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Popidoli | Where your world unfolds! | 30s TVC | Imports Dragon

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A beautiful collectable line of dolls inside layered, exquisitely designed boxes. Each themed Popidoli box opens to unfold beautiful layers, each containing an adorable doll, a themed play-mat and many hidden surprises. 11 total surprise items to discover! Start your Popidoli collection today at Toys "R" Us Canada: https://bit.ly/2mbARau Subscribe to Imports Dragon for new webisodes, clips and more! https://goo.gl/du0Y5C Abonnez-vous à Imports Dragon pour les nouveaux webisodes, clips et plus encore! https://goo.gl/du0Y5C
Category: Entertainment
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Tangled in Toys (1 month ago)
These look cute. We've never seen them before. I guess they're sold in Canada and not the US.