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Faulty appliances: Repairmen reveal industry secrets (CBC Marketplace)

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Repairmen Unplugged | Originally broadcast January 9, 2015 For more information, visit: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2014-2015/appliances-repairmen-unplugged More from CBC Marketplace, Canada's top consumer affairs show: Watch episodes online at http://cbc.ca/marketplace Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cbcmarketplace Talk to us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace Follow our hosts @cbctom and @cbcerica
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Text Comments (3585)
urban structure (20 hours ago)
Overprice garbage!!!
Laddy 25 (1 day ago)
Jeeez buddy got the heavy smoker voice
Robbie Stewart (1 day ago)
When I buy something, I make sure I to use it to its full potential before the warranty runs out. I also make sure I keep all receipts in a folder along with the info cards. Most products don't come with an owner's manual like the used to any more. Now, most products come with an info card that has information on what web site to go to download the owner's manual in .pdf format. During the warranty period, if something breaks down, I always go to the manufacturer's web site and initiate warranty service there instead of calling a customer support number. Most consumers make the mistake of thinking that someone over in India is going to fix their problem over the phone, That way by initiating service online, it's in writing, which make it easier to prove in court if I ever have to sue a company for a defective product. Under the laws in most US states, mine included, it's illegal to record phone conversations without first informing the called party first that you're recording the call, so that's another reason why I do this. I've had very few companies who haven't answered my complaints online, but those that do graduate to the next stage my complaints and that next stage is contacting them via social media. I find that Twitter works best in instances like this more so then Facebook, because once you post the problem in 160 characters, that company's marketing department isn't going to like the bad publicity and will usually kiss your real end and give you what you want to stop your bad tweets about them. Hey, if President Trump can do it, then so can I. And if that doesn't work, there's always the news media. Most local TV news stations have a consumer affairs reporter who likes outing companies who do people wrong. In short, you have to show the big wigs at these manufactures that you're not to take their BS and that you're going to hold them accountable and responsible for their bad products or your going to make them look bad to other potential customers. Works everytime. It's called making them stand behind the products that they make.
Forrest Libby (2 days ago)
Too much fluff and rehashing. Waste of time, don't watch!
jim stauffer (2 days ago)
Wow after watching I know why they have extended warranties and the newer companies offering whole house warranties. That is provided in the fine print that it's covered. Seems always to be a catch. Bottom line is grease the wheel that squeaks. We the consumer that complained. :) great post but way to dramatic and long. get to the point
jim stauffer (2 days ago)
I fixed all my stuff in the old days. Unless it was over my head, few were. So it's like a comment below if you can get parts. I had a small upright freezer and the module crapped out after two years. So $50.00 for a new module and still working. And the story goes on and on. So in the big picture these disposable appliances ARE NOT that great.
Ray B. (2 days ago)
Agree with poor design.. Last range we had the relay for the oven failed and the contacts welded closed.. Oven would not turn off! Very dangerous and major fire hazard!!! This relay is soldered on a circuit board and would have to be desoldered and replaced.. Not something most homeowners can do.. Boards are expensive and generally cost prohibitive warranting stove replacement for a $10.00 relay failure.. This board should be designed so you can unplug this relay and replace this part.. This relay will likely fail on all stoves at some point..
Charles 22 (3 days ago)
It's the same for automobiles, at least to replace manufacturer's parts from the manufacturer. I have a car whom we wanted to replace a wheel which had got a bit warped. Manufacturer wanted $930 for ONE WHEEL, so instead I replaced all the wheels at least $100 cheaper than their price. All the wheels were probably warped anyway due to what caused the one warp, but there was no sense in even checking the others if I was forced to buy new wheels elsewhere. The warp was totally my fault.
drfix2020 (4 days ago)
I have a Samsung fridg had it for 3 years with no issues at all! Whirlpool makes appliances for other brands like Kenmore & Kenmore is a cheaper brand & with a cheaper brand you get cheaper quality parts! True there's something called planed obsolescence! Appliances are designed to last a certain amount of months of use that is why you have a lot of calls just after an appliance warranty ends, But people forget with a popular brand you will hear/see more issues with that brand!
Russ Attenborough (5 days ago)
Engineered to fail!
kkk (6 days ago)
yeah but 🤷🏻‍♂️ if you want perfect 🙄 anything go live on mars 🙄
Henry Ross (6 days ago)
Same problem with a Samsung frig model RFG297.....Flooded my house, freezes up, drips water into pantry/crisper, ice maker hasn't worked for the last two year!!! Second fridge in less than 10years. And when i called Samsung they just blew me off. Full disclosure - it is 6 years old. But, the first problem occurred (flooded house) less than a year of owning it.
Susantha Fernando (7 days ago)
Whirlpool is rubbish here in UK..nobody wants their products in UK...products are rubbish👎👎👎
Gabe (7 days ago)
That dudes voice was cringe as hell man 😖
PositiveMinded (8 days ago)
Much needed
Nick Poolsaad (8 days ago)
samsung fridge just emerged from little hole that corner on the left and a small turn left and another quick right about 3 feets and go straight there recycle warehouse ,you never missed its!!
Nina Birdsong (8 days ago)
cheap plastic parts....
Mutleytech (10 days ago)
Teri's fridge is hot!
johnny rebel (10 days ago)
Jr Hill (10 days ago)
22mins. Of mumbo jumbo u could cut to 3.5 mins.
mic01 (11 days ago)
Had to change the board in my fridge after 1 yr, of course my warranty was over even though I had them in to check the fridge after 3 months of having for the same problem. This time I had to pay for the service $140 but not the board
bao kkao (12 days ago)
consumers just buy the basic not the fancy! More controls come with more trouble?
Mark Maria (12 days ago)
One stove I have is over 100 years old !!! Gas , built in Boston in 1909 with Nickel plated parts , built to last and I truly mean forever !!! Only service is to clean any of the gas ports if plugged or slightly plugged. Yes lighting it is manual ! It is just a beautiful work of true craftsmanship. In one of my previous owned homes I had a crazy Electric / wood stove built in the 50's believe it was an Electrohome and it's elements heated instantly were twice as thick as today's heating elements , it was forty years strong and built to last. I have a one year old stove that is already corroding ... If possible just find real old stoves and never buy electronic panel units, unless you have money to burn. No pun intended. Background Electronics -production manager/ Service manager
DizzzyKipper (12 days ago)
The keyword was We should making them.Instead of importing them.
Klaas Vaak (12 days ago)
Buy MIELE !!! And no Samsung , LG . Etc etc
sylvestre gagnon (12 days ago)
The solution is simple. Buy the more simple stuff that on the market for génération. Résist gadget or trend. Avoid Electronic as much as you can. Be as conservative as possible in design.
BlankBrain (13 days ago)
It looks like the best solution is to buy vintage appliances and refurbish them. My 1982 GE refrigerator is still working. I can strongly recommend Peerless-Premier (Pro-series) ranges, made in Bellevue, IL.
Robert Hance (13 days ago)
Love seeing these as i know first hand what they are talking about .. all most 10 years on the road myself .
Daniel MacKay (14 days ago)
Annoying clickbait headline. You promised that the repairman would reveal some secrets. What secrets did they reveal? 1) The equipment is junk. 2) It can't really be repaired, and 3) The manufacturers don't care. These are NOT secrets. The title of the show should have been "We waste 22 minutes of your time to confirm what you already knew."
Mike Dorman (16 days ago)
Red flag- an expensive frig with only a 1 year warranty.....
Sammie Dav (18 days ago)
These companies always try to take care of you after they get shamed on a big public media (i.e.: TV) . They can care less when you are nice and polite calling them, begging them to come and take care of their good customer . SHAME on THEM!!!
Fernando Kreutz (20 days ago)
Its like the front loading washing machines that are full of parts that rust and some are even structural and cause major failures (parts that hold the spin basket for example), how is it supposed to make sense to put parts that rust insinde a washing machine except for planned obsolence?
sandwichtube (20 days ago)
They sure know how to stretch 60 seconds of information into half an hour of show.
ThreePhaseHigh (23 days ago)
I fix my own appliance brake downs L G stands for LOTS of GRIEF I have fix my lg Close washer five times in seven years. It’s a front loading washer that can’t wash anything because it can hold enough water.
233kosta (23 days ago)
The ridiculous overcharging for electronics is the single biggest ripoff in my opinion. The whole point of electronics is that they're dirt cheap. You can literally buy all the parts that go on that circuit board (in bulk of course!) for less than it'd cost you to get a couple of old fashioned thermostatic switches (again - in bulk). The circuit board itself is often just single or double sided. Once the design is approved and the tooling is made, those are manufactured by the kilogram and sold for pennies! The electronic control system is the single cheapest part on the whole unit to manufacture and distribute, yet it's one of the most expensive replacement parts sold. That's just intolerable.
Hello All (23 days ago)
Ryan Clay (24 days ago)
I am a Licensed Contractor and a 2nd generation repair man and besides appliances I repair a lot of other equipment but in regards to the Samsung and Whirlpool new equipment..... I will not take one of those home even if it is given to me for free, no way! I have been repairing residential refrigerators, washers, and dryers for years and all the new ones are NO GOOD/NO BUEN! That's Right people, buy older used ones that if you fix it it lasts for 15-20 years vs 1 day out of warranty and it is to the curb for the scrap collectors to get maybe $5 at the recycling yard for it or you pay close to $1,000 and next month another part for $500+ and so on and...... yeah. You just heard it from a Licensed Contractor and I repair a lot of them every day and I won't take a FREE one to my house to use because either I'll be throwing out the bad food or pumping the water out of the basement from the washing machine or hanging the clothes on a ceiling fan to dry in the winter time up north here when the dryer will break and yeah, the stuff in my house is all 20+ years old and will all still be working when I pass away! And you are hearing this from the founder and owner of Ryan's Mechanical Service and I run a successful business in the Rockford Illinois area and I will NEVER BUY ANY NEW Samsung or Whirlpool CRAP! That's Right people,Take my advice and buy old used and repair and it will work for many years!
Tony Sap (24 days ago)
I agree with everything being said I am a repair service for several manufacturers but some of the reasons are not so simple the designs are often market driven cust asking for things like 4 doors different compartments with different temps ICEMAKER located in the refrig compartment is just asking for trouble also government energy standards def don’t help at all leading to lower water consumption and the use of more electronic s to try and maintain cleaning results things will never get better only worse ,now I was told that by 2022 all frigs in the USA will have r600 which is highly flammable butane all because of environmental concerns
Zwei (25 days ago)
You should buy german stuff from SIEMENS f. E.
desertdispatch (25 days ago)
I had a Samsung fridge with bottom drawer style  and had a water leak problem.  I will never own another
Ian (26 days ago)
Had the same type of experience with a Samsung TV. Developed a problem just outside of the warranty. My usual repair guy told me had the same model and his developed the same problem, also just outside the warranty. Samsung quoted me more than the purchase price to fix it. Repair guy confirmed that there was no cheap way to fix it.
Marc Favell (26 days ago)
If you want you appliances to last buy 1) monogram or sub zero fridge 2) speed queen washer & dryer 3) Viking stove or Jenn-Air 4) miele dishwasher Thank me latter.
Collin Dzurisin (27 days ago)
She said water was getting into her crisper and she stated “she can’t live like this” ..... go f yourself
mike chow (27 days ago)
Send it all back to China.
carlos montenegro (28 days ago)
Buy the extended warranty!
Nikolay Grigoryev (28 days ago)
Capitalism failure...
camelCased (28 days ago)
Lack of competition ... and also lack of collaboration and openness. Come on, "design errors" in a fridge? Those things have been out there for years, how could a company have no ability to produce them? The answer is - a company either has no "know-how" at all and attempts to invent a fridge from scratch, making their customers pay for every mistake, or a company cannot use some "know-how" because some other company has patented it, so others would have to pay for using their design or would be forced to "reinvent the wheel". The solution? "Open source" hardware. Hardware manufacturers should learn from software developers and create "open source" hardware, so every skilled engineer could improve the design and all companies could integrate it into their products, so we wouldn't have to pay for their "design errors". Currently the only competition is about "features per dollar" and not for quality. Well, we ourselves also are guilty sometimes - how many people replace their good old appliances just because they got "morally old" or didn't have that "cool feature"? And so we create demand for cheap, feature-rich things and manufacturers say "Want it now, for cheap and lots of features? As you wish (but quality is not guaranteed)". Every manufacturer seems to lower their quality bar to see how low can they go before their customers start making serious noise ("serious" meaning lawsuits and not just ranting on the Internet).
Mikayel Jamalyan (28 days ago)
All my appliances are Samsung from my washer to fridge to TV everything syncs PERFECTLY with samsung quck connect on my s7 edge one app for everything IT'S GREAT TOO GOOD TO EXPLANE IN ONE COMMENT and i have never had any issues with them what so ever...
Mr Cabot (29 days ago)
Aww, how cute, Americans feeling ripped off by globalisation. Suck it up, the whole world is like this because of American corporate policies that drive prices down at the expense of quality, ''to compete in a global market''. Effing BS and we should know it.
Derek Simenac (29 days ago)
that is why I buy Samsung only. I been repairing appliances for 35 years too and they are made to crash after a year. luckily I have NEVER had to repair a Sumsung appliance. All the other name brands are owned by electrolux. One part has 10 different part numbers depending on which brand it is going in
slaughterzealibib (28 days ago)
Whirlpool owns 75% of all appliance brands (admiral, amana, maytag, whirlpool, roper, elite) LG is its own company, Haier owns GE, hotpoint and magic chef. The only brands which Electrolux owns are electrolux and frigidaire. If you have been repairing appliances for 35 years and never had to repair a Samsung then you haven't been doing any work, so I call BS on that. Samsungs failure rate is the same as all the other brands.
Dr. Etzor (1 month ago)
"Even the salespeople can't sugarcoat it" So... basically they're just selling the stuff honestly instead of lying that they last forever? could it be that there is no scam this time?
zephyR (1 month ago)
Had my panasonic fridge since 2001, still works wondefully today :D
Michael Nicholls (1 month ago)
I bet Phil has a lovely singing voice.
Thomas Milner (1 month ago)
It is just like ink cartridge scams. If every brand agrees on the scam and they have politicians in their pocket then what can we do? I bet the loud annoying music when on hold is also part of the scam.
Michael Saint (1 month ago)
Monster12255 (1 month ago)
Looks like I should be in the appliance industry
readyxxi (1 month ago)
Samsung / lg  SUCK
christopher m primm Sr (1 month ago)
Here's something most people don't know, when you buy a new appliance. And it's dented or scratched small imperfections or could be something bigger and they replace it, the unit they remove is taken back to the warehouse and destroyed. Fully functional and could be sold to an outlet, and still get MORE out of it than what it costs to build, it's scrapped,, A small percentage of the units are taken to outlets to be sold but most are destroyed, no they don't Care about you or there products,if you knew what they cost to build verses sales you'd be very very sick. I know these things because I used to deliver them to you and the store's, Bone appetit 🤹🥂🍾
Nickie McNichols (1 month ago)
Thanks for this video!
ken moore (1 month ago)
My samsung fridg was repaired 9 times in 18 months finally Lowe’s bought it back, I wouldn’t buy air from samsung if I was drowning!!!!!
Josh Veres (1 month ago)
Love this show
Josh Veres (1 month ago)
She is so funny
Buda Bunda (1 month ago)
My 1993 whirlpool refrigerator still works.. Never needed any repairs
Nancy O'Malley (1 month ago)
Sadly, fridges built in the 00's and teens are crap! My mom had a fridge back in 1954-It worked the whole time. It was only when they moved to assisted living around 2007, that they no longer had the fridge (new owners kept it-after that I have no idea what happened to it)
Buda Bunda (1 month ago)
99% of the major components on oven ranges fridges and stoves are the same for decades only the control boards are new and expensive and unreliable. Simple burner control knobs could be installed with a simple thermostat and the ovens would still work perfectly for years
Buda Bunda (1 month ago)
Less digital control boards old fashioned appliances are more reliable
Buda Bunda (1 month ago)
Blow compressed air backwards up the drain hose...
archie head (1 month ago)
New Zealand has this wonderful thing called the "Consumer Guarantees Act" look it up folks, no appliance should last for only 1,2 and even 3 years, apart from a microwave, but I'd expect whiteware products to last 10+ and the CGA reassures that the manufacturer abides by it.
FloRyder (1 month ago)
HUGE WASTE OF TIME!!! Industry secrets? Where? Companies don't care, devices aren't made like they used, if you wanna keep it long keep repair man's number handy!!!??? Secrets??? BS!!! Lack of competition is nice to know, not many companies actually making items anymore but that's with anything. Just get the warranties, with that you can argue and if multiple issues arise they can swap it out.
mega0876 (1 month ago)
The repair man voice sounds like a dog that had been barking all night.
Jonathan Trego (1 month ago)
I am all for technology, but you should never buy electronic. There is no need to have a display on your stove.....
Bruce Armenante (1 month ago)
I had a Maytag range that went through 7 display panels. The first couple were covered under warranty. After warranty the part was $80, and kept going up in price as time went on (I think $114 in the end). We ended up putting in a foot switch to turn off the stove/electronics so we couldn't hear the beeping of the "F1" error code.
William Baker (1 month ago)
Handful of companies and all base customer support in India.
Mario Lopez (1 month ago)
.........If you lucky,,,,, !!!!!
vrjdvdheveb vsbs (1 month ago)
My old TV is 20 years old.. Working.. Nd one day I decided to become a smarty pants nd bought a smart TV.. It lasted 8 months... Though it's in guarantee period... They tell me the parts which are not working doesn't come under guarantee... So its gonna cost me abt half of the original cost of the TV... I m back to using the old TV... Nd have the smart TV as a show piece in the living room.. 🤣🤣🤣
Tio Dave (1 month ago)
I hear Speed Queen makes a decent wash and dryer. https://speedqueen.com/
Aseel Alzahrani (1 month ago)
Is it legal to take those bins ...? Cuz if yes i would give it to 1) the homeless 2) Charity ,.., if i can donate food to charity ... Im 12 okay !!! 3) Sell them for a cheaper cost for those people who need to use those coupon things 4) have 0.1% of it for me
JustSayin (1 month ago)
That woman is wearing the worst wig I have ever seen. She must have bought it at the Dollar Store during Halloween.
DJ CHANCE (1 month ago)
Lots of Hollywood here and they fail to mention maintenance. Yes there are some big chain stores that offer repair and have bad practices, not all repair services are bad. Some of these customers never bothered to read the use and care manual.
Mike Dooly (1 month ago)
I bought a top of the line Samsung refrigerator. It is a POS. It cannot make ice it freezes solid. Do not buy Samsung.
Ernest Jay (1 month ago)
Now i understand why my grandparent 1950's black and white TV still works today even after heavy use while our expensive "Smart TV 4K UHD" didn't last more that 5 years.
Ian (26 days ago)
I've had old CRT models that lasted and others that went to hell.
Chris Freely (1 month ago)
I'm willing to bet that the repairmen live in better homes, make more money and have far less debt than their average college-educated customers. Trades are far better than college.
Straight Whitemale (1 month ago)
The public deserves what they demand. Keep buying pretty , sharp looking crap and deal with zero quality. In the fifties people expected their appliances to last their lifetime. Once you bought your, range, refrigerator, washer, dryer you were done. Maybe 20-30 years later you would have to pay for a repair. The price of appliances are ridiculous , their quality is non existent. If you understood engineering you would see that it is possible to decide exactly how long a product will last.
Allan Love Jr (1 month ago)
Simple. Made in China.
Kimberly Colliins (1 month ago)
A friends cheap fridge from china broke down after 2 yrs and the company repaired in 24hrs in her home and done a good job I couldn't believe it good job same as first story except it was free
minecraft gamer2018 (1 month ago)
cbc marketplace: samsung can you come on camera samsung: no but we will give you a statement instead me: uhhhhhh samsung you had a phone that blew up and saying that you have been commited to delivering high quality products yeah no😑
Nancy O'Malley (1 month ago)
Cowards and liars! That's Samsung for you!
Suzie Queue (1 month ago)
Want a recommendation for a washer and dryer that performs well? Get a Speed Queen. I have a set. Machines have knobs and dials only. Love them.
Mark Chapmon (1 month ago)
When my ~7 year old $1600 fridge had an expensive electronic failure, my repairman told me his version of why it failed. The more I thought about what he said, I decided I'd replace it with the one with the least amount of electronic features I could. My $800 fridge has a rheostat temperature control, not a digital keypad inside of it. As best as I can tell, there are no electronic components inside this refrigerator and I expect it to last longer. If it doesn't last longer, at least it only cost half as much as the old one.
paintedwings74 (1 month ago)
I used to sell fridges at a Home Depot. People liked the idea of all the bells and whistles, but I personally went straight for the lowest-end appliances. Not because I was being cheap, and not because the replacement cost was low. I bought appliances with the least electronics and fewest ways things could go wrong. A dishwasher is a box with a water pump, a heater, and a timer. A clothes-dryer is box with a motor (to rotate the drum) and a heating element. An oven is a box with a heating element and a rheostat. A refrigerator is a big box with a compressor and condenser (and if you put the coldest part on top, like all old refrigerators had, you get the best results, since cold air sinks). If you buy the most basic version of these things, the electronics don't interfere with what would otherwise be the most reliable of devices--motors, compressors, condensers, heating elements--in their respective plastic or metal boxes.
lockey (1 month ago)
it didn't give me good suggestion. so what we should be consider when buy new appliances?
Priyajyoti Behera (1 month ago)
Lol....my old fridge lasted for 15 years without problem 🤣 old is gold indeed.thanks for the info @marketplace
SilvaDreams (1 month ago)
Nothing new, starting back in the 90's manufacturers are making things that are engineered to fail, that includes your vehicles.
Alma Breeze (1 month ago)
Faulty appliance= more jobs
Random Stuff In Oregon (1 month ago)
Jeez man! My worn out old appliances from the 90s still function and perform better then the new ones in this video.
Jack Garver (1 month ago)
My family has had two Samsung fridges... We have had countless problems with both.
Frances Lockhart (1 month ago)
We have shops just selling Euro appliances popping up, this must be why.
Frances Lockhart (1 month ago)
Samsung, never again, my Samsung TV has permanent connection issues. It's an extended hassle every time I try to connect to YouTube.
EurekaRecycler (1 month ago)
The Law of Attraction, Look for funky service & U will find it. Any funky repair person simply will not last - what come around goes around. What U going to do you can try to fix something old and hope nothing else falls apart or you can buy new with a good guarantee and even with a good guarantee you may pay $100 for them to confirm you fall into it, If you get 1 year your lucky. Smart appliances have planed obsolescent programing than you might have to buy a new brain $100-300. Samsung normally does a good job at training there technicians
kumar kn (1 month ago)
Made in China, what else can u expect.
91rickstar (1 month ago)
I have a Samsung SRS587ENW fridge and had it with no problems for over 9 years and still going good
Yu Zhang (1 month ago)
haha same for Canadian cellphone service providers.