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Kenmore Out Of Balance Buzzer

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DRRSCyberlight32 (4 hours ago)
as a kid i hated that sound
DRRSCyberlight32 (4 hours ago)
yes i was waiting for this
whirlpool1978 (16 days ago)
My late aunt and uncle had a late 1970’s belted Kenmore that had an off-balance buzzer-sometimes she would do a load that would get off-balance-it would shake, then it would stop and a buzzer would sound-I haven’t heard one in YEARS-thanks for posting this video!
Will's Adventures (18 days ago)
What a neat little feature these machines had. Too bad the direct drives didn't have this. If it was a modern washer it would have either killed itself banging around or waste over $100 in water trying to balance it.
Trance88 (20 days ago)
Interesting. I wish all washers had this function!
Lake Nipissing (21 days ago)
Very interesting. I have never heard a buzzer on my Kenmore belt drive washer. I wonder if it has one? Funny, the sound at 0:48 is *exactly* like what I hear when the spin cycle starts. Very unique sound for these machines with wig wag solenoids.
NVHSChadSheppard1 (7 days ago)
Harley Badger it depends which position the wig wag is in
Harley Badger (21 days ago)
If it is a.. eh.. 70 series or higher, it should. Spats, jump in here if I'm wrong. And yes, I was thrilled that it did a good *buzzzz-clunk* for this video!
Bluethunderboom (21 days ago)
At leased they will let you know saying that your clothes is out of balance, please re-balance the clothes. =) And I didn't know that Kenmore (Whirlpool) can do that. =/
IAmNotAFunguy (21 days ago)
It's a good thing that machine doesn't throw an error code up on the display followed by wasting gallons of water filling up again and again all day trying fruitlessly to fix the problem. You should have seen our water bill the few times ours has.
IAmNotAFunguy (20 days ago)
Once our water bill was just below $500 because of our washer doing just that. Maybe I'm naive but I don't know how that counts as "saving water".
Harley Badger (21 days ago)
Yup! It doesn't drain - refill - drain - refill to balance a load like the "water saving" ENERGY STAR models do :-)
Sharkie626 (21 days ago)
Haha, that just shows the quality. "Oh you're trying to have me go out of balance? That's cute."
Harley Badger (21 days ago)
haha yep! I had to get the sheets and mattress cover soaking wet and squish them together like that to finally get it to go off-balance. And notice it did only one gentle BUMP before it automatically shut off.
uxwbill (21 days ago)
This reminds me of a fun story. Years ago, there was a late 70s Maytag washing machine here. In the middle of a load of laundry, the lid switch finally gave up. Since the natives were restless, I just wired across it to get it running. Always meant to replace it and never did. Little did I realize this also killed the out of balance shutdown function. It'd run like hell after that, no matter how far out of balance it got. One day, with a load of heavy knit rugs inside, it walked far enough to pull the drain hose out of the laundry tub. This led to the *coolest* drain vortex I'd ever seen, spanning several feet around the laundry room floor drain.
Harley Badger (21 days ago)
A drain vortex! Too bad the machine wasn't a *Whirlpool,* oh the irony that would have ensued! Ironically, bypassing the lid switch on our Speed Queen also disabled its out of balance auto-shutoff, as the tub being too far off-center would nudge a bar that would trip the lid switch. That's all safely stuck in place with a self-adhesive rubber foot now. Fortunately, the tub suspension on that SQ is so brutally strong that it very rarely goes out of balance. I have a clip somewhere that I can't find that shows me washing one large pillow in that machine.. it acts like it's a Mack truck driving on square wheels, but it doesn't quite bang around.
Maxxarcade (21 days ago)
That's really handy actually. My 90's Kenmore will just go for a walk across the basement if you aren't around when it goes out of balance.
Emerson Collie (22 days ago)
Yep, sounded just like the 1974 Kenmore my parents had when it was off balance. Although is was rare that it happened on it's own. But as a kid, I was experimenting with it, to see what it can and cannot do. At that age, I already accepted the fact that I am just a weird kid.
Robert Przybylowicz (22 days ago)
"Excellent" Thanks guys that was music to my ears LOL!!! Brings back the days of when mine had an out of balance load... Have a great day!!!
Harley Badger (21 days ago)
Hehe yup! Definitely nostalgic. You're welcome, and have a great day also!
Jacob Flanigan (22 days ago)
Sounds like the baggage claim buzzer at Philadelphia International Airport
Jacob Flanigan (18 days ago)
+Will's Adventures Yep. Tucson airport now has the siren tones, but Phoenix Sky Harbor still has the buzzers.
Will's Adventures (18 days ago)
Sounds like the one at the Tucson and Phoenix airports as well.
Jacob Flanigan (21 days ago)
Harley Badger (21 days ago)
Oh! I didn't think about that, but you're right.. Pittsburgh Airport too!
Raymond Williams (22 days ago)
We used to own a model in the early 80’s that had this exact same unbalanced buzzer sound, that would absolutely drive me The worst thing about it, was that the washer was used outside on a porch. so during winter months it absolutely sucked to go outside in the cold to try and get your clothes balanced, so that the machine would stop Oh sweet childhood memories 😊
Harley Badger (21 days ago)
Ha! Same here! I grew up in southern Georgia, where a cold day in the dead of winter was about 40 degrees F, and it was very common to have the laundry areas on a porch or in a carport. No such thing as a basement down South Georgia. This was sort of a foreign idea for Spats Bear, being in Pittsburgh and all. First house that I remember, Mom and Dad's General Electric pair were just sitting there in the weather under the carport. My first house, then apartment, then second house.. was the same way. I'd stick my head out the door and hear "thump-a-thump-a-thump" and crap... put a coat on, get dressed, and go out and take care of it.
fgbags76 (22 days ago)
I used to purposely do this to my grandmas lol she didn't appreciate it hahaha
petermazbabie (22 days ago)
I love it! Something so simple yet so worthwhile to have, unlike today’s machines that bang back-and-forth until they bang themselves to death. I guess it’s not a bad way to go? I remember my mother‘s Kenmore inherited with the house, it would buzz and stop the Maytag that we bought afterwards just stopped but no buzzer. At least they protected themselves. The GE filter flo would bang until it moved away from the wall.
Harley Badger (21 days ago)
Yup! My grandparents had a Filter-Flo pair, and a tiny closet for laundry. The washer would push the dryer and walk away from the wall and turn itself in a manner where you couldn't get past the dryer to turn it off. My grandfather ended up installing a switch by the door for the washer outlet.