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Faulty appliances: Repairmen reveal industry secrets (CBC Marketplace)

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Repairmen Unplugged | Originally broadcast January 9, 2015 For more information, visit: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2014-2015/appliances-repairmen-unplugged More from CBC Marketplace, Canada's top consumer affairs show: Watch episodes online at http://cbc.ca/marketplace Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cbcmarketplace Talk to us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace Follow our hosts @cbctom and @cbcerica
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Grant MX (1 day ago)
I like thousands and thousands around the world have a Samsung side by side model RS26DDAPN fridge that is leaking and now doesn't even work and not very old. It's been leaking water on the floor since we bought it, and fills up with thick ice in freezer side floor, and eventually quits working. So we defrost it by opening the doors and using a huge fan to blow inside it for two days, while our food is in coolers which we have to buy ice bags twice a day. I bought this fridge at Sam's in Ciudad Valles Mexico to put in our retirement home about 50 miles away. I can't find any parts anywhere and can't even find the part number for this fridge in any parts houses. It must be only in Mexico but I see pictures of the same fridge in USA and other countries. I also can't find anyone to fix it. The internet is full of people with the same problem. I have 3 Samsung HD flat panel TVs 50+" that didn't last a year. If I could find the parts for the fridge I can install them, but what do I do, buy all the parts or just guess one at a time?. What a piece of junk. And I still see them selling the exact same ones in Sam's!
Dominus Pegas (1 day ago)
See if you can remove the serial number with damage. If you can buy a new one change the SN and return it saying it's broken and you want your money back within two weeks.
George Yunk (1 day ago)
These "throw away" products don' have to be thrown away. If you have the slightest amount of mechanical aptitude you can fix them yourself. The first step is to get on your computer and google the manufacturer name and the problem your having eg: Whirlpool fridge freezer frosting up fridge not cooling. That will give you links to sites where people had similar problems. Scroll through the messages, read the answers. Sometimes you'll get multiple answers. With my fridge it was a choice of the drain line plugging up or the control board crapping out. I went for the cheap one first... the drain line. One person had mentioned that it the drain line has a duck bill (a rectangular piece of rubber on the end of the line with a slit cut in it) to snip it off. I snipped it off and defrosted the freezer. While I was waiting for the freezer to defrost I got back on line and searched out a diagnostic test list and printed it out. Once the freezer was fully defrosted I plugged the fridge in and went through the diagnostic test list. Everything checked out ok.... but there was a option of setting the fridge to defrost every 6 hours instead of the factory set of every 8 hours, so I changed it to 6 hours. I'll know in a few months if those did the trick, if not, I've already found the part number for the control board and searched them on eBay and Amazon. I can pick one up on eBay for 40$ or Amazon for 60$. If I only had one fridge I'd buy the board from Amazon... faster shipping... if it's for a secondary fridge... flip a coin. The interweb has expanded so much in the last 10 years. You can find parts for almost anything online. You can find installation instructions for almost anything on YouTube or other places these days. If your looking for a manual the first place to look is manualslib dot com. If my easy fix doesn't fix the problem I'll order the board, spend 5-10 minutes installing it and Bob's you uncle.
Scott H (1 day ago)
What a waste of time. Great topic and very relevant but 10 minutes in a one "secret".... design issue. Get on with the story. Repeat and rehash over and over...... c-mon man.
fatcrewz (2 days ago)
this is never happen in my country
William Burdon (2 days ago)
I bought a hot water tank from one of the box stores, 3 years later the electronics went out, they no longer sell parts for it , lol I went online and found something from another manufacturer that looked the same ....guess what , it was the same. It seems like America is turning into a bunch of tricksters and scam artists. I guess I will just have to keep outsmarting them , I feel sorry for people that are not as knowledgeable about this stuff , as I am.
Debra Allen (4 days ago)
My Samsung has the same problem with leaking water in the crisper drawer and ice under the drawer. The fridge has been serviced three times with parts replaced and adjusted and they have now given us a full refund ( on a Lowes card of course ). There is no permanent fix for this problem. All fixes were short lived. We bought the 5 year extended warranty and will always buy one for any refrigerator purchases we make. Sadly they are still selling this model.
Yodel Simmons (5 days ago)
>damn straight >repair males >tim horton's plug "?" k
Laura Croft (5 days ago)
Laura Croft (5 days ago)
Laura Croft (5 days ago)
TheCurvyCanuck (6 days ago)
Bought a dishwasher from Samsung 3 times in warranty it broke down it broke down for the final time out of warranty it was a fight but they gave me my money back for the dishwasher
Cio Dokop (6 days ago)
I have a hitachi freezer it’s working like ever new...
Tô Diệp Khanh (6 days ago)
these appliance manufacturers, i don't know how they can do it, but majority of the time, after the warrantee time ran out, the appliance will break down. Like clockwork, right on time.
pedro fernandez (7 days ago)
This also plagues new cars, all the damn electronics used nowadays, I don't buy anything new or fancy, I buy used and as low tech as I can find.
Andy Peek (9 days ago)
My 40 year old Prestcold Fridge Freezer is still going strong, I was given it 10 years ago, as the guy had bought a new Samsung machine, lol. It turned out it was only the thermostat that was faulty, I walked out to my van, picked out a new one from my stock, fitted it and all has been good since. It has an external condenser and operates on the old R12 gas, the best part is it has a butter compartment over which you have control, so I keep my lovely New Zealand butter just at the right temp. As im in the trade that machine will last forever.The freezer runs at _ 24 degrees Celsius, you won't get that temp with a modern fridge.
zebratangozebra (10 days ago)
Buy the cheapest stuff out there. Often it's better than the highest priced stuff.
WOLFROY47 (10 days ago)
they listed LG but not hoover, and what about italian or turkish manufacturers ?
WOLFROY47 (10 days ago)
you get a robotic answer or music. they must be working for the telephone company, when you do get a human being, ask to speak to the supervisor and save some wasted time, talking to a person who can't make decisions
WOLFROY47 (10 days ago)
12 years in your dreams, 2 maybe 3 for the electrical bits, or as soon as the guarente runs out. even when replacement parts are covered, the repairmans fee isn't. he can be more expensive than the part he's replacing. dump it and buy a reliable brand, better still avoid dodgy brands before you buy, check on line or with neighbours etc about who sells crap brands. when they say 12 years they mean the body, not any of the bits that make it work
Anne Spellberg (10 days ago)
I had that Samsung the crisper filled with water. The drain line did not have a defrost, it was frozen solid, a design flaw. So when ever the fridge defrosted, the water would drain into the drawer. I put foil back there and directed the water under the crisper, then once a month, I'd get the towels and a big bin and sop up the water and ice that formed.
Yumin S (11 days ago)
LOL I bought a used 10year old samsung fridge and been using it for 5 lol
Roman Bukins (11 days ago)
Bought a fridge made in England... It leaks water sometimes but other than that 6 years with no repair and still going... I suppose you just gotta treat foreign manufacture like Donald Trump XD
Shelia Crowe (12 days ago)
Thanks for the warnings about these companies don't care.
Henry Wang (12 days ago)
sometime change fridge maybe from people buy a new house in China, so sometime Chinese's fridge can use 15yre to 20yre, Surprise, at least I know that Made in China is not as bad as I thought. o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o
Leder USA Inc. (13 days ago)
Repairmen should be the next most popular profession now? High demand
Spahi77 (13 days ago)
Here is an industry secret, nobody fixes appliances anymore....
Mthwakazian Mthwakazian (13 days ago)
Unless you go public, no company would do the right thing...
Mrssea Sea (14 days ago)
just have to add.........all of our appliances are from the 70s.........and still going........
Prowler Cam (15 days ago)
The freezer on my refrigerator started freezing up after only 30 years of operation. It cost $116 dollars to get the heating element replaced ten years ago. I also had to replace the door cams on the fridge door. Did that myself. It still looks brand new.
Mickeyislowd (15 days ago)
My toaster is from the victorian era...sure I get electric shocks when I take out the toast but hey...the toast tastes great.
Prowler Cam (15 days ago)
Mickeyislowd - Replace the power cord with one that has a polarized plug. Check youtube for installation video.
Justin B (16 days ago)
I have a samsung dishwasher that has never worked. I have a warranty and yet still can't get the piece of crap to work properly. Just complete garbage
James Tousignant (18 days ago)
When buying appliances, follow KISS example. Keep It Simple...Stanley. Less amount of electronics the better and check the Lemon book for reliability.
Jason Rawls (18 days ago)
All samsung appliances are expensive heaps of junk. Believe me I know
Dingfelder Smurfalot (19 days ago)
Useful segment, thanks. I saw the orange juice one too; this is a good show.
ytubeanon (20 days ago)
argh, I kept waiting for them to use the word "monopoly"
Grants Pass TV Repair (21 days ago)
Same story with TVs. It's rare to see TV that last very long as well.
William Dean (21 days ago)
Jeez, I wish Marketplace at the very least would have told us the "handful" of other appliances that were not part of the larger group... maybe the more reliable manufactures.
Sandy Man (22 days ago)
Our old fridge bought in 2008 was Samsung worked good for 10 years then finally the compressor gave up
Luke Braz (23 days ago)
Video keeps repeating the same thing all along the whole video....
BigJoe941 (24 days ago)
70 calls in one day I smell BS lol not humanly possible lol
Gauden (25 days ago)
DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG APPLIANCES, they are cheaply made. Do not get fooled by the looks. Samsung does not honour their warranties.
jelly just (26 days ago)
I got my fridge and apartment size freezer from the dump both work great
Michel Chapoy (28 days ago)
Just like buying a car..
I wilfix (28 days ago)
My Mobile phone is 5 years old and works fine, While many complainers are texting from the newest $1000 cell phone, because last years model is OLD and OUTDATED and now lying in a drawer.
TheFourthWinchester (29 days ago)
When I went to purchase a stove, the store sales people advised us not to buy an electronic stove and just go with the mechanical version of the same one because the electronic version would get a lot of service calls. Thank God I took their advise.
Carl Ryan (2 days ago)
I have a 30 year old Caloric stove with an electronic control panel for the oven, it has never failed. However, an igniter for the oven quit about two years ago that had to be replaced. The replacement part was $15 and was easy to install, two screws. Electronics can be made very reliable if quality components are used and it's well designed. These new appliances fail because they are junk.
TheFourthWinchester (29 days ago)
This is the reason I haven't bought a new washing machine and still using the old one which is over 15yrs old. No need to buy new crap which looks good but works terribly while the old one is perfectly good enough for everything you need.
RareDiamond Ching (1 month ago)
Our Maytag Bravos MVWB450WQ0 washer broke down last year (2018). The symptoms was and uneven load and in many cases the washer stopped with an error during the spin cycle. From You Tube videos and Google search, we replaced the rotor, which was cracked at all 4 bolt locations but problem still persisted. My wife and I did the repairs ourselves and since the problem didn't go away, we replaced rotor position sensor and stator and that solved the problem. Not bad considering the washer was 9 years old and now the we have to replace the bearings as it sounds like a fighter jet taking off during the spin cycle. My in-laws 20+ year old Whirpool washer had/has no problems but those days are over due to planned obsolescence.
Ami Riegel (1 month ago)
You do like me no dryer, old Jeanie stove, old wringer washer, dish washer still works so far but I refuse to replace my appliances with new I have much better luck with old appliances....they work.
Ami Riegel (1 month ago)
Dump Samsung. And whirlpool appliances
I wilfix (28 days ago)
Dump Whirlpool then you need to dump Kenmore, Maytag, Kitchen aide. These products are exactly the same made by Whirlpool with a different name tag GE has also declined sharply in their quality, Especially their laundry products. 5 years tops
Dean S (1 month ago)
I learned this simple trick from a appliance repair guy. “The more crap your appliance has on it is more crap to break”. Yup it holds true.
Ana Justice (1 month ago)
One thing that is missing from this story is that appliances used to be MADE IN THE USA. That is no longer the case. Many of the parts that used to be metal are now plastic and made in China.
Ana Justice (1 month ago)
Its like i always say...a good appliance is like a husband. When you find a good one...hang onto it! Where appliances are concerned..newer is not necessarily better.
FL Biker (1 month ago)
Ultimately we the consumers are the problem. Somewhere along the line we became okay with over priced poorly made products and continue to buy it. If we didn't buy the junk they would be forced to make a quality affordable product or simply go out of business. Consumers stopped sticking up for themselves so this is what we get.
James Pulver (23 days ago)
I assume there's the problem that we generally won't live without a fridge for instance, and if there's no "good" fridge to buy, you're stuck looking for the least bad cause you need a fridge. The other appliances you can work around, with greater degrees of hassle, and again, it's not like you can obviously buy something better if you want, and most people also need the other major appliances.
whisperingsage (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO1yLpjpxAM Maybe we should get this insurance?
BroccoliQueefed (1 month ago)
Buy Bosch or Miele
I wilfix (28 days ago)
Those last up to 20 years, but every repair you have is extremely expensive, and you will always have a repair of some sort.
01IveR01 (1 month ago)
My Samsung Fridge died after 3month of use. The duo cooler both gave out spoiling everything in my whole refrigerator. I had just bought $250 worth of food the day before which should lasted like 2weeks. They fixed the problem but never paid me for the spoiled food I bought the day before even tho I had a receipt for all the items. I have a Samsung too load washer that was recall which they came and "fixed". Well a year later they came to fix another issue and the repair guys said "your Samsung washer doesn't have the metal clips from the recall issue it had the original. They need to be changed". I'm dumbfounded & shocked that my whole family was at risk of the too fly off without warning. Yes he fixed it. Now I'm out of warranty and I buy the parts & fix it myself.
01IveR01 (1 month ago)
PS my 2nd washer problem was the motherboard. They came fixed the problem which no lie took 5 appointment in 7day. They day I wasn't home & left my husband with the 4 repairmen yes 4 fixing my washer. The told my husband it's fixed & left. When I got home I inspected it and guess what? They left the electric wire hanging under the bleach dispenser which is right above the water flow in which the bleach falls into. Also hanging next to the metal part of the washer outer body. In other words my washer now became a electrical hazard. So I called & they said they couldn't do anything as I was out of warranty. Well it took me about 3days to Samsung to repair it the right way as I flooded all their social media sites with pictures and called them & ask who should I name in my lawsuit if someone in my house gets electrocuted because of their lack of responsibility. And that I was going to call my congressman and the BBB. Yeah they set up that repair real fast. Told them this is what happens when you send Dish network repair people with only one month training to repair an appliance.
loopiewho (1 month ago)
ps when you buy insurance and extended warranty's ,make sure you wont mind waiting more than 40 mins listening to music before you get through to a real person and its a chargeable call too @17p per min it made me so angry and they make you have to find original receipts and serial numbers etc the hoops i was made to jump through then i still ended up being conned and had to buy them myself ,be warned
loopiewho (1 month ago)
I have had so many things blow up and all of them were insured ,squaredeal were the very worst ,in that they did not honer the contract what so ever i had to buy that item new even though i had squaretrade policy for 13 months and it was spose to be a 3 year warranty... so .next whirlpool they were awful a brand new top of there range tumble dryer arrived not working correctly they were useless i still have the same item it still does not work as it should ,the next was a dishwasher again insured with domestic and general ,when the dish washer went wrong they did send an engineer to fix it but it could not be fixed so i was told i would have a replacement one in a week 4 months after being told it would arrive on certain days and never did arrive .finally after shouting down the phone as i was so angry it arrived but they did not take away the old on ,or fit the new one ...which is what they were meant to do then another squaredeal insured item again they were useless and flipped me off even though i had that item insured for years with them they did not honer .my advise dont bother with extended warrantys its more of a pain than just buying a new one ,they keep you on the phone for hours listening to music before you even get to speak to a human ,then they flip you off and are useless lies ,you can not trust a single thing that they say .how ever hoover came to fix my washing machine they changed the door lock that didnt fix it then they changed the mother board that fixed it and it was all done in one visit and i was happy with that it still works fine
MarkyMark662 (1 month ago)
Seeing the first issue in this video with Water in the crisper drawer Samsung should be fixing these for free! This is such a major issue. I see 132,000 views on a video with this specific issue titled "samsung fridge leaking water into crisper Samsung fridge/refrigerator RF217 RF195" Call Samsung and complain!! 1-800-726-7864 My fridge is just over a year old and has this problem.
Bob Ranch (1 month ago)
And those two guys were never heard from again.
J Ringo (1 month ago)
Don't waste 25 minutes, you learn nothing you don't already know.
Robert Black (1 month ago)
I always do most of my own appliance repairs. Its really not that hard, its just every model has a different trick to getting inside where the parts are accessable. For the Fridge, which I don’t have the proper tools, I buy service contracts. These days, most repairs call for replacing a circuit card - that is usually several hundred dollars for the part.
I wilfix (28 days ago)
My company never replaced electronics or processors under a service contract due to their high failure rate and cost. Read those contracts very carefully. They will always try to find a way to condemn the unit rather than paying for those parts.
Weihan Xingqi (1 month ago)
Buyers beware!! DON'T BUY these defective products!
Shayne (1 month ago)
My mom's Admiral fridge from the 80s is still going strong. The compressor sounds like it's about to blow, but it still works lol.
Apex Guardian (1 month ago)
the repairmen here also dont mention most of your money for a repair goes to the labour.. a board that's about 150 will cost about 400 to have someone put in... and some of its pretty simple connecting wires.
Jacob Lorimer (1 month ago)
*uses front camera to show fridge* 5:55
dan stomber (1 month ago)
I had nothing but trouble with whirlpool
Daisy's Stuff (1 month ago)
Vann Berg HVAC (1 month ago)
What about window air conditioners?
Sarojinidevi Thambapillai (1 month ago)
This is reason sears went bankrupt thank you God
Dylon Allen (1 month ago)
Repairmen: *Reveal industry secrets* Industry: "Am I a joke to you?"
yisroel herman (1 month ago)
Second of all only buy what your repairman tells you to buy because we know best what’s good
yisroel herman (1 month ago)
If the repair man didn’t know what was wrong he is a bad repair man I fix appliances for years all new refrigerators have filters on them for some reason that you just pop off and they don’t leak anymore it’s that simple
Nassim Koubeissi (1 month ago)
Most modern home appliances doesn't last more than 5 years Because there are too many brands in the production and they are litteraltry wrestling in getting the most customers buying their products so customer services always dodge customers calls for repair because they don't want you to fix so they put very limted spare parts for short time after that no spare parts means no fix.
HeatherLoves (1 month ago)
I own Samsung and it’s junk. Ice maker stoped working only a few weeks after I got it. Had it replaced three times. Still does not work. Also fridge froze three times now now it’s frozen up again and I’m sol
_Tim_ __ (1 month ago)
All this new "Tech-Integration" is a scam, and is worthless.
sibren lear (1 month ago)
So what type of fridges Should we buy? I wish there was some recommendations.
Vann Berg HVAC (27 days ago)
Obviously this video should tell you NOT to BUT NEW appliances
Vann Berg HVAC (27 days ago)
victorienne frey (1 month ago)
Terri in Vancouver has some stunning locks!
RogueOntheRoad (1 month ago)
I found that resoldering the circuit boards is possibly the most fix for electronic control boards. China makes a number of products which are the same for many brands. If you can't get a part in your brand be sure to look for a similar model in a different brand.
mopowah (1 month ago)
A little secret to add to the secrets due to people being fed up and less technically inclined often you can find people wanting to get rid of their broken units which you can get parts from. Other things to consider is the fact that you can buy a broken unit from someone and fix it yourself. I have an electronic washer that works excellent and it costed me about 200.00 all said and done for a washer that was normally close to 1000.00+ not a bad deal at all if I say so I could likely sell it for what I have invested into it and get a newer model and fix it if I wanted to at any time and fix it up. It is an interesting time to live when it comes to appliances for sure. It is not a time to sit around and know nothing about what you own. The only thing that is troubling to me is that there are not any 3rd parties that are willing to capitalize off of all of this and really earn some good money by making after market electronics available for these units there is a huge market for something like this. Finally, it is also good to know there are methods of protecting your electronics in harsher damp conditions but again this requires you to do some work applying coatings to the PCB and knowing where coatings should not be applied. Bottom Line: These companies know of these problems and continue to operate the way they do because they are owned by umbrella corporations which provide the consumer a very limited choice. Often we blame the companies for operating this way but this all starts with government agencies here in the USA. We have allowed illegal monopolization of too many things for far too long. Monopolization of companies has been rampant in the last 3 decades also the purchase of these companies provides companies with so much IP that they can sue anyone who tries to become a competitor. The amount of patents they hold and power over the market makes things the way they are. Competition is not really the issue it is consolidation which is the real issue. There should be limits on the amount of IP any single company can own and there is supposed to be it was written into law a long long time ago it just is not enforced. This is what anti-monopoly and antitrust laws were supposed to prevent. But when politicians and public servants serve money because money was deemed to be free speech and corporations were deemed to be people it gave way to corruption as the standard practice. I often say politicians should have to wear jackets like race car drivers do that show all of their sponsors at all times. What can we do to stop the proliferation of this type of thing? Here are a few things: If you are repair savvy you can produce videos on how to repair appliances and post them to platforms with lots of traffic or start your own blog or website to do so. If you are not able to fix things you can offer your appliances freely or cheaply to put a huge dent in this problem and prevent companies from ripping many other people off. Think about it one bad appliance you give away or sell cheaply may help fix 20 other appliances and getting ripped off if we all did this to some degree it would stop corporations from profiting off of over priced parts and services. If you are tech savvy you could reverse engineer and provide fixes to common problems so that people with like minds could do board level repairs. If we really want to take it to the next level we should develop our own appliances and come up with OPEN SOURCE washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers etc... With the advent of 3D printing and PCB etching at home it is really no longer an impossible dream we can as a community make each others experience in this world a bit more pleasant if we opt in. THE KEY: Is to share knowledge at all cost. I know many of you are thinking well if I share what I know how will what I know be profitable.The truth is you are not paid so much on keeping knowledge secret. It is actually the opposite the more you share the more you earn. The only thing is you need to know how to earn. Most often even if you tell someone how something works and how it can be fixed and you physically teach them they will want you to do the work. And at this point often you will be the only one they will come to as you have confided in them likely they will confide in you. Tell me this the repair men on this show if you had the choice to have these two guys repairing your appliances or some company repair men which ones would you choose? Do you see how it works. Now when creating content to provide information it is important that affiliate linking be established or you may even want to sell your content for a small fee something that is very small but earns you money anytime someone feels they want to support your work. Now we know the problem and we know how to address the problem the question is does it really provide enough hardship for you to join in and overcome it. Will you contribute to society to make it better or will you just maintain the stance of ignoring problems is bliss. We are all able to manifest our own destiny but it takes a group concerted effort to invoke changes to make our lives better. We can't just become complacent and think what is going to improve my position and my position only we need to think bigger beyond just our relatively small but infinite point of focus to really gain some insight and some traction. Life experience is a large one and it is communal in a sense even if we plant ourselves on a island we are still somehow connected to everything that happens in it.
Vanessa Webb (1 month ago)
Where are these appliances made? There used to be a pride in the fact they made a good product, also a sense of ethics with a company.
Lazy Daisy (1 month ago)
In UK,white goods last 5 years...cooker 10...but the fridges and washing machines need repairs before 5 years...its robbery!
j k (1 month ago)
Need a class action I have had issues with Samsung Dishwasher and Washer/dryers. Such BS no consumer protection rights. Motherboard on my dishwasher machine was replaced thrice! had to junk it in a year. Never buying Samsung its crap!
HR Mike's Appliance Service Inc (1 month ago)
I am a whirlpool authorized servicer. They are the best to their customers as you could see at the end they were willing to stand behind their product. Part of the reason why I love working with them.
Gorigori Yasno (1 month ago)
the amount of devices in those homes are way too high - people should understand that robots break down all the time and instead of getting a dishwasher just spend 10 minutes to do it by hand, it is the same amount of time that you would be loading it!
Abdul Moueed Haroon (1 month ago)
I had a "National" fridge lasted from 1984 to 2016, National TV that is still working since 1984, Seiko 5 watches working flawlessly since 1984. Once Japanese tech and company "National" was the name of quality. but now all are same. High cost low-quality rip-offs.
EnchantedAlana (1 month ago)
Please tell the repair guy with the goatee to see his doctor - vocal polyps are fixable!
Patricia mckinney (1 month ago)
The companies are known to sale there stuff with defective -plastic pieces that needs to be replaced soon.
Patricia mckinney (1 month ago)
I buying used appliances that have been refurbished. If it breaks I try to fix it myself. Used appliance stores are the way to go.
Nathan Lui (1 month ago)
I'm an appliance technician. More than half of our calls are due to user and installation errors. Let's start with the latter: There's a separate installation manual for a reason. Please read it over whether you or a professional is installing your appliance. Watch how your drain hose is looped on your dishwasher, make sure you're using the correct type and length for the duct for your dryer, etc. Then read the user manual cover to cover. Make sure you're using the right type of detergent (HE, etc), how to load a dishwasher properly, how to use the Deep Fill on your washer, etc. Yes it's true they don't make appliances like they used the old days. Yes it's unfair to consumers. But read your installation and user manuals and you'll reduce your service calls by half. I've lost track of how many times I've sat with clients reading them the manuals and teaching them how to use their own appliances. I'm stunned by how many people I've met who will spend $7000 and not read the manual.
Prowler Cam (15 days ago)
Nathan Lui - We refer to it as RTFM failure.
Rui Sousa (1 month ago)
Why criticize the manufactures about lack of quality in their products, we already see that is not taking us anywhere, just make a federal law where appliances have to have a 5-year warranty to be sold in the US/Canada, problem solved. If you are waiting for manufacturers to improve their products quality just for the sake of the consumer you better keep waiting.
qwedvrzsrjkmrxhf (1 month ago)
buy Liebherr -very good quaility and reliable, that producer u missed out
Vann Berg HVAC (27 days ago)
true, my relatives have that brand fridge, and it does fine!
The Appliance Guru (1 month ago)
Its not necessarily the manufacturer its the technicians that dont know how to fix things right the first time. Market place contact me for a list of all these new washers dryers refrigerators dish washers oven and ranges ive seen where other techs dont fix them right or mickey mouse the repair causing to fail again.
Bavariangirl (1 month ago)
While I agree in some instances, the point here is that all these appliances should not need fixing in such a short time.
Ricky Hand (1 month ago)
These comments say it all. I have a whirlpool electric cloths dryer and the control pannel went out after 9 months.
Mike Silvia (1 month ago)
Love this episode. Thank you, Canada, for having the guts to get to the bottom of this problem. Yes, I bought a Samsung fridge and range.
Mercury outbords (1 month ago)
Canada and EU is better than the US
James Mckeehan (1 month ago)
The model of companies today is build it today study at tomorrow. A lot of companies went out of business because they built a product to good
don684 (1 month ago)
I find the Korean appliances work great.L&G washer dryer 10 years old not one issue, LNG fridge 4 years works great. Whirlpool dishwasher 8 years no repairs. Bought a Whirlpool microwave 1 year ago but no problems so far. The worst appliances we have had were Frigidaire, everything we bought that was Frigidaire broke all the time. Even had one Frigidaire dishwasher that caught on fire.
Chris Jones (1 month ago)
Maybe we should send our faulty appliances back to the manufacturer, similar to the way we all started returning junk mail to sender?
rezn66 (1 month ago)
How many packs of cigarettes did that one repairman smoke before the show?!
Leder USA Inc. (13 days ago)
I couldn't hear what he said. I wish i can get some caption here
Slowmo (19 days ago)
About 40-50 years worth probably