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The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

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Bill details the engineering choices underlying the design of a beverage can He explains why it is cylindrical, outlines the manufacturing steps needed to created the can, notes why the can narrows near it lid, show close ups of the double-seam that hold the lid on, and details the complex operation of the tab that opens the can. ☛ Links to additional videos: Rexam: How It’s Made: Anim1: Anim2: Drawing: Redrawing:
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Ricky Wee (1 day ago)
voice is ASMR, i love it
Tyler Bessette (1 day ago)
Steve Skouson (1 day ago)
That "pull tab," or pop top, made Jimmy Buffett famous. I blew out my flip flop Stepped on a pop top Cut my heel had to cruise on back home But there's booze in the blender And soon it will render That frozen concoction that helps me hang on. steve
Jake Smith (2 days ago)
holy shit. This guy does an amazing video, and then goes on and gives 37 links to other videos that delve even further and doesn't ask for shit. This is the real MVP my dudes.
John Futcher (2 days ago)
What was the process that decided the can's height and diameter? The cans you show dont use the minimum amount of material for the volume - at least for an idealised cylinder. Is there something else which makes this the optimum shape - that double flanging for instance, or is it just a case of "we've always made them that size"?
NoNonsenseKnowHow (2 days ago)
Superb video!
A.G. M. (2 days ago)
I’m not an engineer but I practically live for this kind of info. There was another opening method that came after the throw away tab. It involved to two separate openings, sealed by two round, raised discs; one was large diameter, the other small diameter. The can was opened by first pushing the small disc to easily vent the gas and it would afterwards serve as the air intake to permit the contents to pour smoothly. The larger disc was then pressed and it became the port through which the liquid was poured or drank. There were no detachable parts but I suspect there were complaints about the difficulty of opening the initial disc. I think Pepsi brands used this design but it was eclipsed in a few years by the current perfected opening method. In the province of Ontario pop cans used to be steel and only 10 fluid ounces, but beer cans were 12 fluid ounces (Imperial fluid ounces). A longer video could be made concerning glass pop bottles and their rapid transformation altogether to plastic. The glass bottles were usually 26 imperial fluid ounces and they had to be returned to a store that carried one of about 3 pop distributors (Coke, Pepsi and Wilson’s or Canada Dry) operating in and around Toronto into the early 1980’s. To make matters less efficient, the bottles were packed into large wood or plastic carriers of 12 bottles and grocery stores would have to collect these, distribute the empties into their correct packages, and then stack and store them until the pop truck came once or twice a week. No wonder pop was relatively expensive back then. I recall a package of 24 , 12 ounce cans of Coca Cola selling for about $7 Canadian dollars early in the 1980’s and then....Dave Nichols opened up the competition somehow, and prices of pop crashed and have still not recovered. The bottles of pop back then were making a fortune selling sugared and coloured carbonated water...and now, I suspect sales of pop are declining as the market becomes more sophisticated.
Dark Nitro (3 days ago)
Dark Nitro (3 days ago)
ASMR mother fuckers
Hugo Marq (3 days ago)
How could I not subscribe. Will you adopt me?
B M (3 days ago)
Raditia Puttra (3 days ago)
The more you know
quitstalin (4 days ago)
Too bad those vintage cans can't be opened again
Extradext (4 days ago)
Best YouTube video format.
Victor Unbea (4 days ago)
The next step in tab evolution will be one that doesn't require you to pull your nails out trying to open a can
Clockworkz (4 days ago)
Adds is getting smarter
Corncob Sutton (5 days ago)
So more work is done after the lacquer is applied?
Fuck YouTube (5 days ago)
Hey I watched this a couple years ago and here I am watching it again.
Jordan Hendrickson (5 days ago)
This video is amazing!
pedro stlouis (5 days ago)
its so good its bad. humans should only use glass an ceramics. imho
Richard Keller (5 days ago)
More than how he got the Rubik's cube in the flask, I'd like to know how he got out of the straight-jacket.
Hayden Hollingsworth (6 days ago)
The dome on the bottom also prevents it from bulging and not being able to sit on a table.
connor geslak (6 days ago)
Studies of can related use linked to brain disease and Alzheimer’s comes out, “oh shit we need to fight back”
Hannah Trent (6 days ago)
Awesome video. I learned so much. Wasn't expecting it to be that interesting
casesusa (6 days ago)
6:00 "wingspan" NOT "wingspand" ... ugh.
Erik Paaske (7 days ago)
Duh, i knew all this
MRFANCYPANTS777 (7 days ago)
"The evidence thus far indicates that aluminum is toxic to the brain and it is probable that it has a pathogenic role in Alzheimer's disease."
Joshua Vogel (8 days ago)
I see this object everyday never really thought about it before. Very clearly explained - Neato
Orene (8 days ago)
This is very cool, but I don’t care how inefficient it is I want a sphere soda can XD
Rajni Kushagra (8 days ago)
One of the best videos on YouTube.Explained all details with such simplicity and yet keeping the viewer drawn in till the end. Well done Sir
FlawlessGamerYT (9 days ago)
Is there somewhere to buy a sphere or a cube can of something?
Brian (9 days ago)
Did I just watch a video on why a coke can is superior
Roy Lewis (9 days ago)
Not once did he mention it's use as a makeshift bong, high-school me is highly disappointed.
Jonathan Diaz Tapia (10 days ago)
i should be studying for my examn
Nico Corrao (10 days ago)
This made me want to go get an engineering degree.
happy thoughts (10 days ago)
Yeah, it's time for bed.
Irrelevant (10 days ago)
It's 5 am, I should be sleeping
Mohamed Noor (10 days ago)
I feel like I am a can expert. I need my certificate. Thanks 😊😊
Benny Zurkhin (10 days ago)
You're a great narrator. I love your voice, makes it all easy to comprehend and relaxes you at the same time. Keep this stuff up.
frederikskotre (11 days ago)
It's a cylinder...
Robbie Robinson (11 days ago)
Z. Fascinating, thank you.
Noah Wilson (11 days ago)
My man looks and sounds like vizzini from princess bride
Negar Pajooh (11 days ago)
best wishes engineer
Kevin Keagan (12 days ago)
Umm wow
Coy Hart (12 days ago)
What am I doing with my life
Breaker Morant (12 days ago)
Use English units. We have been either rescuing or whipping Europe's butt over the last 100 years so screw them.... and Jimmy Carter.
cweed (6 days ago)
Hope you own a pre 80s car. Otherwise your head will explode when your wrenches don't fit except for the 1/2" (13mm) Sorry for the metric reference.
Breaker Morant (11 days ago)
"It's Engineering not Grade School." I am a Registered Professional Engineer, ME, AE and MME. I hold several US Patents which have been prosecuted outside the US and resulted in 946 Patents in 51 countries through out Europe, Asia and anywhere else worth having Intellectual Property. I worked for a major Defense Contractor in Aerospace doing Design and primarily Ordnance work before striking out on my own. The Metric System exemplifies itself with its embodiment of the use of a base 10 system. I prefer using metric in certain applications but as a Nation, the use of the English System works better because our World has its roots in it. Pound, Foot, Mile, Gallon, Ounce are here to stay. And guess what, as long as houses are sold by square footage, speed limits are mph, football fields are in yards, gas is in gallons and women's measurements are given in inches nothing is going to change.... you pompous ass.
Russell Houde (12 days ago)
It's engineering not grade school
Billiam Squilliam (12 days ago)
I love the way he talks
Dan Acutt (12 days ago)
it’s 2am. help
lord numinex (6 days ago)
2:37am 2019
Till Wowler (12 days ago)
This shows up on my recommended every couple months and I always watch it for some reason
Gersson Marquez (12 days ago)
What software are you using for your models? 🤔
Jones Paul (12 days ago)
I'll never look at a can of coke the same way again
Wecoc1 (12 days ago)
And yet we still have to use those shitty plastic rings to join them in packs.
Andy B (12 days ago)
Enjoyed this video thoroughly!
Dan Parden (13 days ago)
This is a very awesome channel
McProseph Gaming (13 days ago)
Watching in 2019?
engineerguy (13 days ago)
Yes, I am.
Sammy Blaze (13 days ago)
Mari ZenSoul (13 days ago)
I used to recycle cans until I found out the government via NASA was using the cans to create a powdered dust that was then distributed into the atmosphere above us in crop duster planes to create weather disruptions like rain and heat and storms , they called it free riding on our grandchildren almost 50 years ago, its known as chem-trails. They called it free riding on our grandchildren because it was never tested to see what effects it would have on humans, children, asthmatics , animals or the environment. So if you thought you were doing a good thing for the environment think again.
Shiv Shankar Ash (13 days ago)
Awesome video
Luke Johnson (13 days ago)
I present to you : capitalism
lol olo (13 days ago)
Colin O (13 days ago)
What a great voice
duckface (14 days ago)
Its aluminium
Getting to a 100 subs no videos Ya (14 days ago)
Very good
Eclipse538 (14 days ago)
this is ALMOST a strange business training video used to train a person to be a worker that presses a button that controls these machines. a dystopian future job where they literally JUST press a button, whilst unbeknownst to them theyre not really need. LOL
LemurLane ! (14 days ago)
I cut my hand in a spritecranberry
albert_2mb (14 days ago)
Came here from Youtube’s recommended video. Very well made video with easy to listen explanations even for a layman. Subscribed!
gausm warhole (14 days ago)
Oh hey 7 millions of views Is that the guy with the balls on rails?
Bigboss narwhal (14 days ago)
This Officially Sucks (14 days ago)
I prefer glass
Theeraphat Sunthornwit (14 days ago)
All these amazing technology can be yours at only $1 per bottle, plus the drink inside.
陈文鑫 (15 days ago)
Didn't know there were flat top cans. Very informative vid!
ChBrahm (15 days ago)
why did i watch a video on cans?
Twister051 (15 days ago)
I'm not an engineer but this is sooooo cool! I never ceased to be amazed at how stuff is designed. Even the fact that I flat, circular disc can be shaped into a smooth, topless cylinder, I find amazing. How does the metal become shaped but not wrinkled? Sure, through the progressively different tooling but I would think it would still cause minor wrinkling but it doesn't. Incredible.
Asher Christner (15 days ago)
My calc teacher asks: why are dimensions of the can not so that the height equals the diameter? These are the dimensions that maximize the volume vs surface area of a cylinder. Is there some business strategy afoot?
Xavier Krebs (5 days ago)
Because the weight/thickness of the side wall is much smaller than the top/bottom of the can, thanks to the mouldering process.... so it's more economical to keep the top/bottom smaller...
Joseph Wagner (15 days ago)
This video is great, thank you for the interesting content! I was surprised you didn't mention how the score line forming the mouth is asymmetric such that, when pulling the tab to open the can, the mouth starts shearing on one end of this line and continues until fully open. The tab itself is also angled toward the starting point of the shear. If the tab and mouth were design symmetrically, you'd be attempting to shear the whole mouth profile at once, requiring greater effort pulling the tab. Another overlooked feature that makes beverage cans easier to open.
SB C (15 days ago)
Very nice explained 👍
Michael Pisciarino (16 days ago)
Why a cylinder? 0:20 Sphere: + Least Surface Area, e.g Least Material + No Corners, no weak points - Will Roll Off the Table - 74% total volume taken up, leaving 26% of void space (issue when packing) 0:52 Cuboid + Sits on a Table - Awkward to drink from - Edges are a weak point, requiring thick walls, e.g more material + Packing Efficiency 1:17 *The Cylinder* Top- Like a sphere Side- Like a cuboid 1:31 Middle Packing Factor 1:38 *How Soda Cans Are Made*
marcvought (16 days ago)
This was cool!
Heavenly Juice (16 days ago)
_Not sponsored by Fanta_
o (16 days ago)
Beautiful education. Thank you.
yunsbae264 SCS (16 days ago)
Me at 9 pm: I'm gonna go to bed early tonight. Me at 3 am: can
Kyle Daly (16 days ago)
How about the history of the lighter and disposable pen.
Nicholas Klenchik (16 days ago)
I never thought about this before, but I'm glad I stumbled upon this video.
PootizCubing (16 days ago)
Youtube recommended algorithm works
Christopher Brown (17 days ago)
But when/how does the sealing compound get injected/applied? The pockets aren't made until the seal is completed but then I don't see a way to insert the sealing compound. Maybe the liquid compound (that later as you said hardens, turning into a gasket), is inserted at the same time the seal is made? But that sounds hard to do/sloppy. Ooo maybe its a thick paste that is applied to the walls of the seal so it allows time for the curling and pockets of the seal to be made without spilling? But no you said it's applied as a liquid not a paste hmm....yup, I'm stumped.
kinguzi24 (17 days ago)
11:37 WTF?!?!!?
Little Checkers (17 days ago)
Amazing presentation about amazing engineering and physics.
Ben Birchman (17 days ago)
Cups have been cylinders for thousands of years. It's not inginuity at all. It's just a sealed cylinder. The rest of it was cool tho.
mike bradley (17 days ago)
very nice
Drizzy Williams (17 days ago)
The best made videos can make the most average of topics interesting!
Squanchy FapFap (17 days ago)
I'wish you were my dad!
Dave Diedrichs (17 days ago)
This Video is just great, just wow.
Don Moore (17 days ago)
Outstanding presentation. I have always been enamored by the design of the self contained pull-tab, and appreciated the engineering theory behind it. I knew someone who worked at Ball Aerospace who worked in artificial intelligence, and helped design a quality control process to verify the screening of the can and thickness of that insulating layer at very high speed. He showed me some of the prototype equipment. It never occurred to me so much thought and technology went into the manufacturing of a can.
OddCereal (17 days ago)
I'm hard.
Kachowski Views (18 days ago)
Let’s be honest, we’re all watching this for the fifth time
John Elphinstone (18 days ago)
You are a VERY good presenter - excellent delivery.
rascalferret (18 days ago)
he's kneeling down to tv tray height...
Doug G (18 days ago)
I know an old man that was a machinist that made punches for the can. His prized possession is a punch he spent a year making. Claims it is about as perfect as you can machine this object and has been offered money for it. Thick tool steel cylinder with perfect surface. He had it in a wood box and wouldn’t handle it with bare hands.
Crazy Crooker (18 days ago)
That was fascinating.
WaveFinn (18 days ago)
Thank you for this.