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Jeff Gordon Commercials Compilation 1995 to 2014 JG Edit

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420Foly (21 days ago)
"What makes a monte carlo so great, me"- dale earnhardt . Now that was Legendary!
Robert Robinson (22 days ago)
The one with Kenny Irwin is funny as hell to bad we lost Kenny though
Robert Robinson (22 days ago)
Jeff Gordon and taz price less
m e (25 days ago)
My childhood hero
Dylan Shramko (2 months ago)
2:50 Have you ever
Dylan Shramko (3 months ago)
Jeff Gordon in a Coke ad, that seems wrong
Melinda Hamrick (5 months ago)
dale's first car was not pink it was blue & yellow
OVRMN (7 months ago)
I like how there is both an ad for pepsi and coke.
The Unknown Knows (7 months ago)
Completely forgot that Jeff did a commercial with his ex.
MrMW2nd (9 months ago)
The rear view mirror commercial was the best
TwistedClown912 (9 months ago)
0:08 Pepsi: *YOU TRAITOR!!!!*
Thomas Bock (9 months ago)
“What makes the Monte Carlo so good? ME!” That’s gold, I miss dale so much
Young Money (9 months ago)
Did Ricky Bobby Steal Jeff Gordon RainbowWorrior Car ?
Mysterious623 (10 months ago)
I had no idea Coke sponsored Jeff
CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord (10 months ago)
Gordon Isn't to bad of a driver
CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord (11 months ago)
R.I.P Dale Earnhardt Sr.
Andrei Bautista (11 months ago)
2:41 thats like a boss
Javier Reyes Jr (1 year ago)
Back when Chevy was dominant in NASCAR
PurpleTeam Pyrostrike (4 months ago)
Chevy got nerfed in this season
Iany Lacerda (1 year ago)
03:47 Lmao
KeeferJ 1995 (1 year ago)
2:30-3:30 That particular Pepsi commercial reminds me of the beginning of Cars 1, when Lightning McQueen drives up alongside the wall, jumps over the other cars and even drives backwards. I wonder if that's where the inspiration for Lightning McQueen's driving style came from.
NaTuGaMi (1 year ago)
damn jeff looks handsome in 1995 now i know why my mom likes him so much...
Susan Elks (1 year ago)
Jeff Gordon is freakin awesome
Ka Gg (1 year ago)
"What makes the Monte Carlo so good?" "ME" haha
zachery lord (8 months ago)
Good Ole Earnhardt
Angry Cliff (1 year ago)
That's just one more reason we loved Dale.
Charles Russell (1 year ago)
Omg I remember all of these. The nostalgia!
Jeff Gordon Edits (1 year ago)
Funny how vivid some memories stay with you isn't it?
Alex Hawkins (1 year ago)
Ohh man don’t remind me of the Framily commercials ugh almost as bad as narwhals
David N (1 year ago)
Larrell Lewis (1 year ago)
Jeff Gordon & Britney Spears in one commerical...I'll be damned LOL
Sergeant (1 year ago)
Lightning McQueen probably was learning from Jeff Gordon how to drive 😏
Zrob8 (9 months ago)
@Thomas Bock true true, a gte, but yeah
Thomas Bock (9 months ago)
Jeff Gordon was in cars 2 and a few seconds in 3 so...
CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord (11 months ago)
Zrob8 (11 months ago)
Where else do you think he learned a move like that. Doc doesn't know all the tricks out there
Zrob8 (11 months ago)
Well he sure didn't learn from Kyle Busch or Denny Hamilin
Jeremy TerWisscha (2 years ago)
2:31 your not you when your hungry
Mayflower train spook (1 year ago)
cool to see a fellow nascar mlp fan
Andrew Kuhn (2 years ago)
Oh my god i remember Fritos racers!!!!!
Weedle dee (2 years ago)
DelaCruzing (2 years ago)
I like how he did a coke commercial And a pepsi comercial
The Shady Boi (2 years ago)
2:41 look it's lightning mcqueen
zachery lord (8 months ago)
Chuck? (2 years ago)
1990-2004 golden era of nascar
spongebelt (2 years ago)
Lol Jeff in a coke commercial.
Adrian Paul Francisco (2 years ago)
I wonder why Jeff Gordon is in all of the commercials? 🤔🤔🤔
InGamesWePlay (1 year ago)
It does say JG edit.
Tyler Cochran (2 years ago)
Gordon drinking a coke lol
Tanner USA (2 years ago)
2014...the memories...
Brett Baker (2 years ago)
I remember like 4 of these, but I think there was an AARP commercial from 2011 that featured jeff
controlpadblues (2 years ago)
This is a great trip down memory lane... thanks man. Random trivia - that little girl in the Pepsi ads is actor Jesse Eisenberg's younger sister. Lex Luthor, Social Network... anyway, that guy.
Myles Kelsay (2 years ago)
A Coca-Cola commercial for Jeff! Isn't that odd.
Michael Barnstein (1 year ago)
And Jeff Gordon since I guess 1996 or 1997 he's been doing Pepsi ever since.
Aly Osman (2 years ago)
Myles Kelsay Jeff in a DuPont open-faced is weirder!