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Joe Biden’s big 2020 problem

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Biden’s long political history means he’ll have to face some major obstacles on his way to the Democratic nomination. Here’s a look at the challenges he’ll face as he enters the 2020 race. SOURCES AND FURTHER READING: Biden: I'd want to be last person to announce 2020 run https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/04/06/joe-biden-2020-decision-last-person-sot-vpx.cnn Joe Biden’s history of presidential runs https://www.msnbc.com/stephanie-ruhle/watch/joe-biden-s-history-of-presidential-runs-1502160963703 Joe Biden Plans to Close Foundation When He Enters 2020 Race https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/22/us/politics/joe-biden-foundation-president.html Lucy Flores isn’t alone. Joe Biden has a long history of touching women inappropriately. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/3/29/18241598/joe-biden-lucy-flores-touching-women-media-history-explained’ Trump embraces 'Crazy Bernie Sanders' or 'Sleepy Joe Biden' as 2020 opponent https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/17/trump-sanders-biden-2020-1278762 Joe Biden may face uphill climb in early states https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/21/politics/inside-politics-forecast-april-21/index.html About me: I was named "best dressed" in 7th grade. That, along with being CNN's editor at large and author of the daily "Point" newsletter are my proudest achievements. Look for me here every Tuesday and Thursday to find out what’s really going down in politics. CREDITS Writer: Chris Cillizza The Point team: Brenna Williams, Leigh Munsil Editor: Steven Sevilla Producer: Maya Dangerfield Follow Chris on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cillizzac/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cillizzacnn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.cillizza/ Subscribe to The Point newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/cnn/dvgb325pfm #CNN #Cillizza #Biden
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Text Comments (1815)
SNAKEEYES44 (1 month ago)
Creepy Joe Biden is offering free back rubs to everyone
Unterreo Edwards (1 month ago)
Now, Joe Biden is bleeding out the eye. Um, he needs to sit down and repent, like yesterday.
Aussie Bastard (1 month ago)
Leave JOE BIDEN the F alone.
Jay Tee (1 month ago)
If Dyin' Biden is this senile NOW, how senile will he be after 8 years??? LOLIf Dyin' Biden is this senile NOW, how senile will he be after 8 years??? LOLIf Dyin' Biden is this senile NOW, how senile will he be after 8 years??? LOLIf Dyin' Biden is this senile NOW, how senile will he be after 8 years??? LOLIf Dyin' Biden is this senile NOW, how senile will he be after 8 years??? LOLIf Dyin' Biden is this senile NOW, how senile will he be after 8 years??? LOLIf Dyin' Biden is this senile NOW, how senile will he be after 8 years??? LOL
Shelbs4life (1 month ago)
Excuse you Bernie Sanders is a minority candidate too. He would be the first Jewish president on the United States of America.
Manav Naik (1 month ago)
Fuck this, CNN stop sucking his dick Democrats like fair coverage
Mr_ Batsu (1 month ago)
No matter what you think of Biden's political positions or his age, he has so many other problems to consider. How about the huge number of times he's been on camera inappropriately touching and fondling women and little girls. When I say little girls I'm not talking about 'young women', I'm talking about girls whose age is still in single digits. It's fucking sick. Now that more attention is on Biden we are seeing more and more examples of what really seems to be the early stages of dementia. It would be doubtful he could serve a full term as President if elected and forget about a 2nd term. How the hell any Dem could vote for someone with so many clear and obvious problems is beyond logic. Then again, look at the other Democratic candidates and the problem of choice is evident. Seriously Dems, you hate Trump so fucking much but this group of loonies and hasbeens is the best you could come up with to go against Trump. Trump's wit is still razor sharp and he would destroy someone like Biden on stage. Just go ask Hillary how she felt with Trump's "... because you'd be in jail." comment and how that devastated her. Remember when Megyn Kelly asked Trump about calling women "...pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals..." and he immediately responded with "Only Rossie O'Donnell" and the ENTIRE audience erupted in laughter and applause. None of the dems have that type of rapport with an audience.
Kiran Prasad (1 month ago)
He’s senile
Geoff Heitzler (1 month ago)
His early stages of dementia will be a huge problem. DNC will still try to push him. Then where will I go...Hilary said that whenshe ran her shitty campaign. Not a champion to the working class. Bernie or Warren or stay home. If Trump wins again it's theDemocrats fault. Not the Voter. Centrist Democrats are Just Republicans with a (D) Does not work, But try to convince ClaireMccaskill that.
The Foxfires (1 month ago)
Biden's big 2020 problem is that he's running for president and needs to dropout.
lavern Holloway (1 month ago)
I'm trying figure out a way to get these clowns off lifetime goverment benifits
DR. BADFISH (2 months ago)
Rita Faye (2 months ago)
Really? He has problems????
Glenn V (2 months ago)
I think fondling and sniffing children is part of the problem
Fahim Shafik (2 months ago)
Sleepy Joe.. Lazy Obama 😀 😀
Ben Videographer (2 months ago)
He's fucking senile.
Roeuth (2 months ago)
You’re crazy, you’re just another person that supports racist fear mongers, that’s why you give airtime to any racist that will bring you ratings.
Tenshi Davichi (2 months ago)
fake news
SkyBirdGirl MsArianna 2047 (3 months ago)
Joe Biden is a distraction.. He's not going to win. His emptiness Deludes the democratic vote and the chances for the other Candidates to win.
lavern Holloway (1 month ago)
And this is why dems are jumping ship into unknown waters. Dems lie and then tell more lies when you catch them lying. If joe is the front runner for president then i need tojoin the republicans now so it won't look so much like i ran out because the dems decided the best route was to light their own butts on fire.
7- Eleven (3 months ago)
Trump 2020
7- Eleven (3 months ago)
He he:) “sleepy joe”🤣
S Gill (3 months ago)
Only Oprah,Schultz and Bloomberg can beat Trump and none of them are running. Case closed.
Jesters Dead (3 months ago)
@CNN Loves Avenatti.
mopthermopther (3 months ago)
Joe is OLD. He says brassiere instead of bra.
Well I Wonder (3 months ago)
Pedo Joe.
Reggie Zu (3 months ago)
Crowd say it all, I like Biden but he seems unable to energize the people the voters , it doesn't matter if he is better fit but he is actually low energy . .his rallies have 600 attendance, Bernie on the other hand attracting equals crowds to trump but he is not favorable to dem party leaders, may be other candidates will have better chances of winning.
Bran Evans (3 months ago)
His big problem? He likes rubbing little girls and sniffing their hair!!!  What if he mistakes Kim Jong Un for a little girl and starts doing all that stuff?
DJ W (3 months ago)
Is Chris Cilizza a journalist or a cringe-worthy talent-less comedian? Biden has >99 problems and getting my vote IS one of them.
Yiwan Ye (4 months ago)
plz don't nominate another protector of elites
toto now (4 months ago)
CNN, owed by AT&T Oligarchs, is scared to death of Bernie Sanders. Are you an Oligarch? No? Well do not listen to CNN lies. Find out for yourself. Then vote for Senator Sanders.
Jalal Sabbagh (4 months ago)
REST ASSURED JOE BIDEN , will do what ever Nancy and Chuck Schumer want , .For 8 miserable years he did what Valerie Jarrett wanted Joe to do..DNC made him join the 24 other democrats incompetent candidates to kick B S (Bernie Sander) out of the race , Democrat did this when Hilary was became the democrats NOMINEE AND KICKED B . S OUT IN 2016 .GUESS WHAT ?? YOU CAN NOT TRUST DEMOCRATS all they hve Like Hilary lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
nicawi46 (4 months ago)
I’m in my mid-30s and was recently discussing the upcoming elections with 3 people in their 60s. They were absolutely sure that it can be no other candidate other than Biden but assured me that when it came down to it, they would vote for whichever democratic candidate was elected. By and large the explanation that I kept hearing over and over from them is “Biden is the most electable.” So when I would ask why, the answer would be multiple shades of “because he is the one that can win against Trump and that is the number one goal.” I was left confused as to what makes him the best candidate. I really really really don’t get it. But this explanation and a recent breakdown of polls by Vox begins to make sense of it for me but it still doesn’t sit well. What I see is that Biden is a household name for the older more moderate generation. But this is exactly why I don’t agree that he is the most electable. Trump was supposedly the least electable in his party but he reached the (albeit weirdly angry white) base he needed to reach to gain popularity. Biden is not only too safe but just too old school in his politics—and his creepy ways are, well, yes, in the past, but still occurred no matter how many ways he finds to justify that it was a “different time.” It seems to me, that many in older generations don’t even want to give other candidates a say. I believe it’s because they hear the words communist and socialist being thrown around by the other party and they’re afraid other candidates won’t be able to reach across the aisles. These words were vulgar to their generation. If people would only listen to what the real agendas of each candidate are, hopefully they’d understand that those words are attached to these candidates to damage them but in reality do not describe their agendas. We all need to listen to the candidates and their true agendas. I tend to like the candidates with the most clear agendas and the ones that have been fighting the fight not just talking about it. Sanders and Warren are high on my list because they bring high levels of knowledge of their constituents and experience, but I look forward to listening to each candidate’s ideas. I think Biden has too much baggage and I tend to think he will say what he needs to say for votes. Please, people of all age groups, do not automatically vote based on the “general view of electability.” Listen to each candidate and make your voice heard. Trump is a nasty bully and he does need to go.
nicawi46 (4 months ago)
Edit: *Trump is a nasty incompetent bully...
Hona Wikeepa (4 months ago)
Pedo Joe Biden is a Chinese agent.
Robert Herp (4 months ago)
Joe Biden. So selfish of him to do what he is doing now. Just give the people what they want. Now its probably gonna be another Trump term. I'm not gonna vote for that Garbage, I'd rather stay home honestly. Biden had alot of trump policies but just hides it under the disguise of a Democrat. We are so screwed and we do nothing about it... I can see why so many older people I know just don't even vote anymore.
nathanlief (4 months ago)
What? is CNN being honest for once? Is CNN trying to become respectable/honest in 2019?
Arturo Cardoni (4 months ago)
The reason why Biden is the most known candidate is because he has the support of the media and the establishment. Who try so hard to ignore Bernie Sanders, while protecting Biden from his horrible record! You never say that the reason Obama picked Biden was to appease White voters at the time, because otherwise Obama would appear too progressive. Because that way you're able to create a false association with Obama and paint a different picture in people's minds!
mike nicol (4 months ago)
This is propaganda in favor of Biden, trying to sound like its critical of Biden
bettyboop17d (4 months ago)
This is supposed to be the list of why people might not vote for him?? What about Policy. He voted for the crime bill, he supported the was in Iraq. He has been on the wrong side of history numerous times. He is still taking massive corporate donations. He hardly has any policies to speak of. He is a terrible candidate for more reasons than the superficial points cover on here.
bettyboop17d (4 months ago)
No he doesnt have the best odds. Bernie 2020. He is a Male version of hillary. Democrats dont learn
danpakoman (4 months ago)
Biden will lose. The American people might dislike Trump, but Biden will not be that much better.
James Wadsworth (4 months ago)
He likes to grope people this is problem
Lee Alexander (4 months ago)
Actually Biden and Sanders are tied in Iowa. Biden is only running for a single term. Sanders, who would be our first Jewish president, is a few months older than Biden but plans to run for both terms with a significantly younger female VP. While Biden has been consistently wrong on the issues with disastrous results yet refused to acknowledge any error on his part. Sanders has been consistently on the right side of history, often years before anyone else came to understand it. He has proven leadership ability while Biden rides the coattails of others. The only reason he was Obama's VP was to make white people more comfortable with a black President. While Biden is a barely disguised Republican Sanders is a good old fashioned small d Democrat. Biden is notorious for sniffling, kissing, massaging and nose rubbing little girls and women whether he knows them or not. If you don't think the Republicans will hit him hard with that, I've already seen some of what they have lined up complete with video. It's not pretty. They will hit Sanders with Socialism but they will hit every Democrat with Socialism. While the rest will back pedal and go on the defensive Sanders will just double down which is a far better strategy because it allows him to stay comfortably on the offensive. In a debate once you go on the defensive you lose.
Marty ponish (4 months ago)
biden been a disgraced lying loser for over 50 years he tells lies he believes lies he spreads lies
I know about Theodor Herzl, do you? (4 months ago)
Zionist media. It's so obvious.
Fancy Brooks (4 months ago)
A LOT of registered Democrats are conservatives. We just cannot be a part of the racist and misogynistic Republican Party. Between the two of them, the Democratic Party is the lesser of two evils. I don't have a problem with Biden. He proved as vice president that he can effectively work with the other side to get things done. Our country needs that. There is much damage that has to be undone because of trump and McConnell and the congressional Republicans.
Kim Fenech (4 months ago)
He’s a perp.
Stone Cold (4 months ago)
As far as Democrat candidates, its Tulsi Gabbard or nobody for me.
lavern Holloway (1 month ago)
Im trying to get my granddaughter to run but ill have to loan her the filing fee and sign for her. She's 9.
Gonzo6389 (4 months ago)
Biden will age 5 years by the time he makes it to Trump...if he makes it against all these younger opponents.
Gonzo6389 (4 months ago)
He's got no chance against pitbull Donald Trump....The President will tearing to shreds...best next choice i the gay guy whose name I can't pronounce....and lets be honest, are we really ready for a homosexual in the White House...not me(Independent) nor millions of older Democrats.
Freedonia Official (4 months ago)
His child molesting, just not according to the pervs at CNN
Golddee33 Rich (4 months ago)
KEDRA CURRY (4 months ago)
Well as a Afro Latino woman he is a No. He is a bigot. He is who’s favorite?
R. Jay Gill (4 months ago)
Problem is he was part of a corrupt administration
Harshit Madan (4 months ago)
So Democrat Party openly hates white males.
Cornelius Givens (4 months ago)
Fuck Biden
byron silas (4 months ago)
That asswipe the sniffer is stuck in (1950's) Cuba, retire eff wad, it's not like you need the money, you stole enough, period.....
vickytjaden (4 months ago)
So this guy had been a losser in other campaings and all of rhe sudden became "the last coke of rhe desert" ??? Realy? The man is too old to be President!!!!
ITSLE0h L (4 months ago)
Biden’s time is up
George Montgomery (4 months ago)
Andrew Yang 2020
S Games (4 months ago)
Does this man have a 3 year memory span? I think I saw this garbage a couple of years ago, and it was as unfunny and lying as it is now.
bob Bunni (4 months ago)
You actually didn't talk about his big problems....Ukraine....china...
wilecatrexy (4 months ago)
Joe Biden? What about all time he gets touchy, feely, overly caressing women and little girls. Im not lying. See for yourself. And it appears that this media supports him?
E Armstrong (4 months ago)
mopthermopther (4 months ago)
Biden is a has-been who never was. (R)
rob morrison (5 months ago)
Joe Biden , gropes young children so he needs his ass handed to him
Haat Praat (5 months ago)
Strange hearing the name of Anita Hill again. During the first of my only 2 trips to the USA, a driving holiday through California, Nevada and Arizona with my girlfriend, now wife and mother of our 2 daughters all we listened to in the car was this Clarence Thomas / Anita Hill saga and quite honestly we were shocked at the levels of racism being openly displayed. Regardless, I love US Presidential primaries and general elections. The sleaze and the dirt involved is better than watching a political series from Netflix. Most elections in Europe are nothing short of boring. May the biggest sleazebag win!
Kevin Garlick (5 months ago)
that was a real nice try you fucking shill
Andrey Wong (5 months ago)
His videos of inappropriately touching kids and women are horrible and shocking.
John Hearn (5 months ago)
I don't think the central committee Is on board with joe. Nor Bernie. The young kennedy Boy could Blow trump away. The problem is There isn't any clear leader in the Klan. Maybe if Caroline called the Shots they'd have a team.
apple-sauce (5 months ago)
Creepy propaganda is creepy
Kyle Dalsimer (5 months ago)
Someone please explain to me why this man still has a job?
][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll] (5 months ago)
0:14 - if by best odds you mean full Establishment, DNC, SuperPac and Big Donor support I agree Edit - Biden wont beat Trump
Crusher 36 (5 months ago)
Trump 2020! 🇺🇸
Max Randolph (5 months ago)
People who use government as a career is sad. that means I can get a real job in the market. The dems also run against capitalism and write books about how bad capitalism is and get rich off their hate of capitalism with capitalism. Odd right. Its call lying.
Max Randolph (5 months ago)
He's the foot in the door for the crazies on the left.
Jennifer Langston (5 months ago)
What new ideas is Biden bringing? NONE!
Jennifer Langston (5 months ago)
Bernie is the right choice for the people. CNN is a corporate supporter, they don’t care about the people. Bernie 2020
sebastianludar (5 months ago)
Mayor Pete for president
Albert Bradburn (5 months ago)
CNN think they can win it for him with their fake news
Albert Bradburn (5 months ago)
Bull he has to deal with his sons money problems maybe his problem too
John Woodard (5 months ago)
Just give the Biden filth over to the Ukraine they want him for a lot
Tac (5 months ago)
Hey Joe take a seat over there
rolback (5 months ago)
Maybe white privileged groping Joe Biden could call the majority of the country deplorables? That could jump start his campaign.
Glen Bolderson (5 months ago)
We'll see what the polls are after Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders roll over that tired old fool. He's old, boring, tired, he has no new ideas and limited appeal unless your over 65.
YoshimizRobots (5 months ago)
He should run in the Republican primaries
otakonlover10 (5 months ago)
Not gonna talk about his racist history cnn is a fucking joke
TrueLies (5 months ago)
Biden is the most exciting candidate since Hillary Clinton.
Stacey C (5 months ago)
I'll tell you his problem. Nobody wants this guy but YOU. If you are a betting person and you bet on Biden you want to lose. This ain't 30 years ago .
Wicked Roancer (5 months ago)
Sorry Democrats am mainstream media both of you together still stand no chance in beating President Trump in 2020
Wicked Roancer (5 months ago)
Does not matter who in the world both or outside of politics stands almost no chance to beat President Trump in 2020. There is currently nobody nowhere can post political achievements an record breaking success to beat President Trump. Thats all foks
Adam Aulia12 (5 months ago)
Hi from indonesia here,i just wonder why a lot people hates biden? Let me know the answer
Cary Revels (5 months ago)
Will the real Biden stand up., He is a Moron he says he is progressive then centrist etc. Say no to Joe..
Jason Apostol (5 months ago)
Funny how CNN thinks being moderate and not radical is a bad thing
Wicked Roancer (5 months ago)
Wicked Roancer (5 months ago)
Simple Biden All name recognition no poicy success ever or current proposal for 2020 BIDEN OBAMA 3.0. Sanders has base policies to propose and a strong candidate against all dems
Wicked Roancer (5 months ago)
Biden loses to Sanders in primaries only if the DNC do cheat BEARNIE SANDERS AGAIN.
Wicked Roancer (5 months ago)
Told ya CNN 2 weeks later again IM RIGHT
Tonixxy (5 months ago)
Interesting how dems are anti-racist but everything is about race and minorities with them......
Tonixxy (5 months ago)
Wtf is this, Geriatric wars? How old will both he and Trump be after 5 years?
who dat (5 months ago)
if you did what he does at a place of your employment you would be fired.
Herlindo Landavazo (5 months ago)
Bully Biden