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Faulty appliances: Repairmen reveal industry secrets (CBC Marketplace)

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Repairmen Unplugged | Originally broadcast January 9, 2015 For more information, visit: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2014-2015/appliances-repairmen-unplugged More from CBC Marketplace, Canada's top consumer affairs show: Watch episodes online at http://cbc.ca/marketplace Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cbcmarketplace Talk to us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace Follow our hosts @cbctom and @cbcerica
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Kef103 (2 hours ago)
Companies should be held to quality standards but aren’t
Carl Kane (1 day ago)
That’s why you never buy cheap appliances unless it’s temporary. I spent 6,000 USD on my refridgerator and it’s VERY BASIC. It’s hilarious how people think they’re able to obtain all those fancy gadagets and compartments for only 1,300 USD. In reality, those are temporary units which allow you to “save up” and buy a permanent appliance.
Reflected Miles (2 days ago)
Maytag does warranty their refrigerator compressor and some other appliance parts for 10 years. Doesn't cover labor, though. Older appliances are far less efficient so they get you one way or the other. There is one very efficient refrigerator / freezer company with a reputation for many years of trouble-free service and that is Sun Frost. These folks manufacture the vaccine fridges designed to be hauled into very remote areas of the world and powered by solar panels. They are based on a simple DC-powered compressor but they are all custom-built, so they are not cheap. http://www.sunfrost.com/
vvvspqr (2 days ago)
On the other end......... these two VERY EXPENSIVE repairman are out of jobs because the owner buys new equipment and that's why these two repairmen are spilling the beans. Even if the equipment is old style and the parts aren't expensive ,the repair bill is
IcyMidnight (3 days ago)
TV industry secret #1: you can turn 10 minutes of content into half an hour of TV by adding 10 minutes of filler and 10 minutes of advertising.
Jet Campbell (3 days ago)
Lack of competition means there is no reason to be better.. They can do whatever they want. Several companies make all the brands.
Jet Campbell (3 days ago)
My Frigidair right after delivery (in Warranty) was making a lot of loud noise I called repair the man said it was all ok it was normal??? A few months later the fridge went out and the freezer stayed on. repaired new fan. The fridge is still clanging away every few hours (very loud) I know it will breakdown again nothing we can do when off warranty. Remember when a fridge and vacume lasted a lifetime??
Jane Lascaris (4 days ago)
My whirlpool stainless steel refrigerator is dropping water as well. Smh
Trainfreak 1218 (4 days ago)
I went to Electrolux training seminar a year ago and someone mentioned the life expectancy of a appliance today vs appliance of yesterday. refrigerators 10 years and washers about 5 years. Then he said, we weren’t making money with reliable appliances. My advice....steer clear of Samsung and lg. Buy speed queen washers and ge refrigerators. Better yet pay to have your old appliances repaired. I have a lot of customers who pay good money to have their old ones repaired. One guy paid $650 to get his compressor replaced on a 25 years old refrigerator. Money well spent
John E H (4 days ago)
When you need to buy new appliances and IF you can afford to, buy true commercial equipment. You're spending a lot of money, so do some research on your potential purchases before you hand out your money. Avoid electronic controls, machines with plastic parts, and anything digital. Commercial equipment is (usually) made to a higher standard and when used in a residential situation should last a lifetime or close to it if kept clean and any serviceable parts maintained. Ask professional chefs and food industry workers what they might recommend. Many pieces of commercial equipment are so robust that they are sold a second or third time after the first owner has upgraded to something bigger or moved to a new location. Don't expect any frills and gadgets, though. Professionals have more important things to think about than whether the fridge door has an ice maker or water dispenser ready to wear out hinges from the extra weight as they prepare to break down.
Alexander Mozgovenko (5 days ago)
The sales people won't sugar-coat it and will always say how expensive it is to fix...just to sell the extended warranty, that makes them the most commission. This is from working for one of those big-chains of hardware stores (that doesn't exist anymore). Then they enchain with "extended warranty price is about the same as the first repair, so after the first repair, you get your money's worth...all consecutive repairs are _free_". Been there, done that...
Elizabeth D (5 days ago)
10:49 why they do my mans Mark like that???
logan smith (6 days ago)
Trust an Arab woman to be honest as a salesperson.
wolfpackflt670 (6 days ago)
They use the cheapest computer boards in thier appliances to cut costs. I mean scrapped from the bottom of the barrel type of computer crap.
Vince D (6 days ago)
@:40 is that Jill from home improvement?!? 🤔🤔
vidform (6 days ago)
If it costs the company money to repair or replace the parts, why can't they just 3D print the parts that are needed? Instead of storing parts in a warehouse, they could 3D print those parts as needed by the customer. Also, if the designers use 3D printing to make the parts, they could design parts that have fewer pieces and could either last longer or not cost so much to repair or replace if broken. I think there could be a huge benefit to 3D printing.
Jamie C (6 days ago)
Really excellent information, but why are we putting up with this? Repairman was so right, it’s not just getting rid of the appliance in a few years, but the lead up to finally getting rid of it, needless repairs, the cost to include the stay home from work. There’s no incentive for them to do it right. Oh really? Why are we putting up with this? If there is a fail, there could be a fire. We have the power of the internet. Boycott the stores that sell the 5 year life appliances and tell your neighbors. If they won’t listen to the customer, they'll listen to the corporate customer.
Al Khahalik (7 days ago)
That lady first time using FaceTime ,acting like she trying to be a human
SmokeFan2014 (8 days ago)
Kathleen Roman (8 days ago)
RIPOFF!!! Makes me ANGRY! I was going to buy a new suite of appliances to replace those I’ve had for 15 YEARS, but will have these repaired instead! They might not be as pretty, but they WORK!! 😡
Vidpig (9 days ago)
Got old school appliances except for the fridge. These new ones are trash. I bet I would have to get a new fridge in a year.
John Doe (10 days ago)
Look up the video of,The Story of Your Stuff
John Doe (10 days ago)
Because it's all brand new junk.its all from China. why do think they now sell you appliance insurance now
manatee (11 days ago)
Welcome to the American fraud to the American people. It's all business so beware.
Jesse Guzman (12 days ago)
Videos like this motivate me to buy vintage appliances. Somehow my mother is allergic to the idea of having anything old in the house but is smart enough to only buy washers/dryers with mechanical components. She's about to replace her washer for the third time in 25 years, but the dryer she bought as a pair with her second washer is still running like a champ, which is great for a dryer now 14 years old.
Debbie (13 days ago)
February 7, 2019 since the first year I purchased my refrigerator I have had to defrost it. I have called before was told no we haven't heard of this problem. So after watching this I called again no call a tech to fix it at your cost even though it is because of the way we made it. Spoke to the C.E.O. just now he tells me we sale so many of these the small number of people who have this problem is not worth a recall. Then at the end of the call he says this isn't even a known problem.
silverfoenix (13 days ago)
I really appreciate the honesty of the sales woman!
turpy1234 (14 days ago)
So basically DON''T buy American made! Buy a quality Euro made product like Miele that lasts for many many years. You might pay a little more, but remember, you get what you pay for.
Sin Souza (15 days ago)
I have a Samsung Fridge that does exactly the same thing. I will NEVER buy Samsung appliance again.
Andrew Armstrong (16 days ago)
I buy nothing but GE fridges, freezers, dishwashers, stoves and Maytag washer and dryers. And get 15-20 years out of them. Those Samsungs, LGs and the other lower quality American brands made over there are worth avoiding or make a good gift to the people you hate.
laura Minnick (17 days ago)
Mythbusters vibes
10521577A (17 days ago)
Terry's wig needs some help
Jaydaytoday (18 days ago)
My Sumsung fridge has been nothing but problems. Luckily i purchased an extended warranty of 4yrs which paid for itself in 2yrs. However ice maker has gone out and now is on my 5yr. Fridge has been repaired abot 3 times. I replaced ice maker once and now need to do it again.
Andrew_koala (4 days ago)
This is a world-wide problem, and generally Customer service is pathetic. Didn't Neil Diamond sing about this. Sam sung Blue, everyone has a problem ...
Rgb Color (19 days ago)
I can't bother to watch the entire thing.. its too much useless information. Funny, they're trying to "get the word out" but they've buried it within a mountain of irrelevancy. I'll find my information somewhere else.
FanCraz 94 (19 days ago)
My advice is stick with your old appliances
BoneCity (19 days ago)
They sure repeat a lot of the information.
knm_plans (20 days ago)
I heard Whirlpool and knew it wasn’t his fault. I currently have a whirlpool/Electrolux oven in my kitchen that’s dead. It’s 4 years old. The one in my old house didn’t even get half that life. When I bought this house (came with the appliances) I factored the costs of new appliances in. Cause I knew the brand was garbage.
Sirios Star (20 days ago)
To minimize potential problems due to crap quality, avoid all the fancy extras, especially ice makers that require a water hook up and a drain pan. I buy floor models with dents and scratched paint at 50% or better discount and never hook up the ice maker. Floor models come with full warranty , but if something does go wrong out of warranty , i'm still in better shape than most because of the discount. Remember keep it simple . A fridge / freezers main purpose is to keep your food cool or frozen, nothing else really matters beyond that.
byron elenica (21 days ago)
I dont know when you got to the point. The repairmen were not needed, What did they do?
Kay Miller (21 days ago)
Such clickbait, there were no tips on how to avoid any of this.
mberwind (21 days ago)
Important in this discussion is the fact that no machine will simply last forever. The first nine minutes of the video detail ...clogged drains... something that is not indicative of a defective product, and can be repaired by literally anyone with the desire to do so. Treat all of your products like you treat your car and expect some level of maintenance. Of course this statement has its limits and I'm not trying to include the designed obsolence so prevalent with many manufacturers.
TRICK-OR TREAT (21 days ago)
ARCH (22 days ago)
My 1942 Westinghouse refrigerator just keeps on rocking after 77 years of everyday use. Never once in all those 77 years did it not provide me with a cold beer. They just don't make sheet like they used too.
Cece Rider (23 days ago)
I have American Home Warranty for my whole house and when Sharper Images screwed up everything and lied to me week after week, AHS replaced with a new machine. AHS does the right thing.
Il Cuggino Canadese (23 days ago)
Looking at the design of both refrigerators in this video, and the stove/range, it's expected that they'd fail. You want to stick with basic. Face it, what's the job of a refrigerator? Keep your food cold and/or frozen in the freezer. Icemakers, water distributors, electronic sensors - hogwash. The appliance has ONE job, stick to the original design. Same goes for the range. They've had controls high up, at the back since the 1920s. Now suddenly they move them at the front? Please. Stick with spirals too, they're basically unbreakable. Dishwashers are the worst off because lots and lots of people think there's something wrong with the dishwasher when in fact they're using bad dishwashing fluid or not placing their dishes correctly. This is especially true since we removed phosphates from our washing fluids. For the rest it's better to learn to troubleshoot basics yourself and this applies to everything from cars to cell phones to TVs.
H No (23 days ago)
Welcome to globalization.
takeitindballs (23 days ago)
My stove is 2.5 billion years old. It's 3 pieces of rock. My washer is also about 2 billion years old. It's a big slab of quartzite. My home heater is also 2 billion years old. It's another piece of rock that I heat with fire & wood. My air conditioner is about 1 billion years old. It's water flowing into a 3-foot pile of rocks and me sitting next to it. My house is about 3 billion years old. It's a cave in the middle of Kansas. It's also tornado-proof. My vacuum-cleaner is 4 billion years old. It's my mother-in-law. It's the only defective appliance in the house.
José Luís Lopes (23 days ago)
Appliances with problems under 2 years? Thanks god for EU 2 year minimum warranty
Paige Finnegan (24 days ago)
At 13:30 it got really interesting...
Rachel Rodgers (24 days ago)
I have a 1976 electric Weed Eater brand grass trimmer that still runs like brand new and all I have ever had to do is replace the motor's brushes when the thing quit running. It was a simple fix. :) Today's electric grass trimmers may only last a year, if you're lucky. I have known several people who had to chuck theirs in the trash within the first year of buying it. I'll stick to my trusty old Model 500 electric Weed Eater. If you want reliable yard equipment, go for 2nd hand ones that were manufactured back in the 1970's. This includes the gas powered ones too.
Be Real (24 days ago)
Truth is when your warranty ends, your stuff will break.. "How coincidental..."
Ranch Camalalingam (24 days ago)
4years ago I got a Samsung TV just an year old (right after warranty) from a friend with flickering. I read on forums and found out that if you cut a connection to a resister with a cutter it will work. I did that and it works fine. Repair guys basically take the circuit panel and replace yours with previous customers with that resister cut and charge you for service plus parts. I still have the TV and it works like new.
Shannon F (25 days ago)
I notice not a word about Samsung dishwashers that have a big design flaw. It's well known they leak bad. The repair man will tell you the fix won't last and it will leak again. What has Samsung done about it nothing! Sears however bundled them with other appliances and sold them as a set to get rid of them.
R O (25 days ago)
Toyota come make appliances, knowing how y'all are it will still work without even when the door was broken off
crusty21 (25 days ago)
Remember, "consumers" are what they call you....Just buy a big $10 cooler and fill it with ice...good enough for the Flintstones.
D. Lewis (25 days ago)
Buying appliances and there parts that are from over seas will continue to be a problem they make them cheaply and we pay lots of money for them. The tariffs will make it worse, they are getting over.
Cynthia Kellogg (26 days ago)
If I went to a 2nd hand store what year would I start looking backwards from to get one you can get parts for that won't cost hundreds $ ? Could that even work?
JB Mitchell (26 days ago)
I’m watching this in 2019 and two of those places don’t meaning exist anymore
Brian Ellefson (27 days ago)
This goes for the latest cars, too. All that wonderful "technology" will soon fail (conveniently out of warranty} and you'll be driving a money pit.
Christopher Trott (27 days ago)
My lg washer/dryer is 15 years old and has only needed a 25 dollar pump replacement and a 5 dollar hinge. YouTube showed how to replace it. Took 15 minutes. Buy stuff that can be repaired and check YouTube for instructions. Some brands are more fixable. Research before you buy.
DJ Emir Mixtapes (27 days ago)
Oh Man nowhere near 10 years
DJ Emir Mixtapes (27 days ago)
Oh yeah, we had a similar problem with our Kenmore Elite refrigerator, but ours was just over icing the freezer and then it would Pool a giant sheet of ice underneath the Freezer Drawer. It got repaired and made it another 2 years but now won't cool the freezer or the refrigerator. Seems the evaporator fan or a sensor is not working
Mike Belmont (29 days ago)
DO NOT BUY a SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR  - Your wasting you money.  The Ice makers are poorly designed and insulated.   The Ice maker will freeze-up and stop making Ice.   Every few weeks you will need to open Ice maker compartment and remove all the ICE.   Review On YouTube  Samsung Icemaker freezing up -   there are a ton of videos on how the fix it.  No of them work I have tried them all.  Don't waste  your money on SAMSUNG Refrigerator.   And SAMSUNG does not care about the consumer.
Chris - (29 days ago)
in Scamadvisor.com eHarmony.com web site Check results show that it has detected that eHarmony will infect your computer system with "malware". Could you please explain why eHarmony web site would compromise peoples computers and security with such malware ? So why do you call this: "the number 1 trusted dating site" when the web site it self can't be trusted ?
ktsenya2 (1 month ago)
I own Coastal Appliance Service (coastalappliances.com) and these guys are spot on. I instruct my customers to ignore the lightshows and the lullibies the new stuff has and focus on VALUE first. NO NOT buy the first thing that looks good. Instead, go back home and READ all the user reviews so you know what you can expect if you buy it. Elecronics... cheap parts, cheap labor from a cheap country. Can't count on them. I have an 18 year old Amana ref with NO electronics. It looks just fine but best yet, it has had no problems since I bought it USED. Wipe down the door seals from time to time, clean the condensor coils twice a year and the the ref does all the rest. So if youre looking for a RELIABLE machine, consider buying a reconditioned used machine. Consumers are realizing the stuff in the showrooms is junk and theres a whole new industry emerging in reconditioned machines (often with a limited warranty) Consumer fickleness and desire for glitz along with the fact that the EPA has rated the older machines so poorly that showrooms are hesitant to sell the less efficient but more reliable machines. Which would you prefer? $20 extra each year in additional energy or a $400 repair bill every two years? Many of my customers with the older machines are laughing all the way to the bank! In the video you see them picking on Samsung a lot, and for good reason. I won't even touch them. In short, the older stuff with the mechanical parts is much better.
Orbis Unum Deus Unum (1 month ago)
No Korean stuff, trust me ! Cheap, breaks down like made in China— have lived in Korea and know the deals ... No to Korea (incl. Cars)
emerald640 (1 month ago)
Buy appliances on credit cards that have a warantee clause that doubles the factory warrantee.
Jeff McCrea (1 month ago)
The lady that said she could pay $450.00 for a part, almost the price of a new stove. Have you bought new printer cartridges lately? The price of black and color cartridges is as much for some models as a new printer. You talk of appliances lasting shorter times. I have a friend here in the U.S. who is a truck mechanic for a city in Florida. They have manufacturers representatives who come around to sell new parts. One rep who was trying to sell bearings, told my friend that the company will test their parts from time to time and if they last too long, they will design IN flaws to shorten their part's lives. HMMmm.
BaberJacks (1 month ago)
the effin kettles keep dying and ya cant buy the part it needs. some are delibarate planned obsolescence with the handle breaking
green white (1 month ago)
Faulty appliances video, and you get LG dish washer add!!!!
David Trainer (1 month ago)
Same thing happens here, just dodgy CRAP from China mostly
J.M L.P (1 month ago)
No one on this show mentioned the importance of purchasing the longest extended warranty that is available on any appliance of any make or model... if you want to keep your appliance for 5 years in working condition... get a 5 year warranty = )
James Crane (1 month ago)
My samsung fridge model number RB1855SL.Not defrosting. stoped making parts to fix this problem. How are we going to retire with money when the share holders just soaks up all our money with landslide junk.Now I have to defrost my fridge every week. Probably buy a german fridge. But have you seen how small they are, Counter depth Is just another name for lowering the bar.
lexzbuddy (1 month ago)
I repair all of my home appliances myself. I've been doing it for years and my wife now says "it's not really broken until my husband says its broken". I figured out years ago that the service contracts and warranties are a total waste of time. So I just started to do things myself. Unlike the general consensus out there, most things can be fixed. You can do it yourself and it's easy to find parts online.
Jeffrey Hildebrand (1 month ago)
@end. Why not take new stove?
Rick Spurgeon (1 month ago)
I believe greed is the issue here .They come up with the idea of design fail to put Americans back to work then along comes N A F T A and the greed of these large corporate investors to not only increase profits by having these appliances and power washers and lawn mowers break down sooner by design let's get them made in third world countries where they pay a very small fraction of what they would have to pay us and still charge the same or more for a piece of crap and paint it up nice and pretty to look like they are helping these countries instead of exploiting them .
DeShawn Terrance (1 month ago)
3:32 Hey! Mark! Oh hey how did our cameraman get in there??!
Miles Cannon (1 month ago)
NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING ELECTRICAL OVER ABOUT $100 WITHOUT AN EXTENDED WARRANTY! Also check to see if your credit card may cover something
Wawa29 (1 month ago)
I have had my own appliance nightmares with appliance companies and the repair companies too. I discovered that there are zero Canadian appliance manufacturers. I really wish that new appliances companies startup here! If we want to improve our economies we need to reinvest in manufacturing. Also, I want an appliance that does not have a built in computer. Those electronic gimmicks are not for me.
David bowie (1 month ago)
Don't these people have guarantees? never buy an appliance with just a one year one. always look for special offer like 3 or 5 years ones or aren't they available in Canada like in the UK?
J Lindsey (1 month ago)
They not want you to fix it type of thinking is everything, car manufactures have the same mindset
Donny Moose (1 month ago)
i bought a whirlpool washer and drier and one day after the warranty went out i had to take a crow bar to get the wash out of it all that money down the drain and i bought a speed queen
MISC BITS (1 month ago)
You _CAN_ make reliable electronics. My fully electronic washing machine has lasted more than 30 years and it was one of the very first onto the market. Europe is pushing legislation to ensure equipment has a reasonable lifespan AND that there's a right to repair. One of the larger problems is that techs aren't qualified to repair a "board" which may have a single component failure (whereas in the old days they'd change a relay) and a LOT of techs are simply careless about assembly/repairs - and rough installations are a SERIOUS issue. On the other hand, a lot of these devices are 1/4 the cost (in real terms) than they were 40 years ago, so expectations may need adjusting.
James Robinson (1 month ago)
I had the same problem with my whirlpool refrigerator. Water was leaking down from the freezer and onto the floor. I bought the drain kit, but I also had to defrost the condenser coils, with a heat gun. The drain hole was clogged with ice. Now it drains fine.
Ronnie 948 (1 month ago)
I was thinking about a new stove, But I think I'm gonna be happy just keeping my 40 year old GE stove that came with my house in 1978. It still works perfect but it is Yellow and I was thinking Stainless steel .I like yellow after seeing this.
Hypεr (1 month ago)
Thank God my fridge is from 2008 and my oven is from 2005 my microwave and dishwasher are from 2013 and are pretty good
C I (1 month ago)
was planning on getting a new fridge as my old one is 14y old..I better don't waste my time, money and food
JJJennings007 (1 month ago)
the bearded technician has a scary unhealthy voice and herpes on his lips... wouldn't let him in my house.
colin macdonald (1 month ago)
David Craig (1 month ago)
This doo-doo is going on everywhere, poor quality, lousy customer service, useless tech support, warranteed tools that break when you need them. Millennials are being conditioned to not care, we know what's missing.
john shu (1 month ago)
can CBC make a video on how expensive American healthcare is?
horror hun (1 month ago)
It's no different to a few years ago, when it was cheaper to buy a new printer as opposed to refill inks.
Tim Lewis (1 month ago)
Whilst people equate lower prices with shorter life span, some companies are trying to chat the system by raising the price to trick people into thinking their product is better quality than it is.... I'm looking at you Apple and Bose
Holli Wood (1 month ago)
Capitalism 101: 20:47 "A lack of competition means the industry has no incentive to be better." CBC and all of us know this is true but ignore it, heck, we argue against this common sense understanding, when it comes to education and medicine . Why?
M M (1 month ago)
Yeah! and how about the GE Profile Frige, also does the same. GE has repaired it over 3 times and always I have to pay the bill.
Logan Mike-Partridge (1 month ago)
This is why I bought older styles of appliances. Yet they still make them as cheap as possible, but still a lot easier to fix.
Paula Allen (1 month ago)
I went to a Christmas party at a huge beautiful farm house. They still had the appliances from when the house was built. At the time they were modern.
R Cole (1 month ago)
I knew it was a design problem when the repairmen knew right away what the problem was! Why can’t they do the right thing like the car manufacturers and do a recall with free repairs? Cost too much? What about goodwill? Oh yeah...who cares?! Sad—- Leave Korean companies to making your TVs and stick with domestic ones for your appliances. But, researching ahead of time is the best thing you can do for yourself! Sam Sung doesn’t care, but then that doesn’t mean others care, either. But, it’s easier to put heat heat on the domestic mfrs.
kirbs523 (1 month ago)
Samsung fridges are absolute junk. My ice maker freezes up and it’s not even 2 years old and it’s such a common problem that there’s a service bulletin for it. My question is if they know there’s a design flaw and common problem why do I have to pay for it? I already paid $2500 for their junk product
musicsoundsification (1 month ago)
In Holland you have a 2 year guarantee on new products