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Destroyed in seconds #882

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Text Comments (90)
It's yuh girl mikkeai8908 (2 days ago)
6:50 was a dumbass, why walk and then just stop and stand right behind a vehicle about to back out? Seriously? That shit was his own fault. Then gonna fall to the ground they he got literally ran over by the truck.
Tip (5 days ago)
Why asian people dont have reflexes?
Jay Xavi (10 days ago)
99.9% of these accidents can be avoided, people are always rushing to get no where.
Pamela Suarez (10 days ago)
8:18 lol i pee myself with that scream... lol like if u pee also.
Walter Fink (11 days ago)
The number one occupation in all the cities shown is, vehicle body repair. When coming into these cities, a sigh awaits them. It reads, "Welcome stupid drivers"
Song Vi (11 days ago)
4:12 Boss ^^
Car Crash Channel (11 days ago)
Nice video
DMETS519 (11 days ago)
Last clip: Entitled porche bully. Any car in front of him is in the wrong. Make way for the impatient porche driver.
DMETS519 (11 days ago)
+timaclubus Sorry my friend I can't read Russian. Drive safely.
timaclubus (11 days ago)
DMETS519 не совсем так. Впереди у Порше был типичный «леворядный тошнот», который мешает всем, а когда его пытаются обогнать поддаёт газу.
Aiman A (11 days ago)
2:51 Guy started dancing 😂😂😂
_Suburban_ (11 days ago)
What's this crap? There shouldn't be any dumb little fender benders in a video titled "Destroyed in Seconds." There's at least one clip here were there isn't even a collision.
Lon Jad (11 days ago)
A Man Destroyed a seconds 😂🤣😜
Lon Jad (11 days ago)
A man destroyed a seconds.. 😂🤣😜
Charles Green (11 days ago)
4:20 A Transformer 🤔 😂
Benny (11 days ago)
3:03 & 3:23 Seems to be a popular dash accessory lmao
realbhopwood (11 days ago)
@4:17 Great self save👌
Aristeo Juarez III (11 days ago)
I think this videos title should be destroyed.
Donna Wilson (11 days ago)
I have watched many of your videos. My 12 yo grandsons have been watching with me; both their comments were that these drivers would rather wreck than slow down and give a little courtesy to those who need to change lanes. Others seemingly have plenty time to slow down to prevent an accident, but would rather hit someone than slow down. They won't get where they wanted to go quickly now! What a bunch of idiots. I don't know what the requirements of a driver's license is in these places, but obviously these folks need a refresher course! Stay safe out there!
Sebastian Montoya (11 days ago)
7:04 Hatsune Miku-chan : )
szqsk8 (11 days ago)
Not exactly destroyed, dented maybe......🤔
a man of many parts (11 days ago)
Why is the vehicle in front getting larger? It doesn't compute. Oh, it's getting closer. A lot closer. Quick; someone remind me where the brake pedal is. *too late*.
Сокровища природы (12 days ago)
а я записал номер этого наглого
DANIE MCFIRE (12 days ago)
How do you become a millionaire very quickly? Open a panel beating shop in Russia 🇷🇺!
mark duncan (12 days ago)
Crazy Russians!
Челыч Шариков (12 days ago)
Отличная, атмосферная музыка на беззвучных китайских видосах!
Mark Stockman (12 days ago)
If you see somebody moving into your lane, BRAKE!
lwolf1952 (12 days ago)
4:32 Sooo satisfying. Hope the asshole broke his neck.
lwolf1952 (12 days ago)
The stupid is physically painful and mentally indescribable.
Ray richardson (12 days ago)
2:31 im so triggered that stupid ass hyundai didn’t proceeds to go and just stop causing a great pile up
Android Man (12 days ago)
@3:56 OH NO!!!!!!!!!!, MY ST!!!!!!!!!!! 😢 😭 😢 😭
seker7 (12 days ago)
4:40 ..deserved every bit of it.....
tekbarrier (9 days ago)
seker7 I totally agree
Zasben (11 days ago)
Don't have source, but I saw this on reddit and the lady died due to ejection.
seker7 (12 days ago)
1:12 is all you need to see or know about ANY Chinese (blue license plate) driver....
rgrndu (12 days ago)
Destroyed in seconds?! This is a bunch of fender benders, most of which I’ve already seen. 👎
Kevin C (12 days ago)
Always enjoy your videos, and get worked up by the nonsense people around the world do. Stupid, irresponsible, indifferent, unresponsive drivers causing havoc and even life-threatening mistakes. They should be kept from diving ever again.
turowat (12 days ago)
Dude, the videos are fine, but you need to look at the dictionary the meaning of "destroyed".
Boxycharm Facts (10 days ago)
wei cheng lim (11 days ago)
what? it destroys my hope in humanity perfectly fine
Yard Sale Dale (12 days ago)
4:40 was great. Stupid tail gator flipped himself.
Lyle Waller (12 days ago)
Oh, my! Things from the Orient sure have a hard time with things from the Occident, don't they? Bless their hearts.
Ricovali (7 days ago)
@8:20 😲😆
christofdavid (12 days ago)
4:22 ghost rider 4:55 stupid rider 6:01 silly rider
Aiman A (11 days ago)
You forgot 2:51 dancing rider
Aiman A (11 days ago)
+sujan maharjan suljan, you started on topic with the first comment, then trailed off to other videos in your other comments. Did you just 'ghost' off like in the first video?
sujan maharjan (11 days ago)
8:17 i think the driver fell asleep!!!
sujan maharjan (11 days ago)
6:36 i was thinking driver going to collide with the pedestrian! LOL
sujan maharjan (11 days ago)
4:22 is really unexplained !!! How can a motorcycle ride itself for such a long time!!! How this happened?
Frans Salomonsson PAGY (12 days ago)
Tssk! This happens to me everyday... In GTA that is.
CrazyLegs (12 days ago)
1:50 hit the brake first, then the horn, driver.
Lars Andersson (12 days ago)
These Chinese drivers were taken off the road, I hope...
Maciej Gołąbek (12 days ago)
0:45 Whats happened?
TheHoipoloi (12 days ago)
The Chinese have such fast reactions.
Colt Green (12 days ago)
It's like some people drive with their f**king eyes closed. Too busy thinking about how great they are I guess...
Frosty J (12 days ago)
I can see you getting alot of dislikes on this video from the title lmao. Destroyed in seconds was a TV show with a narrator and stuff and its pretty much all on YT too. Big fan of CCTube but just sayin.
ПиФ ПаФ シ (12 days ago)
Китаезы просто ебланы им похер они едут прямо, дилемма в моей голове не даёт мне покоя где ебанутей водилы у нас или в Китае ?!
timaclubus (11 days ago)
ПиФ ПаФ シ просто крестьянам а один миг раздали машины - они просто не понимают как с этим управляться. Я думаю в этом проблема.
Дед Северный (12 days ago)
у вас у вас .
Vapin' Justin (12 days ago)
"Destroyed in seconds" *proceeds to show a bunch of clips mostly of minor rear ending accidents* :/
Steven Lester (12 days ago)
Hichem Naami (12 days ago)
as always ... unexplained Chinese accidents !
Froseization (11 days ago)
They are blind from their right eye
quarry creek (12 days ago)
1:06 Dang, the police sure got there fast.
racefan84 (12 days ago)
It was a police chase.
András Móri (12 days ago)
"destroyed in seconds", fender benders.
Robin (8 days ago)
no it's talking about you are going to be destroyed in seconds 2 days later in a plane crash
András Móri (10 days ago)
+Boxycharm Facts with a few exceptions, a damaged bumper doesn't equal to a destroyed car.
Boxycharm Facts (10 days ago)
They’re still destroying their cars
András Móri (12 days ago)
+lwolf1952 well, the majority are definitely not "destroyed".
lwolf1952 (12 days ago)
4:32 .... minor??
Ben Canevari (12 days ago)
Them *on a busy highway*: Better turn now. Me*literally in their mirrors*:Please don't. Them: Turns anyway and hits me
David Joseph (12 days ago)
At 2:23-2:38, look y'all a pack of fools all driving distracted on the highway. What's the worst that could possibly happen 🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑😑😠😠😠?!?!
bazilic sol (12 days ago)
А где ненормативная лексика ?
timaclubus (11 days ago)
В коментах
Роман Брянский (12 days ago)
Fuck You
Abradolf Lincler (12 days ago)
1:12 seriously asian ppl.. wtf are you doing while driving? was this not totally avoidable or what.. most cars come with brakes.. attempt to use them damn it.. seriously.. 3:21, again.. 4:06 and I'll stop now but you get the point.. eyes on the road, where do these ppl get their driving license..
Ethan Cheung (11 days ago)
+Christofer Wall Because the majority emigrated from China and they had just got their license since people usually don't drive when they're in China hence them being in experienced when they start to drive... how they got the license IDK
Christofer Wall (11 days ago)
+Abradolf Lincler they simply don't care about what's around them and that traffic laws aren't enforced like in europe or america. if you do dumb shit and a cop sees you, you'd get pulled over but not in china.
Abradolf Lincler (12 days ago)
+Christofer Wall Well I did watch the video.. but it doesn't explain why they don't keep their eyes on the road while they are driving.. okay they don't know what merging means what stops are and whatnot.. but you should pay attention to what you're dong..
Christofer Wall (12 days ago)
a guy on youtube called 'serpentza' has a video titled: Why do Chinese people DRIVE so badly? It's NOT their fault! check it out. the guy has been living in china for a long time and know the language. that video is great insight to why they drive so terribly.
Red 13 (12 days ago)
1:50 If he had time to hit the horn, he had time to hit the brake.
quarry creek (12 days ago)
It's chinese slow motion crashing. If it was an Olympic sport...
Red 13 (12 days ago)
1:12 Talk about slow reactions!
Anthony (12 days ago)
Dude, your videos are great! But please stop adding the royalty-free music. Silence is far better than that crap.
lwolf1952 (12 days ago)
oif2combatvet (12 days ago)
Mr. Texer (12 days ago)
First comment!