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Space: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

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Text Comments (1833)
David Gaman (1 day ago)
Yes that guy ! 😂😂😂😂
David Olver (4 days ago)
ever since we have been going to space what we learned from space has fixed a lot of problems on earth.
haroonriazb (5 days ago)
Why do you still have 1.5 m subscribers?
Reuben Stern (5 days ago)
If you been playing vostok inc, you'd know trillions is chump change. you want quadrillions per second... your saving should be in the duo decillion range.
Aidan Klapheke (7 days ago)
Away? I think you spelled Squarespace wrong
Lit Plumber (7 days ago)
"don't ask for their permission" "take a picture" *hey I took a picture of you it's mine now fu!* This I can imagine happening in a few years...
Pranjal Sharma (7 days ago)
Great insight into the space industry and exploration.. wonderful video wendover team
Jose Hernandez (10 days ago)
Jose Hernandez (10 days ago)
I get it
Jose Hernandez (10 days ago)
Or round I'm afraid to outside the box is it wrong
Jose Hernandez (10 days ago)
So flat right
Horatio Mud-Gudgeon (10 days ago)
this could be a load of fantasy bullshit, until we find a better way to launch and escape the earths gravitational force our current suite of techniques require too many resources many that are diminishing fast with escalating prices according to their scarcity
Shachar H (10 days ago)
Came here expecting a documentary... ...found a Maxar Technologies promotional video followed by a video essay parroting and quoting Tyson's views on private space industry vs the govt
Ultrametric (12 days ago)
When Tyson starts talking, the sky is rotating in the wrong direction :)
KinoftheFlames (14 days ago)
1 Gigabit per second, not 1 Gigabyte per second
gabbie kavanov (14 days ago)
soon we will jave planes that fly into the atmosphere and fly against the spin off the earth cutting time by a fuck ton
gabbie kavanov (14 days ago)
soon we will jave planes that fly into the atmosphere and fly against the spin off the earth cutting time by a fuck ton
Aloha Dubs (14 days ago)
Buy N Large: The Next Trillion Dollar Company
epiclolyay (15 days ago)
In 50 years the resolution on those satellites will probably be in an iPhone
Ahmed Medhat (17 days ago)
Make a video on the economics of regional airlines in the US
Buddy Franklin Overhead Mark (19 days ago)
Think of the quantity and quality of data collected here, unreal.
motorcycleguitarsolo (21 days ago)
Gigabit does not equal gigabyte.
McGuire316 (22 days ago)
This whole video is simple untrue... The Earth is flat.
Tice Roose (23 days ago)
That part about how satellite orbits work was really enlightening, long overdue for me, thanks!
Andrew Bridgman (23 days ago)
i really like the intro - cave story - but what if the problem in the cave is your daughter being strangled by your uncle, do you go and visit the other mountain first still?
Maximilian Y. (25 days ago)
how do i get a job in that room?
Waffeey (26 days ago)
Outstanding job.
torrace12 (28 days ago)
Away is a great success
Noel Hoffman (1 month ago)
If you could remember not everyone how watch’s you show are not American. 96% of the people on this planet don’t use imperial measurements! So incorporate metric measurements next time please.
entropy achieved (1 month ago)
Brilliantly done! Love ur work
IndigoXYZ18 (1 month ago)
@2:56 I just learned my erect penis can be seen from space.
Chris Harper (12 days ago)
IndigoXYZ18 That’s actually true! The latest classified US Key Hole spy satellites are rumored to be able to see items 1 inch in length...
Evren Saygın (1 month ago)
Sigh *Boots up KSP*
Evren Saygın (1 month ago)
Why everbody starts their business in their garage? This is such a cliche.
Richard Gates (1 month ago)
The idea that only the government can do this is historically inaccurate. Look here at our own nation. The arrival of the Pilgrams on the Mayflower was a combination of business and religious purposes. It was funded by business, not government. Those first years resulted in property rights and free enterprise. Assuming Americans will tame the wilds of space, this is the model.
Ivo (1 month ago)
Yes we must fix the problems on Earth thats a big true and one of the big problems that we must fix after the violence, the extreme consumming and polution problems, is the superpopulation on Earth... this beautiful and blue planet on this solar system is superpopulated wright now so...we can solve this problem by going to space and travel to stars and colonizing other places, moons whatever...
Isaac L. (1 month ago)
Clicked off when you started going on about self-driving cars 👎🏼
EvilEyebrowBoy (1 month ago)
how is it that google maps has better detail then?
Justin Noker (1 month ago)
There is one thing I'd like to point out. In the past, Companies did often make long term investments that did pay off in the very long term, the building of the transcontintential railroad is proof of this, if the companies that built it we're only concerned about their short term profits, the US would be vastly different today than it is now. It's an investment they made 150 years ago, yet today the railroads are still reaping the profits from it. Something changed in business mindsets that make them only look at the short term over the long term. If you could somehow convince companies to have the same mindset that built the Transcontintential Railroad, then we will experience rapid advancement, just like the Railroad provided.
Nikki Oldaker (1 month ago)
Great info...How much time and $$ did this project cost to produce?
WhatTheFua?? (1 month ago)
You seem to be confused about units. 12 inches = 30 cm but 12 sq inches = 77 sq cm. Plus, the size you're talking about most likely isn't 12 sq inch but rather 1 sq foot = 144 sq inches. Maybe Brilliant can help. Good video though.
Ian Driessen (1 month ago)
You deserve so much more subscribers, your videos are amazing. So professional!
Anish Ahuja (1 month ago)
Trung Nguyen (1 month ago)
weather watching lost or found searching, testing emergency long distances communication, an old, joke over earth issues, landing on the moon.
oldtwins na (1 month ago)
It will be interesting to see how property rights will be distributed to planetary bodies outside of Earth. More than likely it will be some international consortium of governments, as well as the richest companies and people who will get land and mining right claims, while the commoner gets nothing.
Justin Noker (1 month ago)
oldtwins na well currently, international treaties have it so that space is international territory, nobody has ownership of anything aside from anything they bring there. It's an often cited issue with space colonies, as setting up any rule of law would be in violation of the treaty, as you'd essentially be making a nation (or at least a national claim) in an area that it's forbidden in.
1hard2findbro (1 month ago)
I'm going to keep this intergalacticly short: there are no other willing Russian aliens to help us afford space travel. so earth will remain our affordable home. There are no exceptions...Elon, Branson 😁
Smitty Johnson (1 month ago)
Neil's cave analogy was perfect.
QuelDroma366 (2 months ago)
The fact that deep space exploration isn't profitable right now just demonstrates how little value it will bring us. Better to wait until the technology develops more than to rush into it.
Hunter Rowland (2 months ago)
Best video I have ever watched how long did it take to edit and make?
hohum (2 months ago)
Super high power wifi signals? No.... In your effort to explain something to someone in a simple manner, you've completely gotten this one wrong.
Vidyahgame (2 months ago)
wanna join my free gift card giveaway?
KC G (2 months ago)
Sell Sell Sell ;-). Stock was doing ok for a bit. 😵
Jeeto (2 months ago)
Did I miss the SSL video? I haven't seen you post one yet
grey head (2 months ago)
You kinda got it wrong
Legacy Chaser (2 months ago)
I Wanna go to space so I don't have to think of my student loan
Sunil Narine (2 months ago)
Do whatever you want to venture into space but dont ever say in the future that we fucked this planet up beyond repair.............our greed and urgency to accomplish a task is damaging Mother Earth every single day.
Malte Degener (2 months ago)
Just put that Away-case on my shoppinglist. Loving your videos and love to support you! Keep up the great work.
Eddie (2 months ago)
7 Terabytes per day?! I can only imagine how much data those commercial/government sats are pulling down a day. A year!
Donald Scott (2 months ago)
Every point Neil DE Grasse made has been proven wrong!!! He is a major dork!!!
Speedbird (2 months ago)
This is probably your best produced video
Jonasz314 (2 months ago)
Satellite imagery gets you ~decent resolution, but most of Google Maps imagery today is actually from planes. US has its own satellite to survey lands, they take 1cm resolution which is enough to make out license plates on cars. Come think of it, they had incredibly high resolution cameras back in the 70s on the SR71 Blackbird, so nowadays they could probably photograph a mosquito from low orbit.
Blackfish (2 months ago)
15:36 "it's all aboot information" hmm I wonder if MDA is Canadian. 15:46 oh yep.
bozimmerman (2 months ago)
I'm not sure that being an astrophysicist qualifies you as an expert in either economics or political economy, which are literally the only subjects he discussed.
paul sebastian (2 months ago)
im sad cause i saw this video expecting some space mining
Shashank Saxena (2 months ago)
As of now, stock is up 20% since you posted this video...
Tatemantis (2 months ago)
Does anyone else want to sent a satellite to space that is a toaster* instead of just the size of a toaster? (At 17:59 Wendover mentioned a satellite the size of a toaster) * (The toaster should have solar panels that way we can also toast bread in the vacuum of space)
Travis (2 months ago)
I was happy to hear your closing remarks. I'm so tired of hearing "Private Space Flight is the future." It's not wrong, but it's only the immediate future. People and politicians love to bitch about government spending or inefficiency. Some even go as far as saying most government entities shouldn't even exist...but without the U.S. and Soviet government's massive investment 60+ years ago, none of the componies, projects, employees, and millionaire executives would even exist. A lot of these people who reject spending on space exploration don't even bat an eye when trillions are thrown into the military because they see defense from hostile humans in other parts of the world as essential.........but expanding humanity outside of just this planet and harvesting the vast resources in space could not only lead to major leaps in technology, but could remove the threat of foreign aggression. A world where we have the resources to provide comfortable lives for every single one of us would all but end major conflicts. OH well.....
OLEC OLEC (2 months ago)
Nice watch!
tabaks (2 months ago)
Elon Musk is a cunt and psychopath!
Ed Wehby (2 months ago)
That doesn’t sound like you at all
Mordant221 (2 months ago)
Born too late to explore the world, too soon to explore the galaxy.
Wigan Cyclist (2 months ago)
and then wired connections...
thenovascope (3 months ago)
Too bad the earth is flat and this is all a lie
Bronte Arnott (3 months ago)
Hello World (3 months ago)
"The first of those was launched in 2007, the most recent was launched in 2016, and they have an expected life of over 10 years each" but 2007 was 11 years ago...
Hello World (1 month ago)
Justin Noker Yeah that makes sense. Thanks.
Justin Noker (1 month ago)
Hello World "OVER 10 years" 1 year over isn't that much, though it is probably in it's last days of life
Hello World (3 months ago)
This is one of my favorite videos on the channel!
NerfAimBot (3 months ago)
why not just create a Neural network, i know it's not easy but it would save a lot of money aye
D3 Fingerboards (3 months ago)
“1 GB of data every second” My WiFi at home: 3 MB every second Boi
wepoststuff (3 months ago)
Wait...With that kind of resolution - theoretically speaking - if you were able to map the entire Earth every second of every day, could you use that data to build a visual history of the earth? In one year from now, would it be possible to go back and look at today's date and see events exactly how they happened, on any given location of the planet?
Nelson DeGus (3 months ago)
RIP I live next to an Orbital ATK office and research lab, and they were recently bought by some company called Northrop Grumman, which sounds WAY worse. so yeah
snazztacular (3 months ago)
Your vids are amazing. Keep it up.
Entrepreneurs words (3 months ago)
Which one isyou
Costa Wisco (3 months ago)
Too cool 🛰️
Zontar (3 months ago)
It's ironic that people pretend the government is the one we need to push us into space, yet all the innovation we're currently seeing is from the private sector.
Jaxon Mattox (3 months ago)
Going to space helps solve issues on Earth. "The cave needs work" "Well there is an even better cave over in that other mountain, and walking there will get us in better shape and improve our quality of life in many ways!" Not going to space is stupid, but idiots and people with bad agendas continue to screw everyone else over
Murlock2000 (3 months ago)
an amazing price ? 600 dollar for a suitcase ? forget it, CAT has some that are better quality and cheaper
Jaime Herrera (3 months ago)
This deserves morrrrrrrre by the millions!
Charl Du Plessis (3 months ago)
Space Mining... - this will make people want to go into space to make money... "Every Day People"... The bottom line here is, Humans move to where there is opportunity and resources... - Thus... if you create easily accessible Jobs in space (Mining Space Rocks) - You'll get more and more people Wanting to move into space.. And to solve the problem of people Living in space... just make a Huge Rotating Spacestation which generates a LOT of artificial gravity. Then with people living in space, you'll start to get a lot of other business opportunities as a result.
Junk Mail (3 months ago)
Neil deGrasse Tyson from 0:30 to 1:10 is no where loud enough to be heard clearly, especially 0.:55 REAL LOUSY, he's so soft and demure WE CAN'T HEAR YOU. Sorry I got frustrated, and compromised my standards. Again apologies.
Justus Kraft (3 months ago)
Really nice done. Awesome video
E K (3 months ago)
I would love to see a break-down of how we could colonise mars.
DrewPicklesTheDark (3 months ago)
Capitalism ftw
Arnold Robert Lee (3 months ago)
How would this work with a 'Flat Earth'!! but they still will claim they're right
d p (3 months ago)
Just because a company won't make profit within its founders' lifetime, that does not mean it cannot be comercially viable. If Jeff Bezos has his way, Amazon will never make a profit, yet he still has the hig est net worth of any individual. Shareholders who are going to die before a company are always able to sell to a younger generation, who are in turn able to sell to a generation younger and their own, etc. It's not so much that trans-generstional investments are not viable due to human lifespan, but because they tend to be riskier given that more can go wrong over a longer time period, especially if a private organisation is doing blue-sky research that may not lead anywhere (think interstellar travel). An asteroid mining company would potentially be a relatively safe trans-generational investment, since minerals on Earth will run out, and some minerals found in asteroids are already commonly used.
Friend (3 months ago)
"super high power wi-fi signals" made my ear bleed with pain. Couldn't you use the words "radio signals"?
Friend (3 months ago)
The mountain-cavern/space-earth discussion is very nice BUT nobody climbed to the top of mountains unitil some tirolese drunkards though it was cool in the 185X. People instead went for mountain passes, leaving the mountain tops alone. And that's what the private development of space travel is: going or the mountain passes. Public investment in moon-landing like expeditions... is more akin to mountaintop alpinism
AutumnHideはにゅう (3 months ago)
I wish I was born a century later, when space travel is much more common. It's so boring living in an earthbound civilization
Harun Suaidi (3 months ago)
It's a business of astronomical scale
Sourabh Bamourya (3 months ago)
Were is ISRO
Mort Kebab (3 months ago)
Governments don't think beyond the next election.
ceojr1963 (3 months ago)
I have written about people like Elon Musk who wanted the Mars colonies and were not public companies. Mine were fiction, But I understood that it'd have to be more than just governments as they tend toward swaying in the political winds a lot more then they do long term projects. Maybe China will be first on mars, but not t he USA because they can't even keep the lights on at the white house it seems.