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Shocking Video of UPS Delivery Driver Attacking Small Dog

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This video shows an unprovoked attack on a small dog by a UPS deliver in Atascadero, California, at an Alzheimer's home. The dogs owner, Tim Paulsen, who works at the home, was then attacked himself after he intervened, but sadly not before Patch was violently kicked by the UPS employee. Read the story in full and find out how Patch is doing now: http://k9magazine.com/blog/shocking-video-of-ups-driver-in-california-attacking-small-dog
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Kelli Chambers (3 years ago)
Unprovoked my butt. The dog was running at him and barking. The owner should have kept the dog inside or on a leash. Those little dogs will bite just as quick or even more quickly than the bigger dogs. He had a right to defend himself, and really...the kick wasn't even that hard. If a small dog did that to me I would do the same. I'm a dog trainer, but hell if I'm going to let a strange dog just bite me. I hate needles, and do not relish the idea of getting a tetanus and rabies shot because someone can't keep control of their dog.