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Fedex package handler

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Fedex package handler in depth the real deal
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Alana (5 hours ago)
So happy I have an education so I don't have to do this shit. Simpletons stacking boxes for $200 a week and they're okay with that?
King MP (4 hours ago)
My true potential is limitless. A man does what man has too. But still never answered the question. Are you trying to work for FedEx so that's why you are looking at the videos?
Alana (5 hours ago)
King MP I'm a classy lady, hun. If you have a 2 year degree you should of went to school to advance your degree or get a better job. If you live your life at the bottom of the barrel for the rest of your life you will never know your true potential.
King MP (5 hours ago)
Lol yeah I do talk ebonics it's my way of talking. My education is a hs graduation with an associate degree. Sorry I couldn't suck off the dean at an university to make my way to the top of the class Alana. By the way, if this is such a "beneath you" job, why search for it? Stripping isn't working for you? Should have done better ✌
Alana (5 hours ago)
Yes sir by the way you talk (ebonics) and work I can tell you're at the bottom of the barrel. No highly educated person would be okay with stacking boxes in warehouse for $200. Anyone can graduate hs,but to get a higher education and better yourself takes commitment. Have fun with your small paycheck.
King MP (5 hours ago)
Alana so you figure that people that work in warehouses don't have education? 🤔 Interesting
Ab Scent (21 days ago)
fuck FedEx n this nigga that got cult caught by these modern day slave drivers. FedEx is a job for robots
Beautiful Pandora (23 days ago)
i do orientation wednesday. thanks for your video it helped my anxiety. also made me want a smoke... :)
LoopeZz Jjohhn (27 days ago)
Do you need to bring a resume to the interview? Is it a must?
Nathan Drake (13 days ago)
LoopeZz Jjohhn no the Fedex plantation hires anybody.... you ready to be a slave for shit pay?
richmond283 (1 month ago)
I actually made 1,600-1,700 a month
richmond283 (1 month ago)
I loved working for fedex it's s great company depends on your hub you can get 30-35 hours a week I worked 30 some days I worked 7-8 hours that was our heaviest days quick benefits you get 1,000 then you get benefits or 10 months which ever come first great opportunity to move up and you can transfer its so much better then ups it's so Much bullshit that happens at ups
non yobussiness (1 month ago)
richmond283 a career is a long time bro. UPS makes more in the end.
richmond283 (1 month ago)
non yobussiness ok and I've talked to ppl in the union when I worked at ups half them don't give a shit and don't help you and ups garbage you could never be full time unless you want to be a driver fedex you can be and you can move to to BETTER positions ups only option is being a part time sup and you get treated even worst it's a long list to be a driver ups takes for ever to give your year raises and they short your checks every week ups is trash
non yobussiness (1 month ago)
richmond283 ups is a part time gig. 30-35 hours sucks. Your benefits aren't as good as ups. No union. They can fire you when ever at FedEx.
leo_mlinar (1 month ago)
"it's a pie job" legendary hahaha
Gaming Tw3tch (1 month ago)
Worst job!! They make you do so much bs. So much orientation bs and then say our pay checks are week behind the f?? And I'm put in loading and that's the hardest. Making it so complicated f that is switching to security thought Fedex was good
NickYDGn (1 month ago)
Do they drug test? I live in California
richmond283 (1 month ago)
NickYDGn no only the express do
Francisco Anda (1 month ago)
NickYDGn No they do not.
Gaming Tw3tch (1 month ago)
Do they take pics too for us? I'm starting tonight? Idk if they do pictures like ups?
richmond283 (1 month ago)
Pokemon Tw3tch yes I worked at fed ex and ups they only take a pic for your page
Ville24 (2 months ago)
So they don't drug test at all? Not even before you get the job? Also, what are the other shifts and hours?
richmond283 (1 month ago)
Ville24 they got early in the morning around 5am and they it midnight at 10 and evening which start at 4 or 5 pm
stan grim (2 months ago)
horrible place to work full time
anthony ritter (2 months ago)
the only thing I hate is my facility runs "extended" sorts so you're going 7 to 8 hrs straight. no break. can't even go to the bathroom because were understaffed so no one can cover your spot quick. during peak season when we ran 8 hrs we got a half hr break. what really pisses me off is when they decide to cut people they cut the lazy ones who show up late and don't work first. how about cutting the one's who work hard. its like if you're lazy you get treated better. but other then that bull shit it's a pretty cool job. simple as fuck. pay isn't terrible. even though its "part time" you're still getting 30 to 40 hrs a week. during peak I was getting 60+ hrs a week. this one dude actually got in trouble for working 85 hrs. corporate doesn't want you more then 40 if it can be helped but absolutely not more then 70. unless you have something like my facility we handle all the nonconverables. so big ass heavy boxes and carpets. a large majority of it requires team lifts unless you're like the hulk and feel like lifting 140lb trampolines by yourself. I see it more as I'm getting paid to work out.
javien bessard (2 months ago)
Yo can you do a updated video about fedex if you still work for them
incognito (2 months ago)
this freaking company sucks don't respect the package handlers not enoug hours,,,.just part time workers 19hrs a week sucks
ike rhymes (2 months ago)
how do you find the app
richmond283 (1 month ago)
ike rhymes fedex careers
Chris Ingram (3 months ago)
To all of u asking questions....Have you actually read the application ? Like at all ?!
ThanksForTheDome (3 months ago)
what do i wear to orientation?
frankgrimesification (3 months ago)
Some form of clothing.
Stephen Cassani (3 months ago)
What was YOUR starting hourly wage? What was the typical starting wage for a package handler?
richmond283 (1 month ago)
Stephen Cassani 10 I'm hearing some areas start at 13 depend on location
Josh White- Puller Of Strings (3 months ago)
4:16 lmao you scared me for a second. thank god!
Gabriel Ortiz (3 months ago)
Good shit my dude I got a interview on Monday
Douglas Arnold (3 months ago)
you in Durham
mike104740 (3 months ago)
I just had my interview on monday and they said that it will take 3-5 days for the background check to go through and after that they told me to come in for orientation. so is it pretty much if i pass it i have the job?
frankgrimesification (3 months ago)
Lolz! If there was any form of drug test, nobody at ground could possibly pass.
Josh White- Puller Of Strings (3 months ago)
mike104740 is there a drug test? if so hair or urine?
Lamaar Bridges (3 months ago)
Does fed ex ground drug test ?
carterp drompp (3 months ago)
not for a package handling position
KingRobs (3 months ago)
Lamaar Bridges for the most part nah
Bianca Perez (3 months ago)
do they drug test ?
carterp drompp (3 months ago)
Not unless you're a driver
Pedro Velasquez (3 months ago)
I just had my first day yesterday. It is definitely a workout, good for the back and legs. Keep your back straight and your core tight and you'll be alright.
IcetheHedgehog (3 months ago)
Pedro Velasquez do explain please
Elaine Farstad (4 months ago)
I'm working there too as a package handler. I'm a professional who is in between jobs. I like the part-time work because I'm done about 7:00 am and have the full business day free to job hunt.
2HootHoot (4 months ago)
Thank you!!! You're the best. Im afraid I'll get fired because Im a weak chick lol but hopefully it;ll make me stronger...
richmond283 (1 month ago)
2HootHoot they won't fire you long as you see a hard worker I worked at FedEx and ups honestly women don't last they gone within a week because they can't handle it but someone women thug it and they move up because they don't have to be physical some women are even tougher then the guys in there if you like the job hang in there and move up to a manager or a trainer you can be a trainer within six months
OfficialBossTate (3 months ago)
2HootHoot I'm nervous about that too bc I'm not that fast of a worker and I'm really Slim lol
knockouttime (3 months ago)
2HootHoot Nah you good....We have a few fat people that bust that shit out....I would say the first week is the hardest, because your body has to adjust.....Knowing which packages go on what side of the belt helps a lot as well.....By the way I work at Fed ex express in southern Cali
Fresh (4 months ago)
I work there now I like it better than working where I use to work at
xJDZL (3 months ago)
great way to look at it my friend, i say the exact same thing as well, hearing about peoples problems at this job makes me laugh ive gone thru way worse not getting paid hourly.
Fresh (4 months ago)
the dependency of the people on your line coming to work is the only con for me
Ron Don (4 months ago)
Yo man I am supposed to do an interview with UPS and fuck it man Im gonna skip that shit. Fuck my life I got enough saved to live for about 2 years I might just wait until I can get a factory job around here from a new factory coming in to town. Fuck man. Im a bit of a fat boi but mah man I can hit up a gym every morning. Idk man tough times for capitalism because of all the addiction to technology and other things. Greed etc... Whatever happen to making a quality product with pride and knowing your neighbors and farming our own food. Now we are only focused on profit, hate or dont know our neighboors, and we eat poison. Fuck this life man. I might hide out with my 35k I got saved that will let me live for 2 years hopefully Jesus comes back by 2 years man.
Kyle Bartruff (4 months ago)
I started this week as a driver and thus far really like it. They do take forever to get stuff done.
ItsTobie (1 month ago)
Kyle Bartruff what are you making as a driver?
X-Lyn Harris (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video
Jason Clark (4 months ago)
I have an interview on Thursday. If they take a month and a damn half then that puts me past Christmas. That doesn't really help me or them out.
threepointer1087 (4 months ago)
How did the interview go?
IILewisII (4 months ago)
I was nearvous af cause i didnt know what to expect on orientation thanks for letting me know. I start in 3 hours
IILewisII (4 months ago)
STREET 714 yeah you start doing training in day 3
STREET (4 months ago)
Oh you doing the training
IILewisII (4 months ago)
STREET 714 it's preety chill tbh . Its just like being in class again.
STREET (4 months ago)
IILewisII how was it bro
deedeesnicks (4 months ago)
People are so quick to put down FedEx gtfo with FedEx benefits I saw my former coworker purchase 3 vehicles and a house and she just retired after working there 21 years working part time so she was fully invested and was able to do other things while working at FedEx, and was able to purchase those things only through her connection with FedEx
Nathan Drake (13 days ago)
deedeesnicks ok I travel without riches... I was just in Belize... but anyway... that company sucks and treat us package handlers poorly... always writing us up for dumb damn near impossible scanning rate (which is 395)... man and then when you in the belly of the trailer the packages get stuck and then you gotta waste energy crawling out of the belly to unjam the boxes and then jump back in the belly... it should be 3 men to a trailer and not 1 guy working the whole trailer... man its so much BS I questioned at that job and I know I went off topic.... clearly Fedex lack people with intelligence... the pay is shit especially for damn near killing yourself from the overwork and no breaks... package handler is the backbone of the company, fuck all other positions.
deedeesnicks (13 days ago)
Nathan Drake no I was just naming major things she was able to accomplish while working there... She's done so many other things and was able to travel the world as well
Nathan Drake (13 days ago)
deedeesnicks 21 years and that's all she got.... she should be the bossman of the hub she working for that many years...
deedeesnicks (1 month ago)
+SuckyGamers XD Community Channel material Handler
ItsTobie (1 month ago)
deedeesnicks what was her position at FedEx?
Taliah Sharif (4 months ago)
My interview tomorrow 😩
Vai Fifita (4 months ago)
thanks for the helpful video I start tomorrow. I really needed someone's input on this job.
The Real Samuel (4 months ago)
How long did it take for them to contact your back from the background check?
Jermaine (4 months ago)
The Real Samuel one week
Kimberlee Drayton (4 months ago)
they proceed us like jail paper application computer application watch a video fingerprint drug test background check then come back now it's hiring process to come back full out more paper work get a id picture badge orientation
Kimberlee Drayton (4 months ago)
they drug test in Memphis Tennessee
Rexane Cagle (4 months ago)
do they drug test?
non yobussiness (4 months ago)
UPS is better for part timers then FedEx ground. FedEx express is better if you want to be a driver but not for a full career
richmond283 (1 month ago)
non yobussiness ups don't even have ac and they run there sort with ppl so you have crazy amount of misloads with fedex they have machines sorting so you rarely have mis sorts
richmond283 (1 month ago)
non yobussiness oh wow five little dollars. Like I said you have to wait YEARS to become a driver. I have my opinion and you have yours. I'll always feel fedex is better then ups. They give you more growth opportunities and people are more happy they give props to there workers
non yobussiness (1 month ago)
richmond283 FedEx drivers never hit top pay. Ups hits it in 4 years. Ups top pay is 34. FedEx is 28. Huge difference. You can pick up shifts at ups.
richmond283 (1 month ago)
non yobussiness no they don't I've talked to both drivers and fedex is more laid back men can have beards and have long hair as man at ups you can't do that unless you are a package handler the only good thing I have to say about ups is the benefits the pay trash slavery for no more then 150 dollars and I loved those hours at FedEx I wanted full time hours even during peak season at ups the checks trash 16 hours for only 300-400 dollars I had checks up short and they have a high turn over rate ppl don't last no more then a week or month
non yobussiness (1 month ago)
richmond283 full benefits after 90 days, real pension after 10 years, time an half after 5 hours, can basically call out when ever, paid vacation after first year. Yeah you have to work harder. I be worked at both. Ups drivers and full timers make way more.
jojo lopez (4 months ago)
bruh thanks for the heads up on the drug test I just got hired and didn't know about the whole drug testing u just answered my question
Romanza313 (4 months ago)
What's the hourly rate?
carterp drompp (3 months ago)
15 an hour here in MN
Zero Ryoko (4 months ago)
This information might be useful and makes me feel less nervous. I just had an interview today and I finished my Background Information paperwork; passed it in this after noon. Now I'm just waiting for a message. I think I have a good chance I'll get in. I was a paperboy for a Free Magazine Company and those bundles are heavy (Carrying 2 or 3 Bundles [50 to 100 packs] at a time to my truck) and the Lawn work that I do, I lift a 70 pound lawnmower along with 4-6 barrels full of Grass which is probably 100 pounds each.
Jermaine (4 months ago)
Erin B i had one day of orientation and they put me to work after lmao
Erin B (4 months ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if you were asked to come back and work the next day. They usually always do that.
Jordan C. (5 months ago)
do you know if you need boots before orientation?
David Martinez (5 months ago)
$200 a week doing physical work. NO WAY!!!
LoopeZz Jjohhn (27 days ago)
richmond283 thanks man. Such a relief!
richmond283 (27 days ago)
LoopeZz Jjohhn you don't have to bring your resume once you apply online that's it
LoopeZz Jjohhn (27 days ago)
Erin B I will, have nothing to lose. thanks.
Erin B (27 days ago)
LoopeZz Jjohhn it's a simple thing to throw together. They don't require much as far as experience, just show up ready to work.
LoopeZz Jjohhn (27 days ago)
Erin B Damn I'm fucked lol I have an interview tomorrow and don't have a resume lol. Thanks.
Cam1315 (5 months ago)
I got my orientation tomorrow did the interview got a call back so I gotta go in tomorrow, do I go in work cloths ? Or nice cloths like the interview ? Or just some jeans shirt and vans haha thanks
Richard Denmark (5 months ago)
how long did it take for them to call u in for orientation after the interview???
M0RPED (5 months ago)
Hey do fedex workers get yearly wage raise?
drippin wet (5 months ago)
Yes, employees are subject wage raises based on position and duration of employment.
paul5999 (5 months ago)
same crap at ups btw
Jerry King (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info mane! Already in good shape, so hopefully this job wont be bad. How were your coworkers?
Montana Yang (6 months ago)
so they only work 4-5 hours a day?
non yobussiness (4 months ago)
Montana Yang your body can only handle that much
Operator (5 months ago)
Generally yes, Mondays you're almost always going to get 6-7 hours. After Monday during the week the hours die down. Sometimes Fridays you get 3. Peak season though, you get all the fucking hours you want and can handle. It's tough work and most hubs don't pay very well. ( Some do pay good though) Stay away from trailer loading if you aren't ready to work your ass off.
QuietHero (6 months ago)
it all depends on your schedule and how busy they are.
Ronreco Hooper (6 months ago)
do they drug test at fedex in Jacksonville fl
Jermaine (4 months ago)
Ronreco Hooper probably not
Gaelle (6 months ago)
Hello, I already did my sort tour, but now I was wondering how long would I have to wait for HR to sent me the email me to apply for the job. Its been 2 days..not too sure if I should call them to see why I havent recieved an email. Its a job application to apply. Thank you :)
Jermaine (4 months ago)
Gaelle you should've had it by next morning
Young_ J (6 months ago)
I live in NC, when I went to my sort observation they gave us the option to do the interview that same day, it only took me a week to get hired, I start tomorrow.
Young_ J (5 months ago)
I'm liking it so far I'm doing 2 shifts 6 to 7 hours pretty easy job.
BF93 (6 months ago)
How has the first week at FexEx been? lol
Afrokid _ (6 months ago)
this job fuckin sucks they overwork you like a dog when they are understaffed (which is often) and you get the same pay for doing two to three people jobs that didn't show up..if you are a good worker they will give you the most difficult trucks and give you the most work.Management constantly yells and treat you like a peasant.Waking up at damn near three in the morning to be worked like a slave for $200 or less a week isn't worth it you'll be too exhausted to hold a second job  lifting up heavy boxes four hours NON STOP will wear your body out...DO NOT APPLY  to this slavery ass job you will regret as soon as I find a better another job I'm quitting for good!!!!
Gaming Tw3tch (1 month ago)
Afrokid _ not in Lewisberry pa
Brandon Kittrell (5 months ago)
i couldn't say i agree more i currently work there i'm going to put my 2weeks notice in that place is horrible
Chris Samurai (6 months ago)
I think I was a lucky one who didn't get the offer.
Adrian Ledezma (6 months ago)
after you attend the observation and apply online, the 3rd step would be the interview. I have a question, the day they call you in for the interview do they expect you to go in that day or do they let you know in advance that you will be having one??
38hunnit (6 months ago)
They drug test now ! Should I expect piss or hair test ?
Andrew Carrillo (6 months ago)
Nobody metioned it really ? ok STOP FUCKING SMOKEING
chef1110a (6 months ago)
Do they give you a paper check every week?
Jermaine (4 months ago)
chef1110a yes
Victor Bucio (6 months ago)
This man speaks the truth it's going to whoop your ass this job is not for everybody.
Jordan Coleman (6 months ago)
Do I need to wear work boots to the sort observation
Jermaine (4 months ago)
Jordan Coleman no lol
oschu sanchez (6 months ago)
tell them about shitty managers and most amd most the freaking pallets
Dakimakura _ (7 months ago)
Was there a dress code for the orientation? I have orientation tomorrow at 9am.
Novocain95 (6 months ago)
Anything really but you got to have boots
Stuart Davies (7 months ago)
I am a unloader for FedEx and I am like 100 percent sure this guy could not do my job. not all jobs at fed ex are PIE
Afrokid _ (6 months ago)
the job sucks so bad man I'm a unloader too your right god forbid you are good at it they but you in most packed trucks and your work will be even doubled when they are under staffed
Stuart Davies (6 months ago)
+King MP that's true for me the harder I work the more they give me. Im pretty fit so I move pretty quick but it only leads to more work
King MP (7 months ago)
we're two different people never know
RaptorSnoopy (7 months ago)
I got Sort Observation tomorrow and am a bit Nervous should I dress as if for an interview and bring a Resume? or am I just going to watch.
RaptorSnoopy (7 months ago)
Alright, Thxs Man!
King MP (7 months ago)
They say dress according to the climate right now it's hot so you gonna burn up so shorts shirt and boots
RaptorSnoopy (7 months ago)
Alright and attire wise? Your video was very informational but didn't hear that part lol
King MP (7 months ago)
nah bro sort observation is just that observing what you'll be doing.
Hamo_Cyde (7 months ago)
how much hourly
Afrokid _ (6 months ago)
I started at 12 now I'm out to 14.05 after a year its depends on your state this is what Massachusetts pays
Loren Nicholls (7 months ago)
I've been working at FedEx for almost 2 months now I love it the physical labor,and opportunity to advance is there, you're always doing something different every day.
Ives the terrible (7 months ago)
bro, I don't know much of fedex. are u still working there ? I have an observation the 26th. you think they work with school schedule? and after all how do u like it ?
chef1110a (6 months ago)
IceInspireYT (6 months ago)
How old do you have to be to work there?
Chris Wright (6 months ago)
I just worked my first day I do over night it true you work hard be prepared but I start at 12.90 and I'm getting two raises next month
Alberto Curiel (6 months ago)
+Mr. Ivan Vargas your clothing technically can't have logos or brands but ya wear anything and boots because you're probably stepping foot on the operation
Ives the terrible (6 months ago)
+Alberto Curiel wait there's no dress code right ? do we have to wear boots for observation???
J. Hopkins (7 months ago)
appreciate the info
Christopher Jones (7 months ago)
start thurday for me
lawndaleboy1 (7 months ago)
Hey are you from Chicago what where house you work at ? I live at the Logan square & humble park where is the nearest fedex I can I ply I I found 1 at Skokie but I don't think is for package handling , just let me know like to try it out,I'm in ssi
Demonte Broom (7 months ago)
they drug test?
King MP (7 months ago)
they didn't drug test me
Aisha Burke (7 months ago)
can women do this job? if so how long do they stay?
Honesty Vapes (7 months ago)
The guys are too cocky imho. That cockiness is what leads to injury. I have no issue helping a guy out if i see him struggling to lift something or take it off the belt. No one should break their back for any job. But you know I guess pride > your body ?
King MP (7 months ago)
+Honesty Vapes you're right baby girl not to mention I seen women doing the job better than some guys honestly
Honesty Vapes (7 months ago)
I'm a woman and I do the job just fine. It all depends on your mentality about the job, same goes for ANY job you get.
Bryan (7 months ago)
Yes , I just started as a package handler this week and lots of women there .
Lens Optics Productions (7 months ago)
Good video! I recommend moving to a small warehouse company less people better pay and hours. FedEx is a good start. But iv found that small warehouse are "GOLDEN". Work your way up and get your forklift license become a manager faster. But if anyone gets a job into a warehouse and don't like it or don't see any improvement for you self. At least hold that job for 2 years and you'll be golden for better job and more competitive. Just letting everyone know.
8MoneyIzmyMission8 (5 months ago)
Fish On TV actually you are spot on about this. Most "smaller" companies the warehouse positions require you to have between 1 and 2 years of experience, so starting off at something like Fed Ex is a good opportunity to learn then go after the jobs that pay more, and is full time.
Carlos Jimenez (7 months ago)
I attended a sort observation and they sent me a link to fill out an application and questionnaire. I did that about 3 weeks have gone by and they called but I missed it. Will they call tomorrow? Should I call? Or did I lose my shot and have to attend another sort observation?
Andre Becerra (7 months ago)
Hey I have a tour on wensday at the FedEx near D.I.A how does that go and how is it in the field.. I m out if shape but I really want this job any tips ? It would be greatly appreciated thanks
warith rasheed (7 months ago)
thanks for the info bro
Victor Nava (7 months ago)
Thanks for the job info brotha.. interview this Sunday and your vid gave me confidence... after all, it's pie
Maakiiiii (7 months ago)
The job is so bad I still get nightmares.
Solace Creat (7 months ago)
It depends on what hub you go to. The hub I worked at, several people were high every day and worked the job just fine. The sups don't give a shit. Not at the one I worked at.
Dabba Doo (7 months ago)
You still workin at FedEx?
Tayana19 Ross (7 months ago)
do they drug test in kentucky
ciera shields (7 months ago)
Is there a number to call if you missed their phone call for an interview? Been trying to call back all weekend.
Mugen Champloo (8 months ago)
$12 hr. to be a slave, I'll never be a package handler again.
richmond283 (1 month ago)
Mugen Champloo if you want to make real money with fed ex go to the freight
calitroit45 (5 months ago)
There going to pay me 16 a hour where I am at
QuietHero (6 months ago)
in LAX its $13.50 after six months u get $14
Anti Matter (6 months ago)
+Afrokid _ it's not hard to believe that the job hasn't changed. I left from there 12 yrs ago. one of the problems was a lack of a union. mgmt can treat you like shit
Afrokid _ (6 months ago)
this job fuckin sucks they overwork you like a dog when they are understaffed (which is often) and you get the same pay for doing two to three people jobs that didn't show up..if you are a good worker they will give you the most difficult trucks and give you the most work.Management constantly yells and treat you like a peasant.Waking up at damn near three in the morning to be worked like a slave for $200 or less a week isn't worth it you'll be too exhausted to hold a second job  lifting up heavy boxes four hours NON STOP will wear your body out...for the other people on here reading this DO NOT APPLY  to this slavery ass job you will regret as soon as I find a another job I'm quitting for good!!!!
BIG D (8 months ago)
I have orientation tomorrow more paperwork
Francisco Vazquez (7 months ago)
did u got the job
Lamar Richmond (8 months ago)
it's PIE 😂
Lakario Davis (8 months ago)
Good informative video!
Anonymous Anonymous (8 months ago)
How much crack is necessary to smoke before work, everyone?
Anonymous Anonymous (8 months ago)
...Kinda light, but aight.
youtube is pootube (8 months ago)
At bare minimum, a 8 ball
Airiane Shankaras (8 months ago)
good look bruh
BookishJayLee (8 months ago)
For is observation is it ok to wear jeans and sneakers ?
BookishJayLee (7 months ago)
+Jazz Cat yeah and they are serious like the job is not for everyone. And it is a workout. So if you do I wish you the best and make sure to take a gallon of water with you and work-out clothes bc your going to sweat and you will need water to stay hydrated.
Jazz Cat (7 months ago)
+BookishDiva FedEx is always hiring for package handlers where I live. That's what has kept me from giving it a try. With the turnover rate being so high, it makes me think twice. Some do like it. I guess the only way to know is if I give it a go.
BookishJayLee (7 months ago)
+Jazz Cat I honestly thought it wasn't for me😔. The lady section they had me training in was very rude and disrespectful and made it harder than it should've been. I was actually loading trailers by myself. They asked me to come back and get put in a different section but I didn't feel it was right so I didn't go back.
Jazz Cat (7 months ago)
How do you like it so far?
BookishJayLee (7 months ago)
+bluehappyscrap when I went to check it out they said pant we're fine.
Jericoe Jones (8 months ago)
shit you bout the first mf I seen wit a positive attitude about the shit. that's what I been looking for. I figure if I can work at a warehouse unloading 400-500 75-135 lb bales of fabric then working as a package handler shouldn't be shit. especially part time.
Jericoe Jones (7 months ago)
+MCFriedChicken1 wait...I thought this was bruh from the video lol. But anyway hell yea.
Jericoe Jones (7 months ago)
+MCFriedChicken1 I got a job at ups. Shit a breeze bruh. Just like you said. That shit a workout fasho tho. I do night load outbound. Prolly around 1200 packages a shift.
MCFriedChicken1 (7 months ago)
go for it bro
Jacarter99 (8 months ago)
shit job
Afrokid _ (6 months ago)
that's a understatement too much work...too little pay
Shahara Roberts (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video, man. Very helpful!
Elizabeth Bidgood (8 months ago)
Nice hat!
classydiva50 (8 months ago)
how long does Package Handler Orientation last
classydiva50 (8 months ago)
thx for the info
anthony watson (8 months ago)
what's the pay rate?
velvetice100 (8 months ago)