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Fedex package handler

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Fedex package handler in depth the real deal
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rockabillylaker (2 days ago)
Started last week as a package handler. I guess frequenting the gym sort of prepared me for the physical grind of it. Wasn't that sore but, that second day, oh boy......my back. That's the only thing though. Everything else: arms, legs were fine. Cool job so far. Down to earth people.
ECCHIGODFTW Litty89 (4 days ago)
run box lol
I'M ONLY ME TODAY (7 days ago)
DO they drug test? If so when?
Natanael 809. (9 days ago)
What ?
Danger Zone (1 month ago)
FedEx Express drug tests
Cheche Preciado (1 month ago)
That's pie. Lol
Riley Herrera (1 month ago)
Dmt carbon hydrogen nitrogen
Wergrun (1 month ago)
hold up...so ur telling me I get a gym membership that pays me? what the fuck can't wait for tomorrow's interview!
Frost Dragonclaw (2 months ago)
and its more like 400 a week starting now
Dan Teller (2 months ago)
I was a Driver. I would love to get paid by the hour as a package handler and get a second job. They pay you $1.25 a stop as a Driver. Horrible pay. You're better off at UPS(Union) or USPS where they pay you by the hour. I will never again work for FedEx.
Derrice Hill (3 months ago)
Come to Fedex express. It’s better
odiem yo (3 months ago)
fedex u know ur not getting ur fing package
QuietHero (3 months ago)
you wanna work at express and at the airport for best jobs. lazyness gets you no where. hard work and sweat does.
Shlomo Shunn (3 months ago)
Pie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12QQV3lyYj0
Shlomo Shunn (3 months ago)
Do you still have the non-theft sticker on the underside of your brim?
marcellus Barksdale (3 months ago)
I don’t smoke while he smoke a cancer stick
vincent johnson (4 months ago)
Do they drug test fed ex ground or jus back ground check
Ericc1978 (4 months ago)
No drug test to get hired as a package handler.
shorty_ 1011 (4 months ago)
Real nigga I appreciate the vid g from Dallas tx
Monique West (4 months ago)
Had orientation today👍🏽👍🏽
J Smith (5 months ago)
this nigga chill as fuck
Tony (5 months ago)
I have been with FedEx for 12 yrs. Started seasonal at 18 during the Christmas rush. They kept me after as permanent part-time got promoted to full-time tug driver and plane loader/unloader. Was overnight for 4 yrs but I was going to aircraft maintenance school did 36 months and fully trained, FedEx fully paid for my school. Another 4 yrs overnight due to seniority based. I'm now 2nd shift Aircraft Maintenance supervisor. I'm at the World Hub in Memphis.
David Nguyen (5 months ago)
what, what, what,
David Nguyen (5 months ago)
what do you want fight check a clip video
lujahs (5 months ago)
Do they drug test you in fed ex?
RandomTessellate (5 months ago)
boom. ya know what im saying.
Amber Hill (6 months ago)
what should I wear to orientation?
Lakers 805 (6 months ago)
I think this job sucks I have a week and I'm already having second thoughts especially since December is coming up
Marc Cross (6 months ago)
Maybe if he spoke fluent English he could get a better job, do you feel me?
Greg Skies (6 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing .I wonder how he managed to pass the interview.
yeahboi803 (6 months ago)
Do FedEx drug test there customer service retail employees (store employee) anyone know
Antonio Ojeda (6 months ago)
I start training today just got done with orientation part ima put in that hard work and I'm Gettn the 90 cent pay raise next week
Derrick Henry (7 months ago)
Starting Thursday. igs I'm finna see how this pie tasting🤣🤦🏾
chris lloyd (7 months ago)
How long do you think it will take to go from part time to full time ?
slsfisher (7 months ago)
When you work for UPS after FedEx, it makes FedEx look like a cake walk lol
Kyle Qualls (7 months ago)
Nice vid King, where im at is dangerous as fuck. Always understaffed, zero training, worthless management. Managers dont give a shit about wrk boots or attire. They put undertrained people in sort towers that will bury you in packages that dont even belong in your trailer. Next day management beats u up over not being fast enough. Too many chiefs and not enough indians over here. Our orientation is 2 hrs and dont even show you the operation during a shift. People always wonder why the boxes get delivered are being destroyed...they allow sort tower guys to keep piling shit up until it falls off the fucking belts. What an experience.
Shaniqua Johnson (7 months ago)
The fuck pie mean?
Just Bae (5 months ago)
Shaniqua Johnson 😂😂😂 “easy as pie”
ashlee williams (8 months ago)
i work for fedex before they do pay good lol im going back
ashlee williams (7 months ago)
nope not mines but yours is lol
Marlon Arana (8 months ago)
DO NOT do this job! If you're into working out (bodybuilding) this job is terrible and instead of making "gains" you'll be losing them within 20 minutes of slavery. THIS JOB IS PURE SLAVERY AND TO ONLY GET PAID $12 HOURLY!!!! HA!!!! THIS JOB IS A JOKE. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT! YOU WILL REGRET IT.
sabrina taylor (9 months ago)
It's hard worker STOP BEING FUCKIN LAZY! Hella great benefits medical , dental , discount travel r u kidding me? U stupid no better job if u don't think so take yo wack lazy ass to miccie dees 😂 8.75 next window please head ass
king D (4 months ago)
sabrina taylor you sound like a company slave ain't nobody with that working hard shit anymore work hard not smart people like you deserve to work like a dumb ass slave.
Kenneth Cole (9 months ago)
Haahahahahah I worked here for 2 months before I joined military waiting to ship and finished track and shit and it kicked my ass at first the fed ex in kernersville being 18 I didn't give 2 fucks and moved slow wasn't tryna hurt myself then I got moved to van line and hated that shit 😭at least if you unload by the time you do 3-4 trucks it's time to go van line is non stop seem like
Tee Smith (9 months ago)
thx man....I just applied!!
Kirk Long (9 months ago)
when i moved with my girlfriend to FL she was working a internship and i was struggling to find a job for about 2-3 weeks. Found out that Fedex was opening a new place where i live and hiring package handlers so i figured what the heck. Its not for everyone... you have to know going in there that you are going to do physical work. But its a good part time job. you can go to work at like 4am and get off at 8 or 9am and still have the rest of your day to work your other job. its only a part time job so dont depend on it to make a living i was making a little over $200 a week. i just did it so that it would at least give me some money unitll i got a full time but i ended up keeping it. With my other full time job im making $800 a week. Just work hard and don't kill yourself...also if they ask you to work fulltime i would say hell no if your going to loading you will kill yourself.
Alisha Scott (9 months ago)
I start my first day tomorrow.
Trill Drizzle (9 months ago)
Alisha Priester what was your first check ? How was it
khiev (9 months ago)
I worked Fed Ex Ground as a package handler for 2 years and was a floater at one point working my way to an Operation Manager. Unloading during peak season is where people are really tested. You do get worked like a dog. I was cool with the managers since I was the fastest unloader during that time so there was times they cut me some slack. Other than that this job is fine for people going to school getting some kind of income and major benefit is getting benefits from this job, but at that time you had to work a whole year before you're able to get it. The major positives I have to say about this job is that it taught me what hard work was and all the co workers are cool. The pay is decent depending how long you've been there how and how much raises you got. I had some co workers making almost 400 or more but they've been there for a while 5 years or more lool but not bad for part time, but you have to start from the bottom.
HawkeyeNation19 (10 months ago)
It is the same at UPS. It was like getting my nuts beat with a knotted rope and I was in the Army. UPS was terrible. I worked in the snow and heat, packages falling on me with a bad stack. Tons of shit.
Jay Carlisle (10 months ago)
I have a interview tomorrow! Can't wait this video made me feel good about it fr good look yo.
Linkfreak 404 (10 months ago)
So I just finished my first day at work and I ALREADY want to quit! The manager acts like a Football Coach and it's WAY too fast paced for me. This was definitely a horrible choice to make this my first job. I can already tell I'm gonna have awful nightmares about this job in the future. UGH!
Kandy Rain (10 months ago)
Linkfreak 404 I quit after two days..it was just too freaking much..dangerous..i had bruises all over my arms and legs..
Bobbie Wilson (10 months ago)
I used to LOVE THIS JOB!!!
tucci 327 (10 months ago)
they drug test?
Javier R (10 months ago)
tucci 327 yeah
Sun KiNGGG (10 months ago)
Man idc all the bs everyone says i just applied and i pray i get this job man its good money and sounds hella fun
GTmaniac (1 month ago)
Sun KiNGGG so is it “ fun”?
Sun KiNGGG (9 months ago)
Blue Army good luck bro
Blue Army (9 months ago)
Lol well looks like I'll be calling them.
Sun KiNGGG (9 months ago)
Blue Army mfs never called me lmao
Blue Army (9 months ago)
Same here I hope they call me quick.
509Tee (11 months ago)
I thought about applying but $200 a week for literally working your ass off..No thanks.
ricerust (11 months ago)
no talkin bout u but i watched the fedexs video on package handler n they say its fast paced rofl they work so slo
Andre PlayaT3chMast3r (11 months ago)
they have to do a background check on me, how long will it take for my background to come back?????
Ian McDonald (11 months ago)
How close have you lost your shit there?
devonte oneal (11 months ago)
yo I got the job
sendr 1017 (4 months ago)
devonte oneal did u do a background check,drug test?
Andre PlayaT3chMast3r (11 months ago)
it's only a pie job when you move up, package handler is "shit", being a driver or doing something else is pie lol
WalkAmongTrolls (11 months ago)
My man. Bout to start this gig tomorrow a lil outta shape but all my experience is warehouse so I know first few weeks gonna be a little rougher.
Andre PlayaT3chMast3r (11 months ago)
very helpful, I have an appointment next week, I hope ill like it.
ImPretty Rena (11 months ago)
U still work there
Tasha Gregory (1 year ago)
Hey are u still at FEDEX?
Tasha Gregory (1 year ago)
Good 4 u and Thanks 4 responding!
King MP (1 year ago)
Tasha Gregory nah I drive trucks now
Corey Hein (1 year ago)
thank you
Ab Scent (1 year ago)
fuck FedEx n this nigga that got cult caught by these modern day slave drivers. FedEx is a job for robots
Beautiful Pandora (1 year ago)
i do orientation wednesday. thanks for your video it helped my anxiety. also made me want a smoke... :)
Toon (11 months ago)
Yeah Im at the Ground for a package handler position here in Dallas an i was just wondering I havent been smoking or anything I just wanted to make sure it wasnt any drug test before I decided to celebrate lol since they havent mentioned it an every job Ive had to this point I havent ever got hired and an orientation date before I take a drug test so I was just making sure I really appreciate it though man you helped a lot.
Beautiful Pandora (11 months ago)
Darrin Hawkins no problem man! orientation you go into a room with your lead and the rest of the new hires. watch 4 videos about safety safety safety and the scanners you will use. take a photo for your badge and then they will have you shadow someone on paletizing. 1 week of paletizing you go back into training room and learn unliading and loading trucks and safety of the trucks. shadow a person for an hour then as they get a new truck you unload said truck. they are training my after 6 weeks to be in the crows nest which is fun. just i wish the pay was better. this is only my facility though. my fed ex is a ground. yours may differ.
Toon (11 months ago)
Thank you ! Also can you give me any info on what to expect from orientation ... I had my interview, did the background check an they called me to tell me orientation is monday but pretty much nothing else about orientation I'm just curious is all, if you can please help me out it would be appreciated
Beautiful Pandora (11 months ago)
Darrin Hawkins. no drug test.
Toon (11 months ago)
Did you drug test at orientation or what?
LoopeZz Jjohhn (1 year ago)
Do you need to bring a resume to the interview? Is it a must?
richmond283 (1 year ago)
I actually made 1,600-1,700 a month
richmond283 (1 year ago)
I loved working for fedex it's s great company depends on your hub you can get 30-35 hours a week I worked 30 some days I worked 7-8 hours that was our heaviest days quick benefits you get 1,000 then you get benefits or 10 months which ever come first great opportunity to move up and you can transfer its so much better then ups it's so Much bullshit that happens at ups
non yobussiness (1 year ago)
richmond283 a career is a long time bro. UPS makes more in the end.
richmond283 (1 year ago)
non yobussiness ok and I've talked to ppl in the union when I worked at ups half them don't give a shit and don't help you and ups garbage you could never be full time unless you want to be a driver fedex you can be and you can move to to BETTER positions ups only option is being a part time sup and you get treated even worst it's a long list to be a driver ups takes for ever to give your year raises and they short your checks every week ups is trash
non yobussiness (1 year ago)
richmond283 ups is a part time gig. 30-35 hours sucks. Your benefits aren't as good as ups. No union. They can fire you when ever at FedEx.
young metro (1 year ago)
"it's a pie job" legendary hahaha
Renee (1 year ago)
Worst job!! They make you do so much bs. So much orientation bs and then say our pay checks are week behind the f?? And I'm put in loading and that's the hardest. Making it so complicated f that is switching to security thought Fedex was good
NickYDGn (1 year ago)
Do they drug test? I live in California
richmond283 (1 year ago)
NickYDGn no only the express do
Francisco Anda (1 year ago)
NickYDGn No they do not.
Renee (1 year ago)
Do they take pics too for us? I'm starting tonight? Idk if they do pictures like ups?
richmond283 (1 year ago)
Pokemon Tw3tch yes I worked at fed ex and ups they only take a pic for your page
Ville24 (1 year ago)
So they don't drug test at all? Not even before you get the job? Also, what are the other shifts and hours?
Austin Bowers (5 months ago)
richmond283 do you work for them now ?
richmond283 (11 months ago)
Darrin Hawkins no they don't only express drug test ground doesn't
Toon (11 months ago)
Bro I got orientation on monday an I still dont know if they drug test this shit is so weird lol idk what to expect
richmond283 (1 year ago)
Ville24 they got early in the morning around 5am and they it midnight at 10 and evening which start at 4 or 5 pm
stan grim (1 year ago)
horrible place to work full time
anthony ritter (1 year ago)
the only thing I hate is my facility runs "extended" sorts so you're going 7 to 8 hrs straight. no break. can't even go to the bathroom because were understaffed so no one can cover your spot quick. during peak season when we ran 8 hrs we got a half hr break. what really pisses me off is when they decide to cut people they cut the lazy ones who show up late and don't work first. how about cutting the one's who work hard. its like if you're lazy you get treated better. but other then that bull shit it's a pretty cool job. simple as fuck. pay isn't terrible. even though its "part time" you're still getting 30 to 40 hrs a week. during peak I was getting 60+ hrs a week. this one dude actually got in trouble for working 85 hrs. corporate doesn't want you more then 40 if it can be helped but absolutely not more then 70. unless you have something like my facility we handle all the nonconverables. so big ass heavy boxes and carpets. a large majority of it requires team lifts unless you're like the hulk and feel like lifting 140lb trampolines by yourself. I see it more as I'm getting paid to work out.
javien bessard (1 year ago)
Yo can you do a updated video about fedex if you still work for them
incognito (1 year ago)
this freaking company sucks don't respect the package handlers not enoug hours,,,.just part time workers 19hrs a week sucks
ike rhymes (1 year ago)
how do you find the app
richmond283 (1 year ago)
ike rhymes fedex careers
GTmaniac (1 year ago)
To all of u asking questions....Have you actually read the application ? Like at all ?!
JayJay12 (1 year ago)
what do i wear to orientation?
Mondo Duke (1 year ago)
Some form of clothing.
Stephen Cassani (1 year ago)
What was YOUR starting hourly wage? What was the typical starting wage for a package handler?
richmond283 (1 year ago)
Stephen Cassani 10 I'm hearing some areas start at 13 depend on location
Josh White- Puller Of Strings (1 year ago)
4:16 lmao you scared me for a second. thank god!
Gabriel Ortiz (1 year ago)
Good shit my dude I got a interview on Monday
Douglas Arnold (1 year ago)
you in Durham
Mike104740 (1 year ago)
I just had my interview on monday and they said that it will take 3-5 days for the background check to go through and after that they told me to come in for orientation. so is it pretty much if i pass it i have the job?
Mondo Duke (1 year ago)
Lolz! If there was any form of drug test, nobody at ground could possibly pass.
Josh White- Puller Of Strings (1 year ago)
mike104740 is there a drug test? if so hair or urine?
Lamaar Bridges (1 year ago)
Does fed ex ground drug test ?
carterp drompp (1 year ago)
not for a package handling position
KingRobs (1 year ago)
Lamaar Bridges for the most part nah
Bianca Perez (1 year ago)
do they drug test ?
carterp drompp (1 year ago)
Not unless you're a driver
Pedro Velasquez (1 year ago)
I just had my first day yesterday. It is definitely a workout, good for the back and legs. Keep your back straight and your core tight and you'll be alright.
Shura Matoi (1 year ago)
Pedro Velasquez do explain please
Elaine Farstad (1 year ago)
I'm working there too as a package handler. I'm a professional who is in between jobs. I like the part-time work because I'm done about 7:00 am and have the full business day free to job hunt.
2HootHoot (1 year ago)
Thank you!!! You're the best. Im afraid I'll get fired because Im a weak chick lol but hopefully it;ll make me stronger...
richmond283 (1 year ago)
2HootHoot they won't fire you long as you see a hard worker I worked at FedEx and ups honestly women don't last they gone within a week because they can't handle it but someone women thug it and they move up because they don't have to be physical some women are even tougher then the guys in there if you like the job hang in there and move up to a manager or a trainer you can be a trainer within six months
OfficialBossTate (1 year ago)
2HootHoot I'm nervous about that too bc I'm not that fast of a worker and I'm really Slim lol
knockouttime (1 year ago)
2HootHoot Nah you good....We have a few fat people that bust that shit out....I would say the first week is the hardest, because your body has to adjust.....Knowing which packages go on what side of the belt helps a lot as well.....By the way I work at Fed ex express in southern Cali
MonteTV (1 year ago)
I work there now I like it better than working where I use to work at
xJDZL (1 year ago)
great way to look at it my friend, i say the exact same thing as well, hearing about peoples problems at this job makes me laugh ive gone thru way worse not getting paid hourly.
MonteTV (1 year ago)
the dependency of the people on your line coming to work is the only con for me
Ron Don (1 year ago)
Yo man I am supposed to do an interview with UPS and fuck it man Im gonna skip that shit. Fuck my life I got enough saved to live for about 2 years I might just wait until I can get a factory job around here from a new factory coming in to town. Fuck man. Im a bit of a fat boi but mah man I can hit up a gym every morning. Idk man tough times for capitalism because of all the addiction to technology and other things. Greed etc... Whatever happen to making a quality product with pride and knowing your neighbors and farming our own food. Now we are only focused on profit, hate or dont know our neighboors, and we eat poison. Fuck this life man. I might hide out with my 35k I got saved that will let me live for 2 years hopefully Jesus comes back by 2 years man.
Kyle Bartruff (1 year ago)
I started this week as a driver and thus far really like it. They do take forever to get stuff done.
X-Lyn Harris (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video
Jason Clark (1 year ago)
I have an interview on Thursday. If they take a month and a damn half then that puts me past Christmas. That doesn't really help me or them out.
threepointer1087 (1 year ago)
How did the interview go?
IILewisII (1 year ago)
I was nearvous af cause i didnt know what to expect on orientation thanks for letting me know. I start in 3 hours
IILewisII (1 year ago)
STREET 714 yeah you start doing training in day 3
STREET (1 year ago)
Oh you doing the training
IILewisII (1 year ago)
STREET 714 it's preety chill tbh . Its just like being in class again.
STREET (1 year ago)
IILewisII how was it bro
deedeesnicks (1 year ago)
People are so quick to put down FedEx gtfo with FedEx benefits I saw my former coworker purchase 3 vehicles and a house and she just retired after working there 21 years working part time so she was fully invested and was able to do other things while working at FedEx, and was able to purchase those things only through her connection with FedEx
Frost Dragonclaw (2 months ago)
deedeesnicks hell yea lol
Reggie Hill (3 months ago)
Look how many years u just said 21
LaPotencia52 (10 months ago)
Nathan Drake not to mention you also have 1 or 2 more trailers to handle which is impossible while they're shoving the packages out at a ridiculous rate
deedeesnicks (1 year ago)
Nathan Drake no I was just naming major things she was able to accomplish while working there... She's done so many other things and was able to travel the world as well
deedeesnicks (1 year ago)
+SuckyGamers XD Community Channel material Handler
Taliah Sharif (1 year ago)
My interview tomorrow 😩
Vai Fifita (1 year ago)
thanks for the helpful video I start tomorrow. I really needed someone's input on this job.
PrettyBoy Samy (1 year ago)
How long did it take for them to contact your back from the background check?
Jermaine (1 year ago)
The Real Samuel one week
Kimberlee Drayton (1 year ago)
they proceed us like jail paper application computer application watch a video fingerprint drug test background check then come back now it's hiring process to come back full out more paper work get a id picture badge orientation
Kimberlee Drayton (1 year ago)
they drug test in Memphis Tennessee