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Space: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

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Text Comments (1956)
Ady B (23 hours ago)
Maxar's share price is down more than 90% over the last year... They going bust already?
Troll (1 day ago)
*The next trillion dollar industry of tax payers money*
ParabolicCat (1 day ago)
Tyson once again proving what a moron he is. His analogy makes no sense. Space is expensive. Maybe 1,000 people get to go, maybe 10,000, maybe 100,000, but what about the other 7 BILLION stuck behind on Earth? We got shit to deal with here, famine, disease, homelessness, and NO ONE is going to space if WW3 breaks out. That's why you fix your home problems first, moron, not piss all your money away going to Mars for the short-lived thrill of it.
Arrynek01 (4 days ago)
12:27 that's exactly wrong, at least in connotation with the Tesla picture. The entire point of Tesla Autopilot is that it relies on what it sees. That's why it works so well, unlike Google autonomous vehicle that needs perfectly mapped area to function.
Eren Unsal (7 days ago)
12 inches is the government regulation on 1 pixel that you can view from a private sattelite, US regulatory rule as of a couple of years ago. I know this from people at a Catholic Church in Yorba Linda who own 'family sattelites'. Tech is not limited to 12 inches per pixel. There is no regulatory mechanism that can enforce such moderation.
nobel Joseph (8 days ago)
Piece of shit clickbait title
game exe (9 days ago)
i wish someone would ask neil degrass tyson after his responce to why not fix earth first before going to space "why? why go to space?" we cant survive in space, we need gravity, we need radiation shielding, we need mental stimulation to not go insane being locked up in a metal cylinder for the rest of our lives, colonizing mars would have phenomenal costs and theres nothing we would gain from it in return, and if you are going to say "well what if earth gets hit by a meteor, mars would be a good backup plan to ensure the human race survives" but it wont survive, being cut off from earth and all of its resources, we would whiter away and die out on mars, do theres no benefit for us going there, and we dont have the scifi inspired technology to go anywhere further than that and we never will at this declining rate of western civilization. Theoretical physicists are not real scientists, they are just naive dreamers that need to snap the fuck back to reality. Also no matter how badly we fuck earth up, or even if a meteor hits it, it would still be a million times more hospitable and cheaper to just live there than on mars, all the money and resources you would spend on teraforming and making mars hospitable would be astronomical compared to teraforming and making earth hospitable again after a meteor strike.
Tou Yang (15 days ago)
What airport is that?
Shawn Miranda (15 days ago)
7:40 you said they receive a gigabyte of info every second. Moments later the guy said that the connection is gigabit, which means they only receive about 128 Megabytes every second.
BAM (17 days ago)
I just love how neil degrasse Tyson talks. =]
MentalIssuez (18 days ago)
So those guys operating those satellites are the real spies
Danni jensen (19 days ago)
you need a good base camp to climb a mountain Mr. degrasse tyson
Michal Břečka (21 days ago)
I just want to say, the satelites don't have a GB connection, he said Gigabit which is 8x less than Gigabyte, so it's Gb not GB.
YellowShep (21 days ago)
Trillion dollar bill: The next trillion dollar trillion dollar bill
Vaclav Haval (22 days ago)
If you want to get on the big shows, you have to lick Einstein's vomit and pay homage to Black Science Guy. Sell your soul to the devil, basically, S.O.S.
BON3S McCOY (24 days ago)
I would definitely watch more WP or RLL videos of this size. This is great.
Kim Jong un (24 days ago)
Jablonsky gaming
So No (30 days ago)
Typical bull about a non-existent spinning ball and even more absurd satellites which don't even exist! Obvious sheeple fertilizer.
The Warptarium (1 month ago)
Elon musk dropped out of college xd
Bear Lemley (1 month ago)
There is so much wrong with this video. One is that governments cannot look long term. Look at the US. Comments to space travel goals only last 4 years. On other is that governments take so long to do anything that while they build a space launch system or satellite , frequently they will take so long to build it l, that technology will pass them by. Look at the JWST or Aries. The average citizen will say things like, “why spend money in space, we have so many problems on earth we should fix earth first “. Not ever thinking that both is possible. Citizens influence governmental programs. And the big elephant is that anything a government does for you will cost 10 times as much as you doing it yourself. It is the nature of bureaucracy. Look at health care and 600 dollar hammer. Ask anything of the state and it will cost you. Ask the state to launch a communications satellite for you and it will cost 400 million to the taxpayer. Until recently it because we just didn’t know it could cost less. Want the state to even be in charge of overseeing private launches? They will smother you in paperwork and delays. People that made this video I hope are never working for government space agencies.
waxystudios (1 month ago)
worth watching.
mark bruns (1 month ago)
Atletico Madrid stadium looks good from the sky
augusto Roa Bastos (1 month ago)
such quality... much wow...
edenorchestra (1 month ago)
Good material and research. Fix your audio, there is a huge volume disparity between the narrator and the interviewee. This is an easy fix. Thanks for the great work.
Gex (1 month ago)
Where is the footage of Earth from 1:40 from pls thanks
Pencil Stick (1 month ago)
I didn't know the earth took selfies
Leo Perez (1 month ago)
Tyson got MeToo'd
Ernesto Prieto López (1 month ago)
Great video. Better than the ones on TV. Keep up the good job!!!
Jacob Lennon (1 month ago)
Wendover's videos are made with such high quality! He keeps it both entertaining and informative. One of my favorite channels!
Johny (1 month ago)
_"Individuals don't want to invest in something that won't make money until after they're dead."_ Damn.....
Zant Smith (1 month ago)
yes BUT elon musk made a reocket u can relaunch multiple times.....so he doin a loooot better
kitrana (1 month ago)
we might want to take a lesson from the first corporations of the start of the industrial age, and keep an eye on corps like maxar. they may be essential to get us to making getting space mundane right now but we should remember the lessons from days gone by and make sure that these top-down companies by remembering what we had to do to top-down companies of old, and why.
Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman (1 month ago)
7:35 - 1 GB/s Holy shit!! You can download RDR2 in less than a minute with that kind of wifi.
refineme (1 month ago)
Rev up your toaster satellites!!!!!
Andron MacBeton (1 month ago)
09:00 parasitic whore detected!
Glenndilen (1 month ago)
One gigabyte of data is not one gigabit of data.
Noah Kelchner (2 months ago)
“Governments transcend generations “ tell that to the French
Eric Southard (2 months ago)
3:14 wouldn't the statue be facing away from Toronto?
Yash Yadav (2 months ago)
You deserve more subs! Gave your vid a thumbs up for support <3 from India
Corbin Young (2 months ago)
Anybody else get that very "adult swim off air" style purple matress ad? Surreal and memetic... Idk how to feel right now..
Jay Hamilton (2 months ago)
The great thing about this Maxar technology its publicly traded ,maxr, with a dividend. I believe in the idea of space travel and I find it encouraging I can invest my hard earn dollars in ideas I believe in.
Arterexius Gaming (2 months ago)
I used to disagree with Tyson on his comments of commercial space companies not being able to lead the race, but I've realized that I misunderstood what he said. Commercial space companies won't explore space, so they won't be the lead in exploring and expanding into space, but they will be the lead and backbone of cementing our presence up there. There are quite a few different ways to understand "lead". But Tyson isn't wrong on this. Companies have to chase what makes the most profit. There's a lot of REM out there (Rare Earth Materials) and those are going to be the main income source for commercial space companies. Exploring new possible safe havens (Earth like planets) will be on the shoulders of governments and unlike previously, it will not take forever to do. Simply due to taxation of Space companies.
ez45 (2 months ago)
Thanks for the content, it's amazing as always! Please do bring audio volume in line. Mr Lance is quite loud in comparison.
spacedout83 (2 months ago)
So, dont murder ppl around 10 am and be outside
Albi Hadroviq (2 months ago)
away doesn't have any discount with or without the /wendover
receding stars (2 months ago)
Gigabit every second, not gigabyte every second. (Common mistake) awesome videos.
kang pimp (2 months ago)
Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Next Mike Tyson. Yeah Wendover i know it's Half as Interesting.
STEPHAN FEIBISH (2 months ago)
Go into space. But don't expect space to welcome you.
Atletico6 (2 months ago)
David Lazure (2 months ago)
I just realised that you were that guy from that interstellar startalk video. I watched that back in march, and I had no idea this was you? i knew your face all along oh my god
Fuckau Dolphin (2 months ago)
Wtf does he mean due to the curvature of the earth??? Earths flat???!!!
Max Freedom (2 months ago)
Everything you think you know about space is WRONG. NASA is a disinformation agency. Not a space agency. Wake up.
Josh The Emoticon (2 months ago)
I recommend watching on 1.5x speed
aljawisa (2 months ago)
There's enough people to do everything.
3dgar 7eandro (2 months ago)
13:13 Atlético de Madrid
cmdmd (2 months ago)
Well, if countries and agencies do nothing to deal with space junk, space exploration will halt. There is a tipping point coming, once space junk/debris starts colliding and forming more and more and more fragments, NO LAUNCHES will be possible due to the high risk of losing them. Given the rate at which junk is being left in space and even idiotic nations doing tests to destroy satellites, This is issue is likely. We’ll likely hear about it in the next 10 years.
cmdmd (23 days ago)
Dr. Zoidberg Correct. But there’s a tipping point ahead if nothing is done. The material that’s being tracked isn’t a lot, but it can cause issues if not addressed.
Dr. Zoidberg (26 days ago)
Actually, we're already solving the problem. The RemoveDebris orbiter already tested their net system in September of 2018 & it worked perfectly. This year they're gonna be testing their harpoon & dragnet (which can deorbit a low earth orbit satellite in 10 weeks rather than 2+ years). Also remember, space is _vast_ -- in fact, if you do the math, the amount of space junk we have up there could literally fit on one barge. That's all of low earth orbit right out to geostationary orbit, so it's not exactly the crisis that a lot of news agencies say it is. Lucky for us, we already have a solution in the works -- something that could be implemented at scale in just a few years & basically solve the problem of space junk forever.
Get me 100 subs and I will reveal something (1 month ago)
cmdmd Well agencies could do stuff IF they got funding!
Fkh chaos (2 months ago)
This black dude have lectures in Great Course.
Nicholas Cousar (3 months ago)
It's frustrating that the majority of your visuals contain stock footage of cities and you don't label a single one. What is this interesting place I am looking at?
Aimee Edmondo (3 months ago)
FYI, those rural villages in Zambia are being mapped by Akros, Inc. not the Gates Foundation. These maps are used to measure the effectiveness of indoor residual spraying for malaria. These maps were historically made using funding from USAID. Gates only recently came on as a funder in collaboration with PATH.
N V (3 months ago)
this video rules
Dylan Adams (3 months ago)
SpaceX is kinda cool Digital Globe is kinda cool Fuck Virgin Galactic and FUCK Richard Brandson Blue origin is kinda cool
usama ahmad (3 months ago)
So they are just spying the earth how u can say there only customer are us government and allies countries lol they must be seeling to north korea and inida also
MonkeySpecs301 (3 months ago)
As long as the world economy is fixated on profits, our space exploration achievements will be painfully slow.
Dr. Zoidberg (3 days ago)
+MonkeySpecs301 R&D costs a tremendous amount of money -- hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in many cases. You cannot do that shit if it doesn't make you money -- it's not sustainable for _anybody_. It's all well & good to say "Just do the thing that's good for humanity," but when that entails spending insane amounts of time & money -- enough to sink an organization in one fell swoop -- I'm not gonna do it if I'm not compensated. Neither is anybody else. This is why innovation exploded with the industrial revolution & the rise of capitalism. Basically, your proposal is fascism -- the government should take care of & own everything, because government entities are the only ones who can spend R&D money without worrying about direct profits since they can rely on tax money.
MonkeySpecs301 (4 days ago)
+Dr. Zoidberg not really Dr, profits slow advancements, you should research how magellens circumnavigation was delayed many years because all the designers of a precise clock wanted to take credit and profit of it before they release the designs. You understand right? if something benefits humanity just do it. but your a doctor how has sacraficed and you most likely want credit so you aren't really helping ppl out, probably profiting off prescribing medicines that kill instead. i have biotech and pharmaceautical stocks, i know how corrupt the system is. have a delusional life!!
Dr. Zoidberg (26 days ago)
Profits are literally the only thing speeding up space exploration. Space is projected to be a trillion dollar industry within just a few years. Money is like fuel (or charge, I suppose) in your car... you might not like it, but having more of it means you can go a lot further.
gleb bogdanov (3 months ago)
Could of sworn the earth was flat?
Nivardo Ramos (3 months ago)
NASA works as a socialist/ communist enterprise... so is corrupt.... Space x works as a capitalist business model... so is changing the world for good
Dr. Zoidberg (26 days ago)
NASA is a research agency -- they don't have the same goals as SpaceX. They're not corrupt, they just don't do what reporters & people seem to think they do. Their business is researching space, not colonization... in fact, most scientists that I've talked to aren't even interested in manned space flight in the slightest. They would much rather send up probes & satellites, because you can get more data for a lot less money from those -- also it doesn't matter if you crash them into a planet or throw them into deep space.
Diego Straube (3 months ago)
Anyone else noticed Madrid in 13:14?
flishlish (3 months ago)
in some ways governments have longer time scales to work on, but in others, politicians don't like to fund anything that will take longer than 1 term in office
Dylan J. Walker (3 months ago)
SpaceX is talking about an ongoing program not a holiday to mars
Imran Arafin (4 months ago)
The first nation or Company that lands on mars and makes is livable will be the richest in the whole solar system . USA and Australia had land , that Nation or Company will have a whole planet .
Dr. Zoidberg (26 days ago)
Nah, I don't think so. There's a lot more money in asteroid mining than transportation services. Keep in mind, the company that provides the rockets to get to mars will not then own & do everything regarding the establishment of colonies on Mars -- they're just the way to get there & many other companies will build it up.
David Gaman (4 months ago)
Yes that guy ! 😂😂😂😂
David Olver (4 months ago)
ever since we have been going to space what we learned from space has fixed a lot of problems on earth.
haroonriazb (4 months ago)
Why do you still have 1.5 m subscribers?
Reuben Stern (4 months ago)
If you been playing vostok inc, you'd know trillions is chump change. you want quadrillions per second... your saving should be in the duo decillion range.
Aidan Klapheke (4 months ago)
Away? I think you spelled Squarespace wrong
Lit Plumber (4 months ago)
"don't ask for their permission" "take a picture" *hey I took a picture of you it's mine now fu!* This I can imagine happening in a few years...
Pranjal Sharma (4 months ago)
Great insight into the space industry and exploration.. wonderful video wendover team
Jose Hernandez (4 months ago)
Jose Hernandez (4 months ago)
I get it
Jose Hernandez (4 months ago)
Or round I'm afraid to outside the box is it wrong
Jose Hernandez (4 months ago)
So flat right
Horatio Mud-Gudgeon (4 months ago)
this could be a load of fantasy bullshit, until we find a better way to launch and escape the earths gravitational force our current suite of techniques require too many resources many that are diminishing fast with escalating prices according to their scarcity
Shachar H (4 months ago)
Came here expecting a documentary... ...found a Maxar Technologies promotional video followed by a video essay parroting and quoting Tyson's views on private space industry vs the govt
Ultrametric (4 months ago)
When Tyson starts talking, the sky is rotating in the wrong direction :)
KinoftheFlames (4 months ago)
1 Gigabit per second, not 1 Gigabyte per second
gabbie kavanov (4 months ago)
soon we will jave planes that fly into the atmosphere and fly against the spin off the earth cutting time by a fuck ton
gabbie kavanov (4 months ago)
soon we will jave planes that fly into the atmosphere and fly against the spin off the earth cutting time by a fuck ton
Aloha Dubs (4 months ago)
Buy N Large: The Next Trillion Dollar Company
epiclolyay (4 months ago)
In 50 years the resolution on those satellites will probably be in an iPhone
Ahmed Medhat (4 months ago)
Make a video on the economics of regional airlines in the US
Buddy Franklin Overhead Mark (4 months ago)
Think of the quantity and quality of data collected here, unreal.
motorcycleguitarsolo (4 months ago)
Gigabit does not equal gigabyte.
McGuire316 (4 months ago)
This whole video is simple untrue... The Earth is flat.
Tice Roose (4 months ago)
That part about how satellite orbits work was really enlightening, long overdue for me, thanks!
Andrew Bridgman (4 months ago)
i really like the intro - cave story - but what if the problem in the cave is your daughter being strangled by your uncle, do you go and visit the other mountain first still?
Maximilian Y. (4 months ago)
how do i get a job in that room?
Waffeey (5 months ago)
Outstanding job.
torrace12 (5 months ago)
Away is a great success
Noel Hoffman (5 months ago)
If you could remember not everyone how watch’s you show are not American. 96% of the people on this planet don’t use imperial measurements! So incorporate metric measurements next time please.
IndigoXYZ18 (5 months ago)
@2:56 I just learned my erect penis can be seen from space.
Ryan Kelly (2 months ago)
Well it's pixal size so unless your penis is a sqaure then it can't see it
Ryan Kelly (2 months ago)
+Chris Harper sick
Chris Harper (4 months ago)
IndigoXYZ18 That’s actually true! The latest classified US Key Hole spy satellites are rumored to be able to see items 1 inch in length...
Richard Gates (5 months ago)
The idea that only the government can do this is historically inaccurate. Look here at our own nation. The arrival of the Pilgrams on the Mayflower was a combination of business and religious purposes. It was funded by business, not government. Those first years resulted in property rights and free enterprise. Assuming Americans will tame the wilds of space, this is the model.