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Pudding Roll-Ups commercial from the 80's pudding in disguise! The Residents and Seth Green

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Pudding Roll Ups. What more can be said. One more reason why the 80's were EPIC! Not to mention Seth Green is in this commercial! This video is not my property, it is property of General Mills. The purpose of this post is for educational reasons. www.generalmills.com
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Text Comments (70)
benjianubis (2 months ago)
Why did they discontinue chocolate pudding roll ups for?
Mega Man Rush Jet Renegade (2 months ago)
No idea who Mental Floss is, but my childhood brought me here.
chisoxfan708 (5 months ago)
Mental Floss has something to.do with this in some roundabout way i think
RetroProGamer (7 months ago)
We never had these in my country. So what is this exactly? Like the skin from the top of a fresh cooked pudding if you dont cover it? Somehow its what i imagine it to be^^
Tyron Davis (1 year ago)
Pudding roll up snack brought me back my flooded childhood memories. I remember this when I beg my mom to buy me this type of snack. And now at the age of 40, things never be the same again, except this pudding roll ups flavor commercials. Thank you.
ETPS (1 year ago)
This looks like it wouldn't have been very good, but the song was cool :3
Lord Toaster Oven (2 years ago)
Lyrics please.
kiata simeoni (2 years ago)
lol somebody make a loop of this for like 10 min. XD
Gen Meow (2 years ago)
Ha! I remember this commercial! Didn't realize that was Seth, though. Thanks Mental Floss! :)
Kenneth Lindahl (3 years ago)
yep another mental floss lemming
Robert Merritt (3 years ago)
I loved the butterscotch ones. Oh Mental Floss sent me.
-Dr Coconut- (3 years ago)
Oh my.....
IGChan (3 years ago)
Oh my god why did my generation not have this.
Explore Southwest (3 years ago)
Here from Mental Floss. I remember these. Not so good. Like normal roll ups nobody ate them flat. Just wad them all into a big ball and eat them like an apple.
Vampirech1ck (3 years ago)
Oh my gosh I remember these they were good
dotcomGone (3 years ago)
lol enjoy the views
Darth Savage (3 years ago)
lol thanks Mental Floss, wouldn't have found this without you
Nepeta H (3 years ago)
Always mentally floss after eating a pudding rollup!
SanglFinance (3 years ago)
Mental_floss sent me
Souji Okita (3 years ago)
Mental Floss
L.D. Johnson (3 years ago)
Don't remember the ad, but I totally remember the product! I thought they were hella good!
Chibiwaza (3 years ago)
Holie shite, I ACTUALLY remember seeing this ad! Thanks for reminding me how OLD I am Mental Floss!
Lovi Poekimo (3 years ago)
Came here from Mental floss.
Insanity ZA (3 years ago)
Thanks Mental Floss
Sean Magin (3 years ago)
This is going to get a lot more views all because of Mental Floss.
Aaron Booth (3 years ago)
Frankly, I think these look delicious.
Marie (3 years ago)
Catchy, love the jazzy tone to it. But pudding roll-ups sound super gross. Mental Floss sent me.
Shutterbug _713 (1 year ago)
Lara Larame, and me. Y couldn't they also come in vanilla or tapioca, too!?
The WV Network (2 years ago)
Actually, they were pretty delicious. I missed them when they quit making them. It was also possible to buy a giant bag of mini-pudding rollups in a bag with strawberry and grape fruit rollups. I think they survived into the very early 1990s. Fruit Roll Ups were better then too as they were still made by Fruit Corners...they even had a variety of small bite size snacks called Fruit Wrinkles that were good...similar to Welch's grape fruit snacks today, but not exact.
Mizusenshi (2 years ago)
Marie Yeah they sound pretty gross to me too.
Cobus Alberts (3 years ago)
Mental Floss ftw!
JetFan92 (3 years ago)
MENTAL FLOSS!!!! And Seth Green too!!!
Jackie Bolster (2 years ago)
Vuanita Haslam look it up ur welcome
Vuanita Haslam (2 years ago)
JetFan92 what is mental floss
M0U53Y (3 years ago)
Like if from mental floss!
Jenny From the Block (3 years ago)
Sounds good
Vuanita Haslam (3 years ago)
I remember this commcial when I was growing up I liked it
Ranky64 Entertainment (4 years ago)
Now, since Seth Green is in this commercial, I can make a Family Guy joke... hmm...... I give up :P
Ranky64 Entertainment (3 years ago)
@Jack Valleli Oh. Sorry Bren, your not stupid.
Jack Valleli (3 years ago)
+Ranky64 Entertainment Nope. He plays Chris. Seth MacFarlane plays Brian.
Face Melter (3 years ago)
+Ranky64 Entertainment o i'm stupid lol. pardon me then
Ranky64 Entertainment (3 years ago)
+Bren Dan Seth Green plays Brian Griffin.
Face Melter (3 years ago)
that's Seth MacFarlane. Seth Green made Robot Chicken.
SkibopKpop (5 years ago)
why can't they make portable pudding like they do gogurts?
SkibopKpop (4 years ago)
omg you are right! Snackpack has one called Squeez n go, I must find it... I wish they'd market it better, put out some commercials or something
Goobian (4 years ago)
@SkibopKpop I do not know if it exists now, but I have seen that before at least a year or so ago.  And their is a Hershey's freezer pop type fudgesicle I see sometimes that is really cheap.
EmilyA1984 (5 years ago)
You mean that's not already a thing?  I'm surprised--I mean, people would buy it, because it'd eliminate the need for a spoon.  Anyway, is it just me, or were commercials more creative in previous years?  Most commercials today don't have songs with rhyming lyrics; it's just "Buy this product for this reason.  I did, and my life is so much better now."  Boring.
ladycplum (5 years ago)
I actually loved these when they were around
nolo king (5 years ago)
It is no wonder there is an excess amount of detectives, lawls!
D Heine (6 years ago)
Is butterscotch the same as caramel?
YugiSyta (3 years ago)
it is not. Butterscotch is a mixture of brown sugar and butter and Caramel is made by cooking down sugar.
soontoberich99 (7 years ago)
no it's just a commercial why would they stop making them right when they just invented them
Rolo555 (7 years ago)
from what i remember, these were nasty tasting.
Sal Altschul (7 years ago)
I wish we had these in Australia...Best idea ever.
YuGiProGamer (7 years ago)
mmmh every time somebody take off that thing from the top of pudding they sell these seperatly ? and i bet its more expensive than normal pudding^^
superlurf (7 years ago)
Melissa2087 (7 years ago)
I want it!
Pinhead554 (8 years ago)
@MrWoofington I don't remember that
serialclone (8 years ago)
I remember eating these. I'm surprised I'm not diabetic by now. The fudge one was the best. I remember the butterscotch tasting like a hooker's ass. It didn't help that these things looked like little turds.
Starry YT (8 years ago)
Oovoo (8 years ago)
Those things look nasty even for the 80's.
FHfan731 (8 years ago)
Seth Green must have quit spying on big brother who was dating the hot chick next door.
Slimey-One (8 years ago)
uum... no information on Seth Green being there??
Supertron5000 (8 years ago)
@ajwrangler1977 Wow, i guess there are some things it's better i missed out on. Most Betty Crocker stuff in the 80's rocked like Grape Gushers and Berry Tie-Dye Fruit-by-the-Foot.
Anthony Rupert (8 years ago)
Okay, these I don't remember.
Eric Hansen (9 years ago)
those things were horrible
Senor DePreguntas (9 years ago)
These things tasted like dirt. My Grandma bought them for us when we were kids (I'm 34 now) and when we cleaned out her pantry a few years ago there was a box still in there. It had to have been over 20 years old.
ep784 (9 years ago)
I didn't get to see the show because there was supposed to be a "blizzard" in MA. I was mad, it didn't snow much at all.
Chub4ChubsRule (9 years ago)
Pudding rollups? Sorry, but that just sounds like a BAD idea.
Community Guidelines (9 years ago)
Horrible how that serial killer stuffed pudding roll-ups in the mouths of his victims... that's probably why they stopped manufacturing them.