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Amazon Robots!

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At Amazon Robotics, we are seeing the next step of the shopping experience. Imagine technology which empowers a smarter, faster, more consistent customer experience through automation. With the assistance of Professor Eliasmith, a theoretical neuroscientist from Boston, Massachusetts - they delve into the world of Kiva/Amazon Robotics Stephen Hawking has spent over 40 years analysing, understanding and describing the world that we live in. Now, this thrilling series challenges him to predict where science is taking us. By exploring the cutting edge of today's technology, he draws conclusions about how different life will be in the future.
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Fast, Furious & Funny (2 years ago)
Question: Would you be happy to wait an extra day-or two for your delivery, if it was done by a worker instead of a robot?
Johnpnw (1 year ago)
Definitely not
Buffalo_Chips (1 year ago)
This third industrial digital revolution that we are now entering is going change our social/economic system once again. The first one ended the feudal model. The second one gave birth to both the capitalist and socialist economics models of today. This new era will be the end of them both. We are about to enter the age of techno-abundance and our scarcity driven systems of the past are no longer relevant.
Caracal Keithrafferty (1 year ago)
I'd like the option of either.
Rick LeRoy (1 year ago)
No, because this frees people from repetitive jobs that can even hurt their bodies and allows them to better pursue their natural talents. Assuming all the robots save society money, then there can be a universal basic income. Without being kept down working 40 hours a week or more just to barely survive, people can breath and find ways to improve their lives without all that stress and time being taken away from them. Especially with the addition of universal education. We'll be a smarter society, who uses our brains, not our backs. Or we'll just turn into those people from the movie WALL-E.
Reko Starr (2 years ago)
No, robots ftw.
Mr Luger (2 months ago)
Side note: do not let Colin get his hands, fireworks and/or flamethrowers on these
IvanPlayStation4LiFe (5 months ago)
China had these for years
ding dong (9 months ago)
It doesn't seem energy efficient to move all the robots to you with entire stacks for each order. Wouldn't it be better to have one robot go collecting orders. Like a driveby abd shelves that drop items into basket like vending machines. This saves energy as the amount of weight teach robot needs to move is reduced. I bet everyone must have noticed this.
John Westerdale (1 year ago)
The time to place the robotic order should be part of the comparison. Benefit would be if you chose the same things over and over, that time would be zero ...
Spencer Kane (1 year ago)
Dark Star (1 year ago)
2.5 hours shopping bloody hell what you feeding a foot ball team. I max out at one shop a week just for me at 20 mins or less.
Cristian Rosales (1 year ago)
Stephen Hawking, keep inspiring... inspire us to reach for the stars!
mrk107 (1 year ago)
but who stocks the warehouse? fail
New England Modz (1 year ago)
Who the hell spends two and a half hours a week at a grocery store?
George Sokorai (1 year ago)
Can you imagine how much weight people will put on when they realize they can eat their ice cream at home while shopping on line to have more ice cream delivered later that day?
Jiri Jatel (1 year ago)
Erika vids ?!
Alexander Rabinovici (1 year ago)
Why does amazon keep trying to hire me to do a robots job.
Madd Maxx (1 year ago)
ROBOTS! No more human jobs unless your a highly skilled electrician or computer programmer, isn't it wonderful. This is why the Georgia Guidestone says human population to no more then 500 million. The rest of us are useless feeders.
Gerd Wilkens (1 year ago)
Reminder: The countries with the highest automation grades are the countries with the lowest unemployment rates.
sistaflame100 (1 year ago)
steve hi (1 year ago)
Amazon has these robots cutting human worker force in half are more, the weird thing is the mega security force and amount of cameras to watch over every aspect of human workers . From break area to bathrooms , stair wells , I'm talking everywhere. Security force is biggest I've ever seen in a building for a work area. It was creepy times 10. Brought up trust issues as no human could be trusted from amount of cameras and security. They make it all sound so great , as an electrician after getting in the power conduits boxes and piping for machines, just a massive amount of electrical wiring , can't imagine the electric bill and I'm a damn electrician, my guess your electric bill is raising to support these massive amount of electric usage. These buildings have a/c out the ass to keep computers cool. These are electric burning masses of technology, something going on.
TheBushdoctor68 (1 year ago)
I think Youtube had an old video series lying around that they couldn't sell and then just mashed it in an existing successful format. I mean, where's Collin, where's Tom, who the hell is the presenter? This feels very sketchy.
AWARHERO (1 year ago)
This is how the driverless cars will one day eliminate traffic jams, accidents, traffic tickets, reduce pollution (or eliminate it completely), eliminate the need for driving license, car insurance, pointless jobs (cab, bus, truck drivers.... I know many people won't like that but it's true) and many more...
War 168 (1 year ago)
All i see is the down grade of humans with this. Okay all the rich will get richer and all the poor will stay poor. Robots means less humans with jobs. I get it though it’s capitalism at its best. Those robots are the cheapest employees over time. No health care and 401kplans. They don’t even have to eat and take bathroom breaks. Activities with the outside world without going outside is increasing. That’s not good for human kind. The top countries with this kinda technology will create new mental health problems later. This is actually crazy. All this to make money.
IntarwebUser (1 year ago)
Why is this called fast, furious, and funny? This wasn't a comedy piece.
SilentEcho (1 year ago)
Well... when you get home, your chunky fudge ice cream is going to be melted :/
Verified1 (1 year ago)
If a few hours of shopping, actually interacting with human beings, getting some exercise, looking for bargains, discovering things you weren't planning to buy, supporting local business, etc., is simply too much for you, then your life needs some re-valuation. Only a hopelessly phone-addicted narcissist would consider his time too precious for that.
TheBushdoctor68 (1 year ago)
Damn right. It's amazing to see people cheer for their own upcoming unemployment and a crashed local economy.
G.O.D No G.O.D (1 year ago)
The gum from sausage fest!
DigitalXrisXros (1 year ago)
Hawkins looks jealous 😒
Radi Bear (1 year ago)
yeah, he wishes he were an orange roomba
Rafael Rivera (1 year ago)
shopping is fun though
Barry Simmons (1 year ago)
What's wrong with going to the supermarket and having a chat to an elderly person who might not have spoken to anyone for days why? Do we have to rush around all day just to do things quicker we WON'T live any longer in fact all this rushing around COULD shorten are lives just enjoy your day at your own pace and have a very Happy Christmas 🌲Teresa Simmons
WolfsBlackRose (1 year ago)
2 and a half hours each week... WTF? I find it tedious if I'm over 45 minutes with 8 minute drive each way from home. who the heck spends 2.5 hours grocery shopping?
Sailor Barsoom (1 year ago)
I do. I'm doing that tomorrow. Of course, I shop for the whole month in one go. I can't think of any reason, except maybe a new store so that I don't know where anything is, to spend ninety minutes in a grocery store *every week.* And even then, how many weeks does it take to learn where stuff is?
David Horgan (1 year ago)
We are getting so lazy as a whole.
Tiger In the Desert (1 year ago)
So in short, humans will stop moving, just sitting at one spot, and consuming, and consuming, and consuming. Whatever these robots will feed us eventually.
ding dong (9 months ago)
And sex us.....hopefully
Thondup Andrugtsang (1 year ago)
Tiger In the Desert . Like in the movie Wall-e..
Sailor Barsoom (1 year ago)
[sigh] Fine. OK. Nobody spends their free time working out, climbing mountains, jogging, playing team sports, swimming, surfing. Nobody at all. All anybody ever does is work at a job for pay or sit. None of these people exist: Weekend athletes do not exist. For that matter, neither do professional athletes. The Olympics are all CGI. All anybody ever does is sit.
OH YEAH (1 year ago)
We are living in the movie wall e
Sailor Barsoom (1 year ago)
People were fat and lazy in _WALL•E_ because it made for dramatic tension. It doesn't have anything to do with reality. The movie wouldn't have been as dramatic if the ship had been inhabited by scholar-athletes. Even the visual model for the space ship, an ocean-going cruise ship, always has weight rooms, jogging programs, yoga classes, and provision for active things to do while in port. Swimming pools, climbing walls, and now even surfing. _WALL•E_ was a lot of fun to watch, but it isn't a peek into the future any more than a Tarzan movie is a guide to survival in the rain forest.
EauRouge (1 year ago)
This can't be cheaper than hiring Mexicans.
Sailor Barsoom (1 year ago)
OK, I think the light is dawning for me. Dimly perhaps, but I think I'm seeing a little light. So you are saying that unemployment among Mexicans *in the United States,* not necessarily unemployment *in Mexico,* has gone down since Trump was sworn in. Mexican Americans and undocumented alike, more of them are getting jobs in the US. You're not saying that Trump is somehow responsible for some improvement of the unemployment rate *in Mexico,* which is what I thought you were claiming. Am I in the right neighborhood?
Radi Bear (1 year ago)
Sailor Barsoom ok lol, so for Mexicans, I was referring to Mexicans in America, since jobs created outside a country are mostly irrelevant to direct political attributions. The reason why I didn't say Mexican Americans were the a lot of these Mexicans were also not Americans since they are not registered Americans. So this goes against a lot of Trump's rhetoric, right? You would think that Mexican unemployment would rise or stay the same, but it actually drastically decreased after Trump. (Probably around 2% which is easily tens of thousands). Sorry though. I don't think my phrasing was clear enough
Sailor Barsoom (1 year ago)
Thank you for not calling me dumb. There's too much of that sort of argument by insult online today. And so it is with some embarrassment that I confess that I am perplexed. "The third one" is me expressing doubt that an American president (any American president) can bring down the unemployment numbers in another country, and in less than a year at that. I read it again, and yep, that's what I was doing. So maybe you should just assume I'm dumb and clue me in.
Radi Bear (1 year ago)
Sailor Barsoom yeah, the third one. I don't wanna call you dumb, so I'm waiting till you figure it out. Btw, all border walls in the world have gates. Would you trust someone that walked through the door of your house with your permission, or would you trust someone who climbed through your window into your house without your knowledge more?
Sailor Barsoom (1 year ago)
My first sentence in this thread is "Yes it can." The first sentence in the next reply I make in this thread is "We have a president who declares that we should build a great wall to keep out Mexicans, but also gets a waiver so he can hire more Mexicans to work at Mar-a-Lago." My most resent reply in this thread (other than this one) begins "The President of the United States has brought down unemployment *in Mexico?"* So having re-read those, maybe you can bother to tell me why that was important to you.
Louis van Eijk (2 years ago)
I go to the supermarket myself. I refuse to help raising the unemployment rate. Robots for precision handlngs is ok. For the rest let people have their job.
aharris206 (1 year ago)
Louis van Eijk we still have our job hun <3 the robots just bring the pods to us so we can process more orders faster, as the number of people buying stuff off Amazon is increasing at a massive rate :)
MICHAEL DAVIS (2 years ago)
So that's where my job went to..a Robot.
MICHAEL DAVIS (1 year ago)
I was a welder. I was just making the statement that more robots could take over. There are robot welders in automobile factories but if you say it's not bad at Amazon and they are hiring more people than that's good. Glad to hear it. I use Amazon a lot. I see why it's fast now. I love the speed and convenience of it. Just bought a child's guitar and a guitar stand through them. Thanks.
aharris206 (1 year ago)
MICHAEL DAVIS what was your job? I work in an Amazon warehouse and the jobs are still there. They were literally just changed. The robots bring the pods to us and we pick the items from the pods. It makes it so we can process an item every 5-10 seconds :) in fact, Amazon is on a maxing hiring spree, as we are building more and more warehouses
D33Lux (2 years ago)
The invention of drones and applying them to the delivery work force that's when we'll see 1 hr delivery of almost all items. Faster, larger capacity, affordable, more energy efficient drones could in the future be flying all across the sky delivering items to customers. Will Amazon or any other company take this step in the drone delivery direction?
Radi Bear (1 year ago)
I think they're trying. It's just that there are so many air laws to be made for protection. Otherwise, people could be taking advantage of it and have drones film you in secret or carry weapons legally. That would be disastrous.
sameritaco (2 years ago)
this is great but i think i will continue to go to the grocery store for my ice cream
Wasting Time (2 years ago)
@ 1:11 "That's over a minute and a half per item" No jackass, 12 items in 18 minutes is EXACTLY a minute and a half per item.
Joseph Pate (2 years ago)
Human de-evolution=train somebody/thing how to do youre job only for them to TAKE youre job permanently. not genious
Doug F (2 years ago)
not really robots ugv's have been around for 20 years (follows imbedded strips in floor)
Paul Williams (2 years ago)
All I see are lost jobs and then I see (1:38) "Please do not feed the robots" NO bloody way
ding dong (9 months ago)
Jobs are shifted away from one sector to another. From warehouse to production of robots including materials abd software. Faster packing times and increased purcahses will mean more delivery drivers will be required more customer service reps. More mechanics to keep more cars on theroad. Jobs are just moved around. Slight lost vut not much in the long term
Jerry Gould (2 years ago)
imagine how much income tax all those bots pay, and how much stuff they will buy? DOH!
Frank H (2 years ago)
Whats wrong with shopping for you own items? Not a waste of time
01harvey (2 years ago)
Why are there human pickers?
David Horgan (1 year ago)
Huh? What a stupid question......... Too many 12 year olds in YouTube.
01harvey (2 years ago)
I said pickers do not need to be human. For now we need some humans there to babysit the robots but not for long.
chillout1109 (2 years ago)
There are areas and storage locations that are not yet covered by robots. And there are times when the robots malfunction too. There will always be a few humans left around to pick up the slack.
AzakaBlue (2 years ago)
What Should Logically Happen Is Automation Should Replace Human Labor To As Close To 100% As Possible. Monetary Exchange Should Be Fazed Out And All Good And Services Are Provided Without Cost. We Shouldn't Luddites Who Hold Back Progress That Would Benefit All Humanity.
AzakaBlue (2 years ago)
Automation & Capitalism aka The Monetary System. Can Not Coexist. Automation That Replaces Human Labor Will Only Lead To Hardship If We Attempt To Maintain Monetary Exchange As Well.
Radi Bear (1 year ago)
Jolly Joel what you’re saying is also hypothetically correct, but much more hypothetical, since an industry has not and will never control 100% of every aspect of the market. For example, Amazon, one of the biggest monopolies out there, is not suddenly going to become the only web browser or a hair solan. Thus there will always be options, even in this extreme scenario. Kind of off tangent though is actually related your comment on the civil rights act. I think that now, with a very small blatantly discriminatory population, the civil rights act should be removed. It has worked in the past, but capitalism has consumers. Now if you’re racist, the market can decide if you go into bad business. Otherwise, if you start applying this to fringe cases like the baker case, you’re going to end up causing much more harm to the minority, especially with 10 other bakeries next door. Then this problem will spiral out of control. I can see it coming with all the gay bars and hotels that give discounts and benefits to gay couples or women. That’s obvious discrimination, but because these happen in more liberal areas, people are willing to look the other way. So the off-tangent idea is that I don’t support those gays in the baker case. They’re making a case against themselves too and there are no winners especially in this ultra-pluralistic country
Jolly Joel (1 year ago)
This conversation is obviously hypothetical. I understand what you're saying, but hypothetically if all companies were owned by ONE corporation, then it's no longer Capitalism, obviously they would be the only ones providing jobs and circumstances would obviously change. It would become a high jacking of the government and no one could tell the difference between the choices of the government or the ONE Corporation.
Jolly Joel (1 year ago)
TL:DR The end result of a real monopoly is One corporations is in charge of providing all services. *Like Communism. (*Emphasis on "basically" and "Like" from the previous comment and this comment) You mean the "Right to refuse anyone" signs? actually not legal, at least how they're worded. They do have a right to refuse certain people like on bad behavior but nothing discriminating. A racist bartender still must serve a black man his drink. A Christian Baker must still sell wedding cakes to gay weddings. These are obligations that you said companies don't have for providing public services but will face federal laws if they do not provide those services. Communism is the monopoly of providing services because they own and provide everything. The only difference between Communism and Capitalism (other than breaking up services into smaller providers) is the competition for profit between each service provided. For instance: Communism would need to feed its people; multiple people could take that service from the government and compete with each other to provide it better than the other person, this is not a right to do with as they please, it is a service they are privileged to benefit from being the one that is providing. This is why we have Federal laws to make obligations for companies to serve people. It is also why they can get their business license revoked. So if you have ONE Corporation in charge of ALL services that are, as of right now, provided by all corporations. Then you have an entity that is stronger than our government. Yes our government would have it's military but it's a military paid by our economy as everything else is too, which is mostly Capitalism based or in this sense: mostly by one corporation. So the economy would be almost entirely based on ONE Corporation. It could literally hold that government for ransom. We are losing more services from our government to corporations such as, Prisons, Military Industrial Complex, Health/Medicine, Infrastructure, our nation's security, what else am I missing? The end result of a real monopoly is One corporations is in charge of providing all services.
Radi Bear (1 year ago)
Jolly Joel um no. Communism is the government having control over everything. That's really different since companies are not obliged to give public services. Lol
Jolly Joel (1 year ago)
Communism is basically one corporation having a monopoly on everything, only difference is the name.
nathan lujan (2 years ago)
I like it when they fight each other from an internal error on the network. Nothing like seeing 2 bots duking it out
Jasper Nolan (2 years ago)
how fucking lazy r people nowadays
Ricky Davis (1 year ago)
Nolsy Mate not lazy who got time anymore
SORAH WEISS (2 years ago)
YOU ARE RUINING LIFE and the lives of our children, you and your fucking robots.
David Horgan (1 year ago)
SORAH WEISS And I thought people trying to park as close to the grocery store as possible was lazy.....
Bailey Buckley (2 years ago)
Simple conclusion order food online from Tesco
Number715 (2 years ago)
The rare moving pillars of the amazon.
lennart rolland (2 years ago)
GREAT! Now you can struggle with a horrible web-interface to find the products you want for 18mins instead :)
Radi Bear (1 year ago)
horrible web interface? It takes me at most 3 minutes to find the thing I want. Plus, 18 minutes of something not marked up is a much better deal than 2 week shipping of something marked 40% up by a retailer
RichyN25 (2 years ago)
I make a list, get my shit, and get out, I don't shop for more than 15 to 30 minutes, near the 30min mark if I'm getting a full cart
GREEN boys (2 years ago)
i hate that robot voice sound
Radi Bear (1 year ago)
+David Horgan I'm 99% sure that he's able to afford a more realistic sounding voice. Even Siri sounds more realistic than him now. He's probably keeping it for the sake of nostolgia
David Bates (2 years ago)
is that dude rockin an S3?
ding dong (9 months ago)
If you had a masters degrer you would be masturbates.
Rojesh (2 years ago)
Kiva! bring the fridge please. I am hungry. :D
kwabe5000g (2 years ago)
so going out to buy food to eat is a waste of time
David Horgan (1 year ago)
kwabe5000g Physical movement is apparently a waste of time...
Amaan Ashfaq (2 years ago)
sue the robots theyre taking our jobs!!
Sailor Barsoom (1 year ago)
Tax robot labor and give the money to the now unemployed humans.
Jonathan Price (2 years ago)
How do we even know that it is Stephen Hawking speaking? We listen to a robotic voice that tell us that robots are the future, smells fishy to me.
Timothy Meyer (1 year ago)
How do we now anyone is real? Maybe everyone is an AI, and I'm just in a test and you're just simulated: we could never know...
Demont Bowden (2 years ago)
I also hear that same robot voice in other types of videos.
Dragon Boss J (2 years ago)
I need one
CookieJarvis (2 years ago)
Sure Steven hawking is a great man and has done great things. but cant make a great voice for the life of him.
retro8477 (2 years ago)
Whilst this is promising its confirmed the human race is destine to become a race of Jabba the hut's
Sailor Barsoom (1 year ago)
Some will. Others will take that time they no longer spend pushing a cart around and take up ballroom dancing or rock climbing or tandem surfing. Time not spent doing what a robot can do better can be spent lying around, or it can be spent having fun. And when you're having fun, it doesn't matter if a robot can do it better.
ThatWolffe (2 years ago)
Getting Groceries really isnt a waste of precious time, you are getting out of the house and exercising your body, your body is not made to sit in one place doing nothing its extremely unhealthy.
GNX157 (2 years ago)
I want to know if coupons can still be used. I need a good price not just convenience.
Tina Einstein (2 years ago)
I work in retail and let me tell ya, some of those people that come in just can't bear to do things on their own. They act as though their time is just so much more precious than any other human being. Welcome to the world of lazy people.
khricket (2 years ago)
Some people are working on their feet all day.
Michael Buce (2 years ago)
I use my "precious time" to watch videos like this.
Demont Bowden (2 years ago)
YEEEEEEEES!  I was thinking the same thing, what do you mean precious time.  So you will have more time in front of the tv or playing video games.  ThatWolffe you made a good point.
Dexter Lubchenko (2 years ago)
This idea is useless and irrational, this is why people are struggling to live, youll be taking away hundreds on hundreds of general labour jobs which probably would employ large parts of communities. this idea on the other hand would be a perfect way to build on homelessness in any city it's in
TheRango789 (4 months ago)
when you realize 2 years later that they got rid of 29,000 jobs in retail, but STILL gained about 140,000 jobs in warehousing and delivery in 2017. Also without growth then Amazon will be taken over and go out of business losing all possible jobs and money. Look at the whole picture before you accuse something of being terrible.
Danyl Bekhoucha (1 year ago)
That's what i said above about the second option.
randomguy8196 (1 year ago)
The problem is a political rather than a technological one. How will society function when human labour is worthless and the vast majority can not longer trade labour for money? Will we turn into dystopias where a minority controls the means of production while the masses are left to starve and go extinct - if not just outright exterminated. Or will we have a society like in Star Trek where humans are more or less free to purse their own interests as our basic needs are taken care off by machines.
Danyl Bekhoucha (1 year ago)
True let's get rid of electricity, computers, engines, 3D printers, vehicles, AI.. and live like cavemans so we can continue our repetitive slave job and everyone will be involved to do degrading work. Some people are imagining a new economy where robots do the job in the future and everyone would have a basic salary, robots produce food by building food towers and underwater building and harvesting without our intervention and the food would be distributed at a very low cost maybe for free in the future. Robots can build homes in few hours, they can do that in -30 degrees, they can help after a tsunami and build for poor peoples and reduce the cost a lot. About studying in robotic it's a great idea, later after the singularity robots should be able to improve themself, repair themself and between them, update themself, build more sophisticated robots and AI without our intervention to create an explosion of intelligence that will evolve in a pace too fast for an human brain to understand and follow. Remember in only 20 years computers, since the begining of the 21st century have been 1000 times faster so what i am saying isn't science fiction. We should not stop the robot revolution and complain about the jobs but instead adapt the way we live and share money it could increase the level of life of everyone if they want to change that and everyone will make a living doing what they like and their hobby.
Chris C (1 year ago)
Dexter Lubchenko then they may have to go to school and learn how to fix them.. hmmm or smart people would.
supernova1976 (2 years ago)
not sustainable, we will! all be jobless and have no money to buy anything 😁
Minecraft sheep (1 year ago)
Jamie Williamson reeeeeee
LockBreaker (2 years ago)
supernova1976 jujjjjuuj
thomas siegle (2 years ago)
see garenteed income by warren buffet
MrAhmedUA (2 years ago)
nope every thing will have a price but you will be the price
MrAhmedUA (2 years ago)
you will work as a slave to entertain the company owner so he give you a piece so you can buy from them
Рэй Чехов (2 years ago)
Is it not easier to change a mall to a big vending machine? You've just select food and big rows of dispensers pulling out products to the moving pattern and then to your car's hood or whatever
Aaron Inman (2 years ago)
Why is stephen hawking in this video?
Rex Stephens (2 months ago)
He hosted the TV shows where that video was produced
ding dong (9 months ago)
PATRIOT7ME (1 year ago)
Frank H funny he's afraid of them but he support commies.
Σigma (1 year ago)
To make thinkers find a way to deliver packages the same day you buy it.
K0ng0 (2 years ago)
Because he's an humanoid robot himself, and he wants to introduce us to his robot friends. One day they will take over the world.
Michael Martens (2 years ago)
would it be used to deliver your goods to your front door from the market, it could happen?????
Y2Kvids (2 years ago)
Needs humans to be able to order. We are safe.
zeze NoPro (2 years ago)
and where are all those people working in warehouses going to work?
Bankai Summoner (1 year ago)
aharris206 yes, but you make more work with less people thus taking away jobs from todays efficiency standpoint. Not even mentioning that smaller business are being left behind (no judgement intended by me at any point).
aharris206 (1 year ago)
We still work in the warehouses. Who do you think the robots bring the items to? All they do is move inventory pods to employees who are told which location to pick the item from the pod and place it in a bin with a barcode to be sent down the line to pack. The robots aren't "removing" jobs. They are helping us keep up with the fact 33 orders are placed every second on Black Friday. The shopping market is changing, especially around Christmas. This technology is just making it so you can get your 1 or 2 day shipping so people can stop bitching about how it took five whole days for their package to arrive. Amazon is actually on a hiring spree and creating a ton of jobs. In 2018 we are supposed to open up 5 new warehouses?
skeletonboi (1 year ago)
Exactly, it's going to have to happen.
Bankai Summoner (1 year ago)
Universal Basic Income (UBI)
skeletonboi (1 year ago)
Programming jobs are going to go away soon as well. A simple framework and AI is all they need now. Amazon is also perfecting their AI driven robotic arms to transfer the items from the shelves to boxes. Believe it or not, our jobs are decreasing, this isn't like before where if one job is lost, another is created, AI is a game-changer. :P
Hassan Z (2 years ago)
This is brilliant!
mu (1 year ago)
Not really
TheBushdoctor68 (1 year ago)
Glad you like it Hassan. Let us know where you work and we'll automate the entire company for you............