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Space: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

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Text Comments (2055)
Mighel do PUBG (20 hours ago)
0:25 but this is a house.
Tudor Lucian (1 day ago)
Bigest 3D printers 3ver investment eD wher e is ,.,3,., Donk e me,., in e ,., but when u ft,., u got me,., not goa t me,., in 3d,.,.
sloop (3 days ago)
World View 4 would need two pixels to show my sausage.
Shoegum (3 days ago)
Lemme get one of them wifi routers for my house, will finally get rid of this pesky weak spot.
Jeff Beck (3 days ago)
Richard Deese (8 days ago)
Space *_must_* be a combination of science, technology & business; that's the *_only_* way it'll work. Thanks! :) tavi.
Queen. BEHEMOTH (11 days ago)
Wait a minute you need a license to take a picture of the f****** planet ?!?who the f*** has the copyrights to that?!?!?!
cyan pike (13 days ago)
The video should have said geostationary orbit instead of geosynchronous
Wordsmith for a year. (15 days ago)
Neil the actor Tyson is in the IMDB as just that, an actor. Want to know what the luminaries look like close up? Everyone needs to look on oYouTube for Real planets and stars’ It will blow your mind I promise! It’s video footage from the legendary Nikon P900 high powered zoom camera of the luminaries😍 Tesla said it was an electric universe and once you see these images you’ll definitely agree. Or just type in Mars P 900 and tell me you think fElony Musk could shoot his load to a luminary!
Esequiel Tovar (20 days ago)
For that caveman example was not accurate at all
Esequiel Tovar (20 days ago)
Its more likely that elon musk just wants to go down in history books and be remembered
jeff j (20 days ago)
really ?
jeff j (20 days ago)
free info
DunaMoose (21 days ago)
_The Expanse_ theme intensifies
aaron bussey (23 days ago)
This video is AMAZING - Thank you!
Antichrys (23 days ago)
Who's gonna break into the space junk cleanup business?
Did this nigga say good problems on Earth first?? That won't work it's not possible it's just not the human way lol
Vzw WEBIONT (26 days ago)
But these people are destroying our planet with the pollution ....
From mb Mars (26 days ago)
Soon they can recognise people with satellites … or maybe already possible.
From mb Mars (26 days ago)
Good luck with the radiation and (real) vacuum. That is it it's true what they say. What's reality ?
*We should fix problems on earth before go into space * Who is this "we"? humanity is a divirgent mess of people, there will be an expansion into space and there will more than enough human interest to fix earth.
Bono cat (28 days ago)
The weather is not terrible in Canada.
Sean McDonald (1 month ago)
I get what NDT is saying but i dont think its a strong argument: leaving a cave to explore costs nothing but exploring Space is a hugely expensive exercise with little immediate benefit or impact other than 'Awwww, everyone died" or 'Yay, we did it'. Yes, there are long term benefits and yes, we can list them ad nauseam but thats the point: you have to keep pointing out the benefits and citing 'hand held drills' just seems a little pathetic . . . . .'yay, cheap drills cos space . . . . .whoot whoot'. . . . . . . And note that im not talking about satellites here; im talking about EXPLORING space, visiting other planets and pushing out into the Solar system. I still remain dissapointed in us that we havent reached Mars yet and appear to be barely able to get into space in any meaningful way.
Patrick Warren (1 month ago)
It's a capitalization, not a democratization.
Martin D A (1 month ago)
sway ths...
Jacky Lim (1 month ago)
07:35 ~ 07:55 There is something sounds wrong with what the Wendover said and what the Digital Globe guy said to me. Wendover : "... able to receive about a gigabyte of information every second from the satelite." Digital Globe guy : "... through that gigabit connection." AFAIK, a gigabit connection can only communicate at 1 gigaBIT / second. Which is 1/8 gigaBYTE / second, as 1 BYTE (B, capital B) = 8 BIT (b, small b). Maybe they are not using a 1Gb (gigabit) connection but 10Gb (gigabit) connection which is approximately 1 GB (gigabyte). CMIIW
Gap (1 month ago)
Was wondering where they get another trillion dollars.
Paul McDonagh (1 month ago)
Released in 2018 and the audio level jumps around like a fuckin pogo. You do know how to change audio clip volume in premiere pro right? Like the most basic of video editing skills??? No? Well its probably time to outsource your editing to china or whatever.
Wolf Man (1 month ago)
Oh yeah just take pictures of me in my backyard. It's all good, nobody cares about privacy.
Smash Revino (1 month ago)
It’s weird seeing your face. I always imagined you as a fat Asian dude. You should put on some weight man you’re too skinny. And become Asian
rgerber (1 month ago)
Give me the Data!! I want all the Data!! Moarrr Data
Lee Johnson (1 month ago)
Dear NASA, I am planning to be the senator from Illinois in 2020 and possibly president if America hires me for the job. Anyway.. we are going to Mars. Get ready nasa and the world, humans will be on mars within 10 years. Get the popcorn and buckle up America
Warsame Adam (1 month ago)
Finally a video that explains Global satellite digital imagery. How come imagine resolution is poor in non-developed countries?! 🧐 as an architect working in one of these countries it’s difficult to use digital globe imagery due to extremely low resolution in detail. So I decided to produce own ultra high resolution images by using drone. Brilliant video many thanks
JonathanDa Gamer (1 month ago)
that's unusually long
daniyal k (1 month ago)
Can anyone please tell ne why do we *need* to go to mars?
daniyal k (1 month ago)
16:31 tell that to stupid modi who btw was just re elected few days ago by his stupid ignorant and extremist supporters who are all illiterate extremist fools believing in every bullshit he says
Siccovs (1 month ago)
Could you maybe put your references in the discription just like @RealEngineering because that can really help me with my scriptions and essays on university. Great video though thanks!
01001100 IVE (1 month ago)
*These 4 people control the satelites* *_Clicks drain battery and close solar panels_* Shit.
shawn burnham (1 month ago)
ApocalypseTy (1 month ago)
People who think a gigabit connection is 1 Gigabyte per second mildly annoy me
Bob Spafford (1 month ago)
Yes, there's always a BIT of confusion on that one!
Ape X (1 month ago)
Remember, we were all born out of the Earth.
MinMax123 (1 month ago)
RIP WorldView-4
Ryan Glogowski (2 months ago)
Damn homie I’ve been watching this video for ever
JRGJRG (2 months ago)
Man is not yet ready for space. Space is not ready for man.  We need to sort out our own problems first, like abolishing wars and suffering. Man cannot survive radiation in space. We are centuries off from that goal.. I don't agree with Tyson.
Bob Spafford (1 month ago)
When you're out in space, you will realize how much it really sucks. I mean, ordinary soda straws and vacuum cleaners would totally stop working . . . .
PoorlyMadeCornbread (2 months ago)
The ground stations only connect at 100 megabytes per second as it was stated as a gigabit connection. Not gigabyte.
Thomas Lee (2 months ago)
Climate science? Are you kidding? The NASA satellites showed that the global temperature had not increased for 15 years. Just as soon as that information was released, the Warmers and NASA both began calling the science invalid.
Charlie O'Connor (20 days ago)
Thomas Lee I hope you live just North enough that the last of the polar bears might feed on you
Brian Wyters (2 months ago)
Won't weather block satellite coverage for autonomous vehicles?
deinemuddaisdoof (2 months ago)
09:17 ha
deinemuddaisdoof (2 months ago)
07:40 about a Gigabyte a second 07:51 7TB of raw information / through that Gigabit connection
Hans Olav (2 months ago)
yapping about profit??? clearly humanity still needs to grow a functioning brain. but we all knew that.
Bob Spafford (1 month ago)
Yes, humanity came from the earth, and that's why most of the brains around us are balls of dirt!
Honk Honk (2 months ago)
People who say helping african nations is more important than space travel are the same morons who donate nothing at all to africans
Honk Honk (2 months ago)
Its called privatization of space, not democratization you fucking tard
Emblazened (2 months ago)
My boy Elon gonna get us there and we need a donation box to help him.
Sravanth Vanguru (3 months ago)
Masrur Khan (3 months ago)
Plot Twist: Four Commercial Space Organizations merge into one Maxar Technologies. :O
Falconite (3 months ago)
Amazing. Thank you!
Jonathan Hughes (3 months ago)
Satan invented money. God invented giving. We are harvesting what God gave to us. Why are we valuing Satan's way?
Sam Hunter (3 months ago)
7:53 he said gigabit not gigabyte.a gigabit is 1/8 a gigabyte
Quinold (3 months ago)
Elon Musk I thought dropped out of college thinking it was a waste of time.
Keith Tiberius (3 months ago)
When a specific spaceflight objective (going to the moon, Mars, Near-Earth Object) can provide a return on investment of at least 50%, that is when you'll see explosive growth in the commercial spaceflight industry.
Dorkis B (3 months ago)
How are people so smart. I find it hard to comprehend even the information on the video.
Patrick Fuchs (3 months ago)
Worldview 4 malfunctioned and has been decommissioned :(
Tom P (3 months ago)
17:28 upside down globe
Almighty Sosa300 (3 months ago)
But... but... Eddie bravo told me there’s no pictures of Earth from space 😮
ImmortalHitman (3 months ago)
"They are asking questions more difficult than ever." ---"How many trees are there?." *Starts counting*.
Damon Guzman (3 months ago)
Wendover! A gigabit internet connection is only GigaByte every 8 seconds because 8 bits=1Byte
prac2 (3 months ago)
cmon, really? his name is jablonsky?
Xaltotun Great (3 months ago)
The governments found a way to get to space. Then it got cheaper and commercial players appeared. Now what we need to do is to find ways to DO things cheaper IN space. Then it may get cheaper and can attract commercial players. Sounds easy, right? :-)
gerrpk (3 months ago)
The CIA must be paying them well
jorge pearl (3 months ago)
the main problem with space exploration, is that chemical rockets have very little energy, to put one ton in the moon, they require 100 tons of fuel, fission nuclear rockets can't do that, because they would contaminate the earth with radioactive material, we are waiting for fussion nuclear rockets, by now only very near space is profitable
m ch (3 months ago)
Space force will build the new Trump golf course in outer space
Science 2020 (3 months ago)
I think that NASA should become the "space police." They basically become the FAA of space. Also, some countries should be barred from space. Countries like China, North Korea, and other authoritarian countries.
cd5ssmffan (3 months ago)
"authoritarian countries" so does that mean USA too?
Sipos Emanuel (3 months ago)
It’s Gigabit not Gigabyte of information. One byte is 4 bits.
Legend 11 (3 months ago)
Ironically we would probably fix our problems by exploring space.
Sebastiaan De Bruyn (3 months ago)
Im watching since vid 5 or so and your videos are really awesome and thorough done and there getting better everytime :) Please keep on going!
Jasio HD (3 months ago)
Ok so what happened to their share price??
Mohamed Blaiech (4 months ago)
Mining astroid can be lucrative.
Crayton Caswell (4 months ago)
Of all the money pits the government can get into, I have supported space exploration the most. This video actually made me second guess myself. Stop talking about private space exploration as if it is "lesser" than government space investment. Government isn't all of us; it's a discrete institution with its own agenda, and by almost any line of reasoning, the incentives do not line up for massive space investment. It isn't like maintaining a large military, which maintains at least some elements of international peace along with the world's reserve currency. It isn't even like federal infrastructure investment. It cannot help but to involve a tiny minority of people economically, and private is as good as government for doing it, all the more because a "vanity project" (Jesus fucking Christ, all space exploration is a vanity project) does not put other people's money on the line without consent. Musk will be on Mars in 30 years. I now seriously want him to beat any government entity to that accomplishment. I still would like to see tax dollars spent in space before it is spent in most places, but I'm under no illusions as to whether "we" are doing it, as opposed to some people in a bureaucracy.
sanch Sanchayan (4 months ago)
All nations in the world should support : Education, Healthcare and Research and development. Let a thousand years of peace happen and reduce those defense budgets.
Born seeker (4 months ago)
I can bet these satellites can not see through Delhi pollution 😂😂
Robert Roberts (4 months ago)
This is proof our Government is lying to us. The satellite world globe 4 can see a single sheet of paper at 300 miles yet when we get photos of Mars or the moon we get crap.
John G (3 months ago)
You do realize the the satellites are hovering over Earth in low Earth orbit (very close to the ground). Furthermore the worldview 4 satellite was constructed and launched in 2016 therefore much higher resolution camera that the shitty images we got from curiosity which was launched in 2003... Not to mention the pictures from Mars have to be sent a much further distance than from Worldview 4.
Alex Martin (4 months ago)
Commenting for the algorithm, absolutely fantastic content.
Takeoff Aviation (4 months ago)
With the amount interest Delta puts in I think it will be a large order and a sign for a successful aircraft
JJ (4 months ago)
Kerbal Space Program has served me well.
mbaxter22 (4 months ago)
Somebody better tell these companies, their thousands of employees and all their investors, because the earth is flat and space isn't real.
Matthew Fernow (4 months ago)
Clicks video, gets an ad of Chris Hadfield's masterclass.
Tobaganner (4 months ago)
One gigabit is 8 times smaller than a gigabyte, they are not receiving one gigabyte of data a second 7:40
NKR Reviews (4 months ago)
@WendoverProduction is Geo Synchronous orbit, the same as, Geo Stationary orbit.
Bailey Blaydes (4 months ago)
I live 10 minutes from that glass satalite building. Grew up right down the street from it. Never gave a thought to what it was or who it was owned by. Blew my mind when I saw it in this video.
Dolf Andringa (4 months ago)
I really dislike you calling it a "democratization" of space. It has nothing to do with democracy. Its a commercialization, or "corporatizaton" maybe, but definitely not democratization. We don't get any say in what happens in space. Actually, it's the opposite. If it's only government agencies that go to space, at least there is some semblance of democracy in there. Progress would be slow and I think commercialization is definitely increasing the rate of progress right now. But we do need to realize that we are going to give away control of space to a small number of very rich companies and people.
nightlightabcd (4 months ago)
When it is said "The Next Trillion Dollar Industry", what they mean is how much the US government is going to be in debt for! Keep in mind that these billion dollar corporations and the super rich, like trump, do not pay taxes! It's the same as war, the Trillion dollar industry, which is it, at our expense while they make the money and not pay taxes, as the US goes ever deeper in debt!
phat bill (4 months ago)
Folks, the earth is flat
Vice 88 - Official (4 months ago)
phat bill And other jokes you can tell yourself.
Justin Macasinag (4 months ago)
and... Space Mining & Crypto Currencies
Nefff (4 months ago)
I can't wait for the Star Trek type of future!
Rupesh Patel (4 months ago)
I am just amazed by the amount of information you put in your videos...great work...and keep making such videos
Way Up (4 months ago)
What a good video. Any else remember this channel before it became a Flanderization of Reddit tier puns and shitty quips?
Ady B (5 months ago)
Maxar's share price is down more than 90% over the last year... They going bust already?
Troll (5 months ago)
*The next trillion dollar industry of tax payers money*
ParabolicCat (5 months ago)
Tyson once again proving what a moron he is. His analogy makes no sense. Space is expensive. Maybe 1,000 people get to go, maybe 10,000, maybe 100,000, but what about the other 7 BILLION stuck behind on Earth? We got shit to deal with here, famine, disease, homelessness, and NO ONE is going to space if WW3 breaks out. That's why you fix your home problems first, moron, not piss all your money away going to Mars for the short-lived thrill of it.
Arrynek01 (5 months ago)
12:27 that's exactly wrong, at least in connotation with the Tesla picture. The entire point of Tesla Autopilot is that it relies on what it sees. That's why it works so well, unlike Google autonomous vehicle that needs perfectly mapped area to function.