazbear The adult series only lasted one season, and to be frank, yeah, it's pretty bad. Of course, that was due to a mixture of John K. going WAY in over his head, and Spike TV apparently asking if he can make the show more South Park-like.
Daniel Cabral (2 years ago)
Because the creator of Ren and Stimpy was fired from Nick
raidernationcali (3 years ago)
They just dont make commercials like they used too.
Scythe Blood (3 years ago)
God, I feel old
ProMonarchyGenius (3 years ago)
Awesome commercial and Ren & Stimpy is one of my favourite shows from my childhood :D
Mrswaper (3 years ago)
Yum i liked this fruit roll ups my bro bought and it was good
Nicholas Pozega (3 years ago)
So let me try to figure this out; Ren builds some contraption out of his stinky sweat socks that makes fruit roll ups, stimpy makes the suck stronger which gets them all turned into fruit roll ups (and if Ren's plan was ruined by doing that, what was his plan to begin with?!) and then a kid commits cannibalism on them?! What a messed up ad! 
Technus (3 years ago)
Ren's plan was actually to make fruit roll ups made from his stinky sweat socks hence why he wanted the machine to suck only the scent of the socks up. Due to Stimpy's clumsiness the machine sucked Ren and the rest of them up.
Hailey Shannon (3 years ago)
All the characters with speaking parts in this commercial were voiced by Billy West
DSboy15 (3 years ago)
ren's insane ...
snudion (3 years ago)
aaahh those were the days!! the days I wasn't even born yet
KB Bandicoot (3 years ago)
You forgot about My Life as a Teenage Robot and Catscratch for 3rd group!
millieman76 (4 years ago)
You don't ever see cartoons on commericals like that anymore
Aliyah Marin (4 years ago)
If there was ever a Roger Rabbit version of Ren and Stimpy, with them as cartoons in a live-action world, DAMN, I would feel sorry for the people living with them.
Aliyah Marin (4 years ago)
lol Words cannot describe how awesome this must've been back then. I can think of three words: Silly, Random and AWESOME!!!
Jitters Longpaw (4 years ago)
i miss doug T-T
Lycan Seijin (4 years ago)
Sooooooo many memories. <3
ArizVega Gamer (4 years ago)
DanMan (4 years ago)
Finally they finally let Rocko get recognized on something other than a TV!!
Jordan Taylor (4 years ago)
ren stinky socks I bet they smell so bad
Supahchannelproductions (4 years ago)
So they were all eaten. Is that how the show got cancelled?
psilocybilic (4 years ago)
NaffPronk (4 years ago)
You're crappy
Daniel Lai (5 years ago)
this so crappy
Blake J (5 years ago)
fruit rolls up were the shit
Ben Yaxley (5 years ago)
cool chinese kid at end
HappilyWithMonotony (5 years ago)
It's funny. You'd never think that just this 30 second commercial would be a testament to what things used to be like to so many of us. I mean, it's just contemporary cartoons in a commercial featuring Nick's current characters designed to sell a product. Nothing more. Of course, as a lot of us have come to believe, it was also their best characters.
jento344 (5 years ago)
@nijjjaaamafia can we add canadian to that list of C's
MagicianMovies1992 (5 years ago)
Ren and Stimpy have been loved by me and my brother since preschool and I still like them.
SundownsGaming (5 years ago)
SundownsGaming (5 years ago)
TheNatKidd (5 years ago)
Oh my gosh! A cartoon commercial cross over. With the Nicktoon's. And Doug is their!!! Before he got stolen from Disney.
NickScottCHSvids (5 years ago)
rugrats is lame=why it is not here ren and stimpy is fuckin awesome=why it is here
Edfan10 (5 years ago)
I like it how Rocko was there the whole time and yet he didn't talk once.
RET80 (5 years ago)
0:06 Hello childhood. We all miss you.
DawnRainWasHere (5 years ago)
Ren's laugh at the end.
1C3 P1CK (5 years ago)
Commerciles were worth watching back then and they made you want it more!
2071Johnny (6 years ago)
First Group: Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Rocko, Aahhh! Real Monsters Second Group: Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Kablam, Hey Arnold Third Group: CatDog, Spongebob, Wild Thornberries, Pelswick, Ginger, Fairly Oddparents, Invader Zim, Rocket Power Then everyone else came.
Frank Baritone (6 years ago)
stenpy!!!! ssssstempy!! that 11 year old ate you!!! +sob+ wwwwwwwwhhhhhyyyyyy
smokeyhyena (6 years ago)
@RLBFab3 ren and stimpy WAS the "spongbob" then, but funnier than the new spongebob episodes
Joe Adams (6 years ago)
wut fun fruit roll up will the roll out with next? NONE AT ALL! cuz right now its out of bussiness
pytko3 (6 years ago)
This was a good commercial but why didn't they have the Rugrats in it? Afterall, the Rugrats were one of the then-Nicktoons then.
smawzyv (6 years ago)
That's the shit right there!
shadowstalker1120 (6 years ago)
lol@Doug. GONE mad? Ren's BEEN mad for years.
Alex Fleming (6 years ago)
I see they could only afford Billy West.
1mnmfan (6 years ago)
i miss the 90s!:(
xac caxzar (6 years ago)
that kid looks like bill nye the science guy but when he was a kid lmao
basketballgirl224 (6 years ago)
i remember eating those... whered the good programing go?
mickeyelric11 (6 years ago)
Hey, UncleCathode, what was the last part of the video of that Alicia Brown?
grvtii (6 years ago)
Omg I remember this seeing this commercial when I was 4! Lol that was the first time I was introduced to all those wacky characters, haha I remember how much I loved Ren after I saw him trying to make fruit roll-ups XD *sigh* the 90's was always the golden age for cartoons, there was none of this stupid crap that people think is funny like Jersey Shore oh my effing god that is the WORST show I have ever seen LITERALLY and I'm from Jersey. They need more stuff like this, THANK GOD I'M A 90'S KID
nijjjaaamafia (7 years ago)
The 90's generation was truley blessed with golden cartoons.. now we have cheep crap!
Sorry2Say22 (7 years ago)
r+s rocko doug and monsters all in 1 commercial
staroftherogue (7 years ago)
It's sad that they don't make these kind of commercials anymore. :(
ErnieandBert1 (7 years ago)
@daggettbeaverforever Billy West was originally supposed to do borth Ren and Stimpy, but for some reason, John K. voiced Ren and Billy took over when Spumco was fired.
TheRedSai2004 (7 years ago)
ShootToLuna (7 years ago)
Ha ha... Ren's plan was ruined. >:-)
FLAMINGGASTLY27 (7 years ago)
For anyone that's interested and has Time Warner Cable-Ren and Stimpy is currently being aired on Channel 183 on Saturday and Sunday at 12:30 a.m.
jzerony (7 years ago)
Ren & Stimpy were on a children's network once - Nickolodeon... which is why you see other Nick characters there in the background, like Doug. They were always fairly adult, even then. Eventually they were discontinued on Nick and ended up on Spike TV, I think, where they really let their pants down (so to speak).
IdeaBox9000 (5 months ago)
And showed their unmentionables!
Joe Adams (7 years ago)
90s RULE
billabam (7 years ago)
long live the 90's cartoons...im glad my childhood was during those times T_T
grvtii (7 years ago)
man the good old days. wen nick actually had GOOD cartoons. ren and stimpy gooood times and rocko.
WaRr10rP03t (7 years ago)
ah the good ole days where cartoons really were cartoons thnx!
Sophie R (7 years ago)
This reminds me of a long time ago. Its nice.